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07/28/2001 2:34 PM

The young knight walked into The Inn of the Last Home for the first time in his life. He wore dirty armor and a old sword in his scabboard(SP?). All turned and looked at this new face. Tika walked over to him and asked his name. Then he spoke, his voice so pure with honor and dignity. "I am Decenaeus, I come from a far land to fight away the evil. I wil destroy all the evil in this land for this is my new home, and may I grow old and die in this land.

Hey ppl I just started reading DragonLance books and i love them. Stummbled around and found this forum. Any of you know any real RPG like sites for dragonlance?

07/28/2001 3:18 PM

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07/28/2001 7:26 PM

The knights words fell on the ears of Huge half ogre in the corner who snickered and yelled out in reply "Protect us from what the evils of a warm inn or a the horror of a grumpy old dwarves Ha ha ha"jeered the ogre inciting others to do the same. " Besides solace don't need no rusty knight when they got a grade A sell sword like me Serivek Skullknocker Im double tough an strong as any full blooded ogre" with that the half ogre hit him self in the chest to prove his toughness before downing his drink and getting back to trying to romance a young barmaid

07/29/2001 12:40 AM

Danrik quickly got out of the way as the Knight slammed into his table. He reached into his Red Robes, and takes out a smelling salt, and waves it under his nose.

"Rise, Sir Decenaus.. This is no time for you to be sleeping..." He chuckled softly.

He then sat back down, and called for more Ale.

07/31/2001 11:08 AM

Of all things, a kender popped up beside Danrik's table. "Hey, what happened to him? You guys haven't been fighting without me have you? I always love a good fight, this once I met this minotaur. His name was Koraz...not wait, it was Koran no that wasn't it, well whatever it was this minotaur accused me of stealing his pouch! Can you believe the nerve?" The kender trailed on in his story and slowly the minotaur became an army of minotaurs who have rudely accused the kender of stealing their country or honor or something. The story got a little muddled as the kender reached into the knight's pockets and armor, trying to help him stand up.

07/31/2001 11:33 PM

As he looked at the kender spinning yarn tales about some minotaurs, he smiled softly, and kept his hands on his pouches where it contains spell components.

Trying as he might, he could not keep a sigh escaping from him as he listened to the kender still telling him the story.

As he listened, he noticed some discrepancies, and he looked at the kender reached into his pockets and armor, he leaned forward and said in a voice that commanded attention.

The Kender finally fell silent and blinked at Danrik.

"Put those back... Now.." as Danrik reached out to the Kender.

08/01/2001 2:59 PM

The kender blinked innocently. "Put what back?" He glanced down into his hands. "Oh, you mean this stuff? I would, but I wouldn't know where to put it, I can't seem to remember where they came from. I've discovered in my travels that things are generally attracted to me. And I say that if a something, say, a sword like this one that i'm holding here...would rather spend it's life with me than with someone else, say this comotose knight here, then so be it." The kender smiled broadly up at the mage until he saw the look in Danrik's eyes. "Or...I could just leave them with this young knight here, I'm sure he has more purpose for a sword than I do." The kender sorrowfully gave back all of the Knight's possessions, then looked up at Danrik and held out his hand. "Hi! I'm Tisel Moregrab, pleased to meet you!"

08/02/2001 2:30 AM

Danrik smiled and shook Tisel's hand.

"Pleased to meet you too, Tisel.. I am Danrik Wolfmoon.. and I would like that pouch back please.."

He gently removed the pouch from Tisel's hand and he hooked the pouch back onto his belt.

"Come, sit, let me buy you a drink"

Danrik has always been fascinated by kenders, even though they lift things all the time. But the way they tell stories, even tall ones make it a pleasure to listen to.. and always important, when Danrik is about to go on a journey. He could use a travelling companion, even with a Kender..

But for now, he decided not to say anything at the moment about his upcoming journey, and called for more ale..

08/02/2001 9:04 AM

*A young half-elf drinking his fifth large glass of Dwarf Spirits laughs at the kenders story. he is obiovously drunk because his head is constantly hitting the table.He takes a small vial out of his tunic clumsily but manages to drink it instantaneusly counteracting the dwarf spirits and making him fully sober.* (** ** means thinking i think.)**A guy who'll buy a kender a drink! Geez! he looks like he is anxious bout something....He could be a potential customer!** *He walks over to their table* "Hello, My name is Jherynthalas, or Jheryn, and I am a traveling merchant and adventurer. Would you be interested in buying one of my varoius"*He casts a quick glance at the kender wondering if he should say the next word*"magical items and potions?"

OOC: Hey does this take place before the chaos war, after, of during the War of Souls?

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08/03/2001 2:08 AM

OOC: I presume this is taking place before the War of Chaos... and another thing, I dont think Decenaus is coming back....

So how about we start another topic and pick it up from there?

Whaddya think?

08/03/2001 11:47 AM

Okay I'm fine with that.I am a member of the Guild of PuzzlesRiddlesEnigmasRebusLogogriphsMonogramsAnagramsAcrosticsCrosswordsMazesLabrynthsParadoxesScrabbleFeminineLogicandPoliticians or P3 for short.

08/04/2001 12:52 AM

OOC; Hey, anyone care if I join? Hope it's not too late, now let's see.......


*Trianalanthalasa Sat in a small corner of the Inn drinking some tea. She was watching when the knight came in and she was still watching the small congregation. Her long honey brown hair shone in the colored light as did the tips of arrows in a quiver on her back.
~I wonder what's going on there... maybe an adventure?~
*She got up slowly from her table and walked over. her chain mail skirt and Sea Green lace front, sleevless shirt seemed to shimmer with her slightest movement.
Holding her bow, dagger, and sword close to her to avoid the kender from 'aquirering' things, even with her brown cloak covering her possesions, she was not sure. The young Qualinesti introduced herself.*

"I am Trianalanthalasa, I feel an adventure in the air; am I right?"

*Her voice was soft and musical and she moved with an unearthly grace. She glanced at the people gathered there waiting for response.*

08/06/2001 1:11 AM

OOC: hey you're more than welcome to join us, sorry for the lack of post, my dsl has been acting up

Btw, this will be continued in a new topic called Dark Journey, so please post your replies there..

Take care


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