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07/17/2000 8:28 PM

Scenario: 80 years after the Gods tore
a fiery volcano from the ground and dropped it on Istaar.
All the roads have been taken over by bandits. The
denizons of Krynn blame the Solamnic Knights for
not preventing the cataclysm. The gods have have
abandoned their children, leaving the people without
healing magic.

Location: A small farming town named Mertai.
The small town is isolated, taking about two weeks to
travel to Palanthas on horse back.

The Mission: Ask the Knight of the Sword,
he'll tell you all about it.

*A solamnic knight walks into the Mertai market.
A somewhat tense silence follows, all eyes fall onto
the knight. Without faltering in step, without
lowering his gaze, the knight walks to a wooden crate
and steps onto it. Using the wooden crate as a
makeshift podium.*

"Fair people of Mertai. I am on a mission of honor.
I am in need of a horse and would like to purchase
one off someone... anyone. I have no money, but I swear
on the oathe and measure that if I survive I will
return to repay my debt."

*From nowhere a rotten tomato is hurled at the knight,
which begins an avalanche of abuse, insults and thrown
vegetables at the knight. The knight stands defiantly,
refusing to move until someone steps forward to help

06/01/2000 7:49 PM

*A young woman steps forward from the cruel crowd and ignoring the flying rotten fruit and shouted obsenities, she looks up at the knight*

"I have a horse that you may purchase sir knight."

06/01/2000 8:19 PM

*A look of great relief crosses the knights face.*

"My thanks Fair Lady. My name is Karlac and I am
forever in your debt." Karlac says and bows deeply.
"Could you take me to this horse now Fair Lady?"

06/01/2000 9:20 PM

"My name is Muralasa, and I am happy to help a knight with anything he needs." *She beckons Karlac to follow her* "If you will follow me I will take you to the stable. "
They both start off, happy to get away from the crowd of unforgiving people.
They make thier way across town and after a short walk through a wooded area, they arrive at Muralasa's house and surrounding property.
Walking behind her house they come upon her small stable.
*Muralasa motions to a stall. Inside is a gorgeous, muscular steed. He his grey in color with a silken white mane and tail.
"His name is Pewter. He is a fine horse, young and very powerful. He is a little too big and strong for me to ride him, so I must part with him. He deserves someone who can ride him to his full potential."

06/03/2000 4:39 AM

*Karlac gazes at the grey steed reverantly. Turning to Muralasa gratefully.*

"I never expected to receive such a fine beast. I shall look after Pewter." Karlac vows.

"If there is anything at all I can do to repay the favour? You only need ask. I need to make speed, but any service you ask I shall gladly carry out."

06/04/2000 11:46 PM

As Karlac speaks to Muralasa, another waits in the Market ready to help. Though a rather inexperienced ranger, Ingrid was moved by the Knight's plea for help. She hopes that if he returns, he would allow her to join his quest or aid him in any way.

06/05/2000 12:15 AM

Struggling through the woods a man stumbles near
the town. But instead of helping him, the people
turned away, leaving the badly wounded person on
the rough ground.

"Help... Me...." Gasped the man in dirty robes.
A number of empty pouches were hung around his
waist and an old burnt staff lay beside him.

06/05/2000 3:27 AM

"I thank you again Muralasa. I must take my leave and depart on my mission with haste."

*Karlac gallops into the small town of Mertai once more. Stopping when he sees a wounded man lying on the side of the road. Karlac examines the man with concern, knowing the wounds to be serious. Karlac considers asking for help, but dismisses the idea almost as soon as he thinks of it. Picking up the injured body, Karlac places the man gently on his horse and decides to head back to Murulasa's house for some help. Seeing an unusually kind face, Karlac quickly examines someone he presumes to be a ranger. Although he isn't fully sure.*

"Ranger, do you know of a fast route to a house owned by a woman named Muralasa? Surely I could get there quicker if I cut across the forest instead of taking the road? This man needs help urgently, if you can't show me the way. Could you at least describe it? I would be most grateful."

06/05/2000 3:48 PM

"Sir Knight, allow me a moment to fetch my steed. I am familiar with that path and will take you the lady's house." Moments later, Ingrid returns with her chestnut horse, Farron. She rides her monut next to Karlac and hasitly sais, "Do you think the injured man will survive the shortest route? It is speedy, but a dangerous ride through the hillside pass. There have been known raids from bandits in that area. The alternative is gentler ride around the hill but it will take twice as long, but it is a safe and well traveled merchant pass." She glances nervounsly at the man laying accross Karlacs horse and knows that he may not survive either option, but that they must try.

06/05/2000 4:31 PM

"Thank you Ranger. The shortest route we shall take. This man is seriously wounded and needs immediate attention. I will not allow cut-throat criminals to delay his treatment. Lead on, if you will."

*Karlac follows the Ranger, making no effort to hide in the shadows. Considering concealment the actions of a thief.*

"There are several good places for an ambush here." Karlac says with worry. Noting a flash of movement up ahead.

06/05/2000 5:39 PM

*Lidora watches the strange group quickly approaching, she silently darts from bush to bush hiding herself well. Hanging from Lidora's side is a small sword, her only worthy possession. She is wearing a large, green robe that is very worn, torn leather leggings are visable from beneath the robe. Silently from behind her bush she watches the group approach. As they come closer Lidora considers confronting them, but immediatly dismisses the idea. Who would ever want to talk to a person such as herself. She sits down on the soft grass, keeping her hand on her sword in case of trouble and watches as the group speedily gallops closer.

06/05/2000 9:03 PM

Ingrid sighs then resolutly nods in agreement. "Let's ride" she states already in a half gallop into the shadows. Moments later, she slows her steed to trot. Karlac looks at her questioningly. "I don't know what or where it is, but we are being watched." She slowly rides up ahead but sees and hears nothing. "I don't sense an ambush, but I feel the prying eyes of a stranger. Please, Sir Knight, stop for a moment. I need silence to try to find this person...or thing." Behind her, she heard the slight rustle of leaves and the breaking of a branch on the hard hillside. Pebbles tumbled ever so sofly in the thicket behind them. "Karlac. Up there." She pointed to a thicket about sixty feet away from them. Our stranger watches us as well, I presume."

06/06/2000 2:03 AM

*Following the ranger's finger. Karlac eventually spots the person. Trotting to the location grimly. Seeing only one person, Karlac waves the ranger back.*

"Friend or foe? Declare your allegiance immediately."

06/06/2000 6:44 AM

*Lidora looks up at the knight in awe. She has never seen a knight of Solamnia.*

"Sir knight, I am honored to be in your presence. I am not your enemy, I am but a peasant with no home, wary of strangers. I will not cause you trouble M'Lord, I was only curious about your strange looking group."

*Lidoras hears the man on the horse moan. Looking up she sees what serious pain he is in.*

"M'Lord, that man is ill, I am skilled in certain methods of healing and may be of some help."

06/06/2000 10:12 AM

Hearing the injured man moan as well, the ranger knew they had no choice but to trust the stranger. Striding to the peasant woman, she reached out her hand. "I am Ingrid of Solace. If it alright with Sir Karlac as well, we would appreciate any help you can lend." She looked up to Karlac pleadingly. "Sir, this man is on death's doorstep. Will you let her try?"

06/06/2000 8:45 PM

Mertonius struggled to open his eyes. He mouthed four words.

"Left pouch. Healing potion..."

He collapses again into darkness...

06/06/2000 9:26 PM

*Lidora runs to the aid of the man, quickly she reaches inside his robes and finds the pouch he is referring too. Inside is a small vile with some mysterious looking liquid in it. It is icy to the touch, Lidora pulls out the tiny cork and brings it to the mans lips. Slowly he drinks the contents of the vile.*

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/07/2000 3:09 AM

*Karlac lets out a sigh of relief.*

"Paladine be praised." Karlac says, using the name of the absent god. "Please, your healing prowess would be most welcome."

*Seeing the healing potion, Karlac decides to let his distrust of magic slide this time. The need to heal the man outweighing the knighthoods dislike of magic. Seeing some colour return to the injured man's face, Karlac kneels down to talk to him.*

"You need rest. When you wake, you can tell us of your brush with death."

06/07/2000 5:30 PM

"Well, now that are robed friend is no longer in danger of meeting Paladine, let's press on. It's getting dark. And the darker, the more dangerous." Ingrid motions Sir Karlac to follow when she met the gaze of the peasant woman. She recognized the fleeting glimpse of despair and survival. "Karlac, Lady Muralasa is a generous woman. She will give our new friend food and shelter for the night. If it is alright with the both of you..."

