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07/15/2000 8:36 PM

The lich's thought smiled, because his fleshless face could not. The wraith spiders skittered quietly along the wall around him as he ventured deeper into the labyrinth that is the Underdark. He carried very little with him, just his personal items and spell components, and of course, his constant companion...Archimedes, the time looped staff of incredible power. So far nothing had attacked him on his journey to his mother city of Menzoberranzan, he had encountered everything from Carrion Crawlers to Ropers and they had quickly moved from his path...no the simple minded creatures of the Underdark wouldn't cause him trouble, but his own people would...they were his prey this night...

Drow made excellent undead, the very arcane nature of their birth and training lent them more powers as the walking dead than a human would. Yes, his prey was near...he could almost smell the sweet myconid perfumes of Lloth's bitches..such fun to watch them die....

In silence the undead master continued his journey downward, the pure darkness soon gave away to the dim light of the city nearby...with a chuckle he moved forward.

05/11/2000 12:11 PM

Fantastic intro...when do we get the next part? who's he going to meet? what's the quest? Has someone in his previous existance double crossed him, and now he is now going to repay them?

05/11/2000 2:05 PM

pssst! hey mordor! you're supposed to roleplay! this is one of those "in-character-post" forums ;)

05/11/2000 3:11 PM

psst! so what do we do? add to it or go on our own tangent?

05/11/2000 3:37 PM

either one i suppose, as long as it's in character.

05/11/2000 10:53 PM

"Hey! What are you two whispering about over there!?" ;)

05/12/2000 12:02 AM


"that lich over there might hear you!"

05/12/2000 12:54 AM

A lone and dimunitive figure steps out of the shadows. Looking at this slightly scaled skin, dog-faced little spud... your begin to think that this is perhaps the ugliest kobold you ever had the misfortune of seeing. To your surprise, the little bugger seems to be fluent in the hand code used in this realm of evernight. To your shock, rusty bat wings unraval from behind his back as he "speaks" to ya...

Hi, i am Sqwibble-neck Bona-bona, but my friends call me "Neck-bone", so you can too. I am an Urd, but not just any Urd... i am a tunnel rat... and i know stuff. Don't worry about that lich, he is hunting those mean spider people. Lets follow him, this will be interesting, but if anyone or anything foolishly molests his hunt... then duck... duck quickly that is.

05/13/2000 12:24 AM

From out of a steam shadow steps a slender figure
in a heavey dark robe,almond shaped glowing red in the darkness.
"If a lich want's to hunt,"
a shallow voice creeps out of his hood.
"then let him, perhaps we should find our own

05/13/2000 2:19 AM

"Yeah... the lich will cause all the patrols to go barmy" Neck-bone eagarly squeeks. "I think we should enter the city, in the liches wake... and steal stuff". "Wait a mintune... who are you... friend, or foe?

05/13/2000 4:30 AM


The sound carries through the cavern on a superheated breeze as a fireball explodes somewhere nearby. The terminus of the spell is accompanied by the high pitched pained screams of a nearby drow patrol...an insidious laugh sounds thereafter...the lich was already at work...

He would make them pay for his sufferage in the warrens so long ago...he would make them pay for trying to turn him into a hideous spider beast just because he wanted to practice real magic...not some shifty art that would fail him if he ever went to the surface...yes they would die on his terms..which were simple...slowly and painfully....

Stepping lightly over the dead bodies of the Drow patrol, the lich quickly removed anything of value from the bodies that wasn't burnt or damaged. They hadn't seen him in time to do anything but scream a half-hearted warning before his delayed blast fireball had went off. The only thing he left on their bodies were their drow weapons...they would need those...

With a chuckle he began his rounds in the cavern, gently touching each elven corpse with a bony hand, channeling the negative essence of his new home into the lifeless flesh and creating it anew in his own corrupted point of view. The ghouls slowly rose from where they laid and began hissing at each other...

The lich waved a hand for silence and then said on phrase... "Go...kill the drow whereever you may find them...feed on their flesh...but bring the bones back here....".

Now the lich went back towards the cavern he had came from...to deal with those that were following him.....

05/14/2000 1:49 AM

The robed figure draws his hood back,revealing himself as drow and a very concerned drow at that.
"My name is Kureel,"he says looking at Neck Bone
"...if that matters right now."Kureels' eyes widen.
"he's coming back..."

05/14/2000 2:27 AM

...a mighty roar of heat and air raged in the tunnels nearby. This didn't seem like the usual dreamtraveling jaunt that the dwarf was accustomed to. The darkness and damp air was all too real. Where by all the gods was he?

He was in the Underdark that was certain. Hordac certainly didn't want to be here of all places. He wanted to be at the front gate to Neverwinter, using the powers that were his birthright. Now a stroke of fell trickery (Vergadain was certainly in bad humor this night) has waylaid him here.

That blast sounded close by. The darkness wasn't a hinderance to the dwarf and he peered around for a quick view of his surroundings. He was in a large cavern outlined with numerous tunnels and outcroppings. He heard what sounded like someone cackling in the distance. Hiding by a large rock, he went over in his head his available powers and items. All the items he had on his person before the jaunt remained. He still had on his unusual array of armor fashioned from red dragon hide, looking to the world like a reptilian cousin of the dwarf. His beard was cut short so that it would not get in his way, screw dwarven pride. As Hordac was muling over his options, a burnt stench filled the air. Then something dark bounded past him, for a brief moment, looking like a victim of the red dragon he so proudly donned the skin of. Then several more of the charred beings stalked past him, ignoring him, intent on some unknown purpose. He remembered the loud noise and heat. They didn't seem to be screaming in pain or running for their lives that was certain. He looked down to where the beings shambled on and made sure no more were venturing his way. They seemed to be acting like...undead? Gulping his initial fears away and with curiosity ruling his nature, he wanted to see where they came from...

05/14/2000 4:57 AM

"Don't make me come in there...." The lich's voice rasped and echoed in the deep caverns of the underdark...it was a voice of cold, distant emotion, devoid of care or love for any being other than the creature from which it came...

The lich could sense an Urd...they had a certain scent that was unmistakable..he could also hear the quick breathing of a drow male...filled with fear, as he should be....

Unnatural eyes cut the darkness easily, allowing those hiding in the cavern beyong to view the floating lavender pinpricks of light....

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05/14/2000 4:18 PM

"Hey Kureel, if this lich wants us dead, then we're dead. "At least if we walk to him, and let him kill us... he might just let the spiders eat our cospses instead of making us something worse". "But i don't think he wants to kill us"... as Neck-bone grabs his chin with his hand, and pops his neck... " i think he has a task for us"...

05/14/2000 8:22 PM

"I hope you're right Neck-Bone...I hope you're
right."Kureel pulls his hood up,if the end comes
he doesn't have to see it.

05/15/2000 10:40 AM

One of the figures who had been whispering in the shadows finally emerged.

He was was a stunningly handsome kuo-toa dressed in the latest fashions to grace the noble courts of Waterdeep. He approached with a dashing smile that could've charmed the breeches off of Ao himself.

"Well met fellow gents! Phooka's the name! I see you're both here for a little 'lich-watching' as well!"

The kuo-toa's words were met with dumbfounded silence.

"They may seem a bit scary at first with their decaying flesh, auras of horrifying evilness, death spells, and such... but once you get past all that... believe me... they're just ordinary folks like you or I!"

(more dumbfounded silence)

"Look fellas, don't worry. When he comes up to us, we'll just talk to him like civilized people... and if he's feeling a bit stroppy, I've got just the thing..." The peculiar creature patted a small velvet pouch which hung from his belt. Embroidered in gold were the words: "Lich Snacks"

05/15/2000 10:55 PM

From his perch upon the cavern ceiling, Hordac had a clear view of the going-ons below. His limbs shaped like vice-like grips thanks to his metabolic control, he adjusted his position on the stalactite for better comfort. The piercers he had to contest with to obtain this spot stayed a respectful distance, smarting from the acid he sprayed on them from his skin.

The passageways the crispy people came from led him here where he could now observe some sort of hooded being menacingly floating towards a group of three humanoids, one of them an eccentrically dressed fish-man, who awaited its arrival.

There was sure to be some sort of confrontation. The hooded creature, probably an ancient mage or undead, talked to itself in a booming voice. Unsure of his next action, Hordac watched the scene before him in bemusement...

05/16/2000 11:41 AM

The lich rounded the corner of the tunnel and entered the cavern where the three misfits and the fishman stood..

"What do we have here Archimedes? A fishman, a winged rat and foot stool". The last remark seemed to slap Kureel fully in the face.

The skull on the end of the lich's staff seemed to spin and cackle wildly...several of the gems in its teeth glowed dimly in the darkness.

"Surely master...they fear you...unlike me...I know what you are..."

"Shut up foolish weapon..." there are sparks as the lich slams the staff's skull into the wall near him.

The lich noticed that the ring on his index finger seemed to hum slightly...there was someone nearby using powers of the mind, and it wasn't any of these fools...maybe a mindflayer hoping to get some action? He would deal with the squid face in a minute...looking at the others he spoke.

"Why are you following me?"

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05/16/2000 4:54 PM

before the three could answer,the caverns entrance erupted in light, the rip in space making its self known, the open portal pouring fourth thousands of gallons from th ocean surrounding Mt.celestia's shores. the deluge of pure holy water engulfing the four supprised figures. a few moments later and the portal closes, washed in from the extraplanar flood sits a sopping wet, outlandishly dressed young man. "oy,cutters, you lann me what plane this is?"

05/16/2000 6:58 PM

Hordac tensed as from out of nowhere the cavern below him flooded with gallons of water. The cavern shook with the force of the rushing water and a few surprised piercers dropped into the flood below. It took every ounce of strength for the dwarf to hang on. The water nearly reached the ceiling before pouring out into the other tunnels. He briefly wondered how the glowing city he saw in the cavern he first appeared in would take the oncoming flood. After a few heart-pounding minutes, the water stopped rushing in and from out of what looked like a closing dimensional portal (Hordac had seen a few of these), sat a peculiar-looking human.

The human muttered something he couldn't quite hear from where he was positioned. Hordac was more concerned with the whereabouts of the beings he first observed. Water was still crashing about the tunnel floor and he couldn't see if they were even in this cavern anymore.

Why did his dream take him to this place? What madness was going on here? Maybe he hasn't truly woken up yet...

05/16/2000 7:10 PM

The lich moved his hands slightly as he saw the holy water rushing up to meet his undead body. That would hurt...badly...

Black fire...colder than anything any of the others had experienced, exploded in the room, freezing a good amount of the water solid and corrupting it to a greasy black with the negative radiation.

"IQ test should be given to planars...they are so dimwitted..."

The lich held back an arm....a green globe suddenly appeared in his hands as he stared at the newest intruder...

"Tell me why I shouldn't dissolve your flesh now for that little stunt you just pulled..."

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05/17/2000 12:11 AM

The robed creature survived! It seemed angry at the newcomer and looked to annihilate him with a ball of energy from its hand.

