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08/12/2001 10:55 AM

Sly was looking through some of his books one day when he came across an entrie in an old diarie about a crysta orb.The orb contained magnificent powers and could be used to summon beasts, heal, and even restore life.Restore life, he thought, if i could find this orb my dear brother could be brought alive and then he could take me to restore life to my parents. The entrie showed that the orb might be in the new sea since it had fallen in there when the sea was formed. At the time sly was outside of silvanesti at the time. "It's setteled then im off to the new sea. Now if i could find some companians...

08/12/2001 11:52 AM

Glimmer landed outside of Silvanesti , and folded her huge Feathered wings. The large Crystal Dragon sparkled in the sunlight, with a bright flash, she turned back to her human form. Kalia squinted past the bright sun, and brushed back her long silver hair. She wore the robes of a silver mage, tied at her waist with a lavender sash. Her golden eyes, shaded by her hand against the sun, where bright.

In minutes she had herself a decent camp. she settled down and waited for what had called her here.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/12/2001 12:03 PM

*A half-elf had been looking through Sly's window when Sly had discorvered(sp?) the entry. He almost fell off his ladder with excitment. He climbed down and started talking to an aurorak draconian*"This cystal orb thing has incredible powers! You think it might be able to break this curse, Grulth?" *Grulth looked skeptical*"Remember the ancient magic scroll that I killed ogres and skeletons for that tured of to be a recipie for Goatsucker Stew, Jerhyn?""Okay Okay, but I'm sure about this one! just turn into Gerard and don't talk."*Suddenly Grulth's form wavers and his form turns into that of a young boy. The only problem is every now and then his form flickers. They walk up to Sly's door and knock*

08/14/2001 8:36 AM

A man in a red cape was walking in the forest to look for some spell ingrediants .....couple of hours had passed and then the man decide to make camp.....Then he saw a deer running in the forest and he was rather hungry so he closed his eyes and started chanting....


Then a fireball flew at the deer and fire engulfed it .. then The red robed man draged the deer to the Campfire and and got himself a roasted deer!

*Sometimes its really Good to be a mage the man mumbled to himself and then he started eating*

08/15/2001 5:24 AM

{ Light danced softly across Furanthas's face. Hazy flash's of light appeared in the blackness of his mind. A soft breeze whispered word's he only ignored. The chill of the air about him did not exist in his present state of meditaton. Image's of floating in empty space, or sleeping coazily in a stars warmth. memory's of friends come and gone, Loves bitter and sweet. All mingling into one peacefull thought of existence. That anything is possible. Any dream is as pure as reality. As any nightmare is a real as pain. These thoughts pass through him like a tiny stream trickling down a rocky cliff. Only the ones of meaning form pools, only to slip off and join the stream yet again. Suddenly a thought enters and takes his attention. A meaningless spell he had cast many months ago has been triggered. His eye's fly open, colours form instanlty painting a picture perfect view. He sits high on a ledge of one of the many mountains scattered across this part of ansalon. Standing with a flow of movement that is so smooth a poet could write a life time. He begins to walk towards the ledge of the cliff, his eyes revert to their human form and scan the horizon. Once again closing his eyes he bends his knees and ever so softly leaps into the air. The wind screams at his ear drums, the air is thin and cold as it rush's against his body. Opening his eyes he watch's with unspoken joy as he plumets into the clouds half way up the mountain he had been meditating.}

" Power is a double edged sword. Every swordsman needs a master.""Power comes with Discipline."

08/16/2001 10:18 AM

Sly got up to answer the door

"who's there?" he said

he suspected something was wrong but thought nothing of it...

08/16/2001 8:19 PM

*Jerhyn grinned*"Jerhyn and Gerard, Adventurers extrodianaire and Salespeople of Potions and Other Magical Items, here to serve you"*Jerhyn and Grulth/Gerard bot bow*

08/17/2001 7:30 AM

Kiyk had been following the deer for a while, two miles or two hours, she could no longer tell. All she needed was to remember, but that was always hard for her. What were those words?! You young white-robed mage cursed herself for her weak mind as she continued to follow the deer, trying to conjure up a spell that would bring her something to eat.

Suddenly, the deer was engulfed in flames.

