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07/17/2000 6:14 PM

~A graceful tower rises out of the grassland...its
stone a strange silver colour...a wall surrounds it,
more to divide the garden from the wild lands around it
than for safety. The gate stands open, and a sign is
next to it...~

Welcome all who travel this way to the Silver Tower.
Mages, warriors, kender, elf, and anyone else who wishes
may enter...and spend a few days with me...provided you do
not damage my home...so, come in, sit by the fire in my
great hall, and tell the tales of your adventures!
Or, for the magic-users, paruse my library at your leisure,
just make sure you put everything back.

My home is open to all who wish to visit.

06/02/2000 6:43 AM

*A woman enters the garden...long gray hair tied back, tri-color eyes
sparkling in the sun. Her white blouse, red vest and black skirt are old,
perfect for working with the plants. As she tends to her roses, she stops
occassionally to glance around. There are birds and animals nearby, but no
ppl. Tired of wandering, but lonely anyway, Kistar Dragonstar, the Silver
Robed Mage of the Three Gods sighs.* Right now, I'd even like to deal with
Shatterhaze...oh well...*she sighs again as she takes her bundle of roses inside.
She places them in a vase on her desk in her study on the top floor of the
Tower. And then she sits back down to read a series of scrolls and books of magic.
Alone, as always, Kistar studies her magic and wishes she had someone to call "friend."*

06/02/2000 8:49 PM

(you are so pitiful i could throw up!)
A young warrior- man steps into the garden, hand near the sword at his leather-clad hip. He notices the beautiful roses and picks a few, then enters the Tower boldly. He wanders through the house until he comes to the study, blessed with the presence of the lovely lady, and stands leaning against the doorway, a dark, tall, ahem, rather handsome silhouette.

06/06/2000 5:11 PM

ooc)you serve all 3 gods? Hmm... in a way so do I. They say I'm a rogue but I'm not. I basically serve Paladine the most though.

A shimmer appears behind the young woman. Turning she sees a mage appear. He wears black, silver and midnight blue robes. He has silver hair past his shoulders and penetrating ice blue eyes. He appears to be about 23. In his hand he holds a staff with a silver claw clutching a black sphere on top. "Hello there."

06/06/2000 5:38 PM

At the distraction of the mage apearing behind the woman a tall and slender man approaches the door of the tower.... he strides with noticable pride of something , something unseen.. his whole figure is mysterious however.. and something just doesent seem right about this one... besides the look in his pure black eyes his form is strange to look at , like it did not fit the true shape of a man.. and even the way he walked was queer... he kind of hobbled ... like he had never walked on two legs before or was not used to it.... but witht his assumption he continued on into the tower .... into the study he starts searching and browsing through the many shelfs of books... searching and searching... always searching but never taking a book out or examining one more closely.... it is as if the title of the book had no meaning... and with that he kept looking.

06/11/2000 11:36 PM

*A young elf maiden who seems to be VERY pregnent walks into the tower hoping to find a doctor.*

'Someone please help me I am with child and it is coming. I am far from home and I amm in terrible trouble. Please someone help.'

06/12/2000 7:36 PM

Seeing the woman's plight the young mage rushes over. "Let me help."

ooc)take it from here.

06/12/2000 7:57 PM

*Greatful for his help she leans on the young mage.*

'I am due now. Please get me help.'

06/13/2000 12:45 PM

All of a sudden, theres a weird silver glimmer in the back of the room. It turns reddish, then back to silver. Then a girl's voice of someone about 18 is heard: "Darnit! I ALWAYS mess that up!" it says. Then the glimmer turns into a girl of about 18 and she falls down about 3 feet where the glimmer was. She scrunches her nose. "Sorry." she says, dusting her pinkish red skirt off.She also has a golden belt, with a garnet clasp. She has a pinkish red shirt,too, and the neckline is bordered with gold.Her dark brown hair is very very long, almost to the floor. She has a golden staff, with a huge garnet in it at the top.She looks way too young to be a mage, but the staff is genuine.Then she looks up. "Hi," she says, her face as cheerful as a kender's. Then she sees the elven lady. "Are you ok?" she asks, eyes widening.

06/13/2000 3:11 PM

*grinding her teeth.*

'NO I am not ok. I am in a GREAT deal of pain. SO could some one HELP ME????'

