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09/08/2001 10:03 AM

OOC: This is the first thread that i have ever started. so if it isn't that good i'm sorry. Any one who wants to join in go ahead.

Simon sat in the common room of the fiddle and arrow inn. It was located in sanction. Being a black robed mag got him enough looks but that fact that he was also a kagonesti elf got even more stares. He carried a char black staff with gryphon claw holding a crystal ball. There was a map on the table. It was dirty and blood marked from years of war and battle. Simon was planing an adventure to obtain the last remaining dragon orb. But was not to go alone. He awaited the arrival of his companions.

09/08/2001 5:21 PM

OOC: What Age is this in Simon?

"Stupid horses! BAH!" Autumn finishes tethering off her foaming black steed Indigo, and motions for the stable boy at the Fiddle and Arrow Inn to feed, water, and stable him and the four other war horses that she managed to salvage.

With a wary glance to the road and the trees behind her, she pushes her dirty and armored body through the door of the inn and tosses a sack of coins onto the bar, "Horses, food, and I'll need a room," the swordswoman runs a black-gloved hand through her red curls and looks around, "And a mulled wine...please."

Not confident that she is completely in the clear, and being paranoid by nature, the merc touches every face in the room with her big green eyes. They settle in on the black-robed mage with the map, "Kagonesti...interesting..." she sips her wine and taps the mud from her boots and watches him with a slight smile.

09/10/2001 9:12 AM

Entering the Inn, his dark robes rustling about his ankles, Neckar Silvermoon scanned the room with his molthen silver eyes looking for anyone suspicous. Noticing a fellow Black mage, Neckar's eyes widen, gripping his silver staff, he walked over to the table at which he sat.
"May i join you Brother." Simon motioned with his hand for Neckar to sit.
"Barmaid, wine if you please." The barmaid scurried off, fearing the two mages. "Well Brother what brings you here." Neckar asked. " I may ask you the same question, 'Brother'." Neckar didn't miss the sarcasim.

"Well that may depend on yourself." Neckar eyed the Black robe he now determined as a Kagonesti Elf.
"Your a Silvanesti aren't you." Simon looked Neckar in the eye. " Yes young one i am, well a dark Elf at least." replied Neckar. " I am aware of your little 'quest' that you are about to engage on. I thought you could use power such as mine along the road." Neckar was being boastful, he enjoyed flunting the power he had, however sensed that young this Kagonesti may be however his was a power worth watching out for.


"My Queen...It is your move." -Raistlin Majere

09/10/2001 4:53 PM

OOC. A phew years after the Dragon wars, approxamitly the time when Raistlin Majere is trying over throw the dark queen.

" Listen as powerful as you may think you are. You have no right to call me young one. I am the nephew of the Great Dalamar the dark. I have seen and know more wonders then you could possibly imagine. The power you have compared to mine is a stream to a raging river."

Simon then got up from the table. Rolling up the map he placed in his case. Grabed his drink and his staff and walked away before the mage could say anything. He walked towords the young woman who had just walked through the door. The first thing he noticed was her Sparkiling green eyes. Slowly he walked to the woman.

" Hello my lady. May i help you with somthing."

09/18/2001 9:43 PM

As simon walked up to the lady a kender ran through the door and ran in to him.
" Oh i am so sorry sir. Please forgive me. They are after me you know. Of course they always are. I wonder why that is. Maybe somtime i will ask them. Do you think that would be a good idea. They are not very nice people after all."

Simon looked down at the little creature. He pointed his finger down at his mouth and uttered one word. The kender all the sudden could not open his mouth.
" Now kender please be quite for one moment. When i release you i will ask a question and you will answer nothing more got it."

The kender nodded.

" Ok then, first off what is your name my tiny friend.

OOC: please anybody who wants to jump in feel free to.

09/19/2001 2:51 PM

(OOC: Hey simon. The Phoenix Star is my first thread post thingie too. I hope you keep writing in it and i shall return the favor by jumping in here :) i considered being the kender but i'd have to hang myself. So i'll be Ku Y'leh again though this has nothing to do with the Phoenix star. I'm a half-elf red-robe who is attuned to magic (though still learning) who rarely using words and components and often does magic without thinking about it first. heeheehee)

