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09/24/2001 8:04 AM

There is a strange heaviness in the air as you enter the great hall of Mertonius's Sunken Citadel. It is strange for there is an eerie emptiness, as if the whole place is slowly dying...

"Ah, at last you come... I've been expecting you... amongst others..."

The ageless face of the Irda who was once called Mertonius smiled, though his face was shadowed by something. Beside him, on his right side, stood his old rival, close friend, Marc.

"Ah, I just wish that everyone arrives. The extensive preparations we've made would be for naught if no one arrives..." Marc rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Kheryll(Mertonius) smiled, waving a seat near the table.

"Please take a seat and wait for most of everyone to come. There is an announcement that I would be making shortly..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

09/24/2001 8:22 AM

Taryis arrived in the hall, there was a slight chill in the air and a dimness to the place. Observing the bleak conditions and the pall of gloom that it cast he seemed expectant about what he was to hear this day. The soft light that illuminated the room was barely sufficent to see with but he was quite noticable in his blue robe and staff, which held a gem with many facets yet few facets and that seemed to glow with a soft grey light yet not glow at all. Walking calmly and with purpose he stood before them. "I have come."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/24/2001 9:04 AM

"I have responded to your summons, sirs," began a man dressed in armor similar to, but not quite, Solomnic. He was older, in hs late 40's but carried a regal air, an amazing sword, and the sharp eyes of a hunter. "I am Javert Roguesbane, Solomnic Marshal. Under other circumstances, I would probably try to take you all in, but not today. Today, as your summons requested, I enter in peace."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/24/2001 9:50 AM

A kender enters. "Hi, I'm Taylor Magetaunter, Kender Magic Collector. I believe you asked me to come?"Taylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
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09/24/2001 1:07 PM

Tiver Neehigh walked slowly into the room looking around to find Tay. Tiver walked up next to him. "I am Tiver Neehigh, I was summoned here, but there was no reason given."

Tiver leaned over whispering into Tay's ear. "Why are we here excactly?"

Tiver noticed people staring at him as he straitened up quickly running a hand through his chin length hair. "Sorry, maybe I should just be quiet." Tiver smiled as he pulled off one of his pouches asking Tay what he had in his pouches."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

09/24/2001 1:15 PM

"I don't know why we're here exactly, but I can show you what I have in my pouch." Taking off one of his smaller pouchs, he removes a two foot long piece of wood. After some minipulation, it turned out to be a crossbow. "Bag of Holding, and Folding Crossbow."Taylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
Brass Dragon for the Dragon Nest (http://thedragonsden.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/forums/ikonboard.cgi" target="_blank)
Tharchion for Redwizards.com
Kender Proverb:
"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork"

09/24/2001 2:58 PM

OOC: cool...Im gonna use Kynia...her people are decended from the Irdra and the Elves of her land.

Kynia walked in. Her long dark hair cascading down her back, her Bright Sapphire eyes looking around in awe. She ran her hand through her hair, and brushed the pointed tips of her ears. Kyel walked beside, and slightly behind her.

She watched the blue robed mage and the solamnic-like knight walk up to the Irdra and his companion. She found that she couldn't help but stare at the Irdra, whose race had started hers. only now, with her home in ruin, they seemed like distant gods. She smiled softly and walked forward, holding onto Kyel's reins.

"I too come in Peace Watcher(The Kirioyal's term for the Irdra) Though I fail to understand why you have summoned me...."may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/24/2001 4:48 PM

Cai'de and Elensukawardian entered quietly, Tolkanin on their heels. The human and elven women were looking around in a quiet, somewhat dampened wonder, and each bowed before Mertonius, Cai'de taking a moment longer, before taking a seat at the table. Tolkanin waved at him and then joined the other two kender because she had such neat, nifty things she could show them . . ."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/24/2001 5:22 PM

Sydolothor walked warily into the hall of the citadel, his quick glance taking in all in attendance so far. In the dim light he saw the one he sought, the one who had summoned him. As he walked purposely towards Mertonius, all eyes turned his way. At well over seven feet in height, he was an impressive figure. The light fur covering his barrel chest and powerful arms was light brown in color. His mighty horns, the heritage of the minotaur, were a stark white.
"I have come, elder, at thy request."
Giving the kender in attendance a suspicious glance, Syd walked towards the Solamnic Knight to converse of warrior things...

09/24/2001 5:27 PM

Simon walkeed into the chamber and looked around. A blue robe was in the middle of the room. Simon walked to him his ashen black staff making a clicking noise on the floor.