Both of them were directly below the dwarf. As Hordac pondered what to make of this situation, Vergadain (that mischievous deity) once again showed his dark humor. The "perch" Hordac was on stirred and a pair of dark eyes opened up underneath him. What he thought was a stalactite was, instead, the largest gods-be-damned piercer he ever laid eyes on. Hordac knew why the creature finally moved and he didn't want to be around for it. He gathered his thoughts, risked the headache, and 'ported to where he originally appeared in the Underdark, the only place he could safely shift to, just as the giant piercer made its silent drop to kill those below.

Cold water was up to his ankles and his head ached briefly from the teleport. Hordac wished that he was still dreaming because he really wanted to wake up now...

05/17/2000 12:20 AM

Neck-bone takes the on rush of the torrent and uses its momentum to take flight... after all, he is a tunnel rat, and he knows stuff. Flash floods are common things in his line of work. As he flies he screams, "Every one for themselves... Bee-yitch" And takes a route back to where the action is...


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05/17/2000 12:38 AM

Kureels eyes widened and his jaw dropped,with no other thought in mind he quickly,instinctively
snapped his fingers just as the massive wall of water bore down upon him.
Water rushed all around kureel as he stood dry...
and safe,enveloped by an invisible barrier.

05/17/2000 8:32 AM

The waters were refreshing to say the least. Phooka had been in the dry for quite some time now. One has to be if one's to go lich-watching (the gods had no sense to create liches for the water).

Phooka was about to greet the new visitor and thank him for the refresher when he noticed a stupendously enormous, wedge-shaped object rapidly descending on the obliviously irate lich.

"By Beshaba! That piercer's as big as a palace!" the kuo-toa thought to himself.

Phooka grabbed the outlander and darted to cover in a nearby tunnel.

05/17/2000 4:11 PM

The whistling noise the piercer made as its sharp point cut the still air of the cavern gave the lich the only warning he needed to move. Having been born in the Underdark, he knew many of the creatures that laired in his once home, and piercer's were a danger...and a delicacy...

Moving quicker than most living men could, the lich jumped and rolled with the fall, coming back up in his feet as the large creature smashed its shell into the cavern floor...still holding the Vitriolic Sphere in his hands he threw the round object at the creature and watched as it smashed across the shell, almost instantly eating through the hard shell to the piercer's soft innards....the piercer, one of the largest of kind felt real pain, and let out a aquealing whimper as the acid ate it away.

"Blast it all to Baator!" The lich was more than irate now, he was literally fuming with black flames and drowish curses

"Look at me...im filthy AND wet...whose going to pay for this?..I aught to kill you all NOW!"

Archimedes, meanwhile, was laughing so hard that his guffawing almost muffled the lich's angry words.

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05/18/2000 12:08 AM

Hordac sat against a pillar of rock, deep in thought. He wondered if the gaudy human and the robed creature survived the piercer. Was one of them the reason why his power drew him here? Or was it the winged kobold? The shady hooded person? The fish-man?

He decided to walk back to the cavern he vacated to find out the answers. He barely took one step, when he saw them. A contingent of what looked like drow...wait, yes, they were drow...riding the backs of giant lizards on the far end of the cavern walls. They were definitely prepared for battle. Hordac saw numerous blades, spears, and glowing items of power among them. Of course! They came from that city he saw in the distance. This must be their response to what they thought were threats to their territory.

The dwarf kept well hidden by the pillar. As a precaution, he tapped his power yet again to control his body temperature to hide from heat-seeking eyes.

The drow were heading towards the adjacent tunnels leading to where Hordac left the piercers and the unusual humanoids. The small army was being slowed down however by a group of creatures attacking the rear of the group. The crispy people! They were trying to climb after the lizard mounts crawling along the cavern wall, hacking feebly with bladed weapons and shooting their small handbows. Mages amongst the drow blasted away with fire spells and exploding magic pulverizing the charred ones to so much dust. Hordac looked on in astonishment. They were rid of them so quickly and now continued on their way. This did not bode well for those who remained in that cavern...

05/18/2000 12:48 AM

Neck bone flies into the original chamber, and lands perches on a stalagmite. He opens the draw strings of his belt pouch and whisperes, "slingshot". He then pulls out a slingshot... and places his other hand back to the pouch and whispers, "light pellet".

He places the ceramic covered continual light pellet into the pouch of the sling. He then pulls back the catgut, and takes aim. He fires right in front of the charging drow patrol, and floods them with blinding light.....


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/18/2000 1:34 AM

The lich watched as the flying rat-man moved into the other chamber, turning from the others he followed the Urd to where it sat and stood still as he could as his eyes met those of the drow patrol leader, just as the light spell exploded.

Moving quickly, wincing at the pain in his eyes, he quickly took cover as the drow screamed in pain and fell from their lizard mounts, their hands clawing their eyes...the Urd had battled drow before...and was good at it...

Archimedes had quit his constant mindless yammering and stared over the side of the large rock they hid behind and moved back...

"There are close to 15 I think...this is your fault...your going to die again I know it..."

"You fool...I have never expired in your company...you know nothing of my past...now shut up and fight"

The last word was spoken as one of the mages, still squinching his eyes spoke a few words of magic and let a volley of magic missiles fly at the Urd....

Archimedes, meanwhile, hopped across the cavern floor to another stalagtite directly across and behind the Urd, near the fishman. Looking around the ancient piece of rock, Archimedes let lose a series of three black flame missiles, which streaked forth toward the nearest drow patrolman.

Zanatose on the other scaled mentally through the hundreds of spells he had memorized...he looked for a priestess but couldn't see one in the blindling light of the Urd's spell. Speaking an incantation, the lich pointed toward one of the fighters coming toward them blindly and watched as black motes of energy formed around his being....

"You face the might of Lord Zanatose Z'nebrion Everhate...you WILL die..."

((OOC: Just so you guys know..Zanatose just casted a spell from Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium 2 called Bone Seizure...its lich magic that only undead can cast...Archimedes is fully able to move and fight on his own, and he is currently firing Shadowflame missiles at the Drow))

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05/18/2000 2:34 AM

Neck-bone see's the magic missles coming and holds is hand up in a gesture that usually gets deep gnomish chirldren a spakin. On his promonatly displayed middle finger is a ring that takes on a light of its own... two magic missles hit him, one in the arm, the other in the chest... he falls back off the staglagmite and lands in the biggest pile of lizard dung he ever seen... unfortunatly he missed seeing the remaining three magic missles richoceete back to the drow mage... one hits the face, one hits the gut, the last one dead square into the drow's family jewels... but he giggled when he heard the drow hit a note higher than a banshee....


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/18/2000 8:34 PM

((OOC:...hey...are we going to countinue this or what...Kureel?...Phooka?...its your turn))

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05/18/2000 10:01 PM

(OOC) kreel is a friend of mine... he works late hours... i am sure he'll on around 11 pm cali time)

(IC) "sniff, sniff.... ahhhhh shit!!!!!"

P.S. (OOC) speaking of that king your in the Way Inn also... left rupert hangin.. lol


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05/18/2000 10:47 PM

The kuo-toa watched intently from his hiding spot as the lich wrought forth a delightful array of flashes and sparkles. Now this was the treat he'd been waiting to see all this time.

Equally amusing to the kuo-toa was Archimedes. "What a delight it must be to own a talking magic rod!" he thought to himself. He began to imagine all the things he'd say to a talking magical rod if he owned one...

"So what's shaking Roddy?"

"Hot enough for ya Roddy?"

"Boy are you a sight for sore eyes Roddy!"

"So Roddy, howabout them liches?"

...not even Larloch had a talking rod companion (though he did have a lot of other splendid toys).

The show when on and Phooka continued to watch in awe, as the lich and his rod took command of the stage.

05/18/2000 11:55 PM

The drow patrol immediately assumes a defensive
position and attempts a classic flanking manuver.
"No you don't"Kureel thinks to himself as he observes several warriors led by what might be a mage...or maybe a priestess!!
"They are headed for that out croping,we'll be pinned down!"
Reaching into a pouch at his side and removes a
piece of quartz and begins to chant.
Several small bolts from the flannking party whiz harmlessly by ,and the mounted drow also begins to chant.Kureels intesive trainning and studying
afforded him the upper hand...
A massive wall of ice appears near the top of the
cavern and crashes down on the unsuspecting drow
"They didn't even have time to scream."Kureel smircked to himself.

05/19/2000 1:05 AM

Zanatose almost giggled as he manuvered the spell controlled drow to the edge of a cliff...the sound of the water rushing below was easy on the ears..yet the drow fighter screamed like a woman...irritated he couldn't hear the water, Zanatose manipulated the drow's bones, making him step off the cliff and into the chasm...his screams this time were like music to the lich's ear holes....

Archemides shot three more missiles and watched as one drow went down in pain, half his face disintegrated to dust at his feet as the shadowfire caught his very spirit aflame...his death screams were just as sweet as a fresh peach. Excited at his kill...the staff aimed one of the gems in his teeth at a mage and let loose another spell...this one would draw the drow's soul into the gem and make its abilities available to the staff to use for an eternity....every soul he took made him more powerful....

The black crackling of the spell's energy shot from the staff like midnight lightning, slamming into the drow mage's chest like a ton of boulders.....for a second a flash of energy shot through the drow's body, highlighting its skeleton from the inside with an eldritch glow, then the drow fell to his knees...then his face....dead...his soul, a slight light in the darkness, shot from the unmoving body into the gem directly under the skull's nose hole, lighting it with it's life force.

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05/19/2000 1:13 AM

OOC: I think Tyrin needs to run the drow now, they are after all, his NPC characters...and we have went twice already...I think it should be there turn...I know Zanatose and Archimedes have taken out three of them.

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05/19/2000 1:38 AM

The drow forces were being quickly decimated by the unusual humanoids who, strangely enough, teamed up together to fend off their attackers. Hordac thought these beings must be in the throes of madness. How long would these brave stalwarts last against a whole city of drow? Spells aplenty they had, but an entire city???

The dwarf admitted to himself that this brought a measure of entertainment that he hadn't experienced in a long while. Not since his days of adventuring with his friend Cecil had he felt the rush of danger and magic in the air. His long months of mastering what the sage in Westgate called "psionics" turned him into a hermit, separating him from friends, adventure, EXCITEMENT. This was long overdue. He knew not why the dreamwalking had led him here and now he realized he didn't care no more. Neverwinter will have to wait...

The fish-man seemed the only other cautious one in this cavern, standing apart from his fellows, watching the eerie flight of the staff that belonged to the robed creature. Damnation! It was time to get involved! Hordac decided on making contact with the fish-man while the others were caught up in battle. He headed towards where the fish-man stood.

As he scampered on his way, Hordac sensed danger yet again...from above! A group of levitating drow, numbering about a dozen, suddenly materialized right above the dwarf. They pointed their arms towards the dangerous humanoids. Spheres of some sort of shimmering liquid enveloped their hands. A drop splashed near Hordac with a sizzling sound. By the gods, acid bolts! Near panic, he noticed one drow aimed towards the fish-man, who was still entranced by the dancing staff. They hadn't noticed the dwarf yet as he was below their field of vision. He dropped the drain of his powers to his metabolism and redirected them to a more offensive purpose. This was going to drain him greatly, but he knew not what else to use against the drow. Hordac shouted a warning, "Fish-man, above you!" At the same time, he released the build-up of power in his head and the drow who endangered the fish-man disintegrated before his eyes. There was no time to scream and in seconds, there was nothing left. The other drow noticed their comrade's quick demise, saw the dwarf running for cover and cast their acid bolts on him instead.

