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09/22/2001 8:08 PM

((OOC: I really have no idea if this is going to work but I'm going to try it anyway so bear with me people. This is set directly after the island of the Irda was destroyed. I'm gunna say that not everyone died. I need someone to play a captain or passenger on a ship that runs into the ruined island and after that anyone can just add any characters they want...has this been done already?))

Dianolanta stared into chaos, mouthing 'no' over and over again as she watched her world being torn asunder. Everything was burning! Everything was dying...Trees withered, animals fled. Death touched life and life was no more. Her island, their santuary was being thrown into the abyss, light quenched by darkness. No! her mind shouted. "No!!" her keen cry could be heard for miles but there was no answer. An eerie silence fell, a fiting testiment to the fallen and then she knew no more.

Dianolanta woke to pain, a burning pain of emotion that no physical wound could match. She remembered clearly the trial that her island, her home!, had faced and failed. She stood shakily seeing nothing but ashes everywhere. Those ashes, everywhere!, stained her clothes and burned her skin. She blinked her silver eyes and looked for something, anything, that had survived.
There was nothing.
Weak and overcome, Diano did not feel the tears slide down her cheeks, did not hear her own sobs...in fact she did not hear anything but a resounding cry of 'No!!' that seemed forever engraved in her mind. She stopped crying, too confused to cry. An instinct took over and she moved from the place that had formerly been her house. She looked for no others, for she had lived alone. She moved for most of the day, numbly, because her feet decided to go. But she could not get away from the ashes.

Dianolanta's feet stopped walking. It took her a long moment to realize she had arrived at the beach for she could no longer see the sand. She stared out onto the ocean, watching each wave crash as it moved towards shore. She had to watch them for if she didn't they would stop. More chaos. More...She looked away and cried a mute cry for she could not hear the waves.

And then there was one.

09/25/2001 2:18 PM


"I hate you"

09/25/2001 7:22 PM

"Shards, I'm too late," J'mes swore as he and Sarumth appeared over the island. "Well, it was worth a try. I should probably report bact to Palanthas Hold. I wonder if I should try to, ... no, I have no point of reference, and making time is difficult here. Well, I guess we had better start ba - wait, what's that? Is somebody there?" Hello?

(OOC: Your conveance from this island has arrived!)

Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

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09/26/2001 6:42 AM


LOL! :) ok ok i'l join as soon as you guys get to land! gotta think up a new character for this one.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/26/2001 2:25 PM

((OOC: heeheehee. thanks guys.))

Dianolanta's mind raged with thoughts, each coming faster than the last. She looked through the ocean, not really seeing it but concentrating on the fact that she knew it was there. She cried out, cursing every god she could think of, then froze. She sensed something, a feeling that was completely alien to her and yet she knew that something--someone--else was here. Someone had survived! Spinning around Diano turned to greet the last of the Irda...then sank to her knees in despair.

((OOC: remember i'm deaf...))

The beatings will continue till morale improves.

09/26/2001 10:57 PM

For a moment, J'mes thought the charm he had been given which allowed him to speak common had failed, then he realized that he could not be heard at all. "Oh, you can't hear. Um, here." J'mes writes a note on a small pad hanging from his dragon, *Is anyone else here?* Then he hands it to the girl. She shakes her head no. *I guess I had better get you to a healer. Climb aboard* He gives the new note to the irda.

Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

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09/27/2001 2:31 PM

Dianolanta looked at the small note in her hand and noticed for the first time that she was covered in dirt and blood. She looked up and into his eyes ((OOC: btw what are you...?)) then back down. Scribbling quickly on the pad she then leaped forward, violently hugging her savior, sobbing, and pressing the pad into his hand all at the same time. Then, brushing her long blong hair away from her blue tinted face, she started towards his ship. J'mes looked at the pad in his hand which said simply, "Dianolanta, Last of the Irda."

