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08/06/2001 7:24 PM

OOC: This adventure happens during the "Dragon Highlord Emperor" storyline. We would be
using our normal characters in this part. Enjoy!

Marcus mopped his forehead with a towel. It was so hot and humid, walking amongst the trees
of the former Elven Homelands. This are really grim, most of Ansalon is now under the
Imperial Standard and he and his friends are wanted me and women. A rustling sound startles
him as he laced his sandals.... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/06/2001 7:45 PM

ooc: since autumn was just used to get to alhana, the character I'm playing in the other one, I'll get her and Wynter in here for some fun stuff

"Damn, Wynter, can't you hurry up? Those knights will be here any minute?" Autumn looked around the corner to see a score of knights searching for them.
"Calm down, my assasin friend. We will be back to report the death of the Thorn Knights' leader soon enough. Though I don't see why we did it. Ariakas' chief mage is Raistlin and there is no way we will get to him. Unless Dalamar somehow agrees to destroy his Shalif," Wynter replied, picking the lock of the side door and running through. Autumn followed and shut the door, moving before Wynter cast a spell of warding.
They ran through the secret passageway and found the doorway in the nearby cliff. Autumn stepped onto the small ledge and moved aside for Wynter to stand.
"Well, what now, 'mage'?"
She slowly moved her hands and spoke to herself. A copper wyvern emerged from the cave below and they jumped onto it's back, flying off to the woods.I don't wanna waste my time becoming another casualty of society. Don't wanna fall in line becoming another victim of your conformity and back down.

Sum 41

08/07/2001 2:01 PM

Darkness stepped to the window of the laboratory to see what was happening in Palanthas. The streets were quiet with the occasional knight of Takhisis on patrol marching by. "I guess it is time to finish Raistlins orders, but I dont understand why he is helping these people." With this he walked from the laboratory down the winding steps to the guest chambers. With an unspoken word of magic the door opened to the master of the tower (well, master until Raistlin returned). "Raistlin wishes that you leave this night, but tell no one that you were here, even if it means your death, you owe him your life."

"I would never tell anyone, why would I endanger my brother." Caramon slowly stepped from the shadows near the window. "I will leave this night for Qualinost, I should be safe there."

"Remember when Raistlin calls it is time for you to return, he still has plans for you, though I dont know why he needs your help." With this Darkness ushered Caramon down the long winding staircase of the tower of high sorcery, and out the front gates. "Remember human, if you do not obey him, I will deal with you" with this said Darkness pulled down his hood to reveal two red eyes burning with a fire of their own. "They may not be as impressive as your brother's, but the fire within them is the fire that I use to burn all that defy my master." With that Darkness reentered the tower to begin the next part of Raistlins plan to become the next ruler of Ansalon.

(OOC: I am playing Soth in the other story, but Soth only wants destruction, not rulership. But Raistlin on the other hand... since no one seems to be challenging Ariakas yet, I thought I would give Raistlin a hand, or a push.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/07/2001 2:04 PM

Joe's life was pretty much the same under the Highlords it was before them. His only annoyance were those newfangled Knights of Takhisis, who'se 'honor' really annoyed him when he tried the always useful technique of bribery.
Like a few days ago. Good thing that he had a 'half-elf' disguise false ears and those wizard 'contact lens' things on him. This group of the elven rebellion had taken him in, and he would return with a different face once things were cooled down in the now human city of Qualensti.
To err is human, to moo bovine.

08/07/2001 10:32 PM

Marcus momentarily ignored the rustling as he continued lacing his sandals.

As long as I sit still, they won't notice me...

He was literally shaking in fear... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/08/2001 9:13 AM

Damn it lost in the woods again Serivek noted to him self as he trudged threw the forest that the elves did/once called home the half ogre had been running from a band ogre bounty hunters ever since he left his home land of Khur after all a Half ogre fighter that was a strong believer in the faith of a good deity was a liability to a close allie of the dragon lords and there was the fact that he had killed his father an important ogre Sargent in Khurs army. As he walked towards a clearing he sighted an elf tying his sandals unsure if the elf was friend or foe he stoped and drew his twin morning stars.

