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07/14/2000 6:26 PM

She walked silently, her dark form slipping from
shadow to shadow. She kept a constant eye on her
target, a large dog-faces fiend with 4 arms and
pincers on the top two. This was her first
assignment and already Jordie had sent her against
a Glabrezu. Luckily for her, the fiend did not notice
her as it walked through the forest, plants withering
as it passed by. Her cloak of non-detection did its
work well.

The fiend stopped, looking at some unknown object
on the ground. She silently scaled a tree. She
sat down on a large branch and readied her bow.
The bow was shaped like a white dragon with
outspread wings. The bow did not have a string, nor
did it need one. As she took aim on the Demon and put
her hand where there would be a string, a white arrow
appeared, cocked and ready. She hesitated slightly,
lowering her bow. But then she reminded herself that
this beast had just destroyed a small elvish village and was
probably on its way to sack another.
She took aim again on the fiend, who was still looking
at the ground.

She would not miss.

(would she? well let's see what happens. post a reply, now)

____________________________________________Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I just blasted my way through a thousand tons of rock and a dozen
feet of steel. Imagine what I can do to YOU.'
Jordie, against a bunch of Abishai

06/08/2000 8:22 PM

The greyelven cleric of Mystra looked on as the Lady poised over her target. Being sent by the Lady of Magic herself to investigate the destruction, he saw the Fiend. Then the elf noticed the bow. Its magic called out in the either like sunlight in the dark.. The Fiend had to know.

*The Fiend had sensed both the Greyelf Dewmower Keeper and the little tidbit in the tree. ~Come my little morsels, come let me feed on you fear,~ the Fiend thought.

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/09/2000 2:39 AM

She fired the arrow, it went straigth for the fiends
head.'Yes,' she thought to herself, but an inch
before the bolt hit the fiend, it disappeared
and the arrow missed. It hit the ground and
exploded in a huge ball of ice.

The fiend reappeared right behind her, she turned
around just in time to see its two pincers
coming towards her head. As agile as any cat,
Imoen dodged the huge limbs and jumped of the tree
rolling as she hit the ground. The Glabrezu
angrily stomped its foot on the branch and roared.
Not a smart thing to do as the stomp, together
with the great weight of the fiend, brougth the branch

The fiend landed with a loud thud, making a small
crater with its feet. Imoen stood tall to face
the fiend.

The Glabrezu snarled as he recognized her.
'You,' it said in its hideous otherwordly voice.

'Yes me,' she answered.

'Fiendslayer,' it growled, then it started to
laugh 'Dead Fiendslayer.'

'No,' she scowled as she pulled out her short
sword with her right hand and a dagger appeared
in her left 'Dead Fiend.'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/12/2000 2:54 PM

OOC: sorry got bumped from storms here

Greystar smiled a thin smile as he saw what happened. The aciton drwaing to its end. Greystar placed his hand on the holy symbol of Mystra.
"Mystra, goddess of magic, grant you humble servant the power of protection." His voice grew in volume as the spell continued. "Protect this one with you might and Infuse her with your power. Give her the strength to stirke down this fiend." Blue eldrich energies flew out and encased the female. The fiends wild laughter died as he realized his mistake. He tore his eyes off of her and glared at the Grey elf. Greystar leaned against the tree. That spell always took more than it gave.
"Now my Lady," Greystar shouted. "Strike!"

"I will NEVER submit to Evil, Unless she's cute!!!"

06/12/2000 4:16 PM

OOC: cool, watch this. she's pretty much an acrobat
. Pulling out stunts like freakin' Britney Spears LOL
(much better though)

Imoen felt the mighty magic course through her.
She glanced over at the Grey Elf briefly, making
a mental note to thank him after this was over.

She turned back to the fiend, who was glaring at
the elf, his eyes full of hatred (OOC: as always
, but more still now...). She growled as jumped
high into the air. Imoen twisted once and her blades
and eyes started to glow blue with the power of Ice.
She came down hard her icy blades leading the way,
hungering for the fiends' fire.

