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10/19/2001 4:11 AM

The Deep forest outside of Sanction, A single peircing scream was heard. Ayeka DayStar pulled her sword free as her quarry fell to the ground. She sighed as the fight took its toll on her. She silently wiped the bloody blade against the grass. She looked up silently at the man she had just killed....no..not a man...but a cold, blood thirtsy killer.... She flinched at her own thoughts, knowing that deep down, she was no better. She looked up to the east, and frowned....Dawn was comming...She had better find shelter while she could...though the sunlite had little affect on her, she found that hunting them was easier when they where to preoccupied with hunting themselves.

She turned, and made her way to the city. She reached it just as the dawn broke. the guards posted outside of the city gates frowned at her.
"what is your business here??" one of them asked. Ayeka looked up and smiled. "just a day's lodging is all I care for here sir, no more...no less" the guard frowned again, and turned to his partner who shrugged silently.

"alright...go ahead." he said waving her inside. Ayeka sighed , and walkd on in. once she was in, she walked to the nearest tavern/inn, and sat down wearily at a corner table. She waved over the barmaid, and ordered a glass of sweet red wine, and a lite breakfast. the customers noted that the girl seemed pale, and that her movements where too fluid for a human...but no one could quite put their finger on just what she reminded them of.


Quite a distance away...deep within a dark cave, Touga Drache fought the feeling of restlessness that nearly boiled his blood. his fury at his half sister welled up to the point of no return. silently, as gracefull as a prowling leopard, and just as dangerous, Touga paced the small cave...until exhausion finally won, and he lay down to sleep till dusk. his last thought as sleep overtook him was of his sister...Ayeka"If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/19/2001 7:05 AM

OOC: Hey! does this have anything to do with vampires? If it does im definately in! I have a pretty cool Vampire character. if not.......i'll thnk of somethinThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/19/2001 7:34 AM

OOC: yup sure does...Its been rattleing aroung in my brain for a while now...for more info on Touga and Ayeka...check out the introductions thread."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/19/2001 12:19 PM

With a sigh, Ayeka sipped the wine. She glanced furtively around the room. then chastised herself. none of them would be here now...but the growing sense of "him" kept her edgy. she sat there, as memories of their last encounter washed over her.

Her half brother...her only confidant...her worst enemy. His dark red hair and topaz blue eyes. She nearly started to cry...the last person that she wanted to hurt was him.

the memory washed over her like a gentle wave. Touga turned to her, fury evident in the gold cast to his blue eyes. She shrank from him, as he grasped her by the arm, raising his other hand as if to slap her. The blow never came. "how can you hunt your own kind?" he growled, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

angrily she pulled her arm out of his grasp. "my "kind"?? I have no "kind". She murmered, turning her deep blue eyes towards the ground. "how can you be so heartless to my reasons for my actions" She said

he spun on her. "reasons! you call avenging your HUMAN mother a reason?" she backed away from him, his words, and his anger. "how can you be so heartless?" she whispered.

"Heartless?....Easy. I tell you now little sister...stop this silly crusdade...before I put an end to it." he said advancing on her.

Her eyes widened, as a fear that wasn't there before creeped into them. "you wouldn't...." she choked.

"try me...little sister...try me." he growled.

Ayeka came too with a start as she realized someone was trying to address her, gently shaking her shoulder."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/19/2001 12:52 PM

OOC: Kalia, this thread interest me even more than my own threads (caramon the conqorer AND the dragon gate cycle). PROMISE me you wont let this one die. P P p p pleaaase lol! :) ALWAYS wanted to play a vampire.

OOC2: Breif overveiw of my character Taryn. He is the great great great great grandfather of Taryis the blue robed mage (remember him?). He beame a vampire by being bitten while summoning one back to life. He uses his magic to allow him to move about in sunlight though he cannont do it all the time, only after rest and much feeding. He is neither good nor bad. Totally depends on the mood that day, he could kill a child and slaughter a village one day and save an old lady the next..........nothing matters to him. He searches for Taryis but cannot find him, because taryis is the last of his bloodline. He studied with fistindantilus and is very strong in magic but has all the same weakneses vampires do (except the sunlight i guess). if you want me to pare him down i can

BIC: Taryn grinned intently as he watched the woman struggle in her dream. Gently shaking her shoulder he spoke softly "Are you alright m'lady?"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/19/2001 2:20 PM

((OOC: Drache! That's mine! You stole it! :) Just kidding. Funny though that this has to do with brothers and sisters...You do know what Drache means right? Okay then...I'm not a vampire...yet...I'm a demoness...hm...a demoness vampire would certainly be interesting...:)))

Akhsunamun stretched her large blood red wings and shook her mane of flame red hair. Her movements were calculated and seductive, even though there was no one else in the room. Her green eyes, with their eerie cat-like pupils, scanned the room intently. She sensed something, a strange presence she had not felt in a long time. She stood with a grace that was greater than that of a thousand elves and moved towards the door of her small room. Her walk was more a float and left many honorable men on their knees, begging to serve her.

As she reached the door, she waved a slender hand. The door spun open at her bidding and she walked into the halls and down to the main room of the tavern. She sat at a table and motioned to the waiter. He approached the table distracted, though all thoughts left his head as he turned his gaze on the demoness. She had, of course, taken a human form so as not to attract attention but this form was as beautiful as any other, so beautiful in fact that it revieled the Dark Queen herself. Akhsunamun smiled at the thought, a smile that brought the waiter to his knees.

"Some wine, please," she purred, her voice strong and musical. She smiled wickedly as the weakminded human tripped over himself in an effort to bring her her wine as quickly as possible. The demoness cast her feline gaze around the room, settling on a man standing near a seated woman. The strange feeling was coming from him...Akhsunamun's eyes widened. [He's dead! How delightful...] she thought, her face twisting into a look of ectasy.

((OOC: Let me know if I am ruining anything.))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/19/2001 11:07 PM

OOC: LMAO!! ok ok...I'll try not to let this one die...I want to see this one to the end...one way or another. now all I need is a sympathetic human, who can help Ayeka. Also, Starlite...the vampires here aren't exactly "dead" but I am mirroring the movie "Blade" the vampireisim is a genetic trait, passed from mother to child, from infection by a transfusion of blood(just a single bite won't work here) and I picked "Drache" because of its similarity to the name "Dracula" both have the same root of "Dragon"

OOC2: this avatar I have now is the baic Idea on how Ayeka and her Brother look like :)

BIC: Ayeka started, and nearly knocked her chair over. A Vampire...in broad daylight! and he was full, that much she could tell...he wasn't like her. a wave of malice washed over her, and once agian she could hear her brother's laughter. Miserably, she shook her head, trying to rid herself of his presence. She opened her eyes to stare at the man who had shaken her. defesively, she rested her hand on the hilt of her sword ( the blade is made of pure silver)

"What do you want?" she asked, trying to keep the tremmor of fear out of her voice. she was starting to feel weak...she hadn't fed in a week, and lack of sleep compounded the effect. she tried to stand, but collapsed in his arms instead."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

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10/20/2001 10:23 AM

OOC: *sighs* this is gonna be too much fun!

Grabbing hold of her in his strong arms Taryn mad esure she didnt fall. Her delicate frame and smooth skin felt good in his arms and a twing of hunger and lust flamed for an instant but quickly vanished as he knew he was out in broad daylight with many witnesses.

"You are weak, that much I can tell. You havnt feed in a while, I have something for you if.................if you will accompany me to my room in the inn." It had confused him for a second on how another vampire like himself could be out in the daylight, til he realized she was not fully "whole" as he would say.

Glancing around to make sure noone was taking any unwanted attention to them he saw a very uncommonly attractive woman looking in their direction *most definatly NOT human, I think I will have to meet this woman later.* "So do you wish to accompany me and feed or..........will you sit here weak and tired from exhaustion?"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/20/2001 12:04 PM

Ayeka shuddered, though she was terrified, of this other Vampire...she realized that she had no choice, if her brother found her in this state...He would surely kill her. Numbly she nodded. as her brother's laughter echoed in her mind once more."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori (Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unjustified Jury)

10/20/2001 2:25 PM

OOC: Ohhhhh, Vamps! This sounds fun.... BTW, is this 5th age?

Elsewere in Sanction....

Kril'esk jumped from roof to roof, careful to remain in the shadows as much as possible. Oh, how he loved the hunt! The woman he had be stalking for the past hour was just entering his "territory." As she crossed over one of the many bridges crossing the lava flows of the city, Kril'esk used his spider climbing abilities to silently come to the ground. He crept over to a building and peeked over the side to spot his prey. He looked up to the sky, seeing the first rays of sunlight. I better make this quick, he thought.

As the woman neared the bridge, she stopped and turned around to look. Had she noticed me?, he pondered. The woman continued her trek, and Kril followed. When she was halfway over the bridge, he made his move. He first transformed into a vapory mist to blend in with the choking smoke of the lava. In his mist form, Kril'esk quickly got ahead of the woman. When he was a dozen feet in front of her, he formed into his natural form. His face twisted into that of the demon that inhabbited his body. His hands grew to talons and his teeth became long and sharp. The woman was startled by his appearance, but not overly frightened, like most of his prey. She stopped and reached behind her back to remove a short sword glistening with silver and a small crossbow. She was one of the slayers!!! Kril cursed to himself, just my luck to be hunting a damned slayer!

The woman quickly and deadly lifted the cross bow, aimed, and fired at Kril'esk. Using his demonic quickness, he dodged the bolt that came at him. He could smell the digusting silver on that too! Kril lunged at her as soon as she threw down the crossbow. He swiped at her with his claws, but she dodged and slashed at him with her sword. He felt the stinging cut of the silver sword across his arm. Damn that silver! Most weapons would not harm him, his wounds healing automatically from all but the powerful weapons. However, silver and magically blessed weapons would do him normal damage. He backed away from the woman. This was harder than he thought. She looked towards the sky. She knew that sunlight would be coming soon also. He used the distraction to make another attack. He swiped twice at her with his claws, slashing her once across the chest. She backed up a few paces and thrust her sword at him while reaching into one of the many pouches on her belt. Kril'esk easily dodged the attack, and backed away from her again. She withdrew a small vial of water. Holy water!!! What other tricks was this silver-wench going to use, he thought. She through the vial at him, while he used this abilities to jump 10 feet straight in the air and get a hold on the wall her was near. The vial burst below him, sending the water in all directions. The woman cursed to herself. That would have hurt probably, Kril thought. He dove at the slayer from the wall, hitting her before she could retaliate. They rolled on the floor for awhile until he used his strength to pin her to the ground. He smiled to himself. I am gong to kill a slayer. My master should like this. The woman still struggled to escape, and Kril'esk bit her hard on the neck, savoring the sweet taste of her blood as he devored her. She died seconds later, just as the rays of dawn broke over the city. But Kril'esk was already out of the area by then. He would have to take the sewers to make it back to the Guild.

Kril'esk, my servant, I have a task for you.

He stopped suddenly. He hated when his master used his telepathy powers to talk to him. It gave him a headache.

There is a woman that just entered the city limits. She has firey red hair, and is a vampire like us in disguise. I want you to follow her, and if she seems worthy, offer her a place in the Guild.

Yes my master, Kril'esk thought. I guess I wont be resting any time soon.Moderator for all Dragonlance.com message boards.

Never again.
Trusted in you.
F**k everything you think I should be.
I stand.
Never again, never again.


10/20/2001 3:07 PM

OOC: um...not sure of the time line...but sure fith age will work fine. also Ayeka has Dark Blonde hair, her brother, Touga has the fire-red hair. (I'll post again later...Im at work right now.)"Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/20/2001 7:46 PM

((OOC: Oh...oops. Never heard of vampires being a genetic thing...guess I shoulda thought of that. Aren't they still undead though? Oh well. Just pull me into the story wherever I fit...or I could switch to Kiri. She's human. I really wanted to be the demoness though cuz the other thread with her died....Hey Ogre, hope you weren't talking about me! I have fire red hair yes...but I'm not a vampire. and probably never will be if it's genetic.

I was bored in German one day (like every other day) and looked up dragon in my dictionary. It said Drache and I liked it so much I started naming stuff after it...))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/20/2001 9:44 PM

OOC: ok...I've decieded that this is the Fourth Age. I am mirroring the Movie "BLADE" and for those who haven't seen it....well here goes

in this thread there are two kinds of vampires. Those who are born vampires...the ones with a genetic defect. the genetic defect, is their blood itself...it cannot sustain hemoglobin, thus cannot carry oxygen, therfore, they must drink blood. they aren't exactly immortal, but they age very slowly (about a dragon's pace) these "born" vampires, are very much alive, but the "traditional" ways of warding them off won't always work.

IE: Crossing Running water, Crosses, Holy water. Stuff of this nature doesn't do diddly against these kind.

The weaknesses are, They are severly allergic to Silver, Garlic causes Antileptic Shock, and Sunlight will Kill.

I am gonna include the "Traditional" vampire here as well, So that Ogre Bane doesn't have to change his long reply :) The things that wont work against a "born" vampire will work with deadly results against a "traditional" Vampire. but the "traditional" have a different advanatge. They have that ability to manipulate their form. but the "Born" can learn this trick through the use of magic.

Also, Ontarys, its up to you on which breed your character is "born" or "Traditional"

Ayeka (eye-aka) and her brother Touga (toe-ga) are "born" vampires."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/20/2001 9:49 PM

((OOC: Does that mean if I'm bitten by a tradition vampire, I'll become one? And are traditional vampires undead?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/20/2001 9:54 PM

OOC:lol!! how about this...meet me in Drunken Dragon Inn Chat room...and I'll answer what questions you have k?"Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/20/2001 10:03 PM

((OOC: Okay))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/21/2001 12:12 AM


Touga awoke, his sleep uneasy. He blinked the sleep from his eyes. His fury towards his sister had lessened considerably. He sat back pondering their situation...He loved his sister....but what she was doing was crazy!!

As he sat there, a vauge memory came to him, as substantial as a mirahge.

The night of Ayeka's birth...25 years ago...he had been 10 years old...He remembered his father...the most powerful of their kind...ushering him from his step-mother's bed side.

He remembered her screams of pain...He remembered sneaking into a hidden passageway...watching his step-mother...seeing his baby sister...His fater proclaming the baby a Dampiel....his step-mother's wail of dispair....then....nothing....

He couldn't remember

Frustraited, Touga began to pace again. there was something important about that night...something that would put an end to all this nonsence.

"Damn it!" he cried, punching the stone wall of the cave. Numbly, he slid down to the cave floor and stared at his bloodied knuckles. "damn her..." he whispered as he silently wept. "...Ayeka...""Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/21/2001 12:50 AM

"Oh no, you don't!" Kiri said through gritted teeth. The vampire moved off, throwing a bolt of magic at the young human. Kiri deflected it easily.

"See these silver robes?? I EARNED my magic!!" she yelled, pulling out the small silver dagger she had bought the day before. Her green eyes flashed in the darkness. "Come and face me! You'll pay for what you did to my friend!!" The vampire snarled and hissed at her. In response, the royally pissed off mage flashed a ball of light at the creature, who shyed away from the brillance as if it were poison. "Fight me!" Kiri-Koli yelled, brushing errant black hair from her angry features. But the vampire wouldn't comply. He dissapeared.

"Nooo!" How was she supposed to fight this bastard vampire if he kept dissapearing?! Kiri sank to the ground. She had lost her home and her adopted mother and her best friend all in one day...and then two days after she gets her best friend back, he's killed by a vampire...Kiri's jewel eyes watered, though she didn't sob. Memories of her beautiful griffion friend floated through the air...sparking gold features reflected points of light... and the flying! Kiri, as she did so often nowadays, sank into despair.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/21/2001 2:49 AM

I feel...nothing...all...nothing...

Voices whispering in my head...yes...Sibilant whispers of my kin...

Master's will.....

I see the girl, she's crying...memories...I sense...

I touch her...

"Do you need help young mage?" I ask...

The scent of accursed blood lingers in the air....They're near...

You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/21/2001 1:01 PM

OOC: Sorry about the hair thing! :D I'll continue doing the bad guy thing, and I'll be one of the "traditional." Bitting someone infects them with the "disease," right?

Kril'esk crept silently through the sewers of Sanction. He had been sent to find a woman of blonde hair, and she had the "taint" within her also. He had used his mist form most of the way to move fast through the sewers to his desired location. He could smell the "day-lighters" up above him, smell their blood, and their fear. The authorities had found the body of the silver-wench he had slain. Most of the nobles of the city knew that vampires existed here, and a few knew of the Guild. Those that did know of their existence made sure to stay away. If they left us alone, we would most likely leave them alone. Unless we were hungry, Kril giggled to himself.

He had sucked the slayer woman dry, so he would not require to eat for awhile. He felt such a surge of passion and power everytime he killed. He felt himself grow stronger and stronger with each death he caused. His master had just allowed him the use of magic, so he was a beginer with the art. He has mastered a few tricks that would allow him to hunt easier, but nothing overly powerful.

Kril'esk came to a T-section in the sewers. I should probably go and talk to Velvarisk since I am in his territory, Kril'esk thought to himself. Velvarisk was a wealthy noble of this district of the city, and he had been "tainted" by the Master so we could have an Nightwalker in the merchant fields. Vampires required steel just as anyother person did. Kril'esk decided to go and speak with Velvarisk, just incase the fat vamp complained to the Master.

Kril'esk came to Velvarisk's domain. He knocked on the large iron door three times, then two. This was the "password" for entrance. The huge door swung open to reveal a guant humanoid with decaying skin. A zombie. Velvarisk loved to dabble in the art of Necromancy. It was known that the had massed quite a large army of undead he used to inforce his rule. The zombie took Kril'esk to a back part of the sewer. Kril'esk was then lead up some stairs into a secret entrnace to Velvarisk's mansion form the sewers. Kril was taken to a large room adorned with tapestries and golden candle sticks.

"Ahh, welcome Kril," Velvarisk said. "I have been expecting you. The Master told me of your coming."

"Thank you, Vel. But I do not have a lot of time. I just came to tell you that I will be in your domain to-"

He was cut off by Velvarisk's reply, "I know why you have come. The Master told me you would be here. Do not presume to think that the Master would tell you something before me. You are nothing but a spawn."

"Yes, well sorry Vel. I mean you no harm, but I am searching for a woman with the 'taint.' The Master has taken quite an interest in her." Kril'esk never liked Velvarisk. He was an arragnat vampire, and only for his money, not for his powers. Velvarisk was grossly overweight. His rich life before he was "tainted" had made him fat with happiness, and when he was turned, he continued to eat the same way he had before. Looking at Velvarisk made Kril's stomach turn. He was a disgusting site.