Stone sizzled all around the dwarf and he only had time to leap for the protection of a large fallen boulder. Hordac prayed that the fish-man heard the warning, otherwise the drow would overpower him and speed him on his way to the gods. Well, this was indeed adventure. Hordac wished he had longer time to enjoy it...

05/19/2000 1:45 AM

OOC: I apologize. Was a bit late today. So I made mine extra long. I would imagine that there were about a dozen or so lizard riders. Now a dozen more drow mages have appeared on the scene. Round two, FIGHT!

05/19/2000 2:15 AM

This was getting out of hand, now more of the drow mages were appearing above them. The dwarf had saved them from drenched in magical acid...he would reward such courage with something...what yet he didn't know....eternal servitude to him would be a reward for any living creature.

The lich quickly removed a small velvet bag studded with black gems from a pocket in his robes followed by a tiny candle...speaking words of magic, the lich casted a powerful spell of summoning...the air around the lich shimmmered slightly as 6 beings of pure darkness appeared. The man-shaped black clouds had eyes like embers, eyes that hungered for the sweet life of the drow mages hovering above them.

With silent, forboding intent, the Wraith-Lords left the ground, grasping at the feet of their attacker's with cold, life draining claws....their hisses were cruel thoughts made flesh...

Zanatose himself let go of the mental restraint he held on his aura of power and let the darkness flow forth in waves of pure numbing darkness from his form like wicked ribbons...like an orgasm the lich moaned from the relief...the drow however, screamed bloody hell as it touched them, fright widened their eyes as they screamed a single word..."LICH!"

((OOC:...Wow...I think I liked this post better than my first...LOL...By the way...the drow aren't the only ones affected by the Ebony Horror's Aura of Power, in fact anyone under 7th level thats not undead would flee immeadiatly for 2d12 rounds...everyone else would get a saving throw vs. spell at -4 to avoid fleeing for 1d12 rounds))

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05/19/2000 2:29 AM

(OOC) elystran took out the remaining light stunned lizard riders with a wall of ice. That leaves the mages.

(IC) Neck-bone gets up from is stinky, yet soft landing and pulls out two serreted red steel long daggers. He flies up as high as he can, then dive bombs in behind the drow mages that has their backs to him. He swiftly fies between two of the mages with arms wide, daggers extended, and nicks them both on the neck as he flies by. There is a high pitched whisling sound as a thin streams of blood squirts out of their necks, which abruptly ends as the nick's turn into gapping tears from the pressure... then a fountain of gore sprays as the juggler veins release the pressure.

The lich impressed yet again by the resorcefulness of this mere flying rat hasn't the time to contemplate for he hears,"I thought i smelled you foul stinch Zanatose... Zanatose turns around to see Grompe Baenre, Archmage of Mezobberanzan standing before him. "Now that you are finished playing with fools, perhaps you want to play with a true mage"....


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/19/2000 2:36 AM

"Its about time you showed your ass kissing face again Gromph..its amazing you could pull your nose from old lady Baenre's wrinkled hole to come and confront me...maybe lloth can perform miracles eh?"

The lich smiled...Gromph was powerful, but still not as powerful as he was....

"Archimedes...to me....."

The staff seemed to groan but quickly, with a feat of acrobatics, flipped through the air and landed in the lich's bony grasp...not only would he have to fight the lich, but the staff as well...together they were an undefeated force to be reckoned with...

"Have you the balls Baenre?..to make the first move..." Zanatose laughed....his voice raspy and dry.

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05/19/2000 2:40 AM

Neck bone intent on his prey never noticed the black aura... and flu into it. He feels a coldness like no other, and fear that makes his skin crawl. (rolls d20) Fortunatly his will to live overides this fear...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/19/2000 2:44 AM

((LOL...we keep this up and we are goin to take over this entire post...but a spell battle between Zanatose and Gromph was a good idea...I will like kicking him around some...LOL))

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05/19/2000 10:46 AM

(OCC: gromph vs. zanatose?!!? yeah right! "zanny snaps his fingers and gromph turns into a pile of shit... now onto the next drow...")

phooka continued to be entranced by the magical rod. archimedes' dance stole the show. not even the lich's black aura could distract the kuo-toa...

(OCC:i'm using my artistic license to keep phooka in the story. he's only a 1st level bard, no chance against the ebony aura...)

phooka didn't even flinch as a boulder came crashing down, less than an inch from hitting him...

05/19/2000 11:46 PM

Kureel shuddered as the the cold darkness of pure unrefined evil passed through him.It was a feeling that he hoped he would never feel,but better now than at an earlier point in his career
as a rouge invoker.
Fearfull of crossing the lich,but ultimatly torn
by his hatred of all followers of lolth,Kureel
needed to get this in(knowing full well the lich needed no help).
Kureel thought and thought and again until it hurt...then pointed to the Baenre mage.
and the mage known as Gromph was briefly unable to speak or in any way shape or form make noise.
Kureel prayed to Myrkul that he had not drawn the lichs wrath...

05/20/2000 3:07 AM

It was raining dead drow mages around Hordac. It would seem the humanoids have come to his aid. Just as he gets up from his hiding spot to thank them, a cold fear grips his heart. He didn't know why but he wanted to be away from this place. Sweat streamed all over him, as he saw the source. The robed man was none other than a...lich! He must have been the one who sent out the crispy people! Hordac mastered his fear. If he were to run, where would he go? No, the fight is here and it seemed the lich's attention was elsewhere. A lone drow mage has appeared to confront the lich. Brave fool, Hordac thought.

Hordac ran over to the fish-man, who seemed to now have his attention to the upcoming spell battle. The gaudily-dressed human who appeared with all that water was crouched on the floor next to the fish-man in fetal position. He was shivering, lying in a puddle of his own urine. The lich must have been too much for him...

Hordac greeted the fish-man, "Hordac Bonebasher is my name, actually the Bonebasher part was stuck on to me, but that don't matter now. Your friends saved my skin back there. You have a name?" He extended his hand in offering of friendship.

Meanwhile, Gromph Baenre's only response to the other drow's spell was an uplifted eyebrow. A whistling noise, then a pop signalled the end of the silence spell. Not wasting any time, Gromph released his waiting spell, uttering in one breath, "Lil alurl velve zhah lil velkyn uss..." A black, blade-shaped planar rift suddenly appears in front of him. A smile of triumph appears on his face. He then steps forward, directing the blade-like rift towards the lich. "This has been a long, long time coming, Zanatose. You should never have come back. Farewell, 'dobluth' (outcast)!"

05/20/2000 3:33 AM

OOC: I hope no one minds what I did to crazyeddie's planar traveler but there has been no reply from him ever since that first post and I wanted to find a way to keep him around if he should ever come back to post here again.

By the way, I figured Gromph has many defenses against spells directed towards him. I imagine he would have protective wards and certain spell immunities, so I apologize to Elystran for casually tossing aside that silence spell. Besides, I want to see what the lich can do against a prepared Gromph. The spell he has now conjured up is a Black Blade of Disaster, one of his most powerful spells. He can direct it as he wills it. It can cleave through prismatic walls and spheres, walls of force, and all other known magical barriers, including an anti-magic shell (to quote from the Drow of the Underdark module). Against creatures, the blade does 2d12 points per strike (attacks twice a round) and absorbs all magical attacks and effects directed at it. A 1-in-20 chance it will disintegrate the victim of its attack and nothing short of a wish can restore that character.

Just imagine you don't know all that, however, hehe...

05/20/2000 7:08 AM

The Lich smiled as the Black Blade of Disaster flew toward him, however, he had something up his own sleeve...

"Zintra Flinae fortitudita...." As the lich completed the spell a small sphere of darkness appeared floating in his hand...if Gromph was going to use the Black Blade...he was going to use a Sphere of Ultimate Destruction (9th level spell, TOM)

The short-lived sphere of annihilation streaked forth, guided by the lich's high, almost alien intelligence appearing little more than a flickering of shadows as it moved in the perpetual night conditions of his homeland.

Archimedes cackled, the sound richochetted off the cavernous walls, out doing even the sound of the dieing drow above..out of no where...an aura of shimmering darkness formed around the lich and the staff as a Entropy Shield was cast by Archimedes.

((Entropy Shield allows Zanatose to roll a percentile die, if he gets 50 and below, nothing happens and the attack affects Gromph, if the roll his higher than 50, the attack affects normally...this includes all spells and physical attacks..this spell is also in the TOM and is a 6th level priest spell. Also, Gromph can't attempt to control of the Sphere of Anihillation as long as he is concentrating on the Black Blade...however...since Zan has a 22 INT, he would have a hard time doing it anyway....remember that both Gromph and Zanatose have high Magic Resistance...I don't know Gromphs, but I know Zan's is 95%))

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05/20/2000 9:16 AM

OOC:Fair enough Tyrin
I'll be back for more later...off to work

05/21/2000 1:22 AM

((Hey guys...can we hurry up and post for this?...No one has posted a usable message since Friday...))

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05/21/2000 8:59 AM

With a delighted smile, the kuo-toa offered his hand to hordac. "Well met hordac!" he shouted over the din of battle. Hordac noted that the kuo-toa wore fancy velvet gloves.

He then took a step back and bowed graceously to his newfound dwarven companion. "Phooka at your service!"

The kuo-toa's attention quickly returned to the lich and his talking rod. "Will you look at that! Isn't that lich just putting on the most wonderful spectacle?"

05/21/2000 12:53 PM

*a knight clad in shining armour steps forth, blood dripping from his magical bastard sword. he looks at the magical duel between the lich and sorceror*

"What is making all this noise?!?!?! I can't concentrate with this racket!"

05/21/2000 11:55 PM

Kureel takes to the air to mull over this newly
developing situation with this noisey newcomer.
Suddenly he gets a mischivious grin on his face
and flies toward some of the slain drow.
Kureel speaks a few strange words,in a seemingly
unworldly voice and sprinkles a chalky white powder over three of the bodies;at first-nothing,
then the bodies begin to twitch and shake,and finally arise..."please,"Kureel speaks to his creations."slay that fool in the bright armor
over there."
With that the drow zombies lurch into action.

05/22/2000 2:23 PM

*looks on with irritation as the undead come walking towards him*

"I will have you know that I do not like noisy people, and especially undead!!"

*he straightens his sword and calls upon the holy powers divined upon him by the great druid Saai. a holy shockwave erupts from the tip of his sword, smashing into the vile creations lurching towards him. the schockwave tears them apart, sending body parts flying everywhere. a head of a drow flies and hits phooka squarely on the head, nearly knocking him out*

"I do not much care for creatures of the night either."

*he looks at the drow that is now staring at him and levels his sword*

"Shall we try that again?"