Nothing exists in the dark that does not also exist in light. S

09/27/2001 5:00 PM

Justix was lost. During a strange and eventful storm about 3 days ago Justix had been blown off course, he and his dragon now flying around hoping desperatly for a hint of land or other life.
His mount, a giant blue flew gracefully, the sun shinnning of her beuatiful scales and awsome figure. Justix looked down to his own armor; black mail with a death lily on it and sighed, he wondered if he would even see his talon again and the great Lord Arakian.
"Sir, I see land." The blue blue said respectfuly. Justix looked up, and indeed far in the distance was an island, yet as the dragon flew closer he realized something was wrong.
The intire island was blakc and charred, blasted tree stumps everywhere. Just then he noticed a figure in the ash covered sand, and next to her a man on a dragon. (i think your on a dragon.)
"Land in that cleared area Topas." JUstix commanded his dragon.
Silent as a floating leaf the rider and mount landed, not 50ft from the two figures.

09/27/2001 8:41 PM

(OOC: J'mes is a Pernese dragon rider. His dragon is brown Sarumth, and his lizard is Endy. For more info, see the "introductions" thread.)

J'mes helped the irda onto the dragon. "Don't worry, it'll be okay" He said to her. Although she couldn't hear him, she could understand his eyes and his manner, and settled herself on the dragon.

*Another dragon has arrived. A scaled one. * (The pernese dragon's term for native dragons) Sarumth sent to J'mes.

J'mes looked around for a moment, then called out to the newcomer. "Hello, who is that in the trees?"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/27/2001 8:51 PM

OOC: I'm gonna use Kynia and Kyel...She can use mind speach...somthing an Irdra is bound to have...hehe..since Kynia has Irdra blood in her anyway. :)

BIC: Kynia brought her small ship to anchor. Kyel lay at the bow of the boat, to keep from capsizing it. he nickered softly and spoke in his soft mind tones. //Kynia....what is it you hope to find here?//

Kynia's dark blue eyes darkened even more. "I don't know Kyel..." she mused aloud. "This is supposed to be the Home of the Irdra...Our ancestors...the Watchers. I am hoping to find somthing that might give us a clue to helping our people" She held the boat steady as Kyel stood, then stepped out.

Kyel shook himself all over, sheding water. He gave his silver tail one final flick and knelt to allow Kynia on his back. //well then...lets see what we can find.// He set of at a brisk canter.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/28/2001 1:55 PM

((OOC: telepathy? cool. i read the book about the irda but i had forgotten that they were telepathic...i'm gunna say for now that that perticular talent has so far been unused by dianolanta. i know she eventually developes a kinda sign language...hm...have to figure that one out...))

Dianolanta accepted J'mes's hand and started to get on the great dragon when her companion froze and called out. She struggled to read his lips but it was no use. She was not very good at speaking common...not that it made any difference now. But she could tell that he was not talking to her and she had that feeling again...others were here. Shivering despite the warm sun Diano abruptly wondered if she might still die here...with her home...

Every man dies, not every man really lives. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/28/2001 10:52 PM

OOC: she may not use it much, but she would probably recieve a thought as clearly as if she could hear.

BIC: Kyel cantered on, kicking up sand and water. Kynia looked about alertly. As they rounded a bend on the stretch of beach, Kynia noticed an odd dragon...brown leathery skin, with no scales...with a human dressed in heavy riding leathers, and...An Irdra. Kynia reached out hoping that the Irdra could at least recieve her message.

//Greetings friend......//Kynia sent silenly trying not to stare openmouthed at the Irdra.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/29/2001 12:08 AM

Unmounting his dragon Justix noted the arrival of even another figure. Drawing his long sword, Justix crept forward through the brush silently cursing the hot weather which made him sweat beneathe his black armor.
Emmerging from the brush Justix noted two idra, a human, and a strange looking dragon.
It didnt seem as though anyone had heard or seen him. Moving only as silently as a knight in full armor can JUstix sprung forward sword waving.
"WHo are you? What are you doing here?" He snarled looking to the three.

09/29/2001 3:17 AM

OOC: Kynia is Half Irdra and Half Elven...For all who don't know her, She has long Dark brown hair, and dark sapphire blue eyes. her ears are slightly pointed, and her skin is a cream in coffee color. Kyel is Pure white, his mane and tail are tinted with silver and his eyes are errily human..and a Bright Blue he is about the size of a full grown arabian stallion.

BIC: Kynia turned toward the voice as Kyel acted like the stupid horse everyone thought he was. He reared and trupeted his battle scream. Kynia held on gracefully, for Kyel had done this before. casually she drew her rapier and held it down by her side.

