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09/22/2001 8:46 PM

OOC: Okies, so, this is in the "Fifth Age", you know, the Dragon Overlords and all- before Malystryx is overthrown by Khellendros. I've read lots of posts and saw people's characters- cool, BTW! I noticed the dragon hybrids, and stuff, and although I'm new I thought I might try something different. So, you have your dragons, your dragon hybrids and your gem dragons... but did you ever think of an ALBINO dragon? Thus Selendrile was born.

IC: Selendrile soared through the air, some five hundred feet or so above ground. She was small, as dragons went in this day and age, perhaps a scant sixty feet long. Although her skin was pure white, and her wing membranes translucent, she was not a white dragon. Selendrile was an albino blue, as far as anyone knew, the only albino in existance. Her eyes were pale red, sometimes black, sometimes pink- it all depended on the angle of the light. She preferred it dark, since her delicate skin was so sensitive to the sun. She snorted at the memory of this. Imagine, a blue dragon sensitive to sun, to heat! Her mind balked at such a paradox. Now, at dusk, she sailed like a winged ghost over the city of Palanthas. Banking, the albino did a complete loop-the-loop in the air. It was peaceful out here, just the way she liked it. Unlike most chromatics, she was a very gentle, placid creature, though she still harbored a hatred and grudging respect for metallics. Chuckling to herself, the albino dragon looked for a good spot to land. She was tired and hungry- her siblings had always driven her away from a meal when she was a hatchling, which contributed to her small size. Even as a young adult, she rarely got a chance to hunt. She didn't dare go out in the daylight, when the huge overlords and larger, if lesser, dragons were out. They could easily kill her, and even drove her away from kills she herself made. Selendrile had to content herself with old carrion. She was very thin, her bones showing in a way that she found irritating. For although Takhisis was gone, she still felt a compulsion to hide and despise weakness, even in herself. ESPECIALLY in herself. Now, as she settled to the ground near the ruins of the Tower of High Sorcery, she cast a quick glance around for something to eat- anything! She was so hungry! She was also prepared to flee at any sign of a threat. In anger and frustration, having turned over many rocks and boulders in the chance of finding someone crushed beneath the rubble, Selendrile exhaled a lightning bolt into the sky.

09/22/2001 9:23 PM

((OOC: An albino dragon? cool. heeheehee. i got an idea...))

Drache Blueflame rolled over in his sleep, stretching his long long graceful wings. He was one of a kind, unique in that he was not a true blue dragon. A kind mage had come across his egg before it had hatched and, when he had discovered the evil inside, attempted to destroy the newborn with the magical Blue Flame of Avvanom. The attempt had failed and naturally Drache had eaten the failure of a mage but it had left the young dragon scarred. His scales and wings, licked by blue flame, were a beautiful pattern of light and dark blues imitating a roaring fire. They shimmered and shone when hit with light, though one could not tell that in this dark, damp cave. Drache opened his equally blue eyes and slid into a state of wakeful sleep-a state he loved more than anything in the world. He felt waves of magic flow through his mind, the Flame of Avvanom had not only scarred his body but his brain taking his natural ability to launch lightning bolts. However an unseen side affect had tripled his sensitivity to magic and he now heard it as a song in his mind...a song he could easily manipulate. Clicking his crystal blue claws on the hard rock he added a fast paced beat to the ever present music and decided that he was too awake to return to sleep. He waited, lying still, till his body decided to move and he left his horde, protected by many, many wards, and walked out into sunlight. Smiling a thoroughly evil smile, he decided he was long overdue to 'check up on' the small, nearby village of Manaly.

Life without risk is merely existance.

09/22/2001 10:04 PM

OOC: I would love to join, But I have no Idea what character to use. KyniaStar(the PSI warrior) Kista Starblade (the Elf weilding earth magic) and Kalia Majere/Glimmer (Human female, silver robe/Crystal dragon) take your pick and I will play who you choose.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/22/2001 11:26 PM

Toolok sighed the sigh of the content. He was finally at peace. He had given up his mercenary ways and got his life on track. He owed it all to Sady, his beautiful wife. He had never really cared about anything until he met her. They were still newlyweds and had just moved to the small village of Manaly where he planned to make an honest living as a blacksmith. Yes, he was finally at peace...

09/23/2001 10:22 AM

(OOC: I think that in one of the dragon books, there was an albino silver dragon. A knight thought it was a white dragon and killed it, then realized what he had done and took the dragon's albino baby into his home)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/23/2001 11:19 AM

OOC: Douglas madfoot or the dragon firegold?! Ill be back!Is dead really worse than alive?

"Man i want a quarter pounder with cheese super sized."
Madcow that mans worse nightmare

"Can you say addictive?"

09/24/2001 7:46 PM

Nightshade flew over palanthas. A Dark shadow in the night. Nightshade a black dragon prefered flying at night. There were never pesky archers shooting at you. And the hunt was always much more fun. Flying passed the wrecked tower of sorcery he noticed a glow of white or silverish in the ruble kicking it around.

Damn it, One of the infurnal metalics. Oh well i feel like a fight anyway. he thought.

He swung down towords he ruble.

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09/25/2001 2:15 PM

Drache Blueflame sighed in contenment as the small village of Manaly came into sight. Riding a large updraft he watched the town for a few moments. People are so funny, he thought, they just go about their pitiful meaningless lives having no idea what horrors lay in store for them...Drache considered just burning the town to the ground but decided that his love for treasure outdid his love for death and destruction. At least for a while. Diving like a falcon, Drache rolled over in the wind, giving doomed minds one last look at true beauty. His blue flame patterned scales gleamed in the sun, sparkling like so many diamonds. The kalidoscope of blues disappeared as suddenly as they had come, for Drache had moved to blot out the sun. He heard a satisfying scream and then landed in the middle of the town, an action that shook the very earth. "I demand treasure! he roared. "Magical treasure or you shall all die." With a thoroughly evil grin he settled in to wait their reply.

