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09/11/2001 6:27 AM

OOC: Blackspawn intends to turn everyone on krynn into undead servants that will serve him for eternity. He has killed Tak and imprissoned Paladine and the other gods on another plane. He has some limitations to make the story fair but you have to be creative in defeating (can he be defeated?) him because he's already dead so you cant kill him.

Blackspawn walked slowly to his throne decorated in skulls and the skin of the many he had already slain while in hiding. Looking down on the mage in front of him he spoke without seeming to move his mouth. "I give you an opportunity I give no other and you refuse me, all I have to do is say a word and death will come to you and you will serve me without question."

The mage didnt even have the strength to look up at his captor so stricken was he with an unbearable fear. He had never felt fear like this in his entire life and he had fought dragons, even the greatest of dragons Vaga himself but he could not even glance at the thing in front of him. "I i i will not serve y y you as long as i hh h have ss s strength in m mm my body."
Shivering from the unholy frost that seemed to emminate from his captor he lay in a heap before him. Blackspawn spoke to the mage in his same booming yet menacingly calm voice that came from the depths of places unknown. "If you will not rule with me in life then you will die and rule with me in death. I will not be stopped, there are none who can challenge me your fight is useless. When the time is right I will let Krynn see me in my full splender and they will serve just as you will serve me." Grabbing him by the cuff of his robe he pulled the mage up to stand before him. He shivered involantarily and his knees buckeled under him but he was held firm by the dark menace. A line of frost was slowly forming upon the mages robes where his captor held him its blue fabric contrasting with the white frost.
"Even with all your power you cower before me and you must know your hope is lost, join me and you will have your hearts desire...........deny me and you will die and still do my bidding." With a wave of his hand Blackspawn made his captor appear in his cell where the mage lay slumped on the ground unable to look up at all.

Blackspawn had his reasons for wanting this mage to rule with him. This mage held great power and would do well as his general, but he could find others for that if he wanted. There was another reason which kept the mage alive for the time being, Blackspawn had his limits and his patience was wearing thin. *If he will not obey me in life then I will kill him anyway and we will rule together.* Appearing one last time before the mage who had covered his face with a part of his robe with its dark blue fabric brushed against his face Balckspawn spoke. "You have little time to decide, it is almost time for me to begin my next conquest. Decide or die..................................................MY SON"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

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09/12/2001 1:36 PM

His Dark Robes whipped violently in the wind, the magical wind which the Great Green Dragon, had brought forth. Gripping the silver Staff he wielded Ravendark, thrust it skywards, the runes carved on it began to glow, becoming brighter as Raven continued to chant. A massive ball of energy, raw and pure, energy of which the sun itself is amde, began to form. The spell was very complicated, a wrong infliction would unleash a force of magical energy which would ripped the land apart for hundreds of miles apart. This was no ordinary Green Dragon. Its power was vast and ancient. However still easily disposed of.

Finishing the spell, Raven threw the energy ball at the Green, no defense spell that it had could save it now. BOOM!! The explosion incinerated the Dragon and shoke the surrounding area for miles, hills crumbled and mountains shattered, and leaving nothing of the Green.

Raven was naer ancient aswell, his life was well past the noraml life span of a human, being nearly 4000 years old, on the material plane of existence that is. For since the age of six, Ravendark lived on another plane, that of the Gods. Learning the Black arts from Nuitari himself, Raven was one the most powerful beings in existence. However back on his own plane, he was near mortal. His life would never end , unless killed , never dying of natural causes that is.

Lately, Raven feeling rather distrubed for some odd reason. The source he could not pin-point, even when scrying. A force much more powerful than he, yet something he felt drawn to. Whether he was to join this force or oppose it, Ravendark was uncertain.

12/05/2001 10:38 AM

OOC:i really liked this one............i think i'll see if it works.

mu wa ha ha ha ha ha hah aaaaaaaaa :DThe magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/06/2001 1:42 AM

It was a bright day, and all was quiet near darken wood. Peace and tranquility reighned. The peace was disturbed however by a briljant ball of fire in the sky. The ball of fire descended quickly crashing down in the Darken Wood. The figure of man could be seen lying on the ground.

"That does not normally happen.", he said to himself.
"Indeed it doesn't." a voice said behind him.
He quickly got to his feet, and turned to the source. Standing there was a unicorn. He had seen unicorns before but never ones that spoke.
"Crimson, do not fear. I am the forest master and you have been brought here to find out and stop something evil." the uncorn said.
"How do you know my name? And what do you mean by again?" he asked.
"I know many things, and this is Krynn." the forest master replied.
Recognition dawned on his face. "Then what is this evil you speak of?" he asked.
"I do not know, but I have been unable to contact any of the gods. And something evil is brewing out there. You must seek it." and with that the forest master galloped of into the woods.
Not really bothering to yell after the forest master, he was told more than he was usually. He chose a direction and started walking. The direction of Solace.Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

12/06/2001 5:58 AM

Taryis lay a shambles in his small cell stunned at what he'd heard. "How could that monstrosity be my father?"