06/15/2000 6:56 AM

*The gray haired woman moved over to the pregnant girl's side with fluid grace. After murmuring a few words of Magick, she lays her hand on the girl's stomach.* Young man, can you carry her upstairs? I have a comfortable bed that would be ideal for her right now. My spell should ease the pain for a while...long enough for us to get you in bed...then we'll take it from there. Hurry now, young man. *takes the lead* this way...


06/16/2000 10:47 AM

"I can levitate her up to the room" Murmurs a small incantation and the elf is lifted gently off the ground being supported by the silver haired mage's magic. "Lead the way."

06/16/2000 12:41 PM

'Oh great what I always wanted to do FLOAT.*

*Groans as the pains come harder and more often.*

06/23/2000 10:07 AM

*Looks @ the girl with some concern.* I take it you've
never done this before? Well, I know someone who can help.
*Suddenly, the gray haired mage vanishes. Just as quickly, she
returns with a slender woman with firey red hair.*
Nadja, this is Tika. Tika, could you help her, Please?

Of course. Now, just calm down, my dear. *Turns and faces
everyone else.* Okay, friends. Clear out. I'll take it from
here. Except for you, Kistar. *The gray haired mage cringes
but obeys. She shuts the door as Tika helps the pregnant girl.*

OOC:shall we leave it there, Nadja?

06/23/2000 3:54 PM

*As the door closes, Hooded drops down from the ceiling and stretches his muscles. Making it apparent he's been waiting for some time. Seeing Tika, Hooded spits between her feet and snaps his fingers. His dagger appears instantaneously into a tight grip. Moving quickly to Nadja, Hooded presses the deathly sharp tip of his blade to her throat and whispers.*

"This baby will never reach adulthood."

*Leaving a trickle of blood, Hooded withdraws his blade and jumps out the window. Quickly disappearing into the surrounding shadows.*

06/23/2000 7:13 PM

*Casts heal spell on herself and Tika.*

'My child must be born now!'

06/24/2000 5:37 AM

Tarohl outside the door hears the Hooded-One speak. He gently knocks on the door. "Are you ladies alright?"

06/24/2000 8:33 AM

'Tarohl come in here. I want you to find the hooded one and kill him.'

06/24/2000 7:37 PM

"OK, lets see." Does a magic scan of the area. " He's not anywhere near here at the moment. Why does he what the child dead anyway?" Casts a magic barrier around the tower. "That should keep him away for a while. If you want, I can put a spell of protection over the baby for a while too. If he comes back he'll have to deal with me."

06/26/2000 10:19 AM

*Angered that someone should threaten the life of an unborn
child in her home, Kistar focuses her power.*

Solinari, Lunitari, Nuitari! I cast the curse of death upon the hooded one!
The instant he raises his hand to harm the child of Nadja is the instant
he shall feel the icy grip of death upon his heart! Let the stars hear my voice and
record my curse for all who know their language to see! Those that break the
peace of my home shall always find their fates written by my hand!
By the Gods, and by the Stars I cast this upon him! And may my curse be lifted
only by the mother of the babe that I protect! Tirkkar iszeth mordren!
So it is spoken, so it is written and so it shall be!

06/27/2000 5:41 AM

Tarohl raises his head and his icy blue eyes now shine a bright red. He begins casting. "Haraes marshivren flonshiv rac." His eyes return to normal. "There, I to have added my own curse to this man."

06/27/2000 8:25 AM

I hope he has the sense to leave the child alone.
Or he shall die a miserable death.

06/27/2000 8:42 PM

"You are correct in saying that."

06/29/2000 11:23 AM

*Kistar suddenly raises her head as if listening to a faraway voice. Tears form in her eyes. Sadly, she turns to the young man who was watching over Nadja.* Tarohl...I must leave this world forever soon. But before I go...I must find someone who studies magic for magic's sake...and for the glory of the Gods and not for power. I must find someone to take my place as the Choosen of the Gods. Watch over the girl and her child. You may use my tower as long as you need to. *Draws a scroll out of her sleeve.* this is a spell to activate the protection spells woven into this building. Cast it if you must, but it will make it impossible for any but those inside or myself to enter. If you cast it be certian that the Hooded One is not here. I give the responsiblity of the child's protection to you. I must go now. Watch over them...and my home. *Faces the window, and chants softly,almost to herself...*I must go, for the Dark is rising...the Walker is abroad, the Rider is riding...and the Dark...the Dark is rising...to sweep away the Golden Forest...and there must be Fire on the Mountain, Fire in the Wood, Fire over sea and under stone, fire to burn away the Dark...for the Dark is rising! *And suddenly, like a candle going out, she was gone.*

07/13/2000 8:14 AM

*A ghostly voice echos through the tower*
Rising...the Dark is rising...

