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08/16/2001 2:28 PM

(Many years ago the ancient city of Istar fell from the mortal plane of existance and was swallowed up by a great body of water called the blood sea. Over the years it was discovered that the great temple of Istar was sent to the Abyss when the cataclysm struck, and it was also discovered that the rest of the city was intact at the bottom of the great blood sea. Many have tried to rescue the great treasures kept there, including the treasures of the Tower of High Sorcery, but all have failed....until now.)

Christian Flowater stood on the deck of the Creation, a ship originally out of Schallsea Isle but has been comissioned to make this perilious trip. Christian was a human of about six feet in height with long flowing red hair and dark grey eyes. He was a quiet man who usually kept to his studies which have finally paid off for him. Christian is a mage, a very powerful one who left the normal orders of the mages and donned his own grey robes when they refused to help him on his quest. He now held in his hands a necklace with a solid platinum chain, and a deep blue sapphire clutched in a platinum dragons hand. "They thought I was crazy when I told them of my mission, but I will prove to them once and for all that Istar still exists. When I am through Istar will once again be the greatest city on Krynn, and this medallion will make that all happen." With that said he placed the necklace over his head and let it rest around his neck. The medallion was cold to the touch, despite the blazing sun that baked his skin. The power contained in the necklace has lasted thousands of years for this moment, and with it Istar will be restored. You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/16/2001 5:55 PM

"The new passenger is certainly hard to figure out." Argor said to his companion on the deck. The minotaur's eyes drifted over to Christian, reputably on some children's quest known only to himself. Whatever his claim, Argor had no will to get in his way.

The minotaur had been a sailor all his adult life, and most of his childhood. He'd sailed with pirates, cutthroats, mercenaries, and worse. But never had he feared anything like mages.

Argor was determined to keep an eye on the human, as were his orders from his captain. Whatever happened, Argor would stick with the mage. "Humans", he muttered to himself.

Then came the call from the crow's nest. "Pirates ho."

08/17/2001 5:04 PM

"Wait!!" a young Kagonesti sprinted down the docks towards the minotaur's ship "Don't leave just yet!" the female Kagonesti waved her arms frantically back and forth trying to get the attention of someone on the ship. "I need to get away from here, I'll pay!!" she cried once she was a bit closer to the ship. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

08/17/2001 6:27 PM

OOC: I am assuming that this is BEFORE the Chaos war...

Kalia Majere, dressed in normal travel clothes, instead of her usuall mage robes, looked towards the ship, her golden eyes locked on the human male, who was preoccupied with the medallion around his neck. Her mission given to her by Par Salian (SP) was quite clear. to watch and report any unusuall activity by this renegade Mage...hardly fitting work for her, Crystalamira, one of the remaining Crystal Dragons on this world, but she would do it anyways....Her adoptive family owed him much.

She turned and held out her hand, and the silver Eagle landded on the heavy leather glove that covered her hand. "I don't know Ayslynn, do you think that we should join them?" After Hooding Ayslynn for apperances sake, She tightend the plain black traveling cloak, and picked up her pack, and walked up to the ship.

"where are you headed, and how much for passage?" She asked the minotaur softly as he gazed at her in surprise. Her long silver hair was caught in the sea wind, and blew wildly around her. she was dressed in a silken white tunic, and tan breeches. she wore no weapon, but for a small dagger, and the hodded Silvery eagle perched on her shoulder.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

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08/18/2001 6:34 AM

The Qualinesti elf stood on the deck watching the newcomers board the ship. Her hood was down, showing her extremely odd features. Pitch black eyes, grey skin, and dried short white hair. Her cloak was open, showing her sword and quiver. "Captain," someone asked behind her. She turned and saw her second in command, Argor, standing there. "Set sail?" he asked.
"We are running late as it is. Yes, set sail," she answered. She walked over to the woman with the eagle and the Kagonesti that boarded. "I am Kara Dhimar, and this is my ship, the Creation. We going on a wild goose chase so if you wish, you may come. Fee is twenty steel coins per person."What do you think you're some kind of rocket scientist?
Why, yes.

