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06/24/2000 4:01 AM

Search for a treasure chest, believed to hold countless riches, magical items, spell books and scrolls...and a stolen crown. Rumor has it that this chest is either upon a ship docked in the harbor and pirated by minotaurs and Ergothians, in a warehouse guarded by the Knights, or in the castle in the center of the city. Or maybe, it's already left the city...

Days following the War of the Lance


The Knights of Solamnia have control of the city, it's harbor, and the countryside. The dragon armies (draconians, ogres, human soldiers, and other assorted misfits) are gathering, dispersing, marauding, or hiding...they are quite chaotic at this time. Law exists, but peace is yet to come. And the dragons...they have not left.

"DAMN IT ALL!" Autumn sits on dock in the Vingaard River harbor, swinging her legs, "Get IN there," she struggles with stuffing her blue dragonscale armor into a bag far too small.

*looks around to see if anyone is watching, her red curls getting in her eyes. she is now wearing soft black leather and silver chainmail...her old mercenary garb. her sword is warm and well-used against her hip. and a blue glass charm in the shape of a dragon dangles from her neck*

"Oh! BLEH!" hurls the too small bag and it's armor into the river and stands.

Caresses the dragon charm, "Soon babycakes, sugarbunch, sweetypie" she coos, "We will find that crown. But first, we need a little help."

*begins to pace around the pier trying to look casual, then goes to take a seat at an outside patio bar*

*sees someone coming her way, frowns, then smiles charmingly*

05/29/2000 4:07 AM

Seeing the dragonscale armoured woman. Hooded watches indifferently, then catches sight of the exquisite glass charm around her neck.

*The lid of a barrel is punched out from the inside, Hooded emerges out of the barrel. He stretches his muscles. Making it apparent he's been hiding for a long time. Approaching the woman.*

"Nice trinket." Hooded says pointing at the powerful necklace. "I'll give ya 5 copper for it."

05/29/2000 6:24 AM

A man leaps walks out of the shadows near a dockside building. He is clad in a strange looking black overcoat and carries a strange barrel shaped object in his left hand. He wears a scarf running around his face with only enough space to reveal his right eye. (Think of Vincent in FF7) .

He walks over to the dragon scaled armoured woman. He raises his right hand to show that he meant no harm.

"I am Marcus, a wanderer. I heard that you may be seeking something. May I join you?"

05/29/2000 8:03 AM

*a solamnic knight approaches the trio, interested in what they are doing here. perhaps selling things on the black market, or planning a murder. but whatever they are doing, they are going to pay, on their way to jail of course*

"Halt wanderers, what business dost thee have here?" the knight calls out.

(OOC-this is not Gunthar, just another solamnic knight. not sure of his name yet, but ill still play him anyway)

05/29/2000 10:09 AM

(OOC I threw my dragonscale in the river! haha)

Suddenly overwhelmed by the attention of so many men, she sputters and spits to the ground a mouthful of ale and stares at the odd man emerging from the barrel, "Don't DO that! You scared the daylights outa me! And NO! It's not for sale," tucks the charm under her chainmail, "But, I know of treasure, if you seek riches and charms and other really cool stuff."

Stands and holds a hand out to the one called Marcus, "Autumn, former guard in the Dark La...er...Hello, nice to meet you fella," looks curiously at what he is carrying, "Yes. I could use all the help I can muster up. Have a seat."

Looks to the Hooded One, "You too. NOW!" snaps her fingers and a barmaid scurries over with more ale.

"Oh GREAT!" nods at the approaching Knight of Solamnia, "Those knights are such pests!"

Regards the knight, "We are simply enjoying the day in this fine city, lord," she cringes at her politeness, "You look thirsty," bats her eyes at him, "Errr...where are you stationed? In the warehouse district by chance?" smiles brightly at the knight.

05/29/2000 10:23 AM

*laughs hartily*

"I am stationed wherever YOU are, m'lady."

*snickers as he thinks if this woman is worth the punishment he would recieve. he ultimately decides she is and gives her a warm smile*

"Now, it wouldst be much more comftorble in the inn, m'lady. Thou and thine friends may stay at the Blue Bottle Inn with me. I can show thee the way if thine heart so desires."

*turns aside and stretches his arms to invite them to the town*

"After thee m'lady."

05/29/2000 10:43 AM

*eyes the knight suspiciously then smiles*

Looks to the Hooded One and at Marcus, "Shall we?" then whispers, "Then we can discuss our plans for finding this treasure."

*stands and moves ahead, ever watchful of the knight*

05/29/2000 7:05 PM

Watches the elf, feels dejavu, then shakes her head, "Crazy! Let's go!" turns to her new companions, "So, what brings you here, oh, and I look forward to," nudges Marcus and thinks of treasure, "You know what," she laughs and eyes the knight.

"Gitty Up!" she hollers back to The Hooded One.

*they walk down the street toward the inn. they see a squad of Knights coming their way*

05/29/2000 7:12 PM

*nods to the leader of the squad of knights and walks over to him. he whispers something in his ear and he sidesteps to allow the group through*

"Well, we shall get going on to the Blue Bottle Inn, located right next to the warehouse. We will not have any problems from my comrades."

