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07/08/2001 5:50 PM

*Autumn watched as twilight slowly turned to night. Her heart was racing as was that of her companion. The two Qualinesti sat in utter stillness hour after hour after hour... It had seemed perfectly reasonable to flee from their rosy city that afternoon; now it seemed upsurd.*
Tirian turned to her and voiced his thoughts; they closely mirrored her own. "Maybe we should go back, Autumn." His voice was no louder than a whisper of the trees
"But Tirian, can we? With what we've seen, what we know...."
"Maybe we could tell the speaker, you are related to him, he must believe you."
"Don't be so sure of that Tirian, you have-"

*Her words were cut off by the hissing of an arrow. It embedded itself deep into the tree behind her. Suddenly it once again seemed resonable to flee. She knew the elf who shot the arrow did not have to miss.*

"Run Tirian!"

*With in a spilt second the pair was shooting through the forest. Their attackers had found them, as she had feared. After hard running, Autumn crouched behind a tree and loosed an arrow, It struck. ~one down many to go.~ she thought.
She got up and continued running. She thanked the gods that she was not a clumsy human and then promply cursed her long gown for tripping her.
Looking around for Tirian she did not see him, she continued running through the pain of exhaustion. Suddenly she stopped, so abruptly that it surprised even her. At her feet lay Tirian, an arrow... a scarlet arrow, in his back. She tried to run but her feet would not obey. Just when she thought she had the strength, she fell. Pain seared her left shoulder, she was lucky that the arrow only left a cut and did not pierce.
As she fell she saw the arrow that was meant for her hit the ground, her life blood still on the shaft. Finally her body met ground and then rolled into a small ditch, concealing her with the red, gold and brown leaves that matched her name and looks so well.
Solinari's light tured the tears on her face and lashes to crystals, while Autumn lay unconsious on the ground...*

07/08/2001 10:01 PM

OOC:Im gonna join in, but I am changing my Grass cat into a Wolf, and keeping the same name for him. I am going to fashion Kista after the "Wolfwalker" series by Tara K. Harper...yes, I think that the healing would be an interestion touch...that is if no one minds.

Kista StarBlade was scouting the trails, when Warrl, her Wolf suddenly Whined, and tugged at her tunic sleeve.

//what is it?// she asked him, looking around warily.
//Elves, this way...hunters at their heels.// Warrl sent back, His teeth bared. Kista knelt beside him, and allowed her senses to become his. The howl of the packsong made her sway, untill she had found what she was looking for. two elves, one dead, and the other...the other was still alive...the wolf that was near them noticed the red feathered arrows.

Kista reluctantly pulled her mind from the song, and set off. warrl rushing on ahead of her, finding the wounded elf before her.

Kista knelt and brushed away the leaves. the elf woman was wounded on her shoulder, not exactly life-threatening, but if infection should set in, the possibility that Kista would loose her was all too real.

//Warrl, I need your help.// Kista pleaded, staring into his yellow eyes. The wolf snorted and pushed his head into her hand. // then Walk with me...Healer// the wolf sent back.

Kista's sensed whirled, down and to the left, inside, she could feel the wound, the sluggish flow of the blood, and the ragged, torn tissues and muscles. all that she needed was here...elements drawn from the blood as she directed the flow. tissues knitted together, blood cloted and flowed around the injury, while the flesh outside knotted together in a jagged scar.

//Out!! NOW!!//Warrl snarled, baring his teeth and tugging hard on her arm.

Kista's senses whirled once more, and she sat bewildered and weak, hunger tearing at her stomach, like she hadn't eaten in days. she sat, tearing hungrily at her travel rations, and waited for the Girl to regain concoiusness.
Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/09/2001 6:47 PM

(OOC: Hmmm, might as well join in too. Hmmm, which character to use. I think I know....)

Elsewhere, a young man sat in a silent glade, listening to the sounds of nature as it played amongst the trees.

To those who would come upon him, they usually mistook him for an elf, for his looks and the fluid grace that he moved. But his gracefulness was unlike that of the elves, his movement so fluid. And unlike other elves, he has far more silvery hair than most. For you see, Kylearan is not an elf at all.