"Do not worry yourself over the matter, Kril'esk," Velvarisk continued. "I have already sent...ummmm...a few agents to handle the situation. You need not concern yourself with the situation."

This made Kril's blood boil. The stupid fat merchant was trying to steal his glory! He clenched his fist so that his talons dug painfully into his palm. "I should still probably look after things, just in case." After his reply, Kril'esk transformed into his mist form and left. He didn't care for a sarcastic reply from the old fat vampire. He would handle this assignment.

Besides, Kril'esk knew what "agents" Velvarisk had sent. He had to get to the woman first. Wraiths were not known to talk with their targets, only to kill them.Moderator for all Dragonlance.com message boards.

Never again.
Trusted in you.
F**k everything you think I should be.
I stand.
Never again, never again.


10/21/2001 2:36 PM

((OOC: *startled* are you talking to me, Mikhal?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/21/2001 8:01 PM

ooc:Yes...as the sweet voices of the fading night enfolds me...Yes, you are the one I am speaking to...

My fingers curled inwardly as I lay may hand on the mage's shoulder...Helplesness...Hopelesness...

"Is there anything I can do for you?" I ask in my mundane speech, a voice harsh to my ears yet melodious to the mortal sheeps...

"I might be of some assistance to you. I myself have devoted my heart and soul to finding the ACCURSED..." I smile that smile of drear mockery, handsome yet filled with inner malice...

"My name is Mikhal Silverhair, a wanderer..."

I enfold the woman in my arms, feeling her warmth...the warmth of another living being...

...And the dark eye of Nuitari blinked as he watched over me...

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10/21/2001 10:11 PM

As Ayeka followed the stranger, she was overwhelmed by the sense of others in the area. She could feel them as easily as she could sense her brother....She turned, suddenly wary...and took a few steps backwards, towards the door."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/22/2001 12:26 AM

And again... the eye blinks as it watched over us...

The sibilant whispers of maddened dreams swirld in the periphery of my vision. The demented whisperings of oblivion threaded between life and unlife....

I, Mikhal Silverhair, felt it come closer...

Blood tingles in the air... the high wind blowing... My sword flashed as I pulled it from its sheathe...

The lesser nightstalker that was espying us was reduced to a miniscule dust as my blade sang through the air...

"Never attack me from behind..." You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/22/2001 12:41 AM

WIth a small, almost inaudible cry, Ayeka fled from the tavern...as she ran down the streets, she could feel that something was seriously wrong in Sanction...and just outside of it. she had to search it out. But if it was what she though it was....how could that be possible!? The sun had already risen considerably... it was now two hours after sunrise.

She fled through the city gates, the guards looking after her curiously. Ayeka froze as she saw the two people, one a red robe mage, and the other....harder to Identify, who had just killed another Vampire...this one had obviously learned magic to sheild from the sun's Glare. she stared at the two people...as her own hunger fought to overwhelm her. Weakly, she swallowed, trying to push the beast back down...forcing herself to ignore the pain.

She stood there, just now realizing that she looked quite peculiar standing there...

"forgive me for intruding....My name is Ayeka (eye-aka) DayStar..." She called, raising her hand, keep in her other on the hilt of her sword...she could never be too careful.

Stop this foolishness

Sounded a silken voice in her mind...as her brother once more intruded into her thoughts.

Tonite, little sister....I will catch up to you tonite....

Ayeka stumbled, as her brother cut the link. as the shock of her brother intrusion and her weakend state took their toll, Ayeka collapsed, unconcious before the red robe mage and her companionl."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/22/2001 2:37 AM

OOC: ok hello everyone i hope i can join in. i'm ayeka's hubbie. but ok back to the story.


A young man stood in the trees watching the two people that where going to the young lady he had to come to her rescue. He lept down from the tree without the slightest flinch and rushed up to her. He pushed away his black cloak to reveal his long Platinum hair and a broad sword at his side.

"My Princess!!! he said sounding worried "you're weak, and tired. Please come with me." He picked her up and carried her to the inn and to a safe room.

Before he left the room, he turned and whispered something softly. Out of the shadows of the room, a spectral from of a black wolf appeared. "Stay...Guard" He said. The spectre emmited a soft growl and faded once again into the shadows. Satisfied, he headed back down to the tavern. The moment he stepped though the archway, the customers stopped what they where doing and looked up at him.

"I hate being this popular" he thought as he walked up to the tavern keeper "I would like to have some red wine please" he asked in a funny sounding voice as he threw a money bag at him "red wine?" he asked he looked at the tavern keeper and nodded "coming right up M'lord!"

The Bar keep noticed the ring on man's right hand. His eyes widened at the sight of the Black rose and asked in a soft voice so that no one else could hear... "Are you Lord Crane?" The young man looked at him as said softly "Yes I am" "Please no trouble M'lord, I wanted this place all my life and......." he said nervously

"Don't worry just passing through" he proclaimed as he sipped his red wine.Parting is such sweet sorrow...

10/22/2001 5:16 PM

Kiri-Koli glanced around the forest in confusion. Everything was happening so fast! The vampire, that cursed creature, had appeared from nowhere, only to be impaled on Mikhal's sword. Then the strange woman had shown up and fainted, followed by the equally strange man who called her, the fainted woman, Princess. The world seemed to whirl around Kiri at an alarming rate, faster than the young human could comprehend. Confusion clouded her mind, surpassed only by one abrupt thought.

She had failed.

The revenge on the vampire had been hers to take! She had promised her friend, on his dying breath, that she would avenge the life that had been taken from him so soon...so young.

Kiri-Koli turned and lunged at Mikhal, not caring if he cut her down. She beat her fists at him, sobbing "I promised!" over and over again even though he caught hold of her wrists and forced her small silver dagger from one limp hand. Tears flooded her bright green eyes, dimming their brillance. Her long legs went weak beneath her and the young mage could no longer support her own weight. She sank towards the ground, supported only by Mikhal's strong hands.

Then, Kiri stiffened and the tears stopped so abruptly that Mikhal had to ask himself if the human had ever actually been crying. Her expression cleared and a slender hand went to one of the many pockets in her flowing silver robes.

"She's one of them..." was all Mikhal heard Kiri whisper before she tore from his grip with suprising strength, picked up the fallen dagger and then she was gone, running gracefully and with great purpose towards the tavern.

The tavern stood silently in the dark, shadowed by the twin moons but strangly void of its own light. Kiri slowed as she neared, as something stood in her way. A large spectral wolf growled at her approach, warning her with large sharp teeth. Kiri-Koli gave an odd little smile, devoid of happiness, and held up a single finger. The wolf cocked its large head, then gave a little whine. Kiri pointed downward and the spectral wolf sat, as obediant as any pet. Kiri gave the odd smile again and walked into the tavern, pausing only to give the wolf a pat on its soft shadowed fur.

Brushing past the startled patrons, Kiri headed for the room where she knew Ayeka to be. She stopped all that moved to oppose her with paralyzing spells, hardly noticing them.

Her only thought was her promise...and her revenge.

Bursting through the door of the vampire's room, Kiri raised her silver dagger. With a cry of pure sorrow, she brought the dagger down swiftly. It raced towards the heart of the unholy creature, promising a quick death.

The dagger stopped a mere heartbeat before it struck the woman.

Kiri blinked, the motion causing her emerald eyes to once again fill with tears. The vampire lay motionless on the bed, staring up at Kiri. The woman looked like just that, a woman, not a blood thirsty killer. She was helpless as she lay, weak and defensless. Kiri tried once more to strike, but her heart was no longer set on revenge. She could not kill so helpless a woman, vampire or not.

Kiri stumbled back, blinking furiously. The dagger dropped from her nerveless hand.

"What's wrong with her..." Kiri whispered softly, her heart in her throat.

((OOC: hehehe. This is where the sympathy part comes in :) Ha ha! You're all paralyzed! :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/23/2001 5:53 AM

OOC: LOL!! BTW...um...Its daylight!!! time is now about 2 and a half hours past sunrise!! and with Ayeka's latent power...she could wipe the spell to oblivian....if she wan't so weak to begin with....but dont forget about Lord Alucardt Crane.... So I'm gonna post as me...and then he'll post too...

BIC: Ayeka came to the moment she felt the spell lay over her. Weakly she tried to disperse it...to no avail...she hadn't the strength to break the spell. She watched as the young woman raised the blade to strike...and braced herself for the killing blow.

hesitently, when the blow never came, she opened her eyes. she noticed that the girl had dropped the dagger, and was in tears. still unable to move Ayeka spoke.

"I mean you no harm...Let me go... I will not harm you...." she whispered softly...pleading with the girl... Though, deep in her heart she knew that if the girl where to strike her down....she wouldn't try to stop her...."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/23/2001 6:31 AM

as the young man got the feeling that someone had placed a spell he moved away from the bar and up to his room where his princess layed knowing that something was wrong.

as he got to the room he was greeted by his......tame wolf??? "ok now that is it!" he thought, now very mad. He lifted the spell off his wolf and placed a protection spell on it. Now go. I'll call you when you are needed again He sent to the wolf silently.

then he entered the room slowly and without the young lady seeing him took her by surprise. "Now that is unsportsmen like to hurt a tired young lady and now you have five seconds to leave before I get really mad and you have no idea what I am fully capable of!!!!!" the young man said as he held on to his broadsword with his right hand

"Ayeka are you ok?" he asked in a strange but irritated voice. Then he lifted his hand to lift the spell on Ayeka. He looked at the young lady , and relinquished his grip on his sword as he thought to himself I am a gentlemen, and a fighter I will not harm her in any wayParting is such sweet sorrow...

10/23/2001 1:33 PM

((OOC: Daytime?? Oops!! Ha, for some reason I pictured all that happening in the dark. Ok, forget that. Alright then, two things you people need to know. First, you are grossly underestimating Kiri's power and second, she didn't put a spell over the wolf. She's got this thing with magical animals...especially griffons. Oh, one other thing, though this doesn't matter anymore...Kiri intended to put the paralyzing spell over anyone who got in her way, not Ayeka cuz she's already down. Sorry for the confusion.))

Kiri-Koli stood back from the bed, tears streaming from her emerald eyes. She was ashamed, ashamed of crying, ashamed that she was ready to end a life, even a cursed one, without a fair fight. The weak woman tried to reason with her, but the words were lost on the disillusioned mage. Her revenge had been taken from her once again, this time by her own stupidity. The mate of the dead vampire was still out there, but Kiri had chosen instead to pick an easier target.

Abruptly, a young man came bursting through the door. Kiri jumped at least 3 feet in the air. The man proceeded to threaten her, which, with Kiri in a heighten state of emotions, was exactly the wrong thing to do.

Tears stopped, emotions ceased. Reaching down to retrieve her dagger, purposely exposing her back to the man, Kiri told him without words just how much his threat meant to her. She felt the old discipline flowing back to her, and she was in her element once again. Fixing the man with a cold stare that caused him to step back, Kiri-Koli, adopted daughter of Majie and the Vanished Moons, vowed then and there that she would never lose control like this again. The old power coursed through her veins for the first time since she had been forced to leave her only home.

Kiri turned to Ayeka and bowed low. "I apologize, m'Lady, for the interuption of your rest. It is not my place to judge you. I realize that now."

The young mage, seeming much older now, turned back to the young man and, seeing his hand moving away from his large sword, inclined her head to him.

Standing in the doorway, Kiri swirled her silver robes about her lithe body. "May you find the Balance," she said softly and turned to leave. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/23/2001 3:52 PM

OOC: wopps....sorry for the confusion :P

Ayeka stood, trying to keep her balance. "Please! wait!" she called pausing to glare at the man she had known all her life. "Alucardt!? what are you doing here?......Nevermind...I'll deal with you later...." she said as she turned once again to Kiri

"Please....don't go...." she asked softly, gently resting her hand on the mage's shoulder. "come...you look as tired as I am...would you allow me to treat you to something to eat from the tavern? Or would you perfer to just talk here where we have some privacy?" Ayeka asked. "Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/24/2001 5:38 AM

OOC: sorry guys. its been real busy hadnt found the time til recently. Gonna try an work my way back into the thread. By the way im a made vampire but he was a mage so he uses magic to stay in daylight at times.

BIC:Taryn knew he would be seeing the woman again..................just a matter of timeThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/24/2001 5:45 AM

Pathetic children of the night... Cursed blood, eternally damned into the endless despair of the nothingness that exist between salvation and damnation...

"I did not intend to intrude upon your private vendetta milady mage. I was just... ordered by someone far more mighter than me to hunt down the... Stillborns (vampires without kin or kith who refused to follow the natural cycle of life and death amonsts the Firstborn)... I wish for your...humble apologies..."

And these two Kinless, yes. I feel something different. Kin and not Kin... They did not sense my arrival. Yes, their 'gifts' are far from developed. They have inborn talent...No skill... Who sired them? Why was I told by Him to look out for them... What are His plans in this? Yes, I can sense an underlying unease amongst them. They know not if I am human or something more...or less... It doesn't matter. I've been ordered by Him to take them as my charges...

The cruel Thrafey have encircled me into their snares again... Accursed amongst the accursed. Feeder of those who feed. They are parasites. Why are they after these two... And how does this mage fit into their machinations...

"Forgive me for not introducing myself, I am Mikhal Silverhair. I am under the employ of a Man who wants to make sure that you are safe. Though this does not imply that I enjoy the presence of two Kinsfolk. As I say again, you need not fear from me..."

Yes, the man can sense my true power. He may know that I'm not truly what I present myself to them. But the girl, the youngling. Hmmmm, she may be maleable. And as for the mage... I am still troubled of why I saved her. That nightstalker would 've been easier to kill if I left him to feed upon her...

I smile, wearing the mask of mortal benevolence as I approach the young mage and hold her in my arms, weaving my subtle enchantments of peace and tranquility...

"I am truly sorry for what I have done. But I am not sorry for saving your life milady..."

...and again, the eye of Nuitari blinks...

ooc: No great crafts of magic nor spells beyond, can read the mind of the silent one. Only the words enclosed do you hear, and not those hidden between the lines... You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/24/2001 1:24 PM

((OOC: Can't read thoughts...got it. :) btw, great writing Mikhal))

Silver robes shifted forward, then back as the human mage hestitated in the doorway of Ayeka's room. Anger seethed deep in her mind, though it was a controllable anger that merely added to the debate within Kiri-Koli. The weak vampire stood shakily and neared the mage. Kiri didn't move, though she was truely shocked when Ayeka put one hand upon her shoulder.

The debate raged on.

But in the end, as it must, curiousity won, the need to learn, to understand being greater than any hatred or malice Kiri might feel towards the kin of her sworn enemy.

Awkwardly helping Ayeka back into her bed, Kiri cast her mind around for some way to start the converstation. Suddenly her human impatience, something Majie had always teased her about, took over and she blurted out,

"What's wrong with you?" Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/24/2001 4:06 PM

Ayeka smiled, and nearly laughed at the human girl's boldness. "technically?...only my own stubborness....I am going to trust you..." she said throwing a angered look towards Alucardt.

She sighed and turned towards the girl once more. "My name is Ayeka, and I am not a full Vampire....I am only half. My mother was human, and My father...well...Im not ready to disclose his name, but he is one of the most powerful of all the nobles...I am also a hunter..." Ayeka stopped, and again almost laughed at the look of surprise on the girl's face.

"yes I hunt my own kind...as some would put it....and I know that you are wondering why...My mother was killed the day I was born...I vowed to find her killer....and destroy him..."

She paused again, taking a deep breath...while no one noticed that Alucardt seemed to go even paler at Ayeka's words.

"I do not Hunt and Kill Humans for their blood...I make freinds, and only take as much blood as I need. amung our kind, biting them does not turn the person to a Vampire....an Exchange of blood is required amung my people. My last such friend, was killed...My brother, Touga has been trying to stop my "silly crusade" as he puts it...I am in the state that I am in now because of him...I refuse to Kill a human for my own needs...but If I don't find a Donor soon......" She trailed off, closing her eyes.

"even now..I can sense my brother...he lies waiting just outside of sanction...waiting for the sun to set...if I am found in this condition...." she broke off as she began to cry...startling the Human girl once again."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/24/2001 9:13 PM

Yes, malleable as gold and as just as precious. That girl, Ayeka is a find. Now I know why my master sent for her as a treasure hunters seeks gold I would take her...

And make her mine....
You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/24/2001 9:23 PM

"You need not worry about anything... As I said, my Master has ordered me to take care of you people... You need not fear anything..."

Yet, in the end you have much to fear from me... as the bat fears the coming of dawn... as death comes to take all...

"I ask your permission, Lady Ayeka, to examine you right now. I have no evil nor malice in my request. There may be something I can do to help..." You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/24/2001 9:44 PM

OOC: sorry to have to shoot you down Mikhal...but I have something planned.

BIC: Ayeka stared at the other man, and frowned, her latent senses kicking in high gear. Silently she shook her head. "I mean no disrespect sir, but I must refuse...There is only one thing that can help...I have lived wtih this for twenty-five years...and I will keep on living with it. Forgive me for saying so, but...you are not fully human yourself...I must decline your offer of help..." she said softly, turning from him, to lock her eyes on Alucardt.

"Alucardt....what are you doing here? Did my father send you to spy on me, or do you work for my brother now?" she asked, her deep blue eyes, narrowed in suspicsion."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/25/2001 5:41 AM


Taryn knew there was somthing to that "halfbreed" vampire, he wanted desperatly to know how she had become that way............and how he would make her whole. Brushing those thoughts aside he gazed at his prey, a beautiful young girl wandering the outskirts of town had caught his eye. He had not feed in over a day (a lot for him) and he felt he needed a snack to hold him over til nightfall, it was a huge drain on him and his magic to walk about in the day and he had to feed often to do so. Walking up smothly behind her he spoke kindly and soft, his voice as sweet as honey dew to the young girls ear. You are all alone, would you like to play a game with me? The girls face brightend and she gleefully agreed. "Why yes I like to play games sir.......how about ummmm lemme see, OH I know lets play roll the rocks!" Smiling slighty Taryn held the young girl of about 14 as they strolled to an unoccupied part of the town, actually playing the game with her for about an hour he said "Lets play a new game" the young girl was beside herself, she had never had this much fun. "Come closer so I can tell you how to play." Moving closer Taryn could feel the warmth of her body imminate outwards towards him, he could hear her soft short breaths and the soft thump of her heartbeat. Pausing right before her ear he spoke softly almost hypnotically......."this is how we play" as he bit into her neck the soft whine of the girl was like music to his ears. She didnt struggle, it was as if she new she was dying but the way she felt at that moment was too great. A surge of pure ecstacy shot through Taryn as the last drop of blood was taken, he knew he should go and rest now or he'd kill half the town in his lust. Placing the girl amongst some tree's he went and found himself a suitable place to rest and not be found. He would feed even more.....................................TONIGHT

OOC:Did I work myself back in good enough?! :D :P :)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/25/2001 11:26 AM

OOC: LOL!! I love it!! good going Ontarys!! the only bad thing is...I hope you realize, that Ayeka will probably target you...hehe...