*leads them into town, making their way past two more squads of knights without so much a second look at them*

05/29/2000 7:26 PM

*watches as the elf flies overhead with a large chest*

"Pay no mind to him."

*they continue on and the elf flies off. soon they hear a huuuuuuge explosion from where the elf went*

"That chest was cantripped. If he isn't dead, he is seriously wounded. Hehehehehehehe. Serves him right for trying to steal fromt the knights."

05/29/2000 7:29 PM

Looks to her companions, "That's a black chest that elf carries," winks, "The one we are seeking his golden in color. HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

05/29/2000 7:34 PM

....and I believe I know where it is!!! A shadowy figure steps out in flowing red robes from nowhere Do you wish to know?

05/29/2000 9:05 PM

Looks slyly at those gathered and whispers, "There are MANY golden chests! Mwahahahahahaha!" looks to the sky for flying elves.

Turns to the one in red robes, "Greetings red-robed fella!" slaps him on the back, "Tell us what you know..." she whispers then motions for all to enter the inn.

05/29/2000 10:55 PM

Marcus stood there staring at them.

"This is not a good place to discuss of such things. Let us find a place were we can discuss in private."

He motions to a respectable looking inn nearby.

"I have a private room at the third floor. It is secure there and it has such comforts you may need..."

He then stalks over to the inn, hiding his strange barrel shaped object inside his cloak...

When he reached Pyranthas he nods his head respectfully recognizing him for who he is.


He then continued on and enters the inn.

05/30/2000 1:42 AM

*Hooded wanders at the rear of the group. Studying everyone carefully. On mention of the private room, Hooded remains silent and walks with the group. His eyes occasionally flickering to the blue glass necklace.*

"What riches are to found in this treasure chest besides gold coins and baubles?"

05/30/2000 4:15 AM

Studies Hooded and touches her charm, "It is believed that this chest was stolen from the lair a blue dragon. Within it's confines are many magical items and spell books, powerful things...powerful and dangerous enough so that the Knights of Solamnia are interested in keeping the chest hidden and out of the hands of those who would want to use these enchanted items and spells. Many others seek this chest, besides myself."

Gets dreamy-eyed, "all that...along with the richy things," doesn't mention the crown.

05/30/2000 1:23 PM

*looks towards Py in disgust*

"Damn elves, won't tolerate anything done by anyone other than their own."

*watches as the rest of the group nears another inn. stops and thinks about something. he leaves them and goes to the ruined hq*

05/30/2000 3:41 PM

*he gathers a lot of knights and they storm py's boat. they manacle him with mind power repelling chains that null his mind abilities. they drag him off to the dungeon and tie him up with platinum plated chains. they throw him in a cell and put up a force field of the higest strength. he is securely locked away for a looooong time, until he can repent and be a good little treasure hunter*

"There, that should hold that annoying little elf!"

*redistributes the chests back where they came from*

05/30/2000 4:28 PM

*senses that all is back to normal, whatever normal is*

Looks at her companions, "What were we talking about? Oh yes! Silly me! TREASURE beyond belief and worthy of our combined efforts," raises a goblet, "To having it ALL!" she cackles.

05/30/2000 7:10 PM

*Sitting in an amazingly comfortable chair, Hooded
sips at a large glass of dwarf spirits.*

"Mayhap this treasure you speak of is one in the
same as what I have been searching for."

*Hooded takes a large gulp of dwarf spirits.*

"Do you know of any guardians who protect this
treasure? I have heard many tales, but sifting the
truth out of rumour is a difficult task."

*Hooded looks irritably to the solamnic knight.*

"Isn't there some sleeping princess you need to
awaken with a kiss or something? This mission does
not seem suited to one such as yourself."

05/30/2000 7:23 PM

Hehehehe, well I would not want to make it so easy, so when you do get that chest, and when you do open it, take the biggest golden bauble out of the chest, place it in your hands really gently, take that bauble and hold it up to the light and let it shine, if it don't shine then take some golden bauble wax and polish it up real nice and STICK IT UP YOUR CANDY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, thought I saw Elminster.

Actually I got it in my castle HEHE!!

05/30/2000 8:58 PM

Looks at Hooded, "Of COURSE there's guardians guarding it, dumdum! Oops, sorry. I don't know you well enough to insult you yet. Good thinking! We should keep our eyes peeled, for sure," looks the knight up and down and gives him the wiggliy hello fingers then snickers.

"Hmmmmmmm?" turns to the red-robed wizard, "What you say? OH!," looks at him wide-eyed, "Get OUT! You have this chest we seek? How? Where? Gimme!"

05/31/2000 12:04 AM

"I have one question. How about indemnities for those who die with families? I run an orphanage for half-elven children and runaways. If I die I need some assurance that they may be provided for."

05/31/2000 12:28 AM

To the north, guarded by hellhounds, in an abandoned black robe tower, ok?!

05/31/2000 12:37 AM

Pats Marcus's hand absently, "If you die, I'll take care of the poor little orphans myself," and thinks 'and sell them for profit, heh heh heh'.

Gazes at Jax, "Yeah, ok. Hell hounds you say?" thinks he may be yanking her chain then dismisses it, "I love dogs! Let's be off then!"