"I believe sir knight, we could ask the same of you..."

she replied coolly as Kyel pranced in place. //how am I doing??// he asked her mentally. Kynia had to strugle to keep her face straight. //fine...now shut up you brute!!//may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/29/2001 12:35 PM

OOC: ok im gonna play a kender named onus quikfingers. tryin to wait til you guys get off the island to meet you though.


Onus went through life in the carefree way only a kender can. Walking through the little town he seemed to have "found" a whole lot of things just fall into his pouches. "Oh well, maybe i'll just give these back the next time I see them." Travelling to no place in particular he strolled along carefree humming a song he heard some child singing " H to the izzo V to the izz aye fo she zee my nee zee used to dribble down in V A" Skipping along he felt any path was the right path except the left fork. Still humming he kept on his way.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/30/2001 12:04 AM

A figure washed it's way onto the shore of the island, a few feet away from where the group of people stood. If one went closer, they could see a slim build, long balck hair the colour of pitch, and fine elven features. This figure was a pure bread Silvanesti, a rareity in this day and age. The figure was breathing shallowly, and if the others noticed, they would see that she was near to death. The slivanesti's body shuddered as she lay there, half drowned, waiting for assistance...............Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

09/30/2001 2:31 PM

Dianolanta glanced around confused. So many people...she should be happy that many had survived but nothing could penetrate her acute sadness. Even so she couldn't take her eyes off the seemingly half-elven, half-irda woman. Diano would have sworn she had heard the woman's musical voice in her head. No, she thought. I can't hear anything. Biting back bitter tears she turned to look at the vast ocean. She gasped as lying there in the surf was an injured figure. She ran to the elf, who seemed near death. The others didn't notice, so intent were they on trying to figure out why they had all come to this place and what had destroyed it. A strong urge come over Diano and she knew she had to save the dying elf. Unconsciously she gathered the feeling she had felt when she had imagined the woman's voice in her head and channelled it back towards her. Diano didn't hear Kynia's scream as the telepathic energy exploded in her mind...

((OOC: If she's going to be telepathic she might as well be good at it!:)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/30/2001 2:42 PM

Kynia winced in pain at the Irdra's reply...her untrained telepathic reply.
she looked over and saw the injured elf in the water. Kyel bobbed his head
and followed Kynia over.

Kynia examined the elf carefully, and decided to use her healing power just enough to keep the elf
from dying. she rested her hands on the elf, and focused her mind as Kyel buffered her senses from
the Elf's pain. seconds later, Kynia removed her hands, the Elf's breathing was even, and her pulse was
regular, though to Dianolanta, Kynia didn't seem to have done anything, but the elf did seem to be considerably

//She will survive now my friend...// Kynia sent gently, vowing to teach the woman how to send properly.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/01/2001 4:06 PM

J'mes, Sarumth, and Endy all suffer for a moment from the blast of energy in Diano's head. The eyes of both the dragon and lizard spin rapidly in bright red tones of anger as they face the knight. (Pern Dragons and Firelizards are naturally telepathic, and their riders have a permanent telepathic link to their dragons. So J'mes heard it from Sarumth, etc. The color and speed of rotation in a dragon's eye reflect its mood.)

"Um, I think a storm is coming. We may want to get to the mainland. I have fellis and numbweed if anyone is injured, although you appear to have healed the worst of it. As for you, sir knight, I suggest you put your weapon down. While one of the ladies here is injured, I can assure you that the others are skilled mages." *Hopefully not a bluff* he thinks to himself. "Lay M'lady accross Sarumth's back. Dianolanta and I will take here to the mainland."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/01/2001 5:08 PM

Justix glowered at the man on the dragon.
"I dont believe you are going anywhere. You will be brought to Ariakian for questioning. Come with me peacfully," he turned to the Half Idra, "Put your weapon away child," he spoke cooly, yet ironicly respectfully.
Seeing one idra dart away to a new figure that had washed up upon the shore.
"Where are ya going lady," Justiz demanded and grabbed the Idra on the shoulder. The Idra didnt even seem to hear him, "Stay where i ca see you." He spoke into her face, yet the Idra he held looked at him without the slightest hint of comprehension.

