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07/15/2001 2:10 PM

(OOC: This scenario takes place during the Chaos War. In it we are assuming that Steel did not lead his armies into the Abyss to fight Chaos and that Chaos is now free to roam the earth. The gods are still around, with the exception of Takhisis who fled Krynn for her own reasons. Any character in this time frame may be used, including Steel Brightblade and Tas who as I said earlier never challenged Chaos. You may also use your own characters, so as always have fun!!!)

The lands burned in the heat of the Anvil Summer. Many would remember the crops burning, the wells running dry, the blazing heat killing thousands, but most of all they would remember his coming. In the zenith of this accursed summer a great explosion rocked Krynn on a small island north of Palanthas. With the explosion came legions of fire dragons, wights, and many other beasts that could not be destroyed without the aid of magic and magical weapons. But with the explosion also came a creature of such immesurable power that could not be matched, not just a creature but a god, not just any god but Chaos the father of all and of nothing.

Sitting on his throne of flames he admired the work he had accomplished in just a month of arriving on Krynn. The mighty Knights of Takhisis had fallen, Takhisis herself had fled the Abyss, and the rest of the gods had withdrawn to their own homes for fear of their father and the pain they would endure under his tyranny. The Abyss was a cozy home for him, but he had work to do. The great father of all and of nothing stood up from his dias and slowly made his way to the small crack leading to the material world. With a flash of his hand he sent a great wave of fire at the crack leading out of the nothingness of the Abyss. A great gaping hole is all that remained. Chaos was free, and with his freedom will come the death of the world.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

07/16/2001 11:28 AM

OOC: cool I could have fun here...with the time line all different, Kalia my Crystal dragon would not have spent time as a human, nor would she be a true "Good" dragon but a Dragon of Chaos. hehe

Crystalamira roared and hissed agrily at the annoying little creatures that tried to attack her. with a sharp intake of breath she whiped them out with an exhalation of her Breath weapon, showering those beneath her with a blanket of frost-fire

"The return of the Father of all and nothing has come!" She roared in triumphEverybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/19/2001 11:10 AM

a gnome sitting on the grass below saw the dragon spewing fire and he saw Chaos. He uttered a phrase that would go down in the history books. "Crap"Why insult a door's purpose buy locking it.
- Kender proverb-

07/20/2001 2:54 PM

Steel sat on his dragon as they watched the coming of the father of all and of nothing into this world. It seemed that every mountain exploded in fury and imputence at the coming of the father, but out of every mountain also came the minions of Chaos. Steel did not even look twice as he saw chaos coming his way, even when his dragon lurched forward to attack the god. Steel did not care anymore, his beloved emperor was dead and his queen had abandoned him, he had no meaning to his life. The dragon steadily flew at top speed at the god which could only be termed as a suicide attack. But just as they came a hundred feet from the towering goliath, a great silver dragon cut them off.

"Steel, my name is Solamirthanas, I have come at the command of Palin Majere, I must take you back to him at any cost."

The great blue dragon Steel rode was angry at the thought of being kept from battle by a lowly silver worm, but Steel steadied the great dragon. "I will join you, but only to see what he wants, then I will return to my death."
With that the three turned around and headed to the tower of high sorcery in Wayreth.You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

07/21/2001 7:58 PM

They reached the tower, and Steel jumped from his dragon, heading for the stairs of the tower. He reached the door, and when he opened it, a figure draped in black stood in the doorway. He looked at Steel with a face scarred from months of exile. He stared straight at Steel, and spoke but 1 phrase: "I bring in giant cow we bash cow over head."
Behind Steel landed another strange character, who, armed with a grabby claw, slashed Steel accross the back. "Now we will see how he fairs at the grabby market," he said, before grabbing Steel and flying to the market. Larkin mounted his prized salty goldfish, and followed on the ground.Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just swimming against it.
- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

07/27/2001 12:30 PM

Steels dragon slowed as they approached the great tower of Wayreth. Not many men who did not weild magic were allowed to enter the tower, not to mention the great forest of Wayreth. It seemed to Steel that the trees were moving out of his way as he and his mount went on their way through the forest. "I hate this accused place." Steel mumbled to himself. Trying to shake the fear from his body, Steel forced himself to walk towards the tower where he spotted a familiar figure. "Palin, so why have you summoned me away from my death. Chaos is free, and I want to meet my end on my own terms."

(OOC: whoever wants to play Palin please join in, oh and disregard the last entry in this story, anyone who SERIOUSLY wants to add to this story please feel free to write.)You cannot run from the darkness, when it comes to you, it will consume you.

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