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09/04/2001 2:58 PM

The alliance has changed, and the original story removed. It will be used for something else (not that anyone would care since no one bothered to add to it. *Boohoo* :( ) Please enjoy this new shorter edition.

There was almost nothing for her to do. After spending 2 weeks wandering around Palanthas Leeyra soon found herself growing tired of it. She had explored almost every nook and cranny that she could squeeze into. Now there was nothing left for her to do. At times Leeyra even considered being a mercenary for hire, but that though left her mind as quickly as it had entered. There was only one spot that had evaded her, one area that she could not even bring herself to look at. The Tower of Palanthas located in the very dead center on the city. The black Tower looked like some horrid mutated growth tearing up the streets. The blocks surrounding it had long been deserted, and no one dared go near it. “That is were I want to go!” Leeyra slammed her ale mug down onto the table she was sitting at. The brew leaped from its cup on impact and slid down her fingers. She didn’t seem to notice. “How in Krynn am I going to get there?” Leeyra had tried many times before to make her way down the desolated streets that led to the dark tower, but found herself running away in terror on all occasions without the slightest idea why. “Maybe I should just forget about it.” She sighed unhappily. Finishing off the remains of her ale she sat back in her chair and stared at the blinking flames of the fireplace in the Black Rose Inn. “I suppose I’ll just take a trip to the Blood Sea of Istar come daybreak.” Watching the flames of the dancing fire with more intent, she began to wonder how the Istar Sea had gotten its name.

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09/05/2001 4:15 PM

Selena (a female kender as far as this post is concerned) had been wandering about Palanthas for two weeks, though about half of it consisted of getting thrown out of the city and sneaking back in. Not that she had done anything wrong, she had just been...well, a kender. And that was enough to get thrown out. Now she was tired of Palanthas, though, and decided to see if there was anyone in the nearest tavern that was travelling soon and wouldn't mind a companion...
After being tossed out of the last three taverns, she was hesitant to enter the fourth. When she got in, she saw a woman sitting at a table, ale running down her fingers. She went up to her, though and introduced herself.
"Hello, my name is Selena Arrowbaum, from the Kendermore Arrowbaums. What's your name? Say, are you going anywhere anytime soon? I'm looking to leave Palanthas, you see, and I was wanting a companion..." I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/06/2001 12:49 PM

Leeyra stared at Selena in surprise. She had never seen a female Kender before, though her run in with the males were numerous and a bit nerve racking. "Odd" she asked to herself " I thought Kender weren’t allowed in Palanthas!.......Ah well, whatever!!" Leeyra regarded Selena with a cheerful smile. After all how bad could it be to travel with a female Kender? It was probably just the males who had that little borrowing problem (but she quickly checked her pouches to make sure that they were all there anyhow).
"So! Selena Arrowbaum is it?" Leeyra grabbed Selena’s hand and shook it heartily. " I'm am Leeyralanthaniyara of Silvanesti, but you can just call me Leeyra. And as for me going anywhere, I'm planning on taking a trip to the Blood Sea of Istar come morning. Are you headed in that direction? Because I would love to have someone accompany me. Even if it is a Kender." Leeyra chuckled.


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09/06/2001 2:19 PM

Selena frowned at the elf's last remark. She wondered what she meant by it. Then she smiled. Hey, if she was letting a kender along with her, she must be a pretty nice person. Though Selena had noticed her checking her pouches before. She sure was slow to check them. It was a good thing Selena was keeping a few things safe for Leeyra; who knew what she might find missing if she were to keep track of all of it herself?
"Well," Said Selena," will we be taking the way on land through Sanction and all that nonsense, or will we go on a boat?"
Selena waited eagerly for Leeyra's response. I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/07/2001 1:36 PM

