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08/08/2001 7:14 PM

It was a sunny morning on krynn,People where talking and harvesting they're crops... Children playing in the fields ... just a normal day for the town of isstar...

A lone Red robed man sat in the tavern of isstar... with his red whine,The rune staff...And a dusty tome give to him by the legendary Black robe...Raistlin Majere...

as the Red robed was drinking his whine and studying the ancient tome
he heard a terrible roar and screams of children,men and womans!

the red robed was startled of those screams and he thougt.....
*What foolish beeing is here now in this wretched town now terrorising the villagers....
then a farmer came into the tavern and yelled .....DRAGON!!!!
For the first time in his life the red robed was really....scared....

he ran out to see if this was true..
there it was high in the sky ..a red dragon Breathing it hellish flames in the skyes...but the red dragon didnt seem intersted in the town but it flew past the town and to the city of the solmania knights.....By paladine what are the crimson dragons doing back here on krynn.....the red robe whent back into the tavern ,sat down and wondered what a dragon of Takhisis was doing back here on krynn...Was there still some of the crimson dragon still in slumber here on krynn.....then he whent back to his studying....but he just couldnt just study while there was a dragon on a rampage ..But what could he do.....go after the dragon by himself..no he had to get help,but where and whom should he seek?

08/08/2001 8:56 PM

Reh'to had run out into the streets with the other patrons of the bar to see the rumored crimson snake, and watched in awe as the scaled body swooped above Isstar. She remained out too long for the barkeeper's taste, however, as she was suddenly beaconed; "Reh'to, there ain't no reason ta stand there no more, the dragon's passed."
Reh'to sighed, then returned to her barmaiod duties, delivering another flask of red wine to the mage in the corner. "If I could just get out of this hell hole . . ." She said, mostly to herself. "How's your night been, sir?" She asked the mage. "Don't see dragons much like that anymore, do you?""I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/09/2001 9:32 AM

Kleff Grins*
i aggre with thy young barmaid *Smile* The crimson dragons have not been seen on krynn for ...well since i was born and im already 600 years old!....i hear that you want out of this place?
Maybe i can help you .... if you help me get a horse i shall let you travel with me*grins* what say thee?

08/09/2001 1:00 PM

A tall elf walks in the barroom and takes a seat near the mage. "Hi, my name is Logolas and im searching for a traveling partner." The elf said to the mage."I am a skilled assassin and might be of help on your journeys."Says Logolas."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/09/2001 3:38 PM

Kleff looks at the logolas....Greetings kin elf I am Kleff Thak'Cahe...
me and my friend here *looks at Reh'tp ...well we're are going to
find couple of people even tough i doubt that people WILL accept this
we are going to hunt a ......red.....*mumbles to himself* dragon...
and if you wish to join us just say so*smiles*

08/09/2001 3:45 PM

Looks at Kleff's friend and then back to Kleff."Very well....I will join you on your quest. I have seen the red dragon that ......stopped by....... earlier.""We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/09/2001 8:19 PM

*Laughes* saw the beast did you *grins*
Oh well ... hmmm Meet me here at this exat spot in the morning for we
shall need alot of rest if we are to travel all the way to The city of the solmania knights *smile* .... Picks up the rune staff and his book...see you then in the morning...

Then kleff walks out of the tavern and to his house to get some rest!

08/09/2001 8:31 PM

OOC: I have not read any dragonlance novels yet so bear with me. I am still stuck in the lord of the rings.

The next morning Logolas shows up at the barroom only to find that Kleff has not shown up yet. He takes a seat at a table near the back and orders a drink."He should be here by now." Logolas says to himself."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/09/2001 10:58 PM

KyniaStarr reined in Kyel and saw the tavern and smiled... "well well Kyel, do you mind terribly if I stopped and got somthing to eat?" she said, patting the White stallions neck. Kyel nodded and tossed his head, sending his silver waterfall of a mane into her face. //I don't mind, I will wait for you...for some sugar// came the amused mental reply.

Kynia smiled and tossed the reins over his head...seemingly to ground tie him. Kyel locked his bright blue eyes to Kynia's sapphire ones. //becareful my chosen...you are still new to this land...Ansalon is a stranger to you....//

Kynia nodded and held out a sugar cube for him and headed inside. She walked in, as all inside immediatly looked up at her as if they where expecting somone. Self-conciously she turned away... although she was stunningly beautiful, with long, thick, Dark hair that fell in waves to her waist, and clear sapphire blue eyes. Her complection was rosy clear and tanned. She wore light tan riding leathers, with a white linen tunic and tan breeches. over all of that she wore a light weight, light blue cloak.

She sat down in a corner so that her back was to no one. a long sabre hung at her side, and a dagger could be seen tucked into her knee high riding boots. She looked around and started to feel a little lonely without her twin Krystal, whom she left to help their newfound friends find a new home for their people, from another land far away from Ansalon. While she set out to find and make alliances with the peoples and races of this land.

She had heard the villiagers talk about the Dragon and shuddered. Dragons where rare in her land, and to find that they where quite common here troubled her, but she had fought Dragons before, and she wondered if this villiage needed help with their new problem.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/10/2001 6:52 AM

ooc: Logolas, I'm with you all the way with the Lord of the Rings. I've read it four times in the past year and I'm thinking about reading it again.

Kara Dhimar walked up to a bar and opened the door. She glanced from side to side, taking in all of travelers and citizens of the city. She smiled and stepped forward, seeing a table in the corner. As she sat down, she saw an elf in the back, watching the people coming through the door eagerly. 'Must be waiting for someone,' she thought.
Kara was an elf herself, but not a normal one. Her parents were high-born Qualinesti elves, and were a perfect specimen of the race. But she was different. Her skin was light grey, and her eyes pitch black. Her hair didn't flow like the Qualinesti's did. It was white and incredibly dry. She wore it short and after so long of cutting it, it didn't grow back and stayed at that length. Her parents cast her out when she was only 15 years old and she learned to live with her features. She always wore her hood up and hid her hands with leather gloves. Here wasn't the place to take them off.Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

08/10/2001 7:38 AM

Logolas watched as a female elf walks into the bar and sits down. "Hi, my name is Logolas." he said as he walked over and sat by her. "I'm waiting for a mage named Kleff......You havent seen anyone by that name around have you? He was supposed to be here by now." Logolas keeps an eye at the door and orders another drink."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/10/2001 7:44 AM

"No, I haven't. I'm new to these parts. My name is Kara Dhimar. Why are you so eager to see Kleff?" She smiled and ordered herself a drink.Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

08/10/2001 7:51 AM

"Well we're on a certain quest and he told me to meet him here this morning." I say sipping my ale."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/10/2001 11:02 AM

Kara nodded and took a long drink. "Well, what is this adventure, if you don't mind me asking?"Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

08/10/2001 1:26 PM

OOC:sorry that i havent posted ive been busy in real life=)

IC:Kleff came into the Tavern and saw Logolas and a female elf
talking...Kleff walked up to them and said...

Forgive me that i am late i had to dabble some potions and get
myself ready*smile* ...And who might you be lovely lady..?

08/10/2001 2:35 PM

Kynia looked up at the entrance of the red robed mage. she smiled to herself as she recived Kyel's mental message. //he was muttering to himself about what he could use to get rid of the Red Dragon.//

Kynia smiled and mindspoke her thanks to her friend and stood. She walked over to the table where the three stood. "forgive me if I intrude" She said softly.

