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09/01/2001 5:28 PM

Varliss rise from her lair, flexing her powerful muscles. She twisted, cracking the vertebrae in her spine, from neck to tail tip, all the way down her 150-foot-long spine. Her green-gold eyes slowly lost the haze of sleep as they adjusted to the lighting of her cave.
The dragon was a hybrid, born of a red and a black dragon. Though her skin and scales were predominanly blood red, her black dragon heritage caused a melstrom of ebony slashes to whirl over her skin, causing a tiger-stripe pattern. Her spines, like her claws, were a polished snowy white, as of bone. Her entire body had a glossy finish to it, making it resemble laquered enamel, Under the dim light of the torches that lined her underground cavern, she gleamed as if carved from some huge gemstone. The hybrid got to her feet, fanning her impressive wings, whose membranes sported the same stripy decorations as her body. She padded upwards, through the twists and turns in her home, up towards the light of day once more. As she rounded a corner, a burst of light showered her, flooding her body with warmth. She sighed with pleasure, then checked the position of the sun. Midmorning. She flared her wings, and with several mighty flaps, powered herself upwards, into the endless azure sky. She circled once, finding the ideal updraft, and then banked, heading for a nearby human city. She was hungry, and humans would do nicely for a meal. With a few beats of her wings, she shot towards Palanthas.

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09/05/2001 10:36 PM

Deathsurge stretched his wings within his cavern, a task which rattled the walls of the mountain. "Why did I awaken, ah... Varliss is feeding again, I thought I told her to stay put a while. We are the only two hybrids left on Krynn, why must she risk her life by making these foolish raids." Deathsurge was a cross between a black and a blue dragon, this left his scales a strange color going from deep black to a dark blue making him look like a giant sapphire. His scales resembled that of Khellendros, but a bit darker. Deathsurge was an ancient wyrm, having been alive since the age of might. He was nearly 250 feet in length with a wingspan of nearly 300 feet. He had a long row of scales protruding from the back of his skull down to the tip of his tail that ranged from 10 feet in length to 30 feet in length. Each of these scales were razor sharp and had been used to win many battles.

He met Varliss one day when she was attacked by an ancient gold dragon who was protecting the village she was raiding. Deathsurge easily killed the gold and he and Verliss had become mates. He vowed to always protect her since their kind was all but extinct. And now she was up to her foolish raids again. He quickly leapt up and out the mouth of his cave sending a minor earthquake throughout the mountain range. "I have to stop her this time, Khellendros and a group of blues inhabit this area now and if she isnt careful they'll destroy her without a second thought."

(OOC: I dont know what timeline you are using but I left it open to two times, the war of the lance and the fifth age. Ill let you decide.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/07/2001 12:38 PM

The dark mage watched the Dragon attacking the village. His Black Robes, adorned with silver runes of warding and protection, glistened in the suns light. His name was Ravendark, his power was respected by even the head of the Order of the Black Robes. "I cannot let that beast destroy the village, it may destroy the staff", Ravendark murmered to himself. The staff was all that he desired. Legend told of a powerful staff, once created by several members of the Black Robed order, very powerful mages. They created the staff to control the minds of Chromatic Dragons. As they were not attemting to re-created the Dragon Orbs they did not need the assisstance of the other Orders. The staff was to be the essence of pure evil...They succeded in their task.However the staff proved to great for any one of them, its will overpowered the individual and instead of controlling the Chromatic dragons, the dragons found that they could control the perosn using the staff. Because of this, The Order of the Black Robes bound the staff and hid it using the mightiest of Black Magicks.

It was Ravendark whom uncovered the staff location after years of searching for it. The quiet little village was the location and Ravendark was not going to let a beast ruin his chances of gaining the power the staff held. Raising his hands, he began to chant softly, his voice becoming stronger and louder after each line of the spell was said. His hands began to glow a greeny light, becoming brighter as the the spell continued. After the last word was spoken , Ravendark clapped his hands together. The glow disappeared, but a powerful jolt of pure green lightning darted from his joined hands and slammed into the dragon (Varliss), at that moment a great dark blue dragon appeared and screamed a cry of rage. Depite the fact the jolt was to have killed the female Dragon, it did not however. The two dragons turned their attention to the Black Robe stupid enough to cause the great wyrm so much pain and anguish. Ravendark, not having feared much in his life, began to tremble.


"My Queen...it is your move." - The Master of both Past and Present.