06/08/2000 3:11 AM

"By all means," replies Karlac. "I fear we will not make it to Muralasa's house before nightfall. We'll have to travel as fast as possible."

*Karlac places the exhausted man on the back of his horse. Just then a familiar stench fills the air. The tell tale scent of ogres. Shortly after, harsh grunts and loud footfalls are heard. Karlac draws his sword...*

06/08/2000 4:27 PM

*Lidora draws forth the sword she has hidden beneath her robe. She is trained in swordsmanship and is quickly prepared to meet any enemy that presents itself. She creeps as silent as a cat close to the area where the ogres can be heard approaching. Hiding behind bush she spots them. There are 3 ogres, one is wounded in the leg, the other two look like they are out on the hunt. Lidora motions to the Knight to join her behind the bush where they may ambush the ogres if needed.*

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/08/2000 4:44 PM

Ingrid grabbed Mertonius from Karlac and followed Lidora to the brush. "Got anymore secret potions on that belt of yours?'", she kidded with the injured man. "Maybe one that blows up smelly ogres?" Ingrid scrambled quietly up the hillside. "I'll follow them from behind. I'll block their retreat if you decide to ambush, or divert them if they get dangerously close to you.", Ingrid whispered. "And Sir Karlac, I implore you to stick your Oath and Measure in Mertonius's pocket for the moment. I'd rather not gamble with his, or Miss Lidora's life this night."

06/08/2000 8:28 PM

*Karlac waits quietly to ambush the ogres. Ambush
being an acceptable military tactic for knights.
Although Karlac preferred a declared one on one
battle. Waiting for the precise moment, Karlac
leaps out of the scrub waving his sword in the air
three times, giving the orgres the Knight's Salute.
Bringing his sword down in a powerful arc. The
ogre doesn't even have time to react and is
decapitated. Karlac spins around to see how his
comanions are going.*

06/08/2000 9:49 PM

*Lidora springs out of the bush with the agility of a cat. She sees Karlac give his knight salute to the Ogres as he attacks the largest of the three. Lidora swings her blade in a crisp slice, plunging it into the closest Ogres chest. The Ogre, unprepared clutches his chest than falls to the ground with a sickening thud. As the Ogre is falling he kicks out his leg in a vain attempt to trip Lidora. Expecting it, Lidora easily hops over the leg and brings her sword down, connecting with the Ogres knee making a large 'crack' sound. Satisfied Lidora raises her eyes to see if the last Ogre has survived.*

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06/08/2000 10:17 PM

An ogre suddenly pulled up behind the knight. It then swung its heavy oaken club...

But it never landed...

The club fell to the ground as the ogre gave a choked gasp. It stumbled away and to the surprise and horror of the others, it started aging rapidly before their very eyes. Its tussled hair started turning to white and its skin started to shrivel up like a prune. Moaning, the ogre went down its knees, the process of ageing accelerating rapidly. Flesh started to fall off in chunks as it turned to dust. Organs started turning putrid then instantly into dust. Only a small pile of dust was left to mark the existence of the beast.

Mertonius stood there, staring out blankly, then collapsed from exertion.

06/09/2000 3:12 AM

*Karlac salutes his dead opponents. Regretful of not fighting them in fairer circumstances.*

"We will have to camp here. Moving around will only draw more attention to us. At least here we can be somewhat better prepared. I volunteer myself to keep watch."

*Not having a shovel to dig a grave, Karlac begins building a pyre over the dead ogres.*

06/09/2000 3:02 PM

"So much for you being a helpless bunch! ...With the exception of Sir Karlac of course. Couldn't you have left me one of them?" Ingrid pants as she dashes back to the action that was over almost before it had begun. "Well, at least I found this..." She opens the brown leather sack dropped by one of the ogres in the melee. From the light of the moon, it looked like a poorly drawn map of a seaside town, and a charcoal drawing of a very beautiful elf maiden. "It seems we have a grand mystery, a knight on a mission, a wayward mage, and a long night to speak of it all."

06/09/2000 3:08 PM

*Lidora rushes over to the fallen mage. She pulls forth a leather container of water. Silently she offers the water to the exhausted mage. He accepts and slowly drinks the cool, refresheing water. Lidora watches him drink. For some reason the mage seems all to familiar to her.*

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/09/2000 4:37 PM

(OOC-hey all!)

*A lone figure watches silently in the brush, a statue in the shadowy eve. Unbeknownst to the travelers and knowing she would be discovered soon enough, she remains where she crouches and looks critically over the fallen mage*

06/09/2000 5:07 PM

*Karlac stops building his pyre to examine the newly found map. Recognizing the charcoal outline of the elf maiden, despite its vagueness.*

"That picture looks very much like Alayalasa, daughter and heiress of the late elven prince/merchant Sornthios. I am unfamiliar with the map however, I wonder if there is a connection." Karlac says thoughtfully.

06/09/2000 5:10 PM

OOC: Hi Elts!

06/09/2000 6:07 PM

"Sir Karlac, I remember your empassioned speech. Does your mission take you in the same direction as the destination on the map? Can you tell us of your mission? Perhaps you would like company..."

06/09/2000 7:53 PM

(OOC-hey hoodie!! oops, OZ is on, better make this quick!! lol)

"Yes, perhaps you would like some company?"
*Elts steps out of the bushes and crouches by the fire, Tarakona missing. Odd.*

"Mind if I join?"

06/09/2000 9:46 PM

Mertonius opens his eyes and sees the woman kneeling beside him. He then rudely shoves her aside and bounded up with renewed vigor.

"I don't need your help, I can manage on my own."

Instead of the battered body of the mage that they, found it was a healthy looking and solidly built frame of a somewhat young mage that greeted them.

"I may owe you my life but it does not mean that I would allow you to get near my person."

Mertonius started flexing his left hand feeling the life essence he drained from the ogre empower him.

"I am the Son of the Dark Moon... I am Mertonius Darkside, Archmagus, Renegade Irda."

(OOC: Since this posting happened long before the Chronicles and the Legends Series, Mertonius hasn't yet freed the soul of his wife, Valeria, from the clutches of the Dark Queen. He is still a bit a bad ass character, though he is starting to lose a part of his vileness from this point.

06/09/2000 10:19 PM

*Eltanin raises her eyebrows*

"Irda? Really?" she looks at him solemly, her voice emotionless

*She stands and folds her arms*

06/09/2000 10:35 PM

*Karlac bristles at the mage's rude attitude. His hand travles automatically to the hilt of his sword. Tiurning to Ingrid and Elts.*

"My village Netapa, which is about a day south of Mertai has been struck with the plague. I was going to Palanthas is search of a cure. In light of the map and charcoal sketch. It might be wise to travel to Sivanesti instead. The elves have knowledge of herblore and may be able to tell me of a cure. Although, I doubt the elves will permit us entry into their realm. We must try. Any who will accompany me have my gratitude."

06/09/2000 11:18 PM

Ingrid solemnly nodded to Karlac. "I am sorry your people endure such pain. I would be honored to join you. I know but only a little of the Silvanesti ways, but I am sure that the borders of their realm are well guarded and watched. I suggest we travel to their borders. We will be heard." Looking away from Karlac she retreats into her own memories and mutters to herself more than to him... "And you will be answered. Either with a warning shot from an archer, or a suspicious unwelcoming glare to do your business and leave. For good."

06/09/2000 11:48 PM

Mertonius continued to glare at them, then his face softens for a while, then grief crosses his face. The last emotion he immediately masks as if he was afraid to let it show.

"Silvanost? I know the way to that kingdom. It was were I, er, I mean, my friend met his spouse.
Though it would grieve me bitterly, I will accompany you. Two ages has passed since I went there."

The Irda raises a strange porcelain mask from somewhere then immediately wears it. The mask started to contort and change, finally settling into the fair but stern countenance of a Silvanesti Elf. His fair hair parts by middle of his forehead and reaches back halfway to his back.
Sea grey eyes dart around in apprehension.

06/10/2000 9:42 AM

"Silvanosti? That could be very dangerous. I know you may only see me as a peasant woman, but at one time I was.....umn....nevermind. What I mean to say is, I am willing to accompany you, if you need my help."

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/10/2000 1:37 PM

"If you feel that the Silvanesti will help you, then i see not the foolishness of your journey. The plague is a bitter, hated thing, and i for one should know of it. Since you already have undoubtedly tried many healers before, then my....abilities....would not be able to heal them. So, i will journey with you; i also have a Silvanost acquaintance who owes me a favour anyway, so she may come in handy when we arrive." she looks to him comfirmingly, and draws her hood about her head

"When shall we leave?"