"I have heard that you are on a quest to find this Red Dragon that I have heard so much about... My name is KyniaStarr...I am a Kirioyal..a traveler from a land far from Ansalon...my sister and I are here to find a new home for our people...while she is looking for a Island that we might use..I am here to make allies of the people of this land. my Companion and I overheard the problems that this Dragon may cause...we are more than willing to help you."

She stood there, Long Dark hair hanging in loose waves around her face, Clear Sapphire eyes bright.

Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/10/2001 2:42 PM

OOC:i checked your Profile and the AIM it doesnt mean what you
are aiming in life its a messanger like ICQ and stuf=)
hehe just pointing out!

IC:Kleff turns around and a there stoof the most beutiful elf he had ever seen in his whole life!!

I am Kleff Thak'cahe but most just plainly call me kleff *smile*
And yes we are going to go and hunt down a dragon...If you value your life and i recomend that you keep out of this But if you wish to join us then i cannot argue and will be glad that you would join us *smile*

08/10/2001 3:01 PM

Kara tilted her head in recognition of the mage and drank down the rest of her ale. "I am Kara Dhimar. I was hoping to join you. Do you need an elf fighter for your quest?" She said, locking her pitch black eyes on the mage.Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

08/10/2001 4:28 PM

Kleff Orderd a glass of red whine then looked at Kara ..
a Figther would be welcome in our small group*grins*
I do not wish to rush you but we really need to get going!
let me know when you are ready and then we leave!..

08/10/2001 7:28 PM

I watch as Kleff and the elf converse. "Well your little group is growing.. mage." I check my packs making sure i have my crossbow and enough racks of bolts to last a great journey along with daggers, throwing daggers, poisen, and a camo cloak."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/11/2001 12:08 AM

Kynia frowned and brushed her dark hair out of her face. "well if you don't need a healer to join you...I guess I could be on my way.....but I have other abilities."

Her sapphire eyes focused upon the wine glass in Kleff's hand.. her eyes narrowed and the glass shattered.

"as you can see...I am not all that I appear to be..." she said softly. ((OOC: just so you know Kleff, you cannot tell anything about her...you can tell that she DID NOT use magic to shatter the glass. all of her abilities are psychosomatic...such includes telekinesis, telebathy, and healing...))

"I have my uses, and my companion...I am quite sure that you saw him on your way in Kleff...the Large white stallion with the blue eyes? He also isn't all that he seems."

She sat down. "and I am NOT an elf...my people are called the Kirioyal. and I am not from Ansalon ((See the Thread Destiny Unknown)) And I am more than willing to help..I have faced dragons before..."Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/11/2001 1:06 AM

.....Intresting......and i never said anything about not having you on board:)
thou art more then welcome to join our litle dragon hunt;)
shall we be off?.....Oh yeah while i remember ...You owe me a glass of red whine*grins*

08/11/2001 12:22 PM

Kynia smiled and nodded. Quickly she motioned for the waitress to bring the mage a new glass. she handed the girl enough to pay for the new glass as well as the glass that she had broken.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/11/2001 12:57 PM

"Well if your done shattering glasses.... can we go now?" Logolas said standing up."I've been waiting here for awhile and im getting restless."Logolas walks toward the door."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/11/2001 6:03 PM

Walking down the street the young elf was reading his many maps and creature weak points. "ohhhhhh that's why...and...howed i miss that?

Ready for some adventure the young elf, with short blond hair and the most enchanting emerald eyes you've ever seen, stuffed all his papers into a sack. Hung on his shoulder his arrows seemed to be collecting dust and his fathers long bow was growing bored(he knew because his fathers adventures personality seemed to be in the weopon)and the dagger at his waist seemed to become...dull. Also he thought he was forgetting how to use his sword. The blade was made of who knows what material the hilt the same, yet the strange orb attached to the bottom was a type of crystal... or glass, who knows. The orb, what ever it was, was the same color as his eyes. He has had this sword since,well, forever.

"I want some adventure!!!!!", he screamed aloud startiling the others around him.

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08/11/2001 7:59 PM

Kleff walks out of the tavern and see's a dirty looking elf shouting in the croud -"I want some adventure!!!!!-
kleff found this rather...intersting so he walked to the
elf and said...

Greetings kin elf! i am Kleff Thak'Cahe elvish mage..... i hear that you
are looking for an adventure?
If thy value your life then this is not for you....But if you want the thrill of a life time ....join me and my friends here*smile*
if you want to come with us meet us by the stables after an hour....!

then kleff walks back to his companions and says...
this party is growing by the minute..hehe interesting*grins*
Come with me i must go get Nature's blessing ....My horse*smile*

08/11/2001 9:07 PM

Sly puts his index finger and thumb to his mouth, blows, and a high pitched wissle is heard through the town streets.

"Hmm i look a bit dirty... well my armor will hide that." he says to himself.

Then out of the sky a griffin appears with a sack tied to him.

"ahh there you are ol' buddy, you've gotten my armor i see.thats a good boy, Silver-wing.

Silver-wing was a healthy looking griffin. A good weight for his size,and his wings were at least six feet each. His name came from his wings that when in the sun seemed to be silver.

"maybe we should wash up, you think boy?"

the griffin responded with a nod of his head.They walked over to a near buy public fountain and Sly washed his face and hands.Silver-wing took a few massive gulps of the refreshing water and sat loyaly next to his owner.
A young boy walked bye and stopped to admire the wonderful creature.

"His name is Silver-wing, care to pet him" Sly said startiling the boy who was so wrapped up in Silver's beautiful feathers.

"emm huh"said the boy and carefully pet the griffin.

Sly picked a feather from him and gave it to the boy.

"thanks mister ", said the boy as he took off to brag to his friends.

Sly reached into his sack and pulled out some steel boots. The boots came up to his knees, and unlike most steel boots were extremly easy to manuvor in. Next he pulled out a steel breast plate and slipped it on. He pulled out a pair of gauntlets the third time he reached into the bag and slid them onto his hands.They came up to elbows.Last he pulled out a carefully folded cape. He threw the cape over his back and tightend it around his neck. He attached his sword to the little amount of pance showing and strapped his arrow sack to the griffin and shoved the bow into the armor pack.Then mounted him and the griffin flew hi into the air.

"To the stables Silver, and quickly..."

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08/11/2001 9:39 PM

Kleff was mounting Nature'blessing as he saw another flying beast in the air...but it wasnt a dragon...it was a Griffon ,the griffon landed at the stables and there sat the Dirty elf....but now he wasnt dirty at all he was dressed in a complete set of a plate mail armor..and a sword in seeth....

Ha so you came.. Im glad that you came... what a beatiful griffon you have there!!
meet my Friends here*smile*
Pointed at Logolas and Kynia

you 3 can intreduce each other later!

We must take leave to follow the dragon!

*kleff gets on his horse and rides away with his companions*

08/11/2001 9:59 PM

Waching Kleff ride off Sly geustures for silver to follow then moves in close to the rest of the group. Silver's feet were almost on the ground but he lost no speed.

"Were are we heading, you see i have plenty of maps and... Yes he is beatifull isnt he ...err...uhh...any who were is are destination"

08/11/2001 10:12 PM

*smiles* to the city of the solmania Knights!

thats where are going!

i was wondering where you where born sly for you are an elf...what city?