07/13/2000 11:40 AM

By the true God's that was difficult to get in...
And you how dare you threaten me (Old man in white robes that appear to be grey with suit it arguing with the wall) I shake my staff at you I do... If you ever try that again I will make you into a head stone.. Turning away from the wall looking at the pregnant girl, Ahh I see things here are working just as planned. But may I ask why all the protection??? Oh first let me introduce myself my name is .. ummm hmm what is my name again... :Scratches head.. hmm FIREBALL thats my name.. no wait that doesnt sound rigth hmm Fizzy fizzy soda.. no dont know about that yet ummm Fizban??? Yes that is quite correct Fizban that is my name.. and no thanks to that wall over there I still remember it...

Andross Majere

07/13/2000 8:47 PM

"Ah, Fizban. Just the man I've been looking for."

07/13/2000 11:01 PM

Fizban!!!!!!! Where???!!! I have heard he is a great magician ... I actually know him.. Oh look there he is.. On the wall... (looks into a mirror) how do you do old fellow?? Oh my he asked me the same question at the same time.. hey he said that too and this... Stop confound you... I'll shake my stick at you I will... hey he took my stick.. give tha back old man.. do you know who I am I am umm hmmm... Who am I again... Oh wait I am Fizban.. yes I am now what were we talking about.. My that fellow over there is quite good looking (looks in mirror again) very handsome very handsome indeed...

Andross Majere

07/16/2000 1:32 PM

"Fizban! I need your help with."

07/17/2000 6:22 AM

The Thorn comes to the door of the Tower.*A curious place he thinks to himself. A warded tower that any mage of skill, given time, could strip the enchantments bare and walk right in.*Having no intent on wasting his magic on someones home, the Thorn posts his magical resume on the door.*Dragonstar should check her messages when she sends out a job opening.* The Thorn turns and leaves to pursue knowledge of the world and magic.

07/17/2000 6:14 PM

Fizban... Im sorry mi lad you may hae me mistaken for someone else... but I am sure I could pass on the message to ummm... Who did you say you were looking for again??? If you want to Ban Fiz then you may have a problem because I am Fizban... yes i am Fizban oh well maybe I can help you now... wha do you need him to do???

Andross Majere

07/31/2000 8:55 AM

*From the world of Medren, Dragonstar watches the strange
mage posting his magical resume. With her powers, she sends
her voice out to him.*

Oh, you sense that it is not a strong warding. You are
so confident that you can easily strip away that which
protects my tower while I am not there. You sense only
the pinnical of the spell. You do not sense that traps
that wait to erase the mind of any mage foolish enough
to trifle with the home of the Choosen of The Gods.
Do not be so easily decived. You may not like
what will happen to you if you step too far past your
skill...but enough. I will consider you as a possible
Gaurdian of Magic. I have gone to consult the Gods.

*And then, the voice was gone, as well as Dragonstar's

07/31/2000 12:42 PM

ok Fizban here everyone... Everyone??? Blast where did they all run off to now??? Hmm maybe a spell will bring them back.. fireball fireball.. how did that spell go again???

Andross Majere

08/04/2000 8:50 AM

The Thorn walks up to the tower and takes the keyring from around his neck. He unlocks the door and heads inside. He carefully shuts the door but doesn't lock it, knowing visitors might come by with a question. He posts a note inside.

In the library, make yourself comfortable but don't take anything. Feel free to look around or come find me.

He then heads up the stairs to the third floor to the library. He finds himself a comfortable plush chair, pulls a book off the shelf (The Astral Plane: A travelers guide), sits down, and starts to read.

08/05/2000 8:20 PM

ooc:Ok, something's not right...The thing says there 33 messages but this only shows 10 and won't gimme the option of seeing more...I bet missed something but anyway...