"Hey! Damn kender! Give that back to me!" Ku Y'leh rushed into the tavern adn nearly knocked over the black robe who was standing next to the unusually silent kender. "Pardon me," she said, unconsciously pulling a defensive aura around her. She glared at the kender and eyed his many pouches wondering how best to take back her precious ring. Just then a trio of town guards burst in, breathing heavily. Ku Y'leh rolled her eyes. The guards were so slow! "That's him," she told them, now eyeing the black robe, noticing for the first time that he was a kagonesti elf. The guards moved to intercept the kender but the mage told them coldly that everything was under control. One moved as if to argue but Ku Y'leh silently shook her head. This mage intrigued her and though she disliked both white and black robes (Balance is everything.) she wanted to see how he would handle the situation. Looking the dark elf straight in the eye she told him of the ring's theft with a few concise words. The elf neither ignored her nor gave any sign that he was going to move. Sighing inwardly, Ku Y'leh said in cold but controlled tones, "If you're not going to help me then stand aside. This isn't your affair anyway." Suddenly feeling extremely young and inexperienced, though not afraid, she waited for the Black robe to make his move.

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/19/2001 4:20 PM

" Please my sister don't be to criticle with the poor creature. After all it is there nature to do this sort of thing." Turning to the kender he bent and talked to him. " Listen my friend do you have this womans ring. Have you been keeping it for her."
Looking around at all the people who were suddenly so interested in him. The kender reached his hand into one of his many pouchs, and pulled out a ring. Plaing it in Simons hand he started talking again.
" You know you should keep better care of things. You could have lost this. Its a good thing that i kept hold of it for you. You know it is a ................"
Simon looked away from the kender and handed the ring to the elf.
" There you are my dear. No harm done. Good as new."

09/19/2001 8:28 PM

"Lousy kender," Ku Y'leh muttered as she slid her treasured ring back onto her long slender finger. Deciding the kender wasn't worth anymore of her attention she turned to the black robe and gave a small but polite bow. "I thank you...Brother...I am Ku Y'leh." Acting on impulse she suddenly decided she wanted to impress this strange mage and activated her ring. Large flashs of blue light filled the tavern, then converged on a single point forming themselves into a large white tiger. Even the kender, still talking to no one, was startled by the awe inspiring power of the magnificent beast. "And this is L'Nakia." The animal moved with liquid grace, its leg muscles flowing in perfect harmony as it moved to stand near its master. Ku Y'leh smiled, more out of love for her feline companion than for the pride brought about by her amazed audience. She bowed again and said graciously, "Perhaps there is sometime we can do to return the favor." She immediatly regretted her words, for the dark mage's expression told her that that had been his plan all along.

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/19/2001 9:23 PM

" Well it is possible. But I don't know. I am looking for companians to accompany me. The travel will be marked with hard times and possible battles. If you wish to come then you are more then welcome. But i expect no payment for the return of the ring."
Simon turned. Everybody else had resumed what they were doing. Then he noticed that it was oddly quite. He looked down. The kender was looking at him wide eyed.
" Can i come. Can I. Please. Please. Oh please. I will do anything. It just sounds like so much fun. Killing and adventuring and all that fun stuff. Please oh please."
Simon at that point cast his spell again. And quited the kender.
" Well i have no problem wit it. But you have to ask the the young lady."
The kender looked up at the women with pleading eyes. And waited for her answer.

09/20/2001 1:50 PM

((OOC: You're asking me whether i want a kender along?? ME?? Sigh. tough decision. ok i guess but i reserve the right to kill him if he becomes too annoying.:)))

Ku Y'leh stared at this pleading kender with open disgust. She glanced at Simon ((have you told me your name yet?)) and mentally gave int the mage. It's your quest, she thought at him, but so help me if that kender...the tiger growled as if he aggreed with his master's reluctance. Ku Y'leh cocked her head as if listening to the great beast then smiled and dismissed the tiger. Closing her eyes she gathered her magic about her, hoping she would not alarm the other mages in the tavern, she cast her spell and a satisfying blue glow lingered about her and the kender for a moment before dissapating. Ku Y'leh reached into a bag hanging about her slim waist and pulled out a small coin. Still smiling she offered it to the silent kender. Eagerly the childlike kender grabbed at the coin only to give a silent yelp and recoiling his hand as if burned. Ku Y'leh nodded and replaced the coin in her magical pouch. "He can come."

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

09/20/2001 6:47 PM

OOC: i take it you don't like kender.

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I trust that will keep his hands out of your things for awhile. Ok well we might as well leave now. It seems as there are no others who wish to join us."
Taking the kender by one hand and his spell components in the other he walked for the door.

09/20/2001 7:11 PM

((OOC: heh. don't like kender. understatement of the year...hey! wait a minute. Autumn, black robe come on! we need some more peoples in here...))