10/01/2001 11:00 PM

(OOC: Wabuguk, hope you don’t mind my taking a few lines of text from you. Welcome to the forums.)

*So much for your bluff* Sarumth thought to J'mes, his eyes whirling franticly in fierce red. “Sir, this lady is hurt. She needs a healer. We must get her back to the mainland before the storm hits. And believe me, there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

“I think there is” the knight replied, the sun shining through his hair. He lifted his sword and started to move at J’mes when Enndy streaked down, all 20 claws bearing strait into his face. “Arghhh! Get this thing off me!” he shouted, trying to peal the lizard off. The sound stirred his dragon, which began to move towards the commotion.

“Quick, M’lady Diono, lay her on the beach, then climb on. Kynia, get on Kyel and try to lead his blue away.” J’mes ordered.


*Don’t worry, M’lady, I will take care of her* Sarumth thought to Diono. Both Diono and J’mes were startled to hear the thoughts addressed to anyone but J’mes. Diono lay the sleeping half-Irda on the beach, and then climbed on. Quickly, the dragon, J’mes and Diono lifted into the air. The dragon gently picked up the half-Irda in its claws. “Meet me at a Tavern called 'The Weyr' in Palanthas.” J’mes called to Kynia. “I’ll go get her some help.” With that, he and Kynia rode into the air on their dragons. Once they were out of reach, Endy flew off of the knight and met up with J'mes. J'mes flew towards Palanthas, leaving Kyel to stop the blue.

Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

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10/02/2001 7:34 AM

OOC: Thanks thistledown I was starting to think you guys would never leave the island! LOL! :)

BIC: Having traveled the better part of two days Onus decided it was time to stop and explore one of his favorite places to visit. "Ahhh Palanthas! What a wonderful city. Funny how people are always dropping things into my pouches though. Its a wonder they can keep track of anything here."

Seeing the look of scorn on the shopkeepers faces as he passed by and the astonished look of the townspeople as they cluthed there belongings, Onus sighed. "I guess some of the people are a little mad at me because I havnt come to visit more often." Tugging at the merchants garment he spoke solemly "I promise i'll come here more often and visit, its just that i've been busy and all." The merchant standing there perplexed hurridly went on his way. Onus giggled and clapped his hands in delight as he saw what he was looking for. "The weyr, they are always so happy to see me there; they are even kind enough to escort me out of the city sometimes. Guess you cant get better service than that. I think i'll go meet some old friends there." Wondering how the merchant could have lost such a fine peice of jewlery Onus shrugged. "He should be glad I found it for him, i'll give it back tommorrow." Walking to the tavern he hummed on his way "I dont see nuthin wrong with a little bump an grind. I dont see nuthin wrong..................:) :) ;)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/02/2001 2:31 PM

Dianolanta sat on the back of the great pernese dragon, her thoughts reflecting on all that had happened this day. She had been surprised and somewhat pleased when she had discovered the telepathy wielded by the half-Irda and her current companion was not a figment of her imagination. But at the same time...talking meant thinking and thinking meant...She turned her face into the wind and closed her eyes. Her long golden hair streamed behind her, the wind curessed her blue skin. It felt soft and reassuring. she thought and the words rang with more hope than Diano would have thought possible. Irda, by nature, are solitary people and Diano was no exception. She had spent most of her life on her island home and had had many friends...but constant companionship was not a norm. It wasn't even wanted...and now? she thought absently at her companion. She closed her beautiful eyes and fell into a restless sleep. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/02/2001 3:51 PM

"We must hurry, Sarumth. Both of them have had rough days and one is sick. Take us between to Palanthas." He visualized the great city of Palanthas in his head, its towers sparkling in the sun. Suddenly, the dragon was engulfed in intense blackness, and a coldness deeper than space. A few seconds later, they appeared in the air above the city. "Take us to the Inn, Sarumth." A few moments later, they glided down to the Inn known as the Weyr. Sarumth laid the comatose half-irda at his feet, and J'mes carried the Irda off the dragon. "Mala, I need your help, quick!" He yelled into the inn. A few moments later, an elderly woman and many helpers appeared in the doorway and took the irdas up to vacent rooms to rest.

