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06/16/2000 11:17 AM

This is the alwaysalways inn- the ale mugs are fuller, the barmaids bustier, and it actually smells good in here...and it's cool and breezy in the summer. it is round, with a large round table in the very center- all are equal, ALWAYS (i am true to my name, right?) even with this large table there are a few off on the sides, just small booths, but hey, they are almost never used. The kitchens are off to the side and you can smell the yummy stuff. chiefly cotton candy and ice cream and chocolate sundaes and of course ale and taters and chikin.

06/04/2000 3:04 PM

Jessamine swaggers in, mocking exagerratingly (hehe is that a word) her brother's gait when he is drunk. She slings her sword and her leather vest off onto the table and loosens the lacings on her boots- but not on her linen shirt (they had a tendency to become all the way undone without her knowledge in smoky, crowded bars.) except well this wasnt' a smoky crowded bar- it was a clean, empty, sun-filled spacious dining room with a refreshing, minty/fruity scent in the air that was called a bar. She sighs and stretches luxuriously, smiling at the barmaid, who glares balefully at her while serving her wine.
Mischiem comes out from behind the bar and says a quick hi to Jessamine, but he apologizes and says he has got to work. Jessamine sits by herself, getting bored again.

06/05/2000 1:37 PM

An old drunk staggers in, evidently rejected at the last bar, and sits far too close to her. She can smell his beer breath. The barmaid does not hesitate to bring him more alchohol, and suddenly she is wishing there were more ppl in here.

06/05/2000 3:46 PM

mischiem wonders where everyone is too. Everybody, drinks...on ...the...house?

06/06/2000 10:10 AM

*a knight comes in and gapes at the wonder of this 'bar'. he had never seen such a clean establishment in his career. he walks to the centre table and takes a seat by Jessamine*

"Hello friend, how goes it?" he asks as he orders some wine. he places a few steel pieces on the table to be picked up for payment of the drink."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 4:24 PM

Jessamine smiles and laughs, throwing her head back. "Funny you should ask, TK. Everything's...ah, great, and you?" she unconsciously moves closer to him, smelling his manly scent of leather and spicy cologne. The bar is empty...

06/06/2000 4:50 PM


06/07/2000 8:30 AM

(ooc-mischiem the mischievious)"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 10:56 AM

The door swings open and a dark robed mage walks in. Ignoring the whorish barmaid, she makes her way over to bar and sits by Jess and TK. (but not between them)

"Dwarven Spirits" she tells Mischiem, slamming several steel coins on the counter.

06/12/2000 6:42 PM

*Gunthar leans on the bar and eyes the 'frisky' Jessamine*

"Just some white wine, Mischiem." he says as he notices Leana walk in and sit next to him.

(Hmmmm, surrounded by girls, just like irl hehehehehe)"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 4:51 PM

*Don't count your chickens, Gunthar, I never see a guy who can't down a stronger drink than me.:)*

Leana takes a sip of the strong drink before her.

"I don't suppose you're expecting anyone else, Mischiem? This place seems a bit empty."

06/13/2000 6:32 PM

*Gunthar laughs heartily and nearly falls off of his chair*

"I prefer not to get stoned, m'lady. I rather like being clear-headed!""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/14/2000 10:51 AM

Jessamine winks at Leana and mouths something that TK doesn't catch. They both start giggling hysterically and Jessamine's face goes red as leana says, "You're probably right- look how big his feet are!"

06/14/2000 6:32 PM

"Hehe, see Gunthar, it's not always good to be surrounded by women"

06/14/2000 6:54 PM

And no one knows that better than Myself... :)

06/14/2000 6:58 PM

*Gunthar laugs and sets his glass of wine down on the bar*

"Why not? They are usually much more entertaining than most guys!"

"Two minus one leaves none."

06/14/2000 7:36 PM

*Elts walks in, dressed rather uncharacteristically in black leather riding pants and an interesting shirt that left MUCH to the imagination!!!*

*Sitting at Gunthar's table, she nods at him with a grin and orders her Kahluha and Milk from Mis. Propping her booted feet on a chair (of course, the boots have a heel for riding........a very LARGE heel!), she winks at Gubthar and smiles at Jessamine and the others*

"Hey all!!!"

06/15/2000 9:09 AM

*Gunthar looks at the phatly dressed Eltanin and whisltes*

"They just can't resist me..." he starts but is hit in the head by Leana before he can finish."Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 9:27 AM

Mischiem sidles over to the newcomer and says, "Sorry, ma'am, but i don't allow feet up on the tables. and uh, don't look now, but your sexy feeties are right there...now." he cocks his head toward her boots.

06/15/2000 3:21 PM

Jessamine stands up and nods to all present...
"I'll be in my rooms," she smiles and sheaths her sword at her leather- clad hip.

06/15/2000 3:23 PM

how do ya like THEM APPLES Mischeim? hahahahahaha don't flirt too much.

06/15/2000 3:59 PM

"Him, flirt...couldn't imagine it!" Leana says grinning at Mischiem.

06/15/2000 4:09 PM

"Aw YEAH!? Maybe i don't need to flirt...the j.d. in me shines through," mischiem turns up his collar and walks around with a mock scowl, his hands in his pockets (does he even have pockets no he doesnt, thank you very much) and says, " i just don't know why they do it," like James Dean.

06/15/2000 9:53 PM

.......but for those of you who DIDN't see "Rebel without a Cause" like i did, you can disregard that post. those who DID, see me after class.......

Mischiem turns to the *rude* beautiful lady who did not get her feet off and shakes his head. Leana gives her a dirty look, but Mischiem tells her to be nicer -
"She's deaf, Nightbreeze!!! Please, be more thoughtful."
he looks very sad, and is obviously feeling sorry for the unfortunate woman- he can't help wondering how it happened....disease? birth defect? skiing accident?....

06/16/2000 11:17 AM

******It was good*********
I want to taste the salt
of your skin
How's it gonna be
when i'm not around?

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