08/11/2001 10:42 PM

Kynia smiled at the elf, and bowed in respect to the Griffon...she turned and glanced at the shimmering silver/white stallion standing by the Inn. The Stallion raised his head and turned her way...uncannily, with out any type of audible or visible command, He turned and started towards her at a quick trot.

When he reached her, all could see that the Stallion had large, and very human-like Blue eyes. the bridle was made of pliable silver braids, and had no bit. he wore no saddle either, but a thick, soft blanket- white trimmed in blue satin.

deftly, KyniaStarr lept onto the horse's back. she turned to the new elf and smiled. "My name is KyniaStarr...This is my companion, Kyel. Pleased to meet you..." She smiled again and held the elf's gaze with her clear sapphire eyes. She pulled a leather strip from one of her pockets and began to tie back her long, thick, dark hair.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/11/2001 11:40 PM

After smiling back to Kynia Sly turned to Kleff and frounded. "Unfortunatly I dont know. When i was an infant the rechid ogres attacked were ever i lived. Only a few of us made it out , me and my only older brother fled for dear life. All he brought with us were my father's two swords, wich i have one, his bow, a griffen egg, and my fathers skills. The swords were for us because, as my brother always said in his stories of father, we were to become great warriors someday and these swords would help us. We lived in the woulds for 12- 13 years. He would tell me stories of fathers grand adventures to hear and there after a long lesson of archery and sword fighting and most of all honor. He would not tell me where we were from he believed it to be dis honorable" he wiped a tear from his eye"to our dear parents. One day we were out hunting and ogers came from behind us. He was seriosly engerd and died that was the day i was all alone."He sat against his griffen and wanted to be left alone.

08/12/2001 5:49 AM

OOC: Dangit... i was gonna use a griffon.... oh well... hmmm what will my chracter ride besides a horse? i want it to be something cool. Help me guys and girls!

Logolas watches as kleff leaves and wonders where his mount is. (see the OOC) " Wait up!""We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/12/2001 10:05 AM

OOC: Just cause I got silver-wing doesn't mean you can't have a griffin. Hey maybe you can get an over side bird of some sort you know.Oh yea im kinda new to this stuff too i havn't even finished my first dragon lance novel. Im reading the war of soul- dragons of a fallen sun and im only half threw it.

Sly wasn't feeling that bad any more and was brushing Silver-wing's furry side of his body.

"So who are all you people any how" he asked eagerly,"im Sly, that's what my brother used to call me. The sly little fox quick and cunning,he would say"

He turned away to pet Silver-wing some more and then pulled out some bread to eat.

"Any one care to have any?"

08/12/2001 11:46 AM

Kynia smiled again, and held out her hand. "My name is KyniaStarr..I am a Kirioyal ((even if you have read dragonLance, you wouldn't have heard of them...I am trying to create a new race from another continant on Krynn.))
and I hail from a land far from here...This here, is my companion Kyel."

she said patting the silver-white Stallion on his neck. Kyel tossed his mane and nickered a greeting. "my twin sister and I are trying to find a new home for our people, while she is trying to find a suitible Island, I am out here trying to make allies and ties with the people on Ansalon. Our people are not particularily magical, but what we can do would seem to magic to most." Kynia smiled and focused her gaze upon the bread that he had offered. To his astonishment, a pice tore off of the main loaf and flew to her waiting hands.

"my abilities are many, but I excell at Healing, I can heal anything short of a death wound.....to do so would kill me.... you see I can heal someone, but in exchange, I become weak as if I was the one to suffer the injury. If I where to heal a death wound, I would die in the person's stead, and there is only one person that I would even consider doing that for, and that would be my twin Krystal." She rode along in silence, balanced perfectly upon Kyel, never once picking up his reins. Kyel walked along, his large human-like blue eyes swept over Sly. very deliberatly, Kyel winked at Sly and tossed his head again and snorted.

"so, tell me more about the dragons that you have here...the ones on my land are a little different, all evil but one kind, The gem dragons. The sight of that red startled me... the ones on my land are all shadow colored, and some that hide in the earth, and a few in the seas. I have never seen such a dragon."Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/12/2001 2:49 PM

OOC: Hey, thats a great idea! I think I'll use a oversized eagle as my ride. Thanks for the idea!

Searching the sky Logolas found a little black dot flying high up. He whistled and the dot became bigger and bigger untill you could see a huge eagle . It landed beside Logolas. "This is my mount, his name is Deathwing."Deathwing slowly hobbled over to Sly's griffon Silverwing and searched him curiously. "Deathwing, over here!" With that Deathwing flew up and swooped down picking of Logolas and putting him on his back. "We had better hurry.""We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/13/2001 12:01 AM

OOC:Logolas you could have used a pegasus!

IC:saw that they where talking but kleff didnt really care he was thinking of other things...how in the abyss can we defeat a red one?
...But then all of a sudden Brigants came! infront of the companions..
Give us your gold and we might let you live! the leader brigant yelled!
Kleff watched the soon-be-dead fools!
Run as fast as you can and you Might not die horrible painfull! kleff said to the bandits!
then the brigants came at them with rusty swords and huge flails and axes!

kleff stepped back for he did not want to waste his energy on these fools!

*Grins* fellow friends we have a bit of a bug promblem here*evil grins*

08/13/2001 7:48 AM

OOC: ok great then ill change from the huge eagle to a pegesus.

Logolas looked down from up above on his pegasus and sees the brigants stop kleff. "Step away from him and let us pass or you will have to pay." Logolas yells down. The brigants start laughing. Logolas sends a hail of bolts landing at their feet and repaets himself. "Step away and let us pass." The brigants don't move. Logolas swoops down sending more bolts but this time they are aimed at them. Five bolts out of six found their mark and three brigants went down. Logolas lept from Deathwing his pegasus and took out his sabre which he had kept hidden.The blades name was BloodThirst. Bloodthirst had a gold hilt and and black and gold trimmed scabbard. It's blade had the inprint of a dragon along it. It gleamed in the light. It never dulled and was never taken to a whetstone. Logolas charged at the brigants. He slahsed at one then had to quickly recover to parry a blow from another.Logolas parried swing after swing and seperated on brigants head from his shoulders. Logolas takes down 2 more before getting hit in the head with a blunt object and seeing everything go black......
"We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/13/2001 8:11 AM

ooc; Eek! This thread's really exploded!!! Sorry about my absence, a one day trip suddenly turned into four with no internet access. Anyway, I' gonna jump in now unless there's any problems. Tahnks!

ic; The morning dawned with Reh'to working in the stables. *Damnit* She thought angrily to herself *I really wanted to go with that mage and dragon, and why am I still standing here, don't I have enough gumption to get up and leave, it's not like Rik is the most gracious barkeep, I'm gonna go I'm gonna go I'm gonna go!* She threw down her cloth and opened her own mount's stall. "Come on, Baker, lets go!" the donkey looked at her. 'We're going to go on an adventure!" She said. She tied a piece of twine to his halter to create a crude bridle, and with a little difficulty clamboured onto his back. "Let us be gone! Into the distance! Off like the wind and never to return!"

The donkey didn't move.

'Baker!!! Please!!!!" She slid off and resorted to pulling the creature behind her. It was then that Rik appeared.

"What in blazes name are you doing?!"

