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10/12/2001 11:28 AM

OOC: This is set in the Fifth Age. My character Imhauri is the last of her kind, hunted by Krynn's forces of good, and feared by some of the forces of evil. She is a dragon like none other- who may eventually cause Krynn to be ruled solely by the evil dragons. IC:

Imhauri surveyed her territory in the Plains of Dust, craning her long, thin neck to look down at the people who cowered beneath her mighty shadow. She flew lower, getting cruekl satisfactionb in watching them run away from her. She was three hundred feet in length and pure black if you looked at her from the top. Her underside, and the undersides of her wings, were the colors of fire. A double row of iron-colored spikes ran down her spine, and her gleaming white eyes glowed with arcane light. A mane of reddish-gold flowed down from the top of her head to midway down her neck. A blood-red stone was imbedded right between her eyes. She roared, the sound echoing off the boulders and shattered, dead trees (what trees there were) that marked her passing. She opened her jaws and exhaled her deadly, evil breath weapon upon the fleeing barbarians- a strange silver mist that seemed almost liquid in nature. As it dissipated, it revealed the extent of the damage she had caused.
Humans and humanoids that were touched by Imhauri's breath were not killed by it- but they were changed. Their skin became as hard as armor, and their eyes as brilliantly white as Imhauri's own. Their arms became the heads and necks of three-headed dragons, and tentacles sprouted from their backs. They were bound, unwaveringly, to Imhauri- to do what she wished of them. Nonhumans, such as dragons or gryphons, were simply killed. The silver mist wrapped around them and squeezed until they suffocated to death- those that she gave a smaller dose to were enslaved- just like the humans. It wore off eventually, but she took care to replenish her hold on her victims.
Now she laughed, a cold, high sound devoid of humor or warmth, as she saw the poor humans that had been trapped in the mist. "You are mine," she hissed. "And soon, my children, Krynn shall be ours!" She turned away after ordering them to wait for her, and went in search of the chromatic dragons. It was time she revealed her presence to them.

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