*looks around at the others, seeing if anyone disagrees with this rash decision*

05/31/2000 12:49 AM

The wanderer's eye flashed for a moment. It was sielnt for a space of a heartbeat as if he read what may transpire. He relaxed, then stalked of towards a window. A strange whirling sound was heard as he raised his right arm and pointed his strange barrel shaped device in his hand out to sea. A blasting sound erupted as the device lipped hellfire and ignited a fishing vessel out a couple of miles from the sea.

"That solves any problem of anyone spying on me. Are there any more questions?"

05/31/2000 2:47 AM

*Hooded snorts with whole hearted disgust at the mention of an orphanage. Listening to the mage, Hooded scratches his chin in thought.*

"Hmm... an abandoned tower I can handle but hellhounds."

*Hooded finishes off his dwarf spirits.*

"Oh well. What the hay. Let's go."

05/31/2000 7:41 AM

"Yes, lets go. Hmmmm...in the North, eh?"

Regards Marcus as he blows up a ship, "Ok. What is it, mysterious one? Are you in some kinda trouble," thinks, who isn't in some kinda trouble.

05/31/2000 9:46 AM

*looks at the red robed one*

"Hellhounds and black robes?"

*smiles as he thinks it over*

"If I wast to defeat them, I wouldst be recognized as a hero...Yes, thou may rejoice, I will accompany thee to this treasure!"

05/31/2000 9:53 PM


"Alrighty then," she gets up and leaves.

"steals horses enough for them all then re-enters the inn*

"Look what I found," points out the window to the horses chomping down at a trough, "Pretty neat,huh? They will get us there in a jiffy."

06/01/2000 1:26 AM

*Hooded jumps onto a thin, stringy horse he apparantly favours. The horse neighs in disgruntled protest at the added bulk.*

06/01/2000 10:48 AM

*goes to an enormous black horse who winnies and back away as she approaches, head rearing up*

"You'll do," calms the beast and settles into the saddle, waiting for the others.

Glances over at Hooded and snickers, "Excellent choice."

06/01/2000 2:30 PM

*climbs on a magnificent white mare*

"Hey, Autumn, where did you get these horses? This one looks like my superior's..."

*looks at autumn as he waits for an answer*

06/01/2000 4:08 PM

Admires the knight, "And you look quite regal on that mount, m'lord."

Glances at Hooded, "As opposed to him," she giggles, "Just kiddin, just kiddin!"

06/01/2000 6:29 PM

*Hooded rides his horse around in circles, spraying
up a large cloud of dirt which drifts into Autumn's

"Nice horses, I saw ones which looked just like
them in the solamnic stables."

06/02/2000 5:36 AM

Marcus mutters something about smelly horses and
not wanting to ride on of them. He immediately
pulls out an obsidian carved figure of a warhorse
from a pouch and lays it on the ground. Removing
the binding spell on the obsidian steed it
gradually changed into a large obsidian mount.
The mysterious man grins for a moment and clambers
on the magnificent charger that was, a moment ago,
nothing more but just a lump of carved rock.

"Shall we begin. I need to return as soon as
possible from this quest. Time is of the essence.
We have very little of it left. Let us stop
dawdling like some children playing at being
adventurers and let us go."

He immediately reigned in his war steed .

06/02/2000 6:43 AM

Coughs and sneezes, "BAH!" she scowls at Hooded, "Giddy Up!"

*they charge north to the castle*

*exiting town, they travel quickly. they enter a patch of woods and they are immediately set upon by a small band of renegades-- they are drunk, insane, and hungry for battle: 4 draconians (various breeds), 3 human mercenaries, and 2 goblins*

06/02/2000 9:21 AM

*sneers in disgust at the renegades*


*he urges 'his' mount forward as he draws his sword. he quickly decapitates one of the humans and reverses his cut to pierce the arm of a draconian*


06/02/2000 10:29 AM

"ACK!" leaps from her steed, but not before she relieves a draconian of it's head. It immediately turns to stone.

Calmly stomps up to one of the humans, "Take that" slices off his right arm, "And that," removes his left and leaves him to bleed.

06/02/2000 10:45 AM

*the knight turns his mount around and charges the two goblins. the mount charges and crushes one while the other one is opened by the knight's slice to his chest*

"Stupid bandits, don't they know that they will never catch anyone?"

06/02/2000 12:55 PM

"Catch who?" she asks the knight conversationally as she stabs and parries, "And, no, they don't know," continues dancing around stabbing and parrying.

06/02/2000 2:32 PM

*looks at autumn and frowns*

"We would be the 'who' they caught, but they are no where near powerful enough to do that." the knight (not gunthar though) calmly says as he lobs off the head of a draconian."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/02/2000 2:56 PM

ooc -- OOPS! Forgot, took gunthar name out of my post :)

06/02/2000 9:16 PM

Marcus aimed his struck out with a hood of his obsidian charger clipping a draconian's head. The draconian stumbled towards the dragon scaled armoured woman and the creature's flesh started to fall off.

"Damn! Bozak! Look Out!"

He dived from his mount to cover the draconian skeleton.

The area's peace was obliterated by a huge explosion...

When the dust settled, Marcus was nowhere in sight. Only the tattered remains of his face covering was left. Even the obsidian horse was gone.