OOC2: Wooops!! did I say that outloud??

OOC3: Btw...how do you make that evil little face? the one with the evil looking grin??"Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/25/2001 2:19 PM

Ahksunamun watched as the vampire stole through the town. She could feel his hunger even from here..the pure chaos that swirls through a vampire's blood...driving them to madness...

The demoness licked her blood red lips slowely. The chaos was building in him. Ahksunamun glanced down the street. A young girl, no more than 14, was skipping through the street. She was an Innocent, beautiful and naive, the bane of the demoness's existance. How she wished to reach out and corrupt the girl's mind...to twist and burn through her thoughts...Ahksunamun refrained, however, for the vampire had already caught up with the Innocent.

Moving closer, the flame-haired human listened as the vampire sang sweet nothings into the girl's delicate ears, wrapping her in his spell. The demoness-in-disguise laughed softly, then sucked in a deep breath as fangs met skin in a moment of death and ectasy...chaos entwined with Ahksunamun's soul as she lived the vampire's lust, his satisfaction, his pleasure...

It ended with the removal of the last drop of blood from the dead Innocent. But the demoness was not satisfied. She reached out with her magic, intent on renewing the hunger within...but such an action was unnecessary, as the hunger had never died. Smiling deviously, she moved forward silently, following the vampire's trail.


(Back at the tavern)

Kiri-Koli stared in shock as Ayeka broke into tears, mirroring the human's own expression only an hour before. Just an hour? This day seemed as an eternity...

The human mage listened as Mikhal asked permission to examine Ayeka. Something was not right about this Mikhal...he had shown up in time to save her from the vampire and now he was here promising cures...Everything about him was perfectly sincere, perfectly...perfect.

[Oh stop it! You distrust everything that's good because you had the perfect life and it was taken from you!] she thought angrily to herself. However, in the back of her mind, she made an unconscious decision to keep an eye on this strange man.

She turned back to the room and away from her thoughts. Ayeka was demanding to know where her, guardian?, had come from. He looked in no mood to answer though, concern written on his face.

[She needs to feed...and badly...] Kiri shuddered at the thought. It disgusted her...and it was for that reason that the silver mage was as surprised as everyone else when she heard her own voice speak up.

"I s'pose I would make a perfect 'donor'..."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/26/2001 12:18 AM

Ayeka's head snapped up at the girl's words. A wave of near anima- like bloodlust washed over her. Swallowing hard, She fought it back. "do you understand what you are saying?" She said softly...although she was weak, and barely in control of the beast that raged inside her, she still would not take what was not freely given.

Gently, Ayeka reached out, grazing the girl's cheek with her fingertips for the barest instant. Searching the girl's eyes, she knew that she had better take the offer while she could...before the terrified girl would change her mind.

"OUT!" she said, softly but with more force, and commanding than the group thought possible. "I prefer to do this alone......"

as they all filed out of the room, Alucardt gave her an irritated look. Silently, she shook her head, and he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"I will not lie to you...." she paused, searching the general thoughts of the girl...searching for her name. "Kiri...this is your name? Kiri...as I said, I will not lie to you...It will hurt...quite a bit at first...but...well...trust me..."

Ayeka reached for Kiri, noting once again, the girl's sudden terror. "Trust me..." she said again, in a soft, soothing voice. she gently brushed back the girl's jet-black hair, knowing that just her touch sent chill's down the girl's spine. Reaching out both in her mind, and with her hands, she brought the girl closer, to be held in a gentle, loving embrace. Ayeka did her best to sheild the girl, trying to dampen the pain.

Ayeka sighed, and bit down as gently as possible, allowing her fangs to find their mark. To Ayeka, the blood that coursed through her mouth tasted cool, and clean...as one who was lost in the desert would taste water...

To Kiri, the bite itself was painful, she could feel Ayeka's fangs peirce the skin of her throat like two white-hot needles. as quicly as it came the pain receded...and she could hear the pounding of her heart in her ears...as wave after wave of pure ectasy washed over her.

after what seemed simutaneously, both mere seconds, and an eternity, Ayeka withdrew...allowing Kiri to lay down on the bed. Ayeka had only taken just shy of two pints...Kiri would be fine...maybe a little woozy...but she would be just fine.

"Thank you my friend. You have my loyalty and help from here on in...I will help you avenge your friend." she said softly.

((FYI: as in Anne Rice's books, when a vampire feeds, they can see parts of the humans' life...and vice versa...so Kiri and Ayeka know each other better...they know things that they wouldn't tell anyone else....))"Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/26/2001 12:59 AM

A strange voice echoed in the swirling chaos of my mind, a voice so intimate, a voice of someone I have known for a long time...

"Mikhal...Mikhal... foster son... beware..."

The Master calls... it means that the time is nearing that he would manifest again in the mortal realms... My almighty Master... Father to my salvation...the cause of my damnation... Yes, I could feel the time drawing near...

Lessons from my past swirl in my mind...

...."Vampires, the accursed, lack the chemicals needed to break down and recombine vital amino acids from any basic foodstuff. This inability of their body to synthesize enzymes and vital acids requires them to take it directly either by blood or plasmin form. This plasmin extract that I would give you Mikhal would help you give those infected another lease on life. Remember that it only acts as a food source, keeping them from harming any warm blooded creatures... I know what heavy responsibility I entrust to you my son, but this is the only hope for those so not given a chance to chose mortality and immortality..."

Lessons from my master...my father....

I stare at the serum, the serum that acts as a food source... One of the greatest secrets I carry.... A burden to my mind and soul...

*And memories shift, carrying him back to the past and the deeds he has done... The Slaying of young victims turned nightstalkers...The burning of entire villages... The slaying of the children of half-breeds... To stamp out the infestation...*

I grip the serum tightly.... for I know there may come a time that I must feed again...To feed again in the darkness and loneliness of the night...

(and see Ayeka, that I did not intend for a cure, but a substitue for feeding... But do not take it in despair...or mockery... for there are plans within plans....) You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/26/2001 6:10 AM

Taryn had found a suitable place to rest til the coming of night. He knew someone was following him (how could he not, the strange power was easily felt by him; they could not be hidden). He didnt care however. As a matter of fact she was very attractive and might prove entertaining. Settling in the cave he'd found he prepared for sleep, casting a spell of invisiblity so noone would stumble upon him foolishly, in other words he wasnt actually invisible just that if you werent actually looking for him you wouldnt see him. Smiling to himself for having found such a tasty appetizer he resigned himself to rest knowing with the coming of night he would have more......................................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/26/2001 8:04 AM

A sliver of fear inched its way up my spine as I stood outside the hallway... A sliver of fear honed to perfection in guarding myself and those of my ward...

Three nightstalker agents, humans and others bent to their will... Watching the goings of the woman call Ayeka...I better eliminate the insects before they harm her or the other one... the young mage...

I know and feel that the young mage voluteered to be the one to feed Ayeka... I pity them... I pity them for their weakness...

(Outside of the inn in a shadowed corner hides two of the men... Their eyes fixed in fascination at the sight they beheld by magesight...)

I feel the warmth of the sun, light of the poor sheep, rise from its dark sleep. Yes, the two mortal fools that spied upon the arrival of those of the half-breed haven't move from their spot. Where is the thir...

(The one that the wandering man missed made a lunge from behind but all he struck was the shingled roof of the decrepit building. He didn't even had time to takes his next breathe as Mikhal disemboweled him with his right hand effortlessly...)

"Rex, did you hear that?...Hey, whats this dripping stuff over you...By the Elder One, tis someone's guts..."

(The speaker's eyes widened it stupefied horror as the darkened form of Mikhal descended upon the one he called Rex. There was nothing human in the reflexes of the man as he ripped Rex's head and spine, along with parts of his hip bone. There was nothing human from the way Mikhal gave a spinning kick to the decapitated body, the force reducing the body into a miniscule pool of blood spattered particles. For the man saw nothing but his companion,Rex, disappear and replaced by Mikhal...)

Not a blood drop upon my vestments... I could smell fear upon the man... The intoxicating smell of fear from a man doomed to die... I grab him by the throat and shook him, in a manner akin to a cat shaking its prey...

"Who sent you?"

I could smell his fear..... "NO ONE SENT US!!!"

"Who sent you?"

I could taste his fear..... "NO ONE! PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!"

"Who sent you?"

I could taste his death....." NO ONE SIR! NO ONE!.... ACK! gurgle...gurgle"

Too late... I have found out....

....The Thrafey.... They want the girl as a blood sacrifice to open the gateway to their Lord's Realm... The Realm of Chemosh....

I negligently toss the broken body amongst the pile of rubbish that gives the stench of death in that reeking corner of Sanction... I make my way back to the inn....

Reeking with the odor of death and blood.... You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/26/2001 2:15 PM

((OOC: *shudders* hahaha This is funny. I HATE needles and today we had this big blood drive at school...I didn't give blood for various reasons...but my friends did and one blacked out...we laughed at him :) And they only took a pint...Kiri probably doesn't feel all that good. :)

Mikhal, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

Ontarys, if you think that Ahksunamun is in any way weak, think again. She's been around as long as the gods and is incredibly powerful...just so you know...))

Kiri-Koli stood up slowely, then stopped, swaying on her feet. She felt as if she had been sleeping for days, being one to sleep without moving, and all her blood had moved to one side of her body.

All the blood she had left, that is.

The world blinked in and out, dark and light. Everything spun and a wave of nausea almost made the human fall. She groaned. There was nothing she hated more than nausea. Eventually it passed, leaving her head to spin and her body to sway.

Closing her green eyes, Kiri imagined she was on a large ship, the deck swaying beneath her feet, the salt air licking her skin. A small, invisible smile crossed her thin lips as she controlled the dizziness and went for a ride on a griffon without ever leaving the room.

"Kiri...?" Ayeka's concerned voice filtered into her dreams abruptly.

CRASH The young human's eyes flew open. She was on the hard ground after having jumped at the half-vampire's touch. Reality flooded back and her neck tensed so much so that it hurt to move. She reached up a slender hand to rub the spot but the effort did nothing but send the room spinning again.

Her expression told Ayeka to give her a minute and the mage banished the dizzy feeling with effort, much more effort than she was used to. [I'm getting old...] she thought with a laugh. She glanced up at her new friend and a strange feeling decended over her. She knew Ayeka now, as much as one can learn about another in a few seconds, through a viel of pain and ectasy, no less. Smiling, she jumped to her feet easily and gracefully.

"How are you feeling, Ayeka? Better?"Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/26/2001 8:00 PM

OOC: ok...Mikhal...I think that you have everyone completely confused...I have a story line planned here....and what you are doing is in complete contrast to what I want.

#1- Ayeka, Touga, and Alucardt, are not like the vampires that you are thinking of. they are BORN vampires...their problem isn't with breaking down the properties of food....Their red blood cells are double concaved...they cannot sustain hemoglobin...and therefore cannot carry oxygen!

#2-if you where to give any of them that serum of yours, you probably would destroy the delicate balance that their bodies sustain, and they probably would either-die, or go mad...

#3-If you have any other questions, please Email me....PantherMoon_2000@hotmail.com...I am in contact with two others from the group to make sure that this story stays somewhat within the planned Idea.

OOC2: Starlight...I have something in mind...if you don't like it...tell me.

BIC: Ayeka smiled, and hugged Kiri. "You have no Idea what you have done..." she laughed softly. "you come here with intentions to kill me...and then you save my life...another hour, I wouldn't have been able to breathe. I am much better now. now...about your friend...could you tell me what happened?" Ayeka asked softly

While Kiri recounted her story...ayeka stared at her friend, and recounted her experiance. she could still taste Kiri's blood in her mouth. She realized then...that even though Kiri herself wasn't a vampire...she had one for a parent...her mother or her father...but the genetic virus wasn't strong enough to take over this girl....

Ayeka listened carefully and nodded. "can you tell me what this Vampire looked like??" she asked as she mentaly made a note to protect Kiri...even if it ment her own life."Believe in Miracles, and they will know your feelings......"

-Shiori-(Revolutionary Girl Utena...Episode #6 Unfulfilled Jury)

10/26/2001 8:58 PM

OOC: That is why I have decided to hide the serum... I am not human... Yet...I am not vampire... I am... completely...different... Here is something I could share... I need the serum to survive... though I am not vampire...ANd I'm beginning to understand your story...

I struggle... the pain of a thousand needles run through my body... pain...pain so exquisite traced a line from my finger tips to my chest... Not anough time left... Must... rest... no sanctuary...

*MIkhal collapses at the front of the room just before he reached the door and knocked. You heard his body fall on the floor. The redolent odor of blood seeped from him. You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/26/2001 11:45 PM

OOC: ok...well lets just see where this part is heading.

Ayeka spun, the sound from the other side of the door startled her. as she opened the door, the scent of death asulted her. Grimacing, she reached out. "Sir?" she asked hesitantly, she hooked her arms under his shoulders and pulled him inside the room. She stared at him intently before turning and shouting out the door. "ALUCARDT!!! Help Us!!"

(We'll say that it is just before sunset now...I want to get this moving a bit.)

Touga awoke again...his power at full strength..he silently, tentatively reached out...sensing his sister out. He could tell that she had managed to feed..Damn...that would only make his job harder.

"Show time little sister...." he growled, as he watched the reflection of the setting sun in the small lake far below the cave. as twilight set, he stepped out, moving at in human speeds towards the city of Sanction. He moved quickly, nearly flying over the earth below his feet. his long red hair trailing behind him, his topaz blue eyes moving constantly, examining the landscape.

His long, red lined, white cloak trailed out behind him, as his hand reached for his rapier at his side. another Vampire was before him. one of the cursed...A Wraith...the ones who drank blood for the pleasure...for the power...the ones who had no real reason to exist.

"Vile Creature!! You Dare Block my way!?" he growled...glaring at the wraith. The Wraith hissed at him...more demon than human like...It rushed him. Touga spun, drawing his sword. "I give you one last chance demon!! return to your master...or I shall cut you down for defying me! I hold one of the highest ranks of the Pure Bloods!! You are nothing to me!"

the Creature hissed again, raking its claws across Touga's front, catching nothing but fine linen. "Damn you to the Hell you came from!" Touga Cried, as his tore his blade through the creature...cleaving it in two.

Touga stood there. His eyes narrowed, as the wraith faded. "serves it right for defying me..." he grumbled, as he continued on his way to Sanction.
"If you don't fight for the things that you want most, you will lose them"

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/27/2001 11:10 AM

((OOC: Ooooo...interessant. Kiri doesn't know anything about her parents and I must admit that I had no plans for her to find out...but this fits in with the Stone of Temeras thing. If you think she's part vampire...well she's not going to like that...we'll say that the virus is triggered at some point in this story and is very violent in her cuz it's been battling with whatever was keeping her human...it's going to kill her and that's why she has to find the Stone and her lost heritage and hopefully her cure!!! heeheehee. Sound good? Remind me to do that. Now I just have to figure out how Ahksun is gunna meet up with Touga...))

Kiri-Koli stared at the figure laying unconscious on the floor. It was Mikhal, the man who had saved her live, the man who sent chills up her spine, the man who wasn't totally a man at all...

[This man is dying,] she reminded herself coldly. Dimly she heard Ayeka call for Alucardt, though what good it would do, the human had no idea. She bend down to help Ayeka move him into a more comfortable position and frowned. His death, should it be, would leave many questions.

((OOC: Um...how are we s'posed to save you?))


"Serves it right for defying me..." Touga grumbled, turning back towards Sanction.

"Damn straight!" came a musical voice, laughing, from just to the right of the vampire. Touga jumped and cursed himself for not realizing there was someone else so near.

Ahksunamun was bored. She had waited nearly all day for the other vampire to do something but as he did not, she tagged him with a magical marker he could not detect and moved on. And here was another vampire! The city seemed to be crawling with them, much to the demon's delight.

And so she had followed yet anothing creature of chaos and felt enough approvement of his killing that she saw fit to reveal herself. She knew his plan...it was clear enough on his mind and the internal family intrique only added to her enjoyment. Standing seductively, her flame red hair flowing down soft shoulders, Ahksun waited for the vampire to make a move. And move he did.

Swinging his sword with practiced ease, Touga lunged at the strange woman and then gasped as she caught his blade with a single unprotected hand. Her beautiful eyes flashed and for just a moment he could see her cat-like pupils, gracing her unholy gaze.

Still holding his sword by its sharp blade, the demoness moved closer to the vampire, till he could taste her sweet breath on his cheek. "I know what you seek..."

((OOC: Let me know if that messes anything up))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/27/2001 11:40 AM

OOC: sounds pretty good to me...hehe. ok...remember Touga isn't exactly evil...but he knows a chance when he sees one.

BIC: Touga backed away from the Demoness, and looked at her with vauge interest. "I already know what I seek, and where to find it....What can you tell me that I don't already know?" he asked, his deep voice loud, holding the same comanding tone that he just couldn't seem to let go of.

Tenativly, he reached out again, just barely grazing his sisters mind...he knew that she was with a human...and something not quite human...and nearby was another Noble...hmmm Interesting.

"so if you will excuse me M'lady...." Touga said softly, gently touching his blade to his forhead, in a respectful salute. He sheathed the sword, and turned again towards sanction."If you don't fight for the things that you want most, you will lose them"

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/27/2001 12:04 PM

((OOC: I know he's not all evil. That's what makes this so interesting))

Ahksunamun's eyes flashed with anger. She would not be rejected in such a manner. Reaching out she intended to twist his mind till he begged for mercy...but that would not serve her in the future.

Calmly watching him walk away, the demoness waited till he was just out of hearing range. Then she whispered into the wind.