He is a Mercury Dragon.

Albeit, a young one in fact, as far as that race of dragons do. This fact he carefully hid under a cloak of mortality, living like any other elf do.

But now, as in any of his race, he is becoming quite bored.

"Hmmm, what is that sound that I doth hear, amongst the leaves of this fair place? " I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/09/2001 7:54 PM

*Light; tiny speks of light, pinpricks barely lanced through the darkness that was over Autumn. Slowly, she began to wake. Scent, sound, and ever so slowly sight came too her.
She sat up and opened her eyes. She saw a wolf and a person. A wolf!? She inched away ever so slightly and raised her eyes to the other.*

"Who are you? Why have you bothered helping me?"

She sat there scared and disoriented, waiting for an answer.

07/09/2001 8:33 PM

Kista smiled trying to reasure the other elf. Warrl backed away, giving her more room, the wolf seemed to sense the fear of the other elf.

"Dont worry" Kista said holding her hand out to warrl, showing the woman that he woudn't hurt her.

"He wouldn't hurt anyone unless he thought that I was in danger. as far as bothering to help you...why is there a reason why I shouldn't have...we elves have got to stick together..."

Kista trailed off as she picked up on Warrl, he could hear something moving in the woods beyond.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/10/2001 12:36 AM

(( Sorry Mert but I HAVE to have a character who uses old english now that you have reminded me of it :) ))

The wolf knew of his prescence. But this was hardly a thing to fret over. Because he wanted his prescence to be known. After all, was he not the crown of all sentient creatures? Indeed he was. So, why not allow these elf maidens to weep over his beauty?

Alexander steeped out from the thick of the trees. The centuar watched his footing carefully; it would not do to trip in front of these lessers. Smiling dashingly and turning his face slightly to allow them to gaze upon his ever-so-masculine profile he gallantly proclaimed, "Behold! A lady in distress!? Tell me sweet maiden, what doth trouble ye so that ye can nary draw a breath without the fear of it being thy last? For I see within thy eyes the glaze of terror" Rising up on his hind legs he stated, "I am known as Alexander the Bold, and I am at thy service to battle that which troubles thee so."

With the final words he bowed low and unstrapped his giant scythe from his back.

(( lol a hedonist, this should be fun! ))Arthur- Camelot!
Lancelot- Camelot!
Galamere- Camelot!
Patsy- It's only a model...

07/10/2001 11:15 AM

Tiver walked through the forest looking at a new arrow he found with enjoyment as he mubbled to himself. "I must certainly hope that Whisper can find me. He'll most likely worry to death since I have been away from him this long." Tiver stopped seeing what looked like a half man and half horse. Tiver continued to look around this time being a bit more quiet seeing another elf sitting on the ground with another standing up with a wolf growling at the centuar. With a smile the kender walked boldly up to the to elves bowing, but not interducing himself. Then as the kender came up from his bow the two elves could see the ever so common tickle in a kender's eye before he gets himself into a whole lot of trouble.

Tiver started his walk over to the centuar proudly, "I am Tiver Neehigh the Great Evil DragonSlayer Kender of Krynn, Promised Hand to the Beautiful Lady Starlight, and Just now the Seer of the Gods Greatest Prank." Tiver said as he was getting a closer look at the centuar. Tiver smiled looking at this half horse half man. "You know, I thought the gods had a sense of humor before, but this is greater than the gods making dwarves almost as tall as kender." The kender said with a chuckle as he could clearly see the centuar's face turning a bright red. With a quick turn Tiver made his way back to the elves, but most of his attention was to the wolf. "Hello, My name is Tiver Neehigh," Tiver said with a smile looking at the two elves as his hand ran through his hand through his hair that came down to his cheeks. Tiver adjusted the colored pouches across himself with a smile as he dusted the dirt of his baggy brown pants. Tiver shirt was of many colors that shined through a dark blue leather armor jacket Tiver wore. Tiver also wore a beatiful longsword strapped to his back that made the small man look even smaller. "We are the makers of music, the dreamers of dreams." -Willy Wonka

07/10/2001 6:24 PM

Alexander promptly turned and kicked at the kender with his hind legs but they whizzed over Tiver's head just as he bowed. Feeling rather foolish the centuar turned back around and waited for an answer from the elves.Arthur- Camelot!
Lancelot- Camelot!
Galamere- Camelot!
Patsy- It's only a model...

