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06/30/2000 3:40 AM

"The Measure
Loyalty and obediance epitomize the Knights of the Crown.

Loyalty is unquestioning faithfulness to the cause of a higher power. Knights of the Crown view loyalty as a tribute to be justly and voluntarily rendered. The Order of the Crown is loyal to the order's founding god, Habbakuk, to those who suffer under evil's weight, and to rulers who, by decree of the Knightly Council, deserve the knights' loyalty and protection. Only rulers who follow the tenets of Good are deserving- politics never sway this descision. The list of approved rulers is called the List of Loyalty.

Obedience is the practical manifestation of loyalty. A Knight of the Crown must unquestioningly obey those on the List of Loyalty.

The specific responsibilities of this order include tithing income, aiding any knight who requires aid and service to the nations on the List of Loyalty."

Sarid looked from the manuscript to the forest in front of him, this was what he was looking for, this would be the life he would lead. He placed the scroll back into his pack. For two weeks the young man had travelled south, summer was here and it was good weather for such a journey. But these were bad times and such being the case the traveller must always be vigilant.

Getting to his feet he took a drop of water from the flask that hung from his belt. Looking over his shoulder he proceeded up a narrow path strewn with small bits of rock, the ground had less grass here. The forest was dense and Sarid followed the worn path daring not to wander from it. Hearing noise to his left he stopped, kneeling he strained to see what could be coming in his direction. Not wanting to be caught in the open, Sarid knelt by an old oak, silently unsheathing his longsword...

{ok who wants to role-play?}

05/11/2000 3:04 PM

"Um, hullo?" Jessamine ventures out from behind the oak. her golden hair is tousled and her robes are torn.

05/11/2000 8:14 PM

*A figure drops out of a tree. Hitting the ground
with only a small amount of noise. Hooded
streches his limbs, making it obvious he has been
hiding in the tree for a long time.*
"There you go." Hooded says cheerfully to the
woman in the torn robe.
*Hooded clicks his fingers. His dagger obediantly
appears into a tight grip. Raising the dagger
above his head he aims a stab at the woman.*

05/12/2000 5:55 AM

A white robe swirls and another blade parries the blow.
The sword immediately made a pass and then parried.
The blade made a swift strike at the Hooded one's dagger
sending it flying from his grip.

"You shouldn't have done that sir..."

The white robes belonged to a mage with two floating

He turns to the lady and greets her by pressing her hands
to his lips.

"I am Torminius, former Knight of Solamnia, now mage of
the white robes and son of Mertonius"

05/12/2000 8:29 PM

Hidden in the ditch srounded by tall grass another unseen figure watches. This one is slight in figure and not very tall. She is mostly mistaken for being a kinder, but the young elf girl watches with amazement.

To see two mages so cloes was amazing. Carefully sneaking up out of the ditch, the girl moves closer. Not watching her step like she normally does, she steps on a stick allerting the others to her presence. Startled she stands there wide eyed.

"Ummmm, hi?" she says as the three turn to look at her. "OOPS"...

05/12/2000 8:36 PM

Torminius smiles at the young elf girl and takes her hand. He grins a little at the girl and smiles at her.

"Hello, I am Torminius Half-Elven."

His gaze falls on the girl again, his eyes filled with deep wonder.

05/12/2000 10:02 PM

*Hooded snaps his fingers. His dagger obediantly appears into a tight grip. As Torminius greets the new comer, Hooded uses the distraction to aim another stab at his intended prey.*

05/12/2000 11:26 PM

Torminius was happily engaging the newcomer to a conversation when, suddenly, a kender appears and hugs Hooded!

"Hiya Hoody! Did ya miss me!"

He then proceeds to divest The Hooded One of various pouches and up to including his dagger. He then happily skips of and leaves the baffled Hooded One with only his clothes on.

05/13/2000 5:40 PM

"H-h-hi." Jessamine wonders why the Hooded Thingy tried to kill her. When men think of her as prey, it is usually a different sort- and one she can handle better.
"I'm Jessamine. It's good to see a friendly face, Torminius." She smiles radiantly.

