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09/18/2001 8:43 PM

This topic takes place before the fifth age and assumes that the chaos war never will take place. The dragon overlords have descended upon Krynn and are being directed by Takhisis. Since no metallic dragons are powerful enough or large enough to stop them, they have conquered most of Krynn. My dragon, Deathsurge, has been sent to command the overlords. Here is some info on my dragon.

Deathsurge, Ancient Wrym
Size: 250 feet from snout to tail (300 foot wingspan)
Color: Hybrid (black and blue, looks like a deep sapphire)

Deathsurge was created by Takhisis shortly after the first metallic eggs were corrupted by her magic to create the chromatics. He was created as an experiment, to create a mate for Takhisis from all the chromatic dragon colors, which failed due to the intervention of Paladine. Only two of the first five Hybrids still exist, Deathsurge and his mate Verliss (black and red). He was raised in all aspects by Takhisis, including his magic abilities.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/18/2001 8:58 PM

(The Lords of Doom, a volcanic mountain range that once protected the great city of Sanction, roared in celebration for Takhisis' grand victory. Sanction was destroyed by Deathsurge as an example to Takhisis' troops that their continuing failure has offended her. Now it was the base of the dragon overlords, the land being ripped apart to make caves large enough to accomodate their huge bodies. It was separated into six sections, each ones climate matching an overlords preferences, with Deathsurges mountain in the center. This mountain dwarfed all others on Krynn reaching thousands of feet into the heavens. And now, the overlords met to discuss their plans for Krynn.)

"I can see you have all arrived now, let us begin." Deathsurges deep voice caused his whole mountain to shudder. "Krynn is ours, and our queen is proud of us, but she still wants more. We must release her from her eternal prison in the abyss so that she may bask in the glory of her new empire. We must gather together the greatest mages on Krynn so that they can open the portal in Palanthas, and realese her. Malys, I charge you to take the tower in Wayreth. Beryl, you must enter Silvanesti and locate Cyan Bloodbane, he is great dragon, and he has learned much from the mages of Krynn over the years. Gellidus, Khellendros, and Sable, I charge the three of you to fly across the land and spread fear into the hearts of all the inhabitants of Krynn. This is our greatest hour, and we will not fail our queen." Deathsurge watched as the five dragons took flight, never had he seen such great beasts in the abyss. He had escaped that efernal prison, and now his mother will.

(OOC: I need someone to play each of the overlords, and if you have dragons of your own feel free to enter in at any time.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/19/2001 1:02 AM

She appeared as if she had always been there. A woman stood 200 feet from Deathsurge's side. A women, who's beauty struck most men dumb. Her alabaster skin seemd to glow under the straight hair of jet black. Her figure seduced, while her eyes consumed. She moved a step, just to make her presence known, then spoke. "Excuse me," her words were cool as icy, and split the air like a blade, " I am looking for Deathsurge, the dragon hybrid. My Queen sent me." Her hand moved, before his eyes was a medallion of Takhisis.

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09/19/2001 8:42 AM

Dark Robes swirled around his ankles, Robes of Blackest midnight, and unadorned. Only weaklings needed the power of runes for protection, with power such as his, he needed no such protection.

Delmer NightOwl, dark Elf, member of the conclave, and a man feared by many, even of his own order. He was not boastful of his power it was just a fact. Already surpassing the average Elven life span, Delmer spent centuries practicing the Dark arts of Nuitari, and on the odd occassion was actually taught by the Dark Son, in his younger years.

Over the past days and weeks, Delmer felt a power growing on Krynn, one which might prove to be at his advantage or his eventual down-fall. An evil presence whose power was vast and ancient, Delmer wanted to be apart of this power, and would do anything to achieve this goal.
"My Queen...It is your move." - Raistlin Majere

09/19/2001 7:37 PM

"I see my queen has sent another visitor. What is it you want my lady." Deathsurges voice gave off a hint of sarcasm, especially with the last statement. Takhisis always sent her loyal servants to deliver messages to him, but sending one in a human visage was disgusting to him. He hated the smell of the foul creatures called humans, but for his queen he would deal with them.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/19/2001 10:05 PM

"I myself hate humans," she says as brushing a hand passedone pointed ear, "But we will have to trust some along the way. My leage has bid me to come and help you, be her vessel as it may." Walking forward she noticed the new comer. She stared at him, her eyes taking in every detail and waited for him to approach.