The human girl stopped in her tracks, confused to say the least. Then, a red robed mage appeared and dragged her prize away.

"That's not fair!" She whimpered. A crow, a white crow, desceneded from the trees and alighted on her shoulder.

>>You could ask him to share. It's a large animal; I'm sure he has no use for the whole thing."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/17/2001 6:14 PM

Kalia sighed...she was starting to wonder if there was anything going on after all. the force that called her here was still strong, but nothing had happened yet....

Suddenly, in the woods just off to the right of her camp , she saw somthing go up in flames, She heard a caw of a crow, and saw a White crow, decend into the trees.

"Finally! somthing is happening..." she mumbled, and stood. She grasped her staff tightly and whispered "Shirak" the Clear crystal orb burst into light, illuminating the rest of the staff, her staff of the combined powers of the staff of Magius, and the staff of light. What was once a staff of wood, metal and crystal, was now a sturdy staff of pure shimmering crystal. The wood-like staff was a smokey colored crystal...and the dragons claw was of citrine, and the top was a clear, shimmering crystal orb... The staff had proved to be unbreakable. and was one of the Crystal Dragons, most treasured posessions for it tied her to her past as well as her future.

She walked into the woods, and soon found a human white robe mage with a white crow on her shoulder. and a Red robe, who was draging his Prize, a large stag, away.

"greetings fellow mages, may I be of some assistance?" she asked, her silver robes, silver hair, and golden eyes all illuminated by the shimmering light from the Crystaline staff.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/19/2001 8:50 AM

*While Jerhyn was throwing his sales pitch Gerard/Grulth saw all the lights in the forest he walked out into the forest when he saw all the mages he hid*"Uh-oh they'd know this guise is fake for sure!!!!They'd kill me on sight!!!"

08/21/2001 3:11 PM

{The trees swayed as the wind danced among their many branch's. His eyes relaxed in the soft darkness of night. Out of the peacefull darkness a sudden burst of fire light twinkles only a few kliks away. Then moments later a magical flash that seems so familiar tickles his awareness spell. Leaning forward he focuse's on the direction of all this motion of life. Setting a coure in his mind he leaps from the branch he had been perched.}

"Shall be an interesting night indeed.""Power comes with Discipline."

08/23/2001 12:31 PM

Sly could sense something in the woods something magical was going on and he wanted to know what was going on.He pushed the visitor out of the door way slamed and locked the door and then jumped high into the air shape shifting into an eagle. This eagle form was one of his animal forms. He few over an encampment wondering what was going on and used his super vision.

"what in the world is that?"

08/23/2001 1:09 PM

Taryis was suddenly curious. He had been watching Glimmer for 10 years now through his all seeing pond. He sensed a strange calling and wondered if Glimmer felt the same thing.

" Finally I will see if Glimmer is truly the one I seek for I sense a great power." Feeling that some adventure was underway that could further his own ends the mage whispered a spell and appeared just outside of Glimmer's camp.

" If she is here then it must be important." The mage put his arms in in his midnight blue robes and smiled. There was some commotion going on in the forest and he could see the flash of light in the distance. " This will be an interesting adventure for sure".

08/23/2001 3:02 PM

*Grulth snaled*"Too bad Jerhyn but I ha-""Shut up. I dont lose customers or an adventure. Lets go!"*Jerhyn ordered*"No wsay,, mages are out there and they'll see though my illusion!!!""I dont care!!!I'm getting that Crystal orb, sleet, snow, or coming of the gods will not stop me."*Jerhyn sprints into forest Grulth right behind*

08/23/2001 9:07 PM

Kiyk smiled nervously at Kalia, and then turned back to the red robed mage, hoping he would share; she was staving! "It was your stupid idea to come out here in the first place!" She reminded Sean.

The white crow cocked his head in a movement supposed to replace shrugging shoulders >I shall be back momentarilly"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/23/2001 9:56 PM

Kalia smiled, and watched the white crow take to the skies. There was something here...something that was powerful...she could sense that someone had entered her camp.

"if anyone is interested, I have a camp just outside of the trees...You may join me if you like..." she turned and looked back, sweeping her odd, Gold eyes over both of them, then walked away.

