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09/20/2001 9:11 AM

Gnauty the gnome accidently invented a time traveling device while figuring out a way to make a large load of material transfer from one place to another. After attending a council on the afteraffectofthecataclysmonkrynn meeting, he decided to go back in time and warn the kingpriest. He took his sister gnice and there friend kel quickfingers (everyone should know that gnomes kender and such can alter time since they were not made by the gods but by chaos.) He went back a year before the cataclysm and warned the kingpriest who would not listen. He then made the kingpriest go to the future and see what he had done, this convinced him. He didnt make his foolish demands on the gods thus istar remained on krynn and the cataclysm never occured.

Upon returning to his own time gnauty saw his folly. The light of goodness was so great that it blinded all to its fault thus bringing the world into darkness. The kingpriest Porthios banned magic and the practice of it. Anyone not worshipping paladine was put in prison along with the mage's (well the weaker mages). He was in effect the emperor of the world. The knights of istar controled the lands and the dragons were too busy fighting among themselves.

The gods can do nothing, chaos has seen to that. He likes the fact that there is chaos about to brew on krynn for he knows that the balance is to far on the side of good which ultimatly isnt to far from evil (confusing) in abundance. Gnauty and his friends are killed by the kingpriest to hide there secret, but not before gnauty is able to tell a friend and kel's brother onus quickfingers of what has happened and he tells him he must get the device and go back in time to stop what has occured. Getting it will be hard since the kingpriest has it well guarded.

Porthios-Kingpriest of istar (present)

Onus quickfingers-has time device and must go in time to correct things. (Im playing him)

Gilthanis-genaral and commander of the knights of istar

bring other characters if you want

OOC: this will start in the present while onus tries to get the device. However if you want, you can be someone he meets back in time to help or stop him. The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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