Academy Sages

The Academy Sages are the staff that helps spread the knowledge of various roleplaying games, genres and style of play.

Kalia_Majere - Producer

A real wild child, I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. I now live in north-central Ohio and work as an Inventory Control Specialist at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter. When not at work or playing with my baby girl, you can find me either here, writing away to my hearts' content, or curled up wtih a good book or a sketch pad.

I don't have a great deal of experiance in managing a community, but with my R/L leadership abilities, I'm quite sure I won't make a complete idiot out of myself, or Chung for that matter.

Master Sages

The Master Sages are the sages who help spread the understand and knowledge of roleplaying. You may see classes and lessons created by them in the academy as well as wondering around the Training Grounds helping people hone their writing skills.

lunitari0 - Academy Mistress/Director

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, where I now live with my boyfriend and best friend. Its due to the two of them I got into role-playing, when they introduced me to it 7 years ago. The I found myself here, and just couldn't get enough. I've been mostly a player, and have done mostly Draonlance and Forgotten Realms, though I've done one or two "General" stories as well.

When I'm not here, I'm usually writing or listening to music. Been writing since I was in grade school. This is my second time in managing a community, though my first in centering on RP. I hope to do all I can to help the members that gave me a home here.

Avenging_Angel - Master Sage

This staff member has not submitted a summary bio.

Caelin - Master Sage

Well, I am an RPG veteran, played and GM-ed these games for around 20 years, throughout a fairly large number of gaming-systems. You can either find me at work on this project, or on the roleplaying board as a player, or being at one of the medieval festivals in the area here (France) during the summer.

Flark - Master Sage

Born and raised in Cumbria, England. I?m a life-long fan of fantasy games and novels. I?ve took part in hundreds of pencil & paper style RPG?s, usually as a GM. After taking a long break from roleplaying due to a five year stint in the British Army, I?ve thrust myself wholeheartedly back into the fold via the RPGC.

Shallandra - Master Sage

Well hiya! I'm 35, live in the grand state of Texas, and besides being an Executive Producer and Roleplaying Sage, I'm also the Resident Giver of Warm Fuzzies. :) When I'm not working (and sometimes when I'm supposed to be) I'm often roaming around the RPGC. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hanging out at home with my furry kids (dog & two cats), going to church, doing the Starbucks thing with friends (cafe mocha with whip cream & chocolate sprinkles!), and singing & tickling those ivory keys.

Tassanaburrfoot - Master Sage

I was born in a suburb outside of New Orleans, but raised in a small town about 50 miles away. Now I live in the same suburb I was born in. I live with my grandmother, cousin, and aunt. I also have a 'daughter' named Kasha who is a year and a half. I met the world of Dragonlance through a friend of mine in school. She had just read the first books and gave them to me, ordering me to read them. I'm glad she did.

I first started rping when I was 15 through the internet and have since not stopped. My main character is Tassana Burrfoot, though I play a variety of characters including, drow, drowkender, dragons, pegasi, rangers, sorcerors, anthros, and so on. If I'm not online, then I'm either sleeping, eating, or at work.