07/11/2001 8:30 AM

Kista smiled at the centuar and the kender. "I dont know...Warrl here(Points to the wolf) alerted me that there was someone in trouble, I found her here, unconcious but otherwise alright...."

((Note the fact that she did not mention the healing. only the other elf knows...well sorta...she thinks that she may have been mistaken that she wasn't hit at all...))

Warrl snorted and stared back at the Kender. His bright yellow eyes seemed to peirce the very soul. Kista turned and looked back at Warrl and Tiver listening closely to Warrls thoughts. The Impressions sent where of another wolf. Kista allowed the Packsong to wash over her, feeling the minds of the wolves in this forest....and a single name came to her...Whisper.....

"don't worry little one, your Whisper will find you, in fact (HE??) is just over the next hill...." Kista said, smilingEverybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/11/2001 12:03 PM

The old man chuckles softly from the shadows, (from whence he has been observing the preceedings unnoticed)... he thinks to himself. 'could this mark the first meeting of the true "Champions of the flame" ?? ... silently admitting to himself that though this group of newfound friends may be begining the journey that will be a long and ardous one, he has hopes for this part of the group of travelers...

Giving one last backwards glance to them, he dissapears into the darkness once again to "observe" the others, whose lives although unknowingly, shall soon intertwine with thier-own...

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07/11/2001 8:40 PM

Barely a rustle of wind-borne leaves or the dry motions of grasses, Kylearan observed from the silence of an elm, his rainment taking the hue of the tree.

"What is this remarkable sight I behold. A young girl, an elf, kender and centaur too? Such a droll company I deem."

With this he turned and followed, watching from the eaves of the leaves of a great pine tree.

"I wonder whence they came, and what tidings they bring..."

And, with a motion so swift of wind he dropped to ground nearby and made his presence known.

"Greetings fair travellers!" I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/11/2001 10:18 PM

Kista looked over to the newcomer and smiled warily...Warrl had already alerted her to his presence, but since he presented no immediate threat, she chose to tend to more important matters.

Kista smiled and helped the elven woman stand. "are you feeling ok?" she asked concerned, while her own weakness threatened to drown her...Using the healing methods that she did, left her weak and starving, like a day old pup. she stumbled and dropped to her knees, and knelt there, trying to regain her strength.

Warrl lept immediatly to her side, and pushed his head under her arms, the massive wolf was attempting to help the girl to stand...The girl had Pale platinum blond hair, and deep violet eyes. she had all the features of an elf, the ears, the eyes, but there was something other-worldly about her that no one could quite put a finger on, a quality that Kista herself just found out wither her union with the wolf.

//you are weaker than a day old pup, and just as clumsy// came warrls reply in her head, the packsong surged. warrls yellow eyes met her violet ones and he threw his head back an howled.

Kista grimaced then cuffed Warrls ears //I can out fight you any day you curr!!// she laughed. Warrl stared at her, and then snorted and sneezed.

outloud she chuckled softly, and smiled. "you honor me with my life Grey One." Warrl let out a soft wuffing bark and vanished into the woods.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/12/2001 11:00 AM

Tiver hearing the news that Whisper was just over the hill made the kender a bit more ready to get going to where ever they started heading.
Tiver noticed the new visitor amoung the group who was by far more intersting than the half horse man thing. Tiver made his way up to the elf, but the man looked a bit human though at his first glance.

"Hello Sir, I'm Tiver Neehigh plain and simple," Tiver said extending his hand to the elf. "I'm sure you heard my full long winded title already since you elves have great hearing. Now it seems that this is a gathering of people about to go on adventure of some kind though I really don't remember how I wondered into this forest at all." Tiver said turning back to the rest of the group as having a few things disappear into his pouchs. Tiver turned back to the elf handing him back his a dagger he just found. "You must have dropped this when you dropped from the tree."