"Hmmm.." Leeyra remarks carefully. " You know, I'm not sure that I can decide." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a rolled leather looking scroll. Two blue ribbons are tied to its end and the Word Krynn is elaborately embroidered into it with red thread. Carefully she unties the ribbons and rolls the map out onto the table, brushing aside her mug to make room. Contained within the leather scroll are cloth maps; trails and markings of mountains, trees and cites delicately inked in. Leeyra flips threw a few pages then stops and points at a spot on the map. "Ok here we are in the north part of Palanthas, and just above is a- HEY! Why is there ale on my hands?? Yuk! It’s all sticky and drippy." Leeyra wrinkles he nose in disgust. "No wonder my hand feels so weird!" Quickly she gets up from her chair and walks over to the bar table. "Excuse me a moment Selena, I'll be right back." Selena nodes in acknowledgement as Leeyra pesters the bar keeper for a bowl of water and a towel. Soon enough she returns, her hands all squeaky clean while chewing on a soft pretzel. "OK" Leeyra flops back in her seat. "Where was I?...ah yes!" she points back to the same exact spot on the map. " And just above us is a ship dock. Now from what I can tell, it would take us longer if we were to walk on foot to the shore of the Blood Sea. If we traveled by ship we would naturally get there faster.....but...we would be stuck on the same ship for days at a time, maybe a week or two depending on the weather conditions and the ship itself. That dosen't seems too exiting. So I propose that we get some horses with supplies and ride all the way to Kornen, since it's pretty close to the ocean. Then we take a ship from there strait to the blood sea and try and visit one of the five Islands off Ansalon's coast." Leeyra traced her finger along the path that she had suggested. "It all almost leads into a strait line. We get to see the sights on land half way, and then we get to see the sea on the rest of the way!" Leeyra looked up from the map and smiled at Selena hopefully. "What do you think? If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them."


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09/07/2001 9:29 PM

Selena stared in awe as she watched Leeyra unfold her beautiful map. Born in Kendermore, she was appreciative of a fine map. She peered over it and listened intently to Leeyra's plan of travel. It sounded quite good to her. It had definetely been well-planned.
"Sounds great!" said Selena, who then folded up the map and began trying to tuck it into her pouch when she noticed the look Leeyra was giving her. "What?...Oh, this? Oops." She handed the map to Leeyra, a sheepish look on her face. "So,"she asked, "when do we start?" I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/08/2001 6:18 PM

“Oh great.” Leeyra thought. Taking the map back from Selena who had a sheepish grin set on her face. “So much for my male-female kender theory.” She stuffed the map back into her bag and gave all her pouches an extra tightening. “It’s already beginning to get dark out. We should get some rest and start in the morning.” Leeyra said looking out through the inn’s window. The two moons Lunitari and Solinari glowed with a bright radiance in the darkening sky while Nuitari hide itself in its own darkness, barley visible to those without enhanced vision.” Bringing her gaze away from the moons Leeyra got up from the table and headed towards the Innkeeper. “Come on. I’ll get us a room.” She motioned to Selena who followed her up to the front bar where she reserved a room with two beds. There they would sleep and prepare to get their supplies the next day. Leeyra yawned as she trudged up the Inn’s steps, her eyes already beginning to look tired. She turned to face Selena. “I’m going to retire a bit early. So if you need me I’ll be asleep in the third room down the right in the hallway. See you in the morning. ” Yawning once more she waved goodnight to Selena and made her way up the staircase entering the room. Silently she removed her boots, placing them at the side of her bed; and without being aware of it, stuffed her pouches under her pillow before falling asleep on the particularly stiff mattress. Who knew what tomorrow might bring.

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09/09/2001 7:06 AM

Selena waved goodenight to her new companion. Well, she thought, this would certainly be an interesting adventure.
She hoped Leeyra was nicer than some of the travelling companions she had had in the past. Like those ogres who met her on the way from kendermore and said they would show her a big surprise. That cauldron certainly had been big, but she didn't think she'd be to surprised by what happened if she were thrown in, so she had quickly excused herself and skitted away.
Or that other time with the dwarves. Of course, they had never actually invited her on that adventure, but she could tell they needed some companionship, so she had gone along with them. Every time they saw her, they tried to kill her, but she knew they didn't really mean it, so she had stuck around until the bitter, bitter end. Selena shuddered. Perhaps if she had kept her mouth shut the bugbears wouldn't have found them, but the dwarf shouldn't have stepped on her toe, even if that cave had been dark.
Oh, well, she was fine now and tomorrow she would start off on a new adventure with someone who would be able to get her into interesting places that she would be able to explore. For some reason, she had a feeling that people would be a little more willing to let her into their towns if she were accompanying an elf. She wondered if Leeyra were asleep yet, anyway. Selena hated the way sleep would always claim her just as she was thinking about important things. She crept into the third room on the right and slipped into the door. It was dark, but she didn't want to wake Leeyra, so she lit no candle. Eerie shadows made by the light of Lunitari and Solinari danced across the walls, but they didn't bother Selena in the least. She waited a minute for her eyes to adjust to the darkness, and then walked across the room to a bed.
She started to pull back the covers, when she realized that someone was already in them. "Oops," she whispered to herself. She stumbled over to the other bed. Here she pulled back the covers and got in. She stared at the darkness of her eyelids for over an hour before sleep finally stole her away into dreams of bulging pouches, beautiful trinkets, finely made maps and roads full of adventure. She was in a deep sleep and wouldn't wake up until she was woken.
I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/10/2001 6:57 PM

