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06/22/2000 11:53 AM

Tenere stepped off the floating disc and made his way along the path to Old Town's main square. Just the floating behemoth's size alone shocked Tenere as he looked around to take it all in.

He made his way to a outside serving tavern and sat down to order an ale and see what happens."I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/29/2000 10:48 PM

"You'll never submit to evil unless she's cute, well what do you consider cute Tenere?" Mirzhe asked as she walks over to him. "Do you remember me from the other night?" she then asked.

05/29/2000 11:26 PM

OOC: Damn my sig didn't work didn't put a break in it but hey i'll go with it..

Tenere looked up from his wanderings and beheld a beautiful lady standing before him. ~I got to watch what I'm thinking out loud,~ Tenere thinks to himself as he stands up.

"Ah," Tenere says with a smile, "forgive your humble servant for not noticing you sooner. My mind wanders to and fro. Please sit down with me and enjoy whatever this establishment has to offer." Tenere sweeps wide his arm to the seat next to his. ~Oh my, I could loose my mind in those curves,~ Tenere blushes as he sits down.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/30/2000 2:12 PM

Mirzhe grins as she watches Tenere. She walks over and sits with him. "Why do you blush like that?" she asks.

05/30/2000 3:54 PM

Tenere stumbles over his words as he speaks...

"WEll, my Lady Mirzhe, in my travels I have not the time for the charms and wiles of the ladies. My magic is my only lover and friend." An animals hiss comes from the floor and a grey cat jumps up and glares at Tenere. "Oh and my familiar. Lady Mirzhe, may I intruduce Greymere."
The cat turned his eye to the female. Looking into his eyes you see an ancient intelligence. And on a small note, the cat's shadow is that of a dragon. ~Well met, Lady Mirzhe,~ Greymere speaks to her telepathically.
"As you see," Tenere speaks, blushing again, I usually am off saving this or that or blowing up that or this. But I grow weary and wish a break. Yes, that's it. A vaciation."
Tenere looks down for a moment. His thirty-two summers fade away to that of a young boy stumbling over his first date. "May I have this dance?" Waving his hand he weaves an illusion of a small group of minstrals playing music. He stands and offers his hand to her.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

05/31/2000 10:03 AM

*a large warrior clad in black leather hears the music and stands up*

"Hey, Lor, music! Can we dance?" the man asked like a little kid.

"Cal! Get away from me, you muscle headed freak!" the woman sitting across from him yelled.

"But Lor, we could have some fun. Get away from our constant life of evil." the man said as he reached out to grab the woman's hand.

"I said, get AWAY from me!" the woman said and shot a spark of lightning that sent the big man flying back into the bar, knocking a few tables over on his one way flight.

*the big man moaned as he put a hand to his head and groggily stood up*

"Oww, Lor, you're mean to me, always. Won't you ever even be somewhat nice to me?" the man asked as the slowly walked back to the table he was evicted from.

"No, I won't Cal. And do you know why?" the woman retorted with a stern look on her face.


"That's why."

"What's why?"

"You don't know ANYTHING!!!"

06/01/2000 2:25 AM

OOC: Which establishment in Grimspear are you guys in anyways?

Through the doorway steps a large minotaur. It's hide was a golden hue and several blades are strapped on its back and around the belt. Perhaps an unusual sight anywhere else, but not here in Grimspear. The mighty Chuck, fresh from combat at the Colosseum, has chosen this place to take a well-deserved break. He mutters, "Haven't been to this place in awhile." He then finds an empty table, places two chairs together, and sits his impressive bulk upon them. He looks around, nodding to all the other patrons, lingering his gaze upon the elven female, and then motions for a serving wench. "Ale and steak, and keep them coming!" As he waits for the food with crossed arms, he hums to himself the little ditty he hears in the tavern.

06/01/2000 9:43 AM

ooc: sorry been gone for a few days bic:

She sits and studies the minotaur intently. "I don't think I have ever seen one of those creatures before. Tell me, are they evil or good?" she said.

