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World of Chaos
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Posted By: Juathor on Saturday November 12, 2011 11:48 AM

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OOC/RECR: Saturday November 12, 2011 11:48 AM

World of Chaos

Alright. There seems to be only a very few number of games, so I thought I'd help out by trying to start up a new one. I know, some of you may be cautious to join a game from a complete newcomer, but I assure you that I've been doing this for a while.

Anyway, World of Chaos!

Setting: The Seventh Realm of Existence, natively called "Panora." Inhabited by an infinite number of species, including the all-too-common "Human." Panora is a world of both magic and technology, enabling multifaceted advances in all scientific fields.

Panora is ruled by an oligarchy, a select seven Masters who demand all authority. It is also a world full of crime and shadows. In direct opposition to the Imperium, several rebel factions have emerged, and are attempting to wrest power from the Masters.

Virtually anything is possible on Panora, so long as the Masters will it.

Story: Players may elect to be a part of either the resistance or the Imperial Dispatch. The story will revolve around the rebellion against the Imperium, and the subsequent attempts to take control. There is no set path or ending - it is left open purposely for a true free-flow gameplay. The game will end whenever the players decide.

Players may elect to have up to three characters, and may opt to have characters on opposing forces. If so, players should remember to separate each character's actions from the others (unless all characters are participating in the same event at the same time).

Magic is allowed, as long as it doesn't supersede any standard regulations (as mentioned below). Weapons in this world are magic- and energy-based. Projectile weapons can exist, but the firing mechanism would be based on magic or energy. The same applies to medical techniques and facilities.

The terrains in this world as what one would expect from any RPG: any and all terrains (other than space, this is not a space-faring adventure).

Standard RPG regulations apply: no killing characters you don't own*, no omnipotent characters (or omniscient), no godding, and minimize auto-strikes (only attacks that are logically impossible to avoid can be autoed).
*Characters may or may not die, either with permission from the character owner, at a set point wherein a character cannot possibly survive, or if a character "mysteriously" vanishes for a really long time.

If you want more information, ask. I feel I've provided as much as necessary, and a bit beyond. But, I do have other ideas I plan to incorporate.

Please post your character according to the following template.

Name: (First is necessary, last is optional)
Species: (provide details for any original creations)
Features: (appearance)

Other Items:

Magical Abilities: (please limit to 5)
Technical Abilities: (ditto)

Alignment: Faction or Imperium

Brief Biography: (not optional, but you need not include everything)

If you want to add a picture, that is fine. Please keep it relatively small, or post a simple link.

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November 2011

OOC/RECR: Saturday November 12, 2011 12:07 PM

RE: World of Chaos

Name: Khrys Annalise Baier
Species: Human
Features: Khrys is of standard height with an athletic frame. She has long, wild and wavy red hair reaching to her waistline. It is usually brushed back and held out of her eyes by a white headband. She is dark-skinned and has dark green eyes. She has four piercings in each ear and one in her upper lip.
Attire: She wears dark-colored clothes with minor armor reinforcements around her chest, shoulders, and shins. The clothing provides little protection from more than the elements, but the small armor can deflect direct melee attacks.

Weapons: She dons a short-reach claw-arm on her left forearm. It is a melee weapon that provides decent protection, as well. The hand portion of the claw is flexible, allowing Khrys to close her hand. The palm of the weapon is a thick maroon cloth that resists cutting and slashing.
Other Items: She has a map of Panora, and several maps of the major Imperium cities.

Magical Abilities: Energy Flux (allows her to use energy-based attacks at short and medium range), Energy Conduit (allows her to augment any non-organic object with energy from the flux, increasing it's damage capacity), Detonation (allows her detonate any non-organic object that has been augmented with energy from the flux)
Technical Abilities: Martial Arts (5th tier apprentice), Thrown Weapons

Alignment: Wolf Faction

Personality: Khrys is a determined, unwavering individual. She is private, as well. She has no fear and eagerly embraces battle.
Brief Biography: Khrys was born in Shasuer, a city in the central province of Panora Media. Her father was a miner and her mother a nurse, leaving Khrys to her own devices more often than not. During the Imperial Expansion, Shasuer was occupied. The Imperium assumed control of all profitable enterprises, putting both of her parents out of work. When the Masters would hear the complaints, Khrys' parents joined Wolf Faction. Eight years ago, they were killed in combat. Khrys not carries their torch.

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