05/13/2000 5:54 PM

Uh...no. The ReAl JeSsAmINe, who also happens to have a radiant smile and whatnot, greets Torminius warmly and thanks him for saving her life. However, how could he be a Solamnic Knight if he is Half-Elven?

05/14/2000 8:19 PM

"I was adopted by a Solamnic lord as a son when his own children died from a skirmish with some Nerakans. He was of high enough rank to make it known that I was his heir designate. In most ways, the knights still think less of me and lesser now still when I took up spellcraft after an encounter with the Gray Knights of Takhisis."

He sighs.

"Even though, the knights made a secret order dedicated to Paladine. We are still few, but the Silver Knights of Paladine can counter the magicks of the Knights of the Dark Order."

05/15/2000 3:43 AM

*Hooded snaps his fingers. His dagger appears obediantly into a tight grip. Seeing that nobody is distracted at this point in time, Hooded sits on the ground cross legged. Staring at the woman, waiting for a chance to murder her.*

05/15/2000 6:46 AM

Sarid stood back in awe as the figures appeared from all sides.
"Hello to you all," looking from the cloaked figure sitting cross-legged on the path to the young lady in torn clothing Sarid stood up, sword in hand. Taking a cloak from his pack he turned to Jessamine, "Take this."

Nodding acknowledgement to the half-elf mage, once Knight of Solamnia, Sarid eyed the two Kenders with amusement. Turning he approached the all too familiar figure of the hooded_one with a knowing smile, "I thought I had seen the last of you, it seems that such fortune does not go my way. What by chance are you doing here and in a tree of all places?" Raising his sword to the dragon's throat, "You wouldn't be following me now would you?"

05/15/2000 1:32 PM

Jessamine smiles ruefully and hands the cloak back to Sarid. " i am sorry, good man, but i cannot accept it. I won't see you again and it would not be kind of me to steal your belongings. Torminius, I must leave, but i would like to see you again....?"

05/15/2000 8:46 PM

With a bow and a kiss to Jessamine's hands his soft words brought out a feeling of ecstasy.

"As surely as does the sun rise and the moons come and go, we will meet again milady."

With that he winked at her, his eyes glinting.

05/16/2000 4:06 AM

Sarid looked down on the hooded_one, "Cat got your tongue?"

Thinking to himself Sarid wondered what had happened to the kender, hearing the pleasantries between the young lady and mage Sarid glanced back to Jessamine and said,"If that is your wish, then milady I hope the brush will not in the future be as rough on your clothing as appears to be the case."

Turning to the mage of the White Robes he continued,"Torminius I ask a favour of you, I am aware you are now devoted to magic but can you teach me how to become a Knight of the Crown?"

05/16/2000 4:19 AM

*Hooded slaps the blade at his throat away irritably. There is a brief hissing sound and he withdraws a blister covered palm. Standing up he regards his long time foe.*
"Hmm... no, I haven't been following you specifically. Now that your here however, I might as well kill you at some point today. First I'm going to get something to eat."
*Hooded shakes his head at the occurance. After travelling to all corners of Krynn over several time periods, he always winds up meeting the same people. Hooded shrugs it off as he sees an elven child walk past. Snapping his fingers as he approaches the soon to be dead innocent child.*

05/16/2000 9:38 AM

Sarid reacted at once as his sword was pushed away by the hooded_one, looking on as the blisters formed on the crouched figure's hand as the blessed sword did its work.

During the confrontation Sarid had caught a glimpse of the young elf child that had wandered out from the forest. There must be a settlement nearby thought Sarid.

Watching the hooded_one warily, Sarid stood between him and the wandering elf, "Now, now, there's no need to be like that. Hooded_one you seem to have a liking for elf blood but I do not think Torminius here would appreciate it if you were to display it. Out of curiousity what is your real name...dragon?"

05/16/2000 9:17 PM

Torminius, upon hearing his name though lost in thought and has not caught anything of the previous conversation, turned.


His gaze falls on the Hooded One and a feeling of sudden revulsion came like a wave over him.

*I might one day face that man, whoever he may be...* Thinking in his mind shield.

05/17/2000 1:59 AM

"So Torminius what do you say. Will you take me on as your squire?"