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09/20/2001 9:48 PM

OOC: I'll join ...hmmm who to use? my earth mage, Kista: my silver mage/crystal Dragon, Glimmer: or my Psycosomatic warrior KyniaStarr and her Stallion the Companion Kyel...you're choice...may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/20/2001 9:51 PM

OOC: what ever you think will make the story more interesting

09/20/2001 10:22 PM

OOC: I'll use KyniaStar she's still pretty new.

Kynia walked infront of Kyel, leading him with the silver reins in her hand. She brushed her dark hair from her sapphire eyes, and wiped the sweat from her forhead. she looked behind to kyel and smiled.

//so my friend, where do you think we should stay for the day??// she mind sent. Kyel tossed his head, and locked his blue eyes to hers.

//I dont know...what do you think...maybe we should just try the next town...// he mind sent back. //woah!! look out !!// Kyel shouted.

Kynia looked up in time to walk into a black robe mage. She cried out in surprise and fell backwards.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/20/2001 10:31 PM

Simon was sent realing from the hit by the woman and her horse. The kender padded his fall.
He thought to himself.
As he pulled himself and the kender up from the dirt road, he looked at the woman who had nocked him over. She was a good looking woman and she had command of a beutiful horse. He started to dust imself off and continued to watch her.

09/21/2001 2:23 AM

Kyel neighed and tossed his head, giving everyone the distinct impression of laughter.

Kynia stood and brushed herself off. "im sorry...I wasn't watching where I was going." she said as she looked up at the mage. Her dark Sapphire eyes shadowed by her dark brown hair. absently, she brushed loose strands out of her eyes and smiled.

she reached out a hand "I hope that you will allow me to repay you for knocking you over. my name is KyniaStarr Princess of the Kirioyal, a dying race from a land across the seas. and this is my companion, Kyel."

//Another mage?? this place is crawling with magic...I wonder if we will ever find another who uses Mind Magic// Kyel mind spoke to Kynia, flicking his ears and snorting.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

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09/21/2001 5:53 AM

As the group stood outside of the inn, watching the entertainment of the horse, nobody noticed the half-elf approach. Unfortunatly for Autumn, she never saw him leave either. The half-elf is very pleased with him-self because his change purse is much heavier and the beautiful warriors purse is much lighter.

09/21/2001 6:00 PM

Ku Y'leh watched quietly as Simon stood and brushed himself off, as the woman warrior apologized and offered to repay him for such an inconvinence. There was something strangely familar about this woman and her beautiful horse, a familiarity hidden the reccesses of the red robe's mind. She felt several times a kind of energy flow moved between woman and beast. Her musing were interupted by a silent alarm in the back of her mind. "Not again, " she muttered. She had spotted a suspecious looking half elf leave the tavern looking smug. "Thief," she whispered, but did not call out for a sudden nagging self doubt. Summoning her magic quietly she tagged teh half elf so she could find him if the need arose. Then she turned back to Simon adn the warrior who had yet to notice she was even standing next to them. Again the familar feeling washed over Ku Y'leh and she shook her head. It was going to be a long day.

Good is ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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09/22/2001 12:10 AM

OOC: you forget Kynia is psychosomatic warrior...PSYCHIC power!! including telebathy, Emphathy, and Telekinesis.

Kynia felt the emotion of dishonest glee. and spun to face the Half-elf who was leaving with her money. Pulling her strenth, she focused her mind on the theif. as he walked away, his money purse untied itself and, as he walked away, floated back to her hand.

"Stealing from me is not a good Idea." She said, as she hefted the money purse, smiling.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/22/2001 8:27 AM

" Very interesting trick. Don't worry about the knock over. What brings you to sanction? You are very beutiful woman and we don't find many of those here."

09/22/2001 11:37 AM

Kynia blushed and averted her eyes. once she had regainded her composure, she looked up.

"I really am only passing through. My name is KyniaStarr, this is Kyel. We come from a land, from far across the eastern seas. my sister an I have come here to find help for our people, the Kirioyal. While she is out finding a sutible surroget home for out people, I am here in Ansalon forming the alliances for my people."

Kynia deliberatly left out that Kynia and her sister where the last members of the complicated royal Heirarchy. now they ruled their people, and recieved the responisbility for them..something that they never expected to have.