With a smile and a twinkle in his eye the kender looked around the forest as if the excitment of what was to come was just to exciting to wait for. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

07/12/2001 11:29 AM

Alexander threw his head, crossed his arms, and stamped. "Night cometh soon fellows, perhaps we should seeketh shelter, for the rain falleth with strength at Spring's end."Arthur- Camelot!
Lancelot- Camelot!
Galamere- Camelot!
Patsy- It's only a model...

07/13/2001 12:52 AM

Kylearan smiled as he watched the exchange of words between the strange folk before him. He grinned for a moment then made his way back to his camp.

"'Tis a strange gathering indeed. Methinks a great adventure is afoot!"

Mercury Dragons lived for the thrill of adventure, and nothing excites a Mercury dragon than an adventure with great risks. I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/13/2001 10:10 AM

The old man looks up from his place by the fire as kylearan enters camp, totaly oblivious to the bemused look on his face as he sits sipping from his cup, absentmindedly covering the (totaly) empty pouch with his foot. (the pouch has the sacred emblem of a dragon scale upon it)...

Oh, hullo young one... finnaly decided to join us? *grinz, adn takes another long pull fron the steaming cup..* oh, by the way i applaud you on your choice of rare mixture of herbs, they do make for an exelent tea.. *smiles with a twinkle in his eye, as he leans back, against the tree and tapps his foot humming a soft tune, as if awaiting something....

After a long pause asks.."Well, are they planning on gracing us with thier presence, or must we reschedule for the NEXT celestial equinox to begin??".. sighs gigglingly, adn berates the "giant" bug that seemingly, appeaded out of no where, and is trying to steal the last sips of his newly lovely tea....

07/14/2001 1:47 AM

OOC: sorry I have'nt posted for a while. I won't be able to post for almost two weeks after this. Sorry. Don't let the story get to far off with out your DM.

*Confusion was the first word that came to her mind. So many people so many questions. After help from the others she managed to stand. She Introduced herself.*
"My name is Autumn. I am a qualinesti elf. We...we were being chased and I guess I was shot. The last thing I remember was seeing... seeing Tirian.... a scarlet arrow."
*She broke into tears at the memory of her companion being lost. Now must she entrust her secret to these strangers? ~I suppose I must~ she thought*
"Yes, I agree that we should find shelter for this night, but where?"
*For the first time she looked around the group. What an odd asortment. dragons, elves, centaurs, wolves. She wondered what would become of her quest.*

07/15/2001 1:56 PM

(Hey this looks like fun...may I join in your game?)


07/15/2001 2:03 PM

(OOC, well, here I go!)

In the evening sky...a large female brass dragon glided lazily upon the cool evening breeze...suddenly she spied a familiar friend of hers....folding her wings she dove towards him. And then pulled out into an easy landing. Yes, it was HIM...her friend, Kylearan! She muttered a few words in the language of magic, and behold, she was in her Kagonesti form. Sakhana strode towards the small gathering in the glade.....wondering what was occurring here...she hoped the others would not mind the presence of another.

(ooc, well that's my character...Sakhana is a female brass dragon/wilderelf. I hope yall don't mind if I join in?)

07/16/2001 11:15 AM

OOC: I dont mind...welcome!

Kista looked up at the new arrival. "Sakhana!" she said in surprise ((Remember Kista is a wilder elf...well kinda...I'll get to that much later))

Quickly she got to her feet an embraced the elf/dragon "How have you been, its been what, Ten years??" Kista's violet eyes where bright as she haistily tried to smooth down her platinum blond hair.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/16/2001 1:04 PM

Alexander was getting increasingly annoyed with the stuation. "Bah, saveth thy emotions for later. A long walk to shelter doth awaiteth us." Alexander sniffed the air. "Rain is afoot. Let us depart this wood."Arthur- Camelot!
Lancelot- Camelot!
Galamere- Camelot!
Patsy- It's only a model...