06/02/2000 9:56 AM

*Cal sits back down opposite Lor and looks at her intently. she was wering her normal long, black robes and kept her beautiful face hidden beneath a heavy hood. no staff or other visible weapon was near her. apparently she was fully confident in her magical abilities, or maybe she had a hidden dagger just waiting to find an unsuspecting throat. Cal, on the other hand, was wearing black leather armour and was armed to the tooth. he had a two-handed sword strapped to his side, wore a large axe on his back, had a dagger in his left boot, and many other not so well concealed weapons*

"C'mon Lor, ya gotta live a little." Cal said as he took a gulp of his ale.

"I live for money and power, nothing else." was Lor's response. she looked annoyedly at the female elf sitting on the other side of the bar. she mutters something under her breath that is barely audible to even Cal.

"Why'd you say that?!" Cal nearly yelled as he gawked at Lor in astonishment.

"I HATE elves." was her only response.

06/02/2000 5:46 PM

"Aye, my Lady," Tenere smiles to her. "They can be either good, evil, both, or neither. Just don't show any weakness to them and you'll do fine." Tenere picked up his ale and with a stern face lifted his ale to the minatour.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/02/2000 7:55 PM

The food and drink arrived in a timely fashion. Chuck didn't waste no time. Taking each slab of steak with one hand and the mug of constantly-poured ale in the other, he alternated both eating and drinking, downing each steak (bones and all) with a whole mug of ale. The tavern staff didn't complain of the minotaur's eating habits and served him with gracious patience. The tavern wench even took great pleasure in bringing the steaming platters of meat, mouthing soothing words of promise to the minotaur as he tossed another hunk of steak into his waiting maw. Other patrons in the tavern lifted drinks in honor of the local celebrity. Chuck nodded quickly and lifted a drink to a mage who did the same. He then noticed the elfwoman staring intently at him. He wiped his mouth with his arm and motioned once again to the waiting tavern wench. "Who is she, the elf with that mage fellow?" He pointed towards the elf with one of his great horns.

The wench glanced at the elf and shrugged, "I know not, my lord. She is new here."

The minotaur chuckled to himself, "Well then, go to her and invite her here to my table. If her mage friend protests, invite him as well." The minotaur reached into a lining in his belt, "Here, Kordra, are two gold pieces. One for the great service, the other for performing this task for me." Kordra took the gold with great relish and she kissed the minotaur on the horns, "Many thanks, mighty lord." She put the gold into the space between her busoms and then walked over to the elf and the mage.

"My lord over there requests an audience."

06/03/2000 3:10 PM

Mirzhe looked over at the minotaur. Shrugging she stands and walks over to his table.

06/04/2000 12:45 PM

*Lor smiled as the elf woman went over and sat with the minotaur beast*

"Well well. Talk about killing two birds with one stone..." she said.

"What do you mean?" Cal asked, completely confused by Lor's logic.

"I can kill the dumb elf, and assist you to victory in the colliseum against that minotaur fellow in one spell..." she grinned at the thought of killing an elf.

"But, Lor, I don't need any help in killing THAT thing." Cal protested. "I am strong enough to take on ten minotaurs!"

"FOOL!" Lor whacked Cal on the head with her plate, the food spilled all over his black leather armour. "That is no ordinary minotaur. He is extremely powerful, the champion as of now. But, I will assist you in becomming champion by defeating that wretch.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 10:32 PM

Mirzhe glanced over at the woman with suspicion. With out raising suspicions she quickly and quietly summons a protective spell around herself and the minotaur.
"Who is that woman over there?" she then asked the minotaur. "Oh, I forgot, I am called Mirzhe" she then said.

06/05/2000 3:39 PM

Tenere watched as Mirzhe went over to the table with the minotaur. Tenere sat there watching the two and the other couple. Tenere caught the minotaur's eyes and nodded to the couple. ~And here I thought I was gonna enjoy a little piece and quiet.~ Tenere thought as he shruged.