06/03/2000 4:33 AM

*Hooded pulls on his gangly horses reins in some skilled manauvre and the black horse repsonds by kicking a draconian in the head viciously. The draconian falls down dead and bursts into acid. Hooded thinks about whether he should perform a protection spell on his horse, decides against it and jumps off. Breathing in the aroma of the toxic acid luxuriously. His gangly black horse gives out a high screeched neigh and begins convulsing on the ground. A nerve impule causing a hoof to lash out, which connects with Hooded's back, sending him deep into the undergrowth.*

06/03/2000 6:20 AM

*kills a goblin*

Tumbles to the ground away from the draconian, then sees only Marcus's cloak, "Marcus!" looks around furiosly.

*crawls over to where Hooded is in the brush and pulls him out*

"Knight! Stop! They're all dead now," sits and looks at the carnage, "Sheesh. I'm hungry," pulls out a pouch of dried venison and struggles with it.

06/04/2000 12:38 PM

*pulls on the reigns and his horse prances like a king's horse*

"They were all weak." he snarles at the decimation. "I need more of a challenge."

*looks at autumn and snorts*

"You get hungry too easily. We must be off, waste no time!" he urges his horse on. "I will leave you behind if you don't come along quickly!""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 1:41 PM

"Right oh!" leaps on her horse and pulls Hooded up behind her, "Marcus! Was he eaten by that acid or what?" looks around at the others.

*looming ahead in the distance, high on a jaggy cliff, is a dark castle. howling and screetching can be heard. there is an eerie feeling*

06/04/2000 7:47 PM

*the knight smiles as he sees the castle rise in the distance. he would return the solamnic's treasure and become a hero, not to mention vanquishing hellhounds and such. he gets shivers thinking of the fame he would receive*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 7:55 PM

Somewhere, in the depths of the castle's dungeon, Marcus wakes up. Manacled to a wall near some skeletons of some hapless prisoners he ponders what has happened. He turns to the dungeon's door as someone struggled to open the accursed lock.

06/04/2000 9:37 PM

*Hooded sits on the horse behind Autumn. Bitter about letting his horse die. The few moments pleasure he received seeing the animal painfully die was certainly not worth going without a mount.*

"I think I saw the mage get taken prisoner. I probably could have stopped it happening with a simple cantrip, but I need to conserve my strength."

*Hooded suddenly feels an eerie feeling and knows what will come next. Several hell bats come screeching out of the shadows. Hooded casually cuts down about 50 of the bats. However there are hundreds more flying towards the group.*

06/05/2000 4:46 AM

*an elf floats in the air behind them. He sees the bats and then lightning fills the air killing the creatures. The elf then lands and draws his sword.*

Where are all headed? Mind if I come?

06/05/2000 7:20 AM

*watches the knight who is smiling oddly and being awfully quiet now. frowns and wonders what is going on in his head*

"ACK!!" sees the bats then watches as Hooded and a newcomer destroy them all, "Oh, thank you thank you thank you," breathes a sigh of relief, "Icky!"

"Whoa!" pulls the reigns, halts, and regards the elf, "Nice Sword," this elf is certainly different than any elf she can recall seeing, "We're headed to that spooky castle up ahead there. We believe one of our own is being held prisoner there."

*taps her chin. 'we could use more help...with the hellhounds, bandits, and such' she thinks*

"Hmmmmm..." looks to Hooded and the knight, "I say we take him along. Any objections?"

Grins at the elf, "Perhaps there is treasure in that there castle as well...maybe...but I'm really not sure," watches the elf for his reaction, looking for signs of greed and lust for riches in those eyes, "What's your name?"

06/05/2000 7:25 AM

*he looks at her with an expressionless face and places his sword in his scabbard.*

It looked as if you needed some help, so I am volunteering my services to you. Normally I am not so generious.

06/05/2000 7:30 AM

Sensing that he is about to take back his offer she says quickly, "Yes. We could use your help. Come along, er, what you say your name was? I'm Autumn."

(ooc-- OOPS! I edited my previous post remembering to mention bat thingy)

06/05/2000 9:33 AM

Pyranthas Bronzeblade, Grandmaster Swordsman, Treasure Hunter and Sailor.

06/05/2000 11:31 AM

"Treasure hunter, eh?" studies him, "Grandmaster Swordsman, you say?"

"How do you feel about hellhounds?" she giggles and they continue on their way to the castle. She motions for the elf to come along.

*the eerie feeling increases and the forest becomes foggy. things dart about in the trees, and there is the strong sensation of being watched*

*the ground slowly becomes marshy, Autumn's mount begins to struggle*

"Hooded, get off and push," she chuckles anxiously, "Just kiddin," gulp.

*the castle is very close now and they can spy a towering marble wall surrounding it. if there is a gate thru this wall, it is on the other side*

06/05/2000 12:06 PM

Hellhounds? Please I have battled worse.

*he walks behind then a manages to keep up. This elf is very different from others. He seems to float over marshy ground.*

06/05/2000 12:32 PM

*the knight looks warily at the elf trailing behind them. he looks awfully familiar... but he shakes his head and continues on, hoping for magnificent glory in the battles to come*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/05/2000 12:57 PM

(ooc you will not reconize me from this thread because I deleted all previous posts TK)

06/05/2000 4:06 PM

"Hooded, get off and push," Hooded hears Autumn say and snaps his fingers. His dagger appears immediately into a tight grip. Hooded gets ready to plunge the dagger into Autumn's kidney.