The Glabrezu, his attention again turned toward
Imoen, brought up both his mighty pincers to block
her attack. Imoen, with strength far beyond her frame
would normally allow, blasted right through, drawing
deep gashes on the fiend's limbs.

Her blades dipped into the flesh on both sides of
the fiend's shoulders, starting to feed on the
very essence of it's flames.

The Tanar'ri howled in agony as it felt its strength
slip away. What pain! What magic was it that made
him hurt so very much! It tried to fight back, but
her strength was beyond him. Beyond a ton of fiendish

In a last effort he called for his ability to gate
in his brethren. Portals started to appear all around
him, bringing with them the fetid reek of the Abyss.

'Crap!' Imoen thought to herself.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/14/2000 1:01 PM

(OOC:Imoen's creator never could have played Baldur's Gate, I'm sure....)

06/14/2000 2:22 PM

(OOC: But I have. And I have completed it many times....
But this is not the Imoen form Baldur's Gate. This
is a character I've created.)


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'Are you looking at me?'

'I said: ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME !?!?!?!?'

Jordie, to a Beholder

06/18/2000 5:27 AM

The unseen figure in a tree above watches it all. His curse assuring none can see or hear him. The cloak he can not remove making him undetectable, he moves through the trees. He had decided to stay out of this fight for the woman already had an unfair advantage of an ally, but things had changed.

He took careful aim assuring he wouldn't hit the woman and fired. Suddenly arrows appear in the Glabrezu's neck. They are unseen untill they are already in the fiend. He nods to himself and turn to the gate, opening fire upon it. He would stand beside this woman even if she would never know it.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/18/2000 7:05 AM

Imoen feels the beast weaken completely all
of a sudden. With a great yank she removes both her
out of the Fiend's shoulders. She steps back as the
Glabrezu's corporeal form dwindles away from the prime material

'Amazing,' she says, looking around at the numerous portals
'I thought Glabrezus were able to gate in only one other Fiend
each day.'

Imoen watched a Mane stumble out of the gate nearest
to her. She cocked her throwing arm, dagger ready.
Before she had a chance to throw, the bloated wretch was
already going down, hit by some unseen force. She
looked at the grey elf who gave no indication that
he had done it.

'That's strange,' she whispered.

She would have further investigated this, were it not that
she heard a buzzing sound behind her, getting louder with
the second. As she turned around, Imoen saw one of the most
hideous things she could ever imagine. They were chasme:
tanar'ri with the body of a fly and the head of a humanoid.

She threw her dagger straight into the face of the first one,
killing it instantly. Three others took its place and
now she had only a short sword to fight them. Her bow
laying far to her side.

'Double crap!' she thought out loud.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 8:49 AM

He cursed loudly, with words that could never be heard and fired another Volley of arrows, ensuring the mane's death, before he dropped the mighty elven bow, Elteris. He quickly drew both his short swords and leapt onto one of the chasme's backs embedding both his blads at the wing joints. Blood squirts over him, making him visible as he leaps off it's back ripping his swords out. He hits the ground in a roll, dirt caking on the blood.

Slowly the blood covered areas start to dissappear as he comes to his feet and starts to run, he vanishes completely once again. He moved quickly, running to his bow and scampered up another tree.

Sometimes be invisible had it's advantages. Living an eternity undetectable however was a long and lonely existance.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/18/2000 10:19 AM

Her jaw almost hits the ground as she sees one of
the chasme being taken down by what seems to be
a human form. She sees it clearly for a moment as
it's covered in blood, but soon it fades away again.

Uncomfortably, she's called back into reality by the
clubbing arm of a Chasme. Imoen takes the blow grudgingly,
barely shaken by it. With a slash of her sword, she lobs
its arm off from the elbow. It latches on to her with its
other arm, trying to bring her down.