06/10/2000 3:32 PM

*Karlac looks around the group of companions. Each of them having a different but notable reaction to travelling to Silvanost.*

"It is agreed then. We travel when the sun breaks the eastern horizon. Travelling this area by night would be the greatest of follies."

*Karlac paces back and forth uneasily, feeling the group is being watched despite not seeing or hearing anything.*

06/10/2000 4:27 PM

"Well enough then. We start our journey at daybreak."

As the group settled for what little rest they can attain, Ingrid's thoughts darted back and forth among the newly formed members of this group. She didn't quite trust the mage. The healer and the 'warrior' peasant woman were yet another mystery in this strange turn of events. On top of it all, she felt yet another presence among them. Karlac nervously paced in the distance. Peering into the darkness, she quitely joined him.

"I will keep watch with you. I have this nagging feeling our adventurous night has not ended."

06/10/2000 5:18 PM

"I feel the same, like someone is watching and waiting." Karlac says and then pauses, wandering whether or not he should go on. Finally deciding to confide with Ingrid.
"I like not having a mage here. 'If a magic user isn't evil, a magic user attracts evil.' An old saying from the knighthood and never a truer thing has been said."

*Karlac shivers as the being watched feeling grows stronger.*

06/10/2000 10:00 PM


06/11/2000 2:58 PM

(OOC-cool mertonius!)

*Elts paces, seemingly agrivated about something. She mutters for a moment, and tosses a shiny black stone up in the air for a while, Thoughtfully turning it in her fingers, she suddenly says a low word, wheels around and throws it into the bushes. Standing there for a minute more, she then turns and climbs up a large tree*

*Crouching there in the leafiest area of the tree, she is invisible with her dark clothes*

06/11/2000 7:07 PM

Ingrid reaches into her quiver and readies a arrow on her bow. She nervoulsy glances about the perimeter of the camp. Startled, Karlac's hand also went instictively to his sword. "There is movement. Someone skittered through the bushes. Branches were breaking." Quietly, she walked to the area of the soft but disturbing noises. "Friend or Foe..." she whispered Karlac's greeting to herself. "...Which ever you are, come out and play."

06/12/2000 2:43 AM

*Karlac follows Elts movements up the tree. Losing sight of her when she reaches the leaves. Karlac reaches for his sword only slightly after Ingrid reaches for her quiver. Listening intently, Karlac hears Ingrid speak the challenge into the darkness. A long silence is followed by several battle cries. Elves pour out of the shadows. All the elves wearing black clothing with a red dragon emblem.*

"Dark elves." Karlac says in disgust and spins his sword in the air three times, bringing it down just in time to meet a vicious sword thrust from a dark elf.

06/12/2000 4:52 AM

Mertonius drew some sulfur and shards of glass from a pouch. Without hesitation he threw it at a dark elf just beyond the trees, an elf preparing to cast a combat spell. The 'Bursting Shards' spell shredded the mage.

06/12/2000 4:33 PM

Ingrid let the first arrow fly. It whizzed past the head of a rushing dark elf. The Elf lunged for her, grabbing her cloak and throwing her to the ground. Dazed she looked up to a twisted smile and blade aiming for her heart. She let out a deep gutteral growl. The dark elf laughed. And so did Ingrid, as she rolled out of the way. The last thing she saw in the reflection of the elf's blade was that of her trusted friend, a gray wolf, as it leaped from the night, jaws locked firmly on the dark elf's throat.

With a knowing glance of approval between the friends, they jumped into the brawl.

06/13/2000 1:56 AM

*Karlac sees the effects of magic and the rapid movements of a gray wolf. Charging forward, Karlac sees the elves retreating into the night.*

"The elves retreat, let them run. It's dawn anyway." Karlac says somewhat surprised. "Best we begin the journey to Silvanost immediately. With luck, the elves won't persue us."

06/13/2000 4:00 AM

Mertonius nods and takes a seat on a large rock. He pulls out a yellowish liquid and takes a long swig from it. It seems to rejuvenate his strength.

"That is refreshing, and sweet. We should indeed head out as soon as possible. Those elves may return though it would be foolish of them to try again."

He grins evily.

06/13/2000 3:57 PM

*Lidora looks around at the strong group. She is tired from the fight, but energized with the feeling of battle running through her blood. again.*

"It's been so long...." she whispers

Make a little birdhouse in your soul...

06/13/2000 8:36 PM

Mertonius pulls out a strange, newly made map of the continent of Ansalon.

I propose three routes to Silvanost. We may swing north-east till we reach Kornen and then head south of till we reach Khuri-khan then turn south easterly again till we reach Silvanost. Or we can head south to Solanthas till we reach the New Sea and take a boat ride eastwardly till we reach Takar. Or..."

He looks up for a moment, something glittering in his eyes.

"We could head at a direct south-eastward direction and go over the mountains and follow the mountain passes to reach Silvanost. It would be difficult because of the weather conditions among those mountains. But we won't have any problems. By this map I see that there is a small village there that can hold respite. I think the name of the village was Sanction. It is the fastest route and the best to reach Silvanost."

(OCC: May I remind the others that this story happened approximately 80 years after the destruction of Istar. The Dark Queen has only begun manifesting her power and no one knows, even Mertonius or anyone else with the exception of Astinus, that Sanction is an evil place. If you think that I may be leading you into a trap,
you are wrong, Mertonius is totally clueless to the whereabouts of the Dark Queen's Location and has know idea that Sanction is now a terrible place. And also, the map was fairly new.)

06/14/2000 2:22 AM

*Karlac looks around the companions. Not seeing Elts present, but put presuming a flash of movement in the bushes is probably her. Seeing the mage's map, Karlac considers the options carefully.*

"I must confess. I am not familiar with the various paths to Sivanost." Karlac admits. "We must make haste. So the quickest route would be best."

*Karlac turns his attention to Ingrid.*

"What say you Ranger? Have you travelled these paths before?"

06/14/2000 4:03 PM

"I have travelled to Silvanost once before. I took the shortest route Mertonious has suggested." Then, looking at Mertonious, she continued, "However I don't believe that it the safest route."

She did not miss the spark in the mages eyes and the tone in his voice. There was a tinge of concealed excitement there. And considering the mage's dark past, it concerned her.

"The route South to Solanthas, then boating to Takar is safest. Considering the importance of your mission Sir Karlac, I will lead us through the mountain passes."

"But," She replied to Mertonious, "I'll wager we'll meet many 'problems' along the way. Sanction is no safe haven."

06/14/2000 10:47 PM

Mertonius nods and pockets the map. His gaze encompasses the sky. He closes his eyes taking in the air and the essence of the magic in the air.
After a moment, he opens them again and looks at his companions.

"Time is of the essence. By my calculations, since we leave at late spring, we will reach Silvanost at early fall. We have to make haste."

06/15/2000 1:42 AM

*Karlac sighs.*

"Agreed then." Karlac says grudgingly. The only choice was the fastest route. Karlac suspected the mage had an alterior motive however. Vowing to keep a close eye on the mage, Karlac gets his gear and mounts his horse.*

06/15/2000 2:54 PM

Ingrid askes the group to wait a while to get supplies. She returned an hour later with food rations to last one week and two horses for Mertonius and Lidora.

"A friend let me borrow them after I told him of you quest, Karlac."

The group rode on to a fork in the path. One lead to Lady Muralasa's home, and the other south to the adventure that awaited them.

06/16/2000 4:45 AM

*Karlac murmurs a prayer of thanks to Paladine for the horses and supplies. Riding to the fork in the path.*

"A pity we do not have time to drop by Muralasa's house."

*Karlac takes a quill and piece of parchment from his pack. Writing a quick note to Muralasa and posting it on a tree by the roadside. Karlac then points his horse in the direction of the adventure.*

06/16/2000 7:53 PM

The group travelled uneventfully for the next four days. Ingrid often tavelled ahead of the group, steering them from rocky terrain as they approached the mountains that loomed ahead. Exhasted, she returned to the group after forging a path through the foothills.

"We will be at the mountain range within a day and a half. Up ahead, I noticed the Ogre fur on some of the shrubs. I think there may be a group of about eight of them in the vicinity. Stay alert."

A blast of frigid air swept into the narrow pass, hitting the travelers like the breath of a White Dragon. The cragy peaks of the mountains ahead cast eerie shadows in their wake. She noticed the others pull their cloaks about them a little tighter, or pull hoods over their heads.