For a moment Reh'to was quiet. Baker tried to munch on her short brown hair and she pushed his head away. "Going for a ride?" She said weakly.

"Damn right ye are, put that thing back and get inside! Rose is sick and I'm short one barmaid."

As soon as he left, Reh'to again mounted Baker and through some miracle, the donkey moved.

"Yay!" Reh'to said quietly as he left the barn and started down the street and was soon out of the town. "Let's go here . . .no, Baker, wait . . .gah!"

Baker followed the scent of horses, completely oblivious to Reh'to's guidance, which was a good thing because they soon reached a company fighting off a band of theives.

"I think now would be a good time to stop . . ." Reh'to said as they were still some ways behind the action. Baker stopped and munched on a branch as Reh'to hopped off and carefully snuck up behind the company, watching curiously.

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08/13/2001 2:34 PM

Kynia started at the sudden appearance of the bandits. Kyel however didn't wast his time. With a scream that would rival any battle Steed, Kyel plunged forward, hoding his tail high like a silver banner.

Kynia reacted the moment Kyel lept forward, she focused her mind on the closest of the thugs. Her eyes narrowed as her mind reached foward and tore the weapons from the nearest. the Brigants stared in awe at the fact that they now had no weapons, what they had now had imbedded themselves in the hard earth.

She Sat tall and proud On Kyel's back. The Companion flared his nostrals and pawed threatningly on the ground. Kynia looked over the small band of thugs. She sat there looking just like the Princess that she truely was and drew her sabre.

"I suggest that you leave while you still can. not one of us here will hesitate to kill you if you try to take us, even as you are now unarmed. we all can fight, and our mounts too! I will not warn you again!" She said softly but as stern as any KingEverybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/13/2001 6:34 PM

Logolas came awake after being nudged by Deathwing his pegasus to find that the bandits were gone. "Ugh... where are they?Where am I?" Logolas looked around and saw kleff looking at him."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/13/2001 7:37 PM

Kleff looked at Logolas on the ground and then got of his horse and walked up to him....
Are you alright? kleff asked! then supported logolas so he could stand back up....

Then he saw something scuttle between the companions....then he put his Foot on the ground to trip that thing..and it fell flatt on the ground...
HA you finnaly showed up did you!.....kleff said..
it sure took you a while did it not*smile*
oh well ..you are here then lets us be off!!!
gave Kynia and her steed Kyel a node and a smile... kleff ment with that node...good work!

HA come ..Then the companions rode with one additionel friend.....

08/13/2001 8:06 PM

Kynia nodded and smiled. She patted Kyel on his shoulder, and he moved forward to Kleff. Kyel stood in front of him, holding his head high.

In Kleff's mind, he heard a soft tenor voice. //I am Kyel...// Kyel bobbed his head once and continued. //I wanted to greet you myself...to say that I am no ordinary horse...I speak to my Chosen and only to those I deem worthy to speak to...// Kyel tilted his head in an odd questioning glance.

//So, have you got a plan wizzard??//

Kynia smiled knowing everything that Kyel spoke "I told you we could be valuble!"Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/14/2001 2:01 AM

kleff looked at kyel and said...
I can hear that thy art no normal horse*smiles*
and about a plan....I plan to seek down that dragon and send him to the abyss! that is all*grins*

then Kleff looked at Kynia and her beatiful face.....and her eyes sparkled like the stars themself! but kleff did not say anything he just rode on into the sunlight ...to the city of the solmanian knights! where he saw the dragon heading!

08/14/2001 5:57 AM

Kynia nodded once. She patted Kyel's neck and nodded as an unspoken thought passed between them.

"I'll scout ahead." she said simply and gently touched her heels to Kyel's smooth flank.

Up ahead, she pondered the brief stare that Kleff had given her...

//He likes you// came Kyel's unsolicited advice. Kynia blushed as she gently cuffed his ears. "he does not, stop being such a pain!" she said softly, but she glanced back and smiled "you think so?" she asked, a wistful sound in her voice. Sullenly, she shook her head. "no, I havn't the time for such things just yet, I have my people to think about...It is my duty to them to find a home for our people...."

Kyel turned his head to look at his chosen

//what about the duty to yourself?// he asked softly.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/14/2001 8:03 AM

Now the companions arrived at the city of the Solmanian Knights....but something strange was going on...the dragon was not present but a war raged there ...Draconians and ogres waged battle against the brave Solmanian knights....and before the companions knew it kleff was riding with terrible speed in the war to aid the knights...
kleff lifted his hand while on Nature's blessing and Chanted ....


then a ball of fire emerged in kleff's hand and he pointed it at the army and shot it straight into a group of Ogres and fire breached they're ranks
ogres Ran screaming in all directions screaming ,engulfed in flames....
Then kleff stoped and held up the Rune staff and chanted once more...

xalk'awqa'yifa'aldog'intara RAAAAAARRRGGGGG

Then a storm appeared over a army of draconians and lighting and Hail
rained over them...
but all these spell casting made kleff weary so he stoped for a while and whent for one of his pouches and picked up a small blue leaf and ate it...Then he lay down on his horse and waited while he would regain his energy for a while....
but now a group of ogres came running in the direction of kleff....!

08/14/2001 9:01 AM

The battle with the thieves was short one, and soon the company was off again. No one seemed to notice Reh'to, which didn't surprise her, and she quickly mounted her donkey and pleaded that he go fast so they could catch up with the red-robed mage.

Baker thought it was mealtime, so he ate instead.

When they finally did reach the company again, they were at the city of Solamnic Knights -- and an immense battle. Reh'to, having no weapons of her own, tried to steer Baker the other way, but the Donkey was suddenly impressed by a beautiful white stallion with a silver mane. Baker could sense this horse was not a horse, and strode forward with curiosity.

"No, no, no! Baker! The other way!! What have I to fight with you nincompoop!!!" She looked out on to the battle field to see the Red Robed Mage suddenly pursued by some ogres. "Well, I did want to see him, right?" Reh'to said to herself. Baker looked at the mage, the ogres, snorted, then charged.

Reh'to hung on, screaming for dear life."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/14/2001 6:04 PM

Kyel snorted and pawed the ground. His nostrals flared and he raised his head just in time to see the young girl and the Donkey (Charging away I presume)

//We have to help her!!// He shouted In Kynia's mind while screaming another of his battle cries. //If they catch her, she's a goner...and they are bound to catch that Donkey!//

Kynia turned so watch the girl loose control of her mount as Baker bolted. She watched as a small band of ogres broke off of the main group, heading for the fleeing donkey and his hapless rider.

nodding once, she pulled free her sword and gently touched her heel to Kyel's flank. "Lets go" she cried as Kyel wheeled around to charge foward through the group, leaping over fallen bodies, and debris.

Kyel Charged forward, racing as fast as he could go, keeping his blue eyes locked on the fleeing Donkey. //hold on Kynia!! the only hope we have to catch him is with a fletching spell!!//

Kynia nodded wordlessly as Kyel halted, reared and plunged forward, his form seemed to fade, and streak forward, like a shooting star. He moved past the Ogre band, and further...Finally the last Fletch brought him side by side with the donkey. The donkey, startled by the sudden appearance of the white stallion, shied, and slowed. enough for Kynia to grab the reins, as she urged Kyel to turnEverybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/14/2001 6:05 PM

OOC: Sorry for the length of this one but i had some ideas.