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08/18/2001 2:14 PM

Kalia nodded and handed the captain the said sum. She smiled and walked over to the side, looking out over the water. Ayslynn screeched softly in her ear. Kalia nodded

"I know.....but we can't help it...Par Salian said he'd pay us back.." She said softly, as she turned to allow her eyes to sweep the deck, looking for the renegade mage.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/18/2001 2:34 PM

Khalara nodded and reached for her leather money purse which hung at her side. She drew the drawstrings and put her hand inside, she brang it back out holding twenty steel coins in her hand and handed it to Kara.

"Thank you. My name's Khalara MoonshaƩl. I'll go anywhere to get away from here, no matter if it's a 'wild goose chase'." Khalara smiled. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

08/19/2001 2:06 AM

Kalia sighed and gently scratched the Eagle under her chin. Ayslynn chirruped happily. Kalia raised her golden eyes, and stared at the man...

> Kalia thought to herself, as she studied the man's features. She looked away to gaze at the Kagonesti that had just boarded, and wondered if this girl knew just what she was getting herself into...Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/19/2001 7:56 AM

Kara placed the coins in her pouch and started giving orders to her crew. "We are off to the Blood Sea. Crow's Nest, what do you see?"
"Aye, a good day for sailing, sir!"
"Argor, you are in charge. I need to speak with our passengers."

ooc: sorry, Argor for taking your character and using it. Feel free to use mine!For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

09/03/2001 10:08 PM

(OOC: Sorry Ive been gone for so long Ive been working nonstop, well, lets see if I can still do this.)

Christian stood at the rail for only a moment longer. As he turned to walk away he noticed someone he knew. "Ah, I see that Par-Salin has sent someone to spy on me. I must have worried him." Christian was disgusted that he was followed and had not sensed it. He slowly strode down the stairs to his private quarters. "I need to work on my spells some more, I cant allow any more slipups. The power contained in Istar is enough to make me the most powerful mage on Krynn. I must succeed."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/04/2001 6:43 AM

Kalia couldn't exactly read minds, but she could get a general idea of what a person was thinking.. That Mage, Christian was upset, he had recognized her, and he was angry at himself. Maybe he was mad because he hadn't realized that he was being followed. She stifled a laugh as Ayslynn gave a loud screech to cover her.

"like the likes of him would sense me if I didn't want him to"

...not even Par-Salin could sense her when she didn't want him to. Plus she didn't exactly follow him..she had heard where he had gone, and landing just outside of the city wall, she transformed and walked on in. if she really wanted to she could polymorph so small he would end up carring her with him without him knowing...her shapeshift ability wasn't a spell but a way of being, of looking at things
Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/04/2001 11:57 AM

Mirror ran up to the dock just in time to watch the minotaur ship begin to sail away. She sighed and muttered some curses under her breath that made a noble human woman walking past gasp and scurry off in the opposite direction. She chuckled to herself and wondered at the change her clothes made over her. She had shed her silver robes in favour of her travelling clothes-doe skin breeches, a white tunic with no sleeves that showed off her tattoo beautifully and her spell component hung around her waist on a silver sash. A short sword banged against her upper thigh as she walked towards the departing ship. She sighed again and cast a simple teleportation spell and arrived on the deck of the ship. She noticed the shocked looks on all of the passengers faces and the angry look on the face of the minotaur.
"Here's the money for the fare," she said, handing the minotaur a full purse of gold coins. This immeadeatly passified the beast who retreated to a dark corner to count his money. Mirror surveyed the passengers and saw Kalia standing on the port side. She walked over to her and said her hello's.
"I thought it could be interesting to tag along, you don't mind, do you Kalia? Par Salin said something about an "errand" as he put it, something about a grey robe, and he said it might be good if I came along with you. Two heads are better than one and all that..." The kagonesti paused and unconciously fingered the dove tattoo on her cheek, waiting for her friend reply....... Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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09/04/2001 5:33 PM

Kalia smiled and hugged her friend. while Ayslynn fluffed out his feathers and preened.