(OOC-this char named Gunthar is a lv28 fighter (lawful good) and has divine powers granted to him by Saai the lv 50 druid, quite a formidable opponent if I do say so myself)

05/22/2000 3:47 PM

Neck bone's ears perk up as he hears a shadow move up behind the knight and the renagade drow.

He notices a shimmer as a deminsion door opens up.... he points to its direction a goes, "uh...guys" and points.

As the knight, fishman, and drow turn around, they see a diamond formation... all female warriors, with a high priestess at each point of the diamond... they all wear the signea of House Baenre...

Neck bone says, "i think these chicks are lookin for a fight"...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/22/2000 4:59 PM

((TK...how exactly did this level 28 fighter find his way into the underdark?...and how did he happen to fall into this little conflict?

And I would appreciate it if the person playing Gromph Baenre would POST!...other wise I am going to have the Sphere of Anihillation destroy him.))

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05/22/2000 10:08 PM

OOC: Wow, the story is taking quite a twist here... Sorry if I'm late, busy weekend. Here goes!

Gromph saw the Sphere and recognized it for what it was. Desperately, he directed his Blade to intercept the Sphere. The two powerful spells collided and for a moment the air seemed to twist and flow around the spell effects. The Blade attempted to drink in the Sphere while the Sphere attempted to destroy the bladelike rift. No noise, no flash, there was....nothing. Then there was a horrible ripping sound as the very air seemed to tear itself apart. Gromph uttered a curse as a spell vortex grew out of the tear.

Hordac, having just finished his greetings with Phooka, the Kuo-Toa, directed his attention to the spellbattle. The two combatants have just casted their spells. Hordac had seen mage duels before and they weren't pretty. It seemed everything else is destroyed before the mages even hit one another. He should be away from this place but he couldn't tear his eyes away. If things got really bad, he'll grab his new friend and whoever else he can rescue and teleport from here if he must... The lich and the drow mage then slammed their spells into the other. He was almost deafened by a loud tearing sound that shook the whole cavern. He then saw what looked like a glowing swirl appear and was growing bigger, sucking up everything into it. It would soon envelop the mages and then who knows what else. Things just got really bad...

Gromph's eyes widened as his robes swirled towards the growing vortex. The spells have gone wild. This was not what he planned. The two spells were not supposed to do this. He calculated and was prepared, what...? He briefly saw an armored warrior who had suddenly appeared from nowhere. This must be his doing. Whatever magic or items he used to appear must have interacted with the powerful magic just cast. Curse that warrior! Gromph will not be undone by the accursed lich and that fool human. He briefly saw a sea of stars within the vortex and was deafened by howling winds. He dared to hope the lich would die from this but then the vortex dwindled in strength and then died down. Strange. He glared at his enemies. The lich and his accursed staff peered right back at him and then to the newcomers who appeared, first the aforementioned knight and then Gromph's female relatives. This was no time to vanquish the lich and his allies. Triel will not welcome his involvement in this battle. House Baenre's new matron mother would sooner hunt poor Gromph to die a dog's death than be humiliated by Menzoberranzan's most powerful archmage's "attempts", as she would put it, to quell this poor excuse of an attack. Let those bitches do it for him then. It just was not worth it. He'll make Triel pay for this sufferance later. He turned to the lich and muttered, "Hmmph, another day, dobluth, another day and I shall send you speedily to Lolth's embrace..." His last words fading as he himself faded away. As Gromph disappears, a voice whispers from the wind, "a passing gift, from me to you..." Two wands suddenly appear in midair. One fires a viscid glob of some sticky glue-like substance at the knight while the other shoots an acidic sphere at Zanatose. Both wands then promptly disappeared.

Meanwhile, the drow diamond formation of Baenre females flanks the intruders. Each female smiles with a hideous glee at the carnage to come...

05/22/2000 10:22 PM

Zanatose laughed... "You truely are a fool Gromph..." Zanatose then screamed out of anger as the acid blob ate through his new robes...however the magical substance disappeared as steam as it met his black bone beneath...

It was no use now, the coward had ran like the lich knew he would....no matter...he would destroy the weak willed begotten son of an illithid whore later...

Meanwhile he turned back to the Priestesses...ah...he would have fun with them...

The lich ran toward the priestesses at full speed, Archimedes, screaming like a wild man, was arched over the undead's head, ready to pound their female skulls to dust in their fat, fleshy heads....

"Look out baby...here I come!"...the staff yelled over the din of battle....

Zanatose again let his aura of power fluctuate outward to caress their living flesh with shuddering, cold, fear....

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05/23/2000 1:14 AM

Disregarding the teutonic-twit;kureel begins working one of his personal favorite spells...
he produces a crystal rod,a patch of fur and a handfull of silver pins.The scent of ozone fills the air as the short hairs on Kureels body stiffen
and a loud thunder crack echos through the cavern.
The largest lighting bolt ever seen shoots from
Kureel and,with devestating effect,takes out a section of the diamond formation.The lighting bolt bouncing from body to body completely vaporizing three of the priestesses and mortally
wounding two others.
((OOC:I took the liberty of
reduceing the number of targets of thwe chain lighting spell as to not be greedy on the attack.
My apologies for the unorthadox actions here.))

05/23/2000 1:28 AM

Neck bone pulls out a packet and poures a gossamer dust all over his body... and fades out of site.

As silent as death, neck bone approaches the drow host. The lich can hear the urd's heartbeat increase as he approches one of the elite drow guards.

She suddenly jerks back as Neck bone's dagger pierces her heart. The female next to her waves her arm and Neck-bone is engulfed in fearie fire...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/23/2000 5:23 AM

((OOC: Kureel...you need to remember that Drow have innate magic resistance...please keep that in mind when posting...))

The wraith spiders that had previously been hiding moved into battle, the undead cared not for lloth as they were once humans turned to this form.

However...the sight of 10 large, ghost-like spiders scurring toward them didn't do the drow priestess's morale any good.....

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05/23/2000 2:28 PM

*the knight jumps and rolls (amazing for wearing all that armour) out of the way of the blue sphere which hits the wall behind him and bursts, covering the cavern wall and him in sticky substance*

"Someone is going to pay for the cleaning fee for my armour!!" he roars as he gets up and takes in the scene. the lich he had been hunting charged headlong into the drow. he then noticed the wraith spiders approaching the vicinity.

"This could get quite interesting..."

*he levels his blade and charges at the drow, using his friend's abilites to cast a sphere of minor invulnerability to protect against the nuisance attacks that the drow may throw at him as he tries to destroy the vile undead*

"The dead should stay that way!" he yells as he charges into the ranks of the drow, cutting one of them down and the one next to it in half.

05/23/2000 11:22 PM

((OOC:oopsy... I forgot:).hey what about this teutonic knight guy muckin' up our fight?will post more in a bit))

05/25/2000 1:45 AM

((After 60 posts are going to let this RP thread die?...POST DAMNIT))

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05/25/2000 2:41 AM

Neck bone screams as a female drow warrior lifts a mace over her head, ready to strike.... he holds his daggers up to atempt a parry as a wraith spider takes the female down...

Meanwhile the head priestess of the party holds up her arachnid symbol to the lich and boldly says" In the name of Lloth i command you... kneel before me, High Arachne Zod"... the lich feels a will invading his mind, filling it with thoughts of chaos and discord as thousands of femanine voices taunt him, and mock him... while his body is engulfed in a black light only he can see...

(OOC... hows that bro... :))


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/25/2000 3:26 AM

The lich works quickly as the Priestess attempts to control him...of course the attempt failed, the priestess didn't understand that the undead standing before her was more powerful than her goddess...but she soon would...he simply shrugged off the Queen of Chaos like a small child.

Sneering the lich casted a spell at the priestess, while not even touching her, her throat exploded into a red pulp on the wall as the lich ripped it out from a far...laughing, he stepped on her holy symbol...bending the cheap metal beneath his spike boot...

"Arise my dear...and kill your former companions...this I command...". A red light flared in the only seconds dead drow female's eyes...slowly, with jerky movements, the newly revived ghoul strode forward with a purpose...to feast on the flesh of the living....

((OOC:...LOL...you actually think Zanatose would come down here causing trouble without some sort of protection against turning/commanding...LOL...he has several items...including an amulet of proof against turning that make the priestess have to roll a perfect 20 to even make him pick his nose...LOL))

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05/25/2000 3:43 AM

(OOC... i know... i was setting her up for a horrible death ;) and i must say, i wasn't disappointed)


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/25/2000 3:13 PM

*the knight impales a drow on his blade and throws her into one of her comrades, who instantly shrieked in rage and vanely clawed at the knight, his armour protecting him from the female's claws. he laughed at the drow's attempt to injure this undead hunting warrior*

"It is not you that I hunt, it is the lich, but, you are in the way and creatures of the dark do not deserve the gift of life."

*he then lobs her head off in one smooth movement. he looks at the lich who just so recently killed the drow priestess as if she were a sick puppy. he wipes the blood off of his blade on the clothes of a freshly killed drow. he laughs as a drow casts a magic missile on him that fizzles once it hits his sphere of minor invulnerability*

"You can be so stupid for being such an intelligent race."

*he waves his hand at her as he strides and the ground beneath her juts up and impales her like a pike*

05/26/2000 12:21 AM

The drow diamond was in disarray as the head priestess of each point was being executed one by one. Hordac watched along with Phooka ,gauging the abilities of these strange humanoids who have yet to fall from the machinations of the drow. (Meanwhile, the planar traveler was still wallowing in his own fecal matter, his mind regressed to that of a child, a damn shame.)

The spellduel earlier had been entertaining to watch and had Hordac fearful for a moment with those swirling winds and flashes. Now these drow females had appeared and were summarily being slaughtered by the lich and his companions(?). These adventurers must have caught the drow completely by surprise. There was no organization in their defense of their city. They obviously weren't taking the threat seriously.

At that moment, one of the drow females noticed the dwarf's hiding spot and gathered some of her friends for a charge. On their way to the dwarf and kuo-toa, they fired darts dipped in sleep venom from their handbows. Hordac telekinetically scattered the bowshots wide, even directing one to hit a drow female heading for the male drow who had been helping the lich. Once they got close enough, the females then drew their blades, magical, one can tell, by their intense glow, and screamed words of praise to their detestable deity. Giving Phooka a mischievous grin, Hordac seemingly disappeared in a blink. In reality, he time shifted himself outside of the current timeflow. Everything around him seemed to pause for a few moments allowing Hordac to get out of tricky situations such as this. Phooka and the drow females seemed frozen as he walked over to the females. A favorite tactic of Hordac's was to time shift and then position himself in an ambush on the foes who thought had the drop on him. A pity he couldn't affect anything living while the time shift occurred but it allowed Hordac a few moments to draw out of a pouch a long stafflike object ending in a musical hornlike projection. From another pouch marked with a skull and crossbones symbol, he took out a bit of a dark grey powder and proceeding on loading the unusual weapon. He donned the spiked red dragon-made buckler he had strapped to his back and put on a ring, one of many magical items he had collected on his journeys. He then placed himself adjacent to the head female and aimed the weapon pointblank at her. The time shift then ended and time flowed normally. The drow female was completely taken by surprise as her entire abdomen exploded, a large bang and flash punctuating the hit. Oops, a bit too much smoke powder...

