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09/18/2001 5:47 AM

OOC: Ok I hope this is a good idea. This is in a time after raistlin and caramon go back in time to fight Tak. Raistlin defeats her and takes her place as a god. Caramon has chosen the dark road and becomes a great warrior with the help of his brother raistlin he takes over and rules most of krynn as raistlins cleric and overlord. Here are some characters and of course you can bring your own as well.

Caramon-(I'll be playing him and raistlin)-Cleric of raistlin emperor of most of krynn holds it with an iron fist. The good side in him is fighting to come out.

Raistlin- now a god in place of Tak trying to overthrow paladine and gliean

Paladine- DUH

Gilean-See paladine

Tas-with caramon back in time determined to change caramons evil ways. A faithful friend of tanis.

Tika-emperess and faithful warrior wife of caramon also known as the Red Storm.

Tanis halfelven-white robe mage of paladine, head of the wizards

laurana-dark elf and mistress of sturm brightblade

Sturmbrightblade-known also as the steele menace he controls a large area and is in a bid for power over Caramon

kitiara-a cleric of miskal!!!!!!!!!!

dalamar-same old sneaky dalamar!

riverwind and goldmoon-riverwind is a general in caramons army and goldmoon is riverwinds wife she is also a black robe.

crysania- head of the red robes, and secret mistress of sturm
feel free to add your own.
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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09/18/2001 5:56 AM

OOC: I'll join...this is crazy, and mixed up.....I love it!! :) :)...who should I play? mabe GLimmer, but would she be good, of would she have given into the evil??? I dont know...too many possibilities....what do you think??Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/18/2001 6:20 AM

OOC: I think if you use glimmer you should give her some edge! let her live a little and be bad!!!!!!!! She could be a servant of raistlin maybe Caramons dragon or sturms. She could even be an overlord! all kinds of possibilities!!!!The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/18/2001 9:39 AM

"NOOOOOOOOOOO NO NO! Please have mercy it was not my fault! He was only a boy of 14 and no threat to us!"

Caramon glared menacingly at his begging servant. "When I send you or anyone else to rid the land of my enemies, I mean ALL my eneies! You have failed me and you know the price for failure." The man look hestirical and horrified a pleading look of helplessnes on his face. "Please my children master, my wife alone wont be able to care for them."
Caramon stood towering a whole head and shoulders above the man his black and gold cape rustling in the soft breeze that blew in his chamber. "I will not waste the energy and magic to burn you as I should for I must admit you have served me well in the past, I will not kill you." With a look of great releif the man slumped to the ground. "No I will not kill you your fate is in the hands of my wife Tika." With a smirk on his face of amusement he sat back upon his ebony throne embroidered in gold and designed to look like a giant hourglass. The began to shiver and a tear came don his face, looking for mercy he knew would not come from her he pleaded silently. With no emotion on her face Tika raised her thumb in the upward motion causing the man to smile in joy for his life, only to see her pause smirk and slowly turn her thumb downward and he knew his doom. Even as the sword of a nearby guard stabbed him in the belly the last thing he saw was the look of nonchalantnes on Caramons face and the beatiful smile of Tika as the flame from the hearth flickered and reflected off her face and causing her hair to seem a radiant red in the light flowing freely in the breeze.

"We must totally destroy sturm my love he has gone too far. He has children who try and assasinate or officers and woman who seduce and kill our soldiers. He cannot openly combat us in war, our troops more than 3 times his size; we must crush him and his allies now."
Caramon sat upon his throne muscles tensed and bulging beneath his robes. "Yes the time for war is upon us sturm will be no more. I will consult my brother and ask for his aid. ALL of krynn will soon be ours."
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/18/2001 1:12 PM

((crazziness . . .how could I resist? also, could someone else play Sturm???))

Laurana's black cape swished quietly as she stole along the corridor in Sturm's stronghold. Rightwing, her trusty spy crow, preened himself as he perched on her shoulder. "Are you sure of what you heard?" She asked again. The crow cawed. "Absolutely sure?" another caw. "So soon they plan to wage against us, but ah, we shall be ready!" The secret passages were no match for Laruana's senses and soon she found herself directly behind the throne. She waited for a moment, trying to decipher if Sturm was alone or not.

"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/18/2001 2:47 PM

((OOC: this is messed up...i like it. :) I'll play tanis if no one else wants him...a white robe...MESSED UP. but anyway i'm not really sure what part tanis plays in all this chaos and i don't wanna ruin whatever you have planned so...either give me some clue as to my part or i'll just wait a while and jump in when i see a spot. if i play tanis i'll probably add another char...prob a red robe...thanks and great idea!!))


Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/18/2001 8:09 PM

OOC. k this is just to much fun for ne man to handle. :) I am going to play Simon. He is the nephew of Dalamar the dark. He is a kagonesti elf. He is a black rode as his uncle but he is stuggling with that choice.

Simon walked the halls of his uncles tower with impatientce.
Simon thought to him self.
He rounded a corner and there were two apprentices stand together by the wall.
" You two, do you know the transportation spell." Simon snarled.
Both apprentices looked at him.
" Yes sir." Both stammered.
" Good then, you" He pointed to the one closest to him. " go to the acadamy were Tanis Half-elven is. Tell him i want a meeting with him and the other heads of the conclave as soon as posible.
The two students looked at eachother. The one he pointed to stammered.
" B b b b but your uncle has ordered all to stay away from all the other orders. Especially the Half-elf.
Simon smirked at him.
" Really. is that what he said."
With a wave of his hand the apprentice slid across the floor and hit the wall. There wasa satisfying crunch and he did not move. Simon turned to the other student.
" You will do this task for me."
The student looked at his now still friend.
" Of coures master."
With that he muttered some words and disappeared.

09/19/2001 5:37 AM

OOC: ok ok..how about this....Glimmer would be a Dragon Overlord...but she feels for cameron the same way Skie felt for Kit...how does that sound??? only now instead of her being only 90 ft from nose to tail, shes 250, and has a 450 ft wingspan...woohooo!!!!

IC: Glimmer landed gracefully and folded her huge feathered wings. she
Turned to stare admirably at Cameron. she smiled cruely at the villiagers and growled. She smiled inwardly and chuckled to herself. only cameron would have this effect on her...too bad he wasn't a dragon......Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/19/2001 9:27 AM

OOC: Starlite just go with the flow and let tanis do what he will. really glad you guys like the thread.

ok ok..how about this....Glimmer would be a Dragon Overlord...but she feels for cameron the same way Skie felt for Kit...how does that sound??? only now instead of her being only 90 ft from nose to tail, shes 250, and has a 450 ft wingspan...woohooo!!!!

OOC: LOL! Thats cool Kalia I get to have a dragon and an overlord at that! ;) . just one pointer Caramon is REally evil now but he has a good side that may or may not come out. I'll decide as the story goes along and it totally depends on what everyone else does, thus giving the story a more free flowing feel instead of me already knowing what caramon will do. Maybe you could strive to make me stay evil or Glimmer may start to have the same reservations caramon has either way its cool to be a bad guy.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/19/2001 9:51 AM

OOC: Ok starlite I think you might want to make Tanis the force for good here and try to stop caramon and sturm or whoever is the victor of the 2. just a thought.

Caramon went before the altar of raistlin with a sense of calm. He was happy his brother had no longer needed his strength and in fact was the strongest being around while chaos was out who knows where. The bond they had was strong and he could speak to his brother as an equal and not as a servant. Standing before the ornatly carved hourglass altar he looked at it admiringly, its smooth golden surface shone brilliantly in contrast to the black sand that was constantly swirling around in its center.
"My brother I think it is time for us to destroy sturm and his legions, if he is able to get the ogres and mercenaries to work for him he could become a great hinderance to our plans. I ask for your aid my brother so that victory can be assured." uddenly to golden eyes appeared in the center of the hourglass altar, "Yes Caramon it is time gather a legion and take the city of palanthas there we will stage our seige and then we will work our way through ansalon systematically. Summon 4 of your red dragons and 4000 men to take the city and it will fall. And our conquest will begin."

"Yes my brother..............
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/19/2001 1:46 PM

Tanis Half-Elven stood atop a high mountain ridge, fists and teeth clenched so hard he was shaking. He could feel the evil magic flow through him as waves of pain, frustrated at a lack of action. A soft hand touched his shoulder and he relaxed, feeling for the first time the soft breeze move past his weary body. He turned to the seemingly young women beside him and studied her for a long moment. Her long silver cape lifted in the wind complimenting her liquid silver eyes. Her long black hair framed her face, its severe features making her smile all the more beautiful. She turned into the wind, feeling the evil but not consumed for her magic was that of balance. She dropped her hand from Tanis's shoulder and muttered "Everstrong" under her breath. Tanis heard the word clearly and frowned at her. "I don't know if I can do this...I can't even decide if I want to do this," He said. "You do and you will," her voice was as firm. "Did you get it?" he asked reluctantly. "I said I would." She held up a heavily enchanted box adorned with two simple runes that Tanis could not read. It was the language of the ancient Order of Melethka, his companions namesake, religion and life. The Order of Melethka, originally started by the elves then opened to all, had worked for the balance between good and evil and had discovered magical powers so great that the Gods themselves had asked the Order to cease its quest for knowledge in fear that it would fall into the wrong hands. One family had asked to keep the knowledge for such should not be lost. It had been passed to Melethka and would someday be passed to her child. Or perhaps their child. Tanis shook away such thoughts and regarded the simple box. "Open it." Melethka raised an eyebrow, but did as he asked. Inside was a stone so dark that black did not begin to describe it. Tanis felt a cold wash over him, his body going numb. As it became unbearable Melethka closed the box and regarded Tanis grimly. "Imagine when it's activated..." Tanis looked at her, his love, his life and wondered at the responciblity that had once again fallen on his shoulders. He looked to the runes remembering that Melethka had told him they said simply "The Void".

(OCC: How's that? :))

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/19/2001 5:05 PM

With a flash of light and a crack that sounded in the mountains a young black robed apprentice appeared behind tanis.
" Tanis Half-Elven. My master Simon the shadowed has requested a meeting with you and the heads of the other orders. I am not to leave here without and answer."

09/19/2001 8:08 PM

Tanis stared at the young apprentice. The black robe stared back not noticing that Melethka had slipped behind him and was ready to take him out with the slightest touch. Tanis smiled inwardly and held up a hand. The apprentice's brave facade vanished for an instant as he realized how vulnerable he was. "So Simon wants to hold a meeting..." Tanis muttered. "Very well. Tell him to come to the Courtyard," he said, refering to the large meeting room in the Tower of Lost Mages. The apprentice nodded and attempted not to glance back at Melethka. He failed miserably, then vanished. "Wonder what that's all about..." the young women muttered. "Hm. I shall alert Drognan. Meet you at the Courtyard." Then she too vanished. Suddenly anxious to know what Simon wanted Tanis straightened his shoulders and enacted the simple spell of transportation. He was almost eager to face this new challenge. Almost.

((OOC:Simon if you wanna be head of the black robes, be my guest. just ignore drognan...or kill him :)))

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/19/2001 9:38 PM

OOC: who is the head of the order of red robes.

The apprentice arrived back at Dalamar's tower. Simon was waiting for him.
" What was their answer my dear boy." Simon asked him as soon as he appeared.
" The half elf says to meet him in the court yard." Was his simple reply.
" Good. Now go back to your studies. And don't breath a word of this to anybody, or what i did to your friend will seem like a tickle."
The apprentice ran off back to his chamber.

With that thought he teleported to the courtyard of the tower of the lost mages.

09/20/2001 1:08 AM

Glimmer waited outside the temple to Raistlin. her tail swished angrily...she did not like this "God"...she knew that he was cameron's brother. She lowered her huge head, the pearly horns that crowned her head scraped the side of the building.

She folded her wings and curled up, allowing the darkness shimmer gently on her crystaline scales. Her feathered wings rested gently aginst her back, helping to keep her warm.

She closed her eyes and remembered a time when her heart was warm too.......a faint shimmering vision swam infront of her eyes. a different time, in a different place...a young woman with silver hair hugging cameron happily, as a daughter would a father.

with a start, Glimmer raised her head sharply, blinking her large gold eyes in sudded surprise..... "where did that come from????" she wonder aloud...filled with sudden fear and a strange sense of longing too..may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/20/2001 6:06 AM

OOC: Crysania is head of the red robes! Remember if you are a black robe your kinda serving raistlin, but you have free will because raist didnt kill nuitari.

OOC: Kalia am I supposed to know that glimmers other name is Crystalmira?

Caramon came out of the temple to see his dragon glimmer, "What is the matter? Are you alright or are you just excited that we will go to battle soon! We are going to take palanthas on the morrow and I want to be there personally to see it fall. There is no other dragon I will ride but you to glory so rest easy tonight for tommorow a great victory will be ours!"

Puzzeled at the strange look that he knew wasnt excitment Caramon began to go over his plans with her. He knew she didnt like raistlin and the turmoil she must have gone through being a daughter to paladine must have been great so he understood why she didnt like raist. But what was bothering her? He decided now was the time for war, she would tell him in due time.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/20/2001 9:52 AM

(OOC: I'll wait until the right moment to reveal myself. Oh, and Glimmer could probably ask a favor of Raist concerning Caramon if she wanted to. ;) )Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/20/2001 10:39 AM

OOC: Dont think glimmer really likes raist. lol! and im playin raist too (always wanted to play heim, finally got the chance) Hope thats not who you wanted to be.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/20/2001 1:29 PM

((OOC: Crysania? Head of the red robes?? Ick. Never liked her very much...head of the red robes. I'm almost offended. :) Actually i was just going to make it Melethka cuz its just easier. She'll be at the meeting no matter what. Hope you don't mind. You said you always wanted to be Raist...well she's my char. I'd rather focus on her. If anyone had any objections let me know though.))

Tanis stood patiently within the huge expanse of the Courtyard. Melethka waited at his right hand, her foot tapping lightly, not for her own impatience but for the song that always seemed to be running through her mind. Drognan, an edgy black robe of no little power, stood as far from them as possible while still remaining in the room. Long moments passed before Melethka's foot stopped its rhythmic dance and she shifted her weight slightly, her subtle indication to Tanis that someone was coming.

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Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/20/2001 1:56 PM

OOC: No cameron wouldn't know her real name....just like Kit didn't really know Kellendros. anyway....I have decided that with glimmer, given her true history....if she where to be faced with Cameron being Good again, she would follow him....She loves him...she is just confused by these sudden visions of the "True" timeline.

Glimmer blinked and shook her head to rid herself of the odd and upsetting vision. She turned and smiled at cameron. "I'll be ready when you are."may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/20/2001 6:36 PM

Simon walked into the hall and looked around. Tanis was there and he head of the black robes.
" Were is the head of the reds. I requested ALL of the orders. This is important buisness."