The young elf had stopped and watched the situation unfolding. Sarid spoke to him.

"Young elf I'd go home if I were you, today is not the day to be loightering in this part of the forest." Sarid gave the warning and the elf disappeard as it had appeared without a trace of its passage.

Still looking on in the direction of where the elf had left Sarid spoke, "Now hooded_one go about your business," wheeling he looked at the cloaked figure, "or would that be with me?"

05/17/2000 2:16 AM

*Hooded turns his head to regard the half-elf. His nose crinkling in disgust.*
"What elf-maiden got raped to give birth to you?" Hooded says coldly. Knowing full well that the half-elf's father was a solamnic knight.

*Turning back to the knight of the crown.*

"My real name is no great secret. Amongst humans I am known as Borac." Hooded says dismissively. "As for the vile elven race," Hooded sneaks a smug glance at the half-elf. "They are a filthy race..." Hooded begins muttering furiously in some unknown tongue. Apparently conveying his contempt for elves.
"Anyway, out of my way Squire. I'm hungry."
*Hooded walks casually around the knight of the crown, although his dagger is gripped tightly.*

05/17/2000 4:19 AM

The sun was high in the sky and the heat was stifling, the forest buzzed with the noise of life. Sarid considered the fact that he must move on to his goal, or would this Torminius take him on as a squire and would this place mark the beginning of his knighthood...

His eyes followed Borac's movement, and the dagger by the creature's side. Sarid said to him with a smile, "Servant of darkness, I hope to see you in the sky some day, that I promise you will be the last time we see each other."

Putting the cloak back in his pack, Sarid keeping an eye on the hooded_one, asked Torminius, "So, what are your plans mage? More to the point where is the nearest Solamnic camp?"God my leader, my sword my companion.

05/17/2000 9:43 PM

Torminius looks at the squire and appraises him.

"My journey is long and hard squire. And remmember that not all knights took it very well when the Order of the Silver Knights were born."

He rubs his chin and finally came to a decision.
"Yes, you may join the Order, but remmember, you must relinquish part of your skill with any weapon you have trained in before. Power comes with a price."

Torminius pulls out a map and points at a fortified keep not very far from the area.

"This is the Tower of The Silver Knights. Go there and present the Head Inquisitor this letter stating that I am to be your advocate. Your studies would take years but in the end your skill in both sword and sorcery will increase."

He looks up to the sky and turns to Sarid, "I have to go now young squire. I am on my way to Solace to find my sister. I bid you luck in you journey to the Silver Knight's Tower."

At this Torminius turns and leaves the area.

(OOC: This may well be my last posting for this thread. You may try jumping forward a bit in time if you want to finish your studies at the Tower.
As a Silver Knight you are permitted to bear arms with the proficiency of a level 5 knight. You may wear armor but may not cast spells while doing so, though you can read spell scrolls and cast spells that only uses verbal components.)

05/18/2000 4:45 AM

*Using the distraction, Hooded races towards the elven child and kills her with a quick stab. Turning around he faces the knight of the crown. A taunting look on his face.*
"Hmm. I challenge you to a dwool Sir Knight."
*Hooded pulls out a throwing star and throws it at Sarid.*

05/18/2000 6:33 AM

Sarid replied to Torminius, "I have been trained in swordmanship and archery, I will therefore sacrifice my skill with the bow."

Walking over to Torminius Sarid looked at the map, the keep was situated further south, he intended to get there within two days.

Taking the letter Sarid nodded his appreciation to the mage of the white robes, "I thank you sir. It is an honour, I will present myself to the Head Inquisitor as quick as is possible."

Unawares of Borac's movements Sarid bid farewell to his advocate, "Safe journey to Solace sir".

Sarid then turned to see the elf child he had warned lying in a pool of its own blood. Standing above the body was the hooded_one, with a face that told Sarid this was where it ended.

The first attack was too obvious, Sarid had seen many an attack made by the dragon in its human form, and habit was no ally to the fiend now. With his shield strung on his left shoulder, Sarid slung it out as the throwing star flew, imbedding itself in the face of his family's crest. Listening to the taunt Sarid solemnly lifted his longsword, stepping toward the hooded_one he said, "Borac, goodbye."