The other female warriors reeled at the flash and explosion and halted their run, allowing Hordac a chance to retreat and reload. He used his ring of leaping (the same ring he used to reach the ceiling earlier) to jump to a high ledge safe from those deadly blades. Heh, if only his old friend Cecil could see him now...

05/26/2000 12:25 AM

OOC: For those familiar with psionics, yes, I'm keeping track of the PSPs being expended by Hordac. Despite all that has been seen here, Hordac doesn't have an infinite amount of psychic power and I've been keeping track, hence his use of last resort items. Yes, that is an arquebus he just used. Long live smoke powder!

05/26/2000 12:52 AM

Neck bone dives for cover as an explosion rings through-out the cavernous complex... as he lays there, he feels some unspeakble cold enamating towards him. He looks down and see's a footmans lance of molted gray and black steel laying on the ground... dropped by one of the lizard riders earlier.

He picks it up an winces as he feels its cold grasp... "nice spear" he says, as he takes flight...


"May the Hand of Myrkul smite your enemies"

Lich Nexus... High Proxy of Death, 3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of Bone.

05/26/2000 10:41 AM

Phooka had never been this close to a battle before. He preferred to watch liches from at least a titan's stride. The closest he'd been before this one was the time he spyed on Larloch's picnic from above a tree branch. But there was no fighting going on that time, and this was getting a bit too close for comfort.

The kuo-toa backed away and found a little tunnel where he could watch from safety. As he stepped inside he nearly stumbled on a figure lying just inside the entrance.

Phooka gasped to see one of the beautiful drow amazons lying before him... hurt, alone, unarmed, and helpless...

05/26/2000 4:43 PM

Guys...im not going to be posting to this thread anymore...apparently it is a object of ridicule on another forum and I am sick and fucking tired of my character that I have played for over a decade being made fun of by people who know jack and shit about him.

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05/26/2000 4:50 PM

So? Just use another character. If ppl want to be a-holes and start ridiculing forums where the emphasis is on keeping things interesting not accurate, then that's their business. At least I'm having fun.

05/26/2000 11:51 PM

ya know,this is the 2nd rp post that has fallen apart because people have no imagination or just wanna start shit.King i've been gone for a day or two but i'm ready if you are.

05/27/2000 12:48 AM

(OOC... no make that irl character... Man i am fuckin pissed, i was having fun with this. Don't let some no-life mother fuckers with nothing better to do that give people some shit go and screw themselves... Screw them... lets continue)

(IC) Neck bone feels the unearthly chill of the death lance in his hands... he turns and notices an interloper watching the spectical... he turns to them and sticks the death lance right into their fucking heart and laughs as black energy consumes them and turns them into a pile of shit...


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassel to the King of Chaos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

05/27/2000 4:14 AM

The Lich's arm swooped downward as the adamantite hand of Archimedes came crashing down on bracer of one of the priestesses...Yes, she was good...a skilled warrior...

"Your age hasn't affected your skills my Aaranchinen"

...Zanatose stopped and almost fidgetted...had this female just called him "Ancient Father"?...This term hadn't been used in millenia...since Lloth had taken the drow race straight to hell with her...it was a gesture of respect and even love from a daughter to her grandfather, something that didn't exist anymore...thats when he noticed her House Insignia stone tied about her wrist....House Everhate....

However his pause had given him weakness and another priestess took advantage of that and brought her adamantite mace crashing down on the lich's backbone.....

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05/27/2000 12:39 PM

Jordie smiled as he watched the fight through the
magic of the brazier. The Lich was powerful, he
had to admit that. He wondered how he would fare
against him in combat. He quickly shook that thought
away, though, the destruction a fight like that would
cause would gather to much attention towards him.
Tyrael would not allow that. He marvelled as the
undead spellmaster demonstrated his powers again.
He liked him, for as far as he could could like
someone that evil.

Something interesting caught his attention then:
a female priest had found her way out of the fight
and was running through the endless tunnels of the
wild underdark.

"Escaping are you? We can't have that."

He figured he could end the life of this pitiful
creature without getting into trouble. He snapped
his fingers and the image went away.
He spoke something under his breath, his dark leather
armor glowed and he disappeared into the shadows.

The female priest stopped running and leaned her back
against the wall, gaining her breath again.
'A lich!,' she thought, 'I must report this to the matron.'
With an ally/slave like that her house, Barrisson'Del'Armgo,
could finally overthrow Baenre! She would be rewarded.

Jordie materialized in the shadows right above the
female. He used his powers to keep floating there.
He looked down at her. He could easily kill her now,
he knew, but he wanted some fun first. He flew forward
until he was about ten feet away from her then dropped to the
floor. The female looked up at his handsome human
features with a surprised look on her face.

'Excuse me, madam,' he said in fluent drow ', Would you be
so kind as to direct me to the closest temple of Lloth
so I can spit on her holy symbols, kill all her
priestesses and mutilate their corpses.'

'IBLITH!,' the priestess screamed as she heaved her
adamantine mace and stormed at him.

'How rude,' Jordie said and in the blink of an eye,
his trusty blades, a falchion and a scimitar, appeared
in his hands. The falchion glowed with angry fire
and sparks of electricity crackled all over the
scimitar's blade.

The mace came down hard, but the scimitar intercepted
it. As the weapon touched the scimitar let go its
electric charge. The female was shocked and she
dropped her weapon. She felt something slash across
her knees then, something burning. She fell to her back
and when she regained her composure she found two
blades crossed over her neck.

'Acknowledge the mistakes of your Spider Queen and
give up her wicked ways,' he told her. 'Never,'
she spat in his face and started chanting to Lloth.
'A pity,' Jordie said as he stepped away from her.
He sheathed his blades. His eyes flared up in bright flames and he pointed
his arms at her. 'Melf,' he commanded and small flaming
rocks appeared in his palms. Even the high magic
resistance of a drow could not stand up against the
barrage that followed and soon the meteors reduced
her body to ashes. Jordie stood still for a moment then melted back into
the shadows again.

He reappeared in his private quarters and moved to
sit down in front of the brazier again. The image
came back just in time for him to see the priestess
take advantage of Zanatose's weakness.

'Oh dear,' he said 'That's gonna hurt.'

Jordie, Slayer of Fiends, Master of Fire and Lightning

(Ok, this is the first time I did this and its not bad, I think.
I know its a little long but this will be my only contribution
to this thread, I think.)

05/28/2000 2:31 PM

Hordac peered over the ledge where he rested a few breaths. The drow female warriors who had pursued him were called away by another female, a priestess. She directed them to where Hordac last saw the lich. Hordac regained his composure and put the arquebus back into his bag of holding. He then pulled out of the bag a purple crystal. He held the crystal and relaxed his mind. Thoughts of trees and waterfalls and the sounds of birds filled his head. The crystal was a repository of psychic power which Hordac could draw upon to fuel his psionic strength. His new allies would need his help and he wanted to be back in top form should psychic power be needed.

As power flooded his mind again, some outside force invaded his psyche. A contact was being established! Hordac broke out of his reverie and bolstered his psychic defenses. The outer force broke through them with casual ease. The contact had been made. Its mindtouch was forceful yet gentle. It didn't seek to wreak havoc to Hordac's mind. A voice spoke to him telepathically, "At last, I have reached you, my fellow sensitive."

"Who is this?"

"I am the one who summoned you here. I apologize for not reaching you sooner but you were busy."

"..... You were the one who took me here from my dreamwalking? Why?"

"I will answer your questions if you come see me. It is too dangerous if you remain where you are."

"..... How? Where are you?"

"Good. I will bring you to me. Step through the door that will appear before you."

With those thoughts, a shimmering portal opened before Hordac on the ledge. Hesitantly, Hordac looked over to the din of battle. He hardly knew them. The kuo-toa seemed a nice enough fellow. And that lich didn't seem so bad. The bat-like kobold had cunning battle prowess. And that drow was a stalwart one. The drow from the city were sure to slaughter them all if they didn't retreat from battle. Why did they come here anyways? Hordac had been drawn here and now it seemed the reason for that would be answered. Should he...ahhh, damn this! He stepped into the portal.

A rush of air and he was in...the Underdark still. The weight of the earth was still above him. He peered about using his darkvision. Where was his "summoner"? The ground shook then as a long serpentine neck appeared out of the darkness. Hordac stumbled over his feet as a huge dragon menacingly approached him. Oh, by the gods, what trap did he blunder into now?

Meanwhile, back in the battle outside of Menzoberranzan, a new threat came to the cavern. Coming from the opposite tunnels, a horde of kobolds, slaves led by a group of bearlike quaggoths with whips and scourges, streamed by the dozens into the caverns leading to Menzoberranzan. Their drow masters floating above directing the quaggoths onward. The skirmish outside the city could be seen as they approached. The drow floating above the horde looked amongst themselves and grinned. They ordered the quaggoths to direct the kobolds to the skirmish. Time to weed out the weak! The kobolds were whipped up into a frenzy as they rushed and the battle was joined.

05/29/2000 1:03 AM

Neck-bone saw the on rush of his primitive cousins coming fore him and his "allies"... when a wicked thought enter his mind...

He reached to chest holsters and pulled out two repeating hand crossbows, designed by derro craftsmen; crossbows he had been saving for a special occasion.

He held out, two fisted, and immeddiatly sent a streaking barrage of fire charged bolts. The kobolds dropped as they fly over their heads and peppered the quaggoth overseerer's... setting their shaggy fur ablaze...

The kobolds watched in awe as Neck bone rained down swift death... he walked boldly to them as the quaggoths went into burning death throws .

Neck bone reached into is pouch and producted a powder he acquired from an alchemists, and throw it on the ground before him... it exploded into pyrotecnic display...

While neck bone appeared to be an Urd, in reality he wasn't. His mother was indeed a kobold... but his father was an other plane devil... a spinigan she called him once... it was the heratige of his father he called on as he alter his body to look demonic.. complete with horns, spines and claws.

He step through the fire and spoke in the tongue or the kobolds, "Knell before me my children, for i am Kurtulmak... your lord and patron". The kobolds, seeing the display and seeing neck bones new form bowed, as indeed they believe this was their god standing before them... "let me deliver you from this drow bondage... follow me and will slay these cursed spider people"..

The kobold's felt somthing the never experianced before.... hope. They all growled in unison, and followed Neck bone back into the fray, determined to taste revenge...

Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

05/30/2000 10:05 PM

Between worlds, and within the shadows, he often dwelt. Long tired of mundane existance, rulership of men, and even the favor of his current god, Kern had spent the last decade Dreamwalking between places of darkness, and recording that which he saw. Why he knew not, he lived in the moment, as always, but it always seemed to suit him.

The old Kern, the one he had been before his murder of Semlore, would have been revolted by his current existance. Cruel and petty, without guidence or reason, the Bishop of Thay would have thrown himself to the Styx, and start life anew, rather then wait out etertinity as a shadow, watching for his amusment, the lives of others.