"I don't know...I Think that he knows who I am....And he is angry that he didn't sense me following him...haha...as if the likes of him could try.." She laughed and continued to stare out on the water. "maybe if I where to totaly ignore him, as if I didn't care what he did, and use Ayslynn as a spy...maybe I could pull this off.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/04/2001 7:05 PM

From the shadows of a near by warehouse a dark robed figure watched the ship depart. "I must reach Christian. he will not take the power for himself. But i can nt let the others know i am here." With a few muttered words of magik the crystal ball on his staff turned a blood red.

A merchant pushing his cart by the ware house was startled by the sudden light. he saw what looked like a kagonesti elf in black robes. His face was traced with tattoos. his skin was lighter then most kagonesti but darker then most Silvonesti. The light was eminating from the top of the staff and his eyes were giving off a faint glow of the same color. With out another glance the merchant scurried away.

With a chuckle the mage uttered one last magical word. With a shimmer he disapeared. Only to reappear in the hold of the minotar ship. He quickly glanced around to make sure no one was there. Placing his back against the side of the ship he sat down and waited for night to fall. " thats when i will make my move." he chuckled to himself.

09/04/2001 9:26 PM

Having reached his cabin without mishap, Christian cast a spell of warding on the door. "That should kill or maim anyone foolish enough to disturb me." He pulled a small mirror out of his belongings and began to chant over it. The plain mirror suddenly became a myraid of colors that formed into an image, that of a gold skinned man with eyes the shape of hourglasses. "I have been followed, just like you thought, it is Kalia, and I sense the presence of two maybe three more mages onboard. Should I proceed as planned or should I search out another route."

The gold skinned mage seemed unmoved by the news of the presence of other mages. "I knew Par-Salin would send spies after you, but he does not know that I am behind this. The power contained in Istar belongs to me, and of course you will have your choice of artifacts for making this trip for me. Kalia is strong, but she is not as strong as you, this I know because I have trained you myself. Par-Salin does not even know your true potential. Proceed as planned and if they get in the way eliminate them."

"Do not worry Raistlin, I will not fail you." With this the mirror lost its colors and returned to normal. "Kalia may pose a problem if she cannot be swayed from Par-Salins control, but I will not let anyone stop me, and I will never fail my master." Christian slowly strolled to a desk in his cabin and began rifling through a spellbook with the signature of Raistlin scribed into the cover.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/04/2001 10:34 PM

The dark mage woke to the sound of the creaking ship. It was dark in the hold, but he can see as fine as if it were day. It was time! He got up and slowly made his way to the stairs. He slowly looked up the hatch. It was stary out and the three moons were bright. Especially the glorious black goddess. His mouth turned into a slim smirk.
"tonight i live or i die there is no failer."
With this remark to his goddess he started up the stairs. As he reached the top a minutaur walked out of the shadows.
" You were did you come from. We don't allow stowawayyyyyyyyyyysssssssss....
Before he could say anymore he was hypnotized. All it took was one word of magik
from the mouth of the black mage and he was silent.
" Now tell me my four legged friend, were is christian. The mage who came aboard this morning.
All the minotaur did was point.
the mage thought to him self.
"Take me there."
They slowly walked towords the back of the boat. They came to the last cabin in the boat.
" leave now my friend." the mage said releasing the minotaure from his captve.
The black robe walked to the door and put his hand close to it.

Quickly the mage cast a spell that changed his density to that of smoke. It was as if he was not even a elf but a cloud of mist. He slowly shifted in to the room through the cracks in the door.
He noticed christian sitting at a desk half asleep studying a spell book. With a single word he materialized from the fog.
" Hello my friend. I am Simon the shadowed nephew of Dalamar the dark. My uncle wishes me to propose a deal with you!