07/16/2001 5:37 PM

(OOC: Cool!!!)

Sakhana started in surprise as she heard her name, followed by the gruff comments of Alexander. She warmly embraced her friend, Kista, and cast a semi-annoyed look towards the centaur. So stuffy!
"I do not mind the rain..." she told him nonchalantly. She then turned and smiled at Kista, laughing merrily...
"Why, Kista, has it truly been so long? How have you been...last I remember, you were but a youngling! Now, p'raps you'd like to introduce me to these other good folk?" Sakhana said with suppressed laughter, her forest-green eyes twinkling with high good humor. Of course, Sakhana needed no introductions with Kylearan, but she wondered if he would remember her. Hmm...she looked at the rest of the group; two other strange elves, a kender, a centaur, and another dragon. Well, Sakhana was always one for an adventure! This was shaping up to be an interesting meeting indeed. Sakhana strode boldly over to the others, the breeze stirring her brassy locks and introduced herself to them.
"Well met, all! I am Sakhanashivaras, or Sakhana for short. And now that I have told you my name...p'raps the rest of you would care to tell me yours..?" she told them all with a bow, her keen eyes watching their reactions. She looked at Kista and winked...this was certainly more fun than hunting for goblins to kill or hoarding treasure like her kin were wont to do. Sakhana decided that she was definitely going to hang around here, and see what would happen. If nothing else, she'd get rid of this boredom that had been plaguing her since she departed from her home in the Dragon Isles, that of Jaentarth.

(Are there TWO other elves, or just one other..I am not sure. At any, rate, thanks for letting me join in..hehe!) ;)

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07/18/2001 10:33 AM

Tiver looked up at the centuar shaking his head. "Nag, nag, nag don't worry show much about the rain Alexander. A little rain never hurt anyone, and its not like you'll drowned in it." The kender rattled off as quickly as he could sounding like a calm gnome and a excited kender. Tiver ran up to Sakhana hugging her legs like a old time friend though Tiver thought of it as more protection from the centuar. "Hello, i'm Tiver Neehigh a future prince to be married to the Lady Starlight." The kender said as Sakhana's dagger found its way to Tiver's belt along with a few pieces of jewelry. Tiver just smiled to the centuar his arm's still wrapped around Sakhana's legs."If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

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07/19/2001 11:45 PM

Kylearan giggled for a moment, and like any Mercury Dragon, he can be freewheeling at times. With a slight gesture, the sputtering rain stopped.

"Forgive me for that, it was just a jest in my part."

The young man(in the humanoid form he has taken) smiled at Sakhana, then started flapping his arms around as if they were wings. His eyes bulged in complete bliss.

"I think we best be off to whatever adventure we may chance upon!" I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/20/2001 6:16 AM

(OOC: Why do I always attract the kender, LOL!)

Sakhana looked down in mild surprise to see the cheerful, child-like face of a kender...he seemed to be pilfering a few things from her belt pouches. That was alright, she didn't mind...Sakhana figured that the magic dweomer that enchanted them would return them to her soon enough. Sakhana smiled down at the kender in a friendly way, and noticed that he was clinging desperately to her legs...gently disengaging herself from the kender's grip, she stood back to look at this new acquaintance.
"Well met, indeed, kenderken! I see that you have more than introduced yourself to me!" Sakhana told Tiver with laugh and wink. Then she turned and walked over to her friend, Kylearan.
"Greetings, cousin," she said to him softly in the language of dragons, "Tis' been many a cold winter since I have seen thee last, Kylearan. And yet it would seem that we are both drawn to the same place. I bring greetings from your kin as well." Sakhana finished and gave him a quick hug. Then she walked back over to where Kista was in deep conversation with the centaur.
"Well met, Alexander!" she greeted the centaur with a formal bow, and then turned to Kista, motioning her aside.
"Kista, my friend, could you possibly tell me what occurs here?" she asked of her elven friend...