"You need me..." Confindent that the words would carry to his ears and then his mind, Ahksun leaned against a tree and waited.

((OOC: I figure that Touga isn't one to be easily manipulated but as he probably already has a little interest in the demoness, he might just slip up and ask for her help...:) If he doesn't though, he won't realize that she was trying to get him to...she's just that damn good. :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/27/2001 7:30 PM

I struggle, pain ran through me like the butcher's knife through the flesh of slaughtered animals. Keen edged, reminding me of the madness that once fed on my soul...

I bleed...I see, I bleed from the exertion this mortal body couldn't endure... Green blood... The blood of my kind... Should I reveal them...reveal to them... that I am... Incubi?

(Take up a book of lore and look up incubi. Therein you would find the way to heal me...) You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/27/2001 11:01 PM

((OOC: *Get's out my handy-dandy Book of Lore*

in·cu·bus (nky-bs, ng-)
n. pl. in·cu·bus·es or in·cu·bi (-b)
An evil spirit supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep.

Um?? No, I will not have sex with you!!! :)))

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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10/28/2001 12:59 AM

OOC: oookayy then.....
OOC2: if you haven't figured it out yet, The Father of Ayeka and Touga is the equivalent of the Modern day "Dracula" or the concept thereof.

BIC: Touga frowned, What did this deamon want from him. Oh yes...I know what you are, I would be a fool not to see you for what you are...But I would be an even bigger fool to go along with you He thought.

But, there was something in her voice that allowed no room for refusal. fury settled in his heart as he turned around. No matter what...he couldn't die now... Silently, he turned towards the rising moon, Solinari.

"Very well...But I must feed before anything else...I will meed you by the front gates when the Red Moon rises." with that he turned and was gone. Within moments, he had reached the wall surrounding the city. Seconds later, he scaled the wall, and lept over it.

Once there, he had startled one of the city guards. The guard drew his sword, but before he could utter the alarm...Touga was behind him. Touga's eyes gleamed a feral gold, as he snapped the guards' neck. Touga smirked as the guard when limp in his arms. "sorry about your luck my friend." he muttered as his fangs found their mark.


Ayeka suddenly tensed, and looked around in a sudden panic. //HE was here...nearby...to near.....// She thought frantically. Kiri noticed the fear that had passed over her friend's face, The fear that settled in Ayeka's eyes- it was the look of a cornered Rabbit....

Kiri reached out, just barely touching Ayeka. Ayeka jumped, and screamed. Alucardt, who was suddenly in the room behind her, held Ayeka in his arms. Vaugely, she could hear their questions, Alucardt telling her to calm down, while Kiri was demanding to know what was going on....

Over it all she hear HIM

"ready or not...here I come little sister..."

Both Alucardt and Kiri stopped their questions and looked at each other. Ayeka had broadcast Touga's message to her, so that they both could hear his threats. Though Kiri had never heard his voice...She looked at Alucardt questioningly.

Alucardt held Ayeka tightly as she began to sob. Silently, his amber colored eyes met Kiri's Emerald ones.

"....Its Touga....Her Brother..He's coming...." He said softly, as his eyes strayed to the window.

"If you don't fight for the things that you want most, you will lose them"

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/28/2001 1:19 AM

Ahksunamun smirked at Touga's retreating back. His thoughts proclaimed that he knew what she was and that he would not play her game...and yet here he was, inviting her to join his quest...and she was loving every moment of it.

Following the vampire with ease, the demoness once again feed on the chaos of his feeding...stealing his ectasy in small amounts that he would never notice. She once again also considered inceasing his hunger, for he would surely move onto another victim but time was short and the demoness was impatient and curious enough to hold her magic. Enacting a small dweomer, she relocated to the front gate and leaned against it as if she had always been there. Carefully painting a neutral expression on her feline features she had but to wait.

And for someone as old as she, a few moments were as nothing.


Kiri shivered at the look on Ayeka's face...the pure, undiluted fear that ran through her eyes. She asked, no, demanded to know what was going on...what could cause such fear...

"ready or not...here I come little sister..."

Kiri felt like screaming, to relieve the tension that was running up and down her body but one look at Alucardt's wild expression told her that was a bad idea. He spoke softly, telling of Ayeka's brother.

The mage snapped into action. Her emerald eyes blazing, she caught Alucardt's gaze. "Well, don't just stand there! Start talking! Tell me everything you know about Touga, especially his magical abilities!"

Without waiting for an answer, Kiri moved to the doorway with determination and started wizard locking the wooden door.
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/28/2001 1:44 AM

Ayeka became quiet, a odd calm fell over her like a stifling blanket. She stood, and Turned towards the door. Barely mumbling her words, She began to speak in an ancient language that only hunters knew.

Touga frowned, he knew just where she was. and the spells wrapped around the place only angered him more. Silently, he turned, and faced the Demoness. "I guess I will need your help after all...." he said quietly, as he turned once again to the Inn

Ayeka turned, speaking the last word of her spell as she lept from the window as her spell took hold. Alucardt and Kiri stared in astonishment as Kiri's barrier spells took hold...from the inside. The spell was keeping them in as well as Touga out.

Touga spun, He could Feel Ayeka near...moving quickly. Then he could sense the sudden panic and confusion from the Human, and the Vampire Noble from within the Inn. humourlessly, a Grin broke out on his face, as he turned to face his sister as she tried to Flee past him."If you don't fight for the things that you want most, you will lose them"

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/28/2001 1:59 AM

Ahksunamun smiled as they neared the Inn and Touga admitted he needed her help. She reached forward and measured the power of the wizard locks. Impressive...for a human, but simple for her and they should have been simple for the vampire.

[So you have trouble with magic...] she laughed softly, taking care not to let him hear. She had been perfectly innocent on the way here from the front gate. The demoness hadn't earned his trust...but had added to his confusion. Now it was time to have a little fun.


Kiri finished placing her barrier spells and looked apon them with aproval. Here was a good place to make their stand and she was willing to bet they would be victorious. She turned to Ayeka, who had a strange look on her face and was chanting softly in an unknown languge. Suddenly she leap out the window.

Kiri cried out. "What in the Abyss...?" The mage tried to follow, as did Alucardt, but they were held in by the barriers. Her barriers!!

"Fool!" Kiri swore, recognizing the half vampire's need to keep others from danger. The silver robe tried to dismiss the magic but it did not heed her commands. Gritting her teeth, she began the process of defeating the magic. "This could take a while..." she muttered to Alucardt, who looked positively stricken.


Ahksunamun moved into the shadows and watched the target leave the Inn via a window, trapping her only alies inside. [Fool...] she thought, though she was delighted by the prospect. She watched Ayeka dart past her brother with amazing speed and right into the alley where Ahksun stood waiting.

Reaching out with a single hand, the demoness caught Ayeka and crushed her wrist. Pulling the vampire close, she whispered in her native tongue and though the victim could not understand, the words filled her with terror and an unending hopelessness. Grinning viciously, Ahksun gathered her magic and began to feed on the girl's mind...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/28/2001 8:47 AM

OOC: Geez! I miss one day and all this happens... and um starlite..........i figured aksuna(ya know what i mean! LOL!) is pretty strong thus the quite "he could feel the power" I never underestimate anyones power.

Trayn made his way to the inn. there was a nice young one just waiting for him to eat.

OOC: sorry but i gotta go. i'll clean it up later.......The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/28/2001 11:57 AM

Ayeka Screamed. Long after her voice was cut off, her mind continued the scream...and it reached any Vampire within the area.

Touga Cried out as the wave of mental power reached him. "Ayeka?" he mumbled as he tried to regain his bearings. "No!! Dont harm her!" he cried in alarm and rising anger, as he ran to where Akhsunamun held Ayeka, who was weakening by the moment with an angered cry, He slammed into the Demoness, Breaking her grip on Ayeka. Touga's love for his sister overrode all the anger he felt towards her. He never really ment to kill her.


Alucardt also felt the wave of power and cried out, holding his hands to his head. "NO!!" as the wave passed through him, he looked towards Kiri, then scanned the room...something was different. The barriers! they had collapsed! (Ayeka's psycic blast actually managed to destroy her own spell)
"Come on!!" he cried, following Ayeka's example, and lept from the window. to see the Red haired woman arguing furiously with Touga Drache, who was now holding Ayeka. Alucardt frowned...something was wrong here."If you don't fight for the things that you want most, you will lose them"

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/28/2001 3:41 PM

Ahksunamun hissed as Touga slammed into her, abruptly cutting off her pleasure. She frowned as Touga took ahold of his sister and held her protectivly.

[Mortals!] she thought. [Never know what they want...] After shouting a few choice insults at the fickle vampire in her native tongue, the demon calmed down. She was still having fun, despite her outward explosivness, and realized that if she killed the two vampires now...Touga for disrupting her and Ayeka for...well, no reason...she would quickly become bored yet again.

"Don't harm her?! Your actions express one desire while your mind wants another! I suggest you coordinate your thoughts and your heart and then let the rest of us know what in the Abyss is going on!!" the demoness exploded, glaring at Touga. She was rather proud of her speech, thinking it to be a very human thing to say. If she was going to limit her powers and play these mortal games, she might as well go all the way. Hiding a thoroughly evil grin, Ahksun calmed down so suddenly that a confused look crossed the vampire's faces.

"Wow, I can see the resemblence between you..." she said kindly, smiling softly. "Well, you've got her. What next, m'lord?" Confusion screamed from Ayeka's eyes and Ahksun knew exactly what she was thinking. Lord? Likewise, Touga was puzzled but his weariness overrode the feeling.

Shifting to a non-threatening pose, Ahksun waited. It was their move.


Kiri-Koli cried out as a large psyic blast finished the work that she had been putting in the barriers and threw her across the room. She climbed to her feet just in time to see Alucardt jump out the window. Glancing back at the still unconscious Mikhal, the human followed suit, anxious to find her friend.

Turning the corner, Kiri almost crashed into Alucardt who was staring at a strange scene. A man, who could only be Touga, was holding Ayeka and staring at a strange flame haired woman. Woman? Kiri looked closer and was hit with a wave of power. That was a demoness!! And a very powerful one at that. Kiri frowned. Why was a demoness helping a vampire and why hadn't she used her power to complete the kidnapping? Kiri had heard voices shouting...the demon had been arguing with Touga, she assumed. That couldn't be right! Why would a demoness let herself be bested by a vampire?

It didn't matter. Gathering her magic to her, Kiri enacted a spell she had learned a long time ago from her Shlafie, a spell specifically made to trap demons and other magical creatures. Kiri herself had never tried the spell before but maybe, just maybe it would work...

Firing off a stream of black light, Kiri pinned the demoness to a wall and waited for her doom. But nothing happened. The cursed creature just stayed against the wall, a strange smile on her face. Not stopping to question her luck, Kiri aimed another bolt of energy at Touga and let loose...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/28/2001 9:01 PM

I feel the magical battle rage as my mortal body lay unconscious...A sudden run of energy fused with the powers of some being beyond started flowing into me....

Rise my son, rise and protect them... You duty has not yet passed... Your time has not yet come... Watch as I take over this frail mortal form I have given you...

You owe me big time my friend, big time.

10/28/2001 9:18 PM

"I think its time for a little sorcery...Demon Bitch!"

(time dilation three seconds)

Mikhal? rushed forward as the bolt of argent energy pooled at Kiri's fingertips. He struck out with a jabbing motion striking the joint of Touga's elbows.

(time dilation two seconds)

Kiri's energy bolt is partway released from her hand, flashing brightly.
Mikhal? twisted Touga's wrist away with a wristhold quickly pulling Ayeka away from him. He immediately grabbed her.

(time dilation one second)

With Ayeka safely in his arms, Mihal? gave Touga a spinning roundhouse kick sending the vampire into the bolt of fire released by Kiri.

(time dilation stops)

Mikhal? turns to face the demoness. A vaguely familiar smile on his face.
"I guess you didn't count on facing me again love... It is so good to see you again... Here is something to remind you of Marc Runespire, Chronomancer Extraordinaire.... Ar No Sen Na Ma Ter! (Gates of Hell)"

A flash of light engulf the room... Marc(Mikhal) smiled grimly, waiting for them to make their move.

I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

10/28/2001 9:25 PM

Touga looked up at the last moment before the energy bolt struck him. he cried out in surprise as the spell pinned him to the wall, in the same manner as the Demoness.

"Damn you Human!!" He growled at Kiri. a sudden movement caught his eye and he saw Alucardt catch Ayeka before she fell.

"YOU!!! How dare you...When the council hears of this..." Alucardt cut Touga off abruptly, gently he lay Ayeka on the ground and walking up to Young Lord Drache..."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/28/2001 9:28 PM

(OOC: I guess you guys didn't see that coming eh?)

Time Dilation - time suddenly starts to really slow down. Only really and I mean really powerful mages who devoted a large amount of time and effort in practicing chronomancy can do it. Its effect is like those seen in the movies ,"The Matrix" and "The One" where everything goes super slow motion while the heroe moves in perfect real time. As you know Marc is a Chronomancer.

As the part of him knowing the demoness, know that in every world there is a possibility of an alternate right? Well, in this alternate world, Marc once fell in love with a demoness. Let us say, it is a mutual benefit thing involving various trades in magical artifacts and 'physical' benefits. Anyway, Marc later learned of the demon realms plans and started a personal crusade against them. Mikhal was born from the mating of another demoness and a mortal mage. His personal hatred, and occasional madness, stemmed from hsi strange bloodline.

And yes, I would be returning Mertonius and his other friends soon, watch out for a nasty comeback involving a large number of evil dragons and many more!!! I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

10/28/2001 11:38 PM

(ooc starlite i am sorry for not posting......i have been getting writers crap.)

Alucardt looked at Touga. As his amber eyes seemed to turn white, he exclaimed "the council!?!?!" Alucardt said as he began to laugh.

"My actions do not have to be explained to you. But no matter. I am not working on the council, but for your lord....and your late mother...rest her kind soul. You have no right to fight your own flesh.......but if you must you are cowardly enough to ask for help??? Touga I know you better then this, and I thought we taught you better then what we were taught, but no matter."

Alucardt then turned to Kiri and then said "lets go. I do not want to be fighting here in Sanction. I hold the upmost respect for the townspeople."

He then bent over to pick up Ayeka and started to walk off with Kiri. and touga only had gotten Angrier at his words.Parting is such sweet sorrow...

10/29/2001 6:07 AM

OOC: sup Mert. thought you were gone................................... man have i been busy , betterwrite while I can!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taryn felt the battle wage just ad he had been about to seduce yet another victim in his lust for blood. *There seems to be a lot going on I dont know about. I think I should investigate.* He had suddenly remebered that lovely demones that was tracking him a while back..........."I'll bet she has something to do with this."

He came just in time to see touga pinned against a wall. "SO, thee has been a party without me? I would think you would have better manners than that!" as he glared at the delicious looking kiri.......The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/29/2001 1:55 PM

((OOC: MERTONIOUS?????? Ahhhhhhhh!!! :) I've heard a lot about you and I must say I am more than a little intimidated by your writing abilities ...:) So forgive me if I can't keep up with you or if I don't live up to your plans. heeheehee. This is going to be so much fun.))

Ahksunamun stared at the impossible sight of Marc/Mihkal and a delighted smile crossed her lips.

"My love, it is a pleasure to see you again..." she hissed, her green eyes flashing. Throwing her head back, Ahksun let out a primal scream, and all but Marc slapped their hands to their ears in vain, trying to drown out the wicked sound. The scream hung in the air, creating a vibrating effect that hummed up through the sky. Energy built till skin tingled and hair rose from the stunned mortals. A concusion rang through the air and lightning flashed, blinding all.

When the lightning induced haze cleared, Ahksunamun could be seen standing in all her glory. An unholy glow surrounded her blood red wings, her cat-like eyes promising a long, lingering death. Smaller demons, imps of pure red, flew around her soft shoulders, crackling at their astonished audience. Moving forward with a seductive grace that held all eyes, the demoness captured Marc with her otherworldly gaze.

Her voice tainted souls. "Shall we dance, my dear?"

((OOC: Was that stupid?))


Kiri-Koli stared in astonishment, looking from Mikhal to the demon woman. What was going on here? Mikhal, who had just a few minutes ago, been incapasitated in the Inn, was now challenging and talking to the demoness as if he knew her! Shielding her eyes from the lightning that temporaily blinded everyone within a few blocks, Kiri winced. They had to get out of here.

Kiri glanced to the side, where Alcurdt was still holding Ayeka. "Come on," she muttered. "We should go...I hope Mikhal knows what he's doing..."

Concern for Mikhal was overridden by concern for Ayeka and Kiri started to lead the way towards the front gate of the city. She came up short when another vampire came out of the shadows. He commented about the battle and then proceded to size Kiri up, licking his lips. Fear and concern left the mage's eyes and her gaze turned cold.

"Try it," she said, her voice carrying her threat into the vampire's mind and past his bloodlust. She brushed past him, intent on leading Ayeka to safety and then going back for Mikhal. The vampire reached out to touch her, only to burn his hand on the magic that saturated her very being.

((OOC: heeheehee. :))) Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/29/2001 6:28 PM

OOC:Mert!! sorry about that...We must've been posting at the same time. :)

OOC2: FYI....Ontarys...Kiri now carries Ayeka's signature marking...it can only be felt by other Vampires. Usually meaning "This one is mine...stay away or face the Consequenses. (By this mark, you would know Ayeka's ranking amung her people))

BIC: Ayeka moaned, and began to struggle against Alucardt. "Let me go!" she mumbled, as her voice became stronger with each syllable. "Put me down...NOW!" Alucardt set her on her feet, as she turned to face the Vampire who had tried to help her at the beginning of this mess.

"Sir, I'd advise you to let us pass." She said softly, reaching out to kiri, and placing a protective hand on her shoulder. He could see that her eyes had taken on their feral gold cast...giving them the odd irridesence of a blue/gold Peacock feather. She grinned, just enough to show her teeth, and demonstrate that though she had been attacked, her strength was returning quickly.
"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/29/2001 8:44 PM

Marc just smiled at the demones, his smile was that of a man amused by the tricks of a pet dog or a domesticated cat...

"Nice trick dear... Did you learn that from the scribe you screwed a while back? Or the infatuated mage you ate a while back?"

Marc/Mikhal smiled at her, and indicated the floor surrounding him and his part of the room which included Ayeka, Kiiri and Alucardt. Fine white salt and powder lay traced around the perimeter.