Upon returning to her camp, she noticed the man dressed in Dark Blue robes. She narrowed her eyes, as she Dragon instincts overran her human ones. "Who are you?" she asked softly, holding onto her crystal staff.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/24/2001 6:32 AM

In an instant Taryis knew had whom he was seeking all these years.
Knowing that Glimmer would sense his presence had had not tried to hide.
Deciding he had better get a feel for his surroundings and the people who were with Glimmer he thought before he answered.

Taryis spoke to Glimmer telepathicly......" I think you know who I am though over the years we have gone our seperate ways and many things have changed."

Taryis thought back those many years ago trapped and weak inside to forest of wayreth where he had first seen her. He thought inwardly to himself that her power has grown but then again so had his own. There were other mages there............mages who had ridiculed his discovery of the magic of the mind. They had not given him the oppurtinty to study and show them at the tower of wayreth. With a sigh he remebered how years ago while trying to find the tower he had cast a spell which expanded the forest over half of Ansalon. He knew Glimmer would remember..........or perhaps she didnt want anyone to know they knew each other or the true power that they both had. With a purposeful look at the crystal staff she was holding he looked at the other two people with her. With his penetrating brown eyes fixed on the golden eyes of Glimmer. He spoke aloud so that the others could hear him. "My name is Taryis and I am a mage of the blue robes. I was on my way to a city not far from here when I heard a commotion, seeing your camp I decided to investigate. Can I be of any assistance?"

08/26/2001 6:27 PM

Kalia started when she heard the mental voice. a voice that she recognized immediatly. "Taryis?" she asked softly, her golden eyes wide.
"How have you been all these years...what have you been doing???" She asked. she turned and walked around him, giving him a once
over, seeing that it had been ten years...while she wouldn't have aged a day, he looked considerably older.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/27/2001 7:06 AM

Taryis knew she would remember and smiled inwardly. "I have done much in these few years in my study perfecting the magic." It seems that I have found you. There are many things we must discuss but first.......whats going on here?The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

08/27/2001 3:51 PM

{ While darting through the many different trees towards the fire light that obviously was a camp Furanthas felt a fakeness that he reckonized as a shapeshift spell.
He stopped and opened his minds eye, his vision floated above the tree line and hovered there for a moment. Scanning the horizon he noticed two birds not common to this area. He watched as one perched upon a tree only a few meters away and the other continued towards the perched one. Once again returning to his own vision he once again started towards the camp. As he rushed past the one that was perched he identified it as a white crow, Interesting selection he thought to himself.
Finally he was only a few feet from the camp when he felt the presence of another power, some what similar to Glimmers. }
"So yet another joins."

{He moves to the other camp and stands leaning against a tree just out of sight of the mages. Knowing they will notice him immediatly he smirks.}

{Furanthas stare's at the mage in blue and can feel his true blood. Knowing what his reaction might be to Furanthas's kind he decides to telepathically start a proper introduction.}

* Good evening friends. I hope I haven't startled ether of you. I believe I have already meet the lovely glimmer, Thou is quiet unfamiliar to me though blue mage?*

{Seeing the sudden acknowledgement of his presence, furanthas continues without pause}

* I sense you know a form of magic that only a few inlightened souls may ever hope to grasp.*

*I also understand the limitless power of the mind.* "Power comes with Discipline."

08/27/2001 4:04 PM

OOC: Furanthas Messin with my magic man!!!! LOL!

For a fleet second Taryis was stunned!!!!!!!!!! Was it true? Did this man really know the secrets of the magic? The secret magic of the mind? He must.......that is the only way he would have known that he did. *I see you know the magic. All this time I thought I was alone. I tried to tell those stupid mages at the council but they wouldnt listen.* Speaking aloud Taryis said "We seem to be at the start of something here I do not grasp yet but I will see what comes of it in the end." *We must speak of the magic to no one yet we have much to discuss.*The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

08/27/2001 4:51 PM


* Tis a burden to know what others won't except. But think of it as gift not a burden. Yes we must discuss much. I'm sure we both have much to share but I think it best to wait for a proper time.*

{Furanthas stands upright and begins to focus his thoughts towards the group. Concentrating on his inner strength. As the others stood in silence they suddenly felt as if the world was moving without them. Seeing the confusion in some of the mages and the understanding in Ontarys Furanthas continued projecting his thoughts. Out of nowhere a blizzard blanketed everything with snow, smiling as the red mage shivered. The sudden appearance of the blizzard forced all the travelers to look towards the sky. As they did a blinding flash of blue light flashed across the sky. Sheilding their eyes the group looked again to see nothing but the camp, forest and the night sky they had seen only moments before. Furanthas Stepped out from the shadows}

"Good evening everyone, I'm Furanthas. I have come to assist a journey I may be need for. I have no doubt that we all shall become close in the near future."

