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08/06/2001 1:10 AM

Danrik looked up at Jheryn and Trianalanthasa and smiled softly, and gestured to sit down..

"Welcome, I am Danrik Wolfmoon, a mage of the Red Robes... I am indeed about to go on a journey, and I would appreciate your help on this.. I'm afraid that I dont have much money I can pay you, if you are looking for pay..."

Danrik pauses then continues

"But I can buy you all a drink, then we must depart before the sun sets.. We have a long way to go..."

He calls out to Tika and starts buying them drinks

08/06/2001 8:40 AM

"Pay? I'll find something worth steel on the jouney anyway! I always do. It's a talent of mine, finding things." **I knew it! hmm.....What about Gluth? Uh-oh.**

08/06/2001 11:31 AM

The kender struggled to pull himself onto a chair. "A drink? I'd love a drink! Celebration Punch if you please! And a journey? I love journeys! Why this once I...."

08/06/2001 9:24 PM

They hardly noticed the man sitting in the dark corner. He had been the first to arrive in the barroom that night, having come down for an early dinner after sleeping the day away in his comfortable room.

This was his fourth night in Solace. He had been trailing the half-ogre party, but five days prior, after guessing at their destination, he had traveled less conventional paths to reach the inn before they, lest he arouse their suspicion.

"I am Wraithlin," he breathed softly as he came to sit beside the small group. "If it is adventure you are looking for, I believe you may find it has already sought you out. For before we leave this place tonight . . ."

The newly joined companions looked at him surprised, "Yes, I am coming with you, but I assure you we will not leave this place without a fight."

"Do you see how that mercenary looks at you Red Robe? He is, even now, planning his attack."

08/07/2001 12:46 AM

Danrik studied this man who is called Wraithlin, and then looked at the Mercenary who was looking directly at him..

Silently he reached into his spell component bag and felt a small smooth wooden rod, as he called forth a defensive spell into his mind...

"Wraithlin, I would be honored to have you accompany us... as for that Mercenary... well, if a fight what he wants, then a fight he gets..."

He looked at his new companions, and nodded to them, his eyes communicating a message to get ready for whatever happens next....

08/07/2001 11:01 AM

*Jerhyn put a hand near a pouch on his side that seems to be filled with throwing daggers. He tensed, his other hand reached to a small vial filled with a steaming bubbly liquid*"A fight? heh heh heh. Going to Solace was a good idea."

08/07/2001 9:55 PM

"Wraithlin, I would be honored to have you accompany us... as for that Mercenary... well, if a fight what he wants, then a fight he gets..."

Laying his hands on the red-robe and whispering merely "truth" in the tongue of the elves, Wraithlin directed the mage's gaze to the mercenaries. His were not the ancient words of magic, yet their effects were still the same.

The mercenary's clever disguise seemed to peel away, and all those intent on the half-ogre saw the glistening scales and leathery wings beneath his magicked disguise.

"Let us say only this," Wraithlin whispered silently, answering their dumdfounded expressions, "I shall carry my secrets, and you yours. For now let it be enough that I tell you I know they come seeking this red robe. "

Wraithlins already quiet whisper trailed off into an imperceptable murmur . . . "Let only the red-robe himself tell you why."

08/08/2001 3:17 PM

A young female Kagonesti sat a table away from the small band of companions. She had been intently listening to their conversation, the word 'fight' had made the Kagonesti grow more intrested. She nearly fell off her chair when the mercenary's false guise fell away.

She slipped to the companions table that she had been listening in on and glanced warily at them. "Looks like your going to get your fight..." Her hand slipped to the sword buckled around her hip. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

08/08/2001 6:23 PM

A black cloaked elf strides in the barroom and Slips into the back and fades into the shadows not wanting to be seen as he is an assassin."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/08/2001 6:36 PM

A black cloaked elf strides in the barroom and Slips into the back and fades into the shadows not wanting to be seen as he is an assassin.

