About the RPG Consortium

The RPG Consortium is a community and resource web site for roleplaying and the roleplaying community. We are dedicated to serving roleplayers where they can kick back and talk about non-rpg topics as well as rpg topics. We also provide many tools for the roleplayer to enhance gaming as well as resources for other RPG webmasters.

We're also known sometimes as the RPGC or The Consortium.

The History of the RPGC

Originally, the RPG Consortium was started as a resource site for the Amethyst Alliance's Partners back in April 2000. At it's beginning, the partners pooled together and shared the forums as their community solution.

Since then, the RPGC have had it's ups and downs. For a while there afterwards, the web site has been operating on auto-pilot. Partnering webmasters had started into busier lives and dropped from the program from inactivity and some have moved on to created their own community features on their sites.

The Amethyst Alliance was going through some long awaited changes and on September 2003 when the last of the partners moved their forum features on their own site under the RPG Consortium Network, the RPG Consortium decided to announce it's closing.

The news hit hard to many of the loyal and mostly long time members. After hearing the members dismay, the owner decided to keep the RPG Consortium. Since one of the Amethyst Alliance's plans were consolidate all her resources into one site with a new name, it was decided the RPG Consortium will be the new site.

The RPG Consortium Today

The RPG Consortium is now trying to rebuild what it and the Amethyst Alliance once was hoping to get back full time into supporting the RPG Community. We hope that you will stay around and join in with all the fun we're trying to provide here. Please be patient, as with all communities, there's a set expectation among the current members. It may take some people more time to understand how to interact with each other here.

What was the Amethyst Alliance?

The Amethyst Alliance was started among a group of people who met each other through a PBEM (Play by E-mail) game in August 1998. From their launch, it has been a hectic time, trying to get everything up from scratch. It was among the first of the RPG sites out there on the internet that provided roleplayers with a community to talk and share their passion about RPGs.

The original mission statement of the Amethyst Alliance was simple:

Amethyst Alliance, The International Roleplaying Guild, is dedicated to the spread of roleplaying related information of all game systems and genres, making that information accessible to people from all over the world and from all walks of life; additionally, the Alliance is dedicated to the positive spirit of cooperation in regards to the promotion of roleplaying games, to new and veterans players, and -most importantly- having fun.

It is a mission statement that worked well for the Amethyst Alliance for years. The RPG Consortium will now be carrying on the same traditions that the Amethyst Alliance held true.