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08/29/2001 8:00 PM

Time: Midnight
Location: Tower of Sorcery, Palanthas, during the reign of the Kingpriest.

Mertonius stared at his old student, Fistandantilus.

"I heard that the Kingpriest is planning to evict you of this place. I never could understand those fools why they had opted to give in without a fight..."

The renegade Irda took a sip from his wineglass, all the while eyeing the ancient archmage.

I've known this man for a long time, longer than a lifespan of any elf.I taught him the ancient secrets lost to the mages of the Conclave. Yet, I wonder what his ambitions are. He has cleverly concealed whatever plan he has, from me...

Mertonius toyed with the wineglass for a moment or two then, laid it aside.

"I still say that you'd better send envoys to that Holy mad man before he disrupts the balance of this world..."

The only answer he got was the sly grin on the face of the archmage. Mertonius shrugged and stood up, silently making his way towards one of the tower's windows.

"'Tis sad that this world has degenerated to something like this..."

The ancient Irda, who was banished for a crime so unspeakable that to say his true name amongst his kindred would invite disaster, turned to one of the apprentices nearby.

"Send for my baggage, and make sure that the apprentices willing to come with me make ready for our departure.... And oh yes, when Lord Soth arrives from his keep make it so that I want his presence at the next meeting of the Solamnic Knights. His wife asked me that much..." Mertonius chuckled, "Having that fool marry my foster daughter and being my son-in-law may be too much but...."

The irda and his retinue made their way to Istar, wondering what kind of adventure is in store for them.

(OOC: Everyone is welcome to join the party as the made their way to Istar. Of course, is it possible for romance to bloom between the apprentices that joined the mage? Would the Kingpriest relent to the mages? And secretly.... Would Mertonius recognize Raistlin? So many questions.... Enjoy this journey to the past. Relive the time when Good held sway and gladiators fought. Relive the time of persecution and betrayal. Relive the time of Istar)
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08/30/2001 6:00 AM

OOC: Mert, I think your lost. You posted this is DL Discussion. DL Saga is down the hall. Careful for the deathtraps by the elevator.Taylor Magetaunter
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08/30/2001 2:28 PM

Tay's right, Mert. I'll move it....Moderator for all Dragonlance.com message boards.

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10/06/2001 10:53 PM

(OOC: Since Mertonius isnt around anymore I think we should honor him and bring this story of his to life. I will not dare play Mertonius, Im not half the writer he is, but I hope someone is up to the challenge. Please, only post to this if you are serious about rp'ing. Kalia, Mirror, and Ontarys, I hope the three of you will join me on this because I enjoy writing with the three of you. Lets see if we can keep Mert's memory alive.)

Darkness joined the entourage only because of his curiosity of Istar. He had never been to the city, and the way things were heading in his life, he might of never gone. Mertonius was an inspiration to Darkness, being like a father figure to him. Mertonius had taken him in under his wing and taught him magic that he never would have dreamed of learning by himself. This is why he joined him on this crusade.

As they made their way out of Palanthas it was nearing two or three in the morning, and in a couple of hours the sun would be shining down in full force about them. No one wandered the streets this time of night, no one but the foolish and the drunk. The city guards let them pass without any trouble for they feared Mertonius and his apprentices. This journey would take them far from the city, and that pleased the guards who wouldnt have to deal with them for a while. "I hope we make it to Istar without too much trouble." Darkness whispered to no one but himself.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

10/07/2001 3:38 PM

((OOC: Much to my regret I didn't know Mertonius very well, so maybe I should stay out of this one...It is most unfortunate that he choose to leave when he did. I could have greatly benefited from participating in his works if what I have read is any indication. I believe I shall bide my time and perhaps enter this story at a later date. I would not wish to ruin anything for those who knew Mertonius best.))Good becomes ignorant.
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