Logolas noticing Kleff was in trouble, took out his crossbow once more and with his newly replenished supply of bolts started taking aim and was about to let loose his bolts when all of a sudden something hit Deathwing and they started to plummit to the ground at a fast speed. Logolas leapt from Deathwing before they hit the ground and landed on his feet drawing Bloodthirst his sabre and a poisened dagger. He looked back at Deathwing to find that he had been shot with a huge arrow most likely shot by a ballista. He noticed that Deathwing was still breathing and kept his hopes up that he would pull through. But right now he was concerned with the ogres running at Kleff and himself.
Logolas came rushing at the ogres,both blades in hand, and started slashing like mad try to get revenge on whoever shot that arrow that took his pegasus down. He ran up to one ogre jumped up kicked off the ogres chest and took his head off with a sidestroke. He bounded after a second ogre and brought his blade down upon him but only to find the ogres blade parrying it. His arm jolted with the force of the parry and he thought he might let go of his sword. He brought his blade up once more and downstroked taking off the ogres arm. Now with one arm and weaponless the ogre retreated screaming in pain.
Another ogre charged Logolas and sideswiped with his spiked club. Logolas parried but lost his grip on the blade and it went flying. All he had now was his dagger. The ogre was swinging the club madly and logolas had to keep stepping back or risk being crushed. He threw the poisened dagger at the ogre and it cought it straight in the throat. The poisen now cousing its way through the ogres body made it weak an it toppled over. Logolas slowly walked over and picked up his sword. He then walked back to the ogre who was on the ground still alive(the poisen was not strong enought to kill a creature of his size). Logolas lifted his blade and said "Now you die!". He brought his blade down swiftly and decapitated the ogre.
Logolas looked over at the mage and saw that he was alright. He walked over to him and said "That was a close call." He then walked over to Deathwing and reached into his pouch and produced a cloth. He pulled out the arrow and put ome healing salves on the wound and wrapped it in the cloth. He then looked back at the carnage he had done to the ogres. He surveyed the battle from side to side and sat down next to Deathwing."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/15/2001 9:32 AM

Reh'to wondered madly why she had ever left the saloon as she found herself and Baker chased by ogres. She began to think that all hope was lost when thje beautiful white stallion and his rider suddenly appeared by them, shocking Baker to a halt and catching Reh'to's breath. The reigns, which the girl had long dropped, were soon in competant care. Reh'to's voice was caught in a lump in her throat, and so she remained quiet, clasping a huge clump of Baker's mane.

ooc; I just wanted to explain her character a little; everyone always has strength of muscle, or mind, or spell, or something, or they're exceedingly beautiful or whatnot. Reh'to is none of these. She's just a bored girl, so to speak. Kindof like Tika Walyan, but not as . . .heavy chested? Oh well. Just FYI!"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/15/2001 3:08 PM

OOC: thats ok...lol...you mind if my character kinda takes yours under her wing so to speak??

Kynia led the Donkey and his frightened rider away from the battle. once they where safe she dismounted and handed Kyel a sugar lump. He ate it gratefully as he stood there, sweat darkening his white coat to grey.

Kynia walked over to the Donkey and spoke to him in soft, hushed tones.
"It's ok my friend, I won't hurt you...every thing is ok now..." she handed the terrified animal a sugar lump, as he ate it, she checked his front legs. She was worried about his left front leg, slightly swollen just above his ankle. She figured that he would be ok, but she had better get the rider off of him.

"Hey there!" she said to the rider, smiling at the girl. "Are you ok? you're not hurt are you? Kynia walked over and gently rested her hand on the girl's shoulder. Kynia's sapphire eyes softened, when she saw how frightend the girl was.

"come on, you better get off of him, he seems to have twisted or at least bruised his front leg. My name Is KyniaStarr, That is Kyel...who are you....why have you been following us?"Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/16/2001 7:10 AM

Kleff had just regained his strength...but kleff did not have to cast any spells..for a army of Solmanian knights came from the mountains and crushed the Draconians and ogres.... kleff smiled but then a terrible roar came somwhere in the skyes... .....Then kleff looked in the sky and then with wide eyes kleff stared in horror as the red dragon came from the sky!
its gigantic body blocked the sun and the dragon roared so loud that the ground itself shook!!
Then the dragon started chanting but kleff wasnt that afraid that he couldnt listen....then kleff was quick chanting


then a Hail of storms Rained from the dragon's hands at the knights but from the rune staff that kleff was holding started glowing and Fire burst from the staff and engulfed the hail and nothing was left of the hail...
Then the dragon saw the maged that had dare to interfear in his buisness and the dragon charged at kleff.
Kleff saw the Dragon as he charged at him..Kleff held up his staff and


then the rune staff started glowing once again but now with a strong blue light..Kleff knew that Red dragons where Very vulnurable to cold and he was planing to use that...
then the dragon let his dragon breath Rain over the mage..but a warding shield protected kleff against the dragon breath....Then kleff held his
staff high in the air and a wave of ice hit the dragon over and over again,
the dragon screamed in pain as the cold hit him the dragon fell down and was paralized for a while but not even the power of the rune staff and kleff's magic had a chance against a spawn of the Dark queen Takhisis...
The dragon raised its at and filled its stomach with fire hot as the abyss Infernos!!!!

08/16/2001 8:17 AM

ooc:sorry guys my modem was killed in a thunder storm im at a friends house. whats happening???

Sly drew an arrow from his puoch and aimed for the dragons eye. the arrow sore threw the air but missed and hit its thick skull the dragon looked at sly and blew some breath. Sly jumped hi into the air as silver-wing caut him he unseathed his sword.

"this outta be a little tuff"he said loudly.

08/16/2001 8:38 AM

"I'm Reh'to . . ." She sobbed, slipping off of the donkey. "The mage wanted to know if I wanted to come and I did and I coulnd't because of the barkeep, he's so mean, so when I got a chance I ran away! It's so boring at the saloon but I didn't realize I'd be chased by ogres and I'm scared, I don't know anything about anything and Baker's so stubborn he just does what he wants and he nearly got us killed and . ." Reh'to would have continued in her pannicy voice, however the dragon suddenly made face and the girl screamed, then turned and buried her face in Kynia's shoulder and continued sobbing.

"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/16/2001 9:41 AM

sly charged at the dragon with furry sword in hand.

"die you awfull bastard!!!!!!" he shouted.

The orb on the hilt of his blade started to glow. lightning ran across the blade as he drove it into the beasts side.

"Damn it didnt even phase him!!!" he shouted as he jumped back.

Sly threw a ball at the dragon and it exploded.Still no effect.


08/16/2001 10:09 AM

then he noticed a pretty girl not the one from before but one with an ugly gray donkey.Tired of his attacks at the dragon he ran to meet the girl.

"hi i know this isnt the best time but im sly...and you?"

then the dragon blew a burst of fire at them.Sly's eyes turned blue there was not a part that wasnt blue. with all his energy sly threw a dome over them and was sheilded from the blast. Then he passed out and the sheild remained nothing came in and nothing went out...