09/24/2001 6:33 PM

A brown dragon lands nearby, and from it a man dressed in thick leathers and a kender dismount. A small blue lizard flies after them. They enter the chamber, the man moving towards Javert, and the kender moving towards the other kenders.

"Hi, I'm Thistledown Kendergnome," the kender told the others. "I don't know why those two would summon us here, but it sounded like a good idea to show up. Oh, I'm not really a gnome at all, but I was raised in Mt. Nevermind.

Across the room, J'mes started talking with Javert and the others. "Well, Endy and I got the summons so I figured we had better pick up Thistle on the way. Looks to be quite a gathering we have here. Any of you have any idea what this is all about?"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/24/2001 7:21 PM

Dianolanta entered slowly, sensing that she was one of the last to arrive. She walked silently, as she did everything, though she wouldn't have been able to confirm that. She could feel the floor vibrate with many soft conversations, inquires, she decided, as to the nature of the summons. She looked around the room, recognizing Mertonius and Marc, the only other full Irdas in the room. Absently she reached up to brush her long blonde hair from her face with a slender blue-skinned hand. She glanced around the room trying to locate familar faces but there were precious few. A slender human woman stood beside her, a look of curiosity and impatience written on her beautiful face. The woman, a silver robe from the hidden Valley of the Moons, saw her companion's look and returned it. her hands asked in the intricate patterns of the only language Dianolanta could understand. Diano shrugged, then walked further into the room. The silver robe, Kiri-Koli, followed wearily. She didn't like crowds of people she didn't know and was anxious for the procedings to begin.

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/25/2001 6:29 AM

Elen started to pull out a sheaf of paper and a stick of charcoal from her side pack in order to copy down what she saw, but Cai'de laid her hand on the elven girl's arm.

"Now is not the time, here is not the place." She said quietly. Elen nodded and replaced the items.

"What is going on here, Cai'de?" Elen asked. Cai'de shook her head.

"We will be told in due time."

Elen nodded solemnly. Cai'de usually wasn't this quiet and reserved.

Tolkanin greeted Thistledown with a robbing hug. "Hey, we were just having a pouch fest, want to join???""I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/25/2001 6:38 AM

OOC: well everyone else seems to be using all of their previous characters as well...so will I..lol

BIC: Kalia Majere and Kista Starblade walked in. The two women where both beautiful but really completely different.

Kalia was silver haired and Golden eyed. to basic apperance was human, but her true form was the Crystal Dragon Crystalamira. Average height and slim build, she wore silver robes.

Kista's hair was a pale gold, and her eyes where a bright lavender. Kista is a Silvanesti born elf, raised by the Kagonesti..Pathfinder clan. She too was a mage, but her magic came from the earth, not the moons above...she wore the garb of an elven ranger.

the two stood side by side, and looked around the room, each seeing someone they knew, and plenty that they didn't.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/25/2001 9:26 AM

Tiver looked at Tay with a almost surprised look. "Wow! you have one of thoughs also?" Tiver said pointing to the bag. "Well, I have this deck of cards that create ummm.... illusions, this nifty thing called a spork I found in my travels at sea, and my colorful light and farie fire arrows for my short bow. I also have other few items that I found just walking around from here to there." Tiver said this pointing to the door that lead out from the hall to back inside.

Tiver saw the other kender, and everyone else come to see what was in each others pouches. It had been along time since the tragedy Tiver ever had this much fun. Though, Tiver tried to be really careful not to bring out anyone's temper here. There was just to much excitement happening.

"So, what do you have in your pouches?" Tiver said looking to the other kender. Although, Tiver was more interested to hear how the kender was raised by gnomes. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

09/25/2001 9:59 AM

Cai'de looked over at Kalia and smiled. She stood and approached her friend. "Kalia, Kista, how have you been?"

Tolk emptied her bags, trying to find her most prized posession. By some strange stroke of luck (being surrounded by other kender), she finds her Silver Shiskabob, blessed by none other than Fizban himself! She's quite proud if this piece and displays it to the others.