*Leana Nightbreeze walks up to the tower. In the wind her unique silver robes swirl around her feet. (Sorry ppl, I just had to say that once.) She enters the library quietly and nods respectfully to her teacher before examining a series of books to research.*

08/07/2000 6:59 AM

The Thorn finishes his book he is reading (The Astral Plane: A travelers guide) and puts it back on the shelf where he got it from.

He turns to Leana, "there is important business that I must attend to, I will be back shortly."

He raises his hands above his head and as he slowly lowers them he fades out.

08/07/2000 9:42 AM


*Leana blinks as she comes apon a certain book with a page marked*

Hello, hello...

*Leana locks the library door and begins researching*

08/07/2000 10:08 AM

The Thorn returns from the business he was conducting. Never using magic when it isn't needed, he opens the door and heads inside the tower, shutting the door behind him. He heads to the back of the main floor, towards the kitchen (after all, even the mightiest mage must eat). He starts a small fire in the stove and then puts some water on to boil. After letting it reach the necessary temp., the Thorn slowly adds some vegetable and meat, then some of his favorite spices to add flavor. He lets his mixture simmer for a while, writing in his book of the news from his business. After soom time, he ladels up a bowl for himself and his pupil and heads upstairs. Reaching the third floor, he finds the library locked. Leana must be working hard thinks the mage to himself.

"There's some soup down in the kitchen if you would like any," he shouts to the door, hoping the mage inside can hear him.

The Thorn turns around and heads back down one flight to his bedroom. He enters the modestly furnished room and sits down on his bed, eating his soup. When he finishes the two bowls disappear. The silver and brown clad mage slides a small bowl of water out from under his bed and places it on his lap. "Now to check on the others," he says to himself as he pears down into the water.

08/07/2000 5:58 PM

ooc)Leana, It happened after Dream_Knight redid the forums.-ooc

Tarohl appears in the library and begins leafing thru a large spell book he finds.

08/07/2000 8:33 PM

*Leana glares at the interuption, but cools down, knowing this truely isn't her library. She clears her throat*

Have you ever heard of a drake? It's important I know...for..research...*she says carefully*

ooc:I messed up earlier..Leana locked the study door, so you can still go in the main library

08/08/2000 11:53 AM

The Thorn finishes his scrying, noting some important events taking place. He opens the book he had been writing in before and scribbles some new notes. He heads back upstairs to the library to see if his pupil has eaten but to his surprise fe finds someone else in the library.

"Good evening Tarohl, I hope the tattoo isn't too itchy. If you want there is soup down in the kitchen. Help yourself," says the Thorn.

He then shuffles over to the library wall and pulls down a new book: The Complete Guide to Liches.

08/09/2000 7:54 AM

After several pages, the Thorn looks up. "Almost forgot about these," he says to noone in particular, and pulls two small dragon horns out of his robes.

He sets the book down and heads up to the fourth floor to the lab. He sets the two horns on a table in the corner and brings them back to their appropriate size. He catalogs the (2 black dragon horns: Elder Wurm) and then returns downstairs to the book he was enjoying.

08/09/2000 6:12 PM

"Interesting, the worlds are shifting again. The time space continuem is stabalizing."

08/10/2000 9:48 AM

The Thorn decides he's tired and heads to his bedroom to get some sleep. He posts a note on the door before he retires.

If you need anything, just wake me up.

He then lays down to regain some of his energy.

08/10/2000 7:02 PM

"With the Continuum stable, other worldly beings can come to Krynn. I have to be alert. As master of the continuum I have to protect Krynn."

08/10/2000 7:49 PM

Of course...

*Making sure the page is marked, Leana slams the book shut and stares at the cover in horror*

Of all the luck *she snarls rushing into the main library and scanning through the books desperately. At last she lets out a breath of satifaction. She then returns to small study and once more locks the door*

08/11/2000 9:16 AM

Suddenly the Thorn wakes up. He quickly gets dressed, then walks upstairs, a notion forming in his head. He approaches Tarohl and asks,"if the continuem is aligned, the gods could come back to Krynn, couldn't they?"

08/11/2000 6:12 PM

"Yes Thorn. They can. So can beings from places other than Krynn. We must be prepared."