09/05/2001 6:34 AM

OOC: LOL!! this is gonna be good...Kalia was adopted by The Majere family, Palin became her Guardian when she wanted to study magic!! now with Raistlin in the picture!! Wohoo!!Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/05/2001 11:40 AM

Mirror could not sleep. She had this trouble whenever she was on a ship. She was an elf-a warrior mage elf-but an elf none the less, and being on water just didn't seem natural to her in the slightest! She walked up onto the deck, the moonlight reflecting in her mirrored eyes, and she pondered Par Salin's words to her. "I want you to keep an eye on this renegade mage. It is said that he wishes to discover the lost city of Istar. I have already sent one mage on the same errand, Kalia Majere, I believe you are aquainted with each other. But, I think she may become to close to the issue at hand..................." When Mirror had tried to question him, he had said nothing further on the subject and ushered out of the door, telling her to make sure she got on that ship.
Well, she was on the ship now, and still she had no idea what the old white robe had been on about. She lent on the side rail and lookedout over the ocean. Suddenly she heard a noise coming from below deck. She drew her small dagger from her boot and moved slowly down to hear what was happening.
What she stumbled upon was two mages, one of them the grey robe, having some kind of heated argument. She heard the words, "Dalamar the dark" and "deal" together in the same sentence and she could not contain herself any longer. She came up behind the dark robed mage and pointed the dagger at his neck, pushing hard enough that a thin trickle of blood came forth and spilled down his neck onto his collar bone. "Well hello there gentlemen, and isn't it a nice night for a little scheming?" she hissed to them both.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
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09/05/2001 4:41 PM

Simon felt the knife poke into his neck. He felt the blood start to trickle down his neck. He smirked.
"So who do we have here. a little rodent perhaps. You do know this could end very quickly for you. What are you doing sticking knives into strangers in the middle of the night? Did your parents teach you no better?"

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09/05/2001 6:27 PM

Kalia woke to Ayslynn's screech of alarm, he was watching the deck for her while she slept.

She sat up and looked around, "wha-? what's wrong. Ayslynn bobbed his head and spoke mind to mind. //It's mirror, she's down in the hold...there are two others there also...the Grey robe and a black robe. you know...being trapped in this form is very annoying...// he actually hissed. Kalia smiled she remembered the botched spell that got him trapped as an eagle. He was once the only one of his kind, an Opal dragon, since he had once saved her from herself, she was honor bound to try to help him...

"Lets go." she grabbed her silver cloak and ran out of her room, and headed for the hold, when she got there, she saw mirror standing behind the black robe who was now threatening her. Knowing better than to intterupt, she stood there quietly, with ayslynn on her shoulder. watching the scene unfold, they would either notice her or not, but either way her presence evened things out a bit.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/05/2001 9:39 PM

"Now isnt this sweet, a friendly meeting after hours... in my chambers. I should kill the lot of you for bothering me and be done with it, but your reasons for being here interest me. You see, my master has granted me much power, and among those powers is the ability to read minds. Mirror, I know why you are here, you are nothing more than a spy and I should kill you for that." Christian put a finger into the air and Mirrors hand went numb. She dropped the knife and it clanged loudly to the floor.

"Now, since that toy is out of the way we can all speak in a civilized manner. Simon, you are here on behalf of Dalamar, a good friend of mine. And Kalia, I can sense your presence in the hallway, you might as well join us also. Lets all have a little chat shall we, but I do not want to disturb the other passengers so lets all come inside and have some wine. I know what you all want so lets talk about it shall we? Oh, and Kalia, be a dear and close the door behind you." With that said Christian turned his chair around to observe his audience.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/05/2001 10:40 PM

OOC: uh...she was already in the room, standing in the doorway. oh well

Kalia nodded and shut the door. Ayslynn let out a few soft chiruping sounds and flew to one of the bed posts. She politely refused the wine, knowing that it would probably disagree with her sooner or later. (remember she is a dragon) She turned to mirror, who was still trying to bring feeling back into her hand. Kalia smiled and took her friend's hand, and held it for a moment, as a soft gold glow spread form her hand to mirror's the feeling was back.

