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Access to pages that pertains to your account and personal preference throughout the RPG Consortium.
» My Member Points
Look up your member points, adjust your classes or see how you stand in participation against others on the RPG Consortium.
» My RPGC Mail
Check and read your RPGC mails and/or compose a new mail to another member.
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Sign up with the RPG Consortium and get access to role playing related material and discussions.
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Everything you want and can know about the RPG Consortium can be found in this section. Who are the people behind this role playing site, if you need help about certain feature about the consortium... etc.
» About Us
Who are we and what do we wish to accomplish can be found here. If you're also interested, you can learn a little history about the RPG Consortium.
» Vote for Us
We've joined a few voting programs. If you like us, take some time and vote for us. It'll help us get our name out there.
» Link to Us
Hav eyou got a web site? Help us out and link to use. Here are some banners you can use.
The Staff
» Producers
Learn a little more about the producers of the RPG Consortium.
» The Regulators
Learn a little more about the law keepers of the RPG Consortium.
» The Roleplaying Team
Learn a little more about the Roleplaying team of the RPG Consortium.
» The Creative Content Team
Learn a little more about the Creative Content team of the RPG Consortium.
» Community Guidelines
These are the community guidelines that MUST be followed to use our community features and any other features to of the RPGC.
» Contact Us
If you need help or if you have any suggestions or comments about the RPG Consortium then send us mail! Please check the support forum and faq first.
» Privacy Policy
» Terms of Service
» Child Safety Policy
» Copyright Policy


The community section of the RPG Consortium is the section to go to talk about things that are not role playing related. It's also the main area to access the main community features of the RPGC.
» Community Articles
Read or submit articles that are not related exactly to role playing topics. These topic ranges from movies to games, from interviews to books.
» Community Forums
Discuss or post non-role playing topics. Just every day discussions about things that do not relate to rpg gaming.
» User Registries
Take a look at our member profiles! When you have time, post your profile so that others can know more about who they are talking and gaming with.
» Polls
Participate in the RPGC Polls. These polls are either submitted by the staff or other members.
Community Fun
» Graffiti Wall
Member anonymous messages posted for fun.

Gamer's Corner

The Gamer's Corner section of the RPG Consortium is the area to discuss about role playing in all it medium and about RPG settings that are out there in the market. It is also the area to access RPG tools that help make your gaming easier.
» Roleplaying Articles
Read and submit article that deals with role playing games. Topics covers things to help improve role playing, help you improve on role playing and includes articles like product reviews.
» RPG Discussion Forums
Discuss or post about role playing topics. Tips and tricks, learn about other RPG settings, and more!
» Role Playing Forums (View Archives)
These are forums set up specifically to role play in. Mostly free form but can be used to do more structred role playing.