08/08/2001 6:25 PM

Autumn sat on the wyvern as Wynter directed it to Palanthas. "Are you sure we should fly over the trees and in the open. We will go within site of the High Clerist Tower and Ariakas troops there won't be happy when they recieve word two elves killed the leader of the Thorn Knights. Though I agree, I don't see why they sent us on this mission."
"Would you shut up? The way you are talking, the knights will find us right here."
Autumn gave Wynter a scornful glance and Wynter turned back her head, facing forward. As they flew, Autumn sat thinking to herself. An assasin was not her choice of occupation. Once in her life she was a ranger; elves devoted to the protection of their countries and themselves. But when the war started, finding a living as a ranger was harder and theivary was looking better as her skills improved. Finally, the Elven Alliance began to form and her people needed assasins.
Wynter looked back and saw Autumn's thoughtful face. "I'm sorry for the comment. I think the commanders are preparing us for something big. We are the only wizard/assasin pair in the whole Elven Alliance and we break in, kill, and escape better than any assasin on Krynn. They want us for something, Autumn."
Autumn smiled. "Have you heard the orders so far? We are to prepare for a march. The General herself will be here and the whole alliance is marching on Ariakas' castle. I even heard the Kenders, dwarves, and some humans are marching with us."
"Another war is about to break out," Wynter added and she reined the wyvern to dive and fly under the cover of woods.Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

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08/08/2001 8:13 PM

With a flash, Marcus decapitates the draconian that snucked up to him. Several surrounded as his readied his war scythe.

"Poor choice of weapon..." he mumbled.

Another draconian, an Aurak, lunged at him with a glittering shortsword which he parried expertly. His scythe whistled in the air as he split the creature's skull open. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a movement. A searing pain went up on his left side. The draconian's eyes glittered red...

An arrow skewered the draconian as it withdrew its blade. As he fell to the ground, he heard voices. Elven voices. He then silently slipped into darkness, the last thing he heard was...

"Let us take him back to the General..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/09/2001 8:35 PM

Darkness again ascended the long winding staircase of the tower to the main laboratory. Inside he saw what he desired, the pool of scrying. He placed his hands on the edges of the pool and began the chant the arcane words to activate it. The calm water in the pool began to radiate multicolored light and that began to swirl until an image appeared, that of his master.

"Raistlin, I have news for you." Trying to keep his concentration while speaking to his master.

"Is he on his way to Qualinost."

"Yes master, Caramon seems to be loyal to you, you now have one general."

"That is good, proceed with the rest of the plan."

"Yes my master." With that said Darkness released his hold on the spell and let the pool slip away into blackness once again. "Now I must travel to see lady Crysania, I must hurry, there isnt much time to spare." With that he once again left the laboratory and made his way down the staircase.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/10/2001 11:23 AM

Wynter thought to herself as she steered the wyvern through the trees. Her days as an infamous mage were over, and she was even against her own father; Dalamar the Dark. Teaming up with her friend since they were outcasted was the only thing she could think of to do. Autumn taught her lock-picking skills so Autumn could fight while they escaped. Wynter taught Autumn a spell of warding so she can cast it incase Wynter was busy. Autumn had some magic, not much. Killing pety mages was below their capabilities. They had killed three of Ariakas' highlords on smuggling runs. They reported to the leader in Palanthas who gave them orders directly from Alhana. 'She does have something big planned for us. It's the only explanation," Wynter thought and they landed a few miles away from the High Clerist Tower, now ruled by the Dark Knights."..Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."

08/10/2001 7:25 PM

Mertonius struggled against the binding magick's that fettered him on the wall of the mystically crafted prison.

Curse that Raistlin for imprisoning me here in the dragon traps. I'll make that double crossing bastard pay.

Greater magicks bound the undead sorceror, magicks summoned from planes far and distant from that of Krynn for there is no power on that world that would normally work of the powerful astral-lich. I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/12/2001 5:37 PM

Autumn dismounted the wyvern after Wynter. "Ahh, the High Clerist Tower. I remember the days when Solamnic Knights ruled this tower."Join the Army they say. See the world they say. I'd rather be sailing.

08/12/2001 5:50 PM

OOC: Yo Autumn, Rach and I wanted to wish you a PRE happy Clean day (I'll probably forget when it actually is so...)
By the way, all us Perrians (especially Rach and I) miss you alot!!! Hope you've had a great summer....

