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06/10/2000 2:05 PM

The guildhouse was something new in the city. People tend to gather there and gawk at the heroes tha flock their seeking for fame and fortune.

Welcome To The Dragon Slayers

The sign was painted in garish red and a picture of a dead dragon transfixed with a sword was the guild symbol.

Inside a man at the dask doles out assignments to those lucky enough to be a member.

A list on the wall gives the standard bounty prices for any evil dragon slain (This varies from age to age of the dragon with great wyrm as being the highest)

The man sees you standing near the doorway and grins, "If ya think yar good enough sign up. If not get yar butt out a here!"

05/29/2000 12:43 PM

*The young knight walks in and sees the man at the desk. Tanin, always seeking adventure,
steps up to the desk.*
"I wish to sign up! I will slay a dragon!"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/29/2000 1:34 PM

*a tall elf walks in and sneers at the young Tanin. (think sephiroth with blond hair and emerald green eyes.*

Slaying dragons? I have killed many. I was the one who slain the dragon Khellendros. He gave me what he could, but, he didn't stand a chance. I will say he did put up quite a fight. Too bad I chopped off his head and it is now on some poor girls bar roof. Well anyway, got any great wryms? I could go after a few of them.
*draws his silver ruined blade and spins it around quickly with amazing and deadly speed.*

Oh, did I mention I am a Grandmaster Swordsman?

05/29/2000 3:53 PM

A Red/Silver Dragon lands on top of the guid and looks down at all.


05/29/2000 6:19 PM

*Tanin hears the thump as Kanmeros lands on the building. Tanin
runs out side and sees his good friend on top of the guild.*
"Kanmeros my friend! What brings you here?"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/29/2000 10:25 PM

The old man with the spectacles walks out and eyes Kanmeros. He grins sheepishly and shouts, "Ya need not worry friend. We only go after those who generally pester the populace! We even give out assignments to other dragons like brass and bronze dragons. An occasional silver also do duty for us!"

He then turns to the new arrivals.

"Even if you have killed a dragon you'll still need to undergo special training ladies. After signing up, go at back and look for Tor the Minotaur, he is a seasoned slayer with well over two hundred kills."

(OOC: Here are my stats for a dragon slayer wannabe:

Min stat requirements:

Strength: 15
Wisdom: 12

Modify Charisma +1 and Constitution +1 (for being famous along the course of his career and from his dragon training)
Only 10th level fighter class is allowed to take this course for now

There are two types of slayers: Aligned and Unaligned Slayers

Aligned get to choose which type of dragon they fight and has a general +6 to hit bonus againts a dragon effectively making any weapon he wields as a dragon slaying weapon. His weapon also deals double its usual damage against that specific dragon type. But he only gets +3 against other dragons and does no double damage. He is higly resistant to those attacks of the dragons and has an effective AC bonus of 2 when fighting a dragon. He always starts out with a dragon scale armor of the same type of dragon he has aligned against (preferable +4 dragon armor and a weapon with a +4 bonus.

An unaligned slayer gets a +4 bonus when fighting any dragon and will occasionally deal double damage (based on a luck roll, DMs makes specifics)
They will usually have better armor though not dragon type (probable +5 chainmail or scale) and a dragon slaying item (any +5 dragonslaying weapon)

One special note though, your level requirements after the tenth level would be halved but all experience you gain from fighting non-dragon entities are halved as well. Fighting a dragon nets you twice the experience and your DM may initiate a d100 roll to see if you gain any of the following after every 2 levels (level 12,14,16, 18 and so on)

50 and below: nothing
51-70: +1 to Constitution (to a limit 19)
71-90: +1 to Strength (to a limit of 20)
91-95: Slayer additional Attack
96-99: Slayer bonus movement (+6)
100: Death blow (lose 1 level, slay a dragon)

05/29/2000 11:54 PM

"Tanin! Good friend...long time that we had seen each other...and I do appreciate this, as for my curiosity made me come in and see what all this was about...I am glad the lives such as mine are not in danger..."

Kanmeros rests on top of the building and basks on the sun, observing the statistics.

"Hmmm...perhaps I shall join as well?"

05/30/2000 4:57 AM

What were the dragons he's slayed? Hatchling? Well anyway I could go and get you a dragon's head as we speak.

*a red dragon flies over head. The elf spies it and leaps up into the air and float. He then flies up towards it and draws his sword and whorls the blade around. He flies towards the creature and hacks on of its wings off and then watches it fall. He flies at it's head and lops off it's head and watches both fall to the ground. He then floats to the ground.*

There is a dragon for you.

05/30/2000 10:56 AM

*looks around*

Oh well I guess I'll be going now. Byebye then.

*the elf floats away*

05/30/2000 12:28 PM

*Tanin watches slightly stunned as the elf performs his feats.
After the elf leaves Tanin turns to Kanmeros and the man.*
"Tell me where to find this minotaur!"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

05/31/2000 12:13 AM

The man grins and points at back.

"He's a bit raw from killing an ancient one last week. Don't ask about how he lost one of his horns."