Sarid Gathem, knight of the crown, attacked.

God my leader, my sword my companion.

05/18/2000 10:16 PM

*Hooded sidesteps the initial attack.*
"What happened to the knight's salute? How
dishonorable of you."
*Hooded drops into a fighting stance.*
"How will you fare fighting me one on one?
Throwing your life away for honor. Think of all the
fair maidens that will remain prisoners in their
towers, all because you decided to be honorable."
Hooded says mockingly.
*Hooded throws a few casual jabbing thrusts with
his dagger. Testing the knights defences. In his
free hand a small ball of black energy appears.*
"Ever fought a magic user?"

05/19/2000 4:36 AM

Sarid's lunge proved futile as Borac dodged the sword with ease. Content at letting his opponent talk on he searched for a weakness.

"I will not die serpent, that is your fate," Sarid stepped back avoiding the hooded_one's thrusts. "With Habbakuk by my side your power will falter, your magic can only equal that of my sword."

The opening appeared, the knight struck as the look of concentration heightened on the mage's face. Sarid never saw the black energy that amassed in his enemy's hand.

God my leader, my sword my companion.

05/20/2000 5:36 PM

*Hooded makes a late parry at the blow with his dagger. Deflecting the blow into his abdomen instead of his heart. Falling backwards he lands on his back bleeding profusely, Hooded releases the ball of black energy which hovers in the air for a moment and then shoots toward the knight.*

05/22/2000 9:25 AM

Too slow to react, the shock on Sarid's face spelled defeat. The magic struck like a lance, slicing through his armour, impaling the young knight to the ground. His sword slipped from his grasp as he cried out. Both men lay on their backs writhing as there wounded bodies let loose their life blood.

Looking over to his enemy Sarid thought to himself, "Habbakuk grant me strength to finish this". With a sickly smile and strained laugh that sent convulsions of pain through his body he spoke, "It seems Borac we're too good for each other."

God my leader, my sword my companion.

05/22/2000 6:16 PM

Jessamine leans over the body of Sarid, covering him with her cloak. Taking pouches from her belt, she quickly administers all help she can to him. But if he does not have the courage to live, he will surely die. Turning to Hooded, she bandaged his fearsome wounds with great trepidation.

05/23/2000 4:05 AM

*Having the strength for one more spell. Hooded uses it to redirect the flow of his blood on the ground. Not wanting it to mingle with the knights. Holding his dagger tightly, Hooded lies still. Conserving his remaining strength for one last stab. Feeling someone tend to his wound, Hooded waves a hand feebly to try and get rid of the woman.*
"What are you doing woman?"

06/06/2000 8:29 AM

Looking up to the lady Sarid stared at beauty, "This must be heaven". Brought back to reality as the stranger attended to the gash, Sarid continued,"Thank you, I am forever in your debt."

Seeing the samaritan step over and attend to the hooded one all the young knight felt was anger. Knowing at the same time it would be dishonourable to interfere in the lady's healing, Sarid looked at Borac's face, "Your mask of illusion is waning mage, I can see those black scales of yours protruding from your cloak."

(I apologise for not writing in the last two weeks, as I was working and could not get near the net)

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/07/2000 1:54 AM

*Seeing the knight's furious glare. Hooded gathers all his strength and puts a hand on the healer's shoulder.*

"If I had known such bueaty as yourself existed, I never would have walked a dark path." Lies Hooded, tilting his head to the side and sneaking Sarid a taunting gaze.

*Hearing Sarid mention the illusion fading, Hooded looks at his hands excitedly. However, as the healer continues her work, the black scales disappear and are replaced with a normal looking human hand.*

"So close... had I reached death, my true form would have returned. As it is, I'm trapped in this body." Hooded says bitterly.

*Surprised at how much energy returns from the healers ministrations, Hooded acts quickly and snaps his fingers. His dagger appears immediately into a tight grip. Hooded holds the dagger at the healer's throat. Drawing a thin trickle of blood.*

"You might come in useful afterall Knight. Swear on the oathe and measure you'll help me find a way to recharge my shapeshifting ring or I'll cut the healer a second smile."