09/20/2001 7:21 PM

((OOC: Ok i'm confused. "...and he head of the black robes." ? you? drognan?))

Tanis moved to answer but Melethka was faster. Stepping forward she said smoothly, "That would be me. Perhaps next time you might want to keep up with current affairs." Her icy stare filled Simon's gaze and a sudden chill fill the large Courtyard.

--It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse--General Kane

09/20/2001 11:55 PM

(OOC: No, I will be using one of my own characters, with a twist for the theme, I'm just waiting for the proper timing.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/21/2001 5:45 AM

((OOC: Crysania? Head of the red robes?? Ick. Never liked her very much...head of the red robes. I'm almost offended. :) Actually i was just going to make it Melethka cuz its just easier

OOC: I think it would be a good idea to make your character Melethka hed of the red robes. You are right it would be easier.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/21/2001 5:55 AM

Caramon watch a his knights streamed out of his palace 2000 men strong. "Inform riverwind that the other part of the regiment is to attack palanthas on each side, when we arrive they will be too busy defending them to worry about our frontal attack. The dragons will give them cover, three are to go with them. Pyris will come with my regiment and I will ride with glimmer. Victory will be mine!!!" with that the griffon was off in the direction of riverwinds camp and Caramons plan was in motion.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/21/2001 6:21 PM

((OOC: your move simon...hurry before caramon kills us all :)))

09/22/2001 7:56 AM

OOC: OK how did this get put on my shoulders. Oh well i'l give it a crack

Simon looked at all of the order heads. When he started to speak it was in a slow and deliberat manner.
" I have been informed that there is a war about to break out. Caramon Majere is going to try and destroy Palanthas. This will put Raistlin in control of most of the globe. Therfore throwing off the balance. We as mages have faught to keep the balance for many years. I believe we should try and stop Caramon. But as always it is your choice as the heads of the orders. I will be outside waiting. When you have made yuor dicision call for me."
With that Simon walked from the room in silence.

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09/22/2001 10:15 AM

OOC: I'll wait for you gus to decide then im gonna kick some um...... hold that thought! :) :p :MThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/22/2001 3:25 PM

((OOC: heh. simon, i thought when you called a meeting you really had something in mind. ok plan B...))

Drognan shifted nervously as Simon left the room and Melethka frowned. "He called us here for THAT? Well duh..." Tanis put a hand on Melethka's shoulder and tried to calm the red robe but she pushed the hand away. "Who the hell does he think he is? Calling us all here as if we don't have a clue! That arrogant son of..." She broke off and started muttering in her native tongue. "Nevertheless, he is right and he obviously wants to help," Tanis told her wearily. "Help, my eye!" Melethka exploded. But her anger didn't last. "You know we were both hoping for another way..." she muttered to Tanis. He nodded and called Simon back into the room. "We agree that the balance must be maintained but I don't think the way is through Caramon. Strong as he may be, he is still pawn to Raistlin and even if we do beat him we will have to deal with his enemies. Evil is strong in these dark times but we have to believe that it will make mistakes. Let Caramon and Sturm fight it out. We will be watching and waiting to strike at the real source." He paused to glance at the magical pouch at Melethka's waist. "We have ways of dealing with Raist, ancient ways that he cannot forsee." He forstalled any arguements from the two black robes and said sternly "For now we wait. All changes will be reported here. I would suggest that each of you keep this as quiet as possible. Tell only who you must. This Courtyard is protected from even Raistlin but once you leave..." He left the concequences unsaid and an errie silence fell over the room. The Melethka spoke softly. "Needless to say, this is bigger than all of us..."

((OOC: Yes the damn courtyard is protected from raist :P give me some chance here!!))

09/23/2001 10:03 PM

OOC: Oh i had a plan i was just waiting for them to make up there mind on wether to help or not. But hey i geusse this works to. :)

Simon walked from the court yard and in to a passage. With a muttered word he was back in his uncles tower.

09/24/2001 5:51 AM

OOC: wish someone woulda played tika :( think im gonna kill her off. If sturm cant be played by someone then im gonna kill em too (murderous huh?! lol!) and make this against the mages who are the last defence.

Caramon sat upon his dragon glimmer and looked on in triumph. He watched as his knights besieged the city and laughed as the palanthians succumbed to the dragon fear his dragons gave off. "Glimmer, soon the city will fall and we will be that much closer victory. The battle wages on and I have not tasted blood. Take me down amonst my men so that they may see the power and bravery of their lord and watch as my eneimies cower before our might."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/24/2001 3:15 PM

Glimmer nodded once, then let out a bellowing roar that echoed loudly. She lept up and caught the wind with her huge featherd wings. She banked and skimmed low over the city, before circling around and landing just outside the city (She would be too big to actually land in the city)

She Roared again, and delighted in the fear from the people, and the momentary startlement of the other dragons (What color are we flying with right now???)may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/24/2001 6:37 PM

((OOC: ooooooo i wanna kill tika!!! we can duke it out or something. How about i have a message for her about caramon (cuz i wanna split my enemies) adn she's gunna meet me somewhere...))

Melethka stood nervously at the edge of the elven wood. She knew that Tanis would not agree with her being her but she had to make some effort against the growing threat. Her only hope now was that the murderous Tika would show up... Sliding twin silver scimitars out of their sheaths she checked that the blades were as sharp as possible. She swung the blades gracefully, trying to find the harmony that seemed to flow between them. She hoped to not have to bloody her beautiful blades but Tika was well known for her resistance to magic...

((OOC: Oh yeah simon if you got a better plan let me know somehow...i'll take any ideas i can get! if you don't want anyone else to read them i'll give you my email or something...heeheehee this is fun))

--If I want your opinion I'll give it to you--

09/24/2001 6:47 PM

OOC: Dude! I wanna join but should I have Selendrile (an albino blue dragon) be good or bad? I'm leaning towards good... but decisions decisions. Good or bad... bad or good... ARGH!

09/24/2001 6:48 PM

OOC: well if you want to hear give me your mail address and i'll send it over. but its not that good

09/25/2001 6:07 AM

OOC: we have four reds with us bombarding the walls and giving the knights cover form attack above.

Caramon was filled with the lust for battle. He watched as even his own knights momentarily cowered before his dragon. "TODAY IS THE BEGINNING!" Raising his sword in the air as the sun glinted off its tip. His long hair flowing in the wind, he looked resplendant in his armor. Black and gold with the symbol of two golden eyes across his chest, he looked the epitome of a warrior. Fighting in the midst of it all he slew on his lleft and right in a rage. Shouting to his brother for aide, he would make someone who was fighting him suddenly fearful beyond reason or indecisive. Giving thanks to his brother the battle wore on till the gates were broken and the guardians of palanthas pushed back and pinned between them and the shoikan grove. Standing before them he knew there fate *even the knowledge of death will not give them the courage to go through that acursed grove*. Laughing heartily he basked in his glory as he was to decide there fate. He didnt enjoy his victories as much without his wife by his side. With a triumphant grin he spoke aloud o the pinned knights. "Surrender now or you will die. I will make the tower my headquarters and your palaces will be home to my officers, your wives will be my mens toy things and your children our future servants. You will be spared to forge more weapons for my army. This is what you have to choose from my terms for surrender or death at which the fate of your women and children will still be the same."

In the sky a storm cloud was off in the distance as lightning cackeld and the booming sound of thunder could be heard in the distance. Everyone looked in that direction to see two golden eyes in the clouds.................... watching.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/25/2001 6:20 AM

Glimmer stood proudly, splaying her wings, showing off the gleaming feathers. she looked of the right, towards the storm, and saw the two golden eyes. even as she and the rest of the wing, were destroying the city in Raistlins name, she could not help a cold shiver run through her body.....Something was not right.

A small voice whispered to her "this is not as it should have been....something went wrong." rasped the un-Ientifyable voice. She was again shown the vision of a human woman with silver hair and golden eyes hugging cameron. she frowned and again tried to shake the feeling that what they were doing, what was going on was a horrible mistake.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/25/2001 2:01 PM

Suddenly, the is a loud burst, and hundred of dragons fill the sky. The knights around the tower lose all hope for a moment, until they notice a brown dragon leading them. On its back was a man in redish-brown leather, a blue lizard flying by his side.

"Do not fear, Knights of Solomnia!" Cried out J'mes. "We, the Dragonriders of Pern, are here to help you." The sun glinted off enourmous bronze and gold dragons, and hundreds of browns, blues, and greens. The forces of raistlin tried casting spells on the dragons and riders, but their spells had no effect on the Pernese. The dragons wheeled to face the forces of Caramon.

(OOC: I had planned to do this on the highlord emporer thread, but I was too late. The dragons are from pretty much every Weyr on Pern, brought by the initial report J'mes made on Krynn. There are about 20 gold, 50 bronze, 200 brown, and 300 each of blue and green. It took much convincing for J'mes to get help from the Pernese riders, and many of the riders refused. Those that now fight, fight to prevent the magic of Raistlin from ever threatening other worlds, and as they fight the weep, for on Pern, the most horrible thought imagineable is for dragon to fight dragon.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/25/2001 5:02 PM

((OOC: hey simon it's starlite4774@hotmail.com. hard to guess right? :)))

"I like email." -me :)

09/25/2001 5:52 PM

OOC: k. i got it and i sent it

09/26/2001 6:35 AM

OOC: I dont know anything about pern or there dragons :( sorry. So ya just gonna have to fill me in on what I should know about em as the thread goes along. I only had four dragons attacking palanthas and you have a whole armada!! LOL LOL! :) I want palanthas so im gonna even things out without killing anyone of your people.

OOC: Remeber that Raist is actuall watching palanthas fall, so the pern dragons might have picked a wrong time to attack.

Caramon cursed under his breath at the site of the strange dragons, he had never seen the like of them. Angry that his wizards spells could not affect them and the fact he had only 4 dragons and his own dragon glimmer he called to his brother. "We can do nothing against these dragons my brother. Aide us in our time of near victory."

In the distance the rumble of thunder grew louder and the winds grew to a strong gail. There could be heard a voice as if like the wind speaking to all. *Feel my power, those who would oppose me shall see their fate.* Lightning cackeled upon the pern dragons here and there wounding some while killing others. The sky darkened and it rained the blood of dragons, all cowered at the power of this god that rasitlin had become. Caramon seeing that this victory wouldnt be snatched from him this day laughed aloud and thanked his brother as he watched his adversaries flee to safer skies. Raist speaking to Caramon in his mind instructed him *I must leave now for paladine and gilean will interfere if I stay longer, in time I will deal with them but not now.*

As Caramon sat in the tower of sorcery in palanthas he milled over his victory. His silver dragon mirror by his side in her woman form sta gazing out thee window upon the still burning city his knights were now trying to put out. "Glimmer..............I am happy that this victory today has furthered our cause but something bothers me that I can tell only you whom I trust. These new dragons will be a serious threat to us and Raist wont always be there to protect us from them. We must figure contingency plans for this and soon."

He hadnt told her what he really was thinking or what he really wanted to say..............that he felt he was just a pawn in his brothers quest for supreme power. That he was starting to think somthing wasnt right. that something was missing...........The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/26/2001 10:59 AM

OOC: Okies I will be neutral for now... but I could turn good or evil depending...

IC: Selendrile flew swiftly through the darkening skies. This meant that many dragons had died, she knew, and she was nervous. She didn't want to be in the way of the slayers- she was very small compared to most dragons, a mere sixty feet in length. Her pallid, near-translucent wings powered her on- and then she pulled up short as she nearly crashed into a flight of dragons, the likes of which she had never seen before. Blue, green, bronze and gold, even brown. Unlike her, these had no scales and their eyes were faceted instead of slitted. The albino blue hovered, unsure of what to do, as her eyes flicked from Caramon and his people to the dragons. Her eyes gleamed bright red as she tried to figure out what in the Abyss was going on.

09/26/2001 12:27 PM

(OOC: Ok, maybe I went a bit overboard. The mages are still holding the tower of Wayreth, right? I'll have the dragons regroup there. While F'lessan is technically in charge of them, J'mes is the only one who has been on Krynn before. There is no magic on Pern, so the riders have no knowledge of it, thus they chose this time for the attack. (They didn't expect a storm to appear or a god to be watching) Also, the lack of magic on Pern is what makes them immune to most magic. The dragons do have the ability to go between, instantly poping from one location to another, but this is a biological phenomenon not magic.)

(OOC: Good way of making them retreat!)

"I'm sorry F'lessan. This is all my fault. I risked the lives of all of our dragons and now some of them have gone between forever. If only there were some way we could stop Caramon and his brother, or maybe reason with them... Wait, that's it! We must try to gain an audiance with them. Maybe, just maybe, we could make them stop."

"No, J'mes, it is too late for that now. And it is not your fault. I see now that you were right. In time, this evil will spread to Pern and attack us there as well. Better for us to fight it now, while we still have help and Raistlin is still fighting for control." With that, F'lessan and J'mes turned to face the council of mages.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/26/2001 12:30 PM

(OOC: Selendrile, your blue sounds like a pernese blue dragon in size, why not have it follow them to Wayreth? The Pernese dragons are already there, and it looks like Caramon's camped out in Palanthas.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/26/2001 4:04 PM

Glimmer nodded silently. She had felt Cameron's sudden change of mood...she knew that he too felt that something wasn't right. as they set up camp, she reverted to a human form...the one she saw in the vision. Silver hair, gold eyes, dressed in Crystal scale armor.

"Cameron....what troubles you?" she asked, gently resting a slender hand upon his shoulder.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/27/2001 6:21 AM

OOC: since noone is playing sturm im gonna kill him too. :p
as for caramon well................i got an idea of which direction he's gonna go in and its gonna be really good! Thanx Kalia cuz you gave me a openning on where to lead caramon!!!!! (even though im sure you dont know how ya did it! lol! :) :p

"Much troubles me in these times. I have not heard word from tika and i fear the worst. She knew the risk of war so for her i do not grieve if she is lost. But there is something that is not right. I know my brother, I know I am merely a pawn in his scheme of things. He no longer needs me as he once did. At times I feel why must we conquer ALL the world when we have so much already. I enjoy the lust of battle the fear of my opponent but i am starting to think this is enough."

A soft breeze blew into the room even though the windows were shut, interrupting caramon in mid speak. A whispering voice could be heard in the room as raistlin spoke. "Do not dispair my brother, i have given you much and now the world is almost at the heel of your boot. Do as I say and you will be ruler!!!"

A gold glint shone in caramons eye and for a brief moment he looked as if he were seeing somthing else in a vision, then just as suddenly the voice was gone and he stood in the room looking at glimmer. "Dont worry glimmer these worries will all be solved, soon the world will be OURS!The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/27/2001 7:28 PM

OOC: ok..hehe I guess.lol :P :) so then...how does this sound??