"A storm is slowly brewing. Let's make haste"

06/16/2000 8:03 PM

A gray-cloaked figure separates from the rocky (also gray) mountainside. Underneath the heavy cloak, she wears robes of black. She has honey-blond hair and black eyes, and her skin also seems to be the color of honey, but naturally.
"Sorry if i scared you... are you planning to ride through here?"

06/16/2000 9:12 PM

Mertonius's eyes suddenly squinted and a sneer formed on his normally placid features (though it is hidden by his fabled mask).

"And what brings you BRETHREN, to this place? Come to spy for your QUEEN, perhaps?" The distaste in his voice shocking his companions.
'Are not black robes servants of the Dark Queen and her Son?' thought the others. This dark robed Mertonius seems to hate those of his kind...

Mertonius turns to Karlac, "We should proceed, and not associate ourselves with such KIND. Your village is in dire need. I think we should go on and not take any of HER KIND with us. I, for one dislike dealing with them." Fury in his eyes as he gazed at black robe mage before him.

He leans forward to the mage and whispers, "You are lucky. If I was alone when you met me, your innards would be decorating these very rocks right now."

(OOC: Mertonius grew to dislike most of the black robes who sought to gain power by aligning with Takhisis rather than Her Son, Nuitari of the Black Moon, who also happens to be Mertonius's father. Any black mage who are directly involved with the Dark Queen are immediately killed by Mertonius.)

06/16/2000 11:21 PM

*Feeling the icy wind, Karlac regards the new face suspiciously.*

"We are here to travel through this pass. You would be wise to not try and stop us."

*Karlac watches the ineraction between the two black robes interestedly. Turning to glance at Ingrid, Karlac gauges her expression to see if any ogres hide nearby in ambush.*

06/17/2000 6:28 AM

Ingrid shifted uncomfortably in her saddle. Her eyes darted from shadow to shadow, boulder to boulder. She sat upright listening intently, not to the conversation between mages, but to the echoes in the wind. Clearly aggitated, her mount tapped its front hoof and whinnied at the scent of something foreign, something downwind. A smirk appeared on Ingrid's face. She turned to Karlac and gave him a glance. One he was starting to recognize as 'there's gonna be trouble'.

06/17/2000 4:41 PM

Lidora saw the shared expressions between the knight and the ranger. Her hand rested on the hilt of her sword, ready for action.
an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/17/2000 6:35 PM

*Seeing Ingrid's trademark warning glance. Karlac glances around the foliage uneasily. Turning to Lidora, Karlac sees she is already resting her hand on the hilt of her sword and is obviously ready for battle. Karlac ignores the black robes glaring at one another and edges his horse slowly down the trail. Catching a brief whiff of ogre, Karlac unsheathes his sword.*

06/17/2000 11:08 PM

"Lidora!!! Dive!!!" Ingrid shouted as she unleashed a deadly arrow from her crossbow. The ogre's body lay twitching on the ground near Lidora; it's eyes still holding the look of confusion at the arrow lodged between them. More ogres appeared out of the hillside crevases. In the midst of the battle, she saw Karlac and Lidora expertly wielding their weapons. Ingrid fired arrows into the brush, attempting to seriously injure the vermin before they got too close.

A look of worry crossed her face when she could not locate Mertonius. She knew that he was powerful indeed, but he now seemed to have two foes to deal with. "Mertonius!" she yelled. "Where in the gods' name are you?" She prayed for his safety. That prayer did not last long as she was soon engaged with one of the monsters. She struggled to free herself form it's grasp...

06/18/2000 1:52 AM

"Dor Kiath Thorak Kir!"

The ogre immediately started to dissolve into a pile of bones as he grabbed it from behind.

Pulling a shard of glass from his pocket he threw it directly into another ogre.

"Tziak Thouru Kar!" The shard suddenly multiplied and shredded the ogre to its bones.

The wind buffeted Mertonius as he stood there, a figure of great power, exuding a fearful aura that paralyzed those near him.

"How dare you cross our path. Prepare yourselves for my 'Dark Embrace'"

His chest suddenly burst open as numerous tentacles of sinew flew and struck the ogres that surrounded him. Flesh and innards flew all over as the arms struck and choked the life out of the beasts. As sudden as the attack was, the tentacles retracted into Mertonius's body and his chest closed again...

06/18/2000 3:23 AM

*Karlac frowned as the battle raged on. More and more ogres entered the fray. Raising his sword just in time, Karlac parries a heavy swinging club. Feeling his arm jar with the impact. Taking advantage of the ogre's open stance. Karlac drives his blade deep into the ogres midriff, withdrawing the sword just in time to parry another swinging ogre club. Not having time to scan the battleground, Karlac can only hope his companions survive the battle.*

06/18/2000 4:13 PM

The ogre that held Ingrid in its strangle hold suddenly dissipated into a pile of bones and dust on the floor. She knew the handiwork of the deadly mage.

"Thanks, Merto..." She spun around to find grotesque tentacles protruding from his body, envloping the ogres, squeezing and draining the life out of them. Frozen with shock, she unbelievingly watched the tentacles fly back into his chest. The sound of Karlac's blade crushing bone snapped her back into reality. She grabbed a rusty short sword from one of the fallen ogre bodies and ran to help her friends. She would not worry about Mertinous again. Apparantly he was more than capable (and more than willing) to dispatch of his enemies.

06/18/2000 5:58 PM

Lidora thrust her sword deeply into the chest of an ogre before her. It fell with a deep thud, she quickly spun around just in time to see a large group of ogres in the distance running swiftly towards the group.

"Umn, guys, I think we may have a bit more than we can handle here!"

an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/18/2000 10:42 PM

"Close your eyes! Plug your ears everyone!"

Pullling out a bag holding some lich dust, Mertonius thre it into the air.

Then, a cold wave of fear spread all over the place, encompassing the whole area at a radius of 240 feet.

"Greater Fear," wispered Mertonius.

The ogres started shaking in total horror as the hallucinatory spell took them in. Their dead comrades started rising before their befuddled eyes. The whispers of the dead calling for their souls pass into the ears. They shook in horror. Maddened with fear, they started dashing in all directions, some plunging to their deaths as they ran into cliffs. Mertonius's companions were huddled together, grasping one another as the fear shook their hearts.

Then, his spell ended. No ogre alive was left near them. All of their foes have fled.

06/19/2000 3:39 AM

*Karlac feels a wave of fear wash over him. Despite using all his discipline. Karlac feels himself shake a little at the necromantic spell. Somehow holding back the urge to vomit. Karlac spins furiously, his sword drawn with lightening speed.*

"Foul Mage. I have tolerated your presence long enough. Such horrid magicks are an insult to the entire knighthood. Even worse, raising the dead in such a manner is sacrillage against Paladine himself. Prepare to defend yourself."

*Karlac spins his sword above his three times in the knight's salute. Knowing this confrontation would probably mean his death, Karlac charges regardless.*

06/19/2000 6:23 AM

A sad look came over Mertonius as he watched Karlac attack him. He made a simple gesture and paralyzed the knight.

"There is no conflict of interest between us Sir Knight. What you just saw was an illusion created by the drugs I have infused with the dust. Add a fairly simple 'Fear' spell and 'Induce Phantasm' and those simple minded ogres would be running for their lives. ALL THOSE THINGS YOU SAW ARE NOTHING MORE BUT THE PRODUCT OF YOUR MIND. That is the power of the 'Greater Fear' spell."

He dropped his hand and removed the hold spell on Karlac.

"I will stand for this affront for now Sir Knight. You need not fear anything as long as your quest runs concurrent with mine. But cross my path and you will know the real meaning of pain. Death would be a welcome release from my devices..."

Mertonius grinned at the knight.

06/19/2000 2:32 PM

The horrid illusions, the shouting ogres, the stench of their open carcasses, and now her arguing friends were starting to give Ingrid a throbbing headache. "Shut up!! All of you!," she yelled.

Looking at Karlac she pleaded, "Look, Mertinous saved our asses. His methods are his own. Like it or not it was effective." (too efective she thought, looking around to see the carnage around them)

As for you, she said pointing to Mertonius now, "Days back, you agreed to accompany Karlac on his mission. Remember your whole 'that's where my friend met his wife' speech. Don't change the rules to a 'concurrent quest' rule halfway to Silvanost. We certainly don't need the extra concern of watching our own backs from members of our own group."

"Let's get out of this damned place before any more come out." She looked at Lidora. "Are you alright?"

06/19/2000 3:29 PM

Lidora was obviously shaking from the entire incident, but she put her bravest face foward.

