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08/31/2001 12:08 PM

OOC: This is really just something im running to have a background on my character. For the simple fact that im totally hooked to this site I needed a thread in which even if noone joined it I could still write in it because im always checking to see if someone updates the other threads, so this is something I can fall back on when things get slow. Of course all are welcome.

"You MUST FINISH YOUR STUDIES!!!!!!!" The stern red robed mage yelled at young Taryis. "You will never learn the true art if you do not apply yourself. So much talent will be waisted because of your laziness. You will never be ready to take the test." Taryis had had enough of his master, he was effectivly tooning him out and thinking of what he was going to eat for dinner. He knew Bertun was only trying to help him learn but he was going about teaching it the wrong way. With a disgusted look Bertun dismissed Taryis for the day "AAACH!!!! Just leave, you are obviously not paying any attention to me anyway."

Back in his small room Taryis felt as if he had enough of this kind of life. *There must be more out there than this for me. I will never be what these people want me to be. I will go out and make a name for myself and prove to Bertun that I truly do understand the privilage of the magic. MY mind is made up, I will leave at once.* With no money or change of clothes Taryis left the safe confines of Bertun's school for young mages. Not knowing where he was going or what it was he was setting out to do he chose to head for Palanthas and start anew.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/01/2001 10:32 AM

Walking along the barely visable trail Taryis thought bitterly about how his life was turning out. An orphan at an early age he was taken in by Bertun who saw his potential in magic. Wistfully thinking of what hings would be life if he had the opportunity to live a "normal" life he continued on his way. He had to admit he had grown fond of his small village and some of its inhabitants who had taken him in as their own. He soaked it all in knowing he would probably never return to his homeland, gazing at the seemingly endless array of plantlife and animals he thought maybe there was a chance for happiness here, but he knew that there was a driving force to learn, to prove to others especially Bertun that he could amount to something.

Reaching a small clearing he decided to rest and get a bite to eat, a small apple tree look like a perfect place to rest in the shade and eat all in one. He began to concentrate on the apple trying very hard to turn it into an apple pie *Its all in my mind.......I am the magic, magic is me.* summoning all his strength to no avail he could not change it. Disappointed he began to munch on the apple and take in the cool brisk air of the evening breeze. "Someday I will master my new found powers and I will prove them all wrong." Indeed Taryis had discovered he could us magic without spell componnts or the power of the moons. He didnt know how this was so, only that it was from his own mind that the magic came forth. Knowing that he could use the magic of the reds (whenever he finally took the test) and his discovered power he could become a very powerful and well respected mage. However he was disappointed that he couldnt even tip the surface of how to use either forms of magic, being such a young apprentice.

Leaning his head against the apple tree and taken in the fragrent smell of dew and aplle he felt relaxed and free. Off in the distance he heard a musical voice that made him start. "Surely there could be no one else out here, I have traveled half the day and none that I know of live this far into the woods." The voice was alluring and hauntingly inticing he felt like he was being drawn toward it, the voice sounding like a beautiful woman. Taryis knew the woods to be very dangerous by night and doubly more if one traveled alone. It puzzeld him that a womn would be out by herself at a time nearing dusk. His caution was overridden by his desire to see who this woman was, it was as if he were spellbound........................The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/01/2001 8:53 PM

THe kender was watching the red robe and finally decided to pop out of the bushes to talk to the mage. "Hell my name is Douglas Madfoot and your name is?" he said with a grin. " Struck blind, by the gods!!"

09/02/2001 10:26 AM

OOC: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! A kender! LOL! Seems I gotta deal with madfoot in Taryis's early years to huh?! LOL!

