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07/24/2001 10:27 AM

Seven milennia they had wandered the planes, searching for a suitable world. Now they had found one. Krynn was close, and the gate was nearly open.

There were eight: D'Athan, a crusader of justice and light; Sierren, a malevolent being of evil, pure and simple; K' Ali, protector of earth and the elements; and finally Corlys, the giver of magic.

With each of the deities was their lone champion. Four of the most powerful mortals from the faraway plane of Aster that accompanied the gods.

The four deities sent their champions into the realm of Krynn, more specifically to Ansalon. Their champions were sent to the hubs of civilization on the continent.

The gods stayed outside the realm, waiting for their champions to open the gates.


Four years later:

Caliman awoke suddenly, staring into the darkness of his room in Wayreth. He'd had a vision from his god, and he knew it was time. The red-robed had risen through the ranks of Wayreth to the rank of Archmagus in four short years, outdistancing everyone in his class.

Now he was being called, and he went. Calling to mind a powerful transportation spell, he found himself suddenly standing in a rocky valley. The valley was unremarkable, except for a smooth black dias in the center of the valley.

"So this is the Godshome", he said absently. He was not surprised to see three others following a path into the valley. They were all there, and soon the gates would open.


Two years later:

finally, after seven millenia, the gods stepped through the gates to the realm of Krynn. They stood in Godshome, their champions around them. "Soon", said Sierren, "we will enter the holy realms and take on the gods themseslves, gain vengeance for our past."


It wasn't long before one god was expelled and sent to the mortal realms. Shinare, goddess of commerce and trade, had no place in the Pantheon anymore. Now, however the gods sent out calls to their strongest and most faithful. Krynn's pantheon had never before witnessed holy wrath like that brought on by the former gods of Aster.

To win this war the gods would need the help of mortals.


OOC: Basically, I threw my campaign world into Krynn with the gods. It's up to you to take on the call of the gods and help save the gods of Krynn. I'll take on the role of the Asteran gods and their champions.

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