((ooc; Does anyone know where The Thorn went? I thought he was just taking one character out, not all of them!! :-( ))

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09/25/2001 10:57 AM

Mirror enterd the room, her heart fluttering softly in her chest as she walked forward. She looked around her, noticing face she recognised, faces of those who were her friends. She also saw many faces she did not recognise, new people to meet, new tales to hear.
She stopped suddenly as her reflective gaze turned to the irda in the centre of the room. It had been a while since she had seen this man, and her heart lept silently as she looked upon him. She walked forward, the silver dress that she wore in place of her silver robes hugging the smooth lines and contours of her body as it rustled along the floor with each step she took. Her long white hair, braided at the temples, hung down her back in long waves and exposed her finely tapered ears and the dove design on her cheek, a mark of her clan. Her spell components hung in pouches from a sliver sash around her waist, and gently banged against her hips as she made her way closer to the man in the middle of the room.
Mirror's kagonesti blood ran hot through her veins as she stood face to face with Kheryll, her breaths coming in short gasps, her brests rising and falling with the rhythm of the intake of air. She looked him square in the eyes and slowly put her hand into a pouch that hung on her left. She brought forth from it a tiny stuffed doll, which was round and pink. The doll mewled gently as she held it close to her heart, and as she summoned up the courage to speak, all that could be heard was it's soft call......
Mirror took one step closer and curtsied, never taking her eyes from Kehryll's.
"I have come.........." Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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09/25/2001 1:40 PM

Thistle continued talking with the other gnomes "Let's see, I've got my pouch of flasks, and my grapple thingy, and let's see, Oh! I've got my teliscoping pole. And of course, my Hoopak Mark II. You see, I was born an orphan in Mt. Nevermind, and some gnomes took me in. I was there when Tas visited, but I never got to meet him. I read the notes on his hoopak though, and modified them to make mine."

Accross the room: "I really don't know why we're here, J'mes," Javert continued. "But to have this many people here, it must be something important."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/25/2001 2:03 PM

Kiri-Koli glanced around the room, marking the potential escape routes and relative positions of all the people in the room. She was the nervous sort, though that had not always been so. She had once been a carefree risktaker. But that had been before she had been forced to leave the only home she had ever known, the Valley of Vanished Moons and before she had seen the terror that had fallen on Diano's homeland. Diano's hands said. Kiri let out a deep breath, not realizing that she had been holding it. She relaxed little, though she trusted Dianolanta more than anyone in the world, with the possible exception of her lost shlafie. Dianolanta hid a smile and looked around yet again. She didn't understand why they weren't starting. She watched various people approach each other and talk. For a second she wished she could hear what was going on but she abandoned such thoughts. They were, after all, pointless. She glanced at Kiri, noting the human woman's tapping foot and the small drum solo she was effecting with her long nails. Kiri made a hopeful face but Diano knew she would not start a conversation. It simply wasn't in her nature.

--I will destroy you--

09/25/2001 8:35 PM

Marc turned to his Kheryll, his eyes gleaming in the torchlight.

"Well, most of them had come...Are you ready to make your announcement my friend?"

Kheryll Mertonius smiled and squeezed the hand of his best friend(and his greatest rival).

"Yes, it is time... I've put this off for a long time now..."

The Irda struggled to stand up, it seems that his strength is ebbing from his once vigorous body. He smiled for a moment, then finally managed to hold himself upright by his own.

"My friends... both old and new. Fellow members of this...place..." his left hand waving as if encompasing the whole world, "I've bid you to come here for I have something to announce, I mean, we have something to announce..."

Suddenly a number of people appeared out of the shadows, people that many recognized. There was the Amethyst Dragon, Spire. In one corner appeared the Mercury Dragon, Mercurius. And many others of whom many of those present shared their adventures with.

Spire approached them, the ancient amethyst dragon's eyes softening...

"Adventures we shared...."
"Adventures we had..."
"Yet time flows ceaselessly..."

Mercurius gave them a toothy grin, fanning himself with his silvery wings...

"At last our time in this world has come..."
"For us to disappear into the blackness..."
"To fade into the shadowy recesses of imaginings..."

Rumel the Shaman smiled at the others, his eyes fixed upon Mirror...

"There is a time for everything..."
"Journeys are always made in a lifetime..."
"And journeys do end..."

Marc the Chronomancer turned to Kheryll...

"Yet in all I never regretted the fact..."
"The fact that I enjoyed this journey..."
"And met friends and foes alike..."

Mertonius Kheryll coughed, struggling for a moment... then continued...

"In every person there is a hero..."
"In every person there is a villain..."
"Old characters never die..."
"They just become NPCs..."

Mertonius smiled for one last moment........

"Farewell.... My friends.... This place gave me life.... I've been here since its inception... and it is time for me to fade into its history..."

and the lights faded from the eyes of Marc.... Spire.... Mercurius.... and all of the others....

Mertonius turned to Mirror, and smiled sweetly....

"For you Mirror.... this is my gift.... Look at my Avatar... and always remember me...."

"Farewell..... to all....."