Taryis snap out of his trance and loked dumbfounded at the kender. "W w what did you say? Cant you hear that singing?" Carefully making sure he still had all his pouches he looked bleary eyed at the kender. "My name is Taryis and im on my way to whatever life may lead. Not really really suspicious of a wandering kender (thats what they do best!) he decided he had to investigat that singin woman if only he could find her.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/04/2001 6:40 AM

Off to his right he saw her. A beatiful woman dressed in a thin almost see through white robe. Taryis was intoxicated by her voice and her shapley features. She glanced up at him with a flutter of her eyes and smiled at him beckoning him closer. He couldnt hep but notice the smoothness of her skin and how her breast heaved up and down softly with her singing. It was all he could do to hold himself from taking her in his arms and kissing her. All the while he felt something was wrong, he had never felt this way before about any woman. Before he could think further she had stopped singing and walked up to him with a eductive glint in her eyes. Her voice was honey sweet as she spoke "Alas I have waited all this time for someone to come and keep me company." Taryis couldnt move, he was spellbound by her sumptuous beauty. "I I I um think you might have me mistaken for someone else I a a am just walking through this area."
With a mischevous smile the woman put her arm around him and kissed him softly on the lips. She pulled away and giggeled "there will be more where that came from, I intend to kiss you for a long time." That having been his first kiss he was momentarily stunned. "Y Y you flatter me with your interest but I realy mm m must b be g g going." As he turned to leave she grabbed him in a surprisingly strong grasp and a said in a sharp piercing whisper "you are not going anywhere." As he turned to pull away he almost fell to his knees as he saw the red glint in the womans eyes and the exceedingly sharp looking teeth protruding from her mouth, and Taryis knew he was in a jam.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/04/2001 9:23 PM

Leeyra yawned as she sleepily headed down the old trail. The sun had shone quite brightly during the afternoon despite the clouds in the sky. It's warmth felt refreshing to the tired elf as she struggled to keep herself from straying off the path. Leeyra predicted that at this rate she would reach Palanthas by the next century. It wasn’t her fault that she occasionally stopped to nap in the branches of tree's for hours, even days at a time. It had long become a habit that she attempted to break; but to no avail. When she was younger Leeyra enjoyed the company of trees. It was her father who first gotten her addicted to them. She was just a little elf then. But times had changed and the little girl she once saw herself as had gone. Not disappeared, but snuggled up in the corner of her mind to hibernate. Since then Leeyra had grown up to be quite a woman. She had a slim but strong figure, one that she could handle easily. Her dark caramel brown hair hung braided in a ponytail all the way down to the small of her back. She kept her bangs split in two, one at each side of her forehead each in a large curl. And her eyes were wood brown with a hint of amber encircling her pupils. Yes she had grown up quite well... but that still wasn’t enough to keep her from falling asleep in trees.

"Well!" she sighed. "There’s no use bothering myself about it." Groggily Leeyra pulled out a small bottle filled with water from the side of her pouch. She brought it to her lips and took a sip then splashed the rest of its contents in her face. "Ahhhhh! Much better." Feeling refreshed and awake (for the time being at least) Leeyra put the bottle away and began to run down the trail. The sensation of the wind blowing cold against her wet face made her feel renewed. Within a few minutes she slowed down to a fast walking pace and, just for fun began to explore her surroundings. The path soon lead to a small clearing filled here and there with apple trees. Just then as if on queue her stomach began to growl. “Food!” she beamed. “Fruity food!” Quickly she shuffled up one of the fruit bearing trees and hastily began to pick off its apples dropping them to the ground. Satisfied with her pick she jumped down from the tree and leaned against its trunk happily munching on her lunch. It was only after she finished her third apple that she noticed a couple standing together a little way down from were she was sitting. They didn’t seem to notice her. “ Hmmh…they must be making out.” She thought staring at them for a moment, then went back to eating. But before she knew it Leeyra found herself moving in to get a closer look. “Blast it I’m no better than a nosey kender!” She muttered to herself. Oddly enough Leeyra had thought she saw a kender popping out from a nearby bush out of the corner of her eye.

Moving in closer Leeyra could make out the features of the Man and the woman. The man was wearing red robes and the woman nearly anything at all. “ A mage and a half naked woman playing around in the corner of an apple tree grove.” She pondered “Pathetic!” But what she saw next was worse than pathetic. The mage suddenly dropped down on his knees helplessly as the woman drew him near, long sharp teeth protruding from her mouth. “By Reorox.” She gasped. “A succubus…..I think…” Instantly she reached behind her back and pulled out her long bow, snugly nestled next to her sword. She quickly pulled out an arrow and, muttering one word imbued it with an ice spell. The tip of the arrow began to glow a brilliant blue while bits off ice hovered around its sharp edge like a halo. Leeyra ran up to the woman, bow drawn, aiming it directly at her head. The monstrous female looked at her in surprise…and hatred. “Man if looks could kill!” Leeyra grimaced. “Alwright beautiful let go of the mage and back away slowly or ill turn you into an icy version of a shattered mirror. Mean while Taryis the mage found his mouth and began to stutter like a broken gnome. “Whuwhuwhuwhu……yyyyou ..I .it HUH?” “You sure do know how to pick them.” Leeyra frowned holding her bow steadily “This one looks feisty.”