"Just kiddin," Autumn continues.

*Hooded resheathes his dagger and looks at the marble wall.*

06/06/2000 1:54 AM

OOC: Just in case you missed that. I wasn't taking actions for anyone, but quoting what Autumn said earlier.

06/06/2000 2:00 AM

The dungeon door slid opened revealing the kender that usually followed the party.

"Hey! I know You! Can you help me here?" asked Marcus.

The kender grinned and picked the locks of the manacles. Marcus plopped down and when he stood up, the kender was gone!

"That was strange. I know he was here a moment ago..."

Marcus slowly felt his way up the stairs into the castle proper.

06/06/2000 4:44 AM

*the elf walks by them into the castle and waits just beyond the gate.*

06/06/2000 7:28 AM

*he looks around and then walks back out.*

This doesn't look at promising as I first thought it would be. I have better places togather treasure than here.

*the elf then leaves the area and disappears.*

06/06/2000 7:33 AM

*calmly watches the elf leave*

"Good, more treasure for me..."

*he dismounts and walks in the entrance to the castle, looking for traps as he goes*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 8:19 PM

Suddenly, in a flash of light, a glowing cube encompasses the party of adventurers. With it, all their weapons disappear. A beautiful,grey haired young woman appears in front of the Knight.

"Greetings and welcome. Before you can pass the threshold of this castle answer me this riddle to pass. Fail, and share the fate of the others that has come this way..." She then indicates a couple of decaying bodies near the gate.

"My riddle is this...

My lips are cold,
My kiss is death,
A man that has been
shaved by me needs not
shave again, though
I am not a razor.
In your hands
I am your best friend,
I am your your lover,
But in the hands of another,
I bring doom to you my lover...

What am I?"

The girl walks over to the knight and strokes his empty scabbard...


06/06/2000 8:30 PM

*sits astride her horse watching the elf depart and gaping at the grey haired young woman who is caressing the knight's scabbard*

Nudges Hooded, "This riddle sounds a little dirty to me," she giggles then notices that her sword and boot knife are missing.

"HEY!" jumps off and stomps over to the girl and wags a finger in her face, speechless.

06/06/2000 8:41 PM

(OOC: Come on Autumn, you can do better than that. Solve the riddle. The cube that trapped you would soon run out of air if you don't answer the riddle... Besides, OK I'll give you a freebie clue since it seems that you might end up killing the whole troop. The answer is something that someone like your companions and you should not run out without having it near you. This is the last time I'll give a freebie clue. Until you find my character who was trapped three levels down the castle ,and thus you need to solve three puzzles to reach, he won't be able to help you in solving the other puzzles at the next 8 levels of the castle. He he he...)

06/06/2000 11:48 PM

(OOC: grabs Mertonius and shakes the living daylights out of him...you are the pebble in my Doc Martins! And I'm NOT laughing! heh heh)

Looks to the grey haired girl, "A sword, a blade you little twit!" looks furiously at the others, "Got another idea?!?!?!"

*lightening crackles around the blue glass bobble hanging from her neck*

"Don't $^#%& with ME!"

(ooc--in case you're watching, which ur not...thanks Eltanin for the $^#*%^%...you are my inspiration gurl! hahaha)

06/07/2000 3:54 AM


*Hooded jumps off the horse.*

"I reckon sword as well. Or some form of blade anyway."

*Hooded snaps his fingers, his dagger appears immediately into a tight grip.*

"I don't have a sword Riddler." Hooded says to the silver haired woman. "I use a dagger and I bring doom to you my lover."

*Hooded walks forward. Planning to enjoy killing the riddle woman. Several dissection plans run through his mind.*

06/07/2000 8:11 AM

*the knight moves in the way of Hooded, stopping him from killing the lady*

he then looks over his shoulder and says, "The answer to the riddle is a sword.""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/07/2000 3:31 PM

"I know. Didn't we just say that? It doesn't mean to say we shouldn't kill her."

06/07/2000 7:56 PM

The girl gave a lilting laugh as she skipped her way to Hooded. Caressing his cheek she smiles.

"Oh Beloved, so you do recognize me."

She kisses the Hooded One and to his great surprise she reverts to her ancient form as his blade.

"The way is open. You may all pass..." Came the voice from Hooded's blade.

At this, shimmering barrier drops and disappeares.


06/08/2000 3:17 AM

*Hooded looks at the blade.*

"Hmm, what a surprise. Nice to have you back Blade."

*Hooded walks to the massive structure of a building.*

"What way ya'll? Up or down?"

06/08/2000 11:43 AM

*sneers at hooded for no apparent reason*

"I care not."

*looks to autumn, the leader, for their destination*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/08/2000 2:02 PM

*sets her horse loose, figuring the animal will be safer running free than tied up outside this spooky castle*

Shivers at the sounds of howling dogs, er something, "Alrighty then," smiles at the knight and runs to catch up with Hooded, "Start at the bottom and work our way up is my motto," she chuckles, "To the dungeon to rescue our missing companion, then onward to treasure!"