06/11/2000 5:11 PM

Pretty soon, an arrow whizzes right past Hooded One's head.It hits a tree in the center of a target crudely scratched in.They look to see where it came from, and they see a beatiful young human girl with brown hair&eyes shooting her bow. All arrows hit the center or very close to the center.She doesn't appear to see them yet.

06/12/2000 6:09 AM

Seeing the healer's blood on the blade Sarid knew that he had to help the mage. Looking into the creature's human eyes he said, "Leave her alone Borac, I'll assist you in your search...by the oath and the measure I swear."

Getting on to his side, the knight motioned to his enemy, "Let her go now." The cut in his gut had closed and a scar was all that was left to mark the magic's passage. The pain less now, Sarid spoke to the healer, "Thank you, I advise you stay clear of...".

An arrow shot over the mage's head, Sarid grabbed the healer and threw hear to the ground. Grunting in pain as his wound reacted he said, "It seems we're not alone."

Sarid looked at the emdedded arrow, noticing the mark above the arrowhead. Glancing back to where it came from he saw the source. A girl no older than himself stood bow in hand, "Well she's a lousy shot," Sarid remarked, smirking at the mages ashen face.

Knowing the mage's common reaction, Sarid called out pointing to Borac, "Young lady be wary of this one."

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/12/2000 2:02 PM

Kaelyn ran over. "Did I hit someone? I soooo sorry!!! Are you alright?" she asks, eyes wide. Inside, she feels dissapointed. 'I almost never miss.' she thinks.'But my arrows are supposed to be attracted to evil....' "Ummmm.... bye. I hope you get better and its no too bad."She says. Then she starts to walk away

06/13/2000 6:04 AM

"No you did not shoot anyone and yes we're fine." Getting to his feet Sarid watched as the young lady turned and said goodbye, limping after her, the knight said,"Wait, you say your arrows are attracted to evil?"

Remembering that he must give up his talent with the bow and arrow to become a Knight of the Silver Order, Sarid resigned to the fact that the arrows would be of no use to him, but what about the girl. Maybe he could get her to join him, such a weapon should not be wasted, especially when dealing with the likes of Borac.

Looking over to the hooded_one Sarid asked how did he get himself into these situations. Looking south he called the girl, "Where are you headed? Apologies for not introducing myself, my name is Sarid Gathem, apprentice Knight of Solamnia, what is yours?"

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/13/2000 12:22 PM

"I'm not really heading anywhere in particular." Kaelyn admitted. "I'm just acing my skills.And my name is Kaelyn." Kaelyn smiled. "And yes, my arrows ARE special.I have different types, but it would take all day to name them all.Well, maybe not a whole day, but a long time. Some of my arrows are called evil arrows because they are kind of attracted to evil.It swerved to Hooded One,but my aim was true " she said, casting a fearful glance at Hooded One. "How well do you know him?" she asks, pointing at Hooded One nervously.

06/14/2000 4:32 AM

*After spending many years terrorizing innocent people, Hooded picks up Kaelyn's nervous glance instantly. Thinking quickly, Hooded decides to try and use her fear as a weapon against the knight.*

"As it happens wench. Me and the knight go way back. Just before your arrival, he insisted on helping me with a personal quest. I suggest you come along too. Actually, I insist you come. It's a long walk back to town. Who knows what could be waiting in ambush on your journey home." Hooded says suggestively.

06/14/2000 12:31 PM

Kaelyn frowns.She can usually tell when people are lying, as she has a skill. "I was talking to Sarid." she said coldly to Hooded_One. "Sarid? Is he really trustworthy," she asks, asnd waits for an anwser as she goes and pulls her arrows out of the tree's target and walks back.

06/15/2000 2:06 AM

"I advise you convince her to come." Hooded whispers to Sarid and walks to the edge of the clearing.

06/15/2000 10:24 AM

Kaelyn's eyes widens in alarm. "Really? My family? But my mother is dead, and I haven't heard from my dad in years...." she says. "I'll be right back," she says, looking at everyone, and runs toward where Mischiem came from.