Rarely did so many unrelated travelers happen upon the same lich though, and from the current crowd, Kern infered that his presence would not be minded. Who knows, this night, he may even have the pleasure of taking life, that does not sleep in it's bed.

Reaching out to the world, from within the shadows, his body slowly emerged from a darkened corner, as he re-manifested his physical form.

For now, he waited. Deciding to fight or not, and deciding, quickly, on what side he would chose, he again watched the scene. For Kern was a wise man, and Gods did that Lich look mean...


05/31/2000 9:58 AM

*the knight fights his way up to the lich and looks disgustedly at it*

"You fowl mishap of nature, I shall personally see to it that your soul is released from this eternal nightmare. You may enjoy the powers of destruction, but you shall not reap death any more."

*with his speech done, he readies his holy sword Swathstinger and prepares some magical defenses in his mind*

05/31/2000 3:54 PM

OOC: I had to say somthing...

It is F-O-U-L not F-O-W-L, have you ever heard a lich Quack? They teach paladans a code of honor, but, apparantly it ends there . . . where did your guy come from anyway?

"Water, i never touch the stuff...fish fuck in it"

05/31/2000 7:18 PM


...and so it was quite obvious that Kern_Murdauk had not the wordly knowledge of renowned lich watcher extraordinaire, Phooka... for had Kern_Murdauk Phooka's expert wisdom, then he would have known that liches, on rare occasion, do indeed "quack."

Indeed, that was the very reason Phooka had come; to investigate the outlandish tales of Zanatose "The Quacking Lich," which he had heard many a drunken night in the taverns of Chessenta.

06/01/2000 12:47 AM

The dragon, once Hordac had calmed down, introduced itself. It was he who summoned Hordac to the Underdark. It was a wise old amethyst dragon. Stalking over to Hordac, its form dwindled down to that of a stern elder human with greying hair and voluminous purple and grey robes. Two chairs appeared out of nowhere.

"Please sit." Hordac did so. "I am sure you are full of questions and such. First thing first, I am called in your common language, Korinnishar. In this form however, I am used to the name, Von Korinn and you shall call me such." The dragon-turned-human paused to sit itself down on the plush chair. "As to why you have been brought here to the Underdark from whatever trifling business you have had on the surface, I shall get to that in a minute. Care for herbal tea?"

Meanwhile, the three drow merchants who have just lost their entire slave stock of kobolds to Neckbone were dumbfounded by the loss. Not wishing to get involved in battle, they disappeared out of sight. With the kobolds on their side, the tide of battle turned in favor of the lich and his allies. However, the lich was beset by the priestess who had landed the blow to his back and by another who had just arrived with four other female warriors. The knight who came in during the spellduel ignored the drow surrounding the lich and announced his challenge, caring not if Zanatose heard or not. The priestess of House Everhate looked on in indifference as her former house patron was in dire straits.

After the third refusal of the proffered tea, Von Korinn got down to business. "An unusual problem has, shall we say, fallen into my lap. Now, you may care not, but my territory covers a large portion of the Underdark and I stubbornly defend its borders. Not too far from my territory lies the realm of the dark elves, Menzoberranzan. I respect the elves' territory and give them a large berth. I keep myself hidden and the elves tend to stay away from my "province". They may not know I dwell here but my presence is still felt, shall we say. Now I care little for the affairs of the elves and their city but I do not wish for trouble to come to my doorstep. What trouble, you may ask? How about this? The dark elven deity, Lloth, has arrived, in the Underdark, in an avatar form just recently for some perverse amusement in Menzoberranzan. I know not why but let us just say her presence was to be kept a secret from the dark elves. Maybe she wanted to take a stroll in the city, see how her worship is doing, whatever. Only her handmaidens, vile creatures I tell you, were aware of her presence in the Underdark. The problem is that her handmaidens have somehow "misplaced" her. All they can say is that there was a magical discharge as she was attempting a teleportation spell in the city. She has since disappeared and has become lost to their Sight. Whatever magic was involved has rendered her invisible to scrying spells and similar magics. The yochlols, the handmaidens, suspect the avatar is in danger and are desperate for solutions. They cannot trust their own elven children to find her as that would create the largest power struggle known to all dark elves and would involve all the Underdark. That is where I come in and now you, sir dwarf."

Hordac absorbed all this surprisingly well. "What? Did the yochlols come to you for help?"

"They did. As the only other powerful entity here that could be approached, they made a deal with me that I could not...refuse. This was not a task I could undertake alone yet I knew not where to get help. My psychic powers are far more far-spread than my other kin and somehow we, you and I, connected. I drew you from your dreams for a meeting and now you are here. I am used to dealing with dwarves, yes even psionically-powered ones, so I hold no prejudices against you. All I ask is for your assistance in this matter. You have made friends down here, yes? Perhaps they can help, though I know not about the lich. He can serve as a wonderful diversion for the drow. Will you assist me, then? I shall ask only once."

Hordac frowned for a minute. He sighed heavily, giving himself up once again to fate. "Yea, I'll do it. Dunno if the others will join in but I'll help you out. What would an avatar of Lolth look like?"

Two voices piped in suddenly from the shadows of the dragon's cavern. "She is the most beautiful dark elf one can bestow their eyes upon. That is the form our lady has chosen for herself." Two drow females, visions of fae beauty themselves, stepped into Hordac's line of sight. Von Korinn frowned at their intrusion and said in a disgusted tone, "Allow me to introduce you to the Spider Queen's handmaidens."

Hordac gulped as dark power emitted from the two lovely creatures, wrapping itself around Hordac in caressing curiousity.

Meanwhile, a certain hurt and helpless drow female has slowly roused herself from unconsciousness to lay dazed eyes upon a curious kuo-toa. Where was she? Her mind was afire and she could not even remember a name to call herself. The kuo-toa stepped closer...

06/01/2000 2:11 AM

(OOC... Tyrin_Mithrilaxe this is most interesting, i am intriged... please continue on with this)

(IC... Neckbone flies through the air like a shadow... and lands on the knights back, holding a serrated green steel dagger at the Knights throat he says, " If you attack this lich, i am going to die... "he is what's keeps this whole gawdamn city's patrol from coming down on MY head and i will kill you before i allow that...

"your god has no power in this realm... you are nothing but a skilled yet overzealos warrior... join us for now... "when i am safe, do what you will"...

Neckbone puts slight pressure on the seratted dagger... drawing a thin line of blood... "so what's it gonna be?.....

Meanwhile the kobold slaves hit the remaining female patrol members... with a wicked gleam in ther eye... at least they would die as rebels rather than as slaves....


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

06/01/2000 10:21 AM

Zanatose screamed....however the scream wasn't in pain, no...it was a spell....

Waves of amber light pulsed from his mouth as the tremendous sound scathed flesh from bones and rock from walls. Soon the spell was nothing more than a lightly glowing cloud of dirt, blood and flesh as it sped along on high pitched sound waves down the corridor and out into the city.

Neckbone was lucky...the spell energy cascaded toward the new arrivals on wings of light. Two of the drow seemingly walked through it without a scratch. However they were blinded by the dirt and one dropped as a large rock, hidden by the flying dust, collided with her face with a pulpy sound. Neckbone had flown off the drow female in time to watch as the sound relieved her of her flesh...leaving only a gooey skeleton.

That had been the last of the priestesses, now only his relative remained...quickly he grabber her by her hair and walked down into the caverns away from the city. They would need to regroup before attacking again....thats when he saw Hordac, the Yochols and the old human, which he recognized to be an Amethyst Dragon....

Following closely behind were the remnants of his undead army...10 wraith spiders, 4 wraith lords and 5 drowish ghouls...10 of the ghouls had been destroyed along with the drow priestesses...the wraith creatures had been smart enough to move into the wall of the cavern to avoid the spell entirely.

Zanatose hissed when he saw the Yochols...lesser Tanar'ri...easily destroyed and so much fun to watch their bubbly flesh dissolve...

"You...."..The Lich pointed at the two Yochols...."Come to save your mistresse's city from my wrath?...Fools you are demons...for your goddess is weak...and you are weaker..."

Zanatose began weaving a spell when he noticed that the dwarf was sitting casually with them...

"Dwarf....one minute you help me destroy the drow...the next you are cohorting with them....what is going on...I demand a response now!"

The lich canceled the spell and crossed his arms...Archimedes was, as usual, chattering like a fool....

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06/02/2000 12:19 AM

Hordac fended off the yochlols' attempts at playfulness with his formidable psychic defenses. Gods, these creatures were powerful. They coyly mindtouched here and there, everywhere in his mind they brushed darkened with a cold tightness, making Hordac breathe raggedly. How pitiful his powers were. Why did he even bother learning them? How was he going to be of help when he can't even help himself? Why? Why? Wh..aaat? They were doing this! Hordac shook his head as if that would help. He stared angrily at the handmaidens who gazed innocently at him, hands intertwined with each other. Perhaps a detonation right in front of their pretty faces will wipe those smug looks off. Hordac felt a hand on his shoulder. "Easy, my friend. They were testing you, in their way, of course." Von Korinn's words trailed off as he gave the seemingly playful creatures a stern gaze. "But enough of this, we are wasting valuable time while your mistress gets herself enmeshed into whatever dark fate awaits her."

With those words, a dimension door opens up before them. Von Korinn looks to Hordac. "Go. Seek your allies. Tell no one else but them of the troubles in the Underdark. Ware the lich. His presence here is almost as much a pox as Lolth's." Hordac was glad to see that remark brought a heated reaction from the handmaidens. Von Korinn then said, "We shall follow behind you. The handmaidens assure me their presence will startle any drow in the vicinity to flee making our search easier. The handmaidens will be able to sense if Lolth's avatar is in their general area but the Underdark is an enormous place, needless to say..."

Hordac, Von Korinn, and the yochlols stepped into a familiar cavern not too far away from where Hordac had last observed the battle. He sought any of the lich's allies who were still alive. He saw a large group of kobolds gather in a wide circle with a few senseless drow within the diameter. The kobolds then proceeded in shoving the drow between them with hard blows, violently tossing them back and forth in a game they immensely enjoyed. Hordac pulled his eyes from the sickening spectacle, seeking the lich's allies. As he and his newfound "comrades" walked through another cavern, he suddenly heard the lich cry out to the yochlols, then to Hordac himself. The lich demanded a response???

Hordac glanced at Von Korinn, and then walked over to the lich, hands held widespread in a gesture of friendship. "Mighty Zanatose (he guessed that was the lich's name after overhearing it somewhere), I mean you no ill will. And neither do these persons behind me." Hordac noticed the drow female in Zanatose's grip beginning to stir but revealed nothing. "Though I fought the drow with you here (he prayed the yochlols had no close attachments to the drow he had slain), this was not why I have come to the Underdark. I have my own business to attend to, as I see you have yours. We will not stand in your path but I bid you let us pass unharmed as we continue on our way." Hordac sensed the yochlols' disgust at this display. Tough! Nuts to them! The lich seemed to contemplate but then he saw the change in the lich's posture. He seemed ready for another spell! Why, gods, why make this difficult? As if in answer, the drow female in Zanatose's grip drew a curved dagger and stabbed it into Zanatose's arm, screaming and trying to pry herself loose. With the other hand, she unleashed a spellburst into the lich's face. Oooh, she shouldn't have done that...