08/17/2001 1:55 PM

Logolas watches as deathwing rises with new strength and shakes off his flesh wound. He tests his wings and motions for me to hop on. Logolas hops on and Deathwing takes off. He pulls out Bloodthirst his sabre and goes swooping towards the dragon. Logolas brings his sabre down and it sinks deep into his back but the dragon doesnt even seem to flinch. Deathwing swoops again and again and Logolas brings his blade down deep into his hide again and again but to no avail. Finally the dragon noticed him and sent a ball of fire streaming towards him. Deathwing just had enough time to dodge out of the way.
Logolas jumps from Deathwing and ands on the dragon's back. He drives his blade again and again deep into the dragons back. The dragon attempts to dhake him off but Logolas drives his blade into its back and hold on. Then the dragon whips around violently sending Logolas flying through the air...He is plummeting to the ground when Deathwing scoops him up. "We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/17/2001 4:33 PM

Kynia stared in awe at the Red Dragon. Quickly she turned to Reh'to and managed a calm smile.

"everything's gonna be fine...are you Okay?? after this, if you want I will help you get a proper horse ok? for now, stay with mine, Kyel will look after you, alright?" Kynia smiled, gently stroking the girl's hair, trying to calm her.

Kynia turned to Kyel and patted him on his nose. //Watch her please!// she sent to him.

Kyel nodded once and gently nudged Reh'to //alright// Kyel replied. //But who is gonna watch you!?//

Kynia smirked and walked off leaving Reh'to in Kyel's care. She stared at the Dragon, and watched as he tried to intake another breath so that he could breathe his flame again. Kynia focused all of her will, backed by Kyel, to the dragon, forcing all of the air from his lungs. crushing his chest so that breathing was impossible. She hoped that the others could take him out soon, or that He would suffocate, putting this much force into her mind would weaken her quickly.

All watched in sudden awe as the dragon floundered, gasping for breath, each gasp more desperate than the last.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/18/2001 3:16 PM

Logolas watches as the dragon starts choking and finds that it cant breathe. He looks down at Kynia and notices it must be her thats doing this to the dragon. He took the oppertunity tofly straight at the dragons head. He lept from Deathwing and landed on the top of its head. He drove his blade straight down into its brain and held on as best he could while the dying dragon whipped around viciously trying to fling him from its head. He braced himself as the dragons head was plummeting to the ground. The shock of the impact sent Logolas flying forward off the dragons head. He got up and looked back at the twitching dragon laying on the ground.
"That wasnt so hard he said to Kynia and Kleff."As soon as those words left his mouth the dragon head lifted up and wasaiming down at Logolas. Logolas looked up at the pain filled eyes of the dragon and was frozen with fear. The dragon reared up and Logolas knew it was gonna strike down at him..........."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/18/2001 4:01 PM

"NO!!!" Kynia screamed as she put forth all she was worth...the psychic blast flung the dragon away, smashing it into the mountain behind it. the moment the power left her, Kynia collapsed.

the Red raised his head weakly, then it too collapsed.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/18/2001 6:43 PM

Logolas walks over to Kynia and picks her up. He then walks over to Deathwing and straps Kynia in."Take her somewhere safe Deathwing." At his word Deathwing took off and flew away from the dragon. Logolas then turned to Kleff."I think we should check and make sure its dead." Then Logolas walked over to the dragon closely followed by Kleff."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/18/2001 6:46 PM

Shaking slightly, Reh'to nodded as Kynia left her in her stallion's care. Then, she left Kyel's side and sat down next to Sly where he had collapsed. Everything was happening so fast . . . she coulnd't figure any of it out, but she had noticed when Sly had saved them from the dragon's blast. Without a word, she gently stroked his hair, hoping the effect would calm her. Baker, as if in apology, nuzzled the back of her head. Reh'to watched in quiet anxiety as Logolas assailed the dragon, watched Kyel and Kynia in all their concentration. Finally the dragon was felled, the death blow was administered. Reh'to watched, paralyzed, in sudden horror as Kynia herself collapsed.

"No!" She screamed, leaping up and running to her newfound friend. "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/18/2001 8:54 PM

Kyel bolted running towards his chosen. Kynia lay still on the ground...till breathing, just unconsious from the ammount of energy she sent into the blast.

Kyel nudged Reh'to forceing her to rais her head. as her eyes met his bright blue ones, a deep male voice was heard in her mind.
//It's ok...She will be fine...It took alot out of her to do that...all she needs now is rest...Help me look after her ok?// Kyel slowly and deliberatly winked and nodded his head.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/19/2001 7:01 AM

OOC:sorry About me not beeing much here oh and when the dragon attacked then i got home(been on vacation) and now ..well i missed all the action:(

IC:kleff supported him with his staff and walked with logolas up to the dragon to check if he was dead or not...Then the dragon stood up and screamed with such might that a shockwave threw kleff 10 feets away and kleff crashed in a rock ...kleffs foot snaped and a Sharp stone Whent through kleff's shoulder...blood gushed out of kleff.. but he seemed to ignore the pain...Kleff just crawled at the dragon and then held his staff high ,but just before he looked at the Kynia with terrible sad eyes...Then kleff looked away and started chanting his final spell....


Then the rune staff started glowing once again but now with a strong white light....and then a flash of blinding white light came and blinded all the people around and then....the dragon was gone but also was kleff left with a gigantic crater that the staff had caused...Kleff had sacrafised himself to safe his fellow friends....
Then Kynia heard a voice inside her...
*It is good to see that you are safe..this is the last thing i can say in the material plane..for i do not exist on the material plane....i bid the fair well ...
Kynia....my love...

08/19/2001 10:50 AM

Reh'to smiled slightly at Kyel, and then looked over questioningly at Sly. "What about him?" She said. She left Kyel to Kynia and started to drag Sly back with the others.

Meanwhile . . . ((Kleff, I'm not sure if you had anything in mind, so if you did and this is impinging, we don't have to follow it. I'm just throwing in a suggestion))

Kiergalyk growled softly. Something had happened to her mate, she was sure of it.

"Quiet, Firelake, we have not gotten word yet." Dragon Highlord Keer Saylif soothed, gently rubbing Kiergalyk's snout. "We shall attack when we are needed." Kiergalyk looked towards the peak of mountains, beyond which was the Solamnic city and her mate. Her wings quivered with anticipation."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/19/2001 3:10 PM

OOC: So are we continueing on without kleff in the story? And i had already sent Kynia to safety with my pegasus.

Logolas was thrown back and got up just in time to see a blinding light and Kleff and the dragon dissappear."Kleff! NOOOOOOO!"
Logolas ran up to where Kleff was previously standing and only saw a crater. Logolas walked around the crater thinking why hadnt he done more to stop the dragon instead of having Kleff sacrifice himself.
Logolas looked up to find his pegasus returning with Kynia now fully concious. She landed Deathwing gently and got off and walked up to Logolas."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/19/2001 9:59 PM

OOC: Sorry I didn't see the post untill after I had already posted. and It's gonna take a while for Kynia to regain conciousness...Her powers are all mental, and all her own...to use a blast like she just did would've sapped all of her strength. she could be counsious, but only barely. she definatly wouldn't have the strength to get off the Pegasus.

IC: Kynia looked up dully, refusing to believe that Kleff was gone. Kyel walked over to the pegasus, and with Deathwing's help, got Kynia safely situated on his back.