It was morning. Sunlight spilled through the window and flowed down unto the floor like a silent waterfall. Its rays streamed across Leeyra’s face pleasantly warming her skin. Slowly the sun began to inch it's way higher up into the sky, gently hugging the clouds. All was peaceful.... that was until she heard a loud banging on the door that sounded like a pack of goblins on a rampage. Leeyra tumbled out of bed in surprise desperately reaching for her sword while awkwardly tripping over her own bed sheets.
" ALLLWRIGHT NOW!" A loud voice boomed from behind the door. " IT TIME TO GETS UP!!" Leeyra stumbled onto the floor with a thud, her feet entangled in the blanket and her sword scabbard. " What in all of Krynn is going ON?" she cried frantically trying to make heads and tails of the situation. " IT YOU WAKE UP CALL THAT WHAT IT IS." Bellowed the voice. Wake up call? Leeyra didn’t remember anything about a wake up call. "I didn’t order a wake up call. Can’t you see that I'm trying to sleep?"
"NO I CAN NO SEE ANYTHING MISS, I BEHIND DOOR. ANN YOU DID ORDER A WA-." Angrily she cut the booming buffoon off, her voice raised three notches higher than before. "WILL YOU STOP YELLING WHILE YOU TALK!? YOUR GOING TO WAKE UP MY COMPANION!!!" There was utter silence. "WELL?" she yelled again. "DONT YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY?"
Leeyra was answered by a small scraggily voice that obviously sounded annoyed. " Well I nebber in all my year of service at this inn, been treat the way I been today. You no yell at me likes that miss you wake up all the other payin customer you will! Why when I was wee gnubble I bla-bla-bla-bla-bal-bla-bla…." Leeyra rubbed her aching temples; she couldn’t take anymore of this. -IT-, had to be stopped. Patiently she untangled her feet from the renegade blanket and rouge sword scabbard, and, with an enraged swiftness stalked over to the door and jerked it open ready to knock whoever’s teeth out.
There was no one there. Leeyra looked around the hallway in shock. Well at least it looked as if none was standing in front of her doorway talking a mile a minute. Standing at her feet was a gully dwarf; he looked up and continued to talk shaking his grubby little finger at her nose. Leeyra just stood there dumbfounded. It was only about as high as her knees. How on earth could such a little creature make such a horrendous sound? " bla-bla-bla-bla- and that how I become respect person in society today." The gully dwarf finished and scampered away to the next door with his nose pointed in the air. To tired to think she headed back into the room expecting to find Selena awake from all the racket. But surprisingly she lay still in bed peacefully sleeping. " Well " she thought walking over to the sleeping kender."There’s no time like the present. Rise and shine.." She shook Selena gently waiting for her to get up and begin the day.
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09/11/2001 2:21 PM

Selena groaned and tried to pull the covers over her head. She was the type of person who could sleep in late any day. She had once slept through an attack of a band of ogres when she was travelling with a human and an elf, or at least they had said she slept through it, though she couldn't remember hearing a thing.
Anyhow, she used every ounce of strength in her body to open her eyes and look at her new companion. She pouted at having to wake up early, but she got up nonetheless. She stretched leisurely and, feeling better, jumped out of bed and grabbed her things.
"I'm ready to go!" she annonced. Though she didn't look ready to go anywhere. Her topknot was tangled and her clothes dissheveled from sleep. She smiled up at her new friend and got up on her tippy-toes with excitment at going on a new adventure. I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/15/2001 2:45 PM