09/07/2001 3:07 PM

Deathsurge was furious. "Verliss, get back to your cave, NOW!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Verliss was shocked that a human could harm her, she left as she was told. "You will die you human skum," Deathsurge flew straight at the mage releasing one of his breath weapons, a bolt of lightning.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/08/2001 11:18 AM

Fear overwhelmed Ravendark. Seeing the bolt of crackling lightning darting towards him however amde raven think quickly. Raising his hands and speaking soft flowing words, a wall of force appeared and blocked the lightning, the force of the blast however was enough to throw Raven backwards, slamming his body into a nearby tree, knocking the wind out of him.

rage filled his mind"HOW DARE YOU, YOU INSOLENT BEAST!! YOU WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THAT!" Speaking a word of magic, Ravendark re-materialised on top of the hill from which he had been watching. Drawing a red wand from one of the hidden pockets within his velvet robe, Raven spoke the words that would release the magic. After the last word was spoken, five succesive balls of oily fire flew at the Dragon. The Wyrm dodged all but one of the Fireballs, this done little damaged due to the steel hard scales, just so the Dragon screamed in rage and pain. He was going to kill the human for inflicting the pain. Replacing the wand in the pocket, Ravendark activated a pendant around his neck. Its purpose was to dispel or block most magical attacks which the dragon thought of casting. However the power only lasted for about 20 mins. Raven would have to act fast.

Producing a scroll form another pocket, Raven unrolled and prepaired to cast another spell.


"My Queen...It is your move"- Raistlin Majere

09/08/2001 12:43 PM

Varliss, disgruntled at being ordered back to her cave and in pain from the lightning blast, hovered a good distance away, wings working evenly at her sides. Her eyes narrowed in rage as she watched the insolent mage attacking Deathsuge. "Something must be done," she said to herself. Although she was small, comared to her mate, she was fast and agile, and knew a few interesting spells. Wondering how on earth she and Deathsurge were going to get out of this mess, she vanished, reappearing behind Raven. Hybrids were the most adept at teleporting than any other dragon species- and she had mastered the art of stealth. With a scream, She slashed with a taloned forepaw at the black robed magic-user's back, then vanished, only to reappear far away, where the warring dragon and human were small as a kender's hand off in the distance. She thought for a few long moments, wondering what to do. Torn between helping Deathsurge and returning to her cave as ordered, she perched on a cliff and watched, ready to blip back at the slightest indication that her mate was losing.

09/08/2001 10:28 PM

Deathsurge was annoyed with the small insect that tried to injure him. Compared in size to Deathsurge the mage was but a flea trying to suck the blood from an ogre. The fireball only put a black spot on a scale on his chest. He could sense the mage trying to muster his power for an anslaught against him, but what little good it would do. Even with all of the magic on Krynn, a mage could only hope to irritate a dragon of his size. But it was fun toying with the mage. The mage then put up a protective field around him. "Ah so you want to play do you, try this on for size." Deathsurge concentrated on the ancient arcane magic that he learned centuries ago from his queen. The hill the mage was standing on completely swallowed him up. Now trapped under a ton of dirt and rock, and with his dispel magic barrier stopping any magic from affecting him, he was trapped until his spell wore off. "Humans are so foolish, they should think a little bit harder before casting a spell that could be used to trap them." Deathsurge then began to fly to his mate, being done with the mage...for a while at least.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/09/2001 1:11 PM

Trapped under the hill mound, Raven began to worry, so long as the field maintained its strengh he would be ok, however it was losing power fast due to the pressure of tons of rock. He would not be defeated by a Dragon, ancient it may be , however, the most powerful of magicks were under his control. He would not be defeated that easily. In the moment he dispelled the barrier, Raven would have to act quickly. Sensing that the Dragon had gone, at least for now, Raven dissolved the shield, pointed a finger at the closing rock, shouted several arcane commands and the rock blew apart, scattering the surrounding area with debris.

Looking around to make sure that the beast was gone Raven gegan to head for the village, hoping that the staff was still in one piece.

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09/10/2001 9:44 AM

Reaching the village Raven sneaked in unnoticed. The inhabitants, those that were left that is, were assesing the damage caused by the dragon. Walking swiftly through the dark alley ways to the other side of the village, Raven eventually found what he was searching for. A temple, once dedicated to his lord Nuitari, now abandoned. This is where the mages sent the staff. It was held here by Nuitari, a favour to his loyal mages. Entering the temple, Raven felt the cold dark power of his lord fill him. Saying a swift prayer of respect, Raven searched the temple for the staff. Locating a hidden room be hind a great marble statue, he entered it. A chest lay there, black and unadorned. However, it was in center of a very ancient and powerful binding circle.

Removing a book for his pouch, Raven opened it to the page. The spell was to break the hold the binding spell had on the staff. Speaking the ancient arcane a globe of light appeared before him, luminating the dark room. Finishing the spell, the globe darted forward above the chest. Nothing happened. The binding spell ahd already been broken. Swifly moving to the chest, Raven, opened it. He staggered back, making a choking nose, he fell to his knees and made a cry of rage, that ecohed throughout the temple. The staff was gone.