"I am fine, lets get on with the journey."

an eye for an eye keeps the world blind

06/19/2000 3:47 PM

*Hearing the mage threaten him. Karlac bristles, advancing angrily at the mage. Hearing the truth in Ingrid's words. Karlac resheathes his sword grudgingly.*

"Yes, you saved our lives Mage. Just remember who saved your life earlier on. Consider ourselves even. If you have your own private quest, do it alone. I certainly won't stop you from leaving. If you come with us, you agree to help find a cure for the plague terrorizing my village. You agree to help find an answer to this mysterious map and sketch. Any dark schemes you have planned you do alone."

*Karlac turns on his heel and walks beside Lidora silently. Trying to forget the fearful event earlier.*

06/19/2000 10:55 PM

A look of agreement passed Mertonius's eyes, for a brief moment he seemed less threatening.

"Yes, we have to move on. We have very little time left. I feel a storm brewing..."

At this a sudden pain suddenly coursed through him sending him to his knees. A feeling of fear and anguish robbed his face of any horror they saw from him when he revealed his power. Steadying himself fast, he ran to his horse and mounted.

"We have to leave... Fast... We must not tarry any longer. We must not find a safe place to rest before night comes... Before darkness falls on our quest..."

He turns southward... A look of anger tempered with hatred crossed his face.

"Something has felt our presence. Something evil, twisted to the core with malevolence..."

06/19/2000 11:11 PM

Mertonius' final statement sent shivers running up her spine. Every time the dark mage revealed his powers, the results were ever increasingly dramatic and deadly. Now he speaks of this 'something that feels our presence' as though it's out of his league. Under no circumstances did she ever want to meet this thing.

The ominous sky began misting and the clouds up above started to decend. She mounted her horse and rode to find the tired companions safety in the rocky terrain that lay ahead.

06/20/2000 4:13 AM

*Karlac mounts his horse. Making sure everyone is ready. Karlac spurs his horse into action. Noting the threatening sky. Karlac pushes his horse hard like all the companions. Noticing a build up of froth on everyone's horses. Karlac slows to a mild trot to consult with the group. Slightly out of breath from the rigorous ride, Karlac addresses the others.*

"We will have to find shelter. Our horses will go lame if we keep pushing them so hard. I do not like the omens, but I think this evil which is persuing us cannot be outrun anyway." Karlac says grimly.

06/20/2000 8:35 PM

His eyes momentarily go distant as if searching for something so far away. Then, Mertonius started cantering horse towards a secluded spot, hidden by some dry underbrush.

"Cave... Safe... None of Darkness Within... I... We... Must... Rest..."

His eyes roll into his head as he collapsed, his head lolling by the neck of the horse.

Blood started to pool beneath the mount. His chest wound from the 'Dark Embrace' attack has not yet completely closed and blood seeped into his robe.

06/20/2000 11:49 PM

"Oh God's! Mertonius!" Ingrid jupmed off her mount and barely caught the mage before his head hit the cold stone floor of the cave. She tried to control her urge to heave as she applied pressure to his wound. Thoughts of unnatural tentacles flying out of him was enough to momentarily feel nausoeus. She had but minimal training in the art of herbalism but she carried a pouch with the crushed, dried leaves of Willow and Wheatgrass and applied them to his wounds. She prayed that their healing properties would help. Taking off her cloak, she drapped it around Mertonius.

She gathered dried brush from the mouth of the cave and broke two branches from a nearby Pine tree and brought them in to start a fire.

"Karlac, Lidora," she looked up at them pensively. "Without a doubt I can start a fire. But, will it attract Mertonius' 'THING' out there?"

Already the rain started to fall steadily, and to Ingrid's comfort, erasing the tracks their horses had left. At least any ogre reinforcements would not find them now. She plopped herself in front of the sticks and branches and gazed at the group. At this moment she wondered about Lidora and how she came to be such an excellent fighter. She has been a valuable member of the group. She thought to herself, 'she must have wonderful stories to tell' and made mental note to ask her about them if and when they got out of the soup they were in.

06/21/2000 2:12 AM

*Karlac exmaines the mage's reopened wound and turns to Ingrid.*

"Once again we have no choice. We'll have to start a fire to boil some water. That chest wound will need to be cleaned with sterile equipment. I take it your herbs will need to be boiled also? My knowledge of herblore is practically zero, so if you can sort the herbs out, I'll start a fire."

*Turning to Lidora.*

"You seem to have a vast knowledge of healing, are you able to help the mage?"

*Karlac walks off to gather some wood. Upon returning, Karlac gets a fire started with expert quickness. Feeling the warmth from the fire. Karlac takes a brief moment to relax. In an attempt to raise morale, Karlac tells the companions a tale about Vinas Solamnus, the knighthoods founder. Karlac's eyes fill with pride as he relates the legends about Vinas. Turning to Lidora and Ingrid.*

"Perhaps one of you has a tale to share? Mayhap about yourselves, mayhap a tale your grandmother told you at bedtime..."

06/21/2000 2:47 AM

Mertonius opens his eye, obviously oblivious to
the wound he has.

"A tale perchance Sir Knight? Very well then..."

He began to weave a tale about a young mage and
a knight, whose devotion to one another was that
like of brothers. They fought as one and they are
like the other's keeper. And when they grew up,
they battled a great evil, but the mage was
captured by the enemy and was tortured and killed
in the place of the one who is like a brother to
him. This left a mark of sadness in the knight
that nearly drove him to the brink of death. But
in the end, he also gave up his own life to drive
the great evil away...

"The mage in my story was someone who I could
respect. A red robe he was and I gave him the
knowledge to fight the enemy..."

Mertonius paused for a while, watching his
companions beneath half closed lids.

"I need to take a rest... The wounds have begun to
close due to my natural regenerative abilty."

He nods back.

"And thank you again, though I usually heal myself
but the offer is nonetheless accepted..."

Then he drifts into a restfull slumber...

Murmuring about Huma and the Great Mage, Magus...

06/21/2000 1:07 PM

Lidora gazed at the mage as he drifted off to sleep. She had instantly recognized the tale of Huma, rembering hearing many renditions of it as a child. She pondered over when he said he gave him the knowledge to fight the enemy, but let it go figuring his wound was making him delirous. Thinking of the wound she softly checked over it making sure it was properly cleaned. Than she sat down closer to the fire and watched the other companions settle themselves into the comfort of the fire's warmth.

you can't live life if your living death

06/21/2000 3:30 PM

*Seeing the companions settled down. Karlac gets up to take watch. Feeling exhausted, Karlac paces back and forth to stay awake. Feeling his eyes droop closed for a second. Karlac curses himself and decides to carry out the entire watch standing up. Punishing himself for lack of discipline.*

06/21/2000 5:17 PM

Ingrid watched the fire dwindle, and the embers come to a quiet glow. Despite the battle with the ogres and Mertonius' magical display, she was not sleepy. At the entrance of the cave Karlac stood watch. She contemplated joining him, but he was lost in his own thoughts and reflection. To the left of her, Lidora lightly slept, stirring with every howl of the wind. Mertonius looked ill, drenched in a cold sweat as his body healed itself. She had no idea why she was not tired. Hoping it would ease her companions thoughts and dreams, she pulled a flute from her pack and soflty played a melody her uncle had taught her. He was so very dear to her before he passed from this life. It was a beautifuly haunting melody, a lyrical tale for the longing of one's homeland far, far away. She lingered in this moment as it would be another two days ride navigating the dangerous mountain passes to Sanction.

She dosed off for a while. A bit later, she gingerly tapped Karlac on his shoulder. "Get some rest. I'll watch 'till morning"

06/21/2000 6:37 PM

*Karlac begins to say no, but decides to accept the
offer. Falling asleep on watch duty would only
endanger everyone's lives. Karlac lies on a bed roll
by the fire and falls asleep almost instantly.*

06/21/2000 7:50 PM

*After Karlac was asleep and the others were either dreaming or on watch, Eltanin's great companion Tarakona pads silently in. His huge, calloused paws make no noise lest he wake up the slumbering figures of Karlac and Mertonious, and his red eyes did not waver from them*

*Placing himself at the head of Karlac's bedroll, Tarakona sat there for the entire night, guarding the sleepers even though there was already a competent guard on watch; their sleep was deep and restful, and when they woke up the great black animal was gone, their only vague memory was one of a deep, rumbling, soothing purr*

06/21/2000 10:45 PM

Mertonius wakes up and gathers his robes about him. He then stealthily made his way outside, hidden by his activated ring of invisibility and true illusion. He stared into the dawning sky, watching the last of the moons sink into the horizon.

