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09/14/2001 12:42 PM

OOC: Please bear with me, this is my first topic post and i am still unsure if i am doing everything right. Hopefully you will all find this interesting. Please feel free to join in.

OOC: A little background; The Three Gods of magic, Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari came together one eve On Nights Eye, a rare occurance when all three moons are at their peak. On this night they called forth three human children, all who had a talent for magic not seen since ancient days long past. The reason for calling forth the Children was so that they themselves could teach the Children magic. These innocents were to become The Three. Three Mages whom had a control and understanding of magic, close to that of the Gods of Magic. Solinari spoke first, "You three have been chosen to be the Soul Protectors of magic. After you're teaching and once you are ready to face the real world, you are to simply... watch."
Then Nuitari spoke with a voice cold as ice,"Watch.. and to make sure that the balance of magic is kept in check on the mortal plane, if the balance between the forces of good and evil should attempt to out-way one another, it is you're place to do all that is with -in your power to correct it." Nuitari stepped back and might as well have been one of the shadows. It was Lunitari whom then stepped forward."Children. Each of us will apprentice and teach you all that we know of magic, to an extent that is."
Turning to one of the two boys, she motioned to him, to leave with Solinari. Walking by his side, the young boy departed in a swirl of white mist. Then turning to the other boy, she motioned to him and he departed with Nuitari, vanishing in a cloud of black smoke. Finally Lunitari turned to the last child, a pretty little girl, with raven black that could match her own. " I will be apprenticing you my young one. You have another task aswell. Keep those two in check as well, both are head strong and will conflict on many occasions, you must balance them both. Now come, let us start you're teaching." The little girl, although somewhat frightend, felt close to the strange lady, and quickly became used to her as did the other two with three new teachers.

Years later, the three were ready (how time flies) to go into the world. All three Heads of the Magical orders had been informed of their arrival yet had not been told who they were to be.

However just as they Three were settling in to their new life a force was gathering, one that threatend the balance the Three were to protect. Damdarus, a mage. Not any mage, Damdarus had found the secret of eternal life eons ago. During that time he gained unimaginable power, power close to rivaling that of the Gods. That is why he was banished to another plane, held captive for centuries. Now he ahs escaped and seeks revenge on the gods. To do this, he is going to destroy the balance they love soo much, and anynoe who stands in his way.

OOC: I know this is long but hopefully you all like it. I my self will take up the character of Nuitari's apprentice. Two others are needed. The names and physical descriptions i will leave up to the people wishing to take up the parts. Any others wanting to join in (Damdarus) you can change the name if you wish. I will start posting soon. Bye


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