The old man leads them at back. Near a number of large marble columns they see a minotaur meditating with the largest and exquisitely crafted dragonslaying sword they have seen. He has one horn capped with gold. Everything was silent as a wind rustled the leaves. Then, swifter than the space between a heartbeat, in a motion faster than the anyone can sense he stood up with his blade held in a strange stance. The marble columns that surrounded him suddenly slid apart. What surprised them was that, apparently, steel postings are imbeded inside the columns.

"WHO SEEKS MY EXPERTISE?" The minotaur turned to them.

05/31/2000 12:39 AM

The Red/Silver stretches his wings and chuckles in a deep "Hoof,hoof,hoof" sound.

"Allow me to record all feats that My friend Tanin will have...and if I can join your journeys, I will not interlude unless thy tell me to do so..."

05/31/2000 12:53 PM

*Tanin pushes past the man and stands before the minotaur*
"I do! I am Tanin Majere, son of Caramon Majere and Tika Waiylin, heros of the lance! I wish to have your training!"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/02/2000 5:01 AM

The minotaur sizes up Tanin and gives him a hearty
punch into the gut. This move drops him to the ground.

"Lesson number One: I'm the master and don't act
presumtous around me."

He eyes Tanin and helps him up.

"Lesson number Two: Always treat your opponent
with the same respect as friends."

The minotaur laughs and gives him a hearty slap
at the back.

"We will go to the Vingaard Mountains for our
training. You will only bring a knife and nothing
else. Come here tomorrow and bring any of your
friends along. Remember, a siple knife and nothing

06/02/2000 12:27 PM

"Yes sir. Can i bring armor or do I just wear a normal traveling suit?
And I choose to bring Kanmeros along with me!"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/02/2000 9:39 PM

The minotaur brushes off the comment.

"Bring a travelling suit and nothing more except your knife. I will train you in the True Way. And in this you will understand more of the world."

He looks at the dragon.

"Bring him along, though I know that his kind can change forms. If he needs to travel with us he must be in a humanoid form."

06/03/2000 8:29 AM

*Turns to Kanmeros*
"Is that ok with you?"
*Turns back to the minotaur. He takes off his armor, revealing
a nice travelling suit underneath. He unbuckles his sword and sheath and
lays the with his armor. He also unslings the crossbow on his back and sets it
on the table too. He then reaches down the his boot where a small, elven-made dagger
is hidden. he pulls it out and hooks it onto his belt.*
"I'm ready. But will my stuff be safe here?"

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/04/2000 8:05 PM

The minotaur points towards a shack.

"Store your gear in your designated locker at that shack. It is magically protected by one of our Silver dragon Mage. I believe she is in there checking and doing an inventory on all items claimed and unclaimed. She will also give you your standard Dragon Slayer gear."

He then jerks a thumb back at Kanmeros. "I think we still have some Slayer Enchanted Bracers for him in the shack."

(Those bracers improve the THAC0 of the wielder by 4 and could alter its size accordingly. It also provides a general breath attack resistance of 20% accordingly. It is made to fit dragons and/or draconians. No other race may use them.)

06/05/2000 12:40 PM

*Tanin nods at the minotaur and runs to the shack where he finds the mage.*
"I have some things I need to leave here. And then I need the standard dragon slaying gear."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/06/2000 8:50 PM

The silver haired woman smiles and points at a locker and hands Tanin a lock.

"Store your gear there. This lock would open only when you touch it."

She then walks over to a table with a number of swords and armour and chooses a set that would match Tanin's build.

"Here is your dragon slaying sword and dragon armour. As long as you're a dragon slayer in heart, these items would remain with you. Lose your faith in your abilities and they would return here magically."

06/07/2000 11:03 AM

*Tanin grins*
"Lose faith? Never!"
*Tanin runs over to the locker and throws his things into the locker. He puts the lock on then runs
over to the table with his equipment on it. He quickly grabs it and puts it on.*
"Nice fit!"
*He then returns to the minotaur and Kanmeros*
"I am ready."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/07/2000 8:44 PM

The minotaur nods his head and stalks out to the main building of the guild.

"Follow me for your briefing on what our objectives are."

06/09/2000 12:35 PM

*Tanin hurries along behind the minotaur*

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

06/09/2000 10:12 PM

A huge map of Ansalon decorates the main room of the guildhall. At a board nearby there were several postings for dragon slaying.

Post 1

A flight of juvenile Blacks threaten village of Everfree.
Price Negotiable.

Post 2

An aged Wyrm holding Maiden for sacrifice. This posting should be done within this week.

Post 3

Missing silver dragon eggs. Very important mission. Half a dragon hoard is offered bounty for the return of the eggs.

Post 4

Rescue of poor farming community ,LakeEdge, voluntary mission. Insane Bronze Dragon , Adult, and an evil knight.

06/10/2000 2:05 PM

*Tanin carefully reads each post. After examining each option he tunrs to Kanmerso.*
"Hey Kan. What do you suggest? I was thinking Post 2 but I would very much appreciate your opinion."

Est Solarus Oth Mithas

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