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09/04/2001 9:33 PM

From no were the black robed elf felt the presence of evi. It was like a fire warming his blood. Whatever it was he wanted to be a witness. He followed the sense of fear and misery through the woods.
As he entered a clearing he noticed three figures in the middle. they seemed to be in a struggle. One was a women with a figure that could kill, the other a boy of no importance standing in front of them was a elf with her bow slung and ready to shoot.
As he walked closer he felt more of a presance from the boy. a magik that he had not felt in years.
He walked closer. " Aaaaah yes, shazmen preying on the young and defensless again are we."
Stay away from me, Dark man. He is mine. You will not take him. You have stolen enough from me as it is.
HAHAHAHAHAHA you think i want this puke of a child and this spindel of an elf. You are wrong. They are worthless to me.
Suddenly the man in the black robes thrust forward his hand and uttered three words in a arcane language. The veluctious woman slowly roase into the air.
"It is not them i want it is you, vixen. You have been a thorn in my side long enough."
" Please simon, forgive me. I will do anything for you. I am beutiful. Take me as yours. I will be yours.
With another thrust of his hand the women creature flew through the air. She hit a tree back first. The black robed elf heard the crack and saw her bend backwards. There was a moan from the limp body and then it stoped breathing. She was no more.
Slowly the black robed figure turned and faced the boy sitting on the clearing floor, and the elf women standing there looking astonished.
"My name is Simon the shadowed one. As you can see i am an elf. And not just any elf, but a Kagonesti elf. I am sure you can tell by the tattoos. And yes i am a wizard, a black one at that. Which means i am a DARK ELF, I studied under the great Dalamar the dark who faught in the war of the lance. He faught next to Raistlin majere. One of the greatest mages ever to walk Krynn. And Dalamar taught me everything he knew. Now who are you and what are you doing in my forrest. As you can see i don't like trespassers."

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09/05/2001 6:16 AM

Not really liking the look of the dark elf or the familiarity he had with that horrible woman Taryis decided to make sure he avoided him. "I was just passing through on my way to palanthas which is a long journey. I only seek to leave my own village and find what is my destiny I mean no harm.
I thank you for saving me from that thing and now I will be on my way."

Turning to walk in the general direction he was headed in before he was accosted Taryis hoped he wouldnt have to run into a thing like that woman again.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/05/2001 8:28 AM

Leeyra watched as the mage made his way out of the clearing, then turned back to face the dark elf. She looked at him angrily and began to stomp her feet on the ground. "I WANTED TO KILL HER IT'S NOT FAIR!" She screamed. "ITS BEEN WEEKS SINCE IV"E DONE ANYTHING INTERESTING AND YOU'VE JUST RUINED MY DAY! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY." Without waiting for an answer Leeyra ran back to the apple tree were she had left her apples and collected them in her sack. Then slinging the sack over her shoulder she marched of the clearing after the mage in hope of adventure (though she began to doubt if anything would happen).

09/06/2001 6:21 AM

Walking hurridley away Taryis decided he wouldnt try and communicate with strangers in the forest again! Especially seductivly beautiful ones with little or no clothing. *I have to be more careful or i will be the death of me. Bertun always said I was irresponsible, im going to prove him wrong.*
Determined not to get himself in anymore trouble he slowly made his way through the forest. The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/06/2001 1:22 PM

"HEY! Wait up." Leeyra chased after the mage, trying to catch up with him. He walked at a fast pace without even looking back. Finally Leeyra got close enough to grab a hold of his long flowing robes yanking him to a stop. Impatiently the mage turned around and faced Leeyra, an annoyed look set upon his face. "Well!" she gasped for breath " Is that how you treat someone who just saved your life?.......wait....well..no, I didn’t really save you from that umm.. Interesting looking woman back there, but I would have if that freaky dark elf didn’t show up and kill her first! Talk about stealing the moment. And I was just about to destroy her too!" Leeyra let go of the mages cape, holding her hands behind her back. " Anywhoo, my name is Leeyralanthaniyara of Silvanesti, Leeyra for short." she held her hand out in greetings. "And umm what was your name?"