"As you can see I traced a greater circle of power around us, I suggest you better leave us quickly. And spare me the diatribes. I'll get you later..."

With that he stood up and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately...

"You better leave dear, or next time I won't be much in a playful mood..."

Marc/Mikhal pulled back, a savage grin on his face, waiting for his lover to respond... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

10/30/2001 5:23 AM

OOC: Poor Taryn seems to be getting boguarded here!!! LOL! didnt know my character was such a chump :) oh well..............guess we all cant be powerful, trying to figure out where he fits in this story (i'll think of something).

Seeing that maybe kiri wasnt going to be an easy catch Taryn heeded the advice of ayeka. "MY apologies, I only came because of the commotion and thought i'd stumble across an innocent bystander. I was careless for not seeing your mark upon her. You look much better now that you have feed."
Returning her smile with his own he replied softly, "Your strength returns quickly, wouldnt you like to know the wonders AND the power you would gain from a kill? One day you will NOT be able to resist." Turning slightly he sized up kiri one last time, a slight tingle still burning in his hand and he smiled. "Can you blame me for wanting to taste such a beautiful woman?"
Stepping back into the shadows he laughed lightly as he seemingly became one with the shadows and was gone from there site. He had other plans, all that drama had made him hungry.

OOC: Dont know if ayaka has ever killed an innocent (sorry) think im getting an idea of where i can make my character interesting. And im gonna find a way so that he cant be chumped out so much LOL! LOL! :DThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/30/2001 1:56 PM

((OOC: Just so I'm clear on this, what exactly does the circle of powder do?))

Ahksunamun glanced at the circle of powder with amusement. So that was how he wanted to play it...

Her thoughts were interupted when he reached over and kissed her. They broke apart and Ahksun rolled her cat-like eyes. "Is that the best you can do...I've gotten better from a goblin..." she whispered in his ear before drawing him back into her embrace. She kissed him hungarily for many long moments, crushing his body against her own, feeding off his warmth...sucking it dry as it flowed to fill the void left by her own cold heart. The kiss was one of pure seduction, praying on the emotions of weak mortals...luring...lingering...

The passion, the seduction, prevented an end to the chaos wrought by their embrace, till Marc lacked the oxygen to go on. He pulled away but the demoness held on, biting his lip with her sharp teeth, drawing blood. Finally, she stepped back and raised her red wings.

"Actually, dearest Marc, it was the mage, though I never ate him...he ate himself, after I cut out his tongue and fed it to him...I believe he might have actually enjoyed it..." her smile was wicked. "May you find pleasure in assisting these poor mortals...perhaps it will keep you in a playful mood...I do so love you in a playful mood..." She licked her lips slowly, tasting his blood. "Till we meet again, love..." with her last words, she was gone.


Kiri jerked away from the vampire's touch, and turned to him, intent on revenge. But Ayeka's eyes told her to hold her temper. So the mage swallowed her rage and turned instead to the scene of Mikhal and the demoness. They were locked in a passionate embrace that lasted till Mikhal was literally turning blue, then they parted and the demoness vanished. Kiri blinked. There had been no light show this time, no warning. She had just vanished as if she had never been there in the first place.

Shaking her head in disbelief at these strange events, Kiri turned to Ayeka to see what was next. It occured to her to wonder where Touga had gone. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/30/2001 4:12 PM

Meanwhile, Touga had freed himself, and was making his was swiftly from the City...

"Damn it...I should've known better..." As he fled, his thoughts kept returning to Alucardt. "Damned Turncoat.....How dare he even speak My Step-mother's name!" Suddenly, he stopped. A slight shadowy figure appeared before him.

Instantly, Touga dropped to one knee. "M'lord....Father..." He said as his head bowed. "Touga...where is Ayeka??" came the smooth silky voice of Lord Adrian Drache. "Where IS SHE???" the voice came again, rising in anger.

"She got away...She had help...I couldn't get her." Touga stumbled on his words as fear creeped into his voice. Lord Adrian Drache smiled...not a very plesant one. "Find her...Bring her home....or stop her....Permanently!" The shadow faded as Lord Drache returned to where he had come from.

"Yes....Father..." He mumbled, as tears began to fall again...The last thing he wanted to do was Kill Ayeka...But HE commanded it...if he defied HIM They would both be killed.

OOC: hehe hows that for a plot twist!!


Ayeka frowned, and turned towards the city gates silently. "father?" she whispered softly then shook her head... Impossible...why would he be here?

"Come on...we had better get out of here while we can...""If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

10/31/2001 6:42 AM

OOC: right now my character honestly has no meaning or plot twist in this thread so i gotta do somthin quick lol! :O

Taryn had been about to treat himself to another lovely victim when an overwhelming power overcame him, he knew that somewhere a very owerful vampire had come on the seen. He heard the coversation between the two and listened intently, hoping not to be noticed as he was hidden in the shaows.

"M'lord....Father..." He said as his head bowed. "Touga...where is Ayeka??" came the smooth silky voice of Lord Adrian Drache. "Where IS SHE???"

She got away...She had help...I couldn't get her." Touga stumbled on his words as fear creeped into his voice. Lord Adrian Drache smiled...not a very plesant one. "Find her...Bring her home....or stop her....Permanently!"

He caught the emotion in the younger vampires voice as he whispered ""yes father..." As the greater of the two left he pondered over this new occurence and all that had went on just a few moments before.
He saw the tear in his eye and he knew the dilema that this vampire faced, he too had been told to rid the world of his own blood many years ago and now there was only one left and it was his mission to find him, he thought *one day i will find you Taryis and my mission will be complete*. Stepping out of the shadows he faced touga I am sorry to have overheard your conversation but it may seem that there is much that we have in common. You want to get your sister I want Kiri we can work together. With a slight smile that showed his protruding canine teeth and a light glint in his eyes he reached out his hand to help him up.

OOC: just tryin to make my character useful and not mess up this good thread :)
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/01/2001 8:31 AM

Touga turned and stared at the newcomer. His Topaz eyes narrowed in sudden suspicion. He had his fill with people wanting to help. But, just as suddenly as the suspicion came, it fled, Touga's shoulders sagged and he lowered his head.

"Ayeka...." the words broke off, but the thought was still there... Run from me...while you can

Silently, he looked up to Taryn and nodded.


With Kiri and Alucardt, Ayeka heard her brother again. Run from me...While you can

She expected hatred and malice, but his words, where full of pain, and fear. And he had saved her from that demoness...but Why??"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/02/2001 7:41 AM

Seeing that there was some inner struggle going on with touga Taryn's interest was peaked. He didnt know what was bothering touga nor did he care, he only wanted that one who had threatned him, even sinhged his hand, the persute would just add to the fun. *I will let them all think I am weak and just some vagabond vampire out on a bloodlust hunt.*

"So how do we plan to capture our prey?" A sinister smile on his faceThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/02/2001 2:24 PM

Touga glared at Taryn, annoyed. he hated it when people asked him questions that he didn't fully know the answer himself. Frustrated, he turned, and gestured for Taryn to follow...if he wanted to help so much...he wouldn't expect an answer before Touga himself would know.


Quickly, Ayeka ran. She slipped away from Alucardt and Kiri, wanting to be alone. Something was wrong...very wrong."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/02/2001 2:55 PM

Kiri-Koli watched Ayeka leave and surpressed the urge to follow her. Her bright emerald eyes were filled with concern and confusion.

She turned to Alucardt and asked softly, "What is going on?" Seeing he had no answers, the young mage turned and walked silently in the direction Ayeka had taken. Apon reaching the stricken woman, Kiri sat down a few feet away and stared off into the sky. Her thoughts, though wandering, were never far away, as she sat, a quiet but solid presence, ready to lend support to Ayeka should she need it. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/02/2001 3:22 PM

Ayeka felt Kiri's presence and smiled wanly. she was grateful for her silence. Her thoguhts wandered wildly as all the stress came down upon her at once...

"Touga...why...?" she whispered softly, as she struggled to hold back her tears. "you hold me close, then push me away....you threaten to kill me, then save my life...I don't understand..."

Ayeka brought her knees up and rested her chin on them, huddling up as the tears blurred her vision. "I can't give up yet...Mother..." she choked, as she wondered again why she bothered with it...for the thousanth time, she wished that her mother's killer would've killed her too...then none of this would be happening."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/02/2001 7:29 PM

Kiri-Koli listened to Ayeka's words, her sorrow hitting home. The young mage then spoke softly, more to herself then to her companion.

"You know, I never knew anything about my parents...I begged Majie to tell me about them but she never would...and I never understood why...I still don't. But I knew she had her reasons and I knew it hurt her..." Kiri faltered. "I have always longed for understanding, believing it to be hand-in-hand with balance. Life hurts...I'll never know...never understand...why my parents had to leave me...but I know they didn't want to...and now T'Pania..."

Her voice broke off and the two companions sat in silence. A gentle rain began to fall, washing away bitter tears, cleansing the earth. Kiri stood.

"T'Pania once said to me that, as a human, it was a wonder I didn't break down after my home was taken from me, after my entire world was torn apart for the second time in my short life...and I thought about it and ya know, you can't give in. This is life and we are alive and there will always be things that hurt, things we can't understand. But that doesn't mean we give up. That doesn't mean we stop trying to figure out the things we will never know. It is the quest for knowledge and understanding that makes life worth living, and we must drive forward and not give into despair.

Because if we choose so, life goes on."

Kiri walked away, leaving a silence that hung heavily in the air.

((OOC: How was that? Sorry if it didn't push the story forward as much as you wanted it to, but I seriously can not think tonight...))
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/03/2001 9:50 PM

Ayeka listened to Kiri silently...parts of what kiri was telling her, she could understand...but Kiri didn't know what it was like to have your own flesh and blood want to kill you....

Sillent again, Ayeka shook her head. Slowly, she stood up, and continued to wander off, in the opposite direction that Kiri went. I can't get her any more involved in this, If he kills her like he killed Anthy....I don't know what I'd do.. she thought to herself as she started to cry. quickly, she ran again, the rain coming down even harder, striking her skin like little daggers."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/04/2001 1:00 PM

((OOC: Wow. That is quite possibly the exact opposite of the effect I had thought Kiri's little talk would have...where do we go from here?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/04/2001 10:49 PM

OOC: Um...You posted that three times hon...don't worry, this is to give a little background to the story...we'll find a way to get it back on track....Im not feeling well tonite, but I will try to post tomorrow. :)"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/05/2001 1:32 PM

((OOC: Oops...sorry 'bout that. I was trying to post while RPGC was down. Took me forever. Sorry you don't feel good. Get better so we can get back to posting! :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/06/2001 3:32 PM

Alucardt tailed Ayeka like a hunter after a flailing deer. He frowned with worry as he checked her path once again, and checked behind him. He could hear her crying as she ran blindly.

finally, he stepped out in front of her, blocking her way. Ayeka stopped just short of slamming into him. She stared at him warily, her Blue/Violet eyes narrowed.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her breath coming in short hitches.

"What am I doin?? I should as you that same thing...why are you running from us?" He asked, reaching out as the rain plastered down his platinum hair.

"why should you care...this is none of your business Lord Crane..." she spat the words. "I don't want you involved."

Alucardts' amber eyes narrowed in turn. "Lady Drache, as a fellow noble, I will make this my business" he stated, dropping his hand.

Ayeka frowned. "Maybe I ought to just go to Touga...If his intentions are to Kill me...maybe all would be better off...You and Kiri would be kept safe..." She whispered softly, lowering her eyes.

Alucardt spun, grabbing her by the shoulders and shook her sharply. "how can you say that!? Don't do this to yourself...dont..." do this to me came the unspoken thought.

Violently, Ayeka tore away from his grasp, and she locked her Twilight eyes with his amber ones. "maybe whomever killed my mother should've killed me too!! This never would've happened!!" she cried, almost shocked by her own words that she had never spoken aloud to another of her kind. Her voice raised in pitch and volume, a panicked and hysterical shreik.

Feircely, Alucardt grabbed her, kissing her as if he would never see her again. Ayeka's shreiks died, as shock silenced her. when at last, he relesed her, she noticed how pale he was...pale from fear....

"don't ever say that again......Never!!" He whispered Huskily, his Amber eyes filled with unshed Tears. Ayeka stood there, stunned. Then, just when he thought that she would turn away from him, she flung herself into his arms, and he held her tight.

"Ayeka...My Princess...I am always here for you..." he whispered softly into her hair.
"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/08/2001 5:45 AM

OOC: Is there anyone here????

BIC: Touga paced, his anger growing with each stepp. how...How can I get to her... finnally, he summoned his lupine servent.

"Nightshade?" he called as the large grey wolf slipped magically from the darkness. what is your will Master? came the growled reply.

"Find everything that you can on that human girl, Kiri-Koli...I want to know what her intentions are." He said. Nightshade touched her nose to the ground then fled into the night.

It was two hours before she returned. My Lord...the Girl Kiri-Koli is a hunter by chance...one of our kind killed her Griffon friend...T'pannia (did I spell that right??) the Girl swore vengence for her Death..

"What does that do for us??" Touga asked, impatient. Nightshade bared her teeth and flatened her ears.

what this means my lord, is that this Griffon is not dead...She was made a slave to the house of Lyion...The Lord of that house owes you a favor I do believe. Nightshade howled.

Touga smiled. yes..this would work....very well then. "Go then...Lord Lyion knows you well....Tell him my wish...and bring the Griffon to me. The spells on her should allow her to bring you here with no problem."

Nightshade once again touched her nose to the ground. Yes My Lord"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/08/2001 6:35 AM

OOC: Ontarys...I have an Idea for your character...what if he was actually working for Lord Drache? Touga isn't gonna kill his sister...no matter what...Tayrn could have been sent to make sure that touga does his job...(even though it won't happen...I want to use her again soon)"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/08/2001 7:23 AM

OOC: sounds good to me. :) ummmmm what was touga's dad name?

Taryn and since departed from touga upon there mutual agreement. It was time for him to find a fresh new victim. Things were going just as planned. He ecided it was time to report how things were going. sending a telepathic message to his master he gloated in his success
"Master I have allied with your son as we have planned. Soon she will stop this foolishness that she is doing. And then when this is complete, I only ask that you help me in my quest to find my grandson Taryis." A sinister smile on his face he awaited his master's approving response.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/08/2001 7:28 AM

Lord Adrian Drache smiled...a Sensation that chilled even Taryn. "I will help you...but only after you have fulfilled your word.""If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/08/2001 9:30 AM

OOC: I think i see the markings of a new thread after this one :)

"It is agreed then. It has been a long hard journey for me, soon I will find what I seek and you will have what your will desire's master" The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/09/2001 5:59 PM


Touga smiled...Nightshade had returned, with the Griffon T'pannia. (still cant remember if that's right) "finnaly...our chance has come." Touga examined the griffon closely. The Noble animal gazed back at him, but somewhat above his head. "tell me Griffon...What do you do?" he asked thoughtfully as he sared into the blank, dulled stare. The Griffon turned her head towards his voice, her eyes focusing on his. "what you wish..." came her reply.

Touga smiled "good...What I wish....Answer me this...do you remember Kiri??" He asked, crossing his arms. T'pannia's eyes focused further. "yes...She was my friend." Came a slightly choked answer. Touga's topaz eyes narrowed. "she is no longer a friend, she has sided with our enemy, this enemy has a strange hold on her...I need your help to bring her to our side. do you understand?" The griffon nodded her head once, then knelt so that Touga could climb into the saddle. "I understand...I will help you save Kiri...my friend Kiri" With that T'pannia lept into the air, and followed Touga's directions to where Ayeka, Alucardt, and Kiri where staying.


(OOC: hehe..ain't gonna say what Ayeka and Alucardt have been up to...this is PG..:))

Ayeka awoke slowly, her head pillowed by Alucardt's chest, his arm wraped protectively around her shoulders. she shifted, and his Amber eyes opened. "well, Hello there.." he smiled. Ayeka smiled warmly back. Quietly, she sat up and stretched. While getting her gear ready, a sudden movement caught her eye. She turned and spotted something in the sky.

"Alucardt...look!...A Griffon!" She said pointing. suddenly, Ayeka's psi-vision kicked into overdrive...repeating over and over what she had seen when Kiri saved her life...A Vampire killing a Griffon.

"Oh...no!! Kiri!!!" she cried, grabbed her cloak and sword and ran in the direction that she saw the griffon and its rider land.

Alucardt stumbled as he grabbed his own cloak and sword when he heard Ayeka's voice from up ahead. "Come on!! What are you waiting for!?!? We've got to help her!!" Alucardt smiled and then ran after her."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/11/2001 4:02 PM

((OOC: It's T'Pania, though Kiri calls him Pan...he has gold and silver feathers. real purty :)))

Shadows filtered through creaking walls, spreading and shrinking in their nightly dance. Kiri couldn't sleep. Thoughts ran rampant through her mind and besides, Ayeka and Alcurardt were in the next room trying to be quiet...and failing miserably. (:)) Sighing, the young mage rose from her hard bed and pulled on her silver robes.

Night air caressed her weary face, easing her severe expression. The moon reflected off her emerald eyes, which were filled with memories. She saw once again the valley, in all its glory, green stretched as far as she could see. Majie had once told her that when she had been found, her eyes were black as the nightsky and had turned green apon arrival at the valley, a symbol of a world still teeming with life, a needed sight to clease her infant soul of the horrors of her parents' death. Of course, the wise Shlafie always failed to mention exactly what horrors these were...

Shaking her obsidian hair, Kiri-Koli called to mind another memory. The serpent dragon-demon which had arrived the day she had discovered the fate that lay in waiting for her peaceful valley. Kiri had been flying with T'Pania that day and had been thrown from the griffon's back...


An image of the proud griffon filled her tearing eyes. So beautiful and moving with an unparalelled amount of grace, the two-toned griffon had been with her since she was born. Golden primary feathers, silver secondary feathers...

"What I wouldn't give to see you one last time..." Kiri whispered. "You were so beautiful, my friend..."

A rush of wings passed through the air and Kiri would have recognized the sound anywhere. Smiling peacefully, she raised her gaze to the sky in which her friend had been so at home and paid a final tribute. She turned back for the Inn when an image of gold over silver seared her vision. She turned...

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/11/2001 9:46 PM

OOC: um...I thought that we where camping outside?? maybe... :(

Touga smiled as he watched from a short distance away....this was working perfectly. The enslaved Griffon T'Pania was doing just what he was told to do.