Tenere pulled out his bastard sword and began to polish it. It's puple runes of power glowed brightly as he worked up the buff on it. It's sharp edge could litteraly part metal. Tenere looked at the couple whispering mistcheif, he smiled a warm smile.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/06/2000 1:13 AM

Chuck's hair raised on its end as he felt the power of the spell of protection. He sent a questioning look at the elfwoman. "Here, I am called Chuck. I know no other name", the minotaur said by means of introduction. "Are we in some danger?"

Chuck glanced at the hooded woman. "In answer to your question, no, I do not know that woman. Maybe a mage by the way she is dressed or some diseased wretch. It matters not. The man next to her, I believe I've seen around the Colosseum, though I'm not sure. I've seen many fighters such as him and defeated as many. Yet you seem wary of those two. I confess I didn't invite you here as my protector, though I appreciate the sentiment."

For such a big lout, the golden minotaur spoke with intelligence behind his words and his eyes bespoke a great enthusiasm for life's many pleasures.

"You seemed curious of me as I entered. Is it because of who I am, or what I am? We can talk of this over a meal. My treat." Once again, he motioned for Kordra. He caught the eye of the mage who was with Mirzhe when he had entered. The mage seemed intent on something. That bastard sword was a fine weapon. To Mirzhe he said, "Your mage friend seems nervous. I didn't interfere in something did I?" The last sentence he said in a mocking tone.

Meanwhile, a commotion came in from the doorway as new visitors entered the establishment. A group of five elven adventurers, moon elves from the looks of their silvery hair and pale blue skin, seeked refreshment here. They gazed all about in apparent curiousity. The group consisted of three males and two females, all physical perfection as far as being an elf goes. The leader, one of the females, directed the others to a table next to the mysterious couple. The elves smiled and nodded in greetings to the couple. One of the males spoke to them in a voice laden with harmony, "A fine place this Grimspear is, is it not? Such a wide variety of folk hereabouts. Look there, friends, a minotaur! And golden as well! Will wonders ever cease?"

The other female elf smiled in greetings to Tenere as she looked about the tavern. Her smile alone was spectacular, with gentle promise. Another waitress then attended to the elves, obscuring the female elf from Tenere's view.

06/06/2000 1:47 AM

A lonely moon elf entered, glancing about the room. His deep violet hair
was flung brielfy onto his face by a cool breeze. Unintrest showing in his
eyes, he walked lightly, as elves go, to a table, his twin swords swinging
at his sides.

"A bottle of wine, if you please. No matter the name, as long as it's red and
drinkable." He said to a barmaid, his voice sounding tired.

He rubbed his head. Was there a wrinkle on his cheek? he wondered, and touched
it again, this time only finding smooth white skin under his lightly caressing
fingers. He sighed. ~Ah, but what a croon I am becoming~, he thought, ~Thalas
will be allright. She's journeyed before.~ Now he took a little larger view of his
surroundings, noting the moon elf adventurers. He nodded to them, greeting his kin, but
not making any gestures of joining them. His other hand fingering his left sword
as if from a habit, he took a sip of wine that had been brought to him and had been poured
into a goblet. He stayed there sitting, wathing the other people around him, and sipping
his wine.

06/06/2000 7:54 AM

Looking at the minotaur she replyed "you are not interupting anything. And as for the two humans, I do not trust them. Something tells me they are up to something."

06/06/2000 8:03 AM

*the two humans lean close together and the female wizard whispers something into the warrior's ear. he leans back and has a worried expression on his face. the female leaned back and gave him a warning look, one that inspired more fear than what she had told him just a second ago. the big man got up and walked over to the minotaur and elf*

"Greetings warrior and mage, I have come to challenge the sir minotaur to combat in the arena."