08/12/2001 7:36 PM

Darkness slowly strolled up to the temple of Paladine in Palanthas. The pain from being in this very place was excruciating. "I can see Paladine still watches over her," he muttered in a choked voice. "It should subside once I enter the temple." He was careful as to not be spotted by the random knights of Takhisis patrols that were roaming about. He finally reached the doors and they parted as he approached. "I guess shes expecting me." He wandered through the entryway and the pain vanished from his body. Darkness stood silently in the hallway of the temple and glanced around at its beauty. Everywhere he looked he could see symbols, portraits, and statues dedicated to his least favorite god.

"I see that you have finally arrived," said a beautiful yet strong voice.

"Ah, Lady Crysania," he made a curt bow and a mocking sneer at her, "how nice to finally meet you."

"You may dispense with the pleasantries, why do you wish to see me."

"Well, since you took over the temple after the previous high clerics untimely demise," Darkness could not help but smile at this, "Raistlin wished for me to speak to you...about a truce."

(OOC: keep in mind that this takes place in a time that Raistlin and Crysania have not yet met, Crysania still has her vision, and they really dont know much about each other, other than the stories that they have heard. Im assuming that the previous high priest has died and Crysania has taken over in his stead.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/13/2001 8:39 PM

Mertonius struggled against the bonds that held him against his will, his mind flitting from one spell of escape to another. Spells of dispelling binding magicks and spells of abjuration came and went but nothing seemed to break the mysterious force that held him imprisoned in the cell.

"I'll make that accursed mage pay for this with his life. I'll make him and Takhisis pay!!!"

With this he paced around his magical prison. A prison drawn upon the floor of the blood drenched dragontrap of the High Clerist Tower. I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/14/2001 6:13 AM

Autumn began to walk toward the mountains surrounding the High Clerist Tower. She looked at it in wonder. "Some say that the dark mage Mertonius is in those dragontraps. Raistlin put him there. Wouldn't he be a great ally?" She asked.
Wynter looked at the tower and slid her chain mail above her tunic. "Well, even if he is in there, Raistlin would have put many spells of binding on him. I can't undo spells like that. We would need Justin or Dalamar to help us and you know where both of them are."
"Yes. Dead and on Ariakas' side. Have you tried talking to Dalamar? He's your father and all. Maybe he'll listen to you," Autumn replied, slidding her quiver into her belt and strapping her sword on. She placed her bow on her back as Wynter answered.
"Yes, I have tried. He says only one thing will bring him to our side and Alhana will never allow it."
"He wants to go back to Silvanesti. You're right, Alhana would never allow it. But maybe if we tell her how good of an ally he'll be. He's got those mages and undead, and he knows inside plans about Ariakas and his army. Then, we can get ole Mertonius out and have another strong ally."
"She is coming into our camp. Tommorow the host will be here. Alhana will want to speak with us because we need our next mission. Maybe we can convince her."What do you think you're some kind of rocket scientist?
Why, yes.

08/15/2001 5:46 PM

"So as you see Lady Crysania, I need your help to release him. Raistlin would do it himself but he cannot leave Ariakas' command, he would brand my master as a traitor. If you wish to free your people come with me."

"I will, but will he listen to your plea." Crysania was worried about this plan, why would Raistlin want to help a former enemy.

"He must or we will not release him. We must leave now before the first light. It will only take us a few hours to reach our destination. And it will not take long to release MERTONIUS from his prison."


Two hours and four knight patrols later Darkness and Lady Crysania finally reached the High Clerists Tower. They slowly walked through the winding pathways to the dragontrap they sought, the one in which 'The Prison' was located.

"Well hello Mertonius, my master has reconsidered your sentence, Im sure you know why, after all you can see everything that happens on this pitiful little planet. Will you help us?"You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

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08/15/2001 9:21 PM

Mertonius was startled from his reverie at the arrival of Chrysania and Raistlin's new apprentice.

His eyes glimmered with hunger as it fell upon the High Priestess.

After hearing the mage's offer, the ancient lich stroked his chin, an old habit from his former life. A grin crossed the death's visage of his face.