BIC: Glimmer was startled at the golden glint in Camerons eyes. She could detect the magic involved. She bowed stiffly and turned on her heel, anger boiling her blood to the point of over flow. the moment she stepped outside she shifted back to her Dragon form, with a roar of Pain and Fury, she lept into the air and circled high.

as she flew, pushing herself to her limits, she seethed with sudden anger. So that was what was going on. Raistlin was controling his brother....Cameron wanted nothing to do with this bloody war. the moment that cameron starts to show anything but hate and want for the Kill, Raistlin stepps in and reafirms his grip on his brother. As she flew, she clenched her claws and let out great plumes of her Frost/Fire.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/28/2001 6:40 AM

Caramon was now ready. Summoning one of his officers he gave him new orders. "We march on to solamnia to destroy it, and we will head towards qualinesti and rid ourselves of the elves. Ready your troops, we march at dawn." An evil glint in his eyes, he made ready for the morrow.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/28/2001 2:53 PM

((OOC: well do i get to kill tika or what??? should i just write it myself? you guys seem to be hinting that caramon might be sort of good inside without raist...maybe the death of his wife will hit him hard...heeheehee...))

Tanis paced around the Courtyard. He believed his decision to wait was the right one but the lack of action was frustrating as all hell. And Melethka was missing. He sighed. He knew the red robe was strong but if anything should happen to her..."Damn it!" he snarled to noone. He wanted to do something, ANYTHING, but the opportunity had so far failed to present itself. He glanced at the box which held the Void, their only hope and sighed. The price of victory was too high, outweighed only by the price of failure. He glanced at his scrying mirror and gasped. Caramon was going to march on Solamnia, which wasn't his concern, but then he was going to commit genicide!! Reaching for his magic, he sent an urgent message to Drognan, Simon and Melethka. They had to find some way to save the elves...

"I will destroy you." Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/29/2001 12:24 PM

OOC: yeah go ahead and kill tika if you want! LOL! Its funn runnin rough shod over cities!! lol!

Caramon was pleased at the time they were making. Looking down upon the land he saw the small villagers cower as his troops passed through there lands. The look of horror as 4 flying citditals flew overhead making day as dark as night as they cast a dark pall over the land. The sky was dark with hundreds of red, blue, green and black dragons. "By tommorrow we will attack solamnia. They must know their doom..."
There was nothing the fear stricken stragglers could do but hide as the army marched through their lands and as they passed they looked skyward and the ominous flying citditals in dispair.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/03/2001 6:26 AM

OOC: If I gotta finish this alone, im gonna do it. LOL! LOL!

Caramon laughed haughtily "We have no oppostion! My brother made those strange dragons flee for their lives. There will be noone to stop me!!" His target almost in veiw, Caramon began to prepare for battle.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/03/2001 2:29 PM

((OOC: No wait!! I'm still here!! Just waiting to get inspired...))

Melethka growled softly into the night, a very humanlike impatience playing across her face. Tika returned the snarl, brandishing a longsword and a small but deadly dagger. "You cannot win the war..." she said, uttering a small evil laugh which twisted her otherwise beautiful features. She brushed her flame red hair away from her eyes and lunged forward in a false attack. Melethka didn't flinch but Tika laughed anyway.

"I will settle for killing you before I think about the war..." Melethka said confindently. Tika now frowned and lunged again in a real attack. Melethka parried effortlessly and the battle began.

They were evenly matched. Swords attacked and countered with such speed that if there had been an onlooker, he or she wouldn't have been able to tell individual swords apart. Silver flashed, the noise of the fight ringing through the forest. For a while it seemed as though the battle would last forever, neither woman would ever back down. But as the battle raged so did Tika...her face contorted in fury, her eyes bulging, her voice harsh with battle cries. Melethka's confindent expression never changed. She countered each move with calm ease, content to wait for her opening.

It was some time before that opportunity came but when it did the young elf was ready. Silver scimitars sang a whirling song of death and bite into the enraged human. Tika cried out in pain and anger, and she surged forward, determined to cut down her enemy. But the elf was too fast and Tika was soon dying on the forest floor. Melethka moved to stand over her mortal enemy, her eyes cold. She considered killing the evil human right then and there, but that would be selfish. She contained her anger, then vented it with a hellish scream that sent birds carreening from the trees. Then she summoned magical white ropes that fastened themselves around the unconscious human. Calling forth a magical carrier she sent a message to Caramon that said simply, "I have her. Advance on Qualinesti and she will die."

((OOC: If Caramon doesn't care about his wife I am royally screwed as you no doubt have noticed. :) Need an opening here!))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/03/2001 5:43 PM

OOC: sorry i been sick so i didn't get to work to write.)

Simon watched the flying cytadals that made their way across the land.

" Damn the half-elf." He muttered. " I will not wait any longer."
Simon turned from the mirror that he was watching all of this from. POinting to one of his apprentices.
" Come you will acompany me."
Simon walked to the corner and grabbed his staff and headed out of the door. As they walked the steps down to the court yard of the tower , Simon expland his plan to his apprentice.
" The citadels are held up by mages in a deep magical trance. What we will do is to teleport into one of them. Tell the guards that you are there to replace one of the other mages. When they lower the guard that protects them, let off a fire spell. Then get out of there."
They reached the court yard.
" Are you ready. "
The apprentice nodded. Simon pulled a piece of bat guanno from a pouch, and roled it into a ball. He nodded to the young young man next to him. The boy muttered some words and disapeared. Simon counted to ten. Then muttering his own words he to disappeared.
Simon appeared in a small room with 10 black robes standing in a circle. Also there were 5 or 6 set up as guards along with sword men. Simon muttered a word and let the bat guanno roll into the circle of mages. He quickly teleported out of the room and back to the tower. As he left he noticed the chared remains of his companion on the floor.
Simon flashed into his lab. He quickly looked at the mirror that still showed the army moving across the plains. There was a sudden flash of light from the citadel hanging over the middle of the army. One of the middle floors just erupted in to flame. The citadel dropped slowly at first but then it just dropped from the sky. Right im the middle of Caramons srmy. Simon turned to look at the other apprentices. There was a smirkof satisfaction up on his face.

10/03/2001 11:11 PM

(OOC: The dragons haven't left yet, their waiting for the council to give them some orders at the tower in Wayreth. Since that doesn't seem to be happening, I'll have to think of something else.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/04/2001 5:56 AM

OOC: So ya finally killed tika Starlite! LOL!
OOC2: Simon simon simon. Ya trhough me for a loop there! Messin up my army and all LOL! But hey thats what war is all about, unexpected occurences good move. But he aint Caramon the conquerer for nuthin and dont forget there are still 3 citadels left :0)

Caramon roared in fury at the loss of a citadels amongst his troops. "WHAT HAPPENED?!!!!! Who would dare destroy one of my ctadels?"
A cowering squire had come to report the recent events and his courage wasnt holding up to well. "S s sir we are t t told that it was a mage who came adn caused an explosion that brought down the citadel. We lost 1000 men s s sir." Scowling angrily he shoved the squire away. "Where is glimmer? There is much to do and quickly. Send 3 flights of reds and a flight of blues ahead to raze solamnia as we come in behind to sack it. I see the city now. I will have the head of Sturm."

As caramon waited for his dragon to return (where had she gone?) he felt a sudden emptiness, a loss which seemed inexplicable. "NO". And then he knew that his wife Tika was dead. Hearing the warning in his mind he bellowed in rage and sadness. "YOU will pay. I will destroy every qualinesti elve that lives on this world!!!!!" He felt no guilt however, tika knew the risks of war. This just gave him the drive to press on and ransack solamnia the quicker. There was no way they would be able to withstand the army before them. The Qualinesti however...........that would be much more difficult. "I have a secret plan that will be the undoing of the qualinesti. Something they shall not be able to foresee, and my tika will be avenged"
A single tear rolled down his eye as he could see solamnia already burning with dragonfire.

OOC: Caramons pissed at you melethka! LOL LOL :) >:)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/04/2001 4:50 PM

Simon looked at the mirror in satisfation
" that will slow them down thats for sure. But i see he is sending dragons for the city. I am leaving. Tell no one of my absence."
Simon told the apprentices around him. He then blinked away.
Simon appeared in the tower of the half-elf.
" Tanis, Melethka. Are you here.

10/04/2001 10:13 PM

OOC: ok time to screw cameron up even more...hehe

BIC: Glimmer soared over where Tika lay. anger burned in her heart she landed and stared at Tika's still body. Suddenly, Glimmer began to cry. Her tears fell rapidly, the tears of sudden pain and anger. Glimmer Raised up on her hind legs and roared in frustration, a roar that could be heard to the far reaches of Krynn. Suddenly, she was blinded by a sudden white flash, followed by a warm red glow.

Do not fear child...we will not harm you...This evil has to stop....

Glimmer started at the words, and looked up, blinking her eyes in utter disbelief to what she saw. The Platinum father, Paladine!!!, and beside him, holding a set of dangerously tipped scales...Gilean.

Gilean looked at her apraisingly, keeping his eyes steady and unreadable.
the balance must be returned to Krynn....only you...the last Daughter of Paladine has the inherint power to stop this Mad God...

The platinum Dragon nodded his great head. Yes, raistlin must be stopped, the only way to undo such evil is to go to when it started...you...and one other will be sent back...he must be shown the evil that he has helped his brother create.

Glimmer raised her head sharply. Cameron was to go with her?? His brother's control on him was too strong!!

Gilean smiled...and odd and disturbing site. we know of raistlins power over his brother...we will try to break that control long enough for you to take him with you...back in the far reaches of Time, Raistlin will have no power over him.

Glimmer nodded gravely..."I understand...I will do as you ask...i see no other course...If Raistlin simply wanted to rule the world, that is one thing...but to destroy it as well is simply insane!!" the warm red glow faded, as The platinum Dragon reached out a single claw, and engraved a symbol on one of Glimmer's chest scales. A simple symbol, one that proved who she was, the last daughter of the Platinum Dragon.

Glimmer bowed her head, the darkness fleeing from her soul. She raised her head to find that Paladine had gone. she turned and lept up into the air, using magic to teleport her to Palanthas.
may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/05/2001 6:22 AM

OOC: Whoa! LOL! I was wondering how to make Caramon see the light, i was almost gonna just let him stay evil! lol! we'll see how convincing you are in the past (kinda seems like legends though, doesnt it?). By the way caramon and half his army are beseiging solamnia right now, so if your trying to find caramon thats where you should head.

BIC: Caramon could control his anger no more. He fought amongst his troops slaying all who came before him, always on the lookout for the one man he sought. And then the glint of shining armor and a gleaming sword caught his eye as he slew another night. The chaos of battle made his blood boil, the shouts and screams of the dying were fuel to his ears. Following the knight with the gleaming blade he shouted in challenge. "Sturm!!!!!!! Face me now and decide the fate of your city. I will have your head as a trophy amid my conquest."
Sturm stood gazing without fear into the eyes of the huge and muscular Caramon, his black cape swirling in the wind caused by the burning flames that were torching the city. "Caramon you know well that you have a god for a brother. Fight me on even terms here before both are armies and let us ee who is the better." And slowly as the sky darkened and the wind stilled, everything was silent. The battle had stopped and even the dragons had ceased there razing of the city at caramons bidding.
Taking off his cape and unsheathing his midnight black sword he replied "Very well, once we were friends but know or ties shall end in death. There can be only one ruler." A low rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance and the cackle of bluish lightning lit the sky as the two prepared for battle. As a slight drizzle began to fall from the sky Sturm gave his salute and the battle had begun...............The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/05/2001 12:08 PM

OOC: WOOPS!! I ment Solamnia...sorry. and if you think that Glimmer is gonna allow this battle to proceed...hehe...think again.

BIC: Glimmer landed in the space between Cameron and Sturm, her back to Sturm. She faced cameron with an odd expression on her face. Cameron glared at her for interrupting his battle. Glimmer stood tall, as a flash of Lightning lit up her scales, including the odd marking on one of her chest scales.

"Enough." She said simply, flicking her tail gently, to knock Sturm Unconsious. "Cameron, your brother has decieved you...and I will show you the truth." suddenly, the storm broke, and a small patch of sunlight formed around Cameron.

as the light pooled around him, a faint gold glow faded from his eyes, and a writhing, golden mist fled from his body. "Trust me...I...I would never Lie to you...." Glimmer murmered.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/05/2001 10:11 PM

((OOC: Damn it all to hell!! My comp is screwin' with my head. it said there were no new ones in this so I didn't check...Damn! now i'm lost...Ok first of all I didn't kill Tika...I took her prisoner. Oh well. We'll just say she died in captivity cuz you people have moved on from that...I don't know where I fit in this anymore!! :(:(:( Ok I'll just stick with Simon...Help!!!!))

Melethka broke from Tanis's embrace. "Did you hear that?"


"Well, I did." She cocked her head to the side and listened. "It's Simon! In the courtyard...We're in here!" Melethka turned back to wait for Simon, only to laugh at Tanis's expression. "Our little 'celebration' will have to wait."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/06/2001 7:49 AM

Simon walked into the room.
" So did you see the spectacular show this after noon." simon said chuckling. " Caramons soldiers will watch closer what flies over them from now on."

10/06/2001 12:23 PM

Melethka raised an eyebrow. "Impressive."

"You have made a great enemy today and all for a single moment of glory that will make no difference in the long run!" Tanis seethed with rage. Melethka put a hand on his shoulder.

"I also made a great enemy when I killed Tika. What is done is done. It is time to consider the future, not the past." She glanced at Simon to make sure she had his full attention. "We are the three most powerful mages left in this god forsaken world. As such, and with clerics gone, it is our duty to try and stop the terror that is the god Raistlin. Simon has already demostrated his wish to get moving, even though what you did was little by comparison. No offense."

Melethka took a deep breath and didn't wait to see whether the black robe would take offense or not. "You may or may not be aware of the lost Order of Melethka. This order of shadows has not existed for many centuries, disperced by a request from the lost gods. It was an order of balance, and knowledge. It amassed great power. I am all that is left of this great Order and I possess all the knowledge that comes with this responcibility. I have gone to the vault where our secrets lie and I found this."

She held up a large box. "It's what we call The Void. I believe it was placed there by the lost gods... It is similar to the greygem in that it can contain a God's power. In fact it, when activited, seeks a God's power, as well as magic. Once unleashed it will consume power until it is sated. I do not know if it can defeat Raistlin or if it will be satisfied. It may well consume all the magic in the world. But something must be done. If Raistlin finds a way to defeat it...or if it is too hungry...or if I am killed by Caramon..."

She broke off, looking weary. "We need a plan and we need it fast."