*enters the gates and is immediately set upon by a pack of mishapen, red-glowing-eyed hounds. sees the enormous wooden door to the castle is about 50 yards away*

"ACK!" starts beating the dogs away with her sword, "Better make a run for it!"

06/08/2000 7:53 PM

*the knight runs up and starts battling these devilish dogs*

"I HATE stupid mutts!! They are so stupid."

*he cuts one head off of one and spins around and cuts the snozz off of another*

"In the name of the knights I will defeat all of you evil mutts!!"

*cuts down another and another of these fiendish dogs. he seems nearly invincible compared to them when one of them sinks its teeth in his left calf. he quickly lobs that ones head off and impales another one running at him. he reaches down and pries off the head that is still attached to his leg*

"Damn, should have been more careful."

*he limps in the castle and sits down in the entrance, trying to nurse his wound*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/08/2000 8:16 PM

*Seeing the hounds. Hooded scrambles up a tree. Seeing
the knight take care of the majority, Hooded leaps
down and stabs a few hounds on his way to the castle

06/08/2000 10:42 PM

Marcus continues making his way around the dungeons, silently disposing a pair of ghouls and a beholder in one of the empty rooms. Searching for anything he might be able to use he finds a number of rings with strange designs.

"Obviously they were from those hapless prisoners of this place...,"thought Marcus.

Wearing a number that he knew from design (he now carries a ring of protection +4, ring of sustenance and a ring of invisibility) he continues on his climb.

06/09/2000 2:12 PM

"You are part squirrel, I see," she smirks at Hooded.

*leans over the knight, removes at poultice from a pouch and straps it on his mutt-bite with a strip of leather*

"That should take care of infection, but if you start foaming at the mouth Hooded here will have to put you down," winks, "Get up...into the castle we go."

CREEEEEAAAAAK *the door opens. it is cobwebby and musty and as they enter the large chamber torches along the walls flame up and they see a spiraling iron staircase in disrepair leading upwards, and three hallways*

The first corridor glows faintly with a shimmering light of multi-colors, like light cast thru a prism, or a precious stones, dancing against the walls, and there are two enormous stone gargoyles on each side of the entrance...eyes lit-up red. A clinging much like the counting of coins can be heard.

The second corridor is blocked by a large iron door with no handle or knob. At eye-level is a wire-mesh window sealed with a latch. They can see movement behind the door, and a scraping sound eminates.

The third corridor is wide open and pitch black. No light enters or exits..obviously a magical darkness..and a when one casts their eyes into that corridor they feel a sense of loneliness mixed with fear. They hear the distant sound of many female voices, laughing and whispering.

Oh. And there is also a stairwell leading down with a big sign that reads To the Dungeon

06/09/2000 10:04 PM

Marcus reaches another door and opens it. This was obviously one of the treasure chamber of castle. Mounds of gold as high as his chest flood the entire room. Rare and beautiful objects are strewn all over the floor (actually, you can't see the floor, it was totally covered in gold!)

Unable to control himself any longer, Marcus dove into the glitering pile bathing in the feel of REAL treasure. He swam around and around the mounds of mucho oro that he literally screamed in delight (OK: TO YOU GUYS WHO ARE UP AT THE FIRST LEVEL, THE SCREAMS SOUNDED AS IF I WAS BEING TORTURED OR SOMETHING)

06/10/2000 7:38 PM

*Hooded puts his dagger on the ground and spins it in a circle. The blade eventually pointing to the second corridor. Hooded looks down the corridor and sees the door with a wire-mesh window and a latch.*

"Second corridor it is?" Hooded says looking around.

*Hooded hears the tortuous screams.*

"Sounds interesting. Maybe we should check it out after this corridor?"

06/11/2000 12:10 AM

"Yes. It sounds like Marcus is having a grand time...we shall not disturb him just yet."

Marches over to the iron door and knocks, "YooHoo!" peers into the little window, "Hello there! OPEN UP!"

The figure behind the door hisses, "I am the guardian of the great beast. Beyond this corridor lies a feast. A treasure for which all men hunger and all women slave. If you are worthy to enter, you will know what this is..." the guardian clears his throat, "Sorry...bad at poetry."

*Autumn turns to face Hooded and the knight and shrugs. the scraping sound behind the door ceases and is replaced by a sizzling sound*

06/11/2000 12:50 AM


*Hooded walks to the door and undoes the latch and then walks in.*

06/11/2000 1:25 AM

"Num Num!" Autumn hollars as she sniffs the air, "I smell food!" is starving.

"Very well," a man in a chef's hat and bloody apron appears before The Hooded One, "How many this evening, sir?"

*ahead is an enormous white cloth buffet complete with sizzling roasted pig (the beast), 7 tier cake with sprinkles, bowls of potato salad, a watermelon carved in the shape of a dragon, fragrant baskets of bread, and many bottles of wine and canisters of tea*

Autumn brushes past and takes a seat at buffet and digs in, "Hello," she greets one of many spectors waiting table.

"Theeerrrrrre," a spector points to a stone wall and a window to another place in the castle appears.

*they can see Marcus swimming in coins*

06/11/2000 8:18 PM

*the knight snorts at the sight of the feast and is revolted at the sight of Marcus and the treasure*

"Where be mine opponents to give me the fame and gloury that I seek?" he mutters as he takes a seat at the table.