Try as he might, no spell could free him of his prison; whoever that thing was he had a power that could not be imagined. *There must be a way out of here, people must know what evil is coming to them.*

Blackspawn stood at the top of his tower observing his surroundings. The land in the surrounding area lay barren and unnurturing. Grey clouds belied the bleak day as a chill wind permeated the air as it whistled aimlessly in swirling directions.

The key to his plans lay in his prisoner, his own son Taryis. With his blood he would be able to cast the spell which would make the inhabitants of krynn his undead servants forever. No other human alive had the power needed for this, and it was human blood that was needed. But...........it had to be given freely, this is why Blackspawn stood pondering what his next move would be. He could easily overtake krynn on his own but he had no use for the living and without his mass necromacy spell he had no use for dead servants who couldnt be reanimated.

He decided it was now time..........time to tempt his son.
He looked across the barren land again and laughed mirthlessly as his plans began to form, now he would begin................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/07/2001 12:26 AM

The visit to Solace hadn't proven usefull. No one had an idea what he was speaking about. So Crimson decided that maybe the Dalamar might know something. Not bothering to walk he chose to fly this time.

The balance is definitly being tipped. he thought as he flew. When he first began traveling he had thought that he was brought to worlds to do good. But he soon learned he was meant to bring back balance. The fact that the balance was usually tipped by evil was just chance.

It was still a long way towards Palanthas and he was getting tired, flying drew a lot of energy. So he decided to set down in a clearing. He caught some food, eating it quickly then laying to rest for the night.

He slept a haunted sleep. Dreams about the forest master and strange humanlike beings, undead. But he couldn't make sense of them. They subsided and he managed to sleep a little deeper.Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

12/07/2001 6:12 AM

"You can have the world at your feet, all will be in sujection to you. Its yours for the taking. There will be no spell you cannot cast, no knowledge unknown to you, it will be but the begining of great and unimaginable POWER! Do not fight it, it is your destiny...............The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/07/2001 6:20 AM

OOC: I dont know how to write in italics for specific phrase and then post regular again.......so.....

BIC: Taryis lay struggling against the inner voice that tempted him with everything he could want. A struggle because a part of him wanted to give in, a part of him wanted to gain that power........But another part of him knew what would hppen if he did, the world would be finished.

Do not fight it, it is your destiny...............

All his life he had been told there was a great destiny that he was to fulfil and it grated at him........*Could this be my destiny? To fall to evil?*

Blackspawn watched through his magical mirror as Taryis struggled with himself. He knew it was only a matter of time before he gave in. He would not be able to resist.

Taryis grabbed hold of the bars to his cell and screamed "NOOO I will not give in...THIS IS NOT MY DESTINY!!!!!!!!" All the while a low persitant whisper in his head hummed...........

it will be but the begining of great and unimaginable POWER! Do not fight it, it is your destiny...............

The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/10/2001 12:43 AM

{ooc: just use end with a [/i] but use instead of []. that will end the italics line the same goes for other commands as well. You know I was sort of expecting some sort of ambush on Crimson while he is resting. But he is heading for Dalamar, so if anyone wants to play him or someone else. Go ahead, Crimson and Raven can't do this alone. Now i'll just wait for something to happen. Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.}

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12/10/2001 6:44 AM

It was time..............He would begin his reign of terror in a not so subtle matter. Blackspawn summoned 3 of his undead minions to the city of Palanthas. It was their job to integrate with the populous, later to begin the process of slowly tainting their food, water, and the very land itself with the magical potion that Blackspawn made for them.

It was an experiment to see if he really needed the blood of the blue robed mage. If all went successfully he would continue in his plans.

"Anyone who discovers you or tries to stop what you are doing should be killed immediatly. Fail me and you will exist no longer."

With that he empowered them with the ability of illusion, causing them to look as normal people.

Things were moving faster now and Blackspawn could feel the change in the air. Still..............he WOULD have Taryis bend to his will, only by his death could he gain the 'neverlife' he would make him see the power he could have if he would do so.

Taryis could no longer think of hope of escape. The power of this being was to great, to think that this was his own father was almost unbearable.
*my father is a lich. what can be done to stop him?*
He began to realize that their was only one way out, one way to save the world from emminent everlasting torment. It sent a paralyzing chill though him. For long moments he sat in silence, then it came to him.
It must be done.............................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

12/11/2001 12:36 AM

Following morning Crimson ate some leftovers and went on his way to Palanthas to see Dalamar. Just outside Palanthas he set down. A flying person would just draw too much attention. Quickly making his way through the street, focussing on the tower. He suddenly bumps into someone. "Excuse me" he said. The other didn't respond and ignored him. Somehow that person gave him a strange feeling. But he had no time for that. Pressing on he made his way to the center of the city. Now came the hardest part, overcoming the Grove. But he pressed on, step after step. When he could no longer take another step he decided to fly. This worked, he managed to get to and through the grove. His experience allowed him to face and conquer his fears.

Standing before the gate, he opens it. Getting to the door he knocks on it, "I'm here to see Dalamar." The door slowly swings open and he slowly walks inside. Standing in the large entry way.

{ooc: so am i going to be the only one here fighting Black Spawn. i mean Crimson is strong but this is rediculous. I'm going to need some help here. Also who wants to play Dalamar or a substitute. Anybody?}Why is it we always forget to keep the good things close to our heart, but let the bad things cloud our mind.

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