Leeyra noticed how sleepy Selena looked, she was surprised at all that the kender was able to sleep through what had just happened, but that didn’t matter now, what mattered was that they get out of the black rose inn as soon as possible and start on their journey. Hauntingly Leeyra could hear that annoying little gully dwarf bothering the other overnight residents, shouting in its loud monster like voice. Perhaps it was a hybrid of some kind. Half gully dwarf half ogre…she shivered at the though. "Ok selena" she pulled her pouches out from under her pillow and grabbed the kenders hand "Lets go, lets go lets go! " Leeyra moved hurriedly as she dragged selena out the door down the steps and 2 blocks away from the black rose inn without giving her time to catch her breath. "Sorry " she panted looking back at the inn cautiously. " I just wanted to get outta there as quickly as possible." Her pant became a staggered laugh as she fell to her knees. "There’s just something not right about having gully dwarves employed an inn."
Selena just started at her as if she had a screw loose. "Ah-ha-ha…ha…Right then! To business. Well need horses and supplies, so you’ll get the supplies," she reached into the back of her boot and pulled out a coin pouch filled with steels and a small paper list, throwing it to selena. Who caught it easily. "And Ill get the hors-." Leeyra abruptly stopped for a second to think. Kender + Money + Shop filled with many interesting items and trinkets = Cataclysm. That was a bad idea, maybe she should just send her to fetch the horses. She already had hers waiting in a near bye stall. But then what if Selena couldn’t handle Starr Blaze? And what if they wouldn’t let her go pick her up. Leeyra soon remember the reactions that kender caused in Palanthas. Especially in shops. Her mind made up she abruptly grabbed the bag from selena and tucked it back in her boot. "Better yet I’ll get my horse and the food. And then meet you back here oh..say about noonish?"
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09/15/2001 3:52 PM

Selena was just about to start out the door when Leeyra grabbed her arm and half-dragged her what seemed like miles from the inn before stopping. And yes, she did look at Leeyra as if she were "a few sandwiches short of a picnic" (as Tas would say).
When Leeyra handed her the money to go get the supplies, Selena just stared at her. Usually cheery, it took a lot to astound her. Giving money to a kender and telling them to go shopping in Palanthas had done just that. Though, like all kender, Selena was curious, she had enough sense to know where danger lay, and the shops of Palanthas were definitely a dangerous place for a kender. Finally, however, Leeyra appeared to realize her mistake, and grabbed the pouch back.
Her mind relieved, yet her feelings somewhat wounded by the lack of trust (even if it was justifiable) she looked solemnly at her new acquaintance. Now, what was *she* supposed to do? She was good for stuff, too. Like, umm...err... Well, she would think of something and it would be really great!

"Better yet I’ll get my horse and the food. And then meet you back here oh..say about noonish?" Said Leeyra.

"Sounds great!" said Selena. That would give her just enough time to find something she could do to help with their journey. She ran off, her (once empty and suspiciously now bulging) pouches dancing in the wind behind her.
The sun was still stretching to pull itself over the horizon; Selena watched the long shadows as she slitted throught the alleyways, occasionally peeping out to see a sight.

Suddenly, she heard a noise to her right. She ducked back into the alleyway and went to investigate. She wasn't afraid (she's a kender!), even though the rustling and the grunting was somewhat intimidating. She paid little attention to the filth she walked through as she sneaked lithly towards where the noise came from.
A gully dwarf was behind a pile of rubbish. She was talking to herself and seemed to be looking at something small she held in her hands. Selena wasted no time in asking what it was.
"What are you looking at?" asked Selena.
The gully dwarf jumped up."Who you?" she asked, none too friendly.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me introduce myself. I'm Selena Arrowbaum from the Kendermore Arrowbaums. Perhaps you've heard of us?" she said.
The gully dwarf stared at her blankly. Maybe I should make it less complicated, thought Selena.
"I'm Selena" she said simply.
The gully dwarf nodded sagely, as if she now contained all the knowledge Krynn had to offer.
"What are you looking at?" Selena repeated.
The gully dwarf opened her hand to reveal three grimy, old beans. They looked as if they had been thrown out as left overs from one of the taverns, the night before if not weeks ago. Selena crinkled her nose at both the scent of them and of the gully dwarf. She had just noticed the smell.
"These magic beans." she explained.
"Really? asked Selena, "How do you know?"
"Bad men come. Me hold beans out; they go away." she said wisely.
Selena thought she could smell why someone would want to flee, but she was never really one to tell whether something was magic or not.
"That's neat!" she said.
The gully dwarf eyed her brightly, "You want buy?" she asked.
Selena eyed the gully dwarf warily. She hadn't really come here to shop, but she did have a little money of her own still left from Kendermore and she didn't mind spending it on something magic. Magic had always been an avid fascination of hers and she just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