Kalia summoned her staff, and the small crystal orb around her neck flashed and grew. The staff was exact...The future of the Staff of Magius. she held it tightly. years ago it had met its past, when the two staves met, something happend to hers. The black wood had turned pale, the golden dragon's claw turned Platinum and the blue crystal orb turned clear.

Standing there, with her silver cloak, silver-white hair and bright gold eyes, she was the spitten image of her foster Great-Uncle Raistlin Majere. similar in image, but she couldn't be more different from him. Her place in this world was more than even Raistlin could ever dream...and that was why she couldn't let them know of her true form, not unless it was completely nessicary...she shot a warning look to Mirror hoping that her friend would understand...Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/05/2001 11:22 PM

Mirror noticed the look on her friends face and nodded showing she understood, and also thanked her for bringing her hand back to life. She accepted the wine, but did not drink it for fear of it being poisoned. She studied the grey robe intently, and noticed that there was something familiar about his looks, something she couldn't quite put her finger on.................
She stopped pondering as the grey robe turned to face her. She knew he was probably delving into her mind again, so she quickly put up a barrier to try and stop him. Then she asked, "SO, Renegade, why are you here then? And whoexactly is your master?"Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
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09/06/2001 4:36 PM

Simon declined the wine. For what better way to get rid of those who bother you then through poison.
" Why is it that we have been interupted. Is it illegal now for two men who have the same love for magik to talk of there passion? Why have you attacked me.
I don't know you."
Simon stood next to the desk. Simon thought.
With that stated Simon closed off his thoughts from prying minds. Not hard to do. An old Kagonesti secret.
" So then let us get started, shall we."

09/06/2001 9:45 PM

Christian could sense the uneasiness in his guests, they were unsure of what he was capable of and they didnt like it. "The wine is not poisoned, so if that is why you are not drinking then please take my glass is you would like, it is a fine elven vintage." With that he stretched his arm out to offer the glass them but none of them reached to take it.

"Well, enough about the wine, lets get down to business shall we. My master, Im sure at least half of you know who he is but he will remain a secret for now to the rest of you, requires a certain task of me. I require several ancient tomes from the library in the Tower of high sorcery in Istar to complete my and my masters studies. The conclave has deemed that the Tower is lost to the world and they will not assist me on my quest, but I see the conclave can spare several mages to spy on me." glancing at the women. "Here is what I propose, help me reach Istar, help me protect this ship on the journey and I will give you any artifact you desire from the ancient city. Defy me and I will send you to the abyss and you can visit the kingpriests temple for all I care. All I am asking for is assistance on the journey, it should last no more than two days from where we are now, and you will be rewarded. Then you can make your reports to your masters and be done with me and the whole matter. So what do the three of you wish to do." He waited a moment and began again.

"Oh and one more thing, dont try blocking your minds from me, it will not work. If I feel you are trying to betray me I will destroy you" Christian then awaited the response of his company.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/06/2001 9:57 PM

" I am with you. But you already know this. And i would be careful what threats you make. It may be harder to carry them out then you think."

09/06/2001 11:07 PM

Mirror stopped and thought about what the renegade had said for a moment. She didn't trust him, but then it was obvious that he did not trust her either. she knew that it wasn't a good idea to go along with what he was saying, but she reasoned that it would be the only way she would be able to keep her eye on him. She pondered a moment more and then made her decision. "OK, then Renegade," the Kagonesti said, her mirrored eyes flashing dangerously, "I will go with you. But should you even think about betraying any of us, you will not have the opportunity to even murmer a magical world for I will kill you on the spot. Are we understood?!"Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
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09/07/2001 1:39 AM