"Don't worry, Dragonrider, they will be all right. Feel free to stay as long as you need to."

"Thanks Mala, although I don't expect to be spending the night, I am expecting at least one more dragon and rider, and maybe another set."

"I will save a room for them. Now, I must be off to my duties."

As the old woman walked away, J'mes saw a kender approaching him.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/02/2001 5:15 PM

Onus was EXTREMLY interested in the new happenings, decideing to investigate he skipped over to j'mes. "Say that looks like an interesting lot you have there. What happened. Might be interesting to look all sickly like them. Ya know i never have been sick. Hey i know lets go see if i can help, i know a few medicine tricks, wanna try em? By the way my names Onus. Looks like you guys might need some company."

With j'mes money pouch in his hand he whispered "Ya know, you should really be careful where you drop your money. Lets go see to your friends."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/02/2001 6:27 PM

(OK, so i have a lizard on me, and you left a HORSE to take out my dragon. LOL)

JUstix rolled to the ground and heaved the giant lizard off him. Standing quickly Justix snarled and looked at the strange creature. The lizard hissed and sprung, but Justix deftly parried the attack and knocked the creature away. With a growl Justix darted in with amazing speed for a dark knight in full armor and plunged his sword into the lizards shoulder. Hissing again the creature scurryed off, Justix was going to pursue when he realized the
people had gone.
Topas roared and sprung forward towards Kyel, a horse. JUstix whirled to see his huge dragon now chewing on something.
"WE must follow them!" Justix screamed and jumped upon his dragon. Topas glided into the air and took hot pursiut.

Landing in the trees away from the city Justix commanded his dragon to remain behind and entereed the city of Palthanas, via the underground tunnles that thieves used. Jutix was different than other knight, any other knight would have appraoched the front gates, his pride not allowing him to sneak around. Justix was differernt, he cared nothing for the honor or strict code. Noone pestered him as he moved through the tunnles. Before he was about to open a sewer gate the emerge onto the street, Justix stripped of his armor and put it into his pack, sword still rattling at his side he emerged and went off in search for the people he had seen earlier.

10/02/2001 7:49 PM

(OOC: think again...Kyel is more than a horse. And Kynia is with J'mes right??))

Just as the Dragon tuned on him, Kyel reared, and Fletched...(kinda like going In Between for the Pernese dragons) seconds later he could be seen as a streaking silver/white light behind Saurmuth.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/03/2001 12:15 AM

(OOC: Justix, you were a little late with the lizard. Endy had flown off as soon as Sarumth cleared the island. We can just ignore the bit about the horse (that was amusing though) and use the rest of your post. Oh, and I took Diono and Mirror's character with me, so Kynia must be with Kyel (the other dragon), on their way towards Palanthas.)

"Thank you, Onus, I'll have to be more carefull. Ah, there are Kyel and Kynia. We will have to talk inside the inn."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/03/2001 6:04 AM

"Gee this seems like its gonna be exciting! Um will we get to see some evil dragons? OR or maybe a dark elf, I never had a chance to meet a dark elf you know; they seem kinda anti social. Hey I know...........lemme tell you about the time I fought two black robes who were mad at me cause I "found' there spell book for them, they werent very nice."
Walking alongside J'mes they made their way towards the others. "So anyway I kinda had some braclet that let me become invisible and they couldnt find me. Boy! Mages sure get angry when you use their things and I..........................................."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/03/2001 6:43 AM

OOC: Kyel Is Not A Dragon!! He is a Horse...or similar to it...I havn't disclosed what his real Identity is, but I am leaning towards the spirits of the Irdra that founded and now watch over the Kirioyal.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/03/2001 6:44 AM

OOC: Kyel Is Not A Dragon!! He is a Horse...or similar to it...I havn't disclosed what his real Identity is, but I am leaning towards the spirits of the Irdra that founded and now watch over the Kirioyal.

BIC: Kynia patted Kyel's arched white neck. now that they where in Palanthas, they could find the Elf and the Irdra.
may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

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10/03/2001 9:41 AM

(ooc: Ok, I got the point!)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/03/2001 5:48 PM

/ooc sorry so many god damn people and names i am confused, that why i left my dragon behind so you only have to worry about one char...

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