06/15/2000 11:56 PM

Jessamine steps onto the scene, deftly avoiding a dagger between the dirty pillows as Hooded sees his chance...
she looks back at Kaelyn running like an idiot to God knows where, sneezes, and
mutters " loser " under her breath at the same time...
she turns to Sarid and asks, "who's the girl?" as she polishes a green apple on her leather vest. She takes a big bite and relaxes against an old stump, watching Hooded out of the corner of her eye. Noticing that he has a baleful, careless look on his (handsome?) face, she nudjes him with the heel of her black leather boot and grins infectiously. "Turn your frown/ upside down!" then she throws her head back and laughs (in her infamously man-sounding laugh, huhuhuh). She pulls a wickedly sharp green-handled dagger from the lopsided belt at her hip and balances it on one finger carelessly, ready to flip it into Hooded's throat in an instant if he turns mean.

06/15/2000 11:59 PM

...not...that he would :)

06/16/2000 4:33 AM

The knight stood between the the hooded_one and the young archer, "Borac leave the girl alone."

Sarid replied to Kaelyn, "Your arrow was aimed to that tree and veered towards Borac here, now the arrow being attracted to evil I think you know what that says about him."

Hearing the hooded_one's whisper Sarid continued, "You should travel with us, if it makes you feel any better I will keep an eye on him."

The reply from the young girl stunned the knight, "Really? My family? But my mother is dead, and I haven't heard from my dad in years...". Sarid looked on puzzled as the girl walked away from him.

"We must go hooded_one if were to make the nearest town by sundown." He turned to his enemy and brushed past him heading south. The healer came into the clearing, looking back at his travel companion, Sarid spoke, "What is it with this forest?"

Answering the woman who had saved both their lives Sarid said, "That girl," pointing at Kaelyn's disappearing form, "wields a weapon that would make my life somewhat easier." Watching the healer taunt the hooded_one Sarid noticed the dagger in her hand, "Let's go, Borac, sorry what do they call you healer?"

Not wanting to be caught in another fray with the mage for at least another day Sarid grabbed his back-pack and trudged south, not looking to see if the others had followed.

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/16/2000 4:42 AM

Kaelyn runs back up, panting. "I'll still go with you guys, but sometime down the road I gotta leave. I REALLY have to meet someone somewhere.So let's go." she says. "Oh, and thanks for telling me, Mischiesm(did i spell that right?).

06/16/2000 5:41 AM

*Hooded regards the healer irritably. Instinctively snapping his fingers, bringing his dagger instantly into a tight grip. Noting the healer's skillfully poised blade. Hooded turns to follow the departing knight, deciding to postpone his plan to murder the healer to a later date. Walking behind the knight, Hooded gives the healer a brief threatening wave of his dagger and then resheathes it.*

"So tell me Knight." Hooded says to Sarid. "Any Solamnic tombs nearby to raid? There might be a magical blade or something which will help."

06/16/2000 7:50 AM

i didn't know i was a healer... is that what i wrote in the profile?...
well, i guess i am then.
i have some mint, Hooded, and some gas reliever. you look as if you could use both.
and sarid ignored me, i feel so hurt!!


06/16/2000 8:10 PM

Hooded turns to Jessamine.*

"Of course you're a healer." Snaps Hooded. "You healed me and the knight earlier on. You even have mint and gas reliever like all healers do. By the way, my side still hurts. You need some more practise dealing with fatal sword wounds."

06/16/2000 8:27 PM

"And you need more practise dealing with ladies, honky. Don't go talkin to my gurl like that, even if she's kinda slow,"

Aestas boots Jessamine out of the clearing and sits in her place.

"Hey, you know as much about herbs as anyone, don't you? I was under the impression you wore the black robes too...let me see your side." Aestas pulls his shirt off and frowns at the ugly scar.

"I bet this scares a few people, doesn't it? I have something that could help it...if you want?"

06/16/2000 8:49 PM

A brilliant flash of light bathes the place and suddenly, it was gone. A man in robes with two swords strapped to his sides appear.

It is Torminius, One of the Lords of the Silver Knights.

"Greetings my young knight! I have returned to present a gift for a young novice like you. I was suppose to give this to you upon induction to the Order of the Silver Knights, but pressing matters forced me off the field."