*the man stood there looking intently at the two sitting before him, his huge frame dwarfing the elf and barely surpasses the minotaur while he is sitting down*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 10:57 AM

Mirzhe looked between the human male and the minotaur. Then she glances at Tenere.

06/06/2000 2:28 PM

Imoen scowled under her hood. From her perspective
in the corner of the tavern she saw a nasty situation
developing around her. Her keen ears heard every
word which was spoken. She glanced around the tavern
, her eyes setlling on the possible players in
the inevitable bar-brawl. She saw the lone elf
warrior walking in the tavern, the mage polishing his
sword, the group of elves taking a seat and finally
the golden minotaur, his not-so-smart looking
challenger and their respective companions.

'People are always looking for trouble,' she sighed.

She looked at the tattoo on her left hand, which represented
a dagger and considered calling it.

'I'll call ye when I need ye,' she decided.

She put her hands behind her head and leaned back, her
eyes settling on the minotaur, waiting for his response.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/06/2000 9:53 PM

Chuck looked at the warrior who had just challenged him up and down. He seemed capable enough but Chuck smelled something about him. He smelled of fear.

To the warrior he said, "Does the challenger have a name?"

06/07/2000 3:14 AM

The moon elf ceases his dark musings and his intrest grows
as he hears the conversations. He judges the minotaur, a
powerful warrior it would seem. Then he looks at the humans.
Not sure as of what to make of them, the elf sits back and
watches the events of the inn. After all, by the looks of that
minotaur, the fight that might ensue will propably be worth
watching. Oh yes.

Then, gloomy thoughts take control once more. ~Violence. Is that
all we people can think of? Even us elves of the goodly races?
We're no better from our dark kin, if this keeps up.~ The last
sentence he almost says aloud. But not quite.
He looks at his own hand, and the hands of the moon elf adventurers
and wonders how much more useful they propably would be planting

~Ah, but the excitement and the feeling of truly being alive, when
having a good fight.~ The elf muses.

Not sure of his own feelings, he continues to watch the developing

06/07/2000 8:36 AM

*the human fighter bows to the minotaur*

"I am called Calardas the Cutthroat, aka Cal."

*the female sitting back at the table glares at Cal, giving him an unknown command. he immediately responds by taking a few steps back to avoid being taken off guard by the minotaur should a brawl commence*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/07/2000 11:11 PM

Chuck looked amusingly at Calardas as the human introduced himself and then steps backward. A bit confused by the human's action, Chuck raises an eyebrow.

"You issue a challenge, then step away? How...formal. Are you afraid that I will lash out at you in retaliation? Why challenge me if you fear me?"

The minotaur, from his viewpoint, notices the hooded woman's heated glare upon Calardas.

"Does your woman have something to add to this?"

Even the moon elves stopped their chatter after hearing that.

06/08/2000 11:33 AM

*the mage woman hearing what Chuck has said, gets up and casually walks over to where the minotaur is seated. she lookes up at him (hes taller than her even while seated) and smiles*

"Perhaps you are more honourable than most minotaurs then. You won't take any steps to ensure victory. That is a sign of 'goodness', or it could be a sign of weakness."

*she laughs and turns and walks back and whispers something in Cal's ear. the warrior looks confused and shakes his head, trying to comprehend what the woman has just told him. the woman then turns back around and gives the minotaur a mocking smile*

"You will never be as great as you could be. Your 'honour' binds you, it keeps you down. You could be the greatest warrior in all the realms, but you will never be. My 'friend' here will easily take you. You wouldn't even be able to defeat him if he was blindfolded!" she laughs aloud, mocking the giant minotaur."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/08/2000 2:03 PM

Imoen chuckles inward as she hears the words spoken
by the mage woman.

'Greatest warrior in all the realms, bah!' she
whispers, shaking her head 'I'm not for seeing
that happening.'

She almost laughs out loud as she hears what
the mage woman says next. Defeat him even if he
was blindfolded, yeah right. The other way around
would be more accurate. She sighs.