((OOC: Kalia...Ontarys...I hope I'm not wrecking your plans. I'm just trying to jump back in and this is kinda my original idea. If you guys have something better in mind, let me know and I'll edit this to fit it...or just kill myself or somthing. :) That goes for any plans you might have too simon))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/06/2001 11:47 PM

"I think we might be able to help with that," J'mes called. "From what I've learned, it seams that everyone on this panet as some magic in them. We dragonriders don't. The magic that you posess could alter the course of this void of yours. Give me a position. Create an illusion real enough for me to tell to Sarumth and we can take this box of yours whereever you want. It seems that it may be the only chance we have."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/07/2001 1:32 PM

OOC: AAAAAWWW Kalia! I was gonna kill Sturm in an epic battle! LOL! (mmuuuuuu wwwwwhaaaaaaaaaaa!)

BIC: Suddenly feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from him, Caramon shook his head confusidley. "W w what are you talking about glimmer? My brother has given me much, what is it tat you would show me?" Both armies stood in confusion at this change in events. Telling his army to fall back and regroup under cover of his dragons and remaining citidels, he questioned glimmer. "Explain yourself glimmer................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/07/2001 9:31 PM

" You say it was foolish. That i have made an enemy. But if you knew anything you would know we already had an enemy. What do you think raistiln would do when he had the rest of the world controled. We would be next. He fears us. He is scared that we will do the same as he has. Grow so powerful that we become gods our selves. I was only hurting him as much as possible before we are taken care of our selve. Maybe if i had the help of all three orders perhaps we could have stopped this war right here. But you decided to wait. So i took matters into my own hands. If you don't like the way that i did it, then maybe we should be through."

10/07/2001 10:40 PM

OOC; hey its your story, I didn't hit him that hard, maybe he'll wake up. :) :P The cool thing is since, Cameron , Tas, and Raist are the ones who changed the history they are the only ones who remember the way the world should've been.

BIC: Glimmer hunkered down, her head on the ground, Her large Gold eyes just even with his. He could see the sudden tears in them.

"Explain myself?? Why should I explain somthing that is so apparent? look around you love, can you make any sense in this destruction? Control is one thing, but total destruction is insane!! Remember....Remember The Truth...Rememer the Tests in the Tower of High Sorcery in wayreth....Remember the Test itself...Your Own Brother....In His Test...HE KILLED YOU!!" she roared the last words, straightening again. " just as he is trying to Kill you now....once you have done his dirty, work, he will have no more need for you....He uses you my love...." she paused as she realized that through Raistlin, that Cameron had used her in the same way. "Just as you use me...." she whispered the last words, her voice clenched tight in a sudden sob. "If you do not believe my words, come with me......Allow me to show you....Trust me...If you still do not believe, I will leave, and the next time we meet....we will be enemies." Glimmer stood, Looking around her at the Desolated land, at the raging storm in the distance, a storm that came from all sides, only to be pushed aside by a gleaming ray of light.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/08/2001 9:05 AM

OOC: Emotional drama!!!!!!! This thread just gets better and better! :) How are we gonna find tas?

BIC: "ENIMIES???? You would become my enemy after all we have been through? All we have overcome? If anyone else had spoken these words to me I would slay them here and now." A surge of anger had shot through Caramon like a burning flame. The anger of his beloved dragon almost changing sides, the anger at what she said..........the truth. "But I trust you glimmer and I know you would not betray me. Let us speak of this in my quarters in the citadel." Leaving command to Theros his commander he spoke again to glimmer..."Show me"...............The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/08/2001 3:42 PM

OCC: where else to find Tas...the great time travling Kender....anyway we need him to get back...hehe :P

BIC:GLimmer Lowered one wing to allow Cameron to Climb on. She turned and lept into the air. She flew high, and away from the Citadels. Ignoring Cameron's protests. "Trust me Cameron...I do not Betray you.....only your Brother."

Once they where so high, all they could see was clouds, and the bright sun, glimmer hovered. WIth the winds so strong up here, she just stretched out her wings and hovered in place like a kite, her own weight keeping her stationary.

"Great Platinum Father!! Gilean, Guardian of the Scales of Balance!! Even the fallen Great Queen of Darkness, Takisis Hear me!! Show me the Way to the Truth!!" (hehe ;) bet you didn't expect that)she roared.

A bolt of Lightning stuck the air before them. the air shimmered like heat rising off of metal. GLimmer raised her head and turned to Cameron. "Trust me.....please.." With that Glimmer dived. straight towards the shimmering bit of space.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/08/2001 5:01 PM

OOC: Just goin along for the ride!!!!!!! :p :)

Caramon stopped his protests and stared in wonder at the shimmering space before them. He had no fear of what he saw, he knew glimmer would not betray him. The only fear he had was worse than physical, it hurt him to the core of his sole that had blackened and hardened to the point of no return. That fear he had was fear of the truth..........


Raistlin saw all this but could dp nothing. "Those fools..........they will not stop me. My brother could very well deter my plans but I will not be defeated." The presence of gilean and paldine forced him to not interfer with what went about there. Besides he had other plans, he knew the mages were planning something against him and he would be ready. Sending a mental message to his black robed spy Doman, he slowly learned of what they were trying to do.

OOC: Dont worry raist wont try and stop you guys...........yet. LOL> Still not sure what the void thing does.

Back at the battle feild.....................

Theros and riverwind stood dumbfounded at the past events, but they had there orders, raistlins spy reported to them that they were to continue on and raze solamnia and head on to qualinesti; caramon would be gone for a while. The battle waged on................

OOC: This is gonna be good........with me tas and glimmer in the past, the mages in the present,and who knows in future!!!!!!! Just toooooooo good! :)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/08/2001 5:38 PM

Melethka stared at Simon for a long, tense moment and then exploded. "Gods??? We are no where near gods!! You're impatience has simply given Raistlin more information on what we can do!!! You accomplish nothing and blame it on us!!! That "war" would not have ended anything even if you had had all the magic on Krynn behind you!!! That "war" was an insignificant battle!!! Haven't you been listening??? We must destroy Raistlin! IT IS THE ONLY WAY!! FOOL!!"

Both the red and black robe went for their spells at the same time. Both looked at the other with pure hatred. Tanis knew he had to do something before they both let loose and blew the Courtyard into bite size chunks of broken marble. He stepped between the two seething mages knowing the move may very well cost him his life.

"Look at us! We cannot stand divided like this...not now when there is so much at stake!" He gazed pleadingly at Simon, who stepped back and held out his hands. Tanis then looked at Melethka. He had never seen such fury on the face of a usually peaceful elf. "Please..."

Melethka let out a deep breath. "Fine. For you, Tanis, and for Krynn." The young elf turned to Simon. "I cannot change what I have done any more than I can change what you have done. But if you are willing, let a truce be called." She stepped back and waited the black robe's reply.

((OOC: I feel like I'm killin' time here...not sure where I fit in...oh um...you asked about the Void...it's kinda like a power magnet. It sucks up power and magic and can be channeled through someone who knows what they are doing and targeted at someone else. heh. Beyond that I don't know how to explain it. Oh yeah...It's almost sentient, at least it gets hungry a lot :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/08/2001 5:42 PM

Simon looked at the two other mages in the room. Waiting for thier responses. As he did a White robed mage ran into the room. And turned to tanis.
" Master there is somthing wierd happening upon the battle field."
Simon quickly drew forth some dust from a pouch and tossed it in the air. resiting three words of magik the dust halted in midair amd an image of the battle field appeared in front of them. He watched as Caramon and his silver dragon flew higher and higher into the sky. Then suddenly the dragon yelled out somthing and a lightning bolt struck the sky in front of them. And a image started to waver. They dragon and the general quickly flew through. Disappearing. The armies stood and looked around. They had no idea what was going on. Soon though Caramon's army started to fight again. The dragons razing the city. Simon looked at the two mages.
" Now is our chance. We could try to stop this or we can stand here and watch it happen."

10/09/2001 5:51 AM

Glimmer and Cameron came through the portal, walked through is more precise. Glimmer was in her Human form, long silver/white hair shimmering, and her gold eyes warm. She turned to cameron. here she was dressed in the robes of a Cleric of Paladine. She held out her hand to cameron and turned only to be confronted with a scene from the past.

OOC: gonna have to read up on that Trilogy before I can go futher...hehe...if you remember more...go ahead...but I'll post later after I read a bit on the last book...hehe :)may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/09/2001 7:45 PM

" K hear is my plan. You cna hear it then decide wether you want to help me. We all have quite a few apprentices that study under us. My uncle has many in his tower that i hav access to. What i prupose is that we do as i did before. Teleport into the citadil's and destroy them. While others of us work on conflcting as much damage on the armies as possible. You two decide what you want to do. I will wait for an answer.

10/09/2001 7:54 PM

Melethka nodded.

Tanis smiled grimly. "Elves revere life," he muttered.

"They also like peace once in a while," Melethka said firmly. "Let's wreak some havoc!"

Enacting spells of teleportation, the three mages descended on the war, bringing with them all the power of Krynn. They split from there, flanking the battle field on three sides.

Tanis was the first to move. Enhancing his voice he called out to the enraged soldiers. "YOUR LEADERS HAVE LEFT YOU. THIS BATTLE IS OVER. LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS!" Precious few responded to his commands.

Melethka shook her head. "I knew that wasn't going to work..." Focusing her magic she cried out. Instantly the swords of many of Caramon's men started to glow red. Cries of agony rang out with the sounds of clashing swords as metal burned flesh. Melethka turned and grinned at Simon. "Your turn!" Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/09/2001 8:11 PM

OOC: not what i expected but it works.

Simon called all of his apprentices to the battle field. There were maybe 50 to 60 with him. He spoke to them briefly. Very few of the soldiers noticed the mages. They were busy killing. The mages lined together and started to chant. Storm clouds stared to appear in the sky. They kept building as the mages chant rose higher and higher. Wiith two last words the mages stopped chanting. Simon stepped out from the line and chanted the line once more.
As the last word eccoed in the vally a large lightning bolt droped from the clouds, hit the ground and spread among the soldiers. It looked like a spiders webbing passing across the ground. Leaving a path of dead and injured soldiers in its path.

10/09/2001 8:27 PM

Melethka watched as the spider webbing spread across the ground and nodded sadly. "Nice but it is unfortunate that such methods are necessary. Oh well."

Reaching upward, as if to grab hold of the sky itself, Melethka spoke words of ancient magic, long dead to this world. A sphere, a void of light, formed above her outstretched hands, writhing and growing with alarming speed. It grew silently, looming over the doomed soldiers. Though it seemed to fill the sky, few fighters looked towards the heavens. Those who did felt their chests tighten in unknown panic, cutting them off from precious air.

Winds swirled in all directions about the young red robe as she bowed her head in silent prayer for the dead and soon to be dying. With an unholy shriek the sphere burst, it's tendrils reaching for the four corners of Krynn. Slivers of molten black stained the bloody battlefield giving raise to millions of Shadow Warriors. As incorperal as their namesakes, the spectres eyed the awestruck soldiers in a moment of prayer, bringing balance to death. Then they descended as a great tide of darkness. There were no screams. Only silence.

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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10/09/2001 9:19 PM

Simon teleported to were the red robe stood.
" Good move. But now we have other problems."
He pointed up, to were scores of dragons were diving on to them...

10/10/2001 1:20 AM

"Allow us to handle them, Mastermages." J'mes called as the Pernese dragons appeared overhead. (you mages could respond to his questions once in a while.) The dragons dove down on the krynnish cousins, but many did not kill them on contact. As soon as they managed to grab a dragon, both would disapear. A moment later, the Pernese dragon emerged from between, and left the krynnish dragon forever lost in the void. (And no, they can't find their way out.) The dragonriders also fed their dragons firestone, which was chewed and used to create their dragon's firebreath. Though not magically hot like the krynnish dragons, it managed to sear the hide of many before a Pernese would pop into between only to reapear behind its target a moment later. (Only a few Pernese dragons are getting injured, one killed while the krynnish dragons are getting their a**es kicked.) The Pernese force, reminded of their years of fighting thread, let their experiance take over and for the first time in their history, allowed dragon to fight dragon.

Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

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10/10/2001 2:22 PM

OCC: Hey no fair! You guys are killing my poor defensless army! LOL! Ok...well raistlin said he had a secret for the qualinesti *grins devlishly* you guys have your fun and beat back my army. Got a nice suprise for you. *uncontrolable giggle and smirk* LOL :)

Raistlin watched with distaste as the army retreated. "Those fools are nothing without my brother to lead them, his will alone keeps the dragons loyalty. FALL back fools............they will be dealt with soon enough.......................

OOC: *Cant stop giggling* ok ok .......whew gonna get you guys!!! :) :pThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/10/2001 3:34 PM

((OOC: [smiles nervously]...heh...sorry about the army thing...me and simon just got carried away...hehe...please don't kill me...:)))

Melethka watched as the enemy dragons were defeated one by one and then sighed in relief. Calling upon the Shadow Warriors had drained her. She turned to J'mes and bowed.

"I thank you. Those dragons might very well have been the death of us without your assisance." Tanis appeared suddenly and also offered his thanks to J'mes and the pernese dragons. Then the companions turned to regard the broken army. Melethka shivered.

"Something isn't right...it was too easy." Tanis draped an arm around the pale elf, offering silent support. The red robe continued to shiver violently.

"We sshould ret-t-turn to the courrrtyard..." Melethka's teeth chattered so that she could hardly speak. Tanis looked to her in concern.

"We should. We will be safer there and there is the mysterious disapearance of Caramon to consider," he said. Turning to J'mes he continued. "You are welcome to come with us. There is much planning to be done."

"Wait," Simon said suddenly. "My teleportation spell isn't working."

Tanis paled. "Then we shall have to go there on foot. It is not that far." He started forward, still supporting Melethka. A sense of forebroding followed the group as it started towards safety.

((OOC: You'd better act before we reach the Courtyard! It's protected from the likes of you! :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/10/2001 3:40 PM

((OOC: By the way, sorry Thistledown and thanks :) I didn't realize you were talking to me. I get confused with too many sub plots going and I thought yours was seperate so I ignored it. Sorry. ))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/10/2001 4:34 PM

OOC: Hey now starlite don't go blaming any of this on me. i had nothin to do with it. it was all your idea. HEHE just joking. she right. sorry we got carried away.

Simon looked back at the city. " Wait maybe we should take care of sturm while we are at it."