Pan turned towards Kiri...and smiled. "Kiri!!" he cried as he bounded towards her in a single leap.

Ayeka stopped short...she could see a shimmering barrier before her. "what???" she murmered and turned twards Alucardt. Hesitintly, she reached out her hand, and was rewarded with a painful shock from the sheild.

"how?? Touga never had any true talent for magic....." she whispered and then heard the low growl.

No, but I do!! Nightshade growled. She sat just inside the sheild, Her tounge lolling as she grinned at them. "here's the deal...you show up at the city walls of Sanction by dusk tomorrow....and your friend will be released without harm." Nightshade howled, then turned and trotted away.

Nightshade chuckled to herself..She knew that Touga had no true control over the Girl, Kiri. But, she knew that the girl would try to help her Griffon friend, and Ayeka would try to help Kiri...all was falling into place nicely."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/12/2001 5:53 AM

"DRAT!" Everyone wants to have an interest in my little prize now. Oh well this just makes ayeka that much more vunerable."

Taryn began to think quickly, it was in his best interest to get ayeka before someone else did. He wasnt too sure of how badly touga wanted to catch his sister, one of the main reasons his father had sent Taryn was to ensure that nothing went wrong.

"well.....whoever that was is pretty good in magic. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Ayeka will fall right into my hands, Kiri will be mine and soon............soon I will find whom I seek."

"here's the deal...you show up at the city walls of Sanction by dusk tomorrow....and your friend will be released without harm."

He decided he'd be there when things started to get interesting, they surely werent going to expect what he had planned.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/17/2001 12:49 PM

The sheild faded, and Ayeka began to walk towards sanction. Alucardt reached out to grab her arm.

"You cant really be planning to go there are you??" He cried, narrowing his amber eyes.

Ayeka jerked her arm out of his grasp. "just once Listen to me!! Kiri saved my life...and I don't know where that sits with you...but for me...I owe Her!!" she cried running off.

Alucardt stood there for a moment. "damn it all!!" he cried, and ran after her.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/17/2001 1:48 PM

Kiri-Koli ran forward, blinded by her love for Pan...

She didn't see Touga, with his evil grin...

She didn't see Pan's claw as it rushed through thin air towards her head...

And then, she didn't see anything at all.

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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11/17/2001 3:37 PM

OOC: hehe fun time!! >:)

BIC: Touga smiled. His plan was working perfectly. with this human his sister would come running to him. Pan looked back dully at him. still smiling, Touga climbed up on pan's back with kiri in his arms. "Perfect" he whispered. "to Sanctions' gates.!" he shouted, as pan took to the skies.


Ayeka ran towards Sanction...fear choking her. If he harmed Kiri... "I'll kill him!!" she sobbed.

Alucardt was close behind her, knowing that she would do as she wanted...he wouldn't be able to sway her. The City wall was just ahead.

Ayeka slowed to a walk about a hundred yards from the gates. she could see Touga, and Nightshade, as well as the Griffon from before...but Kiri was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is she you coward!?!" she screamedTrue magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/17/2001 3:58 PM



Wings. Wings? Golden...silver... Light. Pain!! Oh gods, the pain...

Kiri-Koli awoke to pain, pain in her head, pain in her mind...she wanted to curl up and die...


Pan was alive...Pan was here...Pan had hit her...

Forcing her emerald eyes open, Kiri looked straight at Touga. Her eyes flew shut, she had to pretend she was still under. A dagger appeared in her hands with a muttered word.

"What the..." Touga ducked just in time and with a cry the mage overbalanced.



"Nightshade! Get her!"


The wolf leap towards the mage, teeth bared...Nightshade never saw the dagger...


"Imzadiam!" Kiri-Koli vanished and held her breath till the wolf was gone. Sitting up, crying from pain, the mage attempted to stand.

"Ahh!" Her leg collasped beneath her bruised body. "Pan..."

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/17/2001 9:10 PM

Touga smiled at his sister. "Oh...you mean Kiri...sorry sis, I had to Kill her." he said smiling. "she hurt nightshade here....I couldn't allow her to live after that.." Touga's topaz eyes flashed.

Ayeka began to tremble with anger....her own words haunted her If he harms her I'll kill him!! With a strangled cry, she unsheathed her sword, lunging after him.

Touga dodged her first move, drawing his own sword. "Come on little sister, you can do better than that!!" He cried, parrying her next strike.

Ayeka lunged forward, her sword low. Touga lunged at the same moment, his sword raised for a downward stroke. Then the world went dark, as a black cloak blocked Ayeka's vision.

Alucardt stood between them, His sword blocking Touga's. Ayeka stared numbly at the tip of her sword, which was embeded in Alucardt's raised forearm.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/17/2001 9:23 PM

Alucardt winced at the pain in his arm, but it was nothing compared to the pain in his heart. with a low cry, Alucardt pushed back Touga, sending his sword flying. Grimly, he pulled his injured arm free of Ayeka's sword, and pried it from her nervless grasp.

"I don't understand you...either of you!! You're acting like children!! Ayeka...I love you..." He turned his entire attention towards her. gently reaching out to allow his fingers to graze her cheek.

"I love you...I don't care that you hunt our kind, hell I know that half of us deserve it...I don't care what your father thinks I-" his words where cut off as someone struck him from behind, knocking him to the ground, pinning Ayeka's sword underneath him.Parting is such sweet sorrow...

11/17/2001 11:03 PM

Ayeka gasped as Touga brought his clasped fists against Alucardt, connecting where the neck meets the shoulder. Alucardt when down without a sound.

Quickly, she glared at Touga, the sudden hate in her eyes made him take a step back.

With a cry of rage, she pulled out the 12 inch dagger from her boot. the dagger was mad of steel-reinforced silver. Touga lunged for her, his hands outstretched, grabbing her hand.

Time seemed to stand still, as Ayeka and Touga fought. Ayeka held onto the silver dagger subbornly. she refused to let go, even as Touga began to force the blade point towards her. For Touga, as the light glinted off the blade as it faced his sister, a flach of memory returned...a memory of his step-mother riasing a silver blade aboce his sister's bassinet.

with a sudden strangled cry, Touga let go of the dagger, which promptly flew from Ayeka's hand. "NO!" he cried, tears filling his topaz eyes. "I won't allow this to happen again!!"

Ayeka, meanwhile, had fallen backward, striking her head against the ground. Groaning, she blinked away the stars. She glanced at her borther, at his horrified expression, To Alucardt, who still lay unconsious. to the dagger that lay only yards away from her outstretched hand.

Frantically, she scrambled to her feet, darting for the dagger. Touga, noticing her sudden movemen, moved with near lightning speed, catching her roughly.

"NO! Let me go!! I'll Kill you for what you've done!!" she screamed, struggling in his arms. "AYEKA!! Listen to me! Stop It!!!" Touga hissed, his voice strained by sudden grief, fear, and love for his sister.

Ayeka, hearing the tone of his voice, stopped her struggles, tears flowing freely as sobs wracked her slim frame. Touga whispered in her ear. "Please...listen..I remember everything now...Your mother's death wasn't intentional...it was an accident!! She was trying to kill YOU"

Ayeka tensed, anger and disbelief giving her strength. "NO! your lying! You'd do anything to get me to join you! but I Wont. I WON'T!!" she screamed as she continues to struggle in his weakening grip.

"No...He's not....Its true...I was there...." came a soft, reasoning, kind voice that made Ayeka freeze.

"Alucardt??" she whispered, her eyes wideningTrue magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/18/2001 12:43 PM

((OOC: Nice...very nice. hehe. Good job, guys. :)))

Pain exploded with every movement, followed by a single minded determination. Blood soaked leaves trailed behind, their length telling of a path of hardship and tears.

But still she walked on, her mind set, her actions fated.

She would kill Touga, she would have her revenge...

The road to Sanction was long...but not that long.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/18/2001 1:32 PM


Taryn had gotten a little sidetracked on his mission to intercept ayeka but in the end he didnt care. Nothing was more important to him than the thrill of seducing a kill.................and he had found the perfect victim.....

Two attractive young women sat telling each other the stories of the day. So engrossed in their gossip they didnt notice taryn as he crept up behind them.

"SO...........would it be too much to ask of m'ladies to give audience to a poor lonely man as myself?"

Startled at his presence they both shreik and take a step back. Instantly charmed by him, a giggle belies their interest in this stranger. Taryn felt exilerated, this is what he had grown to love; the seduction the meticulous attention to detail in luring his victims to basically give themselves to him.
It always made the kill much more enjoyable when he could "play" with his prey.

They sat for a while under the light of all three moons and talked and giggled over many things as the ladies became increasingly comfortable with taryn. A touch to his knee by one of the maidens was his que to move on in his game, he put his hand over hers as she gave him a shy smile. Not to be outdone the other woman put her arms around him and kissed him passionatly on his lips. "We do everything together"
Taryn let out a deep grin "Really?! well then let us go somewhere more private."

A single shreik could be heard in the distance.........but noone seemed to notice. Taryn licked his lips as he left the bodies where they lay in the small clearing near a far. He felt great and he decided that he wanted more. He took one last look at his victims and he whispered..............."Game over"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/18/2001 2:44 PM

Alucardt had gotten up, his hand massaging nis neck where Touga had struck him. "It's true....There is alot you don't know about your mother...She was alot like you when she was your age. She felt she could change Lord Drache with her love...But the day you where born, Her fragile world was shattered. She had hoped that you would be a normal, healthy Human baby...but...." he paused as he took Ayeka from touga's arms and held her.

"Sometimes I think that Lady Sheris forsaw her own madness and impending death...not long after she married Lord Drache, I found myself in a deadly predicament with him. she came to my rescue...pleading for me. Later, when I asked her what I could do to repay her kindness, she stated only that I must swear to protech her un-born child...less than a month later...Lord Drache had set out the proclamation that Lady Sheris was expecting a child.

"the night you where born, Lady Sheris went mad. Lord Drache asked me to keep an eye on her...and you...I had accidentally dozed off, I woke with a start as the creaking of the floor boards under Lady Sheris's feet She had a silver Dagger in her hand, advancing your bassinet." Alucardt kissed Ayeka's head gently.

"She intended to kill you Ayeka...I had to fulfill that promise that I mad to her...I had to protect you..I tried to take the knife from her. She fought me with more strength than I thought was possible for her, but in the end, She threw herself against me...I had the blade in my hand, facing her...." He trailed off, as Ayeka's sobs came harder, her whole body shaking.

"later that night, Lord Drache proclaimed that in reward for my heroics, You where to be my Bethrothed, and the house of Drache would join the House of Crane..." He became quiet as Ayeka slipped from his grasp. She walked over to the Dagger that lay on the ground.

Alucardt watched her as a calm sadness washed over him. he made no move to stop her. Whne she turned with the dagger in hand, tears where streaming silently down her sheeks. Alucardt took a single step forward and lowered his hands to his sides, palms outward.

"if it is your wish to kill me....Then so be it."Parting is such sweet sorrow...

11/18/2001 3:22 PM

Ayeka was stunned by Alucardt's revelation. She felt so lost...more scared than she had ever been. She heard his words, telling her to kill him. she stared at the blade in her hands, and frowned, as her tears continued to fall.

Silently she shook her head. "Mother was right....I don't deserve to live..." she choked, as she raised the blade. Alucardt could see that it was pointed towards her heart.

"NO!!!" Alucardt shouted, as he broke into a run, but he was too far away.

Ayeka had her eyes closed. She brought the blade down, just as Touga slammed into her. the force of his weight threw her off balance, and she inadvertently buried the blade in his back.

Ayeka fell to her knees, as Touga fell hard beside her. "No!!" she cried, pulling the silver blade free, trying to stop the bleeding. She struggled with him, resting his head in her lap as she used her cload to put pressure on the wound. "Touga...you fool...Why!? Dont you dare do this to me!" She cried, sobbing into his shoulder.

Touga groaned, and opened his eyes. his eyes held that feral gold cast, and she knew only one thing could save him, she only hoped that what she could do would be enough. Silently, she helped him into a sitting postition, and brushed her hair back from her neck. "Touga!! I am NOT gonna loose you!! Do you understand me?? Take some of my blood...I will help you...please!!" she whispered

Touga hesitated, searching her eyes for a moment, then he tenderly brushed a stray lock of hair from his sister's neck.

Ayeka could feel Touga's teeth like Two White-Hot needles peirce her skin, and then she felt a pulling throughout her body, a pulling that nearly timed itself with his heart beat. There was a combined feeling of extreme pain and ecstacy. The pain Quickly circled her heart, the pain that grew stronger and stronger till she cried out. At that, Touga shoved Ayeka away, she braced herself with her arms, barely holding onto conciousness.

Touga shuddered as his sisters blood coursed through his veins. He smiled weakly. "It's a start...." he mumbled. Ayeka shivered...she knew that she didn't have enough to help him, not enough if she wanted to survive it....True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/18/2001 5:54 PM

((OOC: hehehe. Enter the pissed off mage...:)))

"One more step..." she said, through gritted teeth. "Just one more step..."

The main gates to Sanction floated in and out of her vision, as well as the lone guard. As she neared, he stepped in her way.

"Let me pass," she said with a deathly calm. The guard glanced back and another moved to join him. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice quivering slightly beneath her gaze.

"Let me pass."

"Captain...!" The guard stopped talking, his eyes wide with fear. Silver energy gathered before the mage and reached out, striking him full in the chest. With a cry, he flew backwards. The mage, her eyes burning, stepped over his unconscious form and into the city.

Shadows whispered as she made her way through dark alleys, telling secret stories of vengence. Tonight would see much action, they said, much death...

How little they knew.

Seething, the mage at last came upon them. Touga sat within his sister's arms, his mouth to her neck...blood passing from one to the other. A silver dagger appeared in the mage's hand, as if through it's own will pointed at the full vampire.

Silent footsteps approached. The brother and sister looked up as a shadow moved over them, a dark omen of death. Green eyes burned with passion, the decision was made.

"Ayeka, move away from him," she said quietly, dagger poised over the vampire's heart.

((OOC: hehe. Like it?)) Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/18/2001 7:25 PM

Ayeka spun at the sound of Kiri's voice. Ayeka's face lit up at the sight of her friend. "Kiri!! You're alive!!" Ayeka's joy fled at the sight of the dagger as Kiri ordered her to move away from Touga.

"Kiri!! NO!!" she cried, moving to Sheild Touga from Kiri. "Kiri listen to me!! Please..Dont!"

Ayeka's mind was a turmoil, She was torn between loyalty to her brother, and the deepening friendship between her and Kiri. to her surprise Touga spoke. "Ayeka...I..." he faltered and looked up at Kiri, his Topaz eyes barely focused.

"Kiri...I don't blame you..." He winced. "I understand your hatred. I want to repay you for saving my sister... Pan!!" He whispered. The Silver and Gold Griffon walked over, his wings folded, his eyes dark and unfocused.

"Pan..I, Lord Touga Arian Drache, Relese thee..You are free once more...I beg you to forgive me for your enslavement..." Touga whispered the words, and reached up, and snapped the gold chain around Pan's neck, breaking the Enslavement charm.

Pan blinked, and looked around. he shook his head and locked his eyes on his friend, Kiri.

"Kiri?? is that really you????" he asked, lowering his proud head. His eyes where truely focused now, and the spark of life danced within them once again.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/18/2001 7:34 PM

Kiri blinked. She refused to cry. The world focused with the eyes of her dearest and oldest friend.

"Pan..." Kiri walked forward and wrapped her arms around the neck of the beautiful griffon. His head lowered, his golden eyes shamed.

"Kiri, I'm so sorry..."

"Shh." The young mage held up a hand. "It's all okay now...nothing to be sorry for..."

Still hugging the griffon, Kiri's eyes found Touga. Her emerald gaze fixed apon the injured vampire with a piercing intensity.

"I will never forgive you...Lord Touga...however, in the interest of my friend, your sister..." she shook her head and parted from Pan, though one hand stayed upon his golden feathers. "Ayeka, what's going on?"Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/18/2001 7:46 PM

Ayeka lowered her eyes and recounted for Kiri all that had transpired. She told her of the true nature of her mother's death. She told her with her own shame, how she tried to kill herself, How Touga rushed her...How she had stabbed him instead.

"I can't help him any more than I already have Kiri...If I try any more...I won't survive it...but what I gave isn't enough...He'll die...." she sobbed the last word burying her face in Touga's shoulder.

Touga looked at Kiri for the barest instant before turning his gaze to the back of his sister's head. "Shhh...It's alright...If I am fated to die this day...I will Ayeka...I love you ...I never ment for any of this to happen...It was Father who ordered your death...not me...forgive me...I never really wanted to have any part of this...but you know how persuasive Father can be..."

Ayeka pulled back a bit, tears still in her Twilight eyes. "I forgive you...I know the truth now...I love you..." she mumbled, holding Touga's hand close to her heart.

Alucardt was behind her, his hand on her shoulder. Ayeka looked to Kiri...her friend had lost so much...She just couldn't come out and ask for her to donate agian...True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/18/2001 7:52 PM

Kiri-Koli stared. Ayeka had just forgiven him! The man she had come to kill...

Pan nudged her forward.

"All right, all right...I'm going...damn it all..."

Kneeling down beside Touga, the mage pulled her obsidian hair from her slender neck. "Let's get this over with..." she said gruffly.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/18/2001 8:01 PM

Ayeka backed away, she was surprised that Kiri agreed, it even surprised her more that it was Pan who had talked her into it.

Alucardt was standing behind her, he wrapped is arms around Ayeka, her head cradled by his shoulder. Silently, they watched what traspired.

Touga reached out for her, his eyes dark, and almost sad. "fogive me" He whispered, as his teeth found their mark. Touga held Kiri gently, as if she where a china doll that would shatter if he held her too tight.

As the blood flowed from her to him, all that had transpired, the memory of the death of Ayeka's mother, their father ordering him to Kill Ayeka. Touga's own feelings, his pain, his regrets, his sorrow flowed to Kiri.

when he finally relesed her, his eyes where clear again. "forgive me for what I have done to you Kiri..."True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/19/2001 10:01 AM

OOC: pissed off citizens coming up! :)

A cry could be heard on the streets of sanction as Taryn sat on a bench near the market. He listened with interest as he heard frightened women retelling what that had only moments before been told themselves."Have you heard? The young women were found dead, nooone knows who did it. This is an outrage."

Taryn was momentarily angry at himself for his carelessness *Drache will not be pleased with me for this* , then as suddenly an idea came to him that would solve both his being careless and getting to ayeka.