(OOC-the character's name is now officially Krylan. just thought you might like to know)"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 1:01 AM


Marcus continues swimming in the huge pile of coins and making gold coin castles with them. He used rubies the size of apples as the top of the towers and sapphires as the azure of the moat.

"Oh, I am sooooo rich now. I have a ring of sustenance to keep me from getting hungry, a ring of invisibility so no one can see me ("Yes! I can finally check on those girls who takes a dip at the river!" He thought.) and a ring of invulnerability to protect me and other cool stuff I found. Boots of speed, girdle of fire giant strength, vorpal blade, cloak of displacement, stone of luck, Wow, I am really lucky!!!Oh, I wish the guys were here so we can share these stuff..."

06/12/2000 1:15 AM

*Sitting at the table, Hooded senses the riches and powerful magical artifacts nearby. Several plans for expanding his treasure pile immediately come to mind.*

"Barwench," Hooded says to a nearby floating spectre. "Chilled wine and make it snappy."

"Yesssss" replies the spectre, glowing eyes float off to fetch a wine.

06/16/2000 5:13 AM

Suddenly, through a door in the Dining Room, runs William. "Draconians!" he yells, locking the door. He runs out the other door from the Dining Room, and the door looks ready to break.... my mistake, now its broken.

06/16/2000 5:47 AM

"Dracians!? How many?" Hooded says and snaps his fingers, causing his dagger to appear immediately into a tight grip.*

06/16/2000 7:30 AM

*Krylan gets up out of his seat and unsheathes his sword, ready to kill any draconian foolish enough to get near him*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/16/2000 4:53 PM

"HEY!" hollars at the running William fella, "Get back here, and help us fight!"

*unsheaths her sword just as a dozen or more draconians bust down the door*

Speaking gutterally in common the apparent leader says, "You're all under arrest by order of Dark Lady. Autumn, you have in your custody a dragon from the Blue Armies. You other's are aiding and abetting," wags a cruel sword.

"The war is over, moron!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" charges the moronic draconian and slices his head off and he turns to stone, "GET EM!"

*looks at the others hopefully*

06/16/2000 7:17 PM

"I don't aid or abet anyone." Hooded says to the draconian leader angrily. Hooded then stabs a draconian dead on general principle, offended by the accusation.

06/18/2000 2:18 AM

Marcus continues too dive into the pool of gold. A glimmer suddenly calls for his attention

"Take me..." A voice suddenly echoing in his mind.
"Take me..."

A small, silver coronet on a pedestal catches his glance. It has a huge ruby in its middle.

"Wow, cool!"

He picks it up and places it on his head so suddenly it surprised him. A searing jolt of pain passes through his body as if something wrenched his soul.


His sight fades, as darkness took him into its fold...

06/18/2000 4:32 AM

William smiles gratefully(and quickly). "You'll help? Thanks," he says as he unsheaths his sword and chops some draconians up.

06/19/2000 4:11 AM

"Hey! How come they're not exploding or anything." Hooded says and nudges a fallen draconian with his foot. As if on cue, the draconian explodes and sends Hooded flying into a far wall with a thud.*

06/19/2000 6:14 AM


Marcus appears at the other end of the room, his eyes glowing with a hatred so palpable that the spectres themselves stopped at their tracks to lay their undead gaze upon him.

The coronet flashing in a silver light, Marc's eyes gleaming of death and the dealing of pain.

Spectres appeared and lashed out at the party and a pair of undead beasts rose from beneath the banqueting table. A large mutant hellhound appears from a far door. It has three heads instead of one!


At this, the altered Marcus blinks out of existence.

06/19/2000 10:18 AM

*Krylan laughs in excitement*

"Finally some REAL action!"

*lunges past a couple of draconians, slashing their guts open as he passes. they explode and send him flying towards the cerebrus. he holds his sword out in front of him and slams into the far right head, forcing his sword straight through the head and out its neck. he lets go of his sword and jumps back and grins. he turns around and grabs the dagger out of the draconian's belt that is fighting william. he then stabs it in the base of the neck and it promptly turns to stone. he then picks it up and throws it at the cerebrus*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 10:19 PM

But the mutant hellhound leaped into the air and spit a fireball at the thrown draconian corpse. The heat of the blast blows it apart and sends a hail of fiery stone upon the party. The hound seems to have human intelligence and having three heads it seems to be quite smart.

Cerberus, Guardian of the Gates (Unique Creature)

HP: 268
AC: -8
Damage Dice:
Claws: 16d8+4
Take Down: 14d8+4 (opponent must save versus paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d3+2 rounds)
Fire Breath: (Use stats for a level 10 fireball)
Lightning Breath: (Use stats for a level 10 bolt)
Ice Breath: (Use stats for a level 10 cone of cld.

Note: Will only concentrate on one foe. Once opponent has been reduced to 10% HP Cerberus will stop attacking and would turn after another. He can regenerate damage at a rate of 6d8 HP per turn after the 3rd turn.

06/20/2000 6:28 AM

*turns his head to aviod the shower of stone dust*

"Damn," he thinks out loud, "its smarter than your average stupid mutt, and now I don't have my sword."