Kalia frowned..she didn't like it. Ayslynn screeched softly in her ear...a warning. What to do? she thought. She could sense there was more to be said here...and she already had a vauge suspicion on who the Grey robe's master was...acording to Ayslynn anyway... she looked up, glanced once at mirror, and then at the Black robe and locked her gaze with Christian's.

she nodded, once, slowly. "alright...But I am with Mirror on this one...It is easy to see that we do not trust each other. but rest assured, I will not betray untill betrayed, and my retrubution will be more that you're master would serve should you fail in this..." she said softly, as the pupils in her eyes slitted breifly...Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/07/2001 3:22 PM

"All right, then it is settled. We will reach the malestrom in about two days. I suggest the three of you rest until then. You will need any spells relating to wind or water readied on that day. If you need help, or suggestions I will be here. Now all of you go to your rooms and leave me to my studies." With that said he pushed the three out the door, he kept Simon aside for a second. "Just so you know, I make no idle threats. I suggest you contact your master and ask him who I am before you threaten me again. I will destroy you without a second thought." He then shoved Simon out the door. He sealed the door with a death trap and was again alone to his studies. You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/08/2001 8:50 AM

Simon walked from the door way.

With this thought simon walked to the deck of the ship and lookedd off a side rail.

09/08/2001 1:17 PM

Mirror and Kalia walked up back onto the deck together, and just stood in slience for a while. Mirror lent her back against the port side rail and looked up at the three moons. She was able to see all of them, due to the fact that she belomged to the order of the silver robes, and drew her magic from not just one God, but all three. She smiled as she looked upon Solinari and sighed. Without looking into Kalia's golden eyes she spoke frankly to her friend.
"Are you sure you want to do this Kalia? I sensed who that renegade's master was the moment I laid eyes on him, and I know you must have sensed it too. Are you sure you want to get into something that has such strong ties for you. Alright, so Raistlin was not your blood relation, but he is still a part of your family. Would you be able to turn against him should the need arise?" Mirror asked, finally turning to look her friend straight in the eye as she spoke the last words of her sentence. Kalia could not help but shy slightly as she saw her true reflection, that of the Crystal dragon Crystalamria (sp?) reflected in the kagonesti's eyes. "I'm only asking you this Kalia because you are my frined and I worry about you!" Mirror said, placing her elven hand on top of that of her friend.Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

09/08/2001 5:16 PM

Kalia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opend them she also looked up to the three moons, Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari.
She smiled then shook her head.

"Im ok Mirror, I understand your concern." she paused and looked her friend in the eyes. "I am not afraid of who I am anymore...any more
than I doubt my ability to face Raistlin if I have to...He turned his back on his family first...to him, I don't even exist..I don't think that he ever
knew...even if he does know me, knowing me forwho I really am? I doubt it...I have to go through with this....I have to know..."

Kalia smiled and Ayslynn glided down from the "Crows nest" and perched on her shoulder. "I need to know...just what he is up to...I owe Cameron,
Tika, and Palin that much."Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/08/2001 10:16 PM

The rest of the two day journey to the malestrom proved uneventful to all. The sea was calm, for the most part. Everyday Christian would wake up early, head to the deck and stare at the horizon. What he saw nobody knew, but his lifelong quest would soon be over. A tear came to his eye as he looked back at the long journey that brought him here. But finally they had reached the malestrom, a great storm that inhabited the center of the blood sea. A mile away you could see the mammoth storm, not moving, just hovering over the sea. It had to be at least ten miles wide with clouds so dark not even a dragon could fly through them. The storm was said to be the living heart of the sea, a great whirlpool marked its base, and that is where Christian was headed. He stared now at the great storm and wondered if the artifact he possessed was strong enough to perform its task. Holding the necklace close he prayed to his god, a god which no one not even his master knew he prayed to. He pulled a deckhand close enough to him so that he could hear over the storm. "Call my three companions, it is time." The deckhand, glad to escape the sight, hurried to fetch the others.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/10/2001 5:51 PM