"And what if I Refused? Do you think that your master can destroy me? The One who taught all what Fistandantilus knew? The One who taught your master the secrets of the distant planes? Your master is but a traitor to my cause!"

(OOC: This cause that Mertonius was talking about was his attempt to destroy Takhisis. Not replace her but simply destroy her. Of course..... well this is a different timeline...)

A shudder went up through the ancient undead....

"I have the power to break through this accursed prison... Yes, I have the power... But at what cost? The destruction of all Krynn!"

A grim smile formed on the lich's ancient decayed face.

"The Balance has shifted mage... If darkness is not banished soon... All would be lost...."

His eyes glimmered again, " Free me from this prison...."

His eyes shifted...

A sudden movement, a flash of a dagger.

"I think that my old friend has asked you kindy. Have Chrysannia 'offer' herself to Mertonius so he can regain the power he needed to break the prison. Do it. NOW!"

The figure nodded at Chrysania.

"Mertonius won't hurt you that much. Raistlin bound him with a spell that would break if the undead prisoner 'unites' with a virgin. An event that would be highly unlikely for my friend Mertonius..."

The cloaked figure laughed, his hand making a simple gesture, imprisoning Darkness in a circle of magical binding (temporary)

Mertonius eyed his rescuer quizically.

"And what would my freedom do to help you...... Marcus?"

The lich's archrival dropped his cloak of masking.

"Well, the Elves need help and they saved me. So I'm paying them back. Anyway,I've asked Paladine expressively and he allowed me to tell you that he is allowing the use of his Cleric, for now..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/16/2001 5:27 AM

ooc: nice, plot twist. I love those things.

Autumn and Wynter strolled into their camp. It was just a large tent surrounded by a forest, but many plans and compaigns tooks place here. They walked into the command tent, seeing many of the elves that were sent as messangers and their high commander, General Konnal(isn't that right? anyway). "I don't know why I'm working under him. He did brand me and my father dark elves," Wynter mumbled under her breath. Autumn held back her laughter.
"Ah, Wynter and Autumn. Have you completed your mission?" He asked.
Autumn reached into a pouch and pulled out an eyeball. "Why do you insist upon us getting these damn things for you when we are on assasin runs?" He took it from her hand and placed it in a bucket with others.
"Prizes, Lady Autumn. Prizes. A man, Marcus, should be coming into camp soon. He bears a very important person with him. Make sure you meet him. You are on leave until tomorrow when Alhana arrives. Dismissed."What do you think you're some kind of rocket scientist?
Why, yes.

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08/16/2001 2:00 PM

Darkness stood in perfect stillness, not wanting Marcus to think that his spell did not affect him. Marcus freed Mertonious from the magical prison with very little effort and the both of them left with Lady Crysania.

"It is just as my master has said, everything has come to pass as I was told. They think that they can defy my master, he knew this would all happen, now I hope that fate falls into place just as Raistlin has told me. I just wish that I could have a larger part in the matter. The master of the past and the present can also see the future, and it is looking very good for him."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/16/2001 8:30 PM

Joe, now among Komall's messangers, sits doing nothing. These bloody elves never let him out of somone's sight, despite trusting him. Blasted 'buddy for safety' system!
To err is human, to moo bovine.

08/17/2001 2:07 AM

Several Shadow Mages guarded the stairwell into the 'Prison'. They've been waiting for the return of the mage and the high priestess when they heard Chrysania let forth a scream in pain.

"Hmm, they must be enjoying some 'down-time' there ehhh?" One mage nudged his companion, giving him a wink.

"She must be real tight, being a high priestess and all..." The other mage giving his friend a smile and making a lewd gesture.

"Yup. I think we better wait for a moment. They wouldn't want it for us to come after them with their 'pants down'..."

The two shadow mages laughed for a moment.

A light suddenly welled forth from beneath the barred double doors.....

It was then when they noticed the entire tower crumbling.....

A hurried dispath arrived at Kalaman. Ariakas was surprised along with his chief mage, Raistlin....

"My lord," the messenger gasped," The High Clerist's Fortress has been annhilated! All our forces at the tower was destroyed to the man. Palanthas is now open to the attack of the Elven Alliance!!!"