"You can not hide in the shadows from shadow, boy." the dark clad intruder heard echo through his mind. Wraithlin eyed the cloaked one, becoming the shadow around him and thus 'feeling out' the fine elven features. The dark clad intruder, now identified to Wraithlin as an elf, felt momentarily confined, as if the very shadows had come to life. The moment passed immediately and the elven watcher was unharmed.

"It would seem you garner much attention Red-robe," Wraithlin whispered, without betraying the elf in the corner. "What would you have us do next?"

08/08/2001 6:45 PM

" Iam Logolas, an elf, and an assassin. I am at your service." Said the elf moving closer out of the shadows. "I will help in any way i can""We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/10/2001 1:25 AM

Danrik stared in surprise to Wraithlin.. At first he thought he could possibly be a another mage, but discounted that once.. A renegade? No... Something tugged at his mind as he continues to look at Wraithlin, but before he had a chance to explain to his new companions..

A loud bellowing roar broke out, and the half-ogre rushes towards us...

Quickly, Danrik stood up, waved his wooden rod, and spoke the spidery words of magic, conjuring up a defensive shield spell, as his hand reached into his spell component bag and grabbed the bat guano, calling up a fireball spell...

The aura of Danrik shimmered brightly as the half-ogre slammed his into the shield, and he grunted in surprise... Several of his companions starts to battle...

Danrik ignored the half-ogre momentarily and tried to track down the mercenary, actually a Draconianion.... Where is he?!?

OOC: take it away guys, let the battle begins!

08/10/2001 7:48 AM

Logolas sees what the ogre is doing and pulls out his crossbow. He sends bolt after bolt whizzing into the half ogre slowing him down.... but not stopping him. Soon his supply of bolts has been spent and the half ogre is still rampaging. I pull out a knife poisened at the tip and whip it at him. The half ogre turns around just intime to duck the dagger. The next thing i remember i see a huge fist coming towards my face then all goes black."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/10/2001 11:51 AM

Seeing the assasin being knocked out cold, Danrik then turned to the ogre with his full attention...

He rubbed the bat guano into a small ball, then speaking the spidery words of magic, He pointed to the Ogre... and a huge fireball immediately erupted from his fingertips and engulfed the ogre..

Danrik then turned around, and looked for the mercenary, but again, no where in sight..

He felt a hand slapped onto his shoulder, and immediately turned around, looking into a very very angry eyes...

"STOP IT!! THERE IS NO FIGHTING AT THE INN!!!" Caramon bellowed...

But alas, no one heard him as the battle continued to rage in the room..

08/10/2001 12:26 PM

With a flick of her wrist Taril was grasped in her left hand it's smooth surface flashing against the inn's lights. It glowed a dull red, as if it couldn't wait to taste it's enemies blood. Khalara dropped down into her fighting stance, her dark silver eyes quickly surveyed (sp?) the scene. Gritting her teeth she decided to go after the half orge; who at the time was going after the elf that had hid in the shadows. Legolas was his name? Khalara shook her head deciding that at the moment it didn't matter, she gritted her teeth and with two long strides she was behind the half orge. The half orge whirled around, Khalara ducked as the half orge's hands swung where her head had been a moment before. She raised her sword and parried another attack, the half orge had acquired a weapon; a broken leg from a chair. He took a clumsy swing at her legs, Khalara jumped and brang Taril around successfully slashing his arm. The orge howled as her magical blade dug into it's flesh; able to penetrate through it's thick hide. Khalara wasn't able to react in time as the half orge's fist connected with her side, she fell to her knees on the verge of blacking out. She wore no armor, most Kagonesti's didn't, but if she had it probably would have saved her a broken rib or too. Khalara looked up through pain filled eyes, she could see the half orge raise it's club behind it's head. Khalara summoned up all her strength, she rolled out of the way just as the wooden leg connected to the inn's floor, sending shards of wood in all directions. Khalara raised her sword and cleaved the half orge across the shoulder blades, the half orge swatted at her as if she was an annoying fly. Khalara barely dodged it, she felt his fingers slap against her thigh as she skittered away. Her strength was waining her sword felt heavy and she was fighting to keep it in her hand, each breath was beginning to weigh her down suffocating her. Before her she saw the half orge raise to its full height, she fought back to her feet. The half orge roared and charged, she felt like she was sinking...or was the orge falling? Khalara didn't question it any longer than she was supposed to, she raised her sword in time for the half orge to fall on it.
Khalara didn't see where it went, she didn't care. She slumped to the ground and pushed the half orge's body to the side.