The deck hand ran by and told Simon that the renegad wanted him and the others on the deck. Simon got up from the place were he was sitting, and walked to the deck.
" What do you want christian. Are we finally there

09/11/2001 11:54 AM

"As you can see Simon, we have made it, and now the test shall begin. When the others arrive we can enter the storm, but not until they join us. I do not think that we can survive the storm without their help. The time is close."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/14/2001 6:51 PM

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Khalara stepped up behind Simon and Christian (Sp?),"What do you mean 'the time is close.'?" She asked, "We are approaching the Maelstrom aren't we?" Khalara eyed the mages, her silver eyes slightly narrowing. "If it's not that, then what?"

Khalara had been listening in the other night, while the others were in Christian's cabin. She had been crouched outside the door, and had been carefull not to make any noise. She hadn't really understood what they had said, she hadn't caught much. And none of it made sense to her. But she knew something was up, and she wasn't about to miss any opportunities for adventure. She was, after all, a proud brave, who was ready for any battle.

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09/16/2001 9:25 PM

"Khalara is it, I know you were listening to us the other night, so I wont bother with the details. It seems that the others have abandoned us, but that wont stop me. We will enter the malestorm in a minute and when we do use all the power you have to protect the ship. I will do the rest. Kalia and Mirror must not want to be a part of my masters plan, I figured they didnt. Ok, here we go." They had entered the storm. Christian stood at the rail, seemingly unaffected by the storm around him. The storm was like none they had ever seen. Waves reached fifty feet in the air, and more than once these waves threatened to flip the ship. The great whirlpool had them, and now there was no turning back.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/16/2001 11:45 PM

Kalia was there alright, but she was a little behind the ship, following it with the ease that only her true form would allow.

The crystal dragon flew fast, meeting up with then passing the ship as they entered the malestorm, a shimmering sheild protected her from the wind and water as she dived in after the ship.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/17/2001 9:14 PM

Christian could sense Kalia's presence as she approached the ship and landed. The mages were casting spells to quell the wind, and to protect the ship and it was working. They were sucked nearly to the center of the whirlpool when Christian began to act. He pulled the medallion out and began to chant arcane word all but forgotten on Krynn. The ancient magic was powerful, and the other mages couldnt help but feel that power. The artifact glowed bright blue, a light that blinded all that looked at it. Then, slowly, the whirlpool began to cease its eternal churning. The storm began to dissipate and the whole sea became calm, but Christian still was chanting and it was becoming more and more powerful.

To all those on the ship, they were watching one of the most powerful spells on Krynn take shape. The deckhands were in shock at the sudden calmness in the sea, but that was not the greatest show of the day. Looking out over the bow, a great stone tower rose out of the water. It was the legendary Tower of High Sorcery of Istar. It slowly rose out of the water, but it was not the only thing that rose, the rest of Istar was rising as well. All around the boat it seemed that buildings were forming out of the water, and finally the ground had broken water. The entire city of Istar, with the exception of the Temple of the Kingpriest, was floating some fifty feet above the water. The ship was lucky it was not stranded on the floating city, but Christian had wove his spell when they were on the spot of the Temple of the Kingpriest so that the boat was not grounded and that only the mages could reach the city. With his spell complete, Christian put the medallion back in his shirt and teleported himself onto the main street of Istar. "This will be a glorious day."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/18/2001 5:47 AM

Glimmer gasped in awe as she saw the once submerged city of istar rise and float high above her.

Quickly she banked, and climbed sharply, her wings beating strong and steady as she cleared the edge of the city, her crystaline scales glittered brightly in the sunlight. she looked around and landed, folding her feathered wings and walked forward.

"in the name of the Gods...." she whispered as she stared around, awed.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/18/2001 10:44 AM

Mirror appeared at the side of Kalia in her dragon form through the use of a simple teleportation spell. She stood and stared, dumbfounded. She could not believe what she had just witnessed! She turned to Glimmer, her mouth open, totally lost for words. All she could say was "Wow....................."Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
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Simon say the glimmer of the sun off of somthing silver.