09/07/2001 11:50 AM

"My name is Taryis, are you traveling in the same direction as me or are you following me? Because if you are the we are both headed to nowhere in particular. True right now im headed to palanthas only to find a staff, after that I head for whatever destiny holds for me."

Not wanting to stay in the forest any longer than he had to after his last episode he beckoned to the young girl to keep moving as the spoke, all the while he was keeping a wary eye out for anymore unsuspecting dangers.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/07/2001 12:38 PM

Leeyra steadily followed Taryis as he spoke. "I'm not really following you, I just ummm, well actually I am following you right now as we speak but...No wait I'm not following you! This path leads in the direction of Palanthas doesn’t it? And I was headed to Palanthas from the beginning, so I probably would have caught up with you anyway." Leeyra slowed down her pace a bit and began to dig deep into her sack. "Lessee...ah! Here it is." Cheerfully she pulls out a piece of fine rolled leather from the sack. It was tied at both ends with blue ribbon, the word Krynn elegantly sown into the leather in red thread. Quickly she untied the ribbons and flipped the leather open, revealing a series of cloth maps sown one on top another carefully imbedded in the leather cover. After flipping through several pages she found what she was scanning for. "Look at this right here" Leeyra held the map up for Tayris to see, carefully pointing to an area on the map. "This is Palanthas, and this right here is a road leading away from it. A little further down is solace aannnd see right here the road kinda withers down into a trail that splits in at least eight directions. We are right about here.." she points to a trail further down the map. "...And this leads strait to the trails that lead to Palanthas. So!" Leeyra flips the pages back in place and rolls up its leather cover. " I'll just accompany you there and then bid you farewell on your way out." she finishes rolling up the map and ties the blue ribbons back in place. Stuffing it back in her sack. "Since were both headed in the same direction it would be fun to have someone to talk to!" Leeyra adds with a smile.

09/07/2001 1:13 PM

At first annoyed by the presence of leeyra Taryis smiled a little as she explained her reason for being on the same path, seeing she had an engaging personality he decided it would be a good idea if they traveled together. After all she shouldnt be out on her own just as much as he shouldnt be, at least she could stop him from becoming trapped by one of those strange women, he shuddered as he thought of it.

"So what is your reason for going to palanthas?"
The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/08/2001 8:40 AM

There were many reasons why Leeyra wanted to go to Palanthas; she struggled with herself for a second to pick one. “Well” she replied, “Nowadays Palanthas is the place to be. Everyone is going there. And many boast about its beauty.
I’ve heard that when the sun rises over the city its as if the sky’s were opening up just for a second to show the heavens. And the festivals! Oh I’ve heard so many wonderful things about their celebrations and holidays. But sweetly strung tales and sugarcoated visions aren’t what really draw me to this great city.
I’ve read stories and heard rumors about a tower, located in the very center, the very heart of the city that reaches out unto the heavens like a gnarled, tortured soul. Screaming silently in its own twisted dark structure. It grows up from the streets and looms over city like a cancer. A scar torn into the face of Panthalas that never healed. It was the tower of high sorcery I believe, one of the five amongst Krynn. They say that it was once very beautiful; gates of gold and silver, white marble stone. It blended into the city like tears blend into rain.
But then the public rose up against the mages and drove them out of the tower, for fear of their magic or whatever odd reasons they had. Before the city politicians could plunder what they could from the tower it was utterly cursed…by a mage of the black robes. They say that he flung himself from the upper stories down upon its golden gates. Declaring that the gates would remain closed and the halls empty until the master of both the past and present came and claimed it. When his body was impaled upon the gates and his blood mingled with the ground everything went… well you know…ugly, and has remained that way since. Or at least I’ve heard.” She heaved a sigh and stretched her arms. “ I guess I just want to go is to see this horrid twisted site for myself.” Leeyra shivered with and eerie delight at her own words. “Its an odd curiosity that draws me there.” She looked back at Taryis eagerly “So you’re headed there for some sort of staff right?"