She stands up from her chair and walks casually over to the
table where the male mage is seated. She puts her hand
on the chair opposite to him.

'Do ye mind if I sit here?' she asks politely, though
she knows she would probably not get seated, she merely did this
to get closer to the fight when it would start.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/08/2000 7:58 PM

Tenere looked down at Greymere. ~No magic yet my friend, let's see what is going to happen.~ Tenere thought.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/09/2000 12:08 AM

Chuck looked incredulously at Calardas.

"Is this a joke? Is this a stunt to provoke a fight out of me? I take my battles seriously, boy, and if you let your mate do the talking for you and belittle those whom she knows little about, then both of you are fools."

As if to accentuate his point, the minotaur stands up to his full size, his many blades swinging about his frame.

"I fight warriors not pawns. If you still wish to challenge me, do away with the woman. She dulls your instincts."

Chuck then sits back down to finish his food and drink with Mirzhe, grunting in disgust.

He mumbles to Mirzhe, "Hate to see a fighter like that go to waste because of a woman like her." The minotaur reaches for another steak, barely acknowledging the hooded woman with a glance.

06/09/2000 3:34 AM

'Me thanks,' Imoen says, taking a seat.
She removes her hood, showing her delicate human
features. One thing tells she's not human though,
her eyes are pupiless and shine a light blue,
the color of ice. She pulls her hands through her
auburn hair, letting it dance freely over her

Her beautiful face cringes up in disgust as she
sees the minotaur stuff a big part of the steak
into his mouth.

'Ye know, good Minotaur,' she says, her gaze
piercing the huge beast 'Muscles do not make a
good warrior, though it helps. It's skill and wit
which makes the difference.'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/09/2000 8:24 AM

*the woman turns around and sits back down at her table, laughing all the way*

"Cal would never have made it without me, fool. It is through my wisdom and his skill that he survives."

*the woman casts a sideward glance at the minotaur*

"And I do not choose opponents that I know he will not be able to defeat."

"Lor, I think I can..." the man started.

"No, Cal, you don't think. That's your one flaw. If you weren't so slow-witted, you would be one of the greatest men alive."


"No buts Cal." she turned back around and began eating once more.

*the warrior looks at the minotaur and steps up to him*

"My challenge still stands if you aren't too scared of me.... or her.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/09/2000 8:55 AM

Mirzhe glances between the minotaur and the two humans. Finally she stands up "If you excuse me I think I will go back to my friend." she said. Walking over to Tenere she sits back down next to him and watches what goes on .

"Vengence creates vengence but clear retribution can balance scales. - Unknown "

06/09/2000 10:56 AM

The door of the tavern (or inn) opens to reveal a drow male dressed in black chain and leather. Removing the hood of the leather cloak from his head he gives everyone a look over through his leather mask before moving toward a table.

On the back of his cloak is a strange symbol. A yellowed skull, jawless, leers upward at you from its precarious brown diamond background. A simple "Z" rests on the forehead of this skull. The man is obviously a priest of the Dark Speaker...a new God that had made its presence known when it had slain the former god of Necromancy...Velsharoon, in a titanic battle that took place in the Skull Gorge a year ago. His priest who had spread quickly among the drow males of the underdark were swiftly infecting even more humans and demi-humans in the Night Above with his faith. Unlike most drow...his priests were open and defiant of the hatred the sun-based races felt for them......

Looking out the door he made a shrill noise with his teeth and tongue...shortly afterward, two more priests of the Dark Speaker entered and found a seat near the door....one was a handsome older human female, the other was a hulking Ogre-like creature wearing a stupid grin on his face...

"A pitcher of Mushroom wine...and make it snappy human...". Rasmos grinned mockingly at the bartender, the bright red hair about his dark face made the almost yawning hole of his smile seem like a bottomless pit...