Hordac could sense the lich's rage as the lich's dancing staff laughed at Zanatose's predicament. Hordac didn't stick around to see the end result. He muttered an apology to the lich as Von Korinn took the cue to open another dimension door. The yochlols were reluctant to follow them into the portal, contemplating on vanquishing the fell lich once and for all. But love for their lady won over and they leaped into the vanishing portal.

They appeared not too far away from where Hordac last saw Phooka. Von Korinn must have picked this location from the dwarf's brain when they last had a telepathic bond. Drow bodies were scattered all over the place. No sign of the kuo-toa. The planar traveler was gone as well. Only a puddle of fecal remains proved he had been there. Von Korinn spoke up just then, "My friend, while you search for your comrade, the handmaidens and I shall explore another section of the tunnelwork. I shall keep in touch." The dragon and the yochlols then vanished without even using the dimension doors this time. Hordac shook his head dismissively. Yeah, yeah, this was indeed adventure. Now, give it a rest already! The dwarf then concentrated on the task ahead of him and ventured further into the tunnels...

06/02/2000 8:23 AM

...Hordac stepped deeper into the tunnels in search of his fishy friend.

He paused at a faint sound.

Battle up ahead? An ambush waiting? No...

He could've sworn it sounded like chattering followed by girlish giggling.

He readied himself and crept further to investigate.

As he turned a corner his search was over...

"...so then I says to Larloch, 'Ay I bet I can drink that dwarf under the table,' and then Larloch says, 'That's no dwarf, that's my mother!!!'"

A beautiful drow female laughed as the kuo-toa's finished his tale. Phooka smiled as he passed a smoking pipe to his stunning new companion.

They were both lying together on the cavern floor wrapped in a single blanket. They're clothes were piled in a rocky corner.

"Oh Phooka, you're so charming," she said as she stroked the glittering scales on his chest.

Neither Phooka nor his feminine friend had noticed Hordac sneak into their den...

06/02/2000 9:47 AM

*the knight stood there with the dagger held to his throat. he said nothing, did nothing. he let the lich leave without so much a flinch of a muscle. he would let the lich escape this time, but he will get him yet*

"I don't like you still threatening me, kobold or whatever you are." he said once the lich had left and the dagger was still to his now bleeding throat. "I suggest you get off of me before I become angry."

06/02/2000 12:01 PM

Neck Bone released the pressure from the blade, and lept of the knights back..."good then, lets us see what developes".... Neck bone gathered the remaing kobolds... there where five... and snuck over to hear what the lich and new comers where speaking about.....


Pierced from below, Souls of my treacherous past
Betrayed by many, Now ornaments dripping above

Lich NexusHigh Proxy of Death3rd Vertabre in the Brotherhood of BoneVassal to the King of Chaos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

06/02/2000 12:25 PM

*the knight follows Neck Bone, rubbing his wound as he goes. the cut slowly stops bleeding and heals over*

06/06/2000 2:57 AM

As the kobold-like tiefling and the knight finished their "encounter" and were on their way, one of the drow bodies stirred. One moment there was no signs of life, the next there was movement. The drow's wounds mended and broken bones popped back into place. His eyes refocused and became a bright green. Once the two allies and their pack of kobolds were out of sight, the drow stood up and dusted himself off. His clothes stitched together where there once were horrible gashes. The drow's tattered piwafwi became a long, flowing black cloak, so dark was it, one could see stars glittering in it. He reached for two blades where there were none and placed one in each hand. With one of the blades he sliced a strip of black cloth from one of the other drow bodies, that of a priestess, and placed it over his face as a half-mask. He reached inside one of his pockets and drew out a metallic disc with the symbol of the drow deity, Vhaeraun, embedded in it. Good, this one was a believer. And his lifespark had just departed. Now, Vhaeraun was to be that spark...

Meanwhile, Hordac still had not revealed himself. This was an awkward moment. What was Phooka doing here? And with a drow no less! Questions abounded and no answers were forthcoming. Well...he was going to ask anyways! Hordac attempted a mental contact with the drow female. Screw privacy! He regretted his brash decision as a feral burst of power repulsed his contact and almost made him black out. He felt the legs of spiders crawling all over him. He felt the urge to defile, kill, maim, whatever it takes! The dwarf swooned and then collapsed. As Phooka laughed over another joke involving Larloch, his drow companion jolted in his arms and she glared towards Hordac's position.

"Oh! A dwarf was peeking in on us! Phooka, who is he?", the lovely drow said in dismay. She put a hand to her head. Did the dwarf do that?

Von Korinn reluctantly led the two yochlols on what now seemed a vain quest in the Underdark. The swoop of nighthunter bats they encountered didn't improve his disposition. The carrion eaters were doing their fair share of diposing of any dead bodies meaning that any drow females to be encountered in this section were null and void. Maybe Hordac had better luck than he... Suddenly, a dark form flitted past the unlikely trio. The yochlols made an unnerving growl. The dragon-turned-human barely registered the form to be that of a drow. He attempted to hold him in place with his psionics but his powers slid off like water. The drow turned his head and peered at them. He had a black half-mask on his face. The drow then raced off with unusual speed. The yochlols spoke as one, "What is that rat doing here?" An answer immediately occurred to them and the screech they gave off even made Von Korinn cringe...

06/11/2000 10:45 AM

right i'm not even in this, but i'm following your story and i want to know what happens next. someone post! please!

06/11/2000 1:38 PM

The avatar of Vhaeraun raced about the Underdark. He placed a spell of invisibility about him after his encounter with the dragon and his yochlol playmates. Those fools! Why are they so loyal to a bitch like Her? He must be the one to find his mother's avatar first. Vhaeraun allowed a chuckle to escape his lips, startling a carrion crawler as he passed it by. He pondered the events that led up to what may be his most ambitious plan yet.

It was he who made the dealings with his fellow deity, Kiaransalee, lady of undead and vengeance, to craft an ambush that would trap Lolth in her avatar form when she next visited her drow worshippers. The magical burst would activate when Lolth used any sort of teleport spell and catch her when she was at her most vulnerable. The teleportation would fail and displace her of both mind and body somewhere in the Underdark. The only drawbacks to this plan was that the magic would make Lolth invisible to spells and her idiotic handmaidens would search for her immediately. But if he can find Lolth himself, then her Powers shall at long last belong to him and at last his vengeance shall be sated! Kiaransalee requested a portion of Lolth's power to be coursed to her to fuel her own ambitions. But perhaps by then, he may have enough divine power to smite her as well. No love will be lost there. As for dealing with the drow loyal to Lolth, that is why Zanatose was here. Piping the lich with delusions of grandeur paid off in unexpected dividends. The lich has so far proven very successful in keeping the drow in Menzoberrazan busy with the unexpected assistance of the other stalwarts who arrived in the Underdark. Vhaeraun grinned cruelly as his spider's web was nearly complete. Now where by Corellan's head was his prey???

Hordac awoke with a nasty headache. His vision shimmered for a moment as he painfully got up. When his vision cleared, he saw Phooka staring at him intently with those big fish eyes. Standing next to him was the female drow that repulsed his mental probe. Even by dwarf standards she was a beautiful creature. And Hordac wasn't into elves to boot. But there she was. Hordac still couldn't believe that he saw Phooka and her together...what did the fishman see in her and vice-versa? Was she truly that stunning?

Hordac eyes bulged wide at that thought. It couldn't be..he couldn't have found...(Gods curse him)...Lolth??? And with Phooka?? That was an unnerving thought. Hordac smiled nervously despite himself and said, "Uh...hello. Didn't mean to interrupt anything. Just was concerned and all, this being the Underdark. Nice to see you again, Phooka. Um...how do you do, lady?"

Vhaeraun's grin grew even wider. She was close he knew. Nothing will stand in his way now. He rounded an large stalagmite...and almost ran into the group of kobolds led by the demon-touched mortal and armored human he saw earlier. His invisibility still held but he drew his blades just in case. He stood to one side to let them pass him by. He studied them intently for any weaknesses should there be battle. No sense in fighting unprepared. Finding his mother's avatar took precedence...

06/11/2000 8:08 PM

*the knight heard some very acute noise to his right. at first he thought it was just his imagination but then heard the reverberations of the cave. he immediately stopped and strained to hear where it came from. he made that effort to no avail, so he drew his blade for himself, thinking for sure he heard some metal being drawn. he stood in a battle ready stance and cocked his head slightly*

"Who goes there?" the knight inquired, not thinking to get a response, but more hoping to study the reverberations from the cave to pinpoint the intruder's location."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 5:53 PM

The lich smiled and walked back toward the way he had came...that was when he stumbled upon the fish man and the avatar getting it on...the small dwarven man looked about as surprised as he was...apparently Lloth was screwed in the head after her splitting...this could be useful...

"Lloth..."...Zanatose almost purred the name and removed the hood of his robes to reveal a very living drow face with keen handsome features, his hair was unusual...a pitch black that most matched his ebony skin and eyes that were not far behind...they themselves were bottomless..colorless pits of shadow....

"I see you have...been seperated from...your accoutrements by the Kua-toa (sp?)"

Zanatose didn't know her power at the moment...so he refrained from attacking....besides the fish-man was near her and he needed to talk to the scaled raggamuffin...

((OOC:...I am assuming that Phooka and Lloth weren't far from the battle ground we were at before...since the fish man was busy watching Archimedes during the fight.))

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06/13/2000 12:44 AM

Vhaeraun looked at the knight in displeasure. Damn him, could he have heard him? Quickly, Vhaeraun altered his plans.

The invisibility was dropped. The kobolds whooped in excitement as they all saw a drow male standing nearby them. Except he didn't look like the drow Vhaeraun had taken as an avatar.

"Hey, Neckbone. It's me, Kureel. Finally caught up to you."

06/13/2000 12:45 AM

OOC: I hope that Elystran doesn't mind this. I'm not ripping his character or anything, just having an existing character impersonate him. But I couldn't resist throwing this into the story. And seeing as how he backed out of this thread, I don't think it'll affect things too much.

06/13/2000 9:48 AM

*the knight beamed at the drow and nearly spat upon him, but stopped himself*

"What are you doing sneaking about like a ghost? I thought you were in with the lich? Why are you not with him now?" he asked as he put down his guard, but didn't resheath his sword."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 10:01 AM

((OOC:...Um..can I ask WHY my character has seemingly been ousted from this thread?))

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06/13/2000 1:38 PM

((OOC-???? What do you mean you char has been ousted? The past few threads have been in a different place in the underdark than where Zanatose and Phooka and Lloth are. Your char is still there, but just in a different place. I think.))"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/15/2000 8:11 AM

OOC: alright. WTF happened to phooka's first post??!!??!! it's gone!!! phooka's entire story is RUINED without his introduction!!! WTF!!! i'm really really flustered now. i can't think of anything to post anymore. i don't know if i want to post anymore now that phooka's story is ruined. RUINED!!!