08/12/2000 9:37 PM

The Thorn nods, knowing this is what he wanted to hear. He heads to his labratory, and removes the crystal shards from a pouch. He chants several spells, slowly putting the ball back together. After several hours, it is completed. He catalogs this and places it with his dragon horns.

08/13/2000 7:22 PM

Tarohl Waves his hand and a Dragon Orb appears in his hands. "We may need this."

08/13/2000 7:35 PM

The gods may return? Could we go to them?

*Leana walks out of the study, her research almost done*

08/14/2000 12:32 PM

The Thorn reenters the room, catching the tail end of Leana's question. "We coul go to them but from my research I believe that they may not know who they are."

08/14/2000 4:11 PM

Truely? What would bring that? I thought they left...

ooc:this is after Dragons of Summer Flame, right?

08/14/2000 7:14 PM

ooc)no idea

08/15/2000 7:41 AM

*A voice from nowhere is heard by all.*

The Gods were removed by the Purpose of the Universe
so that the ppl of Krynn could see what the world is
like without them. As for them not remembering, they
made the mistake of going to a party thrown by a God
of another Realm. Belar, by name. Hangovers are worse
for Gods. I wonder why that is......

OOC- Summer Flame doesn't exist. It was never written,
it was never published, it never happened!
So says the creator of this tower. (Who is playing fast
and loose with the GOds of Krynn.)

08/15/2000 8:20 AM

"It is good to hear from you Kistar," says the Thorn. "There are several people who I must check up on if you will excuse me."

The Thorn leaves and heads to his bedroom. He once again pulls out his scrying bowl and peers into the water. His sits for a long time, watching different scenes as they shift over the water.

08/15/2000 7:16 PM

Tarohl summons a large full length mirror. He waves his hand in front of it and muttering a few arcane phrases. Suddenly pictures begin to flash across it. "Does anyone wish to see anyplace in time and space."

08/15/2000 8:26 PM

*Leana came forward*

May I?

08/16/2000 8:04 AM

The Thorn replies, "no thank you. I have no need to peer into the future, as it is not set. I also have no reason to see the past. What matters now is only the present."

08/16/2000 7:05 PM

"Yes go ahead. Just tell it the time and place."

08/18/2000 8:20 AM

The Thorn watches as his pupil becomes engrossed in the new magical item. I have work to do he thinks to himself. He walks over to the library and pulls out a new book (Water Elementals: A Controler's Guide).

08/19/2000 11:00 AM

Tarohl walks up behind Thorn. "Good book, read it in the future of about 600 years from now."

08/22/2000 1:03 PM

"It is very interesting," says the mage, "but not very helpful. The book on liches was superb though. Have you read it?"

08/23/2000 5:43 PM

"Yes I have." Pulls a book out of the air. "Here read this. It's Time Travel Made Easy. Its by me."

08/24/2000 8:41 AM

"That might be very helpful," says the mage taking the book. "Have you ever considered joining our order. I believe you have many skills that would be beneficial to magic as a whole. Consider it, we can always use a worthy mage. If you would like to talk with me just hunt me down, I'll be around here and there."

The Thorn turns and leaves the room. He heads to the lab and sets the book down. Have to do something else first. He heads over to the table with the black dragon horn and the crystal ball. Another new addition, he thinks. The Thorn places the clear bottle down on the table and labels it Haunting Melodies.

He then heads back to his room, snagging the book on the way. Might as well do some good reading he thinks.

08/24/2000 6:12 PM

Tarohl appears beside Thorn. "I know all about your order Thorn. I can not join it because it doesn't exist in the past where I often am. I serve all the gods though. In a way I am a silver robe. If you ever need me and I'm not hre, I'll be in the Tower of Time and Space."

08/25/2000 11:51 AM

"Thank you Tarohl, it is godd to have ally and a friend like you. You are welcome in my tower anytime," says the Thorn, offering the fellow mage his hand in friendship.

08/26/2000 6:22 PM

Clasping Thorn's hand firmly Tarohl replies. "Thank you. My tower is north of Palanthas on an island surronnded by fog. You will find it I'm sure."

08/27/2000 4:18 PM

"Godspeed," says the Thorn. "I will see you sometime soon."

08/27/2000 6:21 PM

With a flash, Tarohl dissapears to his tower.