"Why....?" she asked softly, tears filling her Sapphire eyes.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/20/2001 7:33 PM

Sly first got up a little confused. The dragon was gone, Kleff was no were to be found, and a giant crater was in left in the ground. Then he rememberd the blast, was the group ok , how about the women he protected with the little magic he had.He grabbed the hilt of his sword to help him self up but he fell over. Laying there he realized he had seen what happend to the dragon before passing out again. The image played over and over again in his head. What was the brave bird that was attacking the dragon before kleff sacrifised his life for the others... bird...!!!!! That was no bird it was a griffin, a griffin with distinct silver wings!!!!

"No...NO...NOOOOOOO" Sly started off quitley before screaming his words.

He became dissy and before he passed out again a wolf bigger than most came out of nothingness and lay beside him not to move for the world...

08/20/2001 9:57 PM

Logolas looked up into the sky to find Deathwing and saw alot of little black dots coming nearer and nearer. He squinted and what he saw horrified him. A whole squad of Draconians."Looks like our dragon has some friends."Logolas said to the remaining party members.Loglas got out his crossbow and hid behind a boulder waiting for his move. Kynia and Sly also hid. Logolas watched as the Draconians landed and inspected the craters only about 75 ft away. Logolas took aim with his crossbow,let losse a boly, and felled a draconian. The other Draconians looked around surprised.
Logolas shot 3 more bolts felling 2 more draconians and then took out his Bloodthirst sabre and dagger. He waited until the draconians got about 15 ft away and then leapt out into their midst. He took the head off of one and parried anothers stroke with his dagger. Logolas was in a blood frenzy trying to avenge Kleff. He took a swipe at another and drove his blade deep into its stomach but it only went half way through and then the draconian turned to stone as it died keeping Logolases sabre stuck in it stomach. Logolas pulled and pulled on the sabre trying to get it out while the other draconians were confused. He was tugging and tugging on it and it wouldnt give. He looked behind him and saw a draconian charge at him with a sword. Logolas tried once more pulling with all his strength to pull out the sabre but to no avail.
Then Logolas screamed in pain as the draconian drove its blade into his back. Logolas fell to the ground caughing up blood.Slowly everything went black. Logolas used the last of his strength lift his head and say good bye to his companions....."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/21/2001 7:21 AM

OOC:every ones getting killed!!!

Sly watched as the draconian bastards were killing his friends. Three charged at him and he thought for shure he was the next to go.

"NOOOOOO" he screamd before the mysterios wolf jumped in front of him and blew them back with a blast of light coming from his mouth. The wolf jumped from draconian to draconian taking them out one by one ripping there throughts.

"huh???" he said confusedly.

Where did this wolf come from and was the sorce of his power???

08/21/2001 9:13 AM

Reh'to for the most part stayed near Sly, watching in horror as Logolas proved another sacrifice. She couldn't take it; Kleff was gone, Logolas . . . Kynia was unconcious and Sly was groggy. She leapt up and ran towards Baker, however a draconian grabbed her hair and jerked her to the ground, whipping her around and bringing his scimitar even with her neck."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/21/2001 8:17 PM

Kyel Screamed, and trampled the Draconian that threatened Reh'to. WHile she hung on, Kynia came to conciousness, and weekly drew her sword.

"I'll be ok....I just wont be doing anything really powerful for a while...." Kynia murmered.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/22/2001 11:40 AM

Reh'to looked thankfully at Kyel, then grabbed the scimitar off the ground. She had a weapon . . .a weapon she could barely lift and one she had no idea how to use, but she had a weapon nonehteless. She looked back to Baker who was kicking the bejeezus out of anyhting that wandered near him. Reh'to joined his side, weakly swinging her scimitar in a wide arc around her.
"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/23/2001 12:19 PM

Sly picked up his sword as he regained strength and was killing one draconian after the other soon the draconians were all dead or to wounded to even blink. The mysterios wolf walked up to him and sat down.

"Are you ok???" the wolf said suprising every one that was left."Sorry did i startle you??? I am Athor your gardian, Sly"

Sly stared confused and somewhat scared

"I... LOOK OUT EVERY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed as another giagantic dragon came flying threw the air. This one was green with amethyst eyes huge claws and teeth and wasn't to happy to see all the draconians dead.The dragon took in a deep breath and then exhaled a ball of fire. The flame was coming straight to the warriors as the all stared in astonishment...

08/23/2001 9:19 PM

Reh'to screamed, dropping the scimitar and crawling underneath Baker. "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/30/2001 8:28 AM

OOC: were is every one????

"Dont be scared, Reh'to" Sly screamed, "I was hoping that it wouldnt have to come to this but i geuss it's time..."

Sly jumped straight into the air and vanished hi into the air. Then in his place a giant green Dragon appeared. The dragon had the same green eyes as Sly did. The dragon landed on the gorund in front of Reh'to scaring baker.

"Dont be scared its me...Sly" the great green Dragon said with a rummble just like thunder.

He then flew high into the air to the point that he couldnt be seen. Then a small dot was seen in the air, the dot grew bigger and bigger, untill it was clear that it was Sly with his mouth open. A magical ball in his mouth flew at great speeds towards the ground then it burst making a dome over the rest of the party protecting them from any harm.

"Sorry it had to come to this but its all i could do to protect you from dying. The sheild will protect from any harm and dont bother trying to get out nothing will work. If ne one else dyes it'll be me..." He said flying towards the enemy dragon.

"now time for you"

08/31/2001 7:38 PM

"Sly! Be careful!" Reh'to called, walking to the edge of the dome and looking out at the green dragon . . ."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

09/01/2001 11:59 AM

Not far away, a pair of bright intelligent eyes watched the people. Varliss never took her eyes off the traveler, her own following their every move. She reared onto her hind legs, craning her serpentine neck to see them better. The dragon's beautiful wine red skin was slashed with stripes of purest ebony- she was a hybrid of sorts. Born of a black and of a red, the colors had merged to form a kind of tiger-stripe effect. She was perhaps one hundred and fifty feet long, and though she was skinny her muscles rippled under the scales and skin. She spread her wings and dove off the ledge that she had been sitting on, and plummeted a few feet before catching an updraft. Leisurely, Varliss winged towards the people, smiling to herself. She was curious what they were doing- and if they threatened her she'd give them a taste of her breath weapon. A combination of black dragon acid and red dragon fire, it was a stream of acidic goo that ignited on contact with air. Her green-gold eyes gleamed in anticipation as she soared like a red-and-black banner through the skies of Krynn.

09/01/2001 12:30 PM

Varliss suddenly banked as she saw the green dragon. She hissed in annoyance; greens could be so irritating. Still, its antics with these adventurers amused her. She dipped down for a closer look.

09/07/2001 4:09 PM

OOc:sorry i havent been on latley but this was my first week back to school and the first week is hell... varliss have you read th book dragons weather...???

The great red dragon was fightinig back feircley as was sly both dragons were coverd in blood from attacks from the other. Sly flew backwards eyes glowing, glowing steams of light started surronding him 5, 12, soon 50. The lights turned all of a sudden merging and forming one big one. the light hit the great red dragon nocking him back into a cliff. the dust covering the crash site made it hard to see any thing but a shadow of the beast but sly new he was no were ne dead...

09/29/2001 8:47 PM

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Sly attacked the red once again. it didn't move. was it dead, not moving, not breathing, yes it was dead!!!!Now what was that force soaring above him? It was... ANOTHER DRAGON!!! This one was black it seemed but differnt... the others!!! were they alright?? Yes there they were staring in astonishment. I have to save them he tought i'll send them away in diffrent directions so nobody can find them. It will use the last of his energy but so what he needed to save the ohters. At that all the warriors were sent in diffrent directions.