--It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse--General Kane

09/26/2001 6:50 AM

Sweet dreams chased themselves in Keldiare Silverlake's mind, dreams of her human friends in Manalay . . . but then her dreams screamed . . . but the screaming persisted, and then she was shaken awake.

"Keldiare, Keldiare, the city's being attacked!!" Myzar Sunstream, a young Bronze declared urgently. The young silver shook her head awake, and only after a moment did she deduce the same. The two stood at the entrance to their small cave, looking as the Blue landed and bellowed to the inhabitants.

"Of course this had to happen while Gerlizaahn was away." Keldiare shook her head. "It looks like it's up to us." She said, looking at Myzar.

"Gerlizaahn will come back . . ." Myzar said quietly.

"Perhaps too late." Keldiare spread her silver wings against the rising moon and slipped into the night. Myzar sighed, then spread her bronze wings and joined her friend.

They were both extremely young, mere infants compared to the blue in the square, but they had been charged with safe-keeping the city after they had been rescued and raised by the humans, and this was a charge that Keldiare took very seriously.

They swooped circles above the blue, Myzar staring at the flamed pattern as the moon sparkled on it, with awe and hesitance. Keldiare lost her voice for a moment, then spoke, breaking at first but gaining courage.

"You have broken the charge made to me and my sister. You will leave this city now, or we will attack."

Myzar looked at Keldiare, then happened to glance out in the distance. She saw a gleam of white, and shivered for a moment, but then the moon played on it and she saw what she took to be silver. She smiled and looked again at Keldiare; "I think I see another silver further off!! I'll go get them as help!!" And she quickly swung away from the circle Keldiare had been maintaining.

"Myzar, don't . . . . don't leave me . . ." Keldiare pleaded, but she was soon alone, swopping in large circles over the blue like a vulture."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/26/2001 10:48 AM

Selendrile flew swiftly back from Palanthas. She had managed to snatch a tired-looking grey mare, but it had little meat on it and she was still hungry. As she flew, the albino blue dragon noticed a strange scene before her, near a small town just to the left of her, about a mile ahead. A blue dragon was threatening the residents of the town- but it was a dragon the likes of which she had never seen before. Suddenly, she balked, backwinging as a young female bronze dragon winged swiftly towards her.

She was startled and prepared to defend herself, thinking the bronze was going to attack her. But then she glanced down at herself, and realized with a jolt that the moonlight playing across her pale hide made her, too, look like a silver! She would have stopped to ponder this more, but had no time. She waited to see what would happen, unsure of whether this metallic dragon would realize her mistake, as the bronze dragon pulled up alongside her.

"Greetings," Selendrile said warily. "I am called Selendrile. For what purpose have you approached me?" She glanced at the blue, huge in comparison to her. "Is it because of that great blue?" Silly question. She knew the answer the moment she spoke. She looked up again. "If you like, I shall accompany you to the village, as I take it that is what you were going to ask me?"

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09/26/2001 2:08 PM

Drache Blueflame grinned, an evil grin that sent shivers down the young bronze's spine. "You want me to leave?" he asked with false innocence chuckling when the nervous dragon nodded. He was at least 3 times bigger than this infant. Rolling over lazily he glanced her way and said simply, "I'm hungry." Enjoying the pertrified fear that was playing across the so called guardian's face, Drache sat back and waited for the young bronze's companion to come back. He was bored and loved a challenge, no matter how small.

"They wouldn't put me on a pedestal so I'm laying 'em on a slab." --The Penguin

09/27/2001 7:20 AM

(ooc; You're actually talking to the silver, the bronze went off to get Selendril, thinking she was a silver.)

For now, Keldiare was alone. She drifted down and landed infront of the blue.

"A larger silver is on their way." She said, trying to sound intimidating. "You wouldn't want to fight all three of us, would you?"

Myzar sped quickly towards the silver . . . but as she got closer, something happened; the moon slipped behind the clouds and the silver drained to show a gleaming white. Myzar stopped so suddenly she fell to the ground with an loud "gah!!!" Laying haphjazardly with her wings spread out about her, she shook her head and looked at the white . . . the white . . .it was supposed to be silver!!! She told herself. Then, to make matters by far even worse, movement caught her eyes and she looked up to see the shadow of a black dragon . . .

Myzar's breathing came in ragged, frightened gasps. She was too petrified to move, though she knew she had to get back to Keldiare . . .why had she left in the first place?!?! "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/27/2001 10:11 AM

Selendrile had barely gotten her short greeting out of her mouth before she felt slightly colder. As she looked over her shoulder in alarm, she saw a cloud cover the face of the moon. Her silver gleam rapidly faded, revealing her naturally pale skin. In alarm, she backwinged away from the silver- then whirled around as she saw a huge dark shape behind her. A black dragon! "This keeps getting better and better," she commented. Turning her gaze back to the extroardinary blue dragon, Selendrile wondered if maybe she could dive past and get to the fellow blue before the bronze dragon could attack her. She definately didn't want to tangle with the immense black that she saw looming up behind her- she knew they had nasty tempers, and she was too weak to fight it off. Her colorless scales would easily give in to his acid breath. But if she went over to the blue, she might stand a chance. Furling her wings, Selendrile dropped like a stone underneath Myzar, and used her own momentum to power herself towards the village. As she spread out her feet to land, she saw the silver dragon circling above. "Oh nooo..."

09/27/2001 2:20 PM

((OOC: oops sorry about that. ok so i'm talking to the silver...right...))

