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08/04/2001 8:32 AM

-------------------The Legend of the Doomed Forest------------------

This is a story of a young mage that seeks an artifact of great Power..
will he recover this artifact ..or will the Forsaken Monster of evil overwhelm and destroy him before he ever reaches it.........Come join this adventure with Kleff Nigh'Pak the red robed.....Let the adventure begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

08/04/2001 8:33 AM

A man in red robes walks inside the forest .....With his pet cat.....
The man in the red robes walks slowly mumbling something.....

::Must find it Must find it Must find it:: over and over again.....

he had walked all day then all of a sudden all became dark and he stoped...And a then a tortured spirit attacked....His hood whent of and tere was a young elf ....Black hair ,Red eyes and Phale skin ..he shouted..

Khatli'iht'Yanh.......then Fire burst from his Fingers and Burned the creature in seconds....The he put is hood back on and continued walking...But what he didnt know was that hundred Blood red eyes where watching him...waiting.......

09/04/2001 5:04 PM

Leandra woke up startled, nearly falling down from the tree branch that she was sleeping on. She had heard the screams of one of the forest spirits. Quickly she braided her long taffy colored hair into a ponytail letting her bangs fall at the side of her head. Then strapped on her sword and Longbow that she had left dangling in the branches overhead.
Though it was Dark she could see quite clearly, being an elf had many good qualities. Her gifted vision was one of them. Silently she scanned the forest floor, she could see a squirrel run about, scurrying from one tree to the next. Its body heat gave off a warm reddish orangey glow that Leandra's wood brown could instantly detect.
Suddenly she heard a noise, she looked off into its direction and could see the outline of a figure. She couldn’t tell what yet, but most likely assumed that it was human. He was wearing a red robe, his face was hidden within his hood and seemed to be talking to himself in a low voice. Tailing along after him was a cat. " A mage" she though to herself. "What on earth is he doing here by himself? These forests are dangerous to those who do not know them. Especially at night."
By this time the lone mage was almost directly under her. Leandra decided not to make her presence know and silently watched and waited for the red robed figure to pass. Leaning in a bit closer to get a better look at his hooded face Leandra began to feel her hands lose their grip on the branch. Then before she could tell what was happening she slipped. Quickly she caught the branch with her other hand and danged from the tree. In the middle of pulling herself up she heard a loud CRACK! The branch groaned, then tumbled to the floor taking Leandra with it.
Leandra could feel herself falling; a loud thud and a sudden shock to her body told her that she had come in contact with the ground. "Ooooh! My head!" Dizzily she sat up began to rub the back of her neck, suddenly turning her head up to come face to face with the Mage that she had been watching from the shadows.…..


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