10/10/2001 4:42 PM

((OOC: Me?? You're the one who had an urge to kill someone! :)))

Tanis looked coldly at Simon. "Stay and continue if you want. I am going to get her to safety."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/10/2001 4:50 PM

OOC: I don't know what to do. sturm needs taken care of. but i don't know. And you know it was all your idea. :)

10/10/2001 5:41 PM

Simon and a group of his apprentices worked their way into the city. Everywere there were people recovering from the battle. There were house to clean out, bodies to remove, and ruble to get out of the street. The group moved through the streets. As they approched the barracks that belonged to sturm they noticed a group of warriors that looked like they were generals. Simon and his followers walked up behind them and listened.
" Now i our chance. Caromon is gone. His armies are in retreat. WE have a chance to take his land. make him feel the pain that we have for so long."
Simon knew it would happen. These people would turn into Caramon. And they would act like him. Sturm turned and started to walk into the barrecks. 12 knives blossomed from his back. His genarels fliped around with thier hands on thier swords. But there was no one there.

Simon and his men appeared in the group headed back to the tower. Simon looked at his two mage companions. " The deed is done."

10/10/2001 6:19 PM

OOC: ontarys!!! come on help me out here...I can't remember all of it! if we dont do something soon! although...when we leave, we will leave and set the time so that we show up exactly after we left!! lol...come on...help me out here...may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/10/2001 9:42 PM

(OOC: Not a problem. I understand.)

"So, what should we do next, Mastermagus Simon?" My offer for the use of our dragon's teleportation stands. We can get that void of yours anywhere you can visualize."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/10/2001 9:52 PM

" I am not sure. we can not get to the plain of the gods with the teleport for we can not see it. Let us discusse it with the other two mages. They may have an answer that i do not.

10/11/2001 2:28 AM

OOC: ok...for now I'll just wing it. lol

BIC: Glimmer turned, holding her hand out to Cameron. Once she had turned, she stared as she saw a younger Cameron dressed entirely in beaten Gold Armor walk away from a very disgusted looking Kender. "This is it....the last days of Istar....Tell me what do you remember Cameron?" she whispered as Tas turned to stare open mouthed at them.

(ever want to see a kender thouroughly confused???? LOL!)) "Cameron?" Tas stumbled.... "But- you- what? How did yo-" He kept muttering like this for a few minutes as Glimmer and Cameron stood there...Cameron looking quite annoyed and Glimmer looking amused(she always liked Kender)may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/11/2001 9:16 AM

OOC: This was one of my Fav's so im pretty knowledgable :)

Suddenly it all came back to Caramon. Memories of his 2 gladiator friends he had to leave behind in death in the last days of ishtar. He rembered how he had came the first time as an out of shape mishappen drunk who became a man once again through fighting as a gladiator. Seeing the confused look on tas's face he didnt know where to start. "That kender will get us into no end of trouble..........what is the meaning of this glimmer? I remember much i wish to forget. I remember I I i remem" And then he suddenly realized all along the genius of his brother..........he remembered the last time he was here.......................................The last time he was here...........so was his brother..............

OOC: You know raist would play a part in this too LOL! he is master of the past as well.

OOC: Oh i havnt forgotten about you starlite and simon >:) LOL LOL :) (just teasin!) I got somthin for ya! *cant stop smiling devlishly* *giggles as he leaves post*The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/11/2001 4:08 PM

OOC: All right then lets have at it. HEEEEEE

10/11/2001 4:40 PM


Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/12/2001 10:27 AM

Raistlin knew time was running short for his plans to come to pass. H would go back and warn himself of what caramon was to do. "Who knows what consequences will come of this!!! I must rule over all...........paladine cannot stop me." Knowing his troops would not do well without caramon to lead them raistlin decided it was time for action. Calling a force he knew the mages could not defeat, Raist put his plan in moition. Appearing before him in the abyss stood Lord Soth AND Lord Ariakas the death cleric. "I have summoned you here to occupy or destroy these few left in solamnia and on to qualinesti, leave at once..................Caramons army could only stand by and look in horror as legion upon legion of undead warriors slowly moved into their line of sight. It looked as if it were a mass of moving mist........the army of the dead had come!!!!!

OOC: I did this for you starlite and simon. This will be a good subplot trying to survive the onlslaught of the undead, while caramon is back in time. Remember guys there arent any mages EXCEPT Raist whom soth feared or clerics for that matter. Ariakas.....well you know what he can do, so im not fallin for the cast a spell enemy be gone rout this time! LOL LOL! :)

OOC:Its 3 oclock starlite ya ready?! >:) :) :p The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/12/2001 2:04 PM

Its 3 oclock starlite ya ready?! >:) :) :p

((OOC: Ready? I've been waiting! You're late! heeheehee. And Lord Soth didn't fear any mages he knew...Melethka is totally different...though I agree the cast a spell, big boom isn't going to work this time...hmmm. Wow. this was totally unexpected. heeheehee. I love a challenge. Give me a minute :) So what point in time have we gone back to exactly?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/15/2001 7:26 AM

OOC: well me and kalia are back before the cataclysm trying to show caramon the truth. you guys are still in present time dealing with soth and ariakas. been out of town sorry...........The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/15/2001 2:46 PM

OOC: SO these undead are they shadows or are they like dead bodies that have had their spirts put back in them or what,

10/16/2001 10:39 AM

OOC: They are all like lord soth, of course all of them dont have power like soth or ariakas. they are see through and there touch is cold to the bone causing death if held too long. guess they are more like shadows.if you've read WOS then you can get a good feel for what they look like. You guys are gonna have a tough time with them but i wont make it too impossible as long as you guys are resonable in the way you defend yourselves (not really meant for you guys to win this battle, i'd suggest falling back; unless you come up with a REALLY good way for living people to fight an army of undead.) Meanwhile i'll wait a bit longer for kalia so we can continue back in time while you guys are still in the present.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/16/2001 3:27 PM

OOC: right now...I still want to re-read the final books so if you want to take control for a bit Ontarys I don't mind...maybe I'll remember somthing and then I'll jump in...:)"If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/16/2001 4:22 PM

OOC: K let me get this straight. they do have bodies then you don't just pass through them or anything

10/17/2001 12:33 PM

OOC: You would walk right through them. Plus there touch is ice cold causing death if not treated with the right spell.
Raist summoned them so its within reason.

"That blasted kender could ruin everything. Glimmer i dont know what it is your doing but im not gonna betray my brother. If you didnt know then you should know that he was here too, the last time i traveled in time." Caramno desperatly wanted her to come to reason, he feared if they stayed on this path he would learn what he already knew...................the truth.
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/17/2001 2:03 PM

((OOC: Okay, I'll be starting this battle tomorrow, probably...please wait for me! I had a real long day today and I can't think straight. I'm trying to debate evolution but I can't remember a damn thing! This is so frustrating!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/18/2001 5:44 PM

((OOC: Okay here we go...I'm gunning for at least a partial victory here and no deaths of my main chars... What do you need an army for anyway? :) Try to stay openminded...I'm trying to stay away from stuff that's already been done.))

Red. Everywhere there was red. It soaked the battlefield, and ran through the fingers of many soldiers. It choked the sky, the stench of decay filled the air till it was almost unfit to breath. Blood wet the blades and fed the hatreds of many battle hardened men who lived to kill and killed to live. The scarlet liquid flowed through the river and seem to symbolize the corruption of any beauty that remained to this broken world.

Melethka stood on one side, viewing destruction's end. Tears filled her throat though she refused to shed them from her blue eyes. Now was not the time to show weakness. She surveyed the triumph of Caramon's army over that of Sturm's and then started to wonder at their odds. An army of darkness filled her vision. Thousands of man stood at attention, soaked in blood and their own sweat, but they were ready and eager to risk it all for evil, for that one last gloriful end of life. At their sides stood an army that filled hearts with horror, for the undead had risen and taken their place at the side of the living. Their gleeful wails filled the air, worse than any banshees and enough to quench any glimmer of hope. And, as if things were not bad enough, an army of dragon's flanked their alies, adding air support to the forces of death.

The young half-elf looked on her demise with professional detachment, though her expression almost cracked when she turned to look at those who were here on the side of good. Tanis, faithful Tanis, stood at her side, his eyes filled with disguised horror. Simon stood to the side, flanked by half a dozen of his lesser black robes. Hovering behind them J'mes and his Pernese dragons waited patiently for orders, resigned to their fates.

Tanis cleared his throat and raised his voice so all the mages and dragons could hear him. "We are here today faced with...incredible odds. It is likely that we will not win and that many of us may lose our lives...but the opportunity is here and we must take it, however small..." He paused. "I don't want to lose you..." his gaze flicked towards Melethka. "...any of you. So if you find yourself in a situation that is hopeless, I encourage you to flee back to the Courtyard. Those of us who live today will live on to fight tomorrow."

Everyone nodded in unison and looked to Tanis for orders. The half-elf sighed. "Okay...I have an idea for the undead...It might not stop them but it will slow them down. Simon, I will leave the living soldiers to you and the other black robes...once you have dealt with them as best you can, please assist me with the undead...J'mes you are in charge of taking out the dragons...Melethka..."

"I am going after Soth."

"Nooooo! Wait!" Tanis yelled but the young mage had already disappeared in a swirl of red robes. Tanis paled, his complexion matching his white robes. He staggered, but refused Simon's arm as support. "We have to get to work..." he said, dazed.

Simon and J'mes left to wage their respective warfar and Tanis turned towards the advancing foe. He raised his hands above his head and gathered his magic around him. A white light filled the sky, creating patterns of lace whiter than any cloud. Energy crackled through the air and Tanis slumped to his side, his magic spent.

And then it began to rain. At first a ripple of laughter ran through the soldiers and they stopped to enjoy the rain. Then the screams came, not from the soldiers but from the undead. The spectral minions screeched, filling the silence with an unholy sound that burst the hearts of the weak. The rain, the embodiment of good magic, fell from the heavens, burning all those of evil and causing the undead, in their pure evil state, to shrivel as good and evil collided, anihilating each other. Tanis smiled softly at the effect before falling into unconsciousness.

* * * * *

Melethka stood near Lord Soth's command tent. The evil specter was surveying the battle, his red eyes glowing in triumph. A moment later though, a frown crossed his face creating a fearsome facade that pierced Melethka's soul. She turned away from the sight and her blue eyes fell on the battle. She smiled as she recognized the magical rain as Tani's's doing. It seemed to be very effective though no where near evening their odds. She looked back at Soth, so intent on the battle he didn't notice her. Now was her chance.

"You are a mere shadow of who you once were...and I am a Master of Shadows," she whispered to calm her racing heart. For just a second she regretted leaving Tanis.

The spell came easily to her lips, as if she had been born for this moment. A gray mist surrounded her and Soth, noticing the magic, finally noticed her amidst the chaos. By then the mist had completely enveloped the red robe and now penetrated her very being. It cleared a second late revealing a spectral elf holding twin spectral blades that glowed with an unearthly light. Lord Soth, annoyed, shot a bolt of pure power at the elf, determined to rid himself of this newest nuisance. The bolt raced towards Melethka only to be absorbed by her twin scimitars. Their eerie glow intensifided and the elf smiled grimly. Walking towards Soth she reached out and slide one silver blade across his incorperal arm. The undead Lord, still not acknowledging any threat, didn't move away fast enough. A large glowing slit appeared on his arm. Soth was too well bred to let onto the pain, a feeling he had not felt since his death. Melethka stepped back and crossed her scimitars, creating a strange shield.

"I am Melethka, the last Master of Shadows. I challenge you to battle. Choose your weapon," her voice was strong and confident, though her eyes were weary.

((OOC: A good begining to be a glorious battle...don'tcha think? :) Simon, J'mes...get busy...Soth...your move...:)))
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/18/2001 8:38 PM

Simon walked away from the half-elf and started down the embankment. It was an impossible task. There was a large army walking to them. And nothing they could do. Then it started to rain. The men bellow them satarted to laugh. But Simon could feel the power in it. It was like a sivkaning oil that clings to the flesh. But it was a necesary thing. Then the shadows started to scream in horror. The rain was hurting them. Simon looked back to acknowledge the power of the white robe. But he was collapsed on the ground. He appeared to be unconscience from the power of the spell.

Simon sent out a message telepathicly.

The reply was quick and diliberate.

With that taken care of Simon watched the army start to break and run in all directions. Waving his handsin the air to create symbols. He cast his spell. Skelton hands poped from the ground and grabbed ankles of unwerry soldiers, dragging them in to the ground. It made a dent in the army, but not quite large enough.

Simon began t think of what else he could do to stop them, when a large shadow passed onto the armies of Caromon. Every onelooked up in surprise and the soldiers started to cheer for they would be saved from the mages. But the dragon opened its mouth and let forth a spu of acid into their ranks. They screamed and started to flee.

The large black rested near Simon.

"Were is this friend of yours that needs help." he murmored.
" Upon the ridge."
" But he is a White."
" Yes i know, but we are all together in this fight. please take him to his tower." Simon pleaded.
" If this is what you wish then i will do it." With that Nightshade launched to the hill and picked up the whaite robe.

There were still to many soldiers for them to be safe. And they started to regroup and start out once more for the mages.

"Tanis Half-elven, you owe me you're life. Let me just hope i live to be repayed."

10/19/2001 12:54 AM

Glimmer glared at Cameron. She turned to him, her gold eyes bright with sudden anger.

"how can you be loyal to someone who would kill you the moment he thought that he had something to gain from it!? Our whole world hangs precariously by a thread...one that he will cut...sooner or later. He Beats you cameron...not with physical blows but with a mental strength that saps your will and your heart!! I have been shown the truth..and If I should Die, I will die knowing that I tried to save Krynn in my dying breath...that I tried to save our world...and not standing in the sidelines watching it fall to ruin..."

she spat, knowing full well that each word she spoke reached Cameron like a slap. She turned from him, her shoulders shaking from her fury, as tears of anger, frustration, and fear slid down her cheeks."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/19/2001 6:20 AM

"Yes I know what is happening glimmer. And now I know without knowing what I must do to end this all. My brother has given me great magical gifts as his cleric and my own hidden inheritance from our mother. I am the most powerful being on krynn in magic thanks to him, i know what must be done. I thank you for being strong enough to show me the wrong that I have done." From behind them they heard someone speak in a low soft whisper, as they turned they looked upon a blackrobed mage looking forelornly back at them with a sneer. "So it seems that we are at odds my brother, I should NEVER have let you befriend the daughter of Paladine. Still you cannot stop me now, my forces fight on without you and I will win. I would have given you everything but now you will stay here and die!"

A low rumble could be heard in the sky even though it was clear, and erie reddish glow tinted the noon sky and an almost unbearable heat blew across the land. "Farewell my brother I have a universe to rule!"