He did a quick teleport spell and apeared by mirror and a silver dragon of sorts.
" Hello ladies how are we this wonderful morning."
he said while letting his eyes wonder to the soaring tower of palanthas.

09/18/2001 8:34 PM

(OOC: Simon, its not the tower of Palanthas, its Istar.)

Christian wandered down the main road, and about fifty feet ahead he spotted a Dargonesti elf stranded on the land. He slowly walked up to her.

"Are there any more of your kind in the city?" he asked the Dargonesti. She shook her head. He then picked up the elf and carried her to the nearest ledge. "Notify the rest of your kind that my master, Raistlin Majere, has taken this city as his new floating citadel. Tell them to fear him, for soon he will rule this land." With this said he dropped the elf off the edge of the city and she landed gracefully in the water. "Ah, the others have arrived."

Christian finally reached the trio of mages. "I thank the three of you for your assistance, and now you may each have your choice of artifacts from the tower of high sorcery...and the first chance to accept my master as your leader before he conquers all of Krynn. Know this, if your refuse to take him as your leader you will someday be a slave under his ever watchful eye. So what are your decisions."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/18/2001 9:14 PM

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Simon looked at the dragon and the kagonesti.
" pray tell, what would happen if we were to kill you and take this wonder as our own. Just a senerio of course. I would never think of such a thing."

09/19/2001 5:25 AM

Kalia raised her head and continued to stare intently at the city, completely ignoring the Grey robe.

In her true form The Crystal dragon could "feel" emotions easily. she could sense something odd in the area...a mixxed feeling of nostalgia, and hate.

a faint, low growl emmited from her throat, as she lowered her head, and fanned out her feathered wings.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/19/2001 6:47 PM

Khalara stared at Christian with her slanted eyes as wide as they could go.
"You want us to swear feality to Raistlin?" Khalara's hand went reflexivly onto her sword hilt, her dark silver eyes regarded Christian.

Khalara tore her gaze from Christian and looked at the others, trying to read their thoughts. Her grip tightened around her sword's hilt and she swallowed nervously, she knew that her sword wouldn't help her against a mage.
Khalara turned back to Christian, "Or was that a threat?," she growled, through clenched teeth. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

09/19/2001 7:33 PM

"Oh, that was no threat, Raistlin will conquer this world and you all with it if you refuse to join him. And Simon, I wouldnt try anything, your master was in on this as well. Dalamar will be a general in lord Raistlins army. You all can make your choices now, or later if you would like, but in the end he will rule all. If you would care to look over the horizon you will notice that we are moving, back to the tower at Palanthas, where Istar will become complete. Now as for your rewards, lets take a walk to the tower shall we." Christian then turned his back on the trio and began to head for the Tower of Istar. "Oh, and one more thing, if you want to try to stop me be my guest, but do you think that the medallion around my neck will let you. It has the power to raise an entire city from the sea, it has the power to stop a storm created by the gods, do you think it will allow you to harm its master? Think about your choices, you will be better off in the end joining my master and me." Christian continued to the tower without looking back.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

09/19/2001 9:49 PM

Simon saw no other option at this point. He startes to walk twith the Renegade. He did not like this though. His Uncle never kept anything form him.

09/20/2001 8:15 PM

Khalara frowned, with her hand still clutching the hilt of her sword, she followed Christian, muttering curses in Kagonesti under her breath.

"I will make my choice later," Khalara told Christian between gritted teeth, "I need to see more of what Raistlin has planned. I cannot make my desicions blindly." "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

09/20/2001 9:19 PM

"neither can I" Glimmer said softly...eyeing the mage apraisingly. she turned her head toward the city and walked forward, ruffling the feathers of her wings. "To make such a dicision blindly would lead to more of a problem later."may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

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