(The very nature of a brass dragon is curiosity...and as I am well, a brass dragon in the guise of an elf...I believe I shall stick around for the fun!!!) :)

07/20/2001 4:21 PM

OOC: Sakhana, I am going to say that your character knows my character very well, even about her wolf(Warrl) and the telepathic bond the two share. you even know about the mysterious healing powers that she has, and the price she pays each time she uses it.))

Kista frowned and gestured to the other female elf. "I am unsure, " she whispered "Warrl led me here and I found her wounded, I healed her, but as of yet she has not told us what has happened to her. the rest showed up just after I healed her."

Kista paused as she felt warrl return and push his, cold, wet nose into her hand.

//The arrow my friend, examine the arrow.// warrl sent. Kista frowned and walked over to where the arrow lay. common enough, shaft made from vallen wood, arrow tip made from steel, but it was the feathers that hafted the arrow that caught her attention.

"These feathers, they are not dyed red, but are red...Only elves use arrows like this. usually for hunting traitors."Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

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07/23/2001 8:12 PM

Kylearan's nose twitches for a moment when he hears the word "traitor" but he quietly keeps to himself what he heard.

He starts rummaging around the knapsack he brought and finally brings out a strange looking device in the shape of a disc. He rubs the disc for a moment then mumbles a few words in a strange language (the language of the Mercury Dragons) and it pops open revealing a strange silver ring adorned with a stone of adamant. He then slips it on his left ring finger.
I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/24/2001 11:41 AM

If the sky was lighted by only the twinkling stars in the sky the short kender managed to take them away for one moment. The kender's eyes twinkled brightly as a smile crossed his face as he watched Kylearan take out some kind of strange device. Tiver thought quickly as walked over to Kylearan, rather quickly, unsheathing his sword with tired look on his face. "I have been walking all day, and I have yet to rest. The rain seems nice in this hot air. Kylerean will you hold this for me?" Tiver didn't wait for an answer as the sword and disc quickly switched hands in motion. "Thank you Kylearan, and I'll hold this for you for just a bit." Tiver said as fell back sitting on the ground infront of Kylearan.

Looking at the sword was looking at a piece of master worked magic and elven art placed together in perfect harmony. The handle was made from silver that held a small diamond at the bottom of the handle, that pulsed in Kylearan's hands, then a sting of mithral wrapped around the handle back up to the guard. The guard carved out of mithral held the image of two dragon wings spread out in flight coated in silver. The blade itself was made of a strange and uknown metal that seemed to gleam in the sun light. A image of a dragon rider and a silver dragon was carved into the blade with a lance carved all the way down the blood groove to the point of the sword.

Tiver sat on the ground trying to mimic everything Kylearan did and said to try close the disc, or even make it open. "Kylearan how does this work." Tiver said with one eye squinted with his between his lips as he concentrated on the strange device. "If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

07/25/2001 8:38 PM

After fitting the strange adamant ring, Kylearan notices that the magical gem case has disappeared. His eyes grew alarmingly as he scanned the are around him.

Then he saw the kender.

A startled look, then a brow creased in worry as he rushed to the side of the kender and took the sword and the case. But his worry was not for his possesions but for the kender!

He deftly flipped the kender's hand, revealing a row of small jagged pin size pricks. No blood oozed from the tiny marks but a slight silvery color congealed on the wounds.

"That case and sword were treated with a special type of poison!"

He gently laid the kender down and examined his eyes and pulse. A slight palor has already descended upon the kender's cold hand.

(OOC: The poison that Kylearan was talking about is none other than Mercury. Highly toxic when introduced to the body, though the Mercury Dragons themselves are immune to it. The case was designed to be opened only by a Mercury Dragon and none else.) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/26/2001 12:00 AM

( OOC: Tiver switched the sword he had on his back with the strange device of your's so you wouldn't worry about a kender holding your item. The sword is something the kender carries around with him since he slayed an evil dragon with it. Though I like the idea of Tiver being poisoned and all. I would really like some help on how mercury affects a person that is poisoned by it. So Mertonius you can tell what happens to Tiver on how the poison tries to well... kill him yeah thats the best choice of words. Anyway I just wanted to clear up the sword thing. About how the sword was Tiver's and not Kylearan's. Other than that lets continue with the poison. )

Tiver felt the poison swim threw his body quickly as his eyes widened in a terror he had never felt before. So soon was Kylearan by his side as the pour kender's body began to grow cold.

