Member Points and Titles

As you participate more on the RPG Consortium, you gain points doing certain things. When you gain enough points you'll rise up in rank. It's a pretty simple concept. The more your participate, the more you move up in ranks.

Member Points and Purse

Your member points will always rise in value unless you some how get penalized. Your "purse" as we call it are points that you gained along with member points. Sometimes, there are cases where you can be awarded purse points instead of member points. Each situation is unique.

The points in your purse allow you to trade in to use certain features of the site. It works almost as our internal monetary system. The more you participate, the more you earn the right to use or enhance certain features of the site.

Gaining Points

There are various ways to earn points. For more information, take a look at the Member Point Matrix.

Member Titles

The member titles are based from a make believe background. It's done this way just to add a little fun and atmosphere for our members. Please note that this is a work of fiction. It's made up so don't go around trying to analyze and claim you know how Chung based this off of real findings about the Atlantians or something like that. You'll really look stupid. ;)

My Heritage

Hello my dear friend. If you are reading this there is much to explain to you about why we follow the teachings of such an ancient society. You see, I was curious about my heritage so I started on a journey that would plunge me into another world. A world in which I am a descendent of.

I went digging in my mothers attic one day during my research and found an old chest, one of which my mother had no recollection of ever having. This intrigued me and I took it home. What I found were old manuscripts and parchments, itching to fall apart at the slightest touch. I contacted my friend, a professor of archeology from the University of Los Angeles who graced me with a visit.

After some small talk over coffee, I displayed this chest and it's contents to my friend who immediately become interested. He carefully shifted though the chest. After minutes over puzzled looks he conferred that he has never seen this type of language and would love to take it back to the labs to have it analyzed. I shrugged and told him if it's worth anything that I'd want my share of the loot. He laughed and left. I thought nothing much of it until the call.

The Call

I was plagued by strange dreams since that day and became restless for nights on end since finding that chest. At first I thought it was just stress from work. I've always had trouble sleeping but never over such strange dreams.

It was 2 weeks ago that my professor friend called me about his findings. I have forgotten all about it. He sounded excited and wanted me to come down to the lab and talk to me about the chest and more importantly, what was in it.

At the labs he started to explain to me that what they have been able to decipher was that these documents where not documents at all but of ancient scriptures of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

It was then that I rolled my eyes and told him to stop fucking around. He assured me that he was not and that this was legit. He wanted to go on some stupid quest to find out more and wanted me to come along. I explained to him that he's got to be joking. I'm a freaking programmer, not Indiana F'ing Jones.

A serious look came over his face. It was then that he explained to me that in the chest, there was a journal. That journal is from someone who described his family and catastrophic events that had force them into travel to a land of what would be China. The more he explained the more fictional it sounded. He concluded that I was a direct descendant of this man.

I personally thought at that time that is was all crap but he (or rather his investors) were offering to pay for this fiasco. How can I say no to traveling and sight seeing some of the world for free? And hey... free food. So off I packed for a journey that will forever change my life.

Journey's End

These past few months have been a time of reconciling with my heritage. The things I understand now is much more clear. There is so much more to this world and the thing we called reality than we know it. It is my decision that I will base the RPG Consortium member rankings from the actual Consortium Scriptures of the Ancient Voice. Imagine that. The lost civilization who's ruler ship consists of the body in which they call The Consortium. Me, a programmer, programming internet applications and sites for clients who happened to start a web site called the RPG Consortium. Coincidence?

The following is a presentation outlying what the titles mean on the RPG Consortium. Perhaps one day I will write about the journey that I have experienced but for now, this will have to do. There are things that you aren't ready for...

In memory of John Bermington, Professor of Archeology, UCLA.