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09/20/2001 12:32 PM

Approaching the Great Wyrms and the Young women, whose beauty was indescribeable, Delmer could feel the dark power overwhelm him. He knew his destiny now, join with this power, embrace it openly and the rewards will be vast.

"Greetings, my name is.." Delmer was cut off abrutely. "Delmer NightOwl, dark Elf and mage, i know, we have been expecting you as it happens."
The women then turned to the Great Wyrm, who was fuming."Well you do need the most powerful of mages, do you not, besides it is our Dark Queen's command."
"Very well, if we need him." The Wyrm who Delmer discovered to be Deathsurge, was a magnificent site to behold, turned to address the other Dragons gathered.

Turning to the women, Delmer asked "What am i doing here, my Lady?""My Queen...It is your move." - Raistlin Majere

09/20/2001 6:40 PM

"My dear sire," she spoke with dignity, the voice of centuries gone by, "We are all here to to te Dark Queen's work. But, by the looks of you I can tell your not stupid. You may call me by my Common name of Onyx." She played a curtsy, an dark grin spread across her face. Holding out the talisman for Delmer to take. "Have this as a gift from her Majesty, she grants one to the top mages who join her ranks. It's power will protect you." Delmer took the medallion and hung it around his neck. "Now my friends," the words dripped sarcasm, "We are going to gather power, and rule this rock. Making in inhabitable for our Queen. For that we all must help herd our the dark flocks. Deathsurge, please send out your underling, spread them across Krynn and bring in our most powerful allies. Hurry in this task, the Lady's patience grows thin as she sits in the infernal monotony of the Abyss."

09/20/2001 9:18 PM

(OOC: The other overlords are not present, they were sent away in my first passage.)

"My lady, my...underlings as you call them, are already gathering troops. But I do not see the need, no one can oppose us. The solamnics are scattered, the mages in disarray, and every city on Krynn pays homage to our power. As you may understand we have quite an army. But as to releasing our queen, there are only a couple of mages on Krynn that are capable of opening the portal. Cyan Bloodbane knows of these mages since he has traveled the lands disguised as an elf for many years now. I need his knowledge to accomplish this goal." Deathsurge then turned his head on the two and retreated to the depths of his cave for some peace. A moment later his voice echoed again through the cave. "Do not dare bother me, I must communicate with my queen. Leave my cave and find me Bloodbane."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/24/2001 5:51 PM

"So this is the group i've sent to work with" Chaosis' voice range out from behind the three.From the other side of the cave his voice was heard,"Hmm i am Chaosis the Takhisis greatest servant. I am neither alive or dead I am energy formed from a drop of takhisis blood and one of the most powerful knowen forces on krynn."

OOC: So takhisis is in the abyss??? i just started reading dragons of spring dawning today so dont screw anything for me please(=

09/24/2001 6:37 PM

From within the shadows, quietly observing everything being said, a different type of dragon was watching the goings-on. She was awed by the sight of Deathsurge, the dragon overlords, and the other beings grouped together. She was Selendrile, an albino blue dragon dwarfed by these giants that loomed before her. Like a white dragon, her skin gleamed the color of fresh snow- her wings were nearly transparent, and her scales lacked even the blue tinge of the whites. Her eyes were pale red- sometimes pink and sometimes dark, depending on the light. Often times creatures had indeed mistaken her for a white- and belatedly relized their mistake as they recieved a taste of her lighning breath. She was a mere seventy-five feet in length, once deened too small and weak to amount to anything.
Yet here she stood, hidden in the darkness, observing and hearing everything being said. Unlike other blues, she was gentler than most chromatics, more tolerant of creatures of good- though she detested weakness, even in herself- ESPECIALLY in herself. Half-hoping, half-fearing she would be seen, Selendrile continued to watch.

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09/26/2001 1:54 PM

Stands there watching Deathsurge leave, and feeling the presence of another. Turning she strode of towards the mountain, from her back sprouted ebony wings. Taking flight, Onyx, left the mage and dragon... in search of her quarry.