A man standing amidst the crowd stood sobbing uncontrolably as people tried to console him. His stately demeanor and well dressed gave notice to his ranking in sanction. Knights stood about and tried to clear the crowd as they began to come in closer and give condolences. He stood staring at the two young maidens one of which was to be wed in a month. A woman nearby taryn whispered "Poor sir dillon, those were his only two children; his wife is dead now 2 years and they were all he had left. Who would do such a terrible thing?"

Taryn stood and spoke in his clear charming voice as he addressed the crowd. "YES.......people of sanction, this is a most terrible thing indeed. The people who have done this should pay dearly. Lord dillon should have his revenge. Not only have they murdered these lovely young maidens who had so much to live for............no.....they go even further, they murder our safety...............or security, the very things that the people of sanction pride theselves in. Will you let that be taken away from you?"

The people stood awed at the passion in his voice, the look of conviction and strength. Lord dillons face cleared as he wiped away his tears, sadness replaced by anger and revenge. He faced taryn and said "NO!!!!!!!! this will not be taken from us! My daughters will be avenged."

The crowd began to get sucked into it all as the enviornment took on an electric air. everyone was ready for action and they wanted something done soon. Lord dillon and is knights got everyone to return to their homes, they would be informed of what they could do to help later.

This was Taryn's opportunity to continue his plans..............."lord dillon, if i may. I have something that may help you find the culprit involved in this. Be warned these are not ordinary people that you will be dealing with."

Lord dillon motioned for him to enter his quarters to discuss things further. Things were going beautifully now and Taryn was pleased. He looked at lord dillon with eagerness in his eyes. "I know who did this to your daughters.................................

OOC: What cha think?The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/19/2001 10:59 AM

OOC: GOOD!!! Love it!!! :)

BIC: Ayeka smiled and hugged her brother, then she turned, and looked at Kiri. she was afraid to look into her friends' eyes. "Kiri? Can you forgive me?" she asked hesitently as she rushed forward, hugging her friend.

Alucardt watched all that had transpired, and smiled. finally...it was all over. He stood there, silently. Abruptly, he heard a faint sound. Sounds of angry shouts. silently he slipped away from the group, seeking out the source of the cries. He heard the rumers himself of the two girls, one of the citizens of sanction told him themselves. As he moved forward, he spotted Taryn speaking to Lord Dillion, Lord Dillion inviting Taryn into his home. This did not look good.

Alucardt stood silently in the shadows when He heard Lord Dillion shouting for the city guards. Alucardt heard him shout out descriptions of Touga, and Ayeka.

"Damn!!" he cursed, using his magic to slip past the guards and reach Ayeka first.

when he literaly stepped out of the shadows, He was standing before the group. "we have to get out of here...Taryn has set the town against us...framing us for the death of two women." they turned to make a run for it, when they saw Taryn behind them.

"You're not going anywhere." He hissed. Ayeka screamed as she turned around to face the city guards.


Outside the city Akhusunamun (hope I spelled that right) frowned. The demoness wasn't exactly happy to be running errands for Lord Drache.

"Damn it all" she hissed. "If he wants his daughter killed why can't he do it himself."

She stolled into town, in her human form, her blood-red hair loose. She watched as the group was surrouned by the City Guards. She smiled...maybe her job wouldn't be so dull after all.

She watched as Touga and Alucardt flanked Ayeka, trying vainly to protect her. She watched as the Guards Used Leather teathers to restrain the Griffon, as two other guards held back the human mage, Her cries of anger echoing through the streets.

as she watched, her rage grew. Touga cried out as one of the guard's swords connected with his arm. Suddenly she spotted Taryn, outside the circle of guards, enjoying every minute of it.

OOC: Hope that works for you Starlight...I'll check when I get off of work!!True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/19/2001 11:29 AM

OOC: just love it when a plan comes together! :D gonna write some more when I get in my right mind...lol!The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/19/2001 2:56 PM

((OOC: Heheh. Good job, guys!! I'm so excited...:) Okay, hope it's okay with you that I bring Lord Drache on the scene...))

Kiri stood still, once again seething. She watched as one of the swords connected with Touga's arm, heard his cry. All the anger that had been building up, and disapating, over and over, now exploded.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!!" Stepping forward, she threw off the guards holding her arms and moved to untie Pan. The captain twitched as if to stop her, but stepped back when she glared at him with a cold, emerald gaze. "Fly, Pan...I'll call if I need you." The graceful griffon nodded once and took to the skies.

"Now. Would someone like to tell me what in the Abyss is going on?"

The guards all squirmed under her gaze. Ayeka blinked. Her friend's eyes were frozen and if looks could kill...she trembled slightly, then recognized a spell. Hiding a smile, Ayeka looked sideways. Alucardt seemed to have also realized the spell but Touga, who was no good at magic, was shaking.

Lord Dillon, seemingly the only one not effected, stepped forward. "You are under arrest for aiding three murderers!" he barked.

"Murderers?" Kiri laughed incredulously. "I assure you we are nothing of the kind..." she now stood mere inches from the Lord, though no one could recall her having moved. Her eyes blazed. "I suggest you present me with some evidence or allow my friends to go..."

Off to one side the mage could see Taryn running towards them and looking positively infuriated. Mentally, she prepared for battle...

((OOC: Have to make your job a little harder, Ontarys!! :)))


((OOC: Don't worry about spelling. I spell it wrong half the time myself! :) Um...so has Lord Drache hired her at this point? I'm not sure so I'll be vague. I'm good at that!! :)))

Akhsunamun licked her lips, a nasty grin ghosting across her human face as the young mage stepped forward. She had courage, for one so young...and talent...

The demoness felt her gaze moved over the crowd, coming to rest on one of the full vampires. Touga...the Lord's son... her eyes slid up and down his body till he shivered. "Nice..." she whispered. Feeling her eyes, the vampire looked but did not see Akhsun. She raped him with her gaze once again, with the same shivering effect, before looking around for Taryn.

He stood, the pleasure gone from his face, his fists clenched. Akhsun laughed. "She stronger than you thought...ah, you're pitiful. What a good slave you'd make...so full of misguided spirit." ((:))) She laughed again, an unholy, aweful sound, as Taryn started running towards the swaying crowd.

A shadow appeared in the space that Taryn had vacated. A powerful man with a long flowing cape stepped forward and surveyed the town. "Ah...the 'master'..." Moving with the grace of a cat, Akhsunamun stole through the night.

"Master, what do you wish of me?" she asked with perfect obediance, coming up behind the old man.

He glanced at her with cold eyes. "You will aid Taryn and see to it that, one way or another, my daughter and her 'lover' are killed."

"Yes, Master..."

((OOC: hehe. Is that right? Yell at me if I did something wrong. :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/20/2001 12:15 AM

OOC: Yea..thats fine. Now we'll wait for Ontarys...he's kinda the ring-leader for the whole angry mob scene.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/20/2001 5:38 AM

OOC: *rubs his hands together :D * I knew you were gonna do somthing like that starlite :) but............ im prepared lol! Is it still night?

Lord dillon was stunned at the swift movements of this strange woman, taryn had warned him these were not ordinary people. Composing himself he took a step backward and exclaimed to his guards as well as the other citizens that accompanied him. "You see..............these people are unholy creatures that have been the plauge (spelling :D) of us for years. Taryn was right. Seize them!!!!!!!!!!"

The angry mob surronded them shouting and yelling in fury. Taryn watched as everything unfolded in anticipation. He knew he didnt have to worry much...............lord Drache was also here, whatever went wrong in his plans surely lord drache could handle; he could probably crush them all.

Lord dillon pulled out a small dark crystal the size of a small pebble that taryn had givin him. He remebered taryn telling him to use it on the young woman kiri who had magical powers of some sort. He wondered what a crystal would do to a magic user but he was assured by taryn that this crystal he called a small piece of the void (lol! got ya starlite!) would take a lot of her power and weaken her for some time.

Lord dillon place the crystal in front of her as it began to drain her power to the amazement of all around. What lord dillon failed to realize was how powerful the magic was as he also began to weaken, but so inthrall by the gem he held tightly as the lifeforce from him was slowly being taken away. In his last breath he smiled as he saw that kiri was also affected, watching her swoon and fall to the ground he collapsed face down on the ground.

Her spell broken, the enraged mob closed in on them intent on revenge they began to close in.
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/20/2001 10:02 AM

Ayeka saw Kiri fall. in a panic, she struggled against Touga and Alucardt, trying to reach her friend.

"No!! Kiri!!" she cried, though this time, Alucardt refused to let her go.
Suddenly a flash of silver and gold reached her vision. "PAN!! Get her Away from him!! Away from that crystal!! Hurry!!" she cried as she watched pan dive for Kiri.

From outside the fray, Nightshade, Billy(alucardt's wolf) and Jenna, A pure white wolf (Ayeka's own) joined in, each succesfully taking down a guard. They each continued to do their lunge and dodge. They'd lunge, attack a guard, wound him, or drag him down, then dodge the other guards as they tried to attack. The three prowled outside the range of the swords, as they watched carefully for someone to get careless.

By this time, Alucardt and Touga had their swords drawn. They kept Ayeka between them, intent on protecting her. Ayeka had no weapon now, her sword and dagger lay too far away.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/20/2001 4:13 PM

((OOC: ahem. No. No. No. No. No. and um...No. Sorry Ontarys but No. Only one of the Order of Melethka can use the Void. A talentless thing like Lord Dillon cannot activate it. So while it might douse Kiri's power for a few moments, she can overcome it. Ha! :) Are we starting the war yet? Too bad, I'm starting it. hehe. ))

Kiri awoke to extreme cold. It flowed through her body, stinging as so many icicles. Shivering, the mage reached down and grasped the warm feathers before her.

"Kiri! Are you okay?" Pan cried, flying ever higher.

"Y-y-y-yeah..." Kiri-Koli said through chattering teeth. "G-g-give me a m-m-minute..." Reaching inside, the mage rekindled the spark of magic within and coaxed it till she was ablaze with power.

"The idiot..." she muttered. "I sense great power...but it was not released... ((:))) Bring me back down, Pan."

The great griffon tucked his wings and dove for the crowd. Kiri gathered magic from her exileration, adding in the griffon's own magical essence. Releasing the magic on the crowd just as Pan landed, Kiri watched in satisfaction as the rioters disappeared. She jumped off the griffon in one fluid motion and muttered, "Liquid Silva." A silver bow appeared in her hands, pointed straight at Taryn.

"This is not their fight!" she yelled at the vampire. "We settle this now!"

"As you wish..." Kiri spun. The voice belonged to the graceful woman with blood red hair. The mage gasped and backed up to make her final stand with her friends...

A dark man appeared behind the demoness. Kiri heard Ayeka and Touga gasp. They were in a lot of trouble...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/21/2001 12:13 PM

OOC: exactly...thats why lord dillon died (no talent) taryn is very strong in magic he heped him use it. and yeah it was only meant to slow you down.
no fair!! i was gonna have some fun with my angry mob :( muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( well...........i've been taking it easy on you/kiri but she is a little to strong it seems. im gonna beef taryn up some so neh >:) :O i would post here but i want to make sure who the dark manis (drache?)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/21/2001 1:58 PM

((OOC: Yeah, it's Drache. Who else? And don't worry, Ontarys...you get to kick my ass...for a few moments, at least. :):P:)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/23/2001 8:27 AM

Ayeka stared, dumbfounded. "Father?!" she cried.

Lord Adrian Drache smiled, a wicked cruel smile. "Dear child...you still don't understand do you...." he laughed.

"You where never ment to live...Your mother's madness was mine...I had complete control over her from the moment she agreed to be mine." Drache noted Alucardt's surprise.

"Oh yes young Lord Crane...the whole time...your promise to Sheris...Her madness, all of this was my doing...ofcourse...it didn't happen the way I wanted...I underestimated your determination Alucardt...that sleep spell...you threw it off easily...Your willingness to fulfill your promise saved my daughter and killed my wife..." Drache walked around the circle of guards, glaring at each in turn.

"I couldn't just come out and kill you both without just cause you see...I havn't held this position for the last 600 years by doing that..." Drache's eyes settled on Touga. "Pity...now I have to find a new wife...for I have suddenly run out of Heirs." he hissed, his eyes golden.

"Guards of this city...Heed your lord and master!! Taryn..Keep your agreement...Akhunsunamun...Kill them!!" He ordered, lauging.

Then all hell broke loose.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/23/2001 10:21 AM

OOC: *cracks knuckles and prepares for some butt kickin* LOL

Taryn up to this point had stood passivley as Drache spoke. To his enoyment he ws given permission to kill them himself along with aksun. He wondered why Drache didnt do so himself, but it was of no concern to him, there were others things yet undone that Drache had promised him. His end of the bargain was coming to a close and he was ready.

Touga at this point seemed to be the waekest of the group after being wounded, that is where Taryn deemed it wise to attack first. The guards were understandily cautious of entering the fray but pucked up enough courage to at least occupy their attention as aksun and Taryn attacked.

Pointing in the direction of Touga, Taryn cast one of his more favorite spells............"derision". The spell would cause the person to see illusions of terrible beast out to destroy them. Taryn knew that Touga wouldnt be afraid of these things but the spell also made the spellcast person to see its friends as beasts and demons as well :D :D :D. His goal was to have them fighting each other as well as he and aksun.

Taryn laughed in wicked delight as things unfolded, he wanted to see what aksun had up her sleeve. Finishing them off to soon would be no fun.

OOC: Still got some stuff up my sleeve but ya know how difficult starlite can be LOL! :D :) so im gonna pace myself. The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/23/2001 11:07 AM

Touga blinked in confusion as the spell hit him. At first he didn't know what happend. he felt Ayeka's hand on his arm, and he turned. only to face a demon seemingly digging his claws into his arm. He cried out and backed away from it.

Ayeka stared at him, puzzled. "Touga?? What's wrong??" she cried, reaching out for him. Touga's face was a mask of fear. he backpedaled, crashing into several of the guards.

Ayeka closed her eyes, and quickly cast her protection spells, her power was amplified by Kiri, and Alucardt. Jennah stood at her Mistress's side, Hackles raised, teeth bared. White wolf lept forward, and tore into the guards that where attacking Touga.

Ayeka frowned, she didn't know what Taryn did, but she could try to protect herself from it...She murmered the spell, using a drop of her own blood to seal it. the spell finished, Ayeka smiled, she knew that magic to affect her mind would be deflected back towards its sender. She looked at touga, and held out her hand again. "Touga?!" He drew his sword, and attacked her.

"Touga!!!" she cried, ducking and dodging his blows. She looked behind her, her sword lay nearly ten yards away from her...She just had to keep dodging him.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/23/2001 11:49 AM

OOC: I see an opening with ayeka.......I dont know how far to take it so i'll leave it up to your enterpitation ok?

Taryn saw his chance, ayeka was too occupied with her own brother to worry about him. He knew Touga would see him as an old friend and not attack him, it would seem like he was aiding him. He approached Ayeka and grabbed her from behind, his touch cold as ice.......and he bit, even as touga came with ill intent to finish off his sister.

It was pure ectasy as he tasted her and he reveled in it. She was able to break free of his grip as he was lost in the enjoyment of his tasting. He took another step back as Touga approached with death in his eyes, intent on killing his sister whom he thought was a demon.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/23/2001 12:28 PM

Ayeka cried out as Tayrn's fangs peirced her skin. With a sudden burst of strength, she pulled away from him. she stumbled away, her hand on her neck. She tripped, and fell, her long hair coming loose from its braid, spilling around her like a golden waterfall.

She winced as she fell. she looked up at Touga...at the murderous look in his eyes. "Touga...." she whispered looking up at her brother. She was defenseless. She raised her hands as a useless defence. She lowered her head, her wisper too faint for anyone to hear.

"Make it Quick...Brother...."True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/23/2001 1:19 PM

((OOC: hahahaha))

Touga grabbed a dagger from the blood soaked ground and advanced slowly on the demon. His eyes flashed.

"This is for you, Ayeka..." he whispered, raising the dagger high and aiming for the vile demon's heart. Something tapped him on the shoulder.

Touga jumped. Slipping the dagger down gracefully to the demon's neck so it wouldn't be tempted to move, the vampire glanced backwards expecting to see Kiri or perhaps Alucardt. He saw neither.

Twin snakelike robes, each blood red, hung in the air before him. Touga turned to run. The chords twisted like possessed vines, wrapping around his ankles. The vampire pitched forward and started clawing at the ropes. He cried out to his sister...to anyone...but no one came to stop the chords as they weaved between his hands and silenced his screams.

Kiri-Koli stood above the immobilized vampire and shook her head. "I'm sorry to say I enjoyed that just a little," she muttered before turning back to the battle. Her emerald gaze found Taryn, licking Ayeka's blood from his lips. "Wrong move," she whispered.

Reaching into her silver robes, the mage grabbed a handful of golden dust and threw it at Taryn. The vampire sneezed and then laughed. "Is that it? Some fairy dust?" Kiri smiled sweetly at him and pointed down with one slender finger.

Around Taryn's feet appeared golden runes. They flashed into existance, writting words in a forgotten language, signing symbols of unknown magic. The vampire stepped forward and then jumped back as a golden shield singed his skin. He gathered his magic to dispell the Circle but with a flash of red, the Circle held and Taryn's magic was depleted.

The red lingered, much to Kiri's amazement, for several moments. The mage shook her head and glanced to the side. Ayeka and Alucardt had joined forces against the demoness and their father. She walked around the trapped vampire and then smiled. "You're going to like this part," she promised. More dust left her hand and formed another layer of magical runes. These were more intricate than the last and glowed with powerful light.

And then it began. Taryn shifted uncomfortable within his prison. Thoughts of escape were pushed aside as the hole within grew and expanded. No, he thought feriously. I've just eaten! The Hunger grew, becoming more and more unbearable with each passing moment. It gnawed at his mind and soul till all he could see was red...all he could hear was the pounding of blood within the living's veins...

Kiri danced and twirled before the Trapped. His own Hunger, magically enhanced a thousand times was more of a cage then her Circle of Holding could ever be. It trapped the vampire's mind, controlling his actions...

With deliberate laziness, Kiri played with her obsidian hair, lifting it from her slender neck.