Drache Blueflame watched the silver circle above and yawned. He had never been so bored, well except for that one time...gods that had sucked...he broke away from his memorizes when he noticed the silver was no longer looking at him in fear. Raising his massive head he looked to the west. There was the most interesting thing he had seen all day. A bronze was flying just below a white who was looking behind at a black dragon, who looked pretty damn angry. Grinning at this unexpected change in events, Drache pondered what to do. He should probably just take out the silver and bronze but he had no fondness for blacks and whites...well they're just stupid. Drache studied the white for a long moment. He felt a certain kinship to her, which was impossible as he had never been friends with a white. He peered at her, intriqued. He decided to let this play out, maybe even step in and help the metallics against the black...better if he died...and then kill the silver and bronze, of course, then deal with the strange white. Spreading enormous blue flame wings Drache flew past the terrified silver and approached the white, determined to have a front row seat to all the action.

"I will destroy you."S

09/27/2001 5:05 PM

Nightshade saw the look of the hatred and mistrust from the blue dragone on the ground. He did not trust him. Blues were crafty and disliked by many dragons. The blue took off from the ground and headed for the white. Nightshadow fell back hoping to watch the battle.

09/27/2001 6:19 PM

Topas was a beautiful dragon. She was a topaz dragon, scales that shone and sparkled like the gem itself. Topas was not that big, but to her kind she was one of the largest. She did not rely on talon or teeth to win, she used magic.
Topas flew lazily in the sky, the chill breeze stinging her face. Sudeenly she reared up, what was that smell? she asked herself, sniffing the air. The smell was diffinetly another dragon, but the smell was distored and mingled so she could not say what rae that dragon was.
Flying with immense speed becuase of her graceful body Topas arrived at a most odd site, serveral dragons flew about, two small metalics, a black, a odd white one, and a huge blue.
Topas kept her distance and watched, wanting to see what became of this situation.

09/27/2001 7:18 PM

Glimmer raised her head in startlement as the Topaz dragon flew by. Gem dragons were hard to come by on Krynn...She didn't know that there where any left of her kind...The Crystal. She stretched her feathered wings that spanned 180 feet, she uncoiled her lithe 90 foot body and lept into the air, seeking out the Topaz dragon...her only link to finding any others of her kind...may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/28/2001 6:47 AM

The blue dragon suddenly dodged past Keldiare to . . . the white??? Myzar said it was a silver! Keldiare then noticed her sister crouched in fear, stuck between a white and a blue, and a black. Keldiare held back a scream, but quickly flew from the village and joined Myzar's side.

"I'm sorry, Keldiare . . ." Myzar said, still shivering with fear. Keldiare, though young, stood over her sister with a look of determination which in some small way masked her fear. The two remained where they were and did not question the others, just wanting their village to remain safe. "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/28/2001 10:34 PM

"Oh Paladine, why must this happen?! I left this life behind...For Sady, my love." Toolok cried to the bright night sky.

Two of the young dragons that lived near the village were in trouble. At least three other dragons were out there, definately a Blue and a Black. Evil dragons. Toolok wanted to leave his past in the past, but he knew he had to help. It was the honorable thing to do.
Before Toolok had met Sady, he had earned his living as a mercenary. A Dragonslayer to be specific. He was all that remained of the Company of the Twelve. His friends, all dead by a vicious Red three years earlier. He was lucky to have escaped with his life...Toolok had given up that life for Sady, whom he had met while healing up after that battle. Now, he must once again don the accountrements of his trade...

Toolok went to the attic and uncovered a large chest. Within lay the trappings of a Slayer. Armor blessed by the goddess, a magical helm that allowed its wearer to go unseen, a quiver of specially-designed arrows, able to pentrate even the thick scales of a mighty dragon. Thirteen of these, there were. A great two-handed warsword, once worn by a Solamnic Knight that fought with the mighty Huma. After he suited up, he took out the last weapon, the one that marked him as the last surviving member of the Company- a wickedly sharp footmans lance. Not one of the famed Dragonlances, but a formidable weapon all the same. The blade was forged and folded by a master weaponsmith from Thorbardin, and it could cut through solid rock without chipping. A mighty weapon indeed.

Once prepared, Toolok went outside and found Sady at the edge of town with the other townfolk, concern on her face for the young dragons. Her face showed no sign of shock when she saw him, ready for battle. She smiled sadly and kissed his check "Come back to me, my love" was all she said.

Toolok put on his magic helm and headed towards the dragons. Against so many, he knew he stood no chance. He knew he would never see his sweet Sady again, yet he could not turn back. Honor is a powerful force...

As he ran towards the dragons, Toolok cried. Not out of fear, he cried for the life of peace he would never have. An overwhelming sadness decended upon him...
A sadness that quickly turned to an all-consuming rage...

09/29/2001 12:01 AM

Admist the snarls and growls of the other dragons, Topas regonized a distinct cry, from a human. Eyes narrowing Topas looked to the village but only saw frightened and running villagers.
The cry she heard was not of fear and thus it was not from these villagers. Gracefully sweeping down into the center of the village, the topaz dragon scanned and sniffed the air for something out of the odd. Yes, she told herself, it was the smell of metal, of a weapon.
Snarling Topas spoke a word of magic and her eyes suddenly tingled. Scanning the area again she saw what she expected, an armored man wielding a lance charging forward to the dragons.
Looking to the other dragons, who seemed at the time unaware of the man, Topas sprung into the air and glided up waiting to see what would happen of the dragon slayer and the other dragons.

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09/29/2001 3:32 AM

Glimmer again caught sight of the Topaz dragon and glided in gently to greet it. Glimmers crystal scales glittered brightly, her irridescant feathers of her wings, glowed softly in the moonlight(is it night?????)