....... and the lights faded from Mertonius' eyes...

........................................ The End..................................... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

09/25/2001 8:44 PM

OOC: whoa what was that

09/25/2001 9:05 PM

Mirror stood still, unable to move, the jigglypuff still claspsed close to her. Suddenly, she acted in one swift movement, the jigglypuff falling to the floor with an undignified "Puff!!" as she moved forward, holding onto Mertonius tightly a she watched the life drain from him. He collapsed, and she fell to her knees under the weight. She stroke back his blond hair and let her fingers play over his features as her heart broke, shattering into tiny pieces. Un noticed by her, a tear fell down her cheek and splashed onto Mertonius' lips. She ws finding it difficult to contain herself any longer, the greif insideher welling up and becoming unbearable. The tears flowed more freely as she bent her head forward and kissed him softly, tasting her own tears on his lips.
"Goodbye.........." she whispered, as Mertonius vanished from sight. She looked up and noticed that Marc was also dissipating into smoke, as were the two dragons and the shamen. She closed her eyes, hoping that when they were opend again all of this would be nothing more than a terrible dream. Alas, that was not to be...............
She shook her head, tears flowing freely as she sobbed. She picked up the Jigglypuff and ran out of the room, needing to be alone with her greif.
"Goodbye Mertonius............."Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
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09/25/2001 10:53 PM

"Farewell, Mertonius," stated Javert. "You have been a worthy adversary."

"Your stories are as good as any Harper Ballad I've heard," J'mes said. You were truly a master storyteller."

"Goodby, Mertonius," Thistledown echoed. "You and Marc sure were a lot of fun."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/26/2001 5:57 AM

OOC: Man! he wrote some good threads, hope he makes a comeback some time in the future.

Taryis watched as mirror hugged mertonious. "Fare thee well, you have served admirably and with honor. Your memory will not be forgotten."

The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/26/2001 10:14 AM

OOC: Mert, are you leaving the boards altogether, or just stopping RPing.

Taylor, having met the chronomaster, said, "We will miss thee all."Taylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
Brass Dragon for the Dragon Nest (http://thedragonsden.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl " target="_blank)
Tharchion for Redwizards.com
Kender Proverb:
"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork"

09/26/2001 10:45 AM

OOC: Tay, I think that either Mert is going for good, or he's just gonna be around, but not as Mertonius. And you know that this is what he wanted, right? All of us standing around talking about him. He likes to be shrouded in mystery....................:) :) :) :) :)Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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09/26/2001 2:18 PM

((OOC: Ok then...i thought this was going to be a real thread thingie...guess i haven't been around long enough to know what you guys are talking about exactly...ok then. bye whoever is leaving :)))

Dianolanta felt tears fall down her blue cheeks, turning to Kiri she found her friend overcome with a similar grief. It didn't seem right somehow...she had not have the chance...the pleasure...to truely know these people and her grief came not from inside but from those around her. Turning to her human companion she motioned simply and with one last look and one last prayer for the noble hearts torn by sorrow she turned to leave the hall.

All rivers run to the sea.

09/26/2001 3:49 PM

Kista's eyes widened as she struggled against Kalia. "NO!!" she cried, tears falling, her blond hair covering her tear-stained face.

Kalia tried to soothe her elven friend. "Kista, please...its over.." Kalia raised her golden eyes and fixed her stare upon where the Amythyst dragon stood.

"Its over...We have all lost something this day, and we will forever remember them..."may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/26/2001 6:24 PM

A card slipped out of the left chest pocket of Mertonius, a card made of gold. Upon closer examination, it is a letter addressed to everyone.

To my friends, both old and new,

This is my last message for all. I leave for a journey that would take me beyond and I wish you all farewell. I am one of the last of the original members of the former Dragonlance RPGers from the 5th Net. This place has held a great meaning for me. I am glad that at last I could finally take a rest. I have no regrets and so should you. Enjoy your time here. Remember that I, Mertonius Kheryll, would always exist to lend a helping hand to those in need... As I had said... Old RPG PCs don't die, they just become NPCs. One of these days you would realized that sometimes it is better to let go. These are my last words in the Realm of Krynn. I have undertaken a journey to conquer the distant realm of Yllandria. This is, in an essence, a farewell to the Consortium.

(Joao) Marcos B y S
-aka Mertonius Kheryll, Renegade Irda I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

09/27/2001 7:13 AM

"First Thorn, now Mertonius . . ." Cai'de said softly. Elen looked at her.

"What did you say?"

But Cai'de simply stood, and without a word, turned and exited. Elen stayed in her seat, remembering.