08/30/2000 8:10 AM

The Thorn turn back to his room. He heads over to a small stack of papers that he has placed on his desk in the corner. He leafs through them quickly scanning the contents to make sure everything is in order. The Staff of Magius, he thinks, on of his pupils is very lucky to possess this. He sets the stack back down, thinking about theseveral hours of research it took him to track down this much information on the rare item.

08/31/2000 6:32 PM

"Friend Thorn, you want the staff oh Magius?" Tarohl asked as he appeared. "I can get it for you."

09/01/2000 10:19 AM

"No friend Tarohl, I don't want the staff. One of my new apprentices has the staff in his possession and was asking about different functions. He is not that well knowledged of the staff so I found some information for him. Thank you for the offer though," says the Thorn.

09/01/2000 7:12 PM

"Ohh." Summons his staff. It is a six foot staff with a silver dragon claw clutching a black org on top. "What do you think of my staff, friend Thorn?"

09/04/2000 2:57 PM

"It is very nice, it looks very similar to the staff of Magius. My staff is just a plain oak staff that I have imbued with some magical properties," says the Thorn.

09/06/2000 3:20 PM

the name's Gotanks the ultimate supersayin fighting machine I wish to enter you home Kistar_Dragonstar
fusion ha

09/07/2000 10:55 AM

"Kistar no longer resides here, I am the new master of the tower," says the Thorn to Gotanks. "Is there something you need?"

09/19/2000 12:30 PM

The Thorn sends out his magical message. He knows that some will answer and he will have to make due with those that come. They will be enough, he thinks. He places the crystal ball back in its place and travels down several more flights of stairs to await his "guests."

09/19/2000 1:48 PM

(Joe is confused and awed by Thorn's multi-threading powers and decides only to post in the 'Tyrant' thread.)

09/21/2000 11:04 AM

ooc: I sent out major posting to gather "the troops". I figured a magical broadcast was in order.

09/21/2000 6:17 PM

Tarohl appears. "What is it Thorn?"

09/25/2000 3:53 PM

*A silver light glimmers in the corner. A woman completely cloaked in silver appears.

You summoned help, Thorn? I cannot stay long, but i can advise you.
If you need me or my advise, talk to Shatterhaze, he can respond faster than I, he has less to do. He will be appearing soon.

09/25/2000 4:06 PM

*Enters with his true planeswalkers' flashy entrance... green smoke and red light*

You rang, Daragonstar?

*The wood elf turns to Thorn and bows...*

Shatterhaze DerPanzer Altaireotter, at your disposal.

09/25/2000 6:34 PM

"Thorn, what is it?"

09/26/2000 7:38 AM

"The Storm Over Krynn has returned. We are all in danger but I sense it is from a greater evil then the ancient dragon," says the Thorn. "Many of my companions don't know this. I need your help to see if we can find what this shadowed menace is."

10/15/2000 12:03 AM

AS obnad searches the library, he finaly finds the book he needs. DEMENSIONAL TRAVEL AND SCRYING: doors and windows. He sits at the table and consumes the information within. Now I should be able to find the others of the Silver Robes.

10/20/2000 7:49 PM

* A glimmer appears in the corner. The form a woman in long robes can be made out, barely.*

Such a powerful summons you cast! It has cut past the fog of magic that has entrapped me in Medren for so long.

I cannot stay...I can only tell you to seek my staff-gem...and give it to Thorn. It will increase his powers ten-fold!

*the glimmer begins to pulse and drift, as if a shadow is wrapping itself around it.*

Seek the gem in the ruins...*and suddenly, she was gone, snatched away by the shadow.*

11/14/2000 7:11 AM

The Thorn had returned from the mighty battle against the Storm Over Krynn. The side of good had won with a mighty combined effort. Now the Thorn had a new purpose; to train young mages once again in the Order of the Silver Robes. His first crop of pupils had taken off to pursue their own research, and he rarely heard from them. New blood was needed in his tower.

01/16/2001 7:03 PM

Scanning through the library, the Thorn grabs a book off the shelf and heads down to the kitchen. Hopefully there was some left over rabbit stew in the large cauldron.

Reaching the kitchen, the silver robe lit the fire under the cauldron and sits down to read his book.