Amoungst the other hoard of treasures, gleamed a black rod, holding within it a crystal sphere which swirled with five different colours. Red, Black, Blue, White and Green. The chormatic staff was within Deathsurges cave.

09/10/2001 9:22 PM

Simon saw the battle from the fringe of the forrest. It was a magnifagint sight. But unfortunatly the dragons had not killed the mage. Simon needed to stop the mage from finding the staff. As he got closer to the village the crystal ball on the top of his staff glowed a deeper black.
Simon thought to himself.

09/11/2001 11:37 AM

Calming himself, Raven began to think more clear, the red ahze that clouded his vision in rage, dissapated. Whispering a near silent word, Raven called his staff to him. This was Raven's most powerful weapon. The Silver staff of Nuitari. A solid rod of silver, standing near a head above him. Runes of great power were carved in to the metal. Runes to protect the staff from breaking or melting. It would take the fire of the Drak Queen herself to destroy the staff. Legend had it that Nuitari himself made, carved the runes and empowered it, thus why every time it was in Raven's hands he felt the ecstasy of his Lord flow through him. He would destroy the dragon with this. It was he who had most likely took the Chromatic Staff, being the only one powerful enough, that was nearby, who could lift the binding spell.

Coming out of the temple Raven began to search for the Dragon's cave. It had to be nearby. Suddenly he sensed a presence...a powerful one he was not sure, something was blocking him for detecting anymore, this would most likely hinder his search. He decided to locate it and eradicate the power, it should be easy enough and not delay him too long.

09/14/2001 7:22 AM

After hours of searching, Ravendark eventually found the Dragons Cave, having given up looking for the object which was blocking his senses. He could smell the sulphurous odour of the Dragons breath. Already Raven could sense the Dragon fear, however it was not this which the Black Mage feared. Raven was able to overcome the Dragonfear. He was afraid if the Dragon would catch him off gaurd, would he be able to defeat him. Of course he would what was he thinking, what Dragon could stand up to the power of the Staff of Nuitari. However Raven thought it wise to be on the safe side and stay alert. He know that the Dragon may fall, however he also knew it would not be easily done.

Creeping in as silent as a kender, Raven saw the great beast asleep, he sighed a sign of relief. Looking round the cavern in which the Dragon slept, Raven ignore all the priceless artifacts, many of which would most likely be mystical, ans searched for the Chromatic Staff of Dragon control.

09/14/2001 5:50 PM

OOC: umm could we try to stay with the first volume in the chronoligy please... i just got to chapter 13 in the second part of dragons of autumn twilit so... im new.

Choasis had been following a black robbed mage that day undetected do to being a forst mage his powers came from the planet and the solar system around it. He carried a green staff that looked like two vines wound around each other supporting a green orb at the bottom. He wore a green chainmail shirt and green shin gaurds with, of coarse, green steel toed boots. His complexion was tan wich went well with his green eyes. His blond hair style looked good on him making him handsome. He was a mage but he was strong at the same time.

Chaosis followed the black rob into a cave. Deciding the middel of the tunnel was no place for a warrior/mage he hastley transformed into a little black mouse to blend in to the dark surrondig. Choasis ran acrost the top of the cave were other mice have been before watching the black mage... who he belived to be his long lost brother.

09/15/2001 1:24 AM

Ravendark wandered silently, to no avail. He could not locate the staff, and began to get very angry. He did not care if the Dragon woke, the mood he was in, the Dragon would be lucky if it lasted 10 minutes against Raven.

There was something niggling him, like an itch. Someone with powerful magic was nearby, and it was not the Dragon. His thoughts were interupted by the sudden apperance of the Dragons mate. He had forgotten about her. "You little worm! I will crush you into a bloody pulp!" Instantly Raven summoned another field to protect him while the beast bombarded him with her Dragon breath. The actions of this Dragon, woke Deathsurge. Who was enraged that he let this mage past him. Joining his mate, he fire his dragonbreath at the mage. Raven was beginnning to sweat, what was he going to do, he was trapped.

Suddenly a figure clad in green appeared behind the two beasts, puttign his finger to his lips, telling Raven to keep silent. The green figure murmered silent words and pointed downwards. The two dargons sensing powerful magic being worked, turned around to see the green figure, who having finished whatever spell he had been working on, opened a hole beneath the beasts. The two both fell into the hole, which was then covered back over with solid rock. "That should keep them for a while. I hope."