Torminius gives Sarid a blade of adamantine, inscribed with runes of magic spells.

"That is your spellsword. For now it only bears three spells. Create Light, Heal Light Wounds and Magic Missiles. Upon advancement you shall learn more spells in the manner of clerics. (OOC: You are now a level 8 Silver Knight). You can also turn undead with that sword like a holy symbol for both the blessings or Paladine and Solinari resides within it."

Torminius bows, then salutes Sarid.

"Welcome, to the Order of the Silver Knights."

06/17/2000 7:07 PM

*Hooded glances between the two healers skeptically.*

"Hmm, alright. If you can help I'll let you." Hooded says suspiciously. "This better not be a trick."

06/18/2000 4:43 AM

Kaelyn frowns at the group. "Shouldn't we be going now?" she asks, looking at her imaginary watch that hasn't been invented yet.

06/19/2000 4:00 AM

*Seeing the healers mysteriously disappear again. Hooded turns around and returns to walking down the track.*

"So where's the nearest Solamnic Tomb? We've got some grave robbing to do."

06/19/2000 9:26 AM

Calling back to the others Sarid said, "I'm sorry for giving you the impression that I am ignoring you Jessamine," turning to the hooded_one by his side he continued, "and Borac there will be no grave robbing, I'll help you find the magic you need but you will not upset the dead."

Listening to the banter between the travellers Sarid shook his head, this is going to be a long journey. As he moved further on he realised that they had better find shelter for the night and quick.

A light sprung up in front of the group, Sarid's mentor Torminius, one of the Lords of the Silver Knights appeared. Saluting his senior Sarid listened to the fellow knight's greeting and replied, "Greetings Torminius, I am proceeding to the Tower but I must first aid this mage in finding a magic relic." Seeing the sword the young knight stood in awe, "I am honoured, I shall call it Mertonius." Realising the fact that he was now a Silver Knight Sarid's face beamed with pride, "I shall honour the Order sir and your name."

The path the group travelled rose as the forest cleared away to mountainous terrain, "We best camp at the edge of the forest, tomorrow we can go through the pass above." Sarid looked up to the path that lay in between the mountains, perfect for thieving gangs to set up ambush, but he would have to worry about that tomorrow.

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/20/2000 1:43 AM

The darkness of the night brought no danger to the group, the only threat coming from the group itself.


Sarid awoke to find Borac standing looking up to the mountains, or more like beyond the mountains. The others of the group lay sprawled asleep on either side of him. Getting to his feet, he felt a sudden pain along his torso, looking at the scar Sarid contemplated how long it would take for his insides to heal.

"Right, it's time to get up, come on Kaelyn, Jessamine." Taking a bit of bread from his pack he ate it and swallowed it down with a swig of water from his water pouch. Putting on his armour he looked up at the mage agaiin.

The knight stepped out from the forest and walked up to where Borac stood. "Nice day isn't it. What are you looking at?"

God my leader, my sword my companion.

06/21/2000 4:02 AM

*Hooded turns to the knight.*

"Nothing." Hooded says in a distracted tone.

*With an almost vacant look. Hooded gathers up his travelling equipment. The thought of elves riding griffons prominant in his thoughts.*

"Since grave robbing isn't a popular option. We'll have to go to Xak Tsaroth. I know an old acquantance who lives there who may be able to help."

*Hooded looks around irritably as everyone gets ready.*

"For the gods sake, get a move on." Snaps Hooded.

06/24/2000 5:42 AM

Kaelyn gets up,yawning and puts her armor on. "Hey! My sword is missing! Wheres my sword?!"

06/24/2000 5:48 AM

*Hooded tests the balance of his newly acquired sword.*

"Do you guys like my new sword?"

06/29/2000 6:48 AM

Kaelyn runs up to Hooded One and takes her sword back.She considers trying to chop his head off, but someone might get mad, so she doesnt.

06/30/2000 3:40 AM

*Hooded glares at Kaelyn.*

"You can borrow my new sword temporarily." Hooded says generously.

*Now that everyone is ready. Hooded begins the days trek, heading down a seldomly used animal track...*

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