09/27/2001 11:55 AM

Not knowing what to do, and feeling rather out of sorts, Delmer thought it wise to retreat back to his citadel in the mountains. Saying his farewells to the great Dragon, Delmer whispered several words, disappeared, only to re-appear in his Citadel. A massive fortress, from where Delmer can scry much of the surrounding area. With one Tall Tower in the centre, surrounded by three smaller ones, roughly half the size of the centre Tower. Each with an open walkway, connecting to the centre. The top of the centre Tower was open aswell. An area where Delmer weaves powerful magic. An instument which Delmer uses for most of these magicks, is a ancient power long fogotten. A sphere of pure energy. Held in place by three stands, the sphere glows softly, a dark mass of swirling purple light. It was to this sphere that Delmer appeared. Looking in to it, its centre seeming to be as deep as the abyss itself, Delmer pondered for some time, wondering what powers it truly held. The magic Delmer was able to cast with it was amazingly powerful, almost overwhelming, but he still knew that he had barely scrathed the surface of its power. If her Dark Majesty does succeed in he plans, Delmer would see to it that he doesn't fail her."My Queen...It is your move." - Raistlin Majere

09/28/2001 12:46 PM

Gliding over Krynn, Onyx, looks ahead of her. Her normal dark red eyes died down to a glow then flared up again, the act granted her sights for hundreds of miles. As she scanned the horizons, she took note of all the cities and important places. " How can these being live n such squalor? All shall change when Takhisis returns, then they shall live as slaves!" She laughed and continued her hunt.

09/29/2001 8:22 PM

Chaosis sat in the corner boared as usuall.What form shall I take he thought.Maybee dragon... no to ,any in here. Hmmn giant snake maybe... no no no to boaring. well i geuss it will be my true physical form.At that the dark mass that he was shifted into a human shape,then began to add featurs. Chaosis was a hansome man and many women wanted him,somtimes even men. The unfortunat man that showed it was turned into a frog or something . The women he just ignored none were beutiful to him nor ugly they were all just humans or kender or dwarf what ever. As he took on his human shape black dragon scale armor coverd his body. There was no sword or sheil or any type of weopon was with him. only a small bird siced black dragon was perched on his shoulder.

"Well lets go, Farce." he said to his little dragon and walked into the light.

10/02/2001 7:10 PM

OOC: Hey were is every one??? If your gonna abanden this one please go to a Red one awakens... please no fighting inbtween forum posters it's just made up enemys

10/02/2001 10:05 PM

Turn south, covering the expanse of land in mere seconds. The elven lands lay before her, covered bythe forests. Landig she set out in searchof Cyan, hoping he is still in the area.

10/06/2001 1:04 PM

Delmer paced back and forward for many hours. He couldn't study or relax. He simply waited for his 'orders' from the Dark Lady. Realising that he wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon, Delmer began studying. Constantly making new powerful spells and imporving old ones, Delmer was content to sit and wait for now, and as a result of recent events, Delmer began searching into ways on how to free the Dark Queen from the Abyss."My Queen...It is your move." - Raistlin Majere

10/08/2001 7:17 PM

OOC: How do you do the little quates at the bottomof the screen? Like " 'My Queen... It is your move.'- Raistlin Majere"
And why does it say I'm a vagabond under my name? hpw do you change that.

When will the real fun begen ,thought Chaosis, it's so boaring sitting here.

"I'm shure it wont be long, Cha" this being the little dragons nickname for Chaosis respondig to his thoughts," I was thinking the same thing. Should I go spy on the Dragon???"

"No leave him be mean while lets just look arounf this place."

10/09/2001 11:39 PM

A shadow seemed to sway in an unearthly light, from with in stirred the creature. She steps out into the cave behind Chaosis, and smiles. "Not much of a bachalor pad is it?" She grins and holds out a hand towards him, in it rest a green scale. "Cyan Bloodbane is no longer aloof, now he is alied." She laughed a bit and turned to leave.

10/12/2001 11:12 PM

Choasis excepted the scale and put it in a pack.

"Now I must go and find the Blade of Chaos, the indestructable sword made for those who are worthy of the Queen. First I must find the Gem of power."

Chaosis then disapered, but his miniture dragon minion stayed behind.

"Now we must hurry this mess up and bring the Queen back"

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