"Every morning, I watch the sun rise. Every morning, I wish to be with you my love. Every morning, when the first rays of light touch my face, all the pain that marred my heart disappears with the arrival of the dew. Valeria... where ever you are... Know that I love you..."

He then silently walks back into the cave and takes his place near the fire and started broiling some deer meat and fish he stores inside the many wondrous pouches he owns.

06/22/2000 2:26 AM

*Karlac wakes up fully refreshed. In a good mood, Karlac stirs the fire and chucks a some rations in a frying pan. Cooking the companions breakfast, Karlac absently ponders the strange beast in his dreams. Noticing a paw print next to his bedroll, Karlac smiles and whistles an old solamnic tune cheerily. The evil presence from the night before seems to have disappeared.*

06/22/2000 4:40 AM

Ingrid also notices the paw prints next to the companions and wonders if she had dozed off at her post. "No, I didn't fall asleep, I didn't see or smell anything, and I most certainly didn't let anything in! Judging by the size of that print, something big paid us a visit." Unnerved, she looked at the companions. "Someone have any idea where these prints came from?"

A bit upset that she had not noticed the presence of the strange beast, she packed her bedroll on her horse eager to get out of the freaky cave. "Hey, the horses didn't notice either. What exactly are we dealing with here, Mertonius?" She eyed him suspiciously, thinking the beast must be of a magical nature.

06/22/2000 8:53 PM

"What? I did not hear what you said."

Mertonius turns to Ingrid and hands her a piece of broiled venison and a piece of raisin bread.

"It must be your imagination. I slept fitfully and at peace with myself."

He went out and made his way down a stream running by the side of the mountains. There he made his morning bath (which is strange since very few people on Ansalon believed in good hygiene) and put on his robes (clean and magically pressed).

As he was about to turn, a splashing sound comes from the opposite side of the stream.

"OK. Why did you splash me?"

06/23/2000 2:18 AM

*Karlac finishes breakfast. Walking outside to check the horses, Karlac catches a fleeting movement in the trees. Unsheathing his sword, Karlac walks in the woods near the cave to investigate. Karlac spots the movement again, a translucent humanoid figure jumps from tree to tree...*

06/23/2000 2:18 AM

*Karlac finishes breakfast. Walking outside to check the horses, Karlac catches a fleeting movement in the trees. Unsheathing his sword, Karlac walks in the woods near the cave to investigate. Karlac spots the movement again, a translucent humanoid figure jumps from tree to tree.*

06/23/2000 2:59 AM

The spectre bowed in respect for his master.

"It is imperitive master that you and your companions leave this place at once!!!"

Mertonius rubs his chin and wipes the dripping water from his face with a towel.

"And why is that?"

The spectre points towards a mountain pass.

"Pursuit my master, you are being tracked down by the enemy..."

At this, the spectre fades...

06/23/2000 3:34 PM

*Losing site of the translucent humanoid figure. Karlac loads his travelling equipment quickly and mounts his horse. Riding around the various companions.*

"Let us make haste. These parts are dangerous. We must move on." Karlac says, his horse whinnies in impatiance. As if agreeing.

06/23/2000 6:48 PM

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Already on her horse, Ingrid sets off up the mountain pass. She turns behind to Karlac and yells, "I'll scout ahead. I want to avoid any dead ends." She emphasized the word 'dead'.

She rode on, nibbling on the raisin bread Mertonius handed her. 'He very well heard me!', she mused to herself. 'My imagination doesn't leave paw prints!'

The path she had chosen lead to an incline the horses would not be able to traverse. Backtracking, she came to the clearing she passed moments ago. Something was different. It was warmer here. There was a foul odor lingering. The wind was still and unusually quiet. There were no chirping birds, no rustling leaves. "Here we go again..." Not wanting to alert the useen foe to her companions, she pulled her crossbow and waited.

06/24/2000 4:23 AM


"I was just wondering, I need to sell the Staff of Magius to SOMEONE...*)

06/24/2000 4:28 AM

*Karlac looks at Kitiara.*

"Who is this Hooded you speak of?"

06/24/2000 5:42 AM

Mertonius crashes through the trees and makes for his mount.

"Flee! We are being prusued!"

He wheels his horse about and gallops away towards the mountain pass.

06/25/2000 6:12 PM


Go into the Drunken Dragon Inn in 2 hrs if u can. Ill be there

06/25/2000 10:42 PM

Mertonius wheels horse about and stares at his companions.

"Stop wasting time. If we can avoid a time consuming fight we must do so!"

06/26/2000 2:10 AM

*Karlac spurs his horse forward. Making an easy transition into a fast gallop. Disgusted at himself for being distracted. Karlac sentences himself to double watch duty as punishment.*

"What is in persuit of us Mage?" Karlac yells over the wind rushing past his head.

06/26/2000 9:52 AM

Ingrid hears the thunder of fast galloping hoofs behind her. On the trail below, she sees her companions racing toward her.

"NO!!!," she screamed. "Dead end!!!" She spurred her horse through the opening of the pass to meet her companions. "Take the north trail. Hurry!"

Her horse suddenly reared up, almost bucking her off the saddle. Something was really spooking her horse. And herself.

06/26/2000 9:48 PM

Mertonius wheels his horse around and faces whatever was comming through the trees...

"Oh my... It can't be..."

A battalion of strange lizardlike creatures came trotting into view from the forest. They carried various weapons and it seemed that they can wield them incredible skill. The creatures have multi-colored scales and some of them have wings.

"So this... This is what my spectre warned me about!!!"

(OOC: This is the first time we encountered draconians. Treat it as if you haven't met them before and fight them as if you're all fighting them the first time. It would be more fun that way. :) )

06/27/2000 3:26 AM

OOC: LOL, cool. Draconians are due to appear for another two centuries, but this sounds like fun.

*Karlac reels his horse around. Seeing the enemy approach, Karlac pauses for the briefest of moments. Shocked at the sight of the strange lizard men. Most seem to be a dull bronzish in colour. However, there are a few silver and gold scaled lizard men in their ranks. Feeling his mount shy away from the strange creatures. Karlac jumps off his horse to battle the foe on foot. Spinning his sword in the air three times, Karlac brings it down to meet a swinging curved blade. With a twist of his wrist, Karlac drives his sword into his opponents chest. Unable to withdraw the blade. Karlac looks in horror at the petrified lizard man who has turned into stone. Thinking quickly, Karlac pries the cruelly curved sword out of the statues grip. Taking a moment to examine the saw toothed blade. Seeing more lizard men approach, Karlac drops back with the companions. The group's familiarity with each other causes everyone to create a strong battle formation without verbal communication.*

06/27/2000 6:29 AM

Mertonius tried to intone a 'Cone of Cold' spell but a magic missile strikes him as he was about to release the spell.

"Becareful! There are those among them that can use magic!"

The sight of the creatures using magic forced him to re-examine the fight.

"This is bad. A battalions worth of those creatures could fight as a rough equivalent to two or more battalions of humans. Got to think of a way to stop them..."

Somewhat recovered from the magical attack, Mertonius launched a barrage of 'Deadly Blades' against a huddled mass of the creatures. To his surprise, one of the bronze scaled creatures caught by the magical attack exploded with such violence that it took the lives of those near it.
Another one was reduced to a pool of vile acid that poisoned those near it. But there are too many of the creatures to fight off by conventional means...

06/27/2000 10:21 AM

Ingrid was beside Karlac when she saw the lizzard man turn to stone. "Damn! I see our swords will be effective here!" She muttered as she sheathed her short sword and pulled her bow from her back. "Maybe we should just let them kill each other then." She said, remembering the effect Mertonius' spell had on them.

"How 'bout we try to back them into that dead end. Mertonius, do you think you could seal the trail leading into it? I think we could drive the lot of them that way." She silently prayed that no more would appear.

She reached for her arrows, the special steel ones with wooden grey tips and struck three of them against her short sword. The tips brightly ignited with flame. She fired them into the draconian line. The first two hit one toward the left flank. It yanked one of the arrows from its body then burst into flame. The third landed in the brush the creatures were coming from, sending it ablaze. Strange inhuman sounds came from the creatures caught in the fire.

OOC: I fear that I lack in knowledge about draconians. I'm not sure the flamimg arrows would do a damn thing to 'em! Ah, just pretend they did this time. ;)

06/27/2000 9:13 PM

"I'll try this spell. I don't know if it would work against them though...."

Mertonius took a few crystals from his pouch, then a few pieces of fur that seemed to shift from existence. And a piece of string.

"Clear crystal, fur of displacer beast, string from the ether..."

He then intones a few words of magic and points to the blocked passage.