"greetings friend.." Glimmer stated softly to the Topaz.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/01/2001 5:14 PM

Topas whirled suddenly at a vioce, and her mouth suddenly opened wide with disbelief. She hadnt known any other of her type lived.
"G-greetings f-freimd, " Topas stammered, still recovering. Then suddenly smiling, she spoke, "It is nice to see others of my kind," Topas spoke with respect. Turning her head she saw again the dragon slayer and quietly told the other gemmed dragon of what she had seen.

10/03/2001 3:39 PM

Drache Blueflame hovered in the air, shaking his head in frustration. So many dragons in one place!! And all he had wanted was some treasure...
He decided to wait for one of the many dragons to confront him...it was easier than picking his own fight and from here he could easily retreat. Not that that would be necessary. Drache firmly believed he could take on any of these dragons, but his lazy nature had not yet been overcome by a thirst for blood. Once that happened...Drache laughed, envisoning a blood soaked ground full of dying dragons. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/03/2001 4:18 PM

Nightshade heard the scream of a human. He looked around, searching for the creature making all the noise. Running towards them was a man with armour on, and a large spear.

He quickly flew out of range of the spear.

10/03/2001 7:10 PM

Keldiare whipped her head as the human called. She knew him . . .she knew his love . . .She had to help him . . . She bit Selendril's tail.

Myzar's nature was to hide in the safety of the den, waiting for her and Keldiare's guardian to return. Keldiare usually stood on the brink of the den. Now, they were in the middle of it, with no one to guard them. Keldiare then left her side to . . .Myzar moaned, to confront the white one. The bronze dragon knew she had to do something, but she was too afraid. It was an effort for her to sit up and give a warning squeak, letting all know she was still there, and slowly screwing up any courage she felt in her . . . moment by moment."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/03/2001 9:34 PM

As Toolok reached bowshot of the dragons, the young silver sprang into action. with lightning like speed, she clamped her small but powerful jaws down upon a strange whites tail.
The battle was joined.

Toolok nocked an arrow and drew his bow string taunt. It was time to do what he did best. Kill dragons.

He picked his target and let the missle fly. He could envision the shock the dragon would experience when the blessed arrow penetrated its tough, scaly hide. It wouldnt be long now...
the arrow was only a handsbreadth from the large Black.

10/03/2001 10:22 PM

Nightshade watched the dragon slayer draw the string of his bow tight. Blacks being the most aware of magik could feel the blessing apon the arrow.
He thought to himself.
The archer let loose with the shot. It came up higher higher.

Nightshade swerved away from the arrow as fast as he could. But he felt it penetrat the right hind leg. It went through as if there was no scales there at all.
" AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH. For that you will pay dearly mortal."
Flying into the darkness Nightshade left the village. As soon as it was out of sight he doubled back and came in from the back. He flew over the village at a high altitude staying out of sight. Spoting the dragon slayer standing looking for another target he turned back. Again coming from the back of the village. But this time he flew low. Almost touching the house tops. He droped down just in time to knock the pesky human aside from the back with his mighty front paw. He looked back with satisfaction to see the dragon slayer fly through the air.
" HAHAHAHAHA. Teach you to dawdle in affairs that are not yours." He bellowed

10/04/2001 4:27 AM

"RAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Without really thinking, Myzar attacked, running like a wild donky and latching her jaws without the thought of letting go around the black's foreleg."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/04/2001 10:11 AM

"Yeeagh!" Selendrile struggled against the silver, trying to free her tail. The young metallic was strong, and she was not able to tug the tail free. Wings flapping, neck jerking, she continued to try toescape. Craning her neck down, she opened her jaws and exhaled a bolt of azure lightning directly at the silver. It hit her with an explosion of scales and a strange sizzle- the jaws loosened from the impact. Seeing her chance, Selendrile yanked her tail free and shot into the air. Hovering perhaps seven wingbeats above the silver, the albino blue looked around at the opposition. She saw and heard the dragonslayer shoot the large black, and winced at the thought of his acid hitting the human. Backwinging, she tried to edge closer to the blue. She stood a better chance if she was near one of her own kind.

10/04/2001 11:32 AM

Keldiare yelled out with pain as she was hit with the lightning, forcing her to let go and fall back, wounded. *That wasn't a white . . .* She thought as she looked up as it moved in closer to the blue. "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/04/2001 4:20 PM

Nightshade felt the young gold latch to his front leg.
" AHHHH.Why you little.........." He felt the teeth go deeper.
" Fine then you to will feel pain."
Nightshade brought his otherforleg up and racked the claws into the golds neck.

10/04/2001 9:09 PM

Myzar (who is actually bronze) only whimpered, clenching her teeth against his leg in response to the pain. It seemed she had resolved not to let go. Keldiare saw what trouble her sister was in, however, and hobbled over as fast as she could and rammed into the black's hind leg, right where the arrow had hit."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/04/2001 9:23 PM

OOC: Nightshade was flying through all of this. but hey its all good.

" Urrrrrrr. You two are becoming bothersome."
Nightshade swung his head around and looked at the silver. He opened his mouth spraying a stream of acid upon the silvers back and side.

10/05/2001 6:09 AM

Again, Keldiare screamed and fell back with pain, intense pain. She fluttered hap-hazardly to the ground with a *thump*, took a staggaring step, and collapsed.