Tolk watched as Cai'de walked outside, and excusing herself from her Kender friends, followed her human friend.

"Hi, Cai'de, are you all right?" She piped. "Wasn't that amazing what he did with the dragons and the smoke and everything? And a gold card too!!! Look! See, I have it right here . . .Cai'de?" It soon occured to Tolk that the human wasn't paying any attention to her at all, but was instead leaning against the outer wall, brushing a lone tear from her cheek.

"He almost killed me and I miss him . . ." She said quietly. "He tried to kill me and Quira, and I miss him . . . It's not what the person does that keeps them wrapped up in someone's mind, it's who they are. Mertonius was loved. He had his gripes and quarrels and battles, but all in all he was loved." She stopped for a moment, her mind reaching further back to someone else who had been loved . . . by her . . . and he was gone, a shadow . . . like Mertonius. She slid down the wall until she was sitting, and that's when the tears ran freely down her face.

The sky became overcast and dull, and a light rain began to softly paint the landscape grey."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/27/2001 10:38 AM

Tiver watched as they all faded away as the pouches were put away for a moment. Tiver fought back any tears that would, but inside Tiver could only wonder how many others will take their leave as they did.

Tiver smiled brightly as he walked over to where the figures once stood. "You know, they must be going on one grand adventure," Tiver said with his eyes red as his hand went across his face with a sniffle. "Now, don't wait up for me I'll catch later on. We'll all catch up later, but not yet."

Tiver smiled as he walked to the door his sniffles as quiet as he could keep them. "Well, I'm heading to the nearest Inn, and Cai'de is buying rooms for everyone. Well, aleast what I thought when she handed me her pouch of coins. No one worry I'll make sure everyone has a room when you make it there. So, I'll just head there first so no one here will have a problem finding a room." Tiver quickly shut the door behind him with a smile that only made his look like a sad child."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

09/27/2001 9:49 PM

Darkness, cloaked by magic, stood in a dark recess of the room. Upon seeing and hearing what transpired he let the spell go revealing himself. "Mertonius, we will all miss you." He then walked steadily from the room, his eyes that normally glowed deep red somehow became lighter. You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/28/2001 7:27 PM

"Im always late!" Douglas said as he ran into the hall. As he saw the tears in everyones eyes tears started to form in his. "Good bye" :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((ME) What do you like to do?
(ME) Like bunnies?
(BILL) No friends!

09/30/2001 3:42 AM

Joe rises from the darkness he had hid in. "So long...and see you later. Old pal." He smiles sadly, and leaves the room.
Ghostbuster sniffs...his eyes filled with tears. "Fizbans blessing on you...wherever you are. I have a feeling you'll need it. " He sniffs again, then removes his platinum meddalion. "I can always get another." he says, and puts it on the ground. An offering,to whatever comes.
To err is human, to moo bovine.

10/04/2001 2:40 AM

A cloaked figure enters the empty hall. He's not a powerful wizard, nor a special cleric. He is just a humble hermit cloaked in a thick brown robe. In his hand is a rose and a note. Softly he makes his way to the chair he knew his friend had just vacated.

"Looks like I'm late again, my friend," he says, laying the rose on empty chair. "But I never did like a scene. You on the other hand... Well, at least you got the sending off you've always wanted. Anyway, I wrote this for you. It's not a goodbye note, or anything special, just a little poem I had thought you'd like. It came to me that last time we parted. I never realized that it truly would be the last time we would meet in this world again. Well, no matter, we've said all we had needed to say, so now I'll just wish you God speed, and hope to see you in the next world." He laid the note on the chair, where a single tear fell from his eyes and left a smirk on the middle of the page.

"I had wanted to give you this in person, but now I guess it's a little too late. Well, we did have some good times, didn't we, friend?" he asks into the air. When the room remains predictably silent, he smiles, takes a final look around and walks out of the hall.

"Fare-thee-well, old friend. Good journey."

On the note is a simple poem:

Exiled Dreamer

And sleepers quiver, one by one,
On broken beds of glass,
And demons whisper, “let’s have fun,”
To sinners at their mass.

Oh, hear them crawling, scurry, stir,
In darkened corners black,
For bleeding angels, doped on myrrh,
Will stab you in the back.

Now silence stalks the splintered hearts
Of those too sick and sad
To heed the warnings and impart
The ravings of the mad.

So whimper, blossom, in thy sleep,
For fear is all you have,
And promise me your soul to keep,
I’ll thank you much for that.

Menedemus, dedhorse.When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer.
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home.

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