Nothing happened...

"Oh damn, work..."

A darkness formed momentarily through the rock, then it stopped shifting. Light can be seen at the other end.

"Move it! All of you! That temporal tunnel won't last long! I'll act as rear guard. GO!!!"

06/27/2000 10:50 PM

*Karlac grunts in disgust. Giving the magical escape
plan half a seconds thought before he dismisses it.
Hating magic like all in the knighthood. Karlac stands
his ground.*

"It has been a pleasure." Karlac says over his shoulder
as he raises his sword to meet a renewed attack.

06/27/2000 11:26 PM

Halfway behind Mertonius, she sees Karlac alone, wielding his sword against the closing mob.

"Karlac! Come on! Staying is Suicide! Remember your mission. Your people are dying."

She turned back toward the magical tunnel. Remembering the effects of the mage's last spell, she smirked and wondered if she should just stay and stand her ground with Karlac. Looking toward the melee, she saw more lizard-like creatures emerge. "Or I can live to regret it another day..." and turned to follow Mertonius.

06/28/2000 1:47 AM

*Ingrid's words cut deep. Honor however is honor. If Karlac turned his back here, he would never be able to face the people of his home village. Seeing the draconians run towards him, Karlac prepares to face them. But the draconians run around him and flee quickly into the bushes. Karlac mutters a prayer of thanks to Paladine and begins to head for the magical portal. Hearing the faintest of noises, Karlac turns his head to see a cloaked figure regarding him from the depths of his hood. Before Karlac can say anything, The Hooded One steps forth and drives a dagger up through the bottom of Karlac's chin, forcing the blade right up and into Karlac's brain. Without bothering to retrieve the dagger. Hooded departs the scene, walking in the same direction as the draconians.*

OOC: I'll write a new character into the storyline later if the thread is still going.

06/28/2000 6:15 PM

*Also waiting anxiously for Karlac to turn and enter the portal, her eyes widen as the hooded one slipped his blade through Karlac's soft throat*

*Recognizing him as the Hooded One, the one with whom she had battled constantly at every meeting, she growled and cast a shield spell before him. Knowing he would soon counteract the average spell, and that the draconians would soon be aware of what happened, she darted forward towards him with inhuman speed*

*Looking around frantically for a weapon and praying with all her heart that the others not wait any longer, she picks up a loaded crossbow and aims*

06/28/2000 10:31 PM

Mertonius drops his concentration when he saw the Hooded One appeared. No remorse crossed his face when he saw him stab Karlac.

"That's what you get for putting your honor above all else fool..." The thought passing his mind.

But another one went through his mind, like a sliver of light struggling through the darkness...

"Mertonius, beloved, are you willing to let other innocent people suffer for his death. Many depended on him, he was their last hope, and now he is gone..."

"No Valeria. I will not become a beast like the Hooded One, willing to give up his humanity for something as lowly a goal as attaining great power. I will do what I can... For your sake and the others..."

He immediately went to Karlac's side and touched his head. Using one of his powerful dweomer spell he contained Karlac's soul and mind in a soul gem, preserving them till he found a new body for the knight to inhabit.

"This will save his life and mind, repair and damage he might have incurred..."

06/29/2000 3:52 AM

*Walking away, Hooded sees the dark mage performing some form strange spell over the dead knight. Barging into a magical barrier. Hooded's brow furrows slightly, mildly annoyed. Muttering a disabling spell, Hooded dissolves the magical shield. Hooded snaps his fingers. His dagger embedded deeply in Karlac's chin disappears immediately. The dagger appears in Hooded's hand, sparkly clean and vicously sharp. Hooded doesn't see the crossbow bolt zoom straight towards him, but his dagger glows slightly and alters the projectile's course. The crossbow bolt whizzes past and only scratches Hooded's cheek. Turning and regarding Eltanin with a token sneer.*

"Eltanin my nemesistic friend. What brings you to these parts? I'm surprised your still alive." Hooded says with a completely unsurprised voice.

06/29/2000 10:14 AM

*Snarling back at him with barely controlled hate, she flings the crossbow aside, it utterly useless now that his attention was mainly on her*

"Business," she snarls and makes a motion with her hand. When nothing happens she seems unfazed and takes off her useless robe. Wearing better clothes for the current predicament, she does not take her eyes off her hated nemesis

"I'm surprised no one has gotten fed up and cut the balls off your cursed body; no matter, I'll take the honours," she grates, and flips him the bird•

06/29/2000 4:59 PM

Ingrid gapped at the surreal scene playing out in front of her. Just moments ago, she saw Karlac turn to follow behind. Now, he lays on the floor at the feet of a hooded stranger.

Ingrid reached for her crossbow only to find that it was already missing, and being fired by yet the mysterious companion she met near the village. She hated the Hooded bastard. The stranger who murdered her friend. In her rage, she found her bow and aimed an arrow at the dark mage. "To the abyss with you..." and fired.

06/29/2000 8:36 PM

*Elts watches as Ingrid draws her bow and she grins madly*

"Or she can do it,"

06/30/2000 2:31 AM

*Hooded watches Eltanin with a permanantly set hateful sneer. Snorting derisively at every comment she makes on general principle.*

"I went to quite a bit of effort to get you killed." Hooded pauses and sighs dramatically. "It seems I'm going to have to start all over again. This time I'll personally rip out your beating heart, add a pinch of salt and have it for lunch."

*Turning slightly, Hooded raises his dagger and concentrates. More prepared this time, the arrow heading straight for his head jeers off course and thuds into a distant tree. Tracking the projectile's origin, Hooded regards the archer with an annoyed expression. Hooded pulls out three throwing stars and shuffles them in his non-dagger hand.*

"Don't go blaming me Ranger. You're the one who left him to fight alone." Hooded watches, hoping he hit the sweet insult zone. "You should be turning that bow on yourself."

*Hooded quickly raises a personal shield. Not wanting to risk being hit by any form of projectile. Watching the two would-be assassins through narrowed eyelids.*

06/30/2000 5:46 PM

Ingrid stared at the Hooded stranger. His words stung her face like acid, burning far deeper than skin deep. "No," she whispered. "He chose to stay. If I could have forced him to come, I would have. Staying would have meant death for us both." She fought to maintain her composure, but she felt the warmth of her tears roll down her face. "No," She said with more strength. "You are responsible for his death."

She walked to Karlac's body and knelt by Mertonius. She could care less for the Hooded stranger and the swarming draconian mob around her. Lost in sudden grief, she took the knight's hand and whispered, "I'm so sorry. You died protecting your honor. Walk with Paladine."

06/30/2000 8:59 PM

"Quit all this nonsense! We have to leave before those creatures recover enough courage and mount an attack again!"

Mertonius waved his left hand in the air. An impenetrable barrier of such maginitude that no one in Krynn has ever seen since the dawn of time was formed between the party and the Hooded One.

The Great Mage Mertonius then gestured with his staff, a bolt of argent, white hot energy flashed from its tip and struck the sky. A deep rumbling resonated through the air, an aura of great power flowed around and into Mertonius. Suddenly, a great bolt of pure light struck Karlac's body, engulfing it in blazing glory...

The fire burned the knight and took all his remains but did not even hurt Mertonius or Ingrid.

"A last Blessing, from your god Paladine. May you stay with Him in his blessed realm..."

The great light died down... Faded into the eerie silence and darkness of night. When the party looked around, they were no longer where they initially stood. The Hooded One was gone and it was already twilight.

Mertonius has taken them through time and space and has sent them near Sanction...

06/30/2000 11:42 PM

*Hooded watches with a triumphant gaze when he sees his verbal barb hit the mark with Ingrid. Preparing his throwing arm. Hooded dispatches a throwing star at Ingrid's throat. The throwing star flying accurately, but missing due to everyone disappearing. Hooded shrugs, resheathes his dagger and continues on his way with some previously planned vengeful mission.*

---Near Sanction---

*The thief/bandit watched the adventurer's appears out of some form of rift.*

"Money or your life?" the thief/bandit asks reflexively. "My name is Terlican by the way."

07/01/2000 5:00 PM

Woozy from Mertonius' travel spell, Ingrid eyes the theif with burning disgust.

"We have had a very, very, very bad day. Terlican is it? Which do you value more? Your pride or your life. Choose wisely and just walk away."

07/01/2000 10:02 PM

*Terlican raises his hands in a defensive gesture.*

"Hey! My life. Sheesh, I was just saying 'hi'. So where are yous going?"

07/02/2000 11:14 PM


Mertonius sneered at the thief and stared at his surroundings. His eyes bulged from surprise.