'Oh, no ye don't.' she utters as she grasps her hilt with
both her hands, then drives the blade into the fiend's back.
Twisting and turning the blade around to do even more
damage, she gets covered by its icky ((OCC: sorry for using that word,
but its definetely the best way to describe it, hehe))
bodily fluids.

'Take that ye slimy son of a troll!'

With a loud, quirky sound, she removes herself from the
corpse. The other chasme had wisely taken the arial route
, it was now circling the battlefield. Imoen looks for her dagger
and finds it lying about 20 feet away from her, halfway between
her and an unrushing horde of manes.

'Where do all them critters come from?'

Cursing her luck she runs for the blade. As she
comes close enough she dives for it, knowing
that by the time she'd get up, the manes would be


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 1:31 PM

The form she briefly saw was more elven than human, however it was to tall and wide to be fully elven, yet not tall enough to be fully human.

Elric shakes his head seeing opening fire on the Manes would be near useless. The woman was doomed. With a sigh he sent Elteris to it's ancient resting grounds to regain it's power. He had a feeling he would need Elteris at full strength soon.

He glanced quickly at the elf, hoping that the priest didn't know who his was. The priest was an Elf and could have been alive so long ago, but he doubted it. But was his story still told in the churches? He couldn't know. He had to act. After so long he was compelled to act. He had stayd hidden for so long.

The thought made him laugh. He had no choice but to stay hidden! But still he wanted to not draw attention to himself as had not for several lifetimes, so why was he doing it now? Could he still run and hope thoses here died and could never speak of him..

No the Priest would then soon be with his god and might tell her directly. No, they had to live. He had to save them.

There was only one way to do that.

Elric leapt from the tree and rolled to intercept the woman. Hoping she would understand and not fight him, he tackled her, wrapping his cloak around her the best he could. Her reaction was critical here, it might well mean both their lives. It was up to her now.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/18/2000 2:17 PM

((OOC: Oops, I meant humanoid form, not just human.))

Her hand grasped the dagger as her body was preparing to
roll. With or without the dagger, she was doomed and
she knew it. She readied herself for death.

This made the shock even greater as something tackled
her, something invisible. She shrieked, thinking this
to be a trick of her mind. For a moment she considered
to plant her dagger into the form. Something stopped
her from doing so, a distant feeling told her that
this was an ally, not a foe.

The manes were falling all over each other to get
to them. One of the fiends got a hold on her shoulder,
its claws digging into her flesh and almost stopping
their momentum. In a desperate move she twisted her shoulder
away, though furthering their movement it also took
out a large part of her shoulder. Imoen nearly swooned
from the pain, but she kept on going. Rolling over
and over with the still unknown form.

They stopped rolling, out of the reach of the horde
which was in turmoil. Manes tumbling and stumbling
around to get into position.

Imoen was the first to get up. She knelt over the form,
her eyes looking towards the general direction of his
face, her shoulder dripping large amounts of blood over

'Who or what are you?' she asks him softly.

She waits for an answer as behind her the runaway
chasme swoops down like an eagle towards its prey.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 2:58 PM

He so wanted to answer her and assure her he was a friend. But there wasn't time to go through the effort of writting. He had to act quickly. He pushed a near-by rock to make look at it. He then picked it up and it slowly vanished. Giving he but a second to think it through he rolled over to her, wrapping his powerful arm around hers, holding her to him he knocked them both to the ground and started rolling once again, holding her close with all he had.

Their rolling came to an abrupt stop as his back slammed into a tree. His cry would have covered the sound of his rib snapping if eith could have been heard. He desprately held her to him. Slowly, all too slowl for his taste, she vanished. She would stay all but undetectable as long as they remained in contact.. but her bleeding would give them away. Plus she couls not keep her hidden for too long or she would suffer his fate. He looked at the blood as soon as it dripped off her body he was helpless to hide it. He realsed his grip on her, simply holding onto one arm his a hand.