Tears formed in Myzar's clenched closed eyes, but she would not let go."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/05/2001 9:56 AM

Selendrile watched in alarm and awe as the silver dragon collapsed to the ground. She had never seen such agony before, even in an enemy, and she watched with mixed horror and fascination as the skin and flesh was seared off of Keldiare's back and sides. Selendrile turned her ruby-red eyes, dark in the moonlight, up to the great spreading darkness that was the black dragon. She shuddered. "I would not like to cross that one," she said to no one in particular. Still...
The albino dragon's gaze was drawn back to the dragonslayer, and she watched him nervously. She could feel the magic in the weapons he carried, a strange humming in her bones. As much as she was wary of this human with his arrows that could cleave through her flesh like a sword through clay, she had a grudging respect for his skill. She debated whether to try and steal his weapons, study them at leisure back in her lair. But her scales were softer than the black dragon's, and caution overtook the desire for knowledge. If she was killed, there would be no more albino dragons on Krynn. She shifted her attention back to the dragons, looking for an opening to attack.

10/05/2001 3:49 PM

Topas watched in amusment, a faint smile on her mouth. Seeing the black and bronze in a fight, and the albino shoot the silver from the sky, Topas decided to take action.
The topaz dragon was neutral, so didnt care which dragon she attacked, just was in need for some fun. The small topaz suddenly bolted forward, eyes set on the strange blue-white dragon. Only feet away Topas reared back suddenly a spell upon her lips.
A huge bolt of blue energy suddenly sped from her clawed hand and smashed into the unsuspecting albino dragon. A huge explosion of blue light and filled the air, and in a shower of scales and blood Topas grinned as she heard the screams and roars of pain from the dragon.
"My, this is fun." Topas said silently and darted around with amazing speed waiting to see what the albino dragon would do.

10/05/2001 8:57 PM

Toolok landed with a thud. He lay motionless for a few precious moments, dazed and winded. His body was on fire. Every muscle seemed to scream at him.

The pain only strengthened his resolve. Dragons would die this day.

Luckily, nothing was broken. His left shoulder was starting to stiffen, but he ignored it.
War raged all around. The young metallics were taking a beating from the massive Black, and a strange bluish colored dragon had just blasted the White. The sky rained blood.

The Black was low to the ground with his back to him, his attention focused on the young dragons. "Do not underestimate us humans, dragon, it may cost you your head" he said softly to himself. He had twelve arrows left. He took out two. One he planted in the ground within reach, the other he nocked. He drew a bead on the Black and let go. He grabbed the next one and fired immediately after the first. He watched in satisfaction as one pierced the Black near the spine and the other tore through a wing membrane.
Toolok saw his death in the dragons hate-filled gaze.

He let out a cry of rage and ran as hard as he could for his lance, which was lying several yards away.

10/05/2001 9:59 PM

((OOC: Sorry people! I forgot to check this one...I think my comp is messing up...didn't show any new posts...))

Drache watched the various fights with amusement. He watched the small human shoot the black and decided to be weary of that one. He watched the bronze and black, not caring which one won. He applauded when the strange white took out the silver and then watched as the topaz shot the white with magic. He suddenly felt royally pissed off.

With a roar, Drache adjusted his flight and headed for the gem dragon. He brought to mind his powerful magic, creating a shield of invisible power. He was too mad for finesse and so settled for brute strength. The gem was much smaller than Drache, however she didn't seem to notice the large figure coming up behind her at ramming speed. A second before collision the gem turned...

((OOC: heeheehee...)) Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/06/2001 2:02 AM

OOC: hehe...I guess that you forgot about the Crystal Dragon near the Topaz didn't you.

BIC: Glimmer had noticed the other dragon diving for Topas. She snarled, and Dived, slamming into Topas, clearing her from the destructive path of the other dragon. Glimmer broke Topas's fall, and landed fanning out her Irridescant Featherd wings.

Glimmer lowered her head and hissed angrily at the other dragon. She lept into the air, and flew fast at Drache. she murmered a word of magic, as a shimmering white sheild formed around her.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/06/2001 7:33 AM

Nightshade being the larger of the two dragons controled the way they flew. He moved stedily upward. Then he felt the shock of the first arrow in the back, barley missing the spine. The second toar some wing membrane. The bronze still clenched on the foreleg. Nightshades claws digging deeper and deeper into it's flesh. Making a instant decision the large black stopped flapping and started to plomet to the earth in a spiral. He quickly shifted the bronze under him.
Nightshade brought to his mind the words of a spell. He uttered them and sent it at the dragonslayer. It was a fog spell. It made it so that all he could see was a deep fog. even though it was clear. With that done he noticed the ground was getting closer and closer. Seconds before he hit the ground he flung out his wings. Air filled them. it broke him enough to no be hurt, but he still hit the ground ontop of the bronze hard.

10/06/2001 10:40 AM

(Woot! Thanks Glimmer.)

Topas saw the other gem dragon snarl and fly forward, then a shimmering field surround her. Looking around she spotted the huge blue dragon and snarled, big or not, Topas would make him pay.
Darting up high Topas again focused her mind and brough a spell to her mind, flicking her hand forward several bolts speed unerringly towards the huge blue and sizzled through scales and into flesh.
But the huge blue could have been hit by a flea and had the same reaction.
Topas speed forward using her small frame to dextrously get behind the blue dragon, reaching forward Topas clawed into the dragons neck and tore scales, holding on for dear life, Topas hoped Glimmer would take advantage of the distraction...
IF there even was one.

10/06/2001 11:58 AM

((OOC: Crystal Dragon???? What Crystal dragon??? Oh yeah you. heh. :)))

Drache watched in amusment as a crystal dragon rammed into the topaz, effectivly moving her out of the way. The impact didn't have half the effect Drache would have had but the topaz got hit either way so Drache was happy. He hid his amusement though, for it wasn't wise to further enrage any enemy no matter how small the threat may seem. Drache's asessment proved correct when the crystal raised a shield similar to his own. Drache hesitated, waiting for an opening. It came a second later when the topaz's bolts of energy were absorbed by his shield and the topaz, in a moment of fatal error, dove towards him, obviously wanting to distract him.