Rasmos looks at the elven patrons with disgust before taking a seat with his friends, but not before flipping one of the moon elven fighters a not-so-nice hand signal known amongst the drow.

The three priest all carried weapons with them, the Ogrum, a new race created by the Dark Speaker, carried two staves, one for each hand...while the two smaller priests each carried a wicked looking rod called a Claw Wand at their waists along with all the spell components you would think to see on a wizard.

((OOC: All three of these clerics are Specialty Priests of Zanatose...I just thought I would test them out before submitting there information to my DM))

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06/09/2000 1:19 PM

Mirzhe watched as the male drow entered. Watching him curiously she wonders what one of her fathers people was doing on the surface.

"Vengence creates vengence, but clear retribution can balance scales. -Unknown "

06/09/2000 7:33 PM

OOC: Neo-Guyver, I meant the other hooded woman in the room, Lor. Just wanted to make sure you knew.

06/10/2000 3:21 AM

OOC: yep, I knew. But tenere isn't responding so I improvised.
Else she would have been standing there for hours
,he....But it isn't a big deal, is it?


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/11/2000 1:05 AM

Chuck finishes his steak and turns to face Calardas. "Hmmph, ok, boy, challenge accepted. Stop by the Colosseum and speak to Qalvin, the Master of Ceremonies there. I'll speak to him and set up the fight, and he'll handle the rest. You prefer with weapons or without? Ahh, don't matter either way." Chuck points to the horns on his head, "These babies never leave my side."

The minotaur then gets up and pays for his meal. Though expensive, he seems to have no problem paying for it. He bids farewell to Kordra, who is sorry to see one of her favorite customers leave. He then looks slyly at the hooded woman who offended him so and winks at her. On the way out, he nods to Calardas, and that was that.

The minotaur walks for about two blocks at an idle pace and then ducks into an alleyway. Making sure no one followed him, he lets out a long breath. Suddenly, his form dwindles down to a smaller size and his features change to a white-cloaked man wearing a porcelain jester's mask. Zaknafein, one of the Lords of Grimspear, chuckles to himself as he looks forward to the big fight. It shouldn't be nothing that Chuck can't handle but he still can't wait to see the look on the moody minotaur's face as he fights a determined opponent who he really has no reason to fight. Hmm, what was that elf's name..Mirzhe? He'll have to get in touch with her later. Ah well, back to the temple of Isis. He can't leave his duties forever. Maybe one of the acolytes will know what to do with all these steaks...

Then the mischievous lord vanishes, leaving faint sparkles.

06/11/2000 3:44 AM

Imoen watches the minotaur depart.'Curious,' she
whispers 'First ye don't want to fight, then all
of a sudden ye take the challenge.....'
Something was wrong here.

She decides to follow the minotaur, maybe she
could catch up to him. Imoen walks towards the
tavern exit, letting her eyes glow a bright blue
as she walks past Cal and Lor and glances at them.

Outside the tavern, she puts her hood back on
and looks around. She just sees Chuck's huge
frame going around the corner. Imoen hastily walks
to the corner and looks around it. She sees the
minotaur slipping into an alley.

'What's he doing?' she thinks to herself. She
starts walking towards the alley as suddenly the
Minotaur sticks his head out, probably to see
if anyone was following him. Imoen quickly hides
in a doorstep. She gives a sigh of relief, he
didn't see her.

As she reaches the alley, Imoen, to her great
surprise, finds nothing.
'Now where can half a ton o' minotaur hide in an
alley?' she whispers.
She closes her eyes and concentrates, letting her senses go outward.
Still she finds no minotaur, but something peaks
her interest. 'Magic?' she asks herself as she
walks over to a specific spot in the back alley.
She pulls a crystal out of her pocket and waves it
around. It starts to glow brightly.
'Lots of magic...,' she says 'Far too much for a

She puts her hand on her chin and ponders.
Something was very wrong here.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/11/2000 7:59 PM

*Cal grinned as he went back to sit with Lor*

"Well, you can finally get the fame you deserve, my simple minded companion." Lor said unemotionally.

