The Producers

The producers of the RPG Consortium come up with projects ideas, take that project in hand and produces them by organizing, recruiting and assigning staff, promote it and present the final results to members. The also head up certain departments in the RPG Consortium by volunteering to take it under it's wing when the need arises. If you have a question about a specific project or department and need to contact someone at the administrative level for it then these would be the people.

Dream_Knight - Producer

I'm 32 and work as an independent contractor doing consulting and internet programming as well has running a company that produces and sells internet softwar. I am also partners in a couple of internet projects. My vision for the RPG Consortium is to build a huge online community for the role playing community. As such, I have to pick the best team to help me out and come out with some cool ideas and set them into motion. I hope you like what we do here and hope you'll join us for a long long time! :)

Head of Production for:
The RPG Consortium

Kalia_Majere - Executive Producer

A real wild child, I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. I now live in north-central Ohio and work as an Inventory Control Specialist at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter. When not at work or playing with my baby girl, you can find me either here, writing away to my hearts' content, or curled up wtih a good book or a sketch pad.

I don't have a great deal of experiance in managing a community, but with my R/L leadership abilities, I'm quite sure I won't make a complete idiot out of myself, or Chung for that matter.

Head of Production for:
Department: The RPG Academy

Novaximus - Executive Producer

Novaximus can be found living in the ever growing area of southern New Jersey. If you're searching all the local bars for him you'll come up empty handed since he finds that the peace and tranquility of which nature provides has more too offer.

For several years Novaximus has involved himself with the consortium's community. Being no stranger to the ways of message boards he offers his experience and judgement as staff in effort to keep the consortium on it's rightful pedistal of excellence.

Head of Production for:
Department: Community Moderation

Shallandra - Executive Producer

Well hiya! I'm 35, live in the grand state of Texas, and besides being an Executive Producer and Roleplaying Sage, I'm also the Resident Giver of Warm Fuzzies. :) When I'm not working (and sometimes when I'm supposed to be) I'm often roaming around the RPGC. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hanging out at home with my furry kids (dog & two cats), going to church, doing the Starbucks thing with friends (cafe mocha with whip cream & chocolate sprinkles!), and singing & tickling those ivory keys.

I hope you'll stick around for a while and find out what a great community of RP'ers we have here. We have folks from all around the world, with a variety of personalities and beliefs - but our common love for roleplaying is what makes the RPGC a cyber home away from home. In other words - Ya'll Come Back Now, Ya Hear??

Head of Production for:
Department: Creative Content

Silveran - Executive Producer

When not involved on the computer, you can find William enjoying life with his wife and daughter. He delights in showing his families the wonders of Nature( husbandry, gardening and astronomy are his favorites), caring for the family pets (a dog, cat, a soon two horses), and broadening his (and his families) imaginations withe Weird Fiction (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror). He's lead a varied life, with many jobs/careers, but would be happiest if he could retire to his small acreage outside of the city of Augusta in Georgia, USA, and become a full time spiritual councilor/minister of his religious faith.

He's been a stafff member of the RPGC since it's inception, and was a staffer and community member with the group that became a part of the original RPGC inception. He hopes to be a help to the community in the future as well.

Head of Production for:
Department: Chief of Staff