"Sure!" she said,"I've got my money right-" Selena stopped dead in mid-sentence. She had pulled out a money pouch all right, but it wasn't her own. She had gotten a pretty good glimpse of this one between Leeyra handing it to her and taking it away.
"Now how did this get in here?" she said. It was a good thing she was around to pick it up; Leeyra must have dropped it into her pouch without knowing it. She really should be more careful with her things... Selena might not always be there to pick up after her, then where would she be? Selena made a mental note to have a talk with Leeyra about that when they met at noon.
Oh well, she thought, Leeyra certainly wouldn't want me to tell her we had the chance to buy something with powerful magic and I passed it up because I didn't have her permission. Who wouldn't want something so great?! She reached into the pouch and withdrew a few coins.
"How's this?" she asked, holding out four silver coins.
"That good, here you go," said the gully dwarf, hurriedly tossing her the beans and snatching the money.
Selena laughed inwardly. What an incredible deal! Though she did feel sorry for the gully dwarf. Before she knew it, she found herself patting her on the back out of pity. The gully dwarf looked at her as if she had grown another head. Which reminded her of the time her Uncle Trapspringer had seen an ogre grow another head. It was the time he was...
Selena looked up. She didn't have time to tell the gully dwarf about her Uncle Trapspringer; maybe some other time. The sun was nearly at its zenith and she didn't want to be late giving Leeyra her money bag back; she may have missed it.
She was tucking away the beans in a compartment of her pouch as she ran when she noticed that she was holding something in her left hand. She opened it. It was the four silver pieces she had given the gully dwarf! It must have dropped them into her hand on accident. Selena turned to give the money back, but the gully dwarf was nowhere in sight. She shrugged; she could always give her the money the next time she saw her...
She ran back to the designated meeting place. She couldn't wait to tell Leeyra that she had finally found a way to help...

I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your he-... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/20/2001 12:07 PM

“Lessee…” Leeyra promptly examined the outer appearance of each building to see if they matched the one that was housing her horse Starr blaze. “I know I left him around here somewhere.” The sun glared ruthlessly on Leeyra’s face forcing her to shield her eyes with her hands and move in closer to the near by buildings for shade. She still couldn’t believe that she was going to travel halfway across the content of Anslaon with a kender. Her previous traveling partners were not as active with their hands as this one was and most certainly not as tedious. More than once Leeyra could sense Selena’s busy little hands bustling around in her bag and pouches. Trying at first to convince herself that it was just her imagination Leeyra chose to ignore theses occurrences and just look the other way. Unexpectedly she halted her pace and stood in front of a small village stand, the engaging scent of herbs, spices, dried fruit and sweet smoked meat danced through the warm spring air toying with her nose. A plainly dressed middle-aged woman busily strung dried flowers and freshly dried fruit on ropes here and there along the stand posts to decorate, as well as display her wares. The whole set up was just to irresistible to let pass by. Starr Blaze could wait couldn’t he? Besides she had to get some food supplies anyway. Noticing her presence the woman stopped moving about and greeted Leeyra. “Well how do you do dear, Tis a nice day for shopping don’t you think?” She smiled and held up some tantalizingly delicious herbs. Stalks and strands of the aromatic plant swung out at the sides of her hands. “Would there be anything here that you would like?” Leeyra instinctively reached for the pouch of steels and silvers that she kept tucked away in the back of her boot “Of course, Ill need a few provisions for an important journey that I plan to take with a few friends.” “Is that so midear? Well then how many of your friends will you be traveling with?” Leeyra opened the pouch and stared into it blankly “ Three…” Her voiced trailed off. This wasn’t her pouch, it couldn’t be. Aggravated she dumped its contents onto the ground. 10 copper coins, 2 silver, 1 steel, half a golden bracelet and a piece of silver spun yarn. She sat there kneeling on the floor, her head hung beneath her shoulders. The herb lady stared at her with a fret look. “Deary is there something wrong?” “S..e..l..e..n..a” the words came out choked between Leeyra gritted teeth. “This is SELENAS POUTCH! OR AT LEAST THE POUCH OF THE LAST PERSON SHE SWIPED IT FROM!!” abruptly she stood up, the small leathery bag was twisted in her clenched hand. The little kender must have switched them somehow when she took it back. Stunned, the herb lady shrank back into the stand nearly dropping her produce. Leeyra closed her eyes and coolly began to mull over her thoughts.
“ Kenders are born like this…it’s not her fault. You’ll just have to put a warding spell on your things next time. And now that you are certain that Selena is the reason behind the abnormal disappearances of your personal items you can confront her on the matter and get her to stop.” Sighing Leeyra opened her eyes and turned back to the alarmed merchant. “I’m sorry miss, I just got a bit peeved that’s all.” She bent down and scooped up what she had previously dumped on the floor. Then reached into her other boot and removed another pouch handing it to the startled herb merchant. “ Inside is a small list of what I’ll need from your goods. With the money to pay for it. I’ll be back to pick the stuff up later.”
Eyeing her suspiciously, the herb merchant took the pouch and nodded. “Aye dearie, if that is all..would you be using paper or cloth?”
“How about pouch?” Leeyra laughed running off to fetch Starr Blaze.