"I've never been poisoned before..." the small kender said with a smile as his eyes brimmed with tears. "Xander and Aldra will be quite mad that I have gotten myself in to so much trouble don't you think Kylearan?"

"If you think these are the sayings of insane mad man, then you've nevered messed with a kender with a cold." - Me

07/26/2001 12:14 PM

Kista looked over towards Tiver, alarm in her eyes as she heard the word "Poison". Quickly she ran over and looked at Kylearan

"Can you help him?" she asked, afraid to mention her own powers and to use them so soon...It could sap her strength for days. "If not....there may be something that I can do...." she whispered softly.Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

07/27/2001 12:57 AM

Kylearan, though grave of expression, smiled silently and slipped the kender a small pill.

"Here, take this pill. This would purge your body of any poison it has taken."

He turns to Kista and sighs, " He should be careful when handling things that are not his own. Danger can lurk in any form and size. It was well that I always carry an antidote for quicksilver poisoning..."

(OOC:By the way, the ring that Kylearan put on is a ring of defiance. It is kinda a high level ring of protection that also adds to the wearer's spell resistance. It also improves the character's movement rate by 6. ie. He moves at 12, bonus of 6 for an 18) I thought I was alone in the dark... Now, I Know I am Alone In the Dark... Marc

07/27/2001 9:24 PM

I hope you don't mind if I join in on the thread)
Grogoth had been searching the woods for Cherthal the hobgoblin for weeks now. He was a persistent bounty hunter especially when he was hunting slavers the trail had been as cold as ice wall it self and Grogoth was beginning to get annoyed that the Hobgoblin had yet to slip up but they always did.... slip up that is eventually. That was when he heard a commotion some where in the far distance he first thought it was his prey and approached quietly he was an experienced rouge and fighter and vary light on his feet for some one so large.

He arrived to see an elf giving a kender something an a band of strangers mostly elves. " Damn it" he muttered to himself as he was about to turn and leave them for good . Then even he wasn't sure why but he remembered how Chertal liked to target elves and that so many would be prime for his band of thugs and besides if he didn't find the swine they might be more interesting any way.

As he prepared to walk into the clearing a voice in his mind spoke "why are you always so dumb Grogoth they'll be like all the others your worse then an animal they wont treat you any better" with an abrupt stop and a sad gaze to his feet he once again began to walk away when the strange tug to see them closer pulled at him again. "Ill be damned and dead for this curiosity o mine" he grunted to him self as he pulled the cloak over his huge 7 foot 8 inch frame and walked into the clearing.

The group seen a huge figure as silent as the foot falls of a cat walk into the clearing with them his massively muscled frame hidden badly under a raged cave bearskin cloak. His body was covered in deep brown fur his fingers ending in bear like claws and his sharp yellow canines protruded over his lips. The Bug bear looked at the party as he spoke in the common tongue one he found difficult to wrap his words around with out an accessional growl or animal like snarl.
I am Grogoth Bloodstar and I over heard you may you be in need of assi... assist... help" spat out the bug bear having a difficulty with common speech he was slow with his words sounding much like his typical stupid kin. At his sides were twin morning stars of great size forged of blackest iron on his belt was a short sword sized knife with a pummel that was crafted in the shape of a star with an odd dull stone that was the colour of blood. Across his back was a light cross bow and a quiver of black fletched quarrels and that was but the most noticeable of his arsenal of weapons. "Well do you need any help cause if yer don't den I m gone got work ta do and all as a bounty hunter"

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Okay you guys, I'm really sorry but I can't run this game anymore. i have no time to post here along with all my other sites. I feel really bad but I simply can't keep up with my schoolwork and life as it is. . I'm really sorry. This thread will now discontinue, There should be no more posts here after this one really. I won't be checking it after this day. I'm REALLY SORRY. Well bye you guys, you've all been great!!!!!! Maybe I'll "see" you again someday!

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