Instead of a sleepy, peaceful looking village, what appeared to be a large bustling military encampment/town was strewn before him!

07/03/2000 2:54 AM

*Listening to the mage call him 'RIFF RAFF'. Terlican blushes, obviously flattered by the intended insult.*

"Well some so say." Terlican says with pride. "As for where we are. We're outside Sanction. I know the place like the back of my hand." Says Terlican, snapping off a blade of grass and using it as a de facto toothpick.

*Looking at the companions exotic possessions.*

"You know, I could always show yous around. I'm always willing to help a few strangers in need."

07/03/2000 12:56 PM

"Indeed you can," Ingrid said to Terlican.

She had been to Sanction before, years ago. I had sure changed over the years. It was larger now, and more dangerous.

07/03/2000 9:23 PM

A feeling of great evil washed over Mertonius but he hid it quite easily by acting a bit irritated.

"We better get going. We need supplies."

He eyeballed Terlican, noting his reaction to the word 'supplies'.

07/04/2000 1:51 AM

*Terlican's fingers twitch.*

"It's your lucky day. Seeing as your new around these parts. I will not only show you around, but take you to the best value provisions and supply shops Haven has to offer." Terlican pauses. "What exactly were you after? Top of the line? Midrange? Budget?" Terlican stretches. "How much of your money are you wanting to spend?"

07/04/2000 10:43 AM

"Before we follow, Terlican, what's your commission? What's in it for you? Why help us? ...Or are you wanting to help yourself to our belongings. Mind your fingers, theif. Not only can I hear a rat 200 yards away, but my friend here can sizzle your fingers off in seconds."

With that out of the way, she walked behind Terlican toward Sanction.

07/05/2000 4:37 AM

*Terlican's face takes on a deeply wounded expression.*

"Can't a man merely help people out these days?" Terlican sighs. His eyes drifting to the companions money pouches. "Now that you mention it however, a 10% finders fee is my usual commision."

*Terlican walks around the companions, brushing closely by everyone. A brief jingle sounds from some unknown pocket.*

"Where to first?" Terlican says with a suppressed grin. "The provisions shop? Old Lady Kueley has the best travelling food this land has ever seen..."

07/06/2000 5:23 AM

Mertonius eyes glazed with rage, his fingers twitched a brief moment. In a very quick and unseen motion, he got Terlican by the scruff if his neck and raised the thief in front of him with his hands.

"Ten percent? How about telling us were we can find some supplies for your life? I've had a bad day, lost one of our companions, used up so much energy that I've been saving, and then you come up to us when we just arrived asking for a ten percent commision?!? DO YOU WANT ME TO TURN YOUR GUTS INSIDE OUT? HOW'S THAT FOR YOUR TEN PERCENT?"

Mertonius then lets go and drops the spry thief on the ground.

07/06/2000 4:10 PM

"Don't look at me!" Ingrid steps back when she sees Terlican glance her way. "He's not lying! I've seen him do it. And you wont be the first today." She stressed the last word so that the thief knew for certain that the mage was not bluffing.

07/07/2000 2:04 AM

Hello Hooded I am Kitiars uncle. Could you please tell me what was said or done that caused Kitiara to be suspended. Kitiara and I would both be grateful if you would tell us.

07/07/2000 2:16 AM

Hmm, I'll send an email to Kitiara's addy.

07/07/2000 2:32 AM

*Terlican squirms out of the mage's grasp and lands catlike on his feet. Pocketing a few extra jewels in the meantime.*

"Don't snap at me bookworm. There's worse riff-raff than me in Haven. With me to watch for yous, ya get to keep ya pockets contents. 10% is cutting my services short. Considering this is the slow season however. Let's make it 7%. I must be crazy to only ask for 7%." Terlican pauses dramatically. "I guess that's why they call me Crazy Prices Terlican." adlibs Terlican.

07/07/2000 7:50 PM

Ingrid rubs her temples. "Are you one of those 'used cart dealers?' There's nothing worse than a used cart dealer. You even dress like one." She noted his tattered-flashy look. "Just take us to a place we can get some dinner." She nudged Terican's arm and walked toward the city.

07/08/2000 1:06 AM

Mertonius glares at Terlican but keeps quiet. He then gestures and the gems that the spry young thief took returned to his pouch.

"I'll warn you once, thief. Touch my pouches again and I'll see to it that your fingers fall off from my curse."

Mertonius pulls his hood down and follows them.

07/08/2000 3:12 AM

*Terlican looks at Ingrid with a deeply wounded look.*

"I am certainly not a used cart dealer." Terlican says and spits with distaste, emphasizing his point. "Unlike used cart dealers, I am an honest man. Only taking from people what I earn." Terlican says. His fingers jingling some coins in his pocket.

*Terlican raises his hands defensively. Regarding the wizard intently.*

"Right you are Sir Mage. I will take you to the finest drinking establishment in Haven." Terlican says and quickly rushes off.

*The companions are led to the scummiest area of town. They are then taken to the scummiest bar in the scummiest area. Ogres, minotaurs and blue painted brutes make up the crumbling establishments patronage.*

"Best travelling provisions in town right here!"

07/08/2000 4:46 PM

Ingrid crinkles her nose as a two ogres walk past. Leaning over to Mertonius she whispers, "We were doing better without Terlican. If this is his perception of the 'best provisions', maybe we should consider looking elsewhere." However, Sanction was far different than when she visited years ago. It was colder and rougher.
The food better smell better than its patrons.' She thought to herself. She took in the rowdy scene and let disgusted gaze roam the room. A flash of recognition hit her like lightning. She turned on her heals and stode to the other side of the establishment. Quciky, she took a seat at a table and motioned Mertonius and Terlican to follow. "A drink in Karlac's honor," she said as she tried to obtruct herself from view.

07/08/2000 6:16 PM

OOC - sorry i been camping!

*Elts eyes the young thief specutavely but says nothing. She eats with her usual aloofness, alone and in a corner; though she misses nothing and adds her silent approval that everyone seemed to notice at the toast to Karlac*

*Chewing slowly as she gazes around the room, she fingers the napkin and seems to be thinking about something*

07/09/2000 2:36 AM

*Terlican raises a mug absently to the toast. After the toast, Terlican waves over a child minotaur.*

"Herx, get me your Sire. These fine travellors need to buy some stuff." Terlican says, smiling happily when the child minotaur scurries off to fetch his father.

*Terlican takes a deep breath of the reeking tavern air.*

"They don't make taverns like this anymore." Terlican says nostalgically.

07/10/2000 10:46 PM

Ingrid sees Terlican breathe in the Tavern air. "That's exactly the reason they don't!"

She eyes a table accross the tavern to a group of darkly dressed men. One in particular held her gaze. She thought to herself, 'So this is what you've sunk down to, a brute of a hit man. To think that we were once friends.'

Laughter from a near table brought her back to reality, and to a very large minotaur coming their way.

07/11/2000 1:22 AM

*Terlican follows Ingrid's gaze.*

"Who's that?" Terlican says jerking his chin in the direction of the table across the tavern.

*Seeing the massive minotaur walk over. Terlican smiles to cover his nervousness around the famous warrior.*

"Kalix. Greetings. We're after some of them supplies you have." Terlican says.

*Kalix the minotaur nods. Lifts a large sack off his back and spills some of the contents on the table.*

"Compact bread, 2 steel. Beef jerky, 3 steel a pound. Dried fruits, 1 steel a pound." The huge minotaur says and stands patiently waiting.

07/11/2000 8:15 PM

Mertonius rubs his chin for a moment, eyeing the minotaur before him. He smiled for a moment then surprised his companions when he started conversing with the Kalix in minotaurean.

"Kalix. I remmember that name... Well known Minotaur Corsair. What are you doing far inland, corsair?"

A steely glint shone in Mertonius eyes.

07/14/2000 3:25 AM

*Kalix snorts in surprise. Regarding the mage, Kalix listens to the fluent minotaurean greeting.*

"I've decided to embark a quiter lifestyle. Mainly be keeping away troublemakers like you." Kalix replies in the minotaur tongue. Not quick to trust a mage. Kalix ponders a moment, sure he has seen the mage somewhere before.


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07/14/2000 10:17 PM

"An friend from the past" She answers Terlican. "His name is Loren. When I knew him, he was a mercenary for hire. Now, it seems that he has grown into the assassin line of work." Ingrid sighed and returned to her drink.

07/17/2000 6:59 PM

Hi hooded, im back. What happened? I was in hospital and now im suspended.

07/17/2000 7:33 PM

check ya email.


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07/17/2000 8:28 PM

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