He hoped this was enough to hide them.. that the feinds wouldn't sense the blood. Indeed he had a moment of hope for none of the fiends where heading towards them. Then he realized something that put fear in his heart. They were, unless he missed his guess, securing a perimeter. What did this mean? The implications made his heart skip a beat.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/18/2000 3:41 PM

The chasme buzzed past her, angrily slashing
into the row of manes, causing even more of a

She was pulled into a roll again, this time it ended
with them smashing into a tree. The other held on
to her and she started to feel different, somehow
less substantial. She guessed that, though she could
still see herself, that she was now invisible.
As he held her by her arm, she finally felt her wound.
Hunching over, her hand frantically trying to stem the
blood. She realized the blood would betray them.

'Jordie, why aren't ye here when I need ye,' she
begged. Last thing she heard, Jordie was on an important
mission of his own, something that would save many
lives. She knew he would come if she called for him
now, but at the cost of what lives?

'Call him or not,' she whispered.

Imoen looked around for the Cleric, the one that had
helped her before. He was nowhere to be seen. Either
he left or he was hiding somewhere.

The manes were organizing their ranks, they would be
found sooner or later. What would she do?

No, she decided. In her eyes her life wasn't as important
as that of innocents. But wasn't there an innocent
man standing right beside her? One that endangered
his life to save her.

Right then a mane walked up close to them, sniffing
the air. It growled, looking at where they stood...

She looked to the figure next to her, how could she
not help him? She cryed out mentally and large black clouds
started to appear above them.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/18/2000 4:26 PM

Elric winced, her cry was louder than anything he'd heard in a long time. It was so much closer to him than sounds normally where and not in just a physical sense. What had she done? He took a risk at that moment, one he swore he'd never try again after the last time. But he HAD to, even though he didn't know why.

His grip tightened ever so slighty and she felt a tingle pass into her arm just before he let go. Suddenly she seems once again alone and yet she also knows she's still ivisible and more.. somehow she feels even more removed from the world around her. Then a figure appears before her. A slim man with red hair. A pair of short swords rest on his hip and he wears a dark green cloak and leather pants. He turns and looks at her. His emerald green eyes wink at her. How handsome he looks, his face cut neatly, revealing an obvious elven heritage, yet it is also clear he is not fully elven. With a quick grin flashed her way he rushes towards the fiends Laughing. He quickly turns into the woods, drawing their attention. He runs at a speed few could match, his lean frame built for running more than anything else.

As quickly as he appeared he Vanishes and Imoen suddenly feels a jarring return to the world around her.

The Manes are no longer lookint at her but towards the woods where the man ran. But their attention will quickly change..

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/19/2000 2:15 AM

Imoen watches the half-elf depart. He was a brave

Thunder roars above and behind her. Looking
up at the sky, she sees a dark cloaked figure appear.
A figure she easily recognizes. He spots her and
starts flying towards her. He gets interrupted by
a duo of chasme flying in his path.

((OOC: changing perspective now))

Smiling under his his cloak as he sees the chasme,
Jordie pulls out one of his blades and beckons them
to come.

'A jousting? I'm always in for that.'

Both sides fly towards each other. Before he reaches
the Chasme, Jordie suddenly changes direction, diving
under them. The fiends stupidly try to follow
him, which forces them to hover still for a moment.


After making a U-turn, Jordie blasts into the chasme
from under them. One of them he rips open with his
blade. It falls to the ground, lifeless. He turns
around again and resheats his blade. He aims both
his fists towards the still flying chasme. Small
particles of red energy swirl around his hands,
then he fires, a red beam enveloping the chasme
and incinerating it.

Imoen watches him as he lands before her.

'Help the elf!' she tells him.

'I've missed you too...' he sarcastically answers.

'Just help the half-elf.' she says pointing towards
the forest.

Jordie looks beyond her, he sees nothing but manes.

'I don't see him,' he tells her.