{The fire light danced across Furanthas's silver armour, upon his chest plate is an imprint of a dragon. His golden spiked hair resembling dragon scales. His Silver earing with a single ball of emerald hangs from his left ear. His silver armour cover's his chest, right arm, left fore arm, thighs and shins. His deep green leggings cover his skin, his black tunic protecting his chest from the metals hard edges. On his right shoulder the armour spikes up and at the tip is a golden spike. His eyes for the moment are a light green and look each of the group directly in theirs. He stands about 5'8" short but his upper body is incredibly built, and his legs are as toned as the fastest elves. On his feet he wears a pair of black and silver Lugz boots. His silver knee length cape sways in the soft breeze. He resembles both a silver mage and a knight. } "Power comes with Discipline."

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08/28/2001 5:49 AM

Taryis was impressed with the knowledge Furanthas had of the magic and the look of bewilderment on some of the other adventurers. "Impressive..............there is something about to happen here but I have my own reasons for coming." Looking at glimmer he sighed *whenever we meet its always an adventure!* Thinking he had someone who finally understood the magic Taryis felt releived. Walking toward Furanthas he spoke of how maybe the magic could be taught to others over time. Standing next to each other everyone could see the difference in appearance. Taryis at 6'1 was much taller than the 5'8 furanthas although both were well built. Taryis had an odd effect of having his eyes blaze blue at certain times (or was that an effect?).

Looking at the others he said "Come we must discuss the gathering of all here for there must surely be a reason"The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

08/28/2001 8:11 AM

*Seeing all this Jerhyn knew something was happening and quickly decided that he should be a part of it*"Let's move Grulth!!!"*Grulth sighed and followed as jerhyn sprinted up to where the everybody was*

08/28/2001 9:02 AM

OOC: This is sly's story but i dont see him posting on it. I dont wanna push the story along if the creator of it isnt in it. After all this IS his thread, we'd be making a story outta someone elses thread.

Taryis realizing that there were more pressing matters to deal with than to go on an adventure that wouldnt benefit him decided to leave. He had however found the dragon glimmer of whom he had been seeking.

"There are other matters at hand in which I must attend to but if there is a need for me here then I will come. All you must to is say my name and I will come." Looking at glimmer he knew they would be well protected. "Fair the well." And with an unspoken word he vanished.The magic of the mind is within you all. Do you have the power to harness it?

08/30/2001 8:14 AM

OOC: Hey sorry bout not being on.

Sly hi in the air was watching as all the comotion went on below. He swooped down and landed on the ground. In a split second he was at his regular form again.

"hello all im Sly"

09/02/2001 3:14 PM

Sean watched as the eagle suddenly dipped beneath the trees. The white crow, curious, followed, landing on a branch near Sly's head. Listening, he started preening himself.
"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/07/2001 4:15 PM

OOC: sorry this week was the first week of school and as we all know its also hell week soo...

Sly feeling unconfertuble abouit the a crow neer him and a white one at that he chased it off. He started to listen in again as he reperched...

09/07/2001 4:46 PM

>>Unfeeling, ignorant runt!"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/12/2001 6:14 PM

"Greatings travlers you have been unknowingly been called here by a force that is an un-know force", said sly as he swooped down to the ground and returned to his normal form," I was told this in a dream of this crystal orb and who was to join on my search for this magical artifact, since i am one whom believes that every dream has a meaning i have no doubt in my mind that this is infact our destiny..."

Sly looked around at the others as they seemed starteld to see a bird turn human then speek of a magical artifact none have heard of.Sly held a staff made up of wood and and orb on the end. Two peices of green wood wrapped around each other, like two vines, supporting the orb at the end.