*looks around and runs over to the table and grabs a huge slab of pork. he taunts the cerebrus with it and runs over to the far end of the room. the cerebrus comes crashing after him, knocking food off the table and making a severe mess of itself. Krylan holds the pork in front of him and jumps to the side at the last moment. the cerebrus crashes through the wall and turns around seemingly unhurt from crashing headlong through a stone wall*

"Now, I am in trouble.... HELP!!!!""Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 8:46 PM

Suddenly, Cerberus went down on his hunches and started whimpering. It stared into Krylan's eyes as if it was asking for something. A large silver thorn was stuck to Cerberus's right paw.

06/21/2000 3:16 AM

*Hooded looks at the Cerebrus silently ask Krylan for help.*

"Krylan, push the thorn in deeper." Hooded advises.

06/21/2000 7:47 AM

*Krylan looks from the Cerebrus to Hooded then back to the Cerebrus. he edges up to the Cerebrus and grabs the thorn. he yanks it out and backs up a few paces. he then grabs a silver fork in his other hand. he edges back to the Cerebrus who is now thankful for his removing the thorn. he goes to pet the beast but instead sticks the knife through one eye of a head into the brain of that head and the thorn through an eye of the last head, straight into the brain of that head. he lets go of his weapons and steps back as the Cerebrus falls to the ground dead*

"I did it!"

*Krylan starts jumping up and down for joy when he gets clubbed in the back of his head by a draconian and falls unconcious*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/21/2000 12:16 PM

(OOC hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh, this is funny)

*has been keeping the draconians at bay by killing them, allowing Krylan to fight the cerebrus*

Kills yet another and talks casually with William, "So, you come to this spooky castle often? Hey, I like that belt!"

*sees Krylan get clubbed and whips out her bommerang boot knife and throws. it cuts clean thru the draconian's head (which explodes) and flies back into her hand*

*gives Hooded at look that says 'well...don't just stand there, help the knight...go on'. prances around with her sword, gutting and slicing and having a grand ole time*

06/21/2000 9:52 PM

*Seeing Krylan remove the thorn, Hooded shakes his
head in disgust. 'Oh no' thinks Hooded. Now he's gonna
pat the damn thing, then Krylan kills the Cerebrus
in a backstabbing way. 'A good move.' Hooded thinks

*Seeing Autumn look at him. Hooded decides to help.
Getting a draconians attention. Hooded points out
Autumn's weak points so the draconian will have a
better chance to kill her. Seeing several draconians
closing in on the knight, Hooded instructs them to
attack Autumn instead.*

"There ya go Autumn. Now you'll have a challenge."

*Hooded watches excitedly as the newly trained aurak
and other draconians circle Autumn, well aware
of her strengths and weaknesses.*

06/21/2000 10:22 PM

An interdimensional portal opens above an Aurak that was about to stab Autumn from behind. A kender suddenly pops out and lands on the draconian, pinning him. Not knowing what was happening around him he immediately stabs the creature and leaps away as the thing dissolved into a poisonous batch of acid that immediately killed the draconians that were trying to surround Autumn.

The kender edges closer to Autumn and deftly switched his short sword from his right hand to his left and pulled a dagger. With a flicking motion, he throws the dagger straight into the eyes of draconian Sivak, killing it.

"Can you tell me what the hell is happening here..." The kender asked Autumn.

The kender looks familiar.

06/22/2000 7:18 AM

Glances quickly at the kender, "Great! Saved by a little squirt! How humiliating, but thanks just the same," flicks a look at the kender again then stops and stares, "Oh GAD! Do I know yooooouuuu?"

*as she is staring at the kender she absent-mindedly removes a piece of parchment and puts it in her mouth, getting it good and slobbery. then pulls out a small blowgun and slides the goobery mess in, aims at Hooded's head, fires, and SPLAT, right in the kisser. she chuckles, satasfied*

06/22/2000 9:20 PM

"No, but you look like someone I knew..."

He looks critically at his shortsword.

"This won't do..."

He sheaths his blade and picks up the hoopak he left on the floor. Pounding the butt end of the staff, a magical scythe like blade appears at the top end, the glittering light of a dimensional blade enchantment on it.

"That's better."

He strikes a matial arts like pose and moved into the ranks of the draconian, dancing the dance of death, dealing mayhem all over the place. Spinning his scythe up above his head he sliced apart those who were near him. The poisonous gas and explosions of the draconians seem to do little damage to the half-kender. A field of blue energy protects him from injury.

He slashed with his weapon methodically, disembowelling the beasts and the hellhounds near the party. A draconian that tried to knock him down ended up losing the top of his skull, exposing brain matter before it toppled and turned to stone on the floor, leaving his brain on the floor. Another one was bisected when he tried to stop one of the half-kender's slash with a tower shield. The scythe went through steel, bone and sinew. He continued slashing and weaving through the ranks of the beasts, taking life without hesitation or remorse.

Then, silence came. He looked around him, surveying the carnage he had wrought, satisfied of what he did.

He turns to the companions and grins.

"Well, that was invigorating."

06/24/2000 3:18 AM

(OCC autumn i wanted to make amends for the other day and give you a gift. Go to my bar (of the dead dwarf) and ask for the barkeep.)

06/24/2000 4:01 AM

"Yes. It certainly was invigorating!"

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