Caramon did not flinch, he was not afraid and he knew glimmer wasnt afraid either. With a sad look of resignation on his face he looked into her eyes and spoke softly. "I know what I must do to maintain the balance, it is the only way. I cant explain now but we must reach the portal to the abyss in our time..............trust me its the only way"

OOC: It just occured to me what Caramon must do for things to be set straight!The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/19/2001 6:55 AM

OOC: Hey starlite where is tha luv? :) LOL! I was being openminded. As a matter of fact I brought the undead army in as a diversion til raist came back, I was hoping you would use your void thingie on them (they were brought back by magic). I needed an because its caramon the conquerer...conquerers usually have armies ya know *broad smile* Openmindedness *sighs* I gets no luv sometimes :) N E way you did set up a really good battle scene (really good) dont know why you wanna fight soth but...........i've been meaning to find a way for him to be free of being an undead, you will be his salvation by defeating him (after a good fight! :) lol!)

Soth was impressed with this elfs power, it had been long since he had felt ANYTHING at all. The pain that shot through his arm was like the gentle touch of a woman to him; to feel something to know he was still in this realm was greater than the pain that shot through his arm. "You say I am a mere shadow and you are right, you say you are master of the shadows but I am servant to none." Unsheathing his firey sword that was as transparent as himself he gazed steadily into her eyes, seeing the fear and nervousness in her made him sneer but he also saw the courage and determination that was just as strong. Saluting her in the way of a solamnic knight that in death he still was he spoke in his otherworldly tone. "Your challenge is accepted" The sheild was not enough to hold soth back as he grabbed her with his free arm, the chill of death froze through her arm and shoulder like ice he quickly backed away again before being struck with her weapon knowing the effect of his touch would have on her. He couldnt help but feel the burning in his arm that still throbbed from the wound she had caused. *How could this be? Can this woman destroy me, who has lived ages?* A sudden realization hit soth as he realized that this would be a battle in which he had a chance of dying. With that thought he shouted a word of magic "Fear" as he pointed at her, the spell causing uncontrollable fear to overwhelm any being. He charged hopeing to rid himself of this danger before she could do him harm, all the while he thought of sleep in peaceful death.

The rain feel harder and harder as the battle around them waged on. Simon and the others were doing well in pushing back the living armies but the undead continued there unholy march. The screech of the undead and the shouts of the other knights was defeaning. Blood soak the terrain but the killing had slowed to a halt. The undead stood and watched as Soth fought his battle with melethka, as they only took orders from him they awaited his command.

OOC: Not sure if anyone can see soth and melethka fighting (you did cause a mist) but i assume the dead can see it. your move starlite >:) :) :PThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/19/2001 11:07 AM

High above the battlefield, J'mes led the dragons of Pern in combat against the krynish dragons. The passed down training of over 2000 years of fighting thread was quickly converted to fighting dragons. "Rain. Very well. It seems to be slowing their ground force, but it doesn't help us much!" J'mes shouted as Sarumth dove on a large red just long enough to grab on, then both disapeared.

A moment later, Sarumth reappeared in the same spot. "Have a long stay between," J'mes said. This and the flame from the firestone they fed their dragons worked well on their Krynish cousins, but many still fell to the deadly breath and jaws of the scaled ones.

*Endy, go back to the tower. If they need any help, bring back a message to me.* With that, the blue firelizard disappeared with a loud pop, only to appear in the courtyard with Tanis a moment later.

J'mes and Sarumth fought on, along with the other Pernese dragons. The air was filled with the mournful cries of the living dragons whenever a Pernese went between forever, useing its dying energy to enter the void. F'lar, on his great bronze Mnementh and Lessa on her gold Ramoth both perished in the attack, the largest dragons ever to have lived being singled out by the enemy. The tears of the dragonriders mixed with the rain, as they wept for the loss of their leaders and dragons on both sides.

(OOC: not many have read "Skies of Pern" yet, so I left out the stuff from it. Glimmer, if you need a way to get Caramon (not Cameron :) ) to the portal, J'mes and Sarumth can get him there.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/19/2001 3:02 PM

((OOC: I want to fight soth simply cuz I like writing sword fighting scenes...though I ain't too good at them...Caramon might need an army but Raist doesn't! And as Caramon is...indisposed...he doesn't need an army either! I didn't use the Void cuz I'm not sure if I can use it more than once...Melethka might die. I hope it can play some part in the downfall of Raist...if he falls...))

"You are servant to your own evil ways!" Melethka shouted as Soth charged at her with his blazing sword. His fear spell had been dispelled, but not before it had unnerved the spectral elf. She saw her fear mirrored in the Lord's face for just a second and knew he meant to kill her with one swift stroke. But she was too good a swordswoman to allow that. Stepping back gracefully, she met his charge with her twin blades. The battle began.

Silver and gold spun in the chilled air, as shadows of steel met each other in a deadly dance. Melethka parried each of Soth's blows, even as he parried her own advances. Their blades whirled and played with a speed faster than eyes could comprehend. Melethka feinted low, a move that Soth effortlessly turned away. Melethka grinned as her foot connected with the Lord's chin, snaping his head back as shadow met shadow in a way no living matter could. Soth, stunned by the fact that he had been hit by a foot that should have pasted right through him, stepped back and hestitated. Melethka's blades came in fast. In a desperate move, Soth throw his arm wide, partially deflecting her blades which glanced off his shoulder. Angered by pain and defeat, Soth advanced on the elf with a fiercness that surprised and worried the red robe. But instinct took over and she returned his anger with some of her own.

Neither shadow had any concept of time. They fought in a deadlock for minutes, hours, perhaps even days. Skills were matched and even. The battle raged on...

((OOC: Heeheehee...not that good a sequence but fun nonetheless. I'd like to continue it for a while...though I guess we can end it whenever you're ready to have Caramon do stuff...))

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/19/2001 3:30 PM

(OOC: Sorry, but I won't be back until sunday night. Do whatever you need with the dragons until then)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/20/2001 10:44 AM

OOC: cool, we can fight til everyone gets it together (sunday) oh and I figured out how caramon will turn out and how raist will be defeated. to be fair i have included a way in which the void will help caramon. dont wanna give it away here though, can i email ya? (starlite) Oh and dont forget soth did touch you, ya arm should hurt LOL! I gotta give soth some love since he's gonna lose and inflict a wound that will make melethk remember for the rest of her life that she had to fight soth. :D

The battle waged on and soth was pleased that he had someone who was his equal in battle. The wounds she inflicted on him were starting to burn as a flame and he knew that this was to the "death" a true death, for if he could he would make sure she died never to return ANYWHERE. But he was not sure this was a battle he would win. Raistlin had warned him not to battle the shadow woman. He had not known who that was but he was sure this was she of whom he spoke, for through her would be his doom.........or his salvation.

They fought blow for blow and he was able to crack her defences with a cut to her side, he saw that she was tiring even as he was undead and could not tire. "You will die by my hand mistress, but you have done well in battle." raising his sword for the final killing blow he began to strike even as he left himself open for the blow that would end his eternal life..........

OOC: Your character melethka is getting more important to the story every post it seems...........I'll explain laterThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/20/2001 7:33 PM

((OOC: Oh oops...forgot he touched me...heeheehee...can I kill soth now? ...welll as I am too anxious to wait for an answer I'm going to...it's saturday night away...oh yeah sure you can email me! Anyone can email me! :) it's starlite4774@hotmail.com. AHHH I can't type...I spent 4 hours straight today typing on a comp that's older than I am...some legal document (llooooong sentences) and now my hands won't work! ahhh!! but anyway...

Your character melethka is getting more important to the story every post it seems

That's what I like to hear! :)))

Melethka was tired. Her breath was coming in short gasps. Several times her spectral fingers almost failed her and nearly dropped her precious scimitars. Her right arm, her real sword arm, felt as though a thousand icy needles were piercing through her shadowed skin...the rage of battle died and fatigue and pain took its place. But Melethka would not give up. She had to win so she could go back to Tanis and tell him that she had always loved him and that their love would be eternal. She had to win so she could continue to witness the beauty of life, waterfalls, sunsets, roses...

The young elf's vision blurred. She felt her conscious thoughts leave her, instinct the only thing keeping her alive...pain shot through her weary body...her magic, her life was leaving, never to return...

Soth said something that Melethka couldn't hear over the pounding in her pointed ears. He raised his golden sword and the mage knew this was the end. Suddenly the world slowed, time stopped and every moment became crystal clear. Melethka saw her opening. The golden sword crashed down apon her and suddenly she had a choice. It was either deflect this blow or win the battle. Every movement was so impossible slow that the mage had time to consider her decision in great detail. But the answer was always there and didn't need to be thought about. A peaceful smile graced her weary face, her blue eyes filled with passion. With a final good-bye to Tanis, her love, Melethka thrust one scimitar forward, throwing Soth's left arm wide. Silver motes danced off her other blade even as it pierced the spectral flesh of the undead Lord. Melethka never felt the blow that crushed her left shoulder. Still smiling she fell to the ground and embraced death with open arms.

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/22/2001 5:32 PM

((OOC: HEY!! I'm dying over here people!! Anyone gunna come get me, or am I just to die in the mud?? :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/22/2001 6:17 PM

OOC: Now that would be a tragidy wouldn't it. we would not want you to get all dirty. you would get your pretty robes all mudy.

Simon watched as the red robe fell. He ran to her nad picked her up. he watched with facination as the shadow or soth nelt upon the ground and twitched. Simon cast a simple transportation spell and appeared in the courtyard. He set the woman down and waited for nightshade with tanis....

10/22/2001 10:06 PM

(OOC: Sorry, but J'mes is a bit busy right now (dodges another dragon attack) so he will assist you in a minute.)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/24/2001 6:10 AM

Soth was dead............and with his death the undead warriors disappeared as if they were never there. The blood and carnage the only reminder of their passing. Time was rapidly moving faster and it seemed that even through all these odds Raist was still the victor.......for nowThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/25/2001 3:20 PM

Tanis Half-Elven fell off the back of the dragon that had brought him to the relative safety of the Courtyard. Simon was standing, with a detached expression on his dark face, over the still form of Melethka.

"Noo..." Tanis moaned, half dragging himself over to his love. The battle, the war, everything fled from his mind as he gazed apon her dying form, graceful even in pain, covered in blood, but still smiling.

"Did we win?" she asked. Her sweet elven voice was soft and weak, her words specked with even more blood. A gash lay down her right side, starting at the shoulder and going down to below her ribcage. Her right arm hung uselessly to the side even as Tanis helped her to sit up. He stared in disbelief as the light began to fade from her blue eyes.

"Nooo...don't leave me!" The half-elf's cry echoed through the great Courtyard and beyond a plea to silent gods. Melethka raised her slender left hand which was red with her own blood and waved it in front of her face. The sight seemed to fascinate her, even as the light in the room dimmed.

"I'm dying..." she whispered, a look of peace on her face. "I feel that I should tell you, Tanthalas...I've always felt that we weren't destined to be together and yet we can't help it...we are a part of each other...I will never leave you...I can't, you see..." With these words, she seemed to have completed her quest in this life and fell back into the arm's of her only love. With a choked sob, Tanis lowered the dead elf to the ground, grasping at the last bits of warmth even as they disepated into the chilled air.

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/25/2001 3:38 PM

((OOC: Ha ha! Fooled you! (Though probably not :)). 'Course she isn't dead...but the whole last speech thing makes sense still cuz of the diff timelines and all...heeheehee...))

Gilean looked up from the rather large book He was reading. Noise was everywhere in this "isolated" spot, away from the prying eyes of those who dare to proclaim themselves gods...but there was still too much noise. The great God of Neutrality frowned. As much racket as there was here, it took more than that to strip Him of His eternal concentration. He looked down apon the broken world of Krynn...and focused on a red-robed elf lying in her own blood. The God caught his breath.

"Chaos!" he raged. He caught a schribe by the arm and pointed. The schribe, of course, didn't see anything. Gilean sighed. "The last of Melethka has fallen!" the schribe looked horrified, not so much at the dead elf, but at the enraged God. Gilean had never before raised His voice in all the eternities this schribe had served Him. "This isn't right." Gilean said, abruptly returning to His normal calm demenor. The schribe sighed in relief. "No. Not right at all." And what that, the God of Neutrality changed destiny, scaring the schribe once more to the point where the eternal servant fainted.

((OOC: Hope that's not too much out of story or character...but I figure this is messed up, it can stand to be messed up even more!))


A blue light gathered in the Courtyard, swirling about the great mable walls. It focused in on the dead mage, lighting her sightless eyes with a holy, yet unnatural glow. A moment later she blinked and blood vanished as if it had never been there, never soaked the hands of those left behind. Tears flowed as fast as praise to fallen gods...there was hope and light at the end of the darkness.Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/25/2001 3:51 PM

The dragons of Pern cheered as they saw their opponents fleeing. *Tell them not to give chase.* J'mes said to Sarumth. *Enough dragons have died today.* The message was relayed to the fleat, and soon they all began landing near the tower. J'mes and Sarumth landed within the courtyard, just as Melethka was breathing her last breath. As the elf died, the dragons gave out one last mournfull cry. "The dragons honor those they see fit" J'mes muttered to himself, remembering the story of F'lar and the Watchweyr. (The dragons almost never honor anyone not a dragon in this way) With a sorrowful look on his face, he turned to Tanis and the others in the courtyard. "The scaled ones are retreating. The dragonriders of Pern are at your command."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/26/2001 5:52 AM

OOC: Now we are gettin somewhere. we are getting close to the end. some suprises are coming soon. just gotta sort it all out. The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/28/2001 12:07 AM

((OOC: Um...what happens now?))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/28/2001 1:35 AM

(OOC: Yes, what are you waiting for?)Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/29/2001 6:46 AM

OOC: I wasnt waiting for anything just been REALY busy....

It had been a long and harrowing journey for caramon and glimmer to get back to the present. he had learned what it was he must do in order to make things right. he had learned the truth of what his brother planned to do to the world and others beyond. He returned to see his troops had fallen back, his army in disarray, he also knew it was his brothers doing and there must be something sinister planned ahead..........and then he knew........................

"I must have a meeting with the mages in order to stop this before its too late"

OOC: know the end depends totally on how you guys respond (the mages that is).The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/29/2001 9:31 AM

"We need to talk with Caramon," J'mes said. "It is chaos out there. we have to stop the fighting. The dragons have withdrawn, but the armies are harder to stop."

"What should we do?"Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/29/2001 2:11 PM

"I think we should just kill the rest of them. There seems to be no scaring them into stoping."

10/29/2001 2:52 PM

((OOC: Why is everyone so busy lately? What, do you people have lives or something? :)))

Tanis Half-Elven felt a headache coming on. He was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and no end to the madness seemed within sight. He felt a soft hand slip into his, and his breath slowed. He had kept Melethka close to his side ever since her miraculous recovery.