Ariakas turned to Raistlin, fear apparent in his eyes.

"I believe, that the one being on Krynn capable of destroying our Queen is free, mage. And from what I hear, he also hates you with the same passion he hates Takhisis."

From the blasted hole where the fortress stood and the surrounding countryside, enveloping the areas around the wngs of Habakuk, nothing lay standing.....

A globe of light materialized and hung in the air for a moment. The clear walls of the sphere sheltered Mertonius and his companions.

Chrysania weakly groaned at the sight that she beheld. The mightest fortress on Krynn is now nothing more than a blackened patch on the surface of the planet. She shuddered in the arms of Darkness, whispering his name over and over. Marcus looked at her, pity ni his eyes.

I couldn't blame her., he thought, Having sex for the first time is hard for a priestess. Having sex with an undead lich is far more frightening. I just wish that this is alright. Freeing Mertonius maybe a big mistake...

Marcus gave Darkness a sly look, making sure that he wasn't noticed.
That poor kid. I know that the spell I laid on him was nothing more than a simple spell of binding. What kind of hardships drove him into this?

He turned his attention to Mertonius, who was now leading them into Alhana's camp. The sphere is about to touch down.

What are your plans Mertonius? Why is it that you bring this mage with us? Do you know something about him that I don't? I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/17/2001 1:15 PM

Darkness watched as they approached the camp of Alhana. He was sure that this Marcus fellow knew that his spell did not bind him, but that he joined the group of his own free will. Darkness was sure that Mertonius knew that the spell did not affect him, but why didnt he say anything. And then there was poor Lady Crysania, he almost felt sorry for her, all the pain that she had gone through only an hour ago. But she agreed to go on this trip, and she knew the possibilities of what could happen. As he held her in his arms she shook constantly. I guess I could help her out a bit. Darkness cast a minor spell to block Marcus and Mertonius from detecting his magic, then he cast a spell of forgetting, erasing the entire episode of an hour ago from her mind. After the spell was cast Crysania quickly fell asleep in his arms. Such a beautiful woman, I do feel sorry for her, but at least she will never remember what happened to her. Lets hope he doesnt do it again.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

08/17/2001 2:46 PM

Autumn sat in utter amazement. She looked to her partner and saw the same excitement in her eyes. "Thank you, General. We will complete this mission as soon as possible," Wynter answered.
"You have a deadline. Mid-Summer's Eve," Alhana said, giving them the dismiss signal.
"That is only four days from today. We will not miss the battle against Ariakas' castle," Autumn replied, her sudden excitement slowly draining.
"That is why we send you out. If our assault fails, then you will have Tanis killed and I have orders from you after that. If I don't survive, Sylvanoshei will give them to you. You are dimissed." Alhana strengthened her tone and the two left.
"We are going to miss the most amazing battle in elven history to assasinate a half breed," Wynter said under her breath. A part of their missions is to not speak aloud. There were spies even in their camp and the attacks were surprise.
"I know. We didn't even talk to her about Dala..." Autumn stopped in mid-sentence as she saw a glowing ball coming toward's them. Four people were inside.
General Konnal walked up behind them and extended his arm toward the uncoming ball.
"Ladies, Marcus and his very important person, Mertonius."What do you think you're some kind of rocket scientist?
Why, yes.

08/19/2001 7:14 AM

Mertonius smiled at the Queen of the elves, his appearance altered again by the powerful Emerald Mask that hides his presence from any form of detection. It had taken Marcus thirty years (all compressed into a miniscule 30 minutes by his chronomancer abilities) to retake it from the guardian living walls that guarded Mertonius' castle at Ravenloft (that story would be told in another tale my children for it involved a love story so tragic, a sacrifice so noble that it should be recounted as a separate tale).

With his fearsome presence cloaked by the mystical mask, Mertonius approached the queen, his death's visage of a face concealed by the heartbrakingly handsome face of his original race, that of the Irda.

"Greetings, Queen of the Elves. I've come to aide you in your hour of need. Know that I do this willingly, for I have no great love for the evil that threatens our existence..."

Unless it is the evil that consumes your soul.... thought Marcus.

Apparently, that thought was detected by Mertonius for he turned to his rescuer and gave him a sly smile.

