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08/10/2001 12:04 PM

It was dark, waves splashed against the side of Weracan (A massive transport ship) as it made voyage across New Sea.

Ordenvall stood in the front of the ship staring out into the stormy clouds coming from Solamnia. His red cloak blew in the strong winds, and his black armor grew cool.

Rain drops began to fall from the heavens, and Ordenvall stared ahead at an incredible storm. He was about to turn and warn the passangers when something much more dangeroud cought his attention.

Ordenvall spun around with shock and excitement. He stood before scattering sailors who stared at him with anticipation. Without wasting another moment, Ordenvall cried the warning: "DRAGON!"

08/13/2001 11:13 PM

Steelin shoots the dragon with a magical arrow, but it bounces off the scaly skin. He then takes out his flute and plays a lulling song to the beast, and it flies around entranced by the music.

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