"Kill them?" he echoed softly, drawing strength from the hand in his own. "Isn't that what we have been trying to do? And yet, they just seem to keep coming, don't they? Where will it stop? When will Raistlin cease to call upon the living and the dead? For he has an near endless supply of both. And after we kill his minions, how long till he begins to call on demons and horrors from planes beyond?" Tanis shook his head wearily.

"No, this situation, believe it or not, is perfect. The battle provides a distraction, while painting our efforts with a shade of weakness. We must find an opportunity to strike at Raistlin and we must find it fast. Only then will the chaos stop. But first, we need answers and the only answers to be had, unfortunatly, are with Caramon. He has asked to meet with us and I plan to fullfill that request. You may, of course, walk our own paths. However, if you decide to follow my course of action, I ask that this be a pledge. From here, there is no turning back." he took a deep breath. "Who's with me?"

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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10/29/2001 4:28 PM

" I will join you."

10/29/2001 6:58 PM

"I will not ask the other dragons to fight again," J'mes called. "But Sarumth and I are with you till the end."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

10/30/2001 5:31 AM

OOC: ok starlite i hope you got my email a couple days ago, you are the only one who knows what i plan to do.

Caramon sent a message to the mages to meet him on neutral ground in thorbadin. He dreaded what he must do but it was the only way..............there could be no turning back. He sat amoungst the rocky terrain of the dwarves as he awaited those who would come. The sky was gray and foreboding and a chill wind wisked threw the area constantly. "Time grows short and we must do something for I fear................I fear the worst....................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

10/30/2001 1:21 PM

((OOC: email?? Um...no...I either didn't get it or I deleted it on accident...I get like 50 icky emails a day so I have to delete lots of stuff at a time...is there any chance you could send it again? starlite4774@hotmail.com))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/31/2001 2:37 PM

Tanis appeared in Thorbadin with a soft flash of white light. He was instantly chilled to the bone, from both the wind and his own fear. He wanted to be back in the Courtyard with Melethka...running his hands through her soft auburn hair...and leave all this tragedy and suffering behind. He had a strong sense of hopelessness...a feeling that even if they won this war he would still lose and the loss would be unbearable.

A warmth flowed around him and through him in the form of his love. The lithe elfmaid reached up and kissed him gently, spreading fire though his body and soul. Reaching back to her, he entwined his fingers with hers and pulled her close. She began to hum quietly, her voice beautiful and peaceful. Notes rose and fell in perfect simplicity, carried around and around by the strong breeze, creating an echo that moved through time itself. They moved as one with the music, dancing as though they could leave the world behind.

"Ahem." Startled, the two elves parted. Simon stood watching, as did J'mes and Caramon. Both blushing the same shade of red, the couple moved farther apart, though they caught and held each other's gaze for a long moment.

Tanis Half-Elven stepped forward. "Caramon...perhaps you would like to start." His gaze was slightly cold, as if to remind the large human of just exactly how far trust was going to go in this strange situation. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/01/2001 7:07 AM

Giving tanis an emperious glare Caramon stood amongst those who were just recently his adversaries. "I dont expect any of you to trust me..........nor do I care or want your trust. But..........................this concerns not only ourselves but whole other worlds.

Caramon for a split second lost his steely glare and his eyes softened in compassion as he recalled the perils of his second journey through time.
Composing himself quickly he went on to tell of what he learned

"While in Istar just before the cataclysm I came across myself..............I know that may seem strange to some of you, but I had already once before made a journey back in time to stop my brother from becoming a god; of course as you can already see he still succeded in this. I was able to se the wickedness that had consumed raist, but this still did not deter me until.....until."

Caramon paused for a moment to regain his senses, vivid memories began to crash through his mind as he saw the malice in his own eyes and his brothers that fateful in istar. He rcalled the overwhelming sense of despair in the air and the suffocating heat and silence. The only thing that kept him going was the resiliance of his dragon glimmer who had taken him back to see the truth. Coming back to the present he began again

"Until my brother saw us there with the kender tasselhoff he told me how foolish it was for any to defy him and in that moment I was able to see his mind..........what he planned."

He paused again to gather his thoughts and find the most suitable way to tell them of what was to come. seeing the lok of confusion and total lack of trust (how could he blame them) he stood firm as he spoke.
"Raistlin plans to come back into the world and make us all mindless slaves to do his bidding and a a and to conduct his experiments on creating new life. He doesnt see us as fit to roam krynn in our present state, he plans to change us into his ideal of what he thinks we should be. If you have ever seen his earlier creations......the live ones, you know the peril we may face, though his powers are great, as a god he is still young. After krynn he plans to go on and on taking over worlds and the other two gods are powerless to stop him; and I i i know the only way to maintain the balance."

Caramon stood before them, his presence was imposing; his black cape flowing in the slight breeze his long hair and muscular build all seemed to inhance his now almost combustable persona. Clutching his hands tightly he gazed at all in the room he knew they could see he was caught between emoitions, one to be ruler of krynn the other to save the inumerable amount of people across the galaxy that had no clue of what was coming to them. He didnt care about people dying, he had killed many in his day, he just couldnt come to grips with his brother using him as a pawn; he would end this and he knew the only way how.

"There is a reason the army has fallen back from you.....he plans to come upon krynn in his own form and rid himself of you mages who have given such trouble and to start the process of his order. we must be ready. whether you trust me or not we must act quickly."The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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11/01/2001 7:50 AM

"I speak for Pern, and had already feared that Raistlin would come for us sooner or later. That is how I was able to persuade the other dragons to help us." J'mes said.

"I do not trust you. For all I know you are only trying to save your own hide, no matter what it takes. However, you seem to have something in mind that will help to stop Raistlin. And for that, I will listen. I will take whatever actions are necesary to stop this evil from coming to Pern."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/01/2001 8:22 AM

Glimmer stepped out from behind Caramon, un-earthly beautiuful in her Crystal scale armor. on the center scale on the breastplate, was the lightning-engraved mark of Paladine.

"I speak for Caramon...I speak for the Dragons of Light, I speak for Paladine. I will not allow this evil to continue here, or to spread to other worlds. I am ashamed of what I have done, but the touch of Paladine himself proves that I will not falter in this...." she said, gesturing towards that mark on the breastplate of the armor, in the same place that it would always be, Dragon or not.

((OOC: hehe sorry all...got a little lost in the shuffle))"If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/01/2001 6:57 PM

((OOC: Ontarys, could you do me a favor? Put paragraph breaks in long things like that. Makes it MUCH easier to read. Thanks. :) Great plot. heehee. ))

Tanis seethed. He didn't trust Caramon one bit. He had thought maybe when the meeting had started...everything that been so peaceful. But now...Caramon's expression said clearly that he didn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Why would Paladine support such a...!?! And the dragon...what was her place in all this? Frustration rose till Tanis thought he would lose his sanity.

Melethka had been standing silently through the entire explanation and now stepped forward with a quiet authority. She captured Caramon with her bright blue eyes and the big man faltered slightly. Her elven voice was soft.

"You need our help. It is as simple as that and yet so complicated." she leaned closer. "I see through you. The dragon is sincere in her wish to repent her evil but you...you care for nothing but your revenge and your control. You wish to take back something from the brother to whom you gave so much, at the expense of all of us and the world, if nessecary." she paused and studied his reaction.

Caramon remained impasive, though he could not look away from elven eyes. Melethka's voice went even softer till only the large man could hear her. "I am the only one who can help you...and you know this. However, I will not help Caramon the Conquerer."

"When you find the real Caramon, Hero of the Lance, friend to all deserving so, protecter of his ungrateful twin, keeper of the Balance between the Majere brothers...come find me. I will be waiting."

((OOC: heeheehee. That was fun! :)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/02/2001 9:44 AM

Caramon had heard enough and he understood fully now that melethka knew what he must do. Beneath her brash demeanor he knew she was just as afraid as the rest. Moving closer to her ,his lips almost touching her ear he whispered
"I am no longer my brothers pawn, I am not this conqueror that used to be. By the past i have learned our future and...and my own destiny. Let us put aside our mistrust and do what must be done while we still have time."

Taking a step back he stood beside glimmer....the only one who had faith in him. He put his muscular arm around her and held her close, the only person now that mattered to him was her. She had come with him through time, she had come with him on his path of evil and now she was coming with him on his path to redemption. It pained him now that he thought of all this mingled with the thought of the path that lay before him and that he must lose even her. He decided he had better tell her what he planned when this meeting was over.

Looking at the mages he stood almost impassivly "SO...........are we in agreement?"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/02/2001 10:17 AM

Melethka gave a secret smile. She was convinced that Caramon truely understood his role, though it had been his actions towards Glimmer more then his words that had sealed the elf's trust in him. And yes, she did trust him...though he didn't need to know that.

A calm spread over the mage like a thick blanket. She was, indeed, afraid, as only fools and kender felt no fear in times of great darkness. But the path was set, she had but to walk it.

Even so, her step faltered slightly as she felt Tanis's gaze, pleading for some other way. Strengthening her resolve, she bowed to Caramon.

"The Power of Melethka is at your sevice."

((OOC: dooobeeedooo...:))) Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/02/2001 11:46 AM

Glimmer smiled at Melethka as she gently squezed Caramon's shoulder reasuringly. "thank you..." she said, her strong tenor voice shaken by sudden emotion."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/05/2001 9:54 AM

Very well then, it is settled. Melethka you are course may be one from which we may not return, it is the only way. tommorrow at dawn we will do what must be done.

Seeing the startled look on glimmers face his own softened. "There is much I must explain before the night is over. We have little time."
The dwarves had provided shelter for them and they headed to there quarters as glimmer and caramon slowly made there way around the underground world of thorbadin.

"Glimmer.......this may be the last we speak to each other. I may very well die trying to stop my brother. Do not dispair...I need your support and strength or else I will falter. Melethka and i have a plan, let me explain......................"



Raistlin had had enough, he felt it was time to rid himself of those mages and............unfortunatley his brother. He hated that even though he would kill his brother he still felt for him as he would no one else. Even in his godhood he still thought of those times when he needed caramon to lean on or make his tea. The times when he stayed up all night to keep the dreams away, times when he was scared and caramon would say "look raist...bunnies" He thought of all this but even greater than his feelings for his brother were his quest for power. It consumed him, unending and forever ongoing; he had to have more power. His brother was now in his way and for that he had to be done away with....for the love of POWER.
One day............one day he planned to take on the father of all and nothing himself, though he knew it would be many millinia before that was to come to pass.

A low rumble could be heard in the sky and an errie quiet was present throughout the land.... A stillness that could be felt.

The avatar of raist had successfully left the abyss and he knew where he was headed. The source of his troubles........his own brother in thorbadin.
All could see it in the form of a golden eyed black dragon. Angrily it screeched and roared as it layed waist to the land around it on its way to thorbadin........when somthing stopped it. Somthing was trying to slow it down and it swirved to destroy this pest. Turning it saw its prey and for a second floated in the air in astonishment as a single cleric stood before it praying to paladine for help. In a booming voice it spoke "you cannot stop me from what is to come. Flee while you still can, cleric of mishkal. Flee while you can.............................................Kitiara"

OOC: what'd ya think? :O :D :P
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11/08/2001 9:50 AM

Kitiara stood firm against the awesome sight of the dragon. The dragon that used to be her little brother now turned god. In an instant she recalled the days of their childhood when he was just a sickly youth. She saw in him then, the determination and ambition that drove him. This is what it had become.

"i pray my brother that you see the error in your ways, you must not do this!"

A look of compassion and worry covered her as she pleaded. Beads of sweat rolled down her face and her short curly hair was as wet as if rain were falling from the sky, yet she still prayed on to mishkal and paladine for the strength to slow her brother.

The dragon raising his head above the mist that was slowly building in the evening air spoke once more "You too had the same desire as I once.......you chose to become weak and subserviant to the pitiful god mishkal. You cannot hold me much longer..........."

Kitiara began to swoon as the wind from the great wings of the dragon pummeled her almost to the ground. Her strength and will were fading and there was not much more paladine could do to help her. She decided that it was time to do what she must. Pulling her medallion from her chest she shouted with her waning strength " PLADINE I ASK THIS OF YOU....GIVE ME THE COURAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her medallion began to glow and a warmth inside began to flow through her body. She was at peace and she knew caramon would not succed unless she did what must be done.

A swirl of light imminated from the medallion twisting and turning around the dragon. Kitara with little strength left spoke to her brother......."our destiny as a family will come to pass, you are powerless to stop it; for i see it as plain as day now. Clasping the medallion in her hand tightly she spoke her last words "With my last breath I give myself to you. Your ambition shall be balanced with my compassion and soon.......soon my brother all of us will be one."

The light began to dim as kitiara slumped to the ground, her last breath came slowly as she looked skyward at her brother that had become a god. The essence of her being began to float and drift in the air toward the dragon who was still in thrall by the swirling light and mist of the medallion. Becoming one with her brother had been destiny and soon........soon the balance would be complete.

Kitiara's lifless body lay slumped on the ground, the light from the medallion flickered and slowly faded away. And just as suddenly her body disappeared.

Raistlin roared in anger "I WILL NOT BE STOPPED!" But already he could feel the presnce of his sister in his being start to incorporate itself. He headed swiftly now for his brother. It was time he put an end to thisThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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11/08/2001 10:31 AM

Glimmer stared in awe at Kitiara's sacrifice. in an instant she shifted forms, her dragon form as imposing as Raistlins. She lowered her wings and turned towards Caramon.

"Caramon...friend...and in another time...Father..I will join you on this...I will not allow you to do this alone. I may not be family by blood...but, in another time, another place...I was to be raised as one of your family....I would be honored to be by your side." she said as she raised her head and roared back at Raistlin.

the mark of Paladine on her center chest scale began to glow brightly, rivaling that of the sun above, setting the crystal dragons scales alight with a brilliant, rainbow light."If you don't fight for the precious things that you desire, people will take them away from you."

-Touga Kiriuu, student council president (revoulutionary girl Utena #5-Sunlit garden-finale)

11/08/2001 12:23 PM

J'mes could only look on in wonder at the strange magic of Krynn.

(Um, I'm not sure what J'mes should be doing right now, but I have a plan.)

"Mastermagus! You said that your void thing would drain magic, right? But that would also drain magic from whoever was trying to use it. Possibly so much that it would kill whoever tried to use it. Sarumth and I have no magic. We wouldn't be effected by it. You said that the void would seek out the most powerful source of magic and destroy it, right?"

"If Caramon can buy us some time for you to set it up, Sarumth and I can deliver the void to this monster and destroy him forever."Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/08/2001 12:34 PM

OOC: you are almost close to the point thistle down. the void will be an important factor to the end of the thread...........but so will melethka and Caramon. we can work somthin out though. starlite knows what i plan...The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/12/2001 7:13 AM

Raistlin saw caramon and knew he should act quickly, somthing was not right. Kitiara had sone somthing to him and he was just starting to realize what was happening. The roar of the crystal dragon caught his attention before he could worry about what he thought however.