With a sweeping hand, Mertonius the Renegade Irda introduced his other companions.

"This is....I believe.... Lady Chrysania, High Priestess of Paladine. She was overcome by the immensely dark magical powers that broke my bonds..."
There was strange tone in the Irda's voice as he explained Chrysanias plight, thought the elves. Something peculiar...

Mertonius gave a nod in the direction of Darkness. A smile formed on his lips.
"And this is...my son, Elron of the Shadows......"

The lich in mortal form smiled at Darkness, implanting his own thoughts into the young apprentice.

Don't be afraid. I'll be planting the correct memories into your mind. It is a way to prevent your master from knowing your existence. As of now, you will be my son in the presence of the elves. But you and I would know as otherwise. You are still Darkness, never deny that fact in your soul. Never deny that I have you, both body, mind and soul. And know, when the time comes, I would make you far greater than Raistlin! I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/19/2001 8:13 AM

Alhana smiled and bowed her head in respect to the mage. "We thank you, Mertonius. We have but 100 mages in our ranks and we believe their powers will not be enough. Now, our power will be great for the battle that is soon to come. Once again, we thank you," Alhana said.
She turned to Marcus and spoke, "Thank you, Marcus, for rescuing this mage for us. We can never repay you, evidently, but we are at your service for any needs. But I would like for you to meet two of our elves. They will be attending to your needs for the next day, but then they must depart. Autumn Silverbow of the Kagonesti and Wynter Firecaster of the Silvanesti. They are our top assasins." Autumn gave a small salute as Wynter bowed in respect.
"Well, now we have no need of Dalamar and his little army," Autumn said in a low voice to Wynter. Wynter smiled and nodded enthusiastically(sp).
"It is a true pleasure to meet you, Marcus and Mertonius. We will be honored to help you for the day. But our messangers said you toppled the High Clerist Tower. Is that true?"For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

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08/20/2001 8:40 PM

A feral look came upon Mertonius' face as his eyes positively glinted with power. But before he can reply, Marcus answered the question immediately.

"Yes, he not only toppled it but obliterated everything surrounding it for miles around." Marcus couldn't keep the bitterness in his voice.

Such a marvel, the High Clerist Tower. Now it is nothing more than a black patch on the surface of Krynn. I hope to the higher powers that Mertonius is sane. If he ever cuts loose, I don't think anyone on Krynn could stop him...

Again, Mertonius' eyes glinted. Hearing the words within Marcus' head, even before they formed into coherent thought.

I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/21/2001 5:03 AM

"Well, that is both good and bad but we will forget about that. We'll take you to your tent so you may rest," Wynter said, turning around and walking toward the lines of tents. Autumn followed.
"Tonight we need to plan everything out for the attack. All we know is he's in Kendermoor," Autumn whispered.
"Yes, we will work all those things out later," she whispered back.For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/21/2001 8:52 PM

Mertonius gave a curt bow and made his way into one of the tents leaving the others to care for their wounds...

I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/23/2001 5:42 AM

Joe smiles. Finally he was alone, and so was this Mertonious man. From what he had eavesdropped, this Mertonious was important to the elves. That meant a reward when he brought his head to one of his employers in the dragonarmies. Perhaps the Half-elf Highlord, he was known to pay for heads of his enemies.
Needle thin, nearly invisible knife between his forefinger and thumb and ready to throw at the mage's neck, he enters the tent. "Mertonious, Her Majesty wishes to speak to you again, in private. I will lead you to her." That is, I will lead you just close enough for me to prick your jugular. he thinks.
To err is human, to moo bovine.

08/23/2001 3:23 PM

Autumn looked back at the tent to see a man enter. Her eyes caught a slight glint in his hand and she looked to Wynter. "5 o'clock, man entering Mertonius's tent. Slight glint in his hand. Possible assasin sent by Raistlin?"
Wynter looked back and saw the tent flap move. She stopped and turned to Marcus, Elron, and Chrysinia(sp?). "We must ask you to wait here. It seems a situation might be arising and we need to tend to it. Guards! Watch these people and make sure nothing happens to them. If something does, it will be your head." Wynter rushed forward and stopped in front of the tent, Autumn right behind her. "Mertonius, Her Majesty wishes to speak to you again, in private. I will lead you to her," Wynter heard.
"Alhana would have said something to us about any private meeting. Definite assasin. No one would know that is Mertonius unless Alhana trusts them completely and that's not very many," Autumn said, drawing her sword and whispering a word in elvish.
"Wait. We will see what Mertonius does about this. If he is only injured, you can heal him."For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/24/2001 2:49 AM

Mertonius gave the man a simple, deprecating smile....