She closed her eyes and rested her cheek on the wood floor 'What did the half orge trip on?' she asked herself before slipping into a world of darkness. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

08/10/2001 7:39 PM

Logolas came awake only to see the half ogre trip over him and get impaled on the kagonesti's blade. "I guess me getting knocked out wasnt all bad." Laughing, Logolas got back up and sat at a table near the wild elf."We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!"

08/10/2001 8:01 PM

ooc: is the battle over? Sry i haven't been on in a while.

Ic:*Right before they had started the battle Jerhyn had yelled a cry of pain and had fallen over backward over the bar screaming curses at someone named Grulth. He now sat hazily behind the bar listening to battle noises. He stood up but instantly fell over again groggly nodding his head*"ohhh must stay awake. must get the flask. must heal pain..gonna pass out oh pray to Paladine i dont die.."*He manages to grasp a rather large flask from his boot but it falls and rolls away from him. He passes out.*

08/10/2001 8:22 PM


08/10/2001 8:24 PM

ill help how much is the pay?

08/15/2001 12:22 AM

*Trianalan could barely blink before the battlle was over. She stared in wonder as the kagonesti impaled the half ogre. Un like most qualinesti, she did not despise the kagonesti. She had some Kagonesti blood in her, thus the tan color of her skin.*
"You fight well, what is your name?"

08/15/2001 12:34 PM

Conciousness took over, Khalara moaned and stirred slightly. Stabbing pain coursed through her ribs each time she drew a breath, her lungs burned and her mouth was dry. A soft elven voice floated down to her, her eyes flashed open and she lifted herself from the floor. She held onto a chair as she got to her feet, all the way the floor seemed to be sinking under her feet.

"Khalara MoonshaƩl of the Red Feather tribe." she managed to say while raising her eyes to meet the elf infront of her. She drew in another painfull breath and clutched her injured ribs, "You are a Qualinesti are you not?"

She had said too much, a wave of nausea hit Khalara, she swooned and sank to her knees holding her head in her hands. She gritted her teeth and forced herself back up to her feet, she left her eyes drift around the room and she noted that the fight was over. "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

09/06/2001 9:29 PM

A black robed mage walked through the door to the inn. Immidiatly he noticed the two bodies lying on the floor.
" Caremon is going to be pissed."
He then looked at the group of people in the room. There was a kagonesti elf and a Qualinesti elf. along with a Kender, a human and another elf in a black cloak. But what he noticed and was most interested in was the Red robed mage.
He walked over and introduced himself.
" Danrik Wolfman? I am simon the shadowed. Dalamar the dark, my master and uncle has sent me to help you on your journey. He has an interest in what you are lookig for. If you will have me along i would be happy to accompany you."
He then turned to the kagonesti.
" It is nice to see some one from my own species. I have been away from home for a long time and i miss our people."
Simon then turned to Danrik to wait for his reply to the question asked.

09/08/2001 8:11 PM

09/08/2001 8:11 PM

09/09/2001 12:47 PM

Khalara pulled herself together, and forced herself to ignore the pain in her ribs. She smiled at the black robed mage who called himself Simon the Shadowed.

"I too, have been gone a long time," her face became shadowed and she shook her head and looked away for a brief moment. "It is nice to see a fellow Kagonesti. I have not seen too many out here since I left my tribe." "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

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