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09/30/2001 9:25 PM

(OOC: This thread will be a testament of the early days of my main character, Darkness. It takes place one season before the cataclysm, when Darkness first took up the black robes, and began his search for eternal life. Any characters that want to participate please feel free, but remember it takes place a long time ago and any characters you use must have lived during that period. Dragons are scarce in this time period, so please leave them out if possible. I only need one dragon, but it will die so I probably will play him too. And as always, have fun.)

Darkness stepped out of the cave, his glowing red eyes the only thing visible of him in the dead of night. His soft, black robes flowing behind him. "Damn, another ancient ruin and I still have not found what I seek. I need to find Fistandantilus, but it seems he has disappeared again. I will live forever, but I need the secret that he holds."

Darkness sat down on a large boulder with a flat top. He put his hand on the stone and spoke a word of magic. A hole in the shape of a perfect circle about two feet in diameter and a foot deep formed and instantly filled with water. "Now, lets see where he has run to now." Darkness began chanting and the water changed into brilliant colors which began to swirl and form a picture. A dark laboratory took shape, and there was the mage he was looking for. Fistandantilus was much older than he looked, and the secret to his youth hung around his neck, the bloodstone. The bloodstone is the key to eternal youth, but Fistandantilus did not know the secret to lasting youth. Darkness knew how to perfect the spell but he did not know how to create the charm.

"Show me where he is." The pool became a swirl of colors again, but they finally formed into one shape, a city. But not just any city, the city that ruled all of Ansalon. The great city of Istar. "Of all the places Ive searched for you, this is the foulest you have ever chosen. The city of the Kingpriest, that murderous leech, preying on the weak to further his ultimate goal. I have to go there, I have to get the bloodstone." Darkness then let the spell go and the colors faded to black. He picked himself up and began the walk to Istar. "It should only be two days walk from here. I think I can manage that."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

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