“Well what do you know?” Taking a quick glance at the sun Leeyra could tell that she was late. “Noon already. Come one Blaze pick up the pace!” Grabbing Starr Blaze’s reigns with one hand and holding a bag of dried fruit and herbs in the other Leeyra hurried down through the stone paved streets of Palanthas. Having to abruptly change his comfortable speed Starr Blaze grumbled in protest. Leeyra however, did not comply. “Oh be quite where almost there. I swear, you are the most-..oh look! There’s Selena. Try and be patient with her ok?” She looked the horse strait into his polished silver eyes. They shone just as lustrously as the intermediately sized silvery spots circling his ebony black tail (not to mention around his hooves, and the diamond shaped spot on his muzzle. The rest was all a deep, dark velvet brown). Blaze just snorted in reply. “Hard in the head but easy to love.” She sighed walking up to the kender. The horse trailed behind.
“ Hey Selena I’m back! Sorry for taking so long I just had some uh..kinks to work out n’stuff.” Leeyra smiled nervously. “Anywho, Selena I would like you to meet my horse Starr Blaze. Starr Blaze this is our new traveling companion Selena.” Star Blaze gave the kender a quick look and smirked. “Hullo Selena, it’s nice to meet you. If you want you can just call me Blaze.”

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09/20/2001 1:23 PM

Selena was relieved when she finally saw Leeyra. She was right about to go into her lecture she had been rehearsing about how she should be more careful with her belongings, when Leeyra introduced Star Blaze to her.

Selena I would like you to meet my horse Starr Blaze. Starr Blaze this is our new traveling companion Selena.” Starr Blaze gave the kender a quick look and smirked. “Hullo Selena, it’s nice to meet you. If you want you can just call me Blaze.”

"Oh, hullo Bl-" Selena began, sticking out her hand in greeting (even though horses probably can't shake hands...). Then her mouth flopped open in astonishment. A talking horse!!! She had to stand gawking at him with eyes as big as saucers for a few moments before a little trigger in her kender brain went off.
"How...When...Where..." she began, too many irrepressible questions in her mind for her mouth to sort them out. So she just looked at Starr Blaze with an earnest look, her eyebrows raised and her eyes hopeful, biting her lip. Then she noticed the superior aura Starr Blaze seemed to have about him. She bit her lip harder, her face turned downcast. She felt very small all of a sudden.
"Pleased to...meet you." She said, looking down at her shoes.

Then she remembered the matter of the money pouch. She wondered if Leeyra had noticed it was gone. She looked at Leeyra. By the expectant look she was giving her, it appeared she had.
She took her hand out of Leeyra's pack and went through her own. She found the "magic" beans she had acquired from the gully dwarf. Suddenly, those seemed pretty stupid, so she decided not to show them off just yet. There were a few other things she couldn't remember being there before, but there *was* her own money pouch she hadn't been able to find before. She pulled out the map they had examined together earlier. (Now how did that get in there?) Aha! here was the money pouch!
She pulled it out and held it up to Leeyra.
"Umm...I think this is yours, Leeyra," she began, then cleared her throat.
"Leeyra, you know you really should be more careful with your things. I won't always be there to pick up after..." she noticed the look Leeyra was giving her. It may have been from her little speech she was beginning, or it may have been because Selena's other hand was back in Leeyra's pack.
"What?" she asked innocently, waiting earnestly for an answer.
I will bring justice to those who dare to oppress the kender race, for I am the kenderdefender, and with Fizban's divine help I will... Fizban? Fizban, what are you doing?! What do you mean you can't find your hat? It's right on your he-... {Blushes} Hold that thought...

09/29/2001 1:36 PM

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