And with a quick motion, he shoved the assasin's knife into his neck.

The eyes of the lich glinted malevolently on the assassin. He carefully caressed the knife stuck to his neck.

"How exquisite, enchanted with a "Dimensional Sword" spell. Would kill anything alive instantly. How, fascinating..." He then slipped the blade out of his neck harmlessly, then flicked it with a simple motion, pinning the man to a far wall.

"I deem that you have a need to do know. And that important thing is to beg for your life..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/25/2001 6:19 AM

Wynter stormed into the tent. With one fluid movement, she took the blade from the man and brought him forward. Autumn began to heal his neck and nicked him with her sword, causing instant sleep.
"What in the Abyss do you think you are doing, Mertonius? In elven law, a trial is before the sentence. We have no time for a trial though, so he shall not die. Autumn, take him to the prisoner's tent. And take this blade to the armory." Autumn moved quickly and was out of the tent before Wynter spoke again.
"You serve evil, and I respect that. But when it comes to praticing it in a place with people trying to stop such acts, that I will not allow. Alhana is leaving in an hour and General Konnal is taking Palanthas within the next two. You are on Autumn and I's time right now, and if you do it again, we will justly deal with you." Wynter turned and left the mage, casting the strongest ward spell she could muster. She knew it would be no match for Mertonius's power, but she felt safer knowing it was there.For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/25/2001 12:06 PM

((OOC: um...I think that Mert did that to himself, not to the assasin...sorry just butting in....Im waiting for a good moment to jump in.))Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/25/2001 1:27 PM

oo: i meant heal mert's neck and nick the assasin with the sword. sorry bout that.For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/25/2001 2:39 PM

OOC: Mert, don't play with my character here. The events are yours, but Joe is mine. No Dimensional swords for me.
Joe had watched the needle-dagger enter Mertonious's neck and leave no mark. A spell...or was he undead? That could make things harder...but it was still doable. Just reach casually for the vat of liquid blessed by priests of Majere...
He doesn't see the woman come behind him and nick him, he only knows a prick of pain, then darkness.
OOC2: Hopefully you'll wake him up sooner or later...
To err is human, to moo bovine.

08/26/2001 8:30 AM

Memories washed over Mertonius as a drop of the assassin's blood fell on the tip of his robe.

Memories of the a woman he loved...memories of a trial long past... Or was it a figment of his imagination?

Shaking the mommentary vision. He looked grim again... I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/26/2001 11:55 AM

Kista StarBlade rode hard through the woods, her long platinum blonde hair streamed out behind her. Edea shied and stopped. Kista looked for the reason why her friend had stopped. just up ahead, she saw the camp. "Thats it!!" she cried hugging the unicorn's neck in sudden joy.

"yes....we finally made it....now we can fight at Alhana's side." with that Edea broke into a trot, right through the center of the camp. She passed a tent, and heard familliar voices, Wynter and .......no...could it be?!?

She lept off of Edea and walked over to the tent and cautiously opened the flap. There before her was an odd scene. three faces that she clearly recognised....Wynter, Joe(who at this point is sleeping on the ground.) and....Mertonious.

Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/26/2001 6:49 PM

Two guards came in and withdrew Joe's sleeping body from the tent. Autumn walked in to see an odd face. Somehow, she recognized it but very vaguely. Wynter turned to see the newcomer. "Kista!? It can't be! By the Gods, it's been a long time." Wynter smiled and gave her old friend an embrace. She turned back to Mertonius, who seemed to be in a daze. "I will finish with you later." Wynter left the tent, Autumn following soon after. She stopped before Kista and spoke, "You should come with us. You may speak with Mertonius later. Now is the time for action." Slowly, she withdrew from the tent and followed her thieving counterpart.
"We cannot do all that her Majesty has asked. Take the army to Ariakas' castle, assasinate our victim by Mid-Summer's Eve. We must leave soon," Autumn spoke quietly.
"We have a promise to both Alhana and Konnal."
"Orders go before promises, Wynter, and you know that." Marcus, Elron, and Chrysania were standing with the guards. Wynter's hand moved and the guards returned to their posts.
"You used to hate this job. Killing people wasn't something you liked, Autumn."
"Times change, and so do people. If I must do this, I better begin to like it." The four others followed Wynter and Autumn to various tents.
"Sorry we kept you waiting. Unfortunate matters came up. If you need anything, just ask for one of us."For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/26/2001 10:24 PM

Kista followed her friends and motioned for Edea to follow. The unicorn pulled away from the two humans who where trying to lead her to the stables. Edea nosed between Kista and Wynter.

"Oh! Wynter, this is Edea...my friend and partner. She is the reason why I have been gone so long. I am afraid that I am a little lost as far as our missions, but I was told where to find you...."

Kista paused and looked back to the tent, Lavender eyes searching for and finally finding the eyes of Mertonius. Blushing, she swept her long platinum blonde hair as she turned and walked away.Have you ever stopped to think then forget to start again??? :(

Goddess Bless! ;)

08/27/2001 5:55 AM

Mertonius gave his costumary response whenever a female of any race gives him their attention. He downright ignores them and sets of for a different direction...

(After a few days of planning,interogation, travelling, and much needed rests....)

Mertonius and Marcus crawled towards the first wards of Castle Dragonspire, Ariakas' mobile command fortress/ flying citadel. With a simple gesture, the disguised lich created a small hole in the barrier, a hole undetectable by ANY means...

"We have very little time Mertonius," Marc's eyes blazing in the darkness.
"Yes, we indeed have very little. I could feel the presence of the Dark Queen nearby..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/27/2001 3:22 PM

"She's a beauty, Kista. I wish I had such a beast." Wynter led her to a tent next to Autumn and Wynter's. "You can stay here for the night. Alhana is leaving in an hour, so if you wish to ride with her, meet in the field with the rest of the calvary. I'm sorry I cannot join you, but other duties call us. Enjoy your rest." Autumn moved into their tent and began packing her necessary things.

The day before Mid-Summer's Eve, the E.A. has reach Castle Dragonspire....

Wynter and Autumn stood beside Mert, Marc, and Alhana. "Well, whoever is going in that whole better go now."For I am Gul'dan... I am darkness incarnate. I will not be denied.

08/28/2001 11:19 PM

Marcus smiled at his companions and gave Kista a reassuring smile. He blushed after looking at her, grinning.

"There is no time for that children. We better get going." Mertonius nudged his companion and slipped past the defensive barrier....

He led them towards the back, pass a crumbling archway and towards a stone wall. Mertonius smiled for a moment, and mouthing the words of a spell in a sibilant hiss, a door materialized.

"This is a secret passage used by the Shadowmages under Dalamar. It would do quite well as a method of entrance into the citadel..." I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

08/30/2001 2:36 PM

Joe chuckles. They called those gaurds...a day after he woke up he had escaped. He had only managed to recover his vat of liquid blessed by clerics of Takhisis and a short sword he barely knew how to use before he followed the small band into the citadel.
To err is human, to moo bovine.

09/03/2001 10:21 PM

Darkness had left Mertonius' company only days before taking Crysania with him. "I played possum long enough, now it is time for me to act." Rasitlin did not tell him of Mertonius' power, and his offer did tempt him, that is why he was making his trip to meet his master, he could sense his presence near castle Gunthar, but now there was no presence to detect, he was just gone. As he approached the battle lines he saw that both armies were in disarray. He casually approached a knight of Takhisis and asked him what had happened and he learned that Raistlin had been taken with the gods from him. "This will please Mertonius, now he has no rivals, now he is free to destroy, Marcus is the only one left who can oppose him. I will follow my new lord to the citadel, come Crysania." He had felt sorrow for what Mertonius had done to her, but now he felt love for her. She had no idea of the ordeal she had gone through or what Darkness had done for her. He did it out of love, and he had not loved in many decades, that is why he kept her near. "It is time to see what my master wants of me now."You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

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