09/08/2001 10:51 AM

"Yes I go to recieve a staff that I was told my father had before me. It is the only thing left of my true family." Suddenly becoming quiet Taryis was starting to feel a little bitter about how things had turned out in his life. Never having seen eitherr his mother or father who were killed in a brutal robbery in his childhood, he longed to have anything that would link him with his parents. An old friend of his fathers kept his staff and upon finding out Taryis was alive and studying magic he sent word that he had something once owned by his father. *But what do I do after I have the staff?* Not really wanting to dwell on such unpleasant thoughts he decided to find out more about this Leeyra.

"The tower does exist there so i've heard and it is cursed. Tell me...........where are you from and why are you out here alone?"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/09/2001 1:41 PM

“I was born in Silvanesti near the valley of Rivendel, I used to live there when I was a child with my mother and father, before it was r-raided by the dragonarmies. We…were forced to flee…” Leeyra sighed in grief, the thought of her precious homeland being overrun by such terrible creatures made her feel a deep misery that she had long since buried within the dark recesses of her heart. She suddenly began to wish that she had said nothing, yet she continued. “ The Dragonarmies are gone now, but my homeland was destroyed. My father and I returned to Silvanesti along with our other friends and families to try and bring back life to our desicrated homes and forests.” A tear began to edge its way out of Leeyra’s eye; angrily she swallowed it back and shook her troubled look from her face. “ But I ran away. By that time I was old enough to take care of myself. So I just took off without anyone knowing. And now I travel wherever I please, always looking out for the next new chapter in my life.” Leeyra looked up at Taryis with a reluctant smile. “That’s all I can say on the subject right now. Its been such a long time since I’ve brought the matter up.”


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09/10/2001 6:16 AM

OOC: I wasnt really meaning this to become much of an adventure but this seems to start looking like a good one the more it goes on! LOL! besides who says that background stories shouldnt have some adventure?! :0)

"I know exactly what you mean, its hard to relive the past in which such hurt and sorry has come to pass. But to remember the past is to learn from it and become stronger. It seems that we are both runaways out to find whatever may come to us." At that moment a peculiar smell was in the air and strange whistling noises around them. Hurridley gathering componts for a defensive spell he turned to see 4 goblins twon on each side grinning with there yellow squinty eyes. The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/11/2001 3:17 PM

" Talk about hitting the nail on the head" Leeyra thought as she whirled around to face the two pig eyed goblins posturing at her side. With her left shoulder to Taryis, she swiftly unsheathed her short sword from the scabbard alongside her back. The blade gave off a slight dull blue glow as she held the sword up in a defensive stance poised and ready to strike.
Leeyra could hear Taryis murmur some unfamiliar words under his breath preparing a spell for their uninvited guests. The goblins Moved around them mockingly, holding crude looking curved blades in their pudgy ill gotten hands, and wore bits of strap on armor around their arms and legs that was most likely stolen from the bodies of a dead mercenaries. " Nice runnin in to ya folks " one of the goblins spoke in crude common, a crooked smile spread across its face. "An just in the nick of time too." it added. "Give us yer things, money, sword an anythin else that'll fetch a price an well let ya go." the other goblins started to laugh with anticipation. Leerya couldn’t see if Taryis was going to cast his spells; while she, within a split seconds thought, pondered whether to scare the goblins away or just kill them. The goblin was still talking "If ya don’t th-.guurk" it didn’t have a chance to finish. Leeyra closed in quickly and unexpectantly slicing at the creature’s stomach. Clutching its gut the goblin doubled over and fell dead at Leeryas feet, a long clean cut could be seen oozing green blood through his side. Swiftly she moved onto her next stunned but charging target, her sword dripping with goblin vital fluids. "I’ve got this one Taryis! Take care of the other two." She shouted to the mage, who was already releasing a spell to counterattack the half-witted tyrants. A clash of metal could be heard as Leeyra met the goblins uncoordinated swings with deadly skill. While making a desperate attempt to get a blow at her head, Leeyra ducked underneath the goblins move and thrust her sword upward into its throat. It struggled impaled on the swords sharp point then became limp. "What disgusting creatures." Leerya thought as she jerked her sword out of the goblins neck.