"Ahh, yeah, sure." Cal replied as he finished his meal.

*the two then got up and walked out of the inn, not paying for their meal. a bar patron ran after them, but Lor waved her hand and the pudgy man quickly fell silent, flapping his blubberous mouth but making no sound. Lor turned around and smiled evilly at the man*

"Oh, the meal was free? How generous of you!" she gave the man a wink and turned around to continue walking along side Cal, on to the colliseum."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 2:41 PM

OOC: damn sorry server routers went down here due to thunderstorms.... hate that.

Tenere looked up from his thoughts. More and more the aging warrior-mage found himself recalling the events of his past. "Damn Grey elf," Tenere said aloud as he entered and quickly sat down beside him. "Greystar," Tenere began. "And how is the mighty dewomer Keeper of Mystra doing this fine day?"
"I would wish you keep you thoughts to your self." Greystar began, then fell silent as he saw the drow and the two others. Greystar is 5'2" tall, slim of build. But even those without the aid of magic can feel Mystra's power flowing through him. "Tenere forgive me, I must ask a favor. Don't interfere." The elf got up and walked over to the drow.

"Excuse me for interupting your rest," Greystar began. "I haven't the pleasure of meeting one of your order before. Although I am a cleric of Mystra, I am a historian also. May I join you?"

Tenere raised an eyebrow at this. ~Great all I need. Damn elf,~ he thought Tenre saw several leave now, heading for the colloseium(sp?). Good, I will join them soon. Tenere watched on.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/14/2000 12:54 PM

All of a sudden, there is a silver shimmer in a corner of a room.It turns reddish, then back to silver. It turns into Jay(who else?) and she falls out, stands up,and frowns, dusting off her skirt."Stupid spell." she mutters. Then she looks around and asks "Can someone teach me the teleport spell? I cant ever get it to work right!"

06/14/2000 2:41 PM

Imoen (No Jay, not the one from BG...LOL) walks back into the Inn, her eyes immediately scanning
for the evil two-some, Cal and Lor. She notices they're
gone, instead her eyes fix on the female stumbling
into the corner of the room.

Imoen shakes her head at the humorous display.
She walks over to the female, removing her
hood in the meantime.

'Need some help?' she asks her while she gets her hair
into shape with her hands. She blinks her pupilless
icy eyes, waiting for a response.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/14/2000 9:04 PM

*Cal and Lor walk into the entrance room to the colliseum. they walk up and ask for a sign up sheet*

"Who ye wish to do battle with?" the man behind the counter asks.

"Chuck the minotaur." Cal replies with icy coolness.

"WTF you want to fight him for?!?!?! You'll just be signing your death warrant!!!" the man behind the counter yells.

"Just sign me up." Cal said.

"Uhh......sure." the man behind the counter said as he got out a simple sign up sheet and wrote down Cal's name. "The match is set for tomorrow at high sun."

"Fine..." was all Cal muttered as he left the colliseum to go and get some rest for the fight the next day.

(OOC-the fight tomorrow is not literal real time tomorrow, just whenever it comes it comes.)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/14/2000 9:33 PM

Tenere looks back behind him. "Now how in the hell did she do...." He began to say, taking his eyes away from Greystar. "And here I thought no one could teleport into Grimspear. The magic must be in a flux."

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/15/2000 7:21 AM

(OOC-for those wishing to 'watch' the fight between Chuck and Cal, it is going to be in the new thread 'Grimspear Colliseum'. Just thought I'd let you know)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/21/2000 9:28 PM

o O ( ok, did this just die off or something?)

06/22/2000 6:59 AM

(OOC-i left so everyone else did too i guess, gee, aren't i special)"Two minus one leaves none."

06/22/2000 11:53 AM

Guess this thread sort of continued into the Colosseum since I'm finding characters from this thread popping up there.

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