03/17/2001 2:22 PM

The Thorn finished his book. His diary lay across the way. The mage had added many new excerpts to it. He had several adventures since the last time he was home. He had bonded even more with Py. Met several new friends and even found a couple new items.

The silver robe finished his stew and took the empty bowl down to the kitchen. he would get to it later. First, he wanted to study some more on a special amulet he had acquired.

03/22/2001 11:16 AM

Ghostbuster walks to the door of Thorn's Silver Tower.He knocks strongly."Open up,Thorn.I bring...bad news."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/22/2001 12:06 PM

The Thorn puts the amulet "away." He hurredly heads down to the main door and opens it up for his friend. "What is it Ghostbuster?"

03/24/2001 2:09 PM

OOC:Here I am, maybe starting something big,maybe not.But its an attempt at the multi-threading you do so well.
"Ah,hello Thorn."says Ghostbuster, his voice sounding strange without its natural fervour,enthusiasm and speed."I have been entrusted by Fizb- eh,by Paladine, to bring you some very bad news.Apperantly,the renegades from the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth have banded together again,as they did in Huma's time."
Ghostbuster makes a sound that would have been a sigh from a human or an elf,but must have been simple exhalation for a kender."It doesn't seem to alarm you,and it shouldn't.But the reason they have banded together is in envy of you, the Order of the Silver Robes. Which is confirmed by the wizards of Wayreth as they are not.They have started a manhunt of every man,woman and child even connected to your order,and they kill them with no trial."
The kender fingers his platinum medallion."Fiz,I mean Palidine, has ordered me rather urgently to tell you this,and place myself at your disposal.In fact,he's even agumented my powers for it.So,thats it.Um,i'd warn your students,:
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/24/2001 7:03 PM

"What about you Ghostbuster? You are here warning me and we've been friends for how long?" asks the mage. "Did the father of good have any ideas how to quash this?""Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
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03/27/2001 12:20 PM

Ghostbuster looks emberassed.He scratches the back of his head and avoids Thorns eyes."Well,he did say something,but I was dreaming of this girl,Forgetter Ravengoat...really nice girl,has some interesting stuff...and I, um...forgot."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/27/2001 5:51 PM

"Why would the conclave turn on me now?" asks the Thorn, more to himself the Ghostbuster. "I had their full permission to develop my order. Perhaps I should go into hiding, take my students with me. But that would leave others to fend for themselves. And I can't go around just blasting every mage into oblivion. What do you think I should do?" he asks Ghostbuster."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

03/29/2001 1:55 PM

"Well,from what I remember that Fizzy said, it was something about 'the heyanas,band as they do,still run from the lion.'" Ghostbuster shrugs.
"Whatever that means."
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

03/29/2001 2:39 PM

"Well, I suppose I should tell my new pupils. They can take care of themselves as long as they know that they are in trouble. But what about my friends. There are so many of them, you, Kalia, Cai'de, Py, although I'm pretty sure he can take care of himself, Katyr, and some others. I don't think I'll be able to reach them all if something were to happen."

OOC: do you want to move this to it's own thread?"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
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03/29/2001 2:53 PM

ooc: What do you recomend,as a combiner threader from ages past?
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03/30/2001 1:29 AM

OOC: Ages Past?"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
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03/30/2001 4:59 PM

Youve done it before.
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03/30/2001 6:38 PM

How old is it?"Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
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03/31/2001 2:34 PM

How old is what?
"Fun is the purpose of life."-me

04/02/2001 5:06 PM

Nevermind. Check out the New Recruits post. My brother has basically done the same thing you were trying but with a different twist."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

04/23/2001 12:25 AM

With everyone finally gone from the tower, the Thorn began to do some much needed work. The first thing he did was record the name of all the members in his order. This would come in handy at conclave meetings for updates. Then, in his journal, the mage made the same entry, only in more detail. He also wrote strenghts and weaknesses of the mages, and how he could contact them, and when was the last time he had seen each.

Next, he ate some more stew. He wondered why there was always stew in the pot. He couldn't remember ever making any but it always seemed like it was there when he wanted some.

Finally he adjourned to the library. It had been quite some time since he had been able to sit down and read. Maybe something on the use of spells underwater this time. And after he was done he would go up to his study and try to discover something about that damn amulet that seemed to have gone dormant."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

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