Drache, hiding a grin, let his shield open to the doomed dragon and when she was in range, closed the shield in on her. A few cuts on his neck by her sharp teeth were a welcomed price to pay as he drew in his shield, squeezing the life out of the gemmed dragon. He pelted her with fire, then ice, then rare power looking for an appropriate weakness. Trapped in between the shield and the enraged blue, the topaz struggled, alone, for it would take a long time for the crystal to break the shield and be able to aid her sister dragon. Drache grinned.

"Ssssurrender and perhaps I will not kill you..." he hissed. "Sssurrender to my magic..." He didn't expect her to answer, the shield had all but cut off her air supply. He called to mind spells of slavery, ones he had delevoped with his unique magic. Silently he thanked the Flames of Avvanom, for all they had taken from him, he had gotten much in return. All she had to do was give in for one moment and she would be his for as long as his strength of mind outdid hers. One moment of weakness and he could break her...


((OOC: This is fun! :)))
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/06/2001 12:41 PM

Myzar gave a defeated yelp, more like a squeak, the impact breaking her wings and left foreleg. She was finally forced to let go, but not before she had amply punctered the black's leg chipped bone.

Weak and afraid, she looked to the still form of her sister, and struggled to make her way to Keldiare.

"Gerlizaahn . . .where are you?" Myzar quietly whimpered.

Gerlizaahn was indeed already on his way back. He and his friend Kirgond Stone, a mercury, had aided the Solamnic knights in an attack against a minotaur takeover at sea. They had just barely topped the hill near the village when they saw with despair the scene that lay beneath them, Crystal, Topaz, a strange Blue, a strange White, an immense Black . . .and a small Silver and Bronze unmoving in the middle. With a terrible roar, Gerlizaahn, an immense Silver, dove straight for the black. Kirgond, not even one-fifth his compancion's size, zipped in an out of the action towards the young metallics.

((ooc; just to clear any confusion, I had always planned on bringing Gerlizaahn and Kirgond in, it's not a result of Keldiare and Myzar being defeated))"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/07/2001 6:46 PM

Suddenly, everything around Toolok went white.
It was a deep fog. " Nature didnt make this. Damn dragon magic!" he cursed. He vision was completely obscured. He decided his best course was to get low, so he got down on hand and knee and began to crawl to where he thought his lance lay. His only hope was that something would distract whichever dragon had cast this spell ...in the meantime, he would rely on senses other than sight, like smell and hearing...

Somewhere far away, he heard one of the battered young dragons whimper pitifully...

10/07/2001 9:04 PM

Nightshade felt the young bronze's teeth chipp the bone in his leg. The pain was intoxicating. His head started to spin. He looked to the sky in pain and let out a roar. His vision caught hold of a large silver diving to him. He was in no condition to fight this beast in a fair fight. He brought a spell to mind and cast it quickly. Jumping to the side quickly he saw an image of another dragon just like him. Jumping to the sky the image of him also jumped. Mimicking his every move, except in the oppisit directions. Nightshade flew out side of the village.

10/07/2001 9:30 PM

Although Topas did not regonize the spell the blue was casting, it didnt take a genious to figure out it wasnt going to be to her benifit. The huge blue began to speak words to her, but Topas wasnt listening, she realized then she couldnt breathe.
Due to her small and weak body that all topaz dragons are born with, gem dragons like Topas spent most of their time studying and practicing magic, knowing they would never win physicaly.
Drawing a spell to mind, Topas managed a weak smile to the blue, and disapeared then reapear outside the shield.
"Let us see how well you do without your shield." Topas growled and spoke an incantation. The blues magic was strong, and Topas faltered, but came back, her mind focusing. The shield around the blue winked, then disapeared. Topas laughed as she now felt the magic moving through her vains like quicksilver, it had been long since she had used her magic.
With the shield gone, Topas hoped Glimmer could do some damage.

10/07/2001 11:07 PM

Though Glimmer was a Crystal Dragon, she was large, 150 feet from nose to tail, wings spanning 310 feet. Though Gem Dragons where rare, she was special, her egg was created Mellinia before the cataclysm. True, she had only walked the face of Krynn for 358 years, she was special all the more. Paladine himself blessed her egg, making her the only remaining true Daughter Of Paladine. With a roar, her sheild that she had on herself exploded outward, destroying the cloying sheild the Blue placed on her like thin crystal.

Glimmer climbed high, unlike most Gems, she was more adept to fighting claw and tooth, with some use of magic to protect herself. Her scales where invulnerable to Fire and Ice, and her feathered wings gave her a better flight agility that none of the other Dragons on the Face of Krynn could have.

Seconds passed, and Glimmer was nowhere to be seen, untill a faint Glitter of her scales could be seen, her wings folded tight at her sides, Claws out, breath held, ready to exhale a deadly plume of Frost fire. A Magical Breath Weapon, that froze the Blood, and burned flesh. She slammed into the blue, exhaling the deadly frost/fire in his face.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/08/2001 6:38 AM

Gerlizaahn attacked the image, but soon discovered it as much. He landed, growling, and madly searched the sky. It was a dark, night, however, and finding the black was difficult (probably exactly what the black had anticipated). Gerlizaahn thought he saw a depleting gleam, and promptly chased that, preparing his paralyzing breath weapon.

Kirgond landed and bent over the young metallics. Only Myzar looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, Gerlizaahn, we tried . . . " She murmered, disoriented. She laid her head back down and whimpered.