"Who are you!" Raven was irritated, that this mage stopped the two Dragons, yet was also very thankful.
"My name is Chaosis, What would yours be?" Chaosis regarded Raven with warm eyes. "My name is Lord Ravendark. Is it you who has been following me all this time. What sort of mage are you, a renegade perhaps!" Ravendark reached into his pocket and rolled a ball of sulphurinto bat gauno. " Please no,I am no renegade Lord Ravendark."
"Then who are you?!"

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09/15/2001 12:03 PM

Varliss screamed in rage from where she was trapped beneath the rock. She tensed her nentire body, her head-frill of ivory horns standing out in a sunburst pattern. Fueled by rage, she turned her body into a dragon battering ram. Again and again, she slammet her armored skull into the top of the barrier, slowly weakening it. A patina of hairline cracks began to appear in the stone as she rammed it again. Put your back into it! she thought, as she continued trying to break free of this confining prison. She might be samll compared with some other dragons, but she was very strong, and the repetitive blows were working. Gradually, pieces of stone were beginning to fall away. Another blow of her horned head, and a large chunk collapsed. Now she could get her head and shoulders through! Glaring balefully at the intruders, Varliss clawed at the opening, widening it.

09/15/2001 9:29 PM

"I am a forst mage my bro- err...uh... friend"Chaosis respounded to the mage."Oops forgot about them, hold on for a second" he said as he gestured for the black rob to move out of his way so he could cast a spell to keep the dragons at bay. " Hmm dragons use fire so.. ahh yes this should do best", he mumbled, "From the core of the planet I call upon lava golems. I summon thee!!!! twenty!!"

Only a half second later 20 golems of lava came from the ground surronding the hole ready to fight the feirce dragons. The green aromored mage spun around and held out his staff pointing it the starteld yet confused mage. How was he doing that, the black robe was thinking, no magic words yet normal words to summon golems of lava!!! The crystal on the staff started glowing a bright flash and both the mages were in some forst.

"You might be wondering why I ave been following you" Chaosis asked the only other one there,"Raven this might sound funny but... I think your my brother"

Raven looked a little confused, not only because of Chaosis' funny explanation, but because a moment ago they were in a cave with two dragons and twenty golems, now they stood in a forst he had never seen.

"Well dont worry about that now first you'll like to know why a mage is wearing armor and how we got here.We forst mage are a lost group of mages ready to find themselves in this world again. We wear armor but cast spells, we dont use all those funny words you do instead we say it stait up,if it's a strong spell not at all if its weeker.Sort of like the golems I needed words but this I dont."

At that he pointed his staff at a tree, the orb glow green as the vines that magically sprouted from the ground and rapped around the tree making it more beutiful then before.

"Now this thingy you were after from the dragon is safe he knows not you want it so we'll go back later. Now we rest... any qeustions?"

09/16/2001 9:14 PM

(OOC: I hope the two of you realize the size of the dragons you supposedly buried under rock. Deathsurge is the size of two football fields stacked end to end, he is as large as the dragon overlords in the fifth age, and artifacts crafted by Reorx and Paladine could not even hurt them. Before you act in a RPG room, you need to follow the rules. You can not control another persons character . Controlling Sly's character was not called for, he may not have wanted to attack the dragons but you drew him into it. Secondly, in Dragonlance, dragons are the supreme beings on Krynn and they can not be bested by a lone man especially one of Deathsurges size. Please do not post a reply to any more of my posts until you learn to adhere to the RP'ing rules. I know the both of you are new, but you need to respect other peoples characters before you will be accepted here.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/16/2001 11:49 PM

OOC: when is the timeline here?? I might like to join...Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/18/2001 7:05 PM

OOC: sorry if i ofended you in any ways but i just try to play along. Another thing is i dont like fighting real people i like fighting whats made up so could we twist this into something were we need to fight against something other then fellow RPG'ers. And last im new to this i just read up to book two, volume 2, dragonlance saga so dont speak about the 5th age cause i dont wanna have ne thing ruind(=. So i think this is gonna be at the begining of the series please. Sorry bout the underground thing deathsuge it was a big hole(=

09/18/2001 8:23 PM

(OOC: thats allright sly, I was mostly talking about black robe. It seems that he always does this to someones stories. Im gonna start a new thread about Deathsurge so if you want to join please feel free. Its gonna be called grand dragons.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/20/2001 12:57 PM

OOC:Sorry about that. I never thought that it would offend you. I should have realised the effects that it may have. I am new as you say, and was completely unware that role-playing other character's was unallowed, i suppose it's common sense really, and assure you all that i will not repeat the action.

Again, please accept my sincere apoligies for causing so much hassle."My Queen...It is your move." - Raistlin Majere

09/24/2001 5:35 PM

OOC so has any body considerd my idea?

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