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06/25/2001 1:09 AM

Stepping into the light, she squints her eyes "Damn sun, never like it much. Get your butt out out here." Turning, she pulls out Xanthalis from a shadow. "You know as much mumbo jumbo you've talked about getting this damn relic you are really taking a long time. Now... you remember what we need before even setting out on this trip. So, I'm assured you've collected the innocent... correct??"

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06/25/2001 1:26 AM

*Pulling his black hood over his eyes, the elven mage, steps into the sunlight. Leaning lazyly onto his staff he says, "I would never think of taking the enjoyment of torturing innocent lives from you. After all you are my younger sister." Standing tall he glares up at the sun. "I know what you mean Aryiana I never liked the sun either, now lets get back to the shadows before I get tan. Looking over his shoulder he smiles at the Aryiana and walks up the bridge.

06/25/2001 1:37 AM

Walking up after him, she pulls up out a dagger made of black diamonds. " You know dear brother, if we keep pulling innocent from the air like this some people are going to get suspisous of our plans. We must collect these item soon, or it will all be for naught. " Nearing the top levels she ducks into a shack, pulling Xanthalis in with her. " Keep in mind always, if anyone find out too soon we could get in serious trouble." The temptress thinks alittle bit and starts to laugh. " I almost forgot, most of these fools have forgotten magic...I'm beggining to think this may not be as challenging as we first may have thought it. Now we must sleep, we have a full night ahead of us."

06/25/2001 1:49 AM

Holding his hands cupped together the elven mage mummbles dark arcane and thruts his hand forward. In a flash of darkness the spell ebbs out enveloping the shack, warding all unwanted eyes. Turning to Aryiana he smiles and makes a bed the best he can from the bits of hay on the ground.

06/25/2001 6:50 PM

Opening her eyes, Aryiana, could see the glimmer of the two moons of Krynn. Rising up slowly, the elf sorceress strode over to a table and picked up a cup of water. "Of all the most digusting thing's I've very drunken." Spitting out the stagnent water she mumbled a bit before beginning to attach her armour. " Hey you bum, you going to get up sometime in the next moon phase. We need to get this task done." Appling the last of her armour, the vixen walked to the door. " I'll be up in the inn, meet me there when you get ready." Walking out into the darkness, she slips into the shadows and is gone.

07/11/2001 12:26 PM

Giggling quietly, the kender slips in the door, as the female leaves, to see who she was yelling at so harshly, but all he could see was a pile of lumpy covers in the corner, so he decided to lay down for a nap as well, he borrows lower potrion of the blanket, adn drifts off to sleep....

07/12/2001 2:38 PM

The elf sat in the corner of the inn's empty common room, cloaked in shadow, he looked up from his now warm ale as someone walked into the room. He was surprised that anyone was here at this hour...it was late and all the regulars had gone home to their warm beds long ago.
He watched the stranger walk in with a swaying smooth grace only elves could accomplish, and froze when she glanced his way. She was the most beutiful elf he had ever seen, mysterious and lithe, his interest sparked, he continued to watch her from the shadows.

07/12/2001 4:29 PM

Sipping from his glass of wine he slowly looked up to see who entered the inn this late at night. "An elf," he mumbled softly to himself, "her magic level is decent enough. I shall wait a while to determine if she is the one I need to accomplish my goal." Putting the glass down on the table, and watching the final flames of the inns fireplace burn down, he slowly pulled a thick tome from a deep pocket in his robes. The man sat in silence for long moments, the only sound he made came from the rustling of his dark black robes as he checked its many pockets for the spell components he knew were there as always.
"Reading this useless spellbook will get me nowhere," he cursed as he slammed the tome shut and threw it to the fire. Then with a snap of his fingers the fire blazed up, a deep black flame that gave off more heat than any fire that could be created by a normal mage. "I need more power, and the only way to do that is to figure out the last component to this damned spell." With this he picked himself up, tossed a couple of steel pieces to the bartender and slowly strolled up the long staircase to the rooms above. When he entered his room he gently closed the door and cast a spell of warding that would kill any man who dared to disturb his rest. Then he strolled slowly to his bed and laid himself down to what would undoubtedly become another long and restless night.

07/24/2001 4:30 PM

As the many differnet travellers sit in the fire light the air begins to get thin. No draft or breeze, and the yet the fire begins to burn brighter.
Time slows for a moment as the door to the inn swings softly open. All inside stare at the door with anticipation, out of the night a form of a man comes.
He enters and the light from the fire finally dance's upon him. He is 5'6" and well built around the top, his hair resembles golden dragon scales spiking backwards.
A plate of silver armour covers his chest, the plate extends over his right shoulder where a curve of gold raises in a tip. He wears black legings with silver thigh, knee and shin guards.
The mans eyes scan the room in search of someone. His gaze stops upon Xanthilis. As if time had stopped for him he is standing infront of Xanthilis.

"I'm Furanthas. Brother of both bloods and I seek an old friend. Her name is Ariana, she carrys an emerald necklace that I gave her. And I can sense its powers residue upon you."

{ Furanthas sits and waits for the elfs reply. His eyes a deep green.}"Power comes with Discipline."

07/25/2001 11:09 AM

Then one man stands, an elven scout.
I am Dante and I have seen this girl.
with a piercing gaze Dante draw his sword "you will have to fight me to find out where she is .....

07/31/2001 5:06 PM

{Furanthas turns his gaze towards the elf who speaks so confidently.}

" Elf, I know not what powers thee can produce. Great your swordsmanship must be, but what good is a sword if you cannot pick it up."

{Furanthas points a flat palm at Dantes sword. With a single thought it begins pull towards the floor. The elf strain's to hold on but the sword slams to the floor.}

" I do not wish to fight you, For it is better to have a new friend than a new enemy. But the choice is yours."

{Seeing the elfs eyes fill with frustration Furanthas speaks a word as soft as any autumn breeze.}


{Instantly a silver sword materialize's in his right hand. The blade resembles those from the far east, where a silk scarf can be sliced in two if dropped over a blade of such fine craftsmanship.
The hilt is ingraved with the shape of a dragons head and at the base in the dragons mouth is a Diamond sphere. The diamond he himself created from the collection of all the cold he had seen in this world.
The diamond pulse's with a bright blue light as Furanthas stands at ease.}

"Thee knows where my dearest friend Ariana is? Save us both the burden of battle and share with me your knowledge." "Power comes with Discipline."

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