"By the way i am Slython, or sly, a forst mage of krynn. My people arnt realy well known since we hide and act as humans in publice areas. I draw my powers from the earth and live to protect it and serve my race"Sly said staring into the faces of the others,"well who are all of you???"

09/17/2001 12:03 PM

"I am Kiyk . . ." Kiyk answered, approaching Sean's tree. The white crow hopped off of his perch to sit on Kiyk's shoulder and preen. "I have to admit that I never felt . . ." She paused a moment, then looked at Sean. "Did you feel that 'unknown force'? Is that why you had me come here?"

>>Smart girl! You won a cookie!!"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/17/2001 12:25 PM

Kalia watched the mage "Sly" and smiled...she knew of their existance, but had never gotten this close to one. Her true form had its advantages. She stepped forward.

"I am Kalia Majere...I have sensed your presence for a long time now....I have brought a friend here as well, but she wandered off for a bit...she is like you in a way...her magic too comes from the earth...maybe you could teach her...anyway...We would be happy to join you."

at that moment, a Kagonesti Elf ran out of the woods, her platinum blonde hair streaming behind her. She wore a white silk tunic, and tan leather breeches, with a lite woolen cloak. A Platinum pendant glittered around her neck, and the gem within glowed with its own light as its color slowly shifted from one to another.

"sorry I'm late...I got a little sidetracked." she said, sweeping her lavender eyes over the people in the clearing.

"My name is Kista, Kista StarBlade...Im with Kalia there..." she said, locking her gaze with the Green garbed mage...as she sensed the similar power in him, maybe he was why they where all here....Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/18/2001 6:57 PM

OOC: I just got to book two in the second volume of dragonlance chronicals
so... try not to spoil any thing or say something i wouldnt understand(=

Sly was listineng to the others when a beutiful elven women came from the woods.Wow the beuty of the earth shaped into a elven women, he thought.He bowed to them all, mostly the elf.

"well who are the rest of you. Oh, no need of apology for the late arrival beutiful miss kista. Maybe i'll teach you some spells of mine after all you draw power from the earth as i sense... and was told."

09/19/2001 5:44 AM

Kista smiled graciously to Sly and threw Kalia a angry glance. she didn't like it when somone told her secrets...dragon or no.

Kalia smiled back in her easy, peaceful way. knowing full well that the Elf's anger wouldn't last long. she chuckled softly and winked at her friend, knowing that she would thank her for it too.

while sly talked, Kista stared longingly at a large tree beside her. She walked up to it an placed her hand on its trunk. the moment she did, a pale, blue glow shimmered and separated from the tree. Kista Laughed with delight as the sprite danced around her hands, and played in her hair. She smiled happily as more joined the first, and the sprites circled her wildly.

One by one they left, rejoining the tree. She smiled and placed her hand on the trunk once more... "thank you my friends." she whispered softly and rested her cheek on the rough barkHave you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/20/2001 4:12 PM

{ Furanthas stood with great patience and self discipline as the travellers aquanted themselves. Finally Slys gaze met with his.}

"I'm Furanthas. I may appear young to you, But I was born in the fourth age. Years before the great journey of the" last hero's". I'm here because I also sensed something quite unique."

{Furanthas's lowered his gaze to the warm fire. Looking deep within the flames as if searching for a familiar light. His eyes began to slowly shift between different shades of green, after only a breif moment his mind had found what he seeked. Raising his stare he spoke with a deep unwavering tone.}

"I will join, if you'll have me?""Power comes with Discipline."

09/23/2001 6:06 PM

"well thats one companion any body else"

09/23/2001 7:50 PM

((ooc; I guess it got overlooked, but Kiyk's been standing there for the past few posts feeling unwanted beucase Sly snubbed her and didn't shake her hand when she offered join him, too ))"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/24/2001 5:31 PM

ooc:Im sorry)=

"Err uh corection i mean two new companions"

noticing kiykis face brighting up sly started to do the same trick with the tree spirits.

10/01/2001 6:34 PM

OOC:any one there no rep;ies well if ya dont like this one go to the other one about the red robed mage please we are in desperate need of new characters.It's about the red robed mage who gets peop;e to join him in fighting a dragon and he died and then some others left and the thread started to die but I'm trying to revive it so please tell your friends(: Hey dont let this one die too...

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