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10/16/2001 2:09 PM

Ayasare crouched in the shadows of the Silvanesti Forest. She was unsure whether she should stay here or continue her journey southwards- her disguise was not holding up too well nowadays, ever since the gods had fled Krynn, so there was the chance that if she met someone on the road they might see her for what she was. Sighing, her gaze went back to her reflection in a small bowl of water. For some strange reason, Ayasare was not able to see herself as she was supposed to look like- her magic did not affect her sight. Instead of a young black-haired woman with green eyes, a strange creature stared back at her. True her eyes were green, but they were slitted like a cat's and set in a face covered with gleaming scales of bronze. She was from a long-lost race that people had nicknamed the Shapeshifter Draconians- but rather than hatching from the eggs of metallic dragons, they were born of others of their race. She was a M'del warrior. She stood on two legs but looked like a slenderer, thinner version of an Aurak. A pair of dragon's wings, the green-gold of her scales blending with cream in color, fanned from her shoulders. Each web between the thin wing-fingers was decorated with three silver rings. Her magic was used mostly to blend in with her surroundings- not as though she needed it in the forest. She splashed the water onto her face, trying to shake off the exhaustion that threatened to consume her. With the tiredness came a loss of control on her magic, and she watched in despair as the blue glow around her body faded away. Now Ayasare looked around and had to admit, for once, that she was hopelessly lost...

10/16/2001 3:06 PM

((OOC: Hehehehe...are you evil? Cuz I have this char Akhsanamun and she also has cat's eyes...and I want to use her real bad. She's a BITCH demon type!! hahahaha. Fun stuff. I'll be back))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/16/2001 4:31 PM

OOC: Yeah, sure, I'll be evil if ye like- Ayasare's not a bitch demon type but she's crafty and has a kind of doppelganger complex (kill a person and steal their identity to get what you want kinda thing)

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