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09/14/2001 2:34 PM

OOC: I thought I'd try a new character. I don't feel like introducing it thoroughly 'cause this'll probably be the only time I use it. Hopefully it will be made clear by context. It's in the 4th age, right after the war of the Lance.
Moby nearly tripped as his white robes caught on yet another thorny bush. "Drat" he said and yanked it loose. He would be getting new robes in Palanthas...somehow. He shook his head again. If only he had taken the ship to Palanthas, he wouldn't have to be doing this right now. Of course, he couldn't swim and got seasick whenever he merely looked at a boat, so it wasn't entirely his fault. Plus there was the matter of cost. He stuck his hand into his pouch and felt the dwindling numbers of steel coins. He would have to find a job in Palanthas as soon as he got there if he wanted to survive.
Moby looked up and saw the brooding mountains of Dargaard Keep loom before him. He swallowed. He dare not go southward towards Throt, however. He had heard far too many tales of people going to Throt and never returning. He had decided to take his chances with Dargaard Keep. But now that the evil eminating from this place reached out and tickled his spine, he wasn't so sure going to Palanthas at all was such a good idea at all.
"What am I doing, standing here like a lost child without his mother's hand to hold?" he said to himself, "I know a few spells; I can protect myself."
Moby shivered anyway, despite his efforts to contain his fear. As he trudged near the first of the mountains, he began to pray to Paladine that this trip through this forbidden land would pass without incident.
I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

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