"Tis alright, we shall make things safe now, we're sure you tried the best you could . . ."Kirgond soothed. He leaned over and nudged Keldiare, who gave no repsonse. Kirgond sighed heavily. "Come on, Myzar, I'll take you back to the den . . ." He lifted her carefully, and hoping he would not be followed, lifted into the air and sped toward the cavern"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/08/2001 4:58 PM

OOC: I thought i should tell you Nightshade is not a dragon of the dark queen. In fact he more believes he is a chromatic. He quite pissed at the queen for all the stuff he went through in the war. thought i should just point that out. He is kind of neutral.

Nightshade flew from the villiage as fast as he could. He was not in the shape to fight. His back hurt like there was no tommorrow. And his leg was nearly in operable.
" Damned chromatics. I did not want to hurt them there are few enough of as it is. Why would they not just leave me alone. I just wanted to watch a fight."

Night shade heard somthing coming swiftly behind him. He looked back to see a silver coming up from the back quickly. Nightshade knew he was out for blood. It was him or the silver. Nightshade spun back around quickly. He let a cloud of acid go. Directly at the dragon.........

OOC: TolkaninFaznin sorry about the young chromatics. i hope they wern't perminent char. i didn't mean to kill one of them. i was just trying to get them off.

10/08/2001 6:02 PM

Drache roared in fury as the small topaz enacted a spell of teleportation and escaped his crushing shield. The evil blue was now determined to break the spirit of at least one of these annoying gem dragons. A moment later his shield was gone. Drache frowned. It was time to turn this battle back to his favor. He twisted around trying to get both gem dragons into view. As he did so he muttered, preparing both a trap and a spell. He took hits from both dragons, hoping one would do the obvious and try to finish him off. The crystal dragon disapeared just as Drache finished his spell. He had only to wait.

The hit came unexpectedly and Drache, for just a second believed he wasn't going to make it. He threw his body weight to the side and said the trigger word of his powerful spell. A sort of mist came over his being, making him as incorperal as a shadow. The crystal dragon slipped in the direction Drache had thrown himself, directly in the path of the topaz. Before she could stop her deadly breath she heard the topaz scream in agony.

Drache smiled evily and spun around. He released his spell and flew straight for the crystal who was busy diving after the fallen topaz. Drache fed off her pain and despair using it to plague her mind with thoughts of hopelessness.

Drache continued his downward flight. He reasoned that if, when he slammed into her, the crystal didn't die, her pain would add to despair and she would be his. Drache banked slightly, adjusting his course. Pain exploded in his right wing. Drache swore loudly. The deadly breath of that accursed gem dragon had skimmed his wing. Drache knew he should leave to recupporate but he couldn't move his wing enough to deflect from his path. He gritted his teeth, called his slavery spells to mind and hoped for the best as he came crashing downward...

((OOC: If, IF, you do defeat me please don't kill me. I don't wanna leave the thread. :))) Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/08/2001 6:27 PM

Topas screamed and twisted in pain as she plummeted down to the ground. Her face was burnt, and her wings where rimed in a bone chiling frost.
As the topaz dragon fell she realized maybe Glimmer wasnt on her team, and it had been a set up. Topas quickly dismissed the idea and flapped her wings futilely to slow her decent downward. With a scream of agony Topas crashed into the groung, her back leg snapped painfully, but suffered nothing worse. Trembling with pain Topas looked up to see the blue also falling and opened her mouth upward. A flash of light emmited from her mouth and sped upwards striking the blue in the chest, immediatly the blue was rimmed in a gold tinge, and found himself unable to move. Topas' breath weapon was a paralazation spell, now the blue would have no way of slowing himself.
With a whimper, Topas collapsed from the pain.

10/08/2001 8:13 PM

With the leaving of the Black, the fog spell soon dissipated. Toolok grabbed his fallen lance.

About two hundred yards to his left, a small dragon crashed to the ground with a cry of pain. It was a strange bluish color, and it scales glittered brightly. Speeding towards the fallen dragon was a strange, feather-winged dragon followed by a mighty Blue. Suddenly, the Blue was outlined in a gold flash.

He did not know the allegiance of the two strange dragons, but he knew the evil of blues.
Once again, Toolok took aim with his bow and let fly.

10/09/2001 5:17 AM

Gerlizaahn was surprised by the acid, and quickly blocked it with his paralyzing gas.

"Why did you hurt them?" He cried, "What has *happened*?!"

Kirgond set the whimpering Myzar carefully in her den, and left to retrieve Keldiare's body. He watched the other dragons carefully, wondering if any were possible of healing . . . he looked at the crystal . . . . .

((No problem, Nightshadow, they were not permanent, and I was trying to make it realistic,))"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/09/2001 5:38 AM

OOC: now I am completly confused... :(may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/09/2001 9:54 AM

((ooc; Here's what it looks like to me, if it helps any; large silver against large black, flamed blue against crystal and topaz, mercury attending young silver (presumed dead) and young bronze."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/09/2001 10:13 AM

Selendrile watched in horror as Drache was struck by the golden energy. She knew a paralysis spell when she saw it, and she was also aware of the dragonslayer preparing to fire at the seemingly helpless blue. With a scream of anger and fear, she hurled herself at the blue, knocking him out of the arrow's path. However, she had just put herself in an ideal position to be hit with the arrow herself.
With a terrible rending noise, the arrow hit her in the chest, slamming through skin and muscle to half-lodge beneath a rib. Her entire body convulsed with pain and shock, and then she was tumbling out of the sky, half-unconcious. She dazedly realized that for some odd reason, her wings weren't working no matter how hard she flapped. She somehow managed to right herself, pulled up, but nevertheless hit the ground with a loud thump. The albino turned her head, shaking off the red haze of pain and anger that shrouded her vision, and looked straight at Toolok. Her jaws opened wide, and she blasted him with a bolt of azure lightning. "Take that, damn you," she spat.