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09/11/2001 3:55 PM

Moving his hands in a wide arch Taryis sprinkled some sort of petals on the ground causing the remaing two goblins to fall asleep to the ground. "I hate goblins but im not ready o kill just yet. We'd better get outta here before there friends come looking for them. By the way your pretty good with that sword." The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

09/13/2001 5:47 PM

"Thanks for the compliment but…."Leeyra looked down at the two sleeping goblins, then looked back at Taryis. She felt a tad barbaric. Elves were supposed to cherish life not hack it in two. Leeyra always seemed to forget that. Ok, so there are other ways of avoiding violence. She just didn’t have the time to think of them. "……A sleep spell... a simple little sleep spell. I thought you were going to blow them up or freeze them or turn them to cinder!" Leeyra looked sadly at the smelly dripping goo on her sword "If I had know that you were going to do that I wouldn’t of killed them." she examined the blade of her sword. It still gave off its blue glow. "Aww it's going take weeks to get rid of the smell." she sniffed. Her slight frown slowly disappeared as an awkward smile took its place. "Ah well it happens. Next time we run into a pack of evil anything’s, and you can cast sleep spells; stop me before I go feral, K?"

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09/13/2001 8:36 PM

Merle sat by the road, watching it with narrow slits in her eyes. Her simple staff lay beside her with her hand resting on it. She sat in the cloud of the black fabric of her robes, it contrasting greatly with her sick pale skin. The sun felt well aginst her skin and she decided to go back in her memories. It was a disapointly short way. She could never figure out what happened, Just a endless pain of white light. She did not even remember her test. For the longest time she knew not she had taken her test. She wondered about it and started to fall asleep, not knowing.....

09/15/2001 7:05 PM

"Still…" Leeyra weakly interrupted Taryis before he could answer. "Killing goblins really aren’t such a big deal. Nowadays its common to wipe out goblins without giving it a second thought; that is if they don’t impale themselves on their own swords. It’s like stepping on ants, except I would feel more sorry for the ants themselves." Snickering, she cleaned her sword on the grass at the edge of the trail and slid the blade back into its scabbard. "I’ll have a chance to clean it properly when we get to the next nearest town…If we get to the next nearest town. Alright then lets go!" Leerya motioned to Taryis with her hand and picked up her walking pace. It was already noon, by the afternoon they would most likely reach a small village just at the end of the trail (well if not a village then a whole bunch of comfy looking trees). Either way Leeyra was just glad to have someone to walk with.

09/15/2001 7:57 PM

*Merle awoke a few minutes later. Gods! She had fallen asleep. She she had been tired but not _that_ tired. She got up with her staff and rubbed her eyes. She leaned heavily on the staff, using it for support as she limped badly with her left leg. She slowly moved away from where she was sitting, and started to walk away towards into the woods. She entered the trees and started her way down an invisible pth the her 'home'. not much of a home but it was all she had. It sat quite near the potal that had screwed up her memory. Or at least she guessed that the portal did it. She would not really know. She entered the small arean that sun shone thru. Her garden sat there, Everything from Deadly nightshade to garlic to False garlic. Then behind it sat low of branches a small cave entrance. The floor sloped down and entered a small smoky room with grass of the floor and pelntiful jars., In one corner a blanket lay rumpled and the other large basket. Merle peered into the basket at the infant half-elf that lay sleeping and whispered something. She then went back out side, alarmed, the area, and went back inside. She picked up a book, entitled 'HIstoric Artifacts' and began to read, every so and then glanceing over at the basket.*

09/18/2001 12:22 AM

OOC: Okay, i reealize that you guys have no way of meeting me so I was thinking maybe later on we could be forced to gether. (You guys seem to have a bad experiance with black robe mages but it is not MY fault :)) So until we figure that out I could kind of post my story, altho it is not together with you, kind of like to two parties. OR, if I am just plain annoying and you just want me to go away tell me and I have to marvolous skill of deleting!!!! ;) As Always- *florished bow* _Merle_

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