"this "trick" is common amung my people....though most are just healers like myself, but in times like this, warrior skills are honned out of nessecity.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/22/2001 3:09 PM

Ku Y'leh stood staring at Kynia not hearing her words as she talked to Simon. So that man had been a thief! And the way Kynia had handled it! Such power! Ku Y'leh blushed suddenly at her own thoughts but no one noticed. Quietly calling to L'Nakia she bid the tiger to forgo the light show they had put on in the tavern. The large animal appeared at her side and narrowed its eyes at the warrior's horse. Ku Y'leh thought at the white tiger, who mentally shrugged and didn't answer her. Ku sighed, though she felt much better with her tiger companion at her side.

09/23/2001 10:06 PM

" You say that your people need help. What is it that they need help from. If you don't mind me asking."

09/24/2001 2:55 AM

Kynia smiled softly. "our land was overcome by a faceless evil...our people enslaved..My Twin and I fled to find either a new home, or help...but enough about me..what about you?" She said as Kyel nudged her shoulder.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/24/2001 5:03 PM

" I have come into contact with a map that supposedly shows the location of one of the last dragon orbs. It shows the orb on The third island out from the coastline. We were just on our way to find this artifact. when we met you. This has become interesting has it not."

09/25/2001 6:28 AM

Kynia nodded, thoughtful. "dragons are rare in my homeland...most are evil..." she mused then shook her head and looked up at Simon. she brushed a bit of her dark hair behind her ear (pointed mind you) and smiled.

"so do you mind if the Princess of the Kiroyal where to join you on your journey??"

OOC: just to let you know...KyniaStarr and her people are decendents of the Irdra and a race of elves from their homeland.))may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/25/2001 4:47 PM

Simon looked into her deep eyes.

" Well i have no problem with that. But are you nt in search for help for your people. Why would you wnat to waste time with this matter."

09/25/2001 7:04 PM

Kynia smiled. "Ah but you forget my friend, I am also here to forge new alliances with the peoples of Ansalon. Who knows I might learn of something while on this journey." She said

Kyel bobbed his head as if agreeing with her. The Stallion locked his sky blue eyes with simons, and deliberately winked.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/25/2001 8:02 PM

" Well in that case i have not a problem with it. But you have to ask my companions."

The kender of course piped up right away.

" Oh of course she can come if she wants. such a beutiful woman should get to do what ever she wants."

He continued to gave at her in open admeration. Simon looked at Ku Y'leh.

" Well it is up to you now madam."

09/26/2001 2:31 PM

Ku Y'leh looked up startled. She had been lost in her own thoughts, far away from this place... "It's fine with me..." Turing to her tiger companion she thought The white and black beast rubbed up against her leg, signaling his happiness with more effect than any words. "It's all good with us," she smiled. "Welcome."

Only through intelligence come insanity. --me

09/26/2001 3:30 PM

Kynia smiled. Kyel neighed his response. "So, where are we off to first, and when do we leave?"may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/29/2001 7:26 AM

" well i was tinking that we could go to palanthas and hire a ship from there. Of course if anyone else has any suggestions please go ahead and let me know."
Simon wait ed for any objections.

09/29/2001 7:52 PM

(OOC -- been meaning to do this...sorry, i posted initially then got caught in stuff..mayhaps i'll pop in later, but i'm watching ya know :) )Grilled oysters. Need I say more?

10/03/2001 3:17 PM

Ku Y'leh breathed deeply, the salty air strange to her. Ships of all sizes lined the Palanthas habor, which was bustling with activity. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, shouting over the din. Ku Y'leh took it all in with a wonderous expression. Things like this never ceased to amaze her. All these people going about their lives...where would they be in a minute, an hour? Tomorrow? It's hard to imagine a life that doesn't intertwine with your own, as if all other life just stops when you leave the room. But of course it doesn't and Ku took this opportunity to remind herself of this simple fact. She then glanced longingly at a distant street lined with markets. She had a weakness for shopping, not the usual shopping that rich women do for clothes and jewelry. Ku Y'leh enjoyed shopping for rare magical and beautiful items, things that add even more mystery to her life. But there was no time. She looked at her companions and wondered briefly if they knew where they were going. It doesn't matter, she decided. All she wanted was a ship to sail on where she could call L'Nakia and enjoy an open sky of stars. She eyed one ship that seemed to have an honest crew and waited to see if her companions would take charge. Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

10/03/2001 4:24 PM

Simon noticed Ku Y'leh looking at a shup in the harbour. It looked to be a good one. The men looked good and it was in good repair.
" Is that one up to your standerds."
he asked the women. The kender was not there to ask. he had slipped away awhile back and was not back yet.

10/04/2001 3:19 PM

Ku Y'leh studied the ship for a moment to make sure she felt good about choosing it. Then she turned to Simon and smiled. "It's fine with me."Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

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