((OOC: LOL!!!!!! >:)))

Akhsunamun watched Taryn engage the vampire kin, wrapping the brother in a spell of deception. She yawned. "It's been done," she called, leaning against a tree. Taryn gave her a dirty look before turning and biting the sister vampire. Akhsun laughed, tossing her red hair seductively. Glancing over at the third vampire behind enemy lines, the one called Alucardt, she gave a sweet smile and crooked a single finger. The vampire, suddenly smitten with the demoness, stepped towards her, his eyes huge with admiration.

"Alucardt!" Ayeka called. The demoness frowned. Now she was actually going to have to put effort into this. Alucardt ran over to Ayeka and helped her up. The tables seemed to have turned. The silver mage had obviously gotten incredibly angry at Taryn for biting her friend. She had immobilized Touga and was working on a Circle around the furious Taryn. A Circle...Akhsun was intriqued. It had been ages since she had seen the Art of Circle Magic.

Ayeka and Alucardt faced off with the demoness, once again drawing her attention. A large sword, seemingly made of blood, appeared in her slender hand. Ayeka had retrived her own sword and the battle began.

Akhsun parried each of the vampires' blows with lazy precision, allowing them just enough hits to stay interested. She reveled in the pain, feeding off of it. Ayeka came in strong and Akhsun threw her off so that she stumbled backwards. Alucardt, murder in his eyes, advanced.

"Now, Alucardt...that isn't very nice," she smiled. The vampire slowed and then stopped, dropping his sword. The demoness stepped forward, her barely clad figure drawing Alucardt's gaze...

Reaching forward, her eyes on Ayeka, Akhsunamun kissed Alucardt passionately...

((OOC: hehe. whatddya think?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/24/2001 12:49 PM

Ayeka stood dumbfounded at what was going on. Ayeka stared at Akhsunamun as the Demoness kissed Alucardt. Rage grew within her building till she could only clench the sword in anger. Ayeka's eyes changed from their normal twilight color, to gold, to a Bright, Liquid Silver.

She glared at the demoness. She knew that she was no match for her....she knew that Alucardt could take care of himself....Ayeka turned...to lock her gaze on her Father. "Thats ENOUGH!! I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!!" She cried, facing Lord Adrian Drache. She took her dagger and drew her own blood. the drops of blood fell then reformed before they hit the ground. the droplets coiled around her arm like a snake. when the strange glow faded, she held a whip in her hands.

She dropped her sword, pocketed her dagger and raised her liquid silver eyes up to her Father. "Forgivness for one such as you....could never be an option!!" she cried, as she raised the whip.

She lunged at him, snaping her wrist once as the whip coiled around Drache's neck. He smirked, and allowed his own power to run in a backrush along the whip. the whip itself shattered, and fell back to the ground in the form of the blood droplets.

"Foolish welp!! You have no Idea what you are up against!!" He hissed, his eyes going the same silver color. he reached out and Grabbed her by the Throat. She cried out as he raised her up.

"Stupid child...I have 700 years on you...you have no hope of beating me!" he growled. Ayeka struggled, Her power flagging. True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/24/2001 9:20 PM

Ayeka struggled weakly against her father....His grip around her throat tightened and she saw stars. "you never should've been born!!" he hissed.

Suddenly, Growls and Howling Yips filled the air. The Three wolves, Jennah in the lead lept at Lord Adrian Drache...breaking his grip on Ayeka. She fell to the ground gasping for breath as her vision swam with stars. She heard a sharp Yip as Drache Kicked Jennah away from him. Billy Growled and lunged for his throat. Nightshade (still limping from Kiri's attack) walked over to Jennah, and nudged her. Jenna yelped and got up slowly. She walked over to her Mistress and stood there hackles raised, teeth bared guarding Ayeka.True magic is withing all of us...Magic of life, love, and mind. The question is...do you have the courage to find it?

Blessed Be

11/25/2001 8:49 AM

OOC: :O just what I thoguht would happen >:) LOL! :) not much fun when everything the bad guy does is easily done away with. *sighs* N E ways *sighs again* am I supposed to be trapped in whatever it is you've done?The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/25/2001 11:50 AM

((OOC: Nah. I was just having some fun, Ontarys!! hehe. It's your fault for not being here. *sigh* Time to start losing. ))

Akhsunamun watched as the three wolves attacked Lord Drache and shook her head. Walking slowly towards Taryn, Alucardt following at her heels like a lost puppy, Akhsun waved a lazy hand. The Circle dissapeared suddenly, and the vampire stepped out, once again in control.

"Damn you, demon!" Pan yelled, diving at Akhsun. The magical beast winged past, ripping at the demoness's fair skin with razer claws. Black blood flowed freely from her cheek and the demoness roared. Sweeping one hand through the air, Akhsun glared at the griffon. Seconds later, an invisible force slammed into golden feathers and Pan was thrown through the air and into a rather large tavern. Wood splintered as the force drove him through the building, leaving a trail of blood. The mighty griffon, when he finally came to a stop, raised his head feebily and then slumbed back to the ground.

"I tire of this," she told Taryn, her expression cold.

Kiri cried out and jumped onto the demoness's back, all magic forgotten. She beat futily at that beautiful face with it's unholy eyes. Akhsun reached back and, grabbing a handful of obsidian hair, tossed the mage to the ground as if she were no more than a broken doll.

Cold, cat-like eyes found Taryn's gaze and then flicked back to the human, who was struggling stubbornly to return to her feet. "She is yours to with what you please, only do not kill her. She will make an excellent slave."

((OOC: Better, Ontarys? :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

11/25/2001 6:53 PM

Alucardt blinked and shook his head. His mind fellt foggy with confusion. he looked up to see Ayeka coughing and gasping for breath...Nightshade, billy and Jennah where trying vainly to attack Drache.

he blinked again and started towards Ayeka. "Ayeka??" he mumbled uncertainly.

Ayeka looked up through the golden curtain of her hair. Alucardt looked at Lord Drache...and frowned. This was the monster behind all of this...This was the coward who couldn't fight his own battles. With a cry of rage, Alucardt rushed Adrian Drache. Drache laughted at him. "Fool!! I am the one who taught you how to fight!! I know everything that you do!! and More!!" He hissed, blocking Alucardt's blow with the steel bracers on his arms. With a hiss of rage, Drache Shoved Alucardt back, slamming him into a small tree, which cracked under Alucardt's weight and the force of Drache's blow.

"You have no chance of winning!! even together....you are no match for me!!!" he laughed manically"On a hot summer's night, would you offer your throat to the wolf With the red roses?"

-"You took the words right out of my mouth"-meatloaf

11/26/2001 6:01 AM

))C: better but I dont wanna mess with kiri anymore :D she doesnt play fair lol!

It had been all Taryn could do to restrain himself from going off on his own. He grew tired of all the needles theatrics, it was time to get things done and quickly. Kiri was no longer his main interest, all he wanted know was to help lord Drache so he could fulfill his part of their bargain.

He watched as Drache laughed at his attackers like the fools they were. He was greatly interested in what Drache had in mind to do with them.

"You have no chance of winning!! even together....you are no match for me!!!"

"Of course they are no match for one as great as you, shall we finish it then? Or do you wish to have them all to yourself master?"

A devlish grin on his face, he knew that things were starting to look decidingly in their favor.
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/26/2001 11:05 AM

OOC:Ok then...time for the kill!

Drache kicked again, sending Billy and NightShade running. Jennah stood her ground in front of Ayeka, growling madly.

Ayeka stuggled to get up, her footing shakey at best. she picked up her sword and wiped away the tiny rivlet of blood from her mouth. She had lost too much blood as it was...She didn't know how much more she could take. She made a desperate cry, and rushed at Drache.

Drache laughed and with a single flick of his hand sent her sword flying. she still had her dagger but she made no move for it yet. Jenna yelped as Drache used his power to fling the wolf into a nearby tree, landing with a thud.

Ayeka stood before her father, panting. Drache stared coldly at his Daughter His pale blue eyes the color of Ice, his dark red hair tied back neatly, not a hair out of place.

"I think I shall have the joy of killing you myself dear daughter." he hissed as he grabbed her once again. Ayeka Screamed and stuggled, but her power was depleted. His fangs peirced her throat and she screamed again, weaker. She could feel him drain away her last bit of power....her life.

Abuptly he shoved her away...and she collapsed to the ground. She turned weakly to face him. Her Twilight colored eyes had lost all trace of silver. Drache had drawn his sword, and held the blade above her.

Ayeka's eyes filled with tears as she tried to fumble for her Dagger...knowing all the same that it was a useless gesture...that all she had fought for...was lost.

Drache raised the sword, intent on the killing blow.

"On a hot summer's night, would you offer your throat to the wolf With the red roses?"

-"You took the words right out of my mouth"-meatloaf

12/07/2001 11:04 AM

OOC: waaahhhh!! :'( are we gonna finish this up??? Please!?!?!?"The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/07/2001 11:23 AM

OOC:sure........i have no clue what taryn is supposed to do here though....... you set a pretty important backdrop with drache and ayeka. taryn should just stand and watch.....he is bad after all lol! but lets see if this gives you an opening or not......................

Taryn could see victory before his eyes, ayeka would be killed by her own father and touga would be next. Seeing the end in sight he decided he'd better remind drache of the deal they still had before this was all over.

"See the foolishness of defying your father.....fools. Now you will pay with your lives. Or deal is don Drache and soon.....soon i hope you will fulfill your end of it."

OOC:not sure how much that helped but...........at least the thread is moving along again :)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/07/2001 1:44 PM

((OOC: I guess that's my cue. But, honestly, the way my writing has been going lately, I thought you guys might appreciate it if I waited as I guarentee it'll be 100% better. But if you just want me to write it just so we're done...say so. I'll do it if I must. Btw, Ontarys, are you mad at me? It occured to me after I wrote in that thing complaining about trends that you might be cuz I messed with your char too much. :())Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/07/2001 1:54 PM

OOC: of course not :) that wasnt directed at you in particular. besides..........kiri will be taryn's slave >:) lol!!! mu wa ha ha ha ha ha aaaaa >:( :) :O :BThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/13/2001 11:55 AM

OOC: waaahhhh!! :'( are we gonna finish this up??? Please!?!?!?

OOC: I'd like to see the ending of this one (hint hint :D )The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/16/2001 10:08 AM

Cold green eyes watched in silence as Lord Drache raised his sword intent on killing his own daughter, chaos and madness running rampant within his twisted mind...

Off to the side, an injured human watched in horror, tears streaming from her emerald eyes, helpless, hopeless...

A vampire laughed without humor, speaking impatiently of debts and deals...

The brother stared from the shadows...the lover wept...

The demoness frowned as the sword plunged downward, frozen indifference on the face of the father, who, in the last moment, felt neither the sweet embrace of chaos nor the sense of righteousness...

The demoness shook her head. He wasn't deserving of this power, this right! His pitiful hatred, small and weak, was revealed with a petty need for power over his own kin, those who should be his greatest allies, writhing within the disorder that is wrought within his species.

Steel touched skin and stopped, held by a power above all mortals. Time froze, as she walked forward, clicking her tongue in a disapproving manner. The air became thick with malice.

"My dear Drache, you, of all people, should know that evil turns on itself." The Lord, stilled in his downward plunge and held by hate, didn't respond and probably didn't even realize there was a world outside his intent. Abruptly the face of his daughter twisted and the mother emerged, her eyes promising to corrupt his mind...

The mightly Lord screamed as a child might and backpedalled from his prey, terror lit apon his twisted features.

The demoness smiled cruely and turned to the other. Taryn stood, staring. The vampire turned and looked at her. "Traitor," he said softly. The demoness laughed and walked to him, her movements of perfect grace.

Her finger caressed his face. "We could be great together..." she whispered. The vampire spat at her, pulling away. But Akhsun held him. Her icy lips touched his own in a passionate embrace that chilled his entire being. You could melt this kiss... came the offer...and the vampire refused, biting down hard and drawing black blood.

Ahksun stepped back and shrugged. "So be it." A black vortex appeared before the vampire, who paled in the face of the swirling darkness. It beckoned, and compelled, the vampire stepped forward and was gone, banished to a place of nothingness...

Cold green eyes turned to the brother...

((OOC: Phew. How's that? :P I told you if you didn't wait for me to be in a better mood it might suck...I warned ya! :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/17/2001 2:22 PM

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Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/18/2001 12:18 AM

OOC: :P I did too read it!! :P :P :P I just have to think on how I want Ayeka to finish it off."The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/18/2001 2:07 PM

((OOC: Well...welll...you could at least tell me what you think!! You didn't like it. :( *goes into a corner and starts weeping* Come to think of it, you never told me what you thought of the other thingie I sent you. Minus the last coupla paragraphs. Those sucked. :P *cries bloody murder*Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/18/2001 9:18 PM

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"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/19/2001 6:16 AM

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12/19/2001 1:47 PM

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Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

12/20/2001 12:24 AM

OOC: ok...I think I am finally ready to end this.

BIC: Adrian Drache backed away in sudden horror. Where his treacherous daughter had sat, his beloved Sheris sat, tears flowing from her eyes.

"no....This can't be!" he cried, as he dropped his sword.

Ayeka felt the enchantment cover her and watched in breif awe as her father backed away from her...his face a mask of fear. She hesitated only for the breifest moment. calling her last bit of power, Ayeka grabbed her silver dagger from her boot.

"you Killed her!!" she screamed, her anger and hate towards her father was evident in her eyes, which gleamed red. Drache turned towards her, his face still locked in that haunted expression. Abruptly, his features changed....His Topaz eyes locked on her... and then widened in shock as her dagger plunged into his heart, buried up to the hilt.

Alucardt stared in shock as he watched the expression of hate on Ayeka's face. Touga blinked as he watched his father die at his sister's hand. He turned away, unwilling to see his father's final moments.

Ayeka let out another feral cry, her voice strangled by her anger. She manuvered behind Drache, as he feably tried to attack her. her arm's locked around him, pinning his arms, as she took what he had stolen from her...Her life.

Drache's eyes dulled as Ayeka drained him. He tried to scream once, but all that issued forth was a cry of a man who was already a split second away from drowning. Ayeka shoved him away with the same roughness that he had graced her with. Her eyes had lost the red glow, and was replaced with the gold sheen once again. She wiped her bloodied mouth with the back of her hand.

"It's over." she said softly, as she looked towards the east... Ayeka muttered a soft word, and a soft golden glow surrounded Touga and then faded.

"this nightmare is finally over..." she murmered as the sun broke over the mountains, the deadly sun...

Drache screamed as the sun touched his skin, as it began to crack, blister and burn. Ayeka watched stoicly as her father burned alive...she watched in complete silence untill minutes later...all that remained were ashes. Ayeka scattered the ashes as she looked towards Alucardt , Touga and Kiri. She paused and then turned toward Akhsun.

"I suppose I should thank you...." she said, raising her twilight colored eyes to meet the Demoness's. "Let us part in peace now..." she said softly. She turned and flung herself into Alucardt's arms. He laughed and swung her around...overjoyed that she was alive. Jennah and Billy barked and yipped, jumping around them. Nightshade limped over to Touga, and whined, licking his face just as gratefully.

Alucardt looked into Ayeka's eyes. He brushed her hair away, and cupped her chin in his hands. "It's finally over..." he whispered as he kissed her.

ooc2: I didn't add kiri to this...cause I wanted you to add her in yourself. :) "The world is not enough, but it is such a perfect place to start"

"No one ever died from wanting too much"

"theres no point in living if you can't feel alive"

"If we can't have it all...then nobody will"

-James Bond-The world is not enough-

12/20/2001 11:20 AM

Taryn saw victory slip from his grasp as he watched with disbeleif the death of lord Drache, he shouted "NOOOO!!!!! I WILL have what I seek! You've ruined everything. Be warned ayeka.........we are enimies for life LIFE LIFe LIfe Life life li " As he disappeared in a shimmering mist, knowing one day........he'd be back.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/20/2001 2:04 PM


I didn't add kiri to this...cause I wanted you to add her in yourself. :)

Aw hell. You do realize that this means another month before this thing is officially ended...

No...wait!! Christmas break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one more day of school!!!!!

*Stacey goes skipping around the room*

So I'll be back...and soon...mwhahahahahaha!! ...sorry. :)

I shall have to throw a party. :):D

Btw, nice ending Ontarys. :P))

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

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12/23/2001 3:15 PM

Wind whipped through obsidian hair, a night's breeze caressing the flight of a young mage. Kiri sat atop Pan, floating on air and music. Below her a party was raging with the ferocity warrent within such a joyess occasion. It had started with a few people --the companions--and had grown to include a town of dancing people of all races. Each had their own reason, their own happiness, but all shared the spirit of the occasion.

The young mage smiled, her emerald eyes searching the crowds. Ayeka and Alucardt sat off to the side, oblivious to the excitment about them looking deep into each other's eyes. Touga sat near them but far away, talking to the demoness who had obviously captured his...attention.

Kiri-Koli laughed out laugh, and Pan smiled at her. "Shall we?" the griffon asked.

They took off together, swiming higher and higher into the clouds. The cool feeling that washed over Kiri was impossible to describe, a peace...

Silhouteted against a silvery moon, Kiri let loose. Her magic spread as a crystal blanket through the midnightblue, creating a cascade of color. Motes fell from the sky in a fountain of magic...

Below the world sighed in awe and applauded the mage. Ayeka and Alucardt kissed and life...resumed its course carrying the mage and her griffon higher into an untainted sky...Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

There is nothing there in darkness that is not also there in light.

While a good writer can make dreams into reality, a great writer can make reality into dreams... --me

02/22/2002 10:45 PM

((OOC: Damn! Just...damn! It's late, I'm tired, don't wanna go to bed, so I read over this and it is awesome!! We did such a good job! Hahaha. Everyone read this. It's great. :P:):P

Now why do I get the feeling that I don't write like I used to? Damn. Hehe.

This is a piece of art. I swear it should be published or something...*runs around the room jumping for joy*
:):P:):):P:):P:):):P:D:D:D:D:):P:):P:D:):P:):P:):):P:):)))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

06/18/2002 7:12 AM

just bringing this to the top...don't wanna lose it anytime soon. :)Oh dance! The ancient continents theatre
For the performers who wear the mask of time
Oh dance! your dreams three of the wonders of the world
carried here on the galactic railroad
Like a star like a firefly
A flash and it’s born
a Flash and it fades
born and then gone just like us all

07/19/2002 4:48 PM

OOC: for those who havnt read it..............ITS GOOD LOL read it ;)"So what is it? Do you just flip a coin in the morning to decide what you will be for the day? Heads Knight of Neraka Tails Solamnic Knight :D"

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