"You are the daughter of paladine I see, he will be of no use to you soon. Soon I will rid myself of both those fools."

Raistlin knew she was no match for him, but he also knew he would have to deal with her nontheless. All caramon needed was more time............but for WHAT! It was driving him mad with fury. All his life caramon had let him do the thinking. WHY did he have to start thinking for himself now? >:)

Caramon decided it was time, speaking to glimmer he sadi solemly. "This may well be the last we are together on this world. I dont know what is going to happen but I know there is only one way to stop him.

Before he could finish his sentence raistlin made his attack. A swift blow to the side of glimmer sent them both sprawling to the ground, caramon had just enough time to get out of the way. Chanting a spell his own brother had taught him he shouted in his strongest voice "/swistami ur tsaman/" as lightning began to rain down on rasitlin even though the sky was clear.
It was obvious glimmer and caramon were losing in their battle with raistlin, evry spell seemed to affect him little and glimmer could only do so much against a god.

"Paladine.......I ask one thing of you. Even though I have done much to not have favor of you. Nor did I ever want it, we both know that this must end here. We will not prevail without help from you. If not for me then help us for the sake of your daughter whom we both care for."

The sky began to darken and the cackle of lightning and thunder shook the ground. A brilliant light shone in the sky and before them the platinum dragon himself had come in all his resplendent glory.

The battle waged on as the three fought valiantly against raistlin. His power was great, enough even to fight them all, he became frustrated though as time ran on. Caramon was up to somthing and he just couldnt figure it out.

The battle could be seen for miles around. The coal black dragon with gleaming gold eyes was huge, the size of a mountain. The platinum dragon paldine shown as if he were a beacon of light and hope. And then there was a third, a crystal dragon as bright as the noonday sun. And amoungst it all stood the cleric of raistlin, his own brother caramon had changed his ways and fought valiantly with the 2. Bolts of lighting, booming thunder that was deafining to the ears rumbled throughout the land. Gale winds blew at an alarming speed, still caramon stood firm against the wind as he helped in the battle casting spell after spell. His body began to weaken and he was almost spent. He knew that the only way to end it all was....was.......... he slumped to the ground as he watched the epic battle rage on. The roar of the dragons was frightening the swirling winds further distorting all sounds into errie screeches. Rain began to pelt the ground and bring with it a chillnes unknown. it would take more than this to stop raistlin.

A well dressed dwarve appeared before caramon and spoke "Aye lad things are lokking bad, but dont give up hope just yet. We must prevail for the sake of all. You know what must be done. I must go and help as I can, rest a while and regain your strength"

Caramon sat in disbeleif..........even reorx had come, he began to gain hope that maybe things would turn out ok. Still he thought...........where is melethka?

OOC: gonna give starlite a chance to hop back in so I can use her void thingie :)The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/13/2001 3:16 PM

((OOC: Sorry!! Too much to do, too little time to do it in...but I have an excuse!! :)))

Melethka rushed forward, her feet pounding on stone, her heart racing. A hand grabbed her from behind and with a cried, she stumbled. But the grace of the elves is never to be underestimated. Brushing auburn hair, now stained with black mud, from her eyes, the young elf righted herself before she touched hard rock.

"Why are you doing this?!" she yelled, twisting out of his grip and taking off like a bat out of the Abyss. But her red robes hindered her progress, allowing the hands to take hold once again. Her blue eyes flashing with frustration, Melethka stopped instantly and braced herself. A large form struggled to halt his forward momentum and failed. Melethka twisted at the last moment, allowing physics to do it's job.

Her face twisted into a horrible frown, the young elf rounded on Tanis, who was rubbing his knee where it had impacted a large boulder. She rushed at him and started beating her fists against his bruised body, saying, "Why? Why?" over and over again. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her close, kissing her soft lips passionatly. Melethka pulled away violently and stood.

Her eyes shone with stubborness. "I have to go."

"No." Tanis leap to his feet and grabbed her arms roughly.

"They're dying!" Melethka yelled. "I made a prom...!!"

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM!! I CARE ABOUT YOU AND IF YOU DIE!! fury raged in Tanis's words, twin hearts beat violently.

Melethka stopped struggling. "I have to go," she said quietly. Kissing his cheek softly, she twisted from his grip once again. Tanis watched her go with a helpless expression, breaking when he lost sight of his love.

"No!" he cried, running after her. A presence held him back. An old man holding a large book stood next to a young woman wearing long, flowing red robes.

The young woman aproached Tanis quietly. It is time to let her go Her voice was a whisper on the half-elf soul, soothing...


Such is not meant to be and yet...It had to be...You understand, Tanthalas


Melethka stood on the battlefield, staring at the impossible sight of Paladine, Reorx, Caramon and Glimmer fighting the seemingly invincible Raistlin. She watched Caramon fall, and it occured to her for the first time that she should get going.

Doubt plagued her mind. There must be some other way! Paladine was here...surely he could...

The old man appeared before her, holding his book, his face grim.

"How does it end?" Melethka asked with a strange calm, looking at his open book. To her great surprise, the old man closed the leather bound volumne with a bang and threw it to the ground.

Come, my child, it is time

The red robed elf blinked. What did it mean? Did it matter? Moving to Gilean's side, Melethka moved to face her destiny.

"Raistlin Majere!" she moved to stand before him and the avatar, hoping to impress an insatiable fear apon the elf, stared back. But the mage just shook her head and chuckled. "Master of Past and Present? No, I think not. Not this past, not this present. Master of Meaningless Death, Pointless Destruction...Okay, I'll give you those." she waved a dismissive hand.

"Master of Yourself...I have my doubts." She now had the avatar's full attention. "Let's face it! You gave into the evil! You may rule the world, but you ceased to rule yourself, your actions, when you choose this path...you became slave to your own destructive tendencies, your own human failabilty."

She shook her mud-soaked hair again, making a small tsking sound. The avatar gathered its energy, wanting to dispose of this annoying mage with one blow. Blue eyes focused and slender hands moved with startling calm.

Energy poured from the avatar, the air crackling with tension as the dark matter moved unerringly towards the calm mage. Raising her face towards the heavens, at the last moment, she gave herself to the Void. Blue eyes turned black, followed closely by the sky. Dark Matter moved into the stone, into the power, and rebounded on the world...

...Time stopped...

...Dark eyes blinked...

...Black lightning flashed...

...A scream...

...Bolts of energy searing souls...

...Creating Balance...

...Creating Life...

...Destroying Chaos...


...A spark of peace in the mind of evil...the weakness...

Somewhere a bird chirped. A single, keening note turned into a symphony. Time came with rays of sunshine. Siluettes changed to people, blinking at the vastness of light. Two broken figures lay on the ground, Raistlin's avatar and...Melethka. Her form was new as firstborn, the mud gone from her soft auburn hair, the bruises healed...and yet broken. She was barely breathing, lying among a Pantheon of Gods...

((OOC: This entire thing is open to interpretation. I just pictured it and described what I saw. So if it's not clear...use your imagination. If you can't...sorry. Either way, the avatar is down and Ontarys can move forward.))

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/14/2001 8:42 AM

OOC: not quite what I had in mind but good all the same :). glad you noticed i left gilean out of it for you to use him lol!

This had been the moment Caramon was waiting for. Raistlin was at his weakest point now, weaker than he would ever be again. This wasnt the end, they all lay there weak and battered....near death. Melethka had done what she promised she would do and now it was his turn to do what he must.

A side of him longed to change his mind if only.......only to be with glimmer. There was no time for weakness, not time for selfish longings. In his hand he held a small golden hourglass. He looked at it as the deep black sand within flowed endlessly in each direction sembelizing his brothers mastery over time and their. It also represented their bond together, he held it tighly in his hand. He could see that though the sand was still black there was a difference to it that had not been noticed before, it wasnt as cold to the touch. And then he knew that his sisters sacrifice had not been in vain and it gave him to the strength to move on.

The sky was ominously black even though it had been midday, golden clouds swirled eerily around the fallen avatar and the now weakend companions. An ominous voice boomed above the silence in a defiant laughter "YOU FOOLS! I WILL PREVAIL..............NOTHING CAN STOP ME! NOTHING!!!!!!!!" The ground began to quake and roll as if it were liquid, rippiling like a wave in all directions.

Caramon stood steadfast amongst the chaos as he shouted in determination "NO.....nothing can stop you my brother, but YOU WILL NOT PREVAIL." A single tear streamed down his face as he looked at glimmer for what would be the last time, a tear for all the things he wished he had done diffrerently; a tear for his brother who was lost. Lost in his own endless struggle for power, for confirmation of his worth, for all the times he had been beaten and teased and ridiuculed. This time caramon knew he would be there for him, this time they would be as they were meant to. This time they would be....................one.

He slowly lifted his head to the sky and gazed back at the huge golden eyes that were glaring angrily amidst the swirling golden clouds in the pitch black sky. "I do this for love of you my brother, it is the only way."
Slowly he let the hourglass fall to the ground as it shattered into many pieces, the sand began to blow and turn in every direction around caramon and the fallen avatar. He looked upon those who had helped him in the battle against his brother and smiled. A golden hue covered his body as he slumped to the ground, a hush fell over everyone as his body began to shift and shimmer with that of the avatar. His eyes closed in death in one deep breath as the black sand dissapated in the air.

For a moment all was still and quiet as the chaos came to a sudden halt, a bright light flashed across the sky as the golden eyes vanished. The sky remained ominusly black and foreboding and the golden clouds still twisted and swirled as if with a mind of their own. And suddenly there standing before them stood caramon all in black robes, eyes as bright as the golden sun, a charming crooked smile came across his face that contrasted with the black robes that he now wore and which shown with a briliance of their own.

"It was our destiny that we become as one and now that fate has found us our destiny is fulfilled and the bloodline of Majere is complete."

Caramon slowly faded away with those last words amidst the swirling clouds, as the nonday sun began to once again appear in the sky. At the spot where his tattered robes lay a golden rock surrounded by coal black studded jewels in rememberance of his sacrifice and that of his sisters. A ray of light shone brightly on the rock and those who stood watching as once again hope for the world was again attained.

OOC:for those that didt get it :) caramon and kitiara sacrificed themselves in order to balace out the evil ambition of raistlin. He had tilted the balance by becoming too strong a force for evil, unlike tak he had no favorites and cared little for anyone else (except maybe caramon) this caused him to become a greater force for evil than paladine was for good or that gilean was for neutrality. Kitaiaras compassion and caramons undying love for him are now combined with his ambition.....he is still evil but now he has hem to balnce things out. Both caramon and kit both inately lean toward the dark side, so expect future takeover plans in the future lol!
Hope ya like the ending :)
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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11/14/2001 9:41 AM

(OOC: Bravo!! I was hoping J'mes would be the one delivering the void, but this works too.)

"It is done then," J'mes said. "This evil will never come to threaten Pern. The dragons of Pern will return home soon, although I will be staying. I hope that our worlds can continue to interact ... under better circumstances."

With that, J'mes climbed up on Sarumth, and they took off, flying towards the pernese dragons in the norhwest.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

11/14/2001 1:14 PM

((OOC: The end???? No...I thought there was more to it...and how can you balance evil with more evil? Caramon should have changed....geez. Okay, I guess I read more into your explanation than I should have...and I thought there was some 'restoring the timeline' thingie going on...I had a farewell thing planned...oh well. hehe. It's all good. I guess Melethka just died then...hmm...I'm curious. What did you explect with the Void thing? Cuz I liked how I did it...))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

11/15/2001 5:53 AM

OOC: actually the way you used the void was better than the idea I had. And yes there really is much more to this thread but it seemed like it was dying and hate it when my thread doesnt have some type of ending so I just ended it a little early :(. maybe we can make a sequel to it later.

as far As balancing evil with evil put it this way:

Raist had nothing to ground him, all he wanted was to hurt, destroy, and rule. He had no favorites cared for none. He really had become pure evil, he was much stronger than both paladine and gilean, so if things remained as they were the balance could never be attained and all would perish cause raist would kill them all. Even Tak had her favorites and she certainly didnt want to destroy krynn, just rule it.

Caramon was evil in a lot of ways but he didnt want everyone dead (what would there be to rule) so know he has become raist's common sense thus keeping him from destroying everything but not from trying to rule krynn.

Kitiara has become raist compassion, this meaning he will answer his clerics prayers and such (others words, he'll actually give a damn about them..........a little lol!)

still doesnt make sense?

OOC2: I really didnt want it to end it here either but it was that or have it slowly fade away :(The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

11/15/2001 3:40 PM

((OOC: A sequal...that's a good idea. Doesn't work with my whole farewell thing...but oh well. You can start a post where we all team up and try to restore the timeline!! I'll have to give that some thought...hmmm...:)))Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/26/2002 7:41 AM

A dark power slowly reconstitutes itself, intent on continuing its murderous existence. Its thurst for knowledge and magical power insatiable, it works with meticulous patientence knowing............he would be back.

In the sequel to Caramon the Conqueror Fistindantilous makes his return in.......

"Of gods and mages"

COMING SOON I put a chill up your spine like an eskimo.

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02/26/2002 9:07 AM

((OOC: *rubs her hands together in eager antincipation...* MWHAHAHAHAHA...

...sorry. :P Btw great title. Lol. :):P:)))"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/26/2002 10:48 AM

(OOC: James breaths a sigh of relief as he remembers Caramon the Conqueror is an alternate timeline and doesn't affect his work on a forum timeline.)

(OOC: I can't wait for the continuation of this. More J'mes to be sure.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

07/19/2002 4:56 PM

OOC: finally ready to do the sequel to this........if anyone is interested let me know. ;)"So what is it? Do you just flip a coin in the morning to decide what you will be for the day? Heads Knight of Neraka Tails Solamnic Knight :D"

07/19/2002 5:06 PM

YES!!!!You can steel the band from the Cooper hands
and the rabbit from the cook
you can walk through a gauntlet of far seeing eyes
if you hide as a tree in the wood
you can talk to the deaf and hear from the mute
deception will save where the sword arm fails
if you work with your heart and mind

07/20/2002 12:09 AM

OOC: I wil i will.....i missed it the first time round......if thats ok. Til the heart's blood boils or the bones be ash,
til the tallow be dust and death's teeth gnash
this one be mine.....

07/20/2002 2:25 PM

((OOC: *peaks in the room* Been waiting for this...))Computer games don't affect kids…if Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms munching on magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

07/22/2002 7:18 PM

(OOC: As have I. Although most of the forum is losing my interest, I will stay for this.)The sword, it thirsts to drink of man.
The sword, at last must win.
Today is gone, and yesterday,
Must echo in the wind.

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