Sly woke up in his elven form the next day in the woods somewhere lost not knowing were or for a moment who he was. Thn he rememberd it all the dragons the draconians and the seperation.

"HELP!!!!!!!!" he yelled, "HELP!!!!!!!!!!"

No answer he needed help and shelter.He gatherd some slim trees about 4 to 6 inches in diameter and 8 foot long. He placed them im a trre that forked into to a slingshot shape so they made a sort of a cylinder shape. He gatherd alot of leafs and pine needel limbs. He placed the limbs on the trees so they made it almost hard to se into the shelter. He then p;aced the leaves on top the leaves were on the roof about 4 foot deep. THe higher the leaves the better the insulated the better the insulated heat was in the hut. Next he dug a little hole about 2 feet wide and eep and started a fire in it. This he styed by until to his luck a buck came into a clearing about 100 yards away.He moved in and got till about 20 yards away and made his kill. He always killed on the first shot he never did believe in letting it suffer. He colled the ,eat and hung the skin so that he could drie it for a new coatHe lay in his little hut on a bed of leaves hoping sombody would find him

09/30/2001 1:14 PM

OOC: Wow this is still going on? We should keep it going. Wel since my character died.....can i start another one? I was thinking maybe a good guy who rides on a silver dragon."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

09/30/2001 6:47 PM

Baker wandered into a little clearing and found a nice little hut with tasty leaves on top ::munch munch munch::

Meanwhile, Rhe'to had been spereated from everyone; from Sly, from her stupid as- (sorry, 'Donkey'), and was now quite alone and quite scared. The forest loomed about her, firds screeched and rodents chittered at her angrily. She walked on numb legs for a while before curling up in a nook formed by some tree roots, hoping nothing icky would cralw or slither its way onto her. Here she tried to force herself into a deep, tear-streaked sleep."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/01/2001 6:25 PM

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"What the fu- Baker!!!!!!!!! Hey get offa my hut you stupid donkey." Sly said stumblig out of his little house, "Were is Rehto???? RHE'TO REH'TO!!!!!! I'M OVER HERE!!!!!!!" he yelled at the top of his longs,"wait we were sperarted maybe it was coincident that Bakers is here, hmphh wow lucky me. What ever happend to that wolf."

Far away an over grown wolf was running threw the woods. He spotted a girl alone in the chilly wind of autumn. He started towards here to offer help.

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That girl can be you Rheto if ya wont or not whatever.

10/01/2001 7:51 PM

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Rhe'to shivered, and felt someone . . or something . . . nearby, and looked up to see a gigantic wolf. She screamed in surprise and terror, crouching further against the tree. He didn't look like he was going to tear her limb from limb, though, so after a brief moment of panic she relaxed a little.

"Who are you?" She asked.

Baker snorted at Sly, and then snuffled the ground, then took a bit of Sly's pantleg and started chewing thoughtfully on that."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/02/2001 6:59 PM

"Hey you stupid... i should kick you in the a-"

Sly stopped in the middle of his yelling and was staring into noothing. It was Rehto!!! Were was she, she seems okay but the trees were diffrent. It was like she was there but wasn't. The trees were bigger and were not the same color as the ones he used to make the base and roof of his house.

"Who's there?" he heard her say but the again he didn't.

What is going on. Then he noticed a fury dog's nose in his face. It was his!!!! Never mind that.

"Rehto whats going on???" the wolf said only in Sly's voice. "I'm here... or... uhh... there but I'm not!!! I'm a dog i think but i was me a minute ago!?!?!"

Then he remeberd the wolf from after Silver-Wing, his great griffen, died. Somehow he was phsyically connected to it. But how what is going on. Rehto was starring at him horrified. Then she answered...

OOC: I know you didnt die rehto but cory did so I was telling him... any how, Cory, You dont have to be dead just seriouslly engerd. Your body could have been transported too. You could have been thrown into the Blood Sea of Istar and the Sea Elves there could have helped revive you or whatever you wish.

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10/03/2001 8:47 PM

Rhe'to listened to the wolf. Sly? Could it be?

"Is that really you, Sly?" She shivered, then threw her arms around the dog's furry neck. "I'm so scared, where did everyone go? How did you get trapped in a dog's body?" She buried her head in his fur and cried."I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/04/2001 5:32 PM

"Rehto are you familiar with the word familiar???" the wolf said, "well this dog is my familiar... i see threw him and speek threw him to. Mages use them to run arrinds. Well this is kinda mine... I can get you one over here if ya wont one..."

Sly suddenlly was zapped basck to him self when a donkey nocked him over.

"Stupid watch what your doing!!!"

Use the site of his wolf again sly continuid.

"Well what do you think how bout a bird. then we could make it fly between the two of us and you can see the route of wich to go so that we might meet up???" Sly was waiting for a response but had an idea,"I geuss I'll have to cach one first but first do you wanna familiar or not bird or mouse or something???"

10/04/2001 9:06 PM

Rhe'to smiled. "A bird sounds good to me." She replied. "Like a tern, or something swift.""I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/05/2001 5:10 PM

"How bout an eagal there prettey quick and there is one here" Sly sent out a ball of light and caught it in an orb of energy. The eagle was instantly tame."Fly to the one who seeks you swift one."

The wolf started talking to rehto in a diffrent voice starling Rehto," He's sending the familiar now Rehto. It should be here in about a day lets just stay put for now.."

10/05/2001 9:27 PM

Rhe'to, tired, startled, and cold, shivered as the wolf started talking on his own. But she trusted him . . .she had spoken to Sly through him . . . She leaned against his warm fur and begged sleep to come.

((ooc; and on that note, I'm going to bed IRL! g'night!))"I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

10/06/2001 2:20 AM

Kynia and Kyel where wandering in the woods too...too far from the rest of the group. Kynia rested against Kyel's neck, still weary from the attack that she put forth against the red. the Half-Irdra began to cry softly. Kyel stopped and arched his head back to nudge her knee. With a sob, she reached her arms around his neck and hugged him feircly. Though she wasn't entirely sure, she had an Idea that Kyel was really an Irdra's spirit, taken the form of a horse to protect their decendents, The Kirioyal, the Half elves-Half Irdra from across the sea.may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

10/12/2001 11:15 PM

Hmm I wonder what Kynia is doing now, did she make it out alive? That was the only thought that was going threw Sly's mind... is she alright...

10/13/2001 3:08 AM

Kynia dried her eyes, and turned around...She felt somthing...someone she knew....nearby. "Sly?" she whispered softly. "come on Kyel...they're nearby!" she cried, and lept onto his back."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/14/2001 8:54 AM

OOC: I'm sorta lost as to where we are so im gonna start up a new character and you gusy try to guide me along ok?I think ill be a red robe that rides a silver dragon and has a pet owl.

IC: Raegal was flying through the clouds one day with his owl tailing him on his silver dragon when he noticed some companions down below that looked like they were in trouble.

OOC: Tell me if i did something wrong i can always go back and edit. :D"We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

10/19/2001 8:41 AM

Kynia is that you?

10/19/2001 7:36 PM

Raegal swooped down and landed near one confused looking traveler (sly)."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

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