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07/12/2001 4:55 PM

(OOC: This event takes place after the events of DOLS, which will also include the events that took place after Betrayal. Since we have to wait another year until Weis and Hickman bring out their next volume I thought that anything we do will have to work until the new novel proves us wrong. Any fifth age characters can be used, and any characters you wish to create as well. So have fun!!!)

It was a hot night in Crossing, a small port town on the northeastern tip Abanasinia, due west of Schallsea island. The mage stepped slowly from the shadows behind the tavern, his black robes rustling softly behind him. He was a tall man by human standards, reaching over six feet tall with a small but muscular body. His hood was cast low over his head but two red glowing eyes disturbed the darkness held beneath it.

"Its too damn hot out tonight," he cursed to no one but himself,"If the heat doesnt let up soon this world may soon see its final days." A commotion was going on in the tavern he was heading towards. He casually strolled into the establishment and slammed the door into the head of an ogre who had seconds earlier started a violent bar fight.

"You will die for that human," the ogre slurred, his breath stinking of rotten ale. "I will gut you like a boar." With that said the ogre picked up his greatsword and swung it straight at the mages right arm. The blade struck true, but bounced off as if it had struck solid steel.

The mage looked down at a small hole in his robe where the greatsword had struck. "You will die a thousand deaths and rot in the abyss for that." The mage slowly lifted a finger and pointed it at the drunken ogre. The ogre instantly burst into flames, but not just any flames, dark black flames, the flames that are rumored to be burning in the deepest pits of the abyss. The ogre screamed and kicked for but a moment before his body melted into a pile of ash. The mage slowly picked up his robes as to not dirty them and walked slowly to the bar. The other patrons of the tavern were awestruck at this display of power, not seen in this world since the vanishing of the gods.

"I will take a bottle of your finest wine, and lodgings for the night." With that said he slowly strolled over to a chair near the fireplace where an awestruck patron clumsily leapt away from the table and darted out of the inn. The bartender was too shocked at what he had seen to do anything but follow the mages commands. The mage slowly seated himself in the chair and began to skim the pages of a spellbook he had recently acquired. "This will be an interesting night indeed," he said to himself as he allowed the book to absorb his every thought.

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07/12/2001 8:56 PM

The bartender slowly approached the lone mage carrying the bottle of his best elven wine, he did not want to part with such an expensive bottle, but the mage scared him more than anyone who had ever entered the Guilded Wings Tavern.

"What is your name sir mage," the man managed studder out.

"What is it to you who I am, all I ask is that I be left alone for a while to my studies, if you dont mind that is," with this said the mage raised his right finger and the fire started to turn black as night, the same fire that incinerated the ogre just moments before.

"I am sorry if I have disturbed you, here is a bottle of my finest elven wine, I hope you enjoy it." The bartender quickly placed the bottle on the mages table and began to scurry away.

"Wait," this coming from the mage. The bartender froze in his tracks. "I want you to tell all in this rundown little hovel that I am looking for a boat to take me to Schallsea island. And I want a reply before tomorrow at the suns zenith. Do you unterstand?"

"Yes, oh and you may have any room upstairs that you wish, free of charge of course, since you rid us of that filty ogre."

"Now leave me." The bartender quickly ran behind the bar and went back to his work. The mage slowly rifled through the book. "Ah, here it is, the dragon overlords are... I see." With this comment to himself he picked up the bottle of wine and slowly walked up the long dark corridor, leaving the common room to bask in the near darkness that the black flames allowed.

He walked to the last room at the end of the hall. After closing the door he spoke one word and the door started glowing faintly black. "That should take care of anyone who would choose to disturb me this night." With that said he slowly walked to the bed and laid down to a long night of restless sleep. The answer was now clear to him, now all he had to do was find the right person to assist him. "The rest of the dragon overlords will soon fall to me, and this world will once again belong to the gods."

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