10/09/2001 4:13 PM

" I am saving my own life. I was attacked first. That damned dragon slayer screwed it all up. I just wanted to watch the action. When he fired at me it faught back. Then the damned fools tried to save him. Unfortunatly they did this by trying to end my life. It was me or them."

10/09/2001 7:23 PM

Gerlizaahn watched the black carefully, finally deciding he was telling the truth. But that didn't heal his children.
Carefully, he spoke;

"Will you help me, then, to save them? Had they realized you weren't a threat they wouldn't have attacked, I assure you.""I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/09/2001 7:32 PM

"What is it that i can do. I do not know the healing magik."

10/09/2001 7:36 PM

((OOC: heh. paralyzed. Not that I could move anyway...))

Drache plunged towards the ground where the fallen gem dragon lay. Darkness infringed on his vision, closing in until a flash of gold filled his eyes. He dimly registered the paralyzing spell of the topaz, then the sight of an arrow pointed straight towards him. Drache moaned deep in his throat, for his mouth wouldn't move enough to release the sound. So this was it...the end...

Pain exploded along every muscle and joint in Drache's body as Selendrile slammed into him. But the pain was well worth it, for it saved the flame blue's life. He felt an instantanious connection to the strange white...but the thought was washed away when Drache realized he could move again! His right wing still hurt like the abyss but it obeyed his commands. Astonished, Drache looked up in time to see the strange white blast the errant human with an azure bolt of lightning. Lightning...Drache slowly realized the truth. The white was a blue! And the paralyzing spell...it had transfered at their touch, weakening enough for Drache's magic to over come it.

Raising his mighty wings, Drache felt an anger coursing though his blood. He barely felt his wing now. He flew swiftly to postition himself between his fellow blue and the remaining crystal dragon. Sparing a glance at the fallen topaz he shot a cone of flame at her for good measure. Then he looked to the crystal. His musing on how best to take her out were inturupted by a loud moan by Selendrile. Loyalty as Drache had never felt before come over the large blue, outweighing even his thirst for revenge. The albino would not last long in the midst of this battle. Drache sighed and looked at the crystal.

"This is not over," he spat, then enacted a teleportation spell that swept him and the albino away on the wings of magic.

((OOC: For the sake of clearing this confusion and just to prolong the fun (one of us would probably die soon), I am declaring this battle between myself, selendrile and the two gems a stalemate...for now :) hope no one minds. if ya do just follow me I guess...all those other battles make me nervous anyway :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/09/2001 9:18 PM

The dragons blast sent Toolok hurtling through the air. He landed on his back, hurt badly.

His armor had saved his life, but it was ruined. The breastplate had a blackened hole in its center. He knew the blast had broken some ribs, and it felt as though a lung could be punctured. Every breath was agony.

Mercifully, Toolok slipped into blackness...

10/10/2001 5:09 PM

Topas' scales where blessed and somewhat resistant to magic. The cone of flame licked over her body and burned a little, but no more. The sudden pain woke the topaz dragon and she snarled and rolled over just to see the large blue and albino get away with magic.
Although saddened somewhat, Topas was also glad, that she migt heal and restore before going out again in search of the blue. Standing wearily, she gave Glimmer a telepathic command as to wher her lair was, then sprung into the air and glided south towards her hiden lair, only Topas could see, or other gemmed dragons.

10/11/2001 2:42 AM

GLimmer turned in midair, hearing the Topaz's mental message. She glared at the Blue and then turned and flew off, following Topas, Gliding south...Hoping that there was somthing that she could do for her newfound friend. (Glimmer is very apt to healing spells)may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/11/2001 6:58 AM

"Did you see any of those dragons that might know healing?" Gerlizaahn asked the black.

"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/11/2001 4:15 PM

" I am not sure. One of the gemmed maybe. but the second they come back around the blue and the strange albino will attack. The blue is somthing to be delt with. But i can not do anything. I need a healer myself."

10/11/2001 5:06 PM

Drache Blueflame stared impatiently at the dragon lying unconsious on the floor of his hidden lair. He now regretted not staying and finishing off the two gems, though a small part of his mind realized that wasn't as easy as it sounded. He was tired and wanted to sleep but first he had to make sure that the albino was alive and maybe he should find out her name. Leaning close to her ear he roared.

"WAKE UP!"Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/12/2001 9:56 AM

"Yaaah!" Selendrile sat bolt upright as Drache yelled in her highly sensitive ear. This action reminded her the hard way that there was an arrow in her chest, and after a moment's pause, she grabbed it and ripped it out, throwing it out the entrance to the lair. Eyes wide with surprise and dazed confusion, she turned to Drache Blueflame and said, "Wha... where am I? Who are you?" She looked around at the cave, then at the strange blue. "I believe," she began, "that I owe you my life. Thank you." She dipped her head inm a bow. "I am called Selendrile."

10/12/2001 2:15 PM

Drache Blueflame regarded the grateful dragon for a long, uncomfortable moment.

"You do indeed owe me your life."

He rose to his full intimidating height, the light that filtered through the damp cave causing his flame pattern scales to shine with impressive beauty. His violet eyes bore into the albino, sizing her up. After a tense moment, Drache decided that he would continue to share his home with her.

"I am Drache Blueflame." He dipped his head slightly, acknowledging her bow but at the same time affirming his own superiority of strength. But the moment was stolen when Seledrile gave him a look that wrenched his heart and torn onto his memories. He flinched, then growled, losing any intimidation he might have inspired by his loss of control.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/16/2001 5:06 PM


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