06/15/2000 4:42 PM

Um...Phooka...get back to work.


06/18/2000 12:31 AM

fine. i'll continue. just gimme awhile to figure something out.

06/21/2000 8:20 PM


what's going on here? this thread seems to be disintegrating! have you noticed? all the threads following the first are slowly disappearing.

06/22/2000 2:18 AM

OOC: I figured it out. The posts are disappearing by dates. The older ones are just being placed where it says on the bottom "older messages" Click on that and you'll find all the older posts. Just wish I had a little warning...

06/22/2000 9:13 AM


oh! i see it! it's a link at the bottom of the FR RP forum. all my old posts are still there! *sigh of relief* ;)

06/22/2000 9:01 PM

Kit walks in naked

"hey, boys..."

06/23/2000 2:57 PM

Sorry, this aint that kind of site :)


06/24/2000 2:30 AM

OOC: Now, now, we can work with this...

06/29/2000 3:43 PM

Neck Bone walks around confused.... all hell as broken loose... avatars... naked human woman... this was getting totally chaotic....

He smiles, "I knew i shouldn't have eaten that elven funny fungus... oh well, far be it for me to refuse a good time...

Neck Bone flies over to the naked human woman... to see if indeed she is a real... or if it is all in his mind...

He stand before her and reaches up to honk her hooters... to his suprises, he feels soft, warm, and firm flesh...

Neck Bone grins and pops his neck... "Hello my lady... i am Neck Bone... underdark guide extrodanair... i know stuff... may i be of any assistance?

"Besides... They don't call me Neck Bone for nothing... ;)"

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07/06/2000 2:11 AM

Vhaeraun (in Kureel's form) looked at the knight in irritation. "The lich decided to go about his business. I ditched him and came looking for you guys."

A naked human woman suddenly appeared. Neckbone went out of his way to "impress" her. Vhaeraun (as Kureel) peered at the woman curiously. Who was this? Perhaps, this was Lloth transformed? ...No, she wasn't. But, who is she and why did she appear here? Bah, no matter. Vhaeruan ignored his avatar's mortal impulses. No naked woman was going to interfere in his quest for vengeance! "Neckbone, perhaps we should find the others. The dwarf and kuo-toa may be in danger. Pull yourself away from the woman and let's go!" Vhaeraun could use some allies/fodder should he run into the lich or the yochlols. Now if he remembered correctly, he last divine-sighted the kuo-toa in...that direction! Vhaeraun/Kureel glanced at Neckbone and the human knight to see if they would leave the woman and follow...

The avatar of Lloth looked at Zanatose blankly, "Lloth? Is that my name?" As she attempted to remember, a fiery pain arose in her head, shutting out memories, "Ahh, my head... Who are you?"

Hordac looked at Phooka in alarm. It was one thing having encountered Lloth. It was another having Zanatose encounter a vulnerable Lloth. Hordac hated angering the lich but it wouldn't do having powers of evil shift in front of him. Besides, he promised Von Korinn that he would prevent this anyway he can. Getting up, the dwarf saw the lich grin evilly at Lloth's confusion. Without warning, Hordac leaped on Lloth and Phooka, arms outstretched. He then teleported them far away, back to Von Korinn's place. The dwarf almost fainted from the stress but rocked back on his feet. The dragon wasn't here, of course. He gathered his wits while Lloth and Phooka gathered theirs. (He couldn't believe that this day would end in him helping the legendary evil of Lloth. Would he be damned for this?) Hordac hurried the two out of the dragon's lair determined to get far away from the lich. He contacted Von Korinn telepathically with the bond they now shared. "I've found your precious Lloth! Get your behind here, now! The lich is on to us and I don't know if he'll listen to me no more!"

Von Korinn replied, "Wonderful! I shall try to get to you with my psionics since I cannot get near you with magic. Whatever magic hides Lloth, now hides you as well. However, you have bigger problems. The drow god, Vhaeraun, is here, as an avatar, of course. He too seeks Lloth. From what the handmaidens say, it would be a very bad thing if he finds you with her. Be on the lookout for a drow with a half-mask on his face."

Hordac muttered, "That's just great. When did I become the middle man for a war between drow gods?"

07/06/2000 9:37 AM

*Gunthar turned to follow Kureel and glanced back to see Neck Bone still hugging and impressing the woman. he walks back and picks Neck Bone up by the back of his shirt and half throws half drags him. he catches up to Kureel*

"I couldn't care less for that ugly wench. But it appears that our friend here," throws Neck Bone in front of the two, "decided that he would rather have some fun with her and delay our quest."

*Gunthar proceeded on with Kureel while keeping a close eye on Neck Bone to make sure he doesn't try anything like going back to the woman or attempting to assassinate him*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/06/2000 11:19 AM

Phooka's mind was spinning and the dizzying teleport didn't help it.

"Lolth? Did someone just call her Lolth???," he thought.

In his mind he retraced the steps that had brought him to this particular moment, trying to map some sense out of the situation...

There she was lying there. Sobbing to herself. Clutching her bloody knee... Calmly I comforted her and took a look at her injury...

"Oh not to worry my dear, 'tis but a tiny scrape," I told her with a sigh of relief, as I cleaned her knee and wiped the tears from her eyes...

I smiled at her so that she would stop crying. "Oh thank you," she said... and before I could respond she smiled and tackled me to the ground...

"Oh my... aren't we a bit... friendly... around here..."

Phooka began to ponder what could possibly come out of this. From memories to thoughts to day dreams, his mind started to wander.

He pictured himself beneathe a deep blue sky. There he was walking up a path leading to a lovely cottage on top of a green hill. As he neared the white picket fence, the cottage door opened and out ran three adorable little kuo-toa boys and four lovely little drow girls.

"Daddy!" they all called as they giggled and leapt into Phooka's arms, showering him with kisses...

And there was Lolth, waiting at the doorway, smiling...

07/07/2000 1:53 AM

Vhaeraun/Kureel hurried along towards where he knew the kuo-toa was last, Gunthar and Neckbone and their little party of kobolds in tow. Curiously, the human woman followed from a distance, attempting to get Neckbone's attention. May an Underdark denizen flay the skin off her bones, Vhaeraun thought darkly. As he neared the tunnels he sought, Vhaeraun/Kureel heard a howl followed by evil cackling. As he approached with stealth, he saw the lich and his followers gathered around a spot in the tunnel. The lich was howling in rage over some loss. His animated staff laughing over his fate. Vhaeraun cursed to himself. Lloth must have been here! And the lich had lost her somehow. Perhaps the kuo-toa and the dwarf had something to do with this. He will have to find them and have a little chat with them. He turned to Gunthar and said, "The lich is here wearing a fleshform. He seeks something..."

07/07/2000 3:04 AM

"Damn Mycanoid extract".... as Neck Bone shakes off the delusions....

"Alright.... i am okay..... let me go human.... i have control of myself again". "

okay... so what's the plan?"


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07/09/2000 12:52 AM

Vhaeraun/Kureel said to Neckbone, "Best leave the lich be. I believe I know what he is looking for. Let's go before he sees us and wonders what we're about." As he leaves, he turns to the others, "He seeks the avatar of Lloth and wishes to become a true god. I believe the dwarf and the kuo-toa know where she is. Who knows what'll happen if we find her first, eh?" Vhaeraun cared not if they knew about Lloth. As long as they found her, what else mattered?

07/09/2000 2:39 PM

"I believe you to be correct. It would be much easier to destroy the lich if he were not a god."

*Gunthar turns around and follows Kureel away from the lich, off to some unknown area of the underdark. he then turns to Neck Bone*

"Are you comming with us or going with the lich?""Two minus one leaves none."

07/15/2000 4:44 AM

Back in Von Korinn's lair, Hordac and Phooka awaited the coming of Von Korinn and the yochlols. Sooner said than done, the dragon-turned-human and the handmaidens arrived via Von Korinn's psychoportative abilities. The handmaidens of Lloth saw their mistress in a helpless state and immediately went to her side. "Powerful magic has made her like this", both yochlols said to no one in particular, "We will take her back home before any more damage occurs. We will remember this, dragon, but do not assume too much of us." The yochlols then lifted their arms in exhultation and gyrated to an unknown rhythm, opening a gate to the Demonweb Pits, answering the call of their sisters there. Once open, they carefully led the avatar of their mistress inside and the gate soon winked out of existence.

To Hordac and Phooka, Von Korinn exclaimed, "Hmm, I suppose that is their way of saying 'thank you'. Well, you did a fine job, Hordac, and I thank you for your assistance in this delicate matter. In payment for your endeavors, I shall use my powers to take you wherever you want to go. I am sure you would like to get out of the Underdark as soon as possible, hmm?"

Hordac said, "You could say that. What about that Vhaeraun character? Is he not hunting for us now?"

Von Korinn looked thoughtful, "I believe he will not be much of a problem. He is too busy looking for Lloth and once he realizes she is gone, he will go back to where he came from. His province is the Underdark. Once you are gone from here, you will be far from his sphere of influence. It is I who will have to deal with him but that is not your concern."

Hordac said, "That's where the yochlols come in, eh? They help in keeping Vhaeraun off your back?"

Von Korinn looked up in the air, "You could say that. But enough of my business. I do not need to be reminded of my own fell dealings, thank you much. Let us get you out of here, quickly."

Phooka spoke up then, "Hey, if you're going somewhere interesting, may I hitch a ride?"

Hordac said to the kuo-toa, "Don't see why not. The Spider Queen gave you enough adventure down here, eh? Heh, ok, then, let's be off, dragon!"

Von Korinn gave the dwarf a sour look, "Harrumph!" and then he closed his eyes concentrating, "You wish to continue on your way to Neverwinter then?"

When Hordac nodded, the dragon's form shifted back to its old serpentine self, and Hordac and Phooka simply vanished. The dragon echoed its thoughts to Hordac with its telepathic bond to him, "You have much potential with your psionic abilities. If you wish to tap into that potential further, I will be here as I have always been here. Farewell, friend."

With that said, Hordac and Phooka bid farewell to the realm of the Underdark, off on new adventures...

Meanwhile, Vhaeraun sensed something amiss. Fearing the worse, he shifted out of Kureel's form back to his original avatar self, startling his "allies". She couldn't already have been found, could she? Did those mortal fools assist the Spider Queen? Inconceivable! Before the knight and the tiefling could react, Vhaeraun spun a spell that Kiaransalee fed into his mind to take him back to his homeplane. It can't be too late, it can't be! Damn it all! Lloth was to be his! He will find out the truth. Hmm, Kiaransalee will not be pleased. Soon, wisps of smoke were all that was left of the avatar...

07/15/2000 8:36 PM

*Gunthar looks as 'Kureel' changes form then dissapears. he then turns to Neck Bone*

"What was that?"

*he turns back to where the lich last was. he walks forth, but finds no one there*

"They must have continued on."

*he then melts into the floor, dissapearing in a moment*"Two minus one leaves none."

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