'Oh, stupid,' Imoen tells herself 'He's invisible.'
then to Jordie:'get the manes.'

'Fine, I suggest you cover your ears and stand behind me.'

She does so and he starts chanting. Ending the chant
he lets his hands to the side, they starts to glow
with lightning. He slams them into eachother.

The forest trembles under the enormous blast of a
sonic boom. Several small trees in front of them
are just blown away. Most of the manes drop to the
ground, holding their ears. Some of the manes,
the ones closest to them, just drop dead on the spot.

Imoen latches on to his shoulder.
'Didn't you hurt him with that?'

Jordie shakes his head.
'He might get a little roughed up, but I think
he was to far away to be in the middle of the
blast. I hope he comes back, I'd like to meet

She smiles.
'I've missed you...'


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 4:06 AM

Elric was laying in a tree vommiting for the 7th or 8th time, when he heard the blast. Then suddenly he was thrown from the tree as the force hit him. His body already in to much pain to react he can not go into a roll to absorb the impact. He landed face first from the 20 fot fall. He heard several bones snap, but hardly felt it so great was his pain. He rolled onto his side as he was forced to vommit yet again. In a brief moment between the stomache cramps and the violent muscle spasms he whispered to himself.

"Not meant to be visible.."

In that moment he hoped the explosion hadn't caught the woman he hoped she was safe. Then all thought was lost as another series of spasms took him.

Somewhere deep in the back of his mind he hoped no one had seen him, if one of the one that cursed him saw him... What did it matter? he couldn't defend himself anyways.

Again he vommited and wondered how much more he'd have to endure before he passed out. and then as blackness overtook him he realized he was on the ground, unprotected with vommit all around him.. it the manes lived.. Then it didn't matter as the darkness took his mind.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/19/2000 5:17 AM

((OOC: BTW, if you want to see a picture of Jordie,
you can look at my registry, I drew it myself. I have
a pic of Imoen, but I'm not putting it in my registry,
I don't want people to think I look like a girl now,
do I?))

After thier brief 're-introduction' to each other
which ended (and started) with Jordie noticing her wounds and taking
care of them, Imoen explains what she knows about the half-elf.

'Interesting,' Jordie comments 'For as far as I
can tell, he's cursed or something like that.'

Imoen nodded, agreeing with that. 'He should have
been here by now.'

Jordie helped her to her feet and kissed her, he
stopped suddenly, letting go of her and running
towards the forest. Imoen opened her eyes, searching
for him, he was leaning next to a tree.

'Aren't you coming?' he asked her.

'Where?' she retorted.

'To find your newfound friend, of course.'

She walked past him.

'Bet I find him before you do,' she laughed, suddenly
picking up pace. Jordie ran after her, now both of
them were racing through the forest.

Both ruthless fighters when alone, but when they were
together, you would mistake them for a teenage couple.

They ran for a while, taking down manes when they found
some. They came upon a trio of manes, apperently they
were dragging something around. Imoen scowled as she
saw what it was, or actually she didn't see it.
As Imoen took up her bow, which she just retrieved,
Jordie had already scaled a tree and was standing above the
manes, ready to drop on them. Simultaneously as
the ice arrow took the life from the first, Jordie
came down on the two others, his weapons slashing
before he even hit the ground. His curved blades
crossed twice and the Manes ceased to live. Reeking
gases started to fill the area, the effect of the fiends
death. Jordie carefully dragged the invisible form,
which location he could approximate using his superior senses,
to a safer spot.

'What can we do?' Imoen asked as she sat down next
to Elric.

Jordie silently pulled two bottles from his cloak.
After he found his mouth and what was around it, he
used the first bottle, which was water to rid Elric
of the vomit. Then he took the second bottle, a healing
potion and applied it to him, hoping for it to work.


Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/19/2000 4:39 PM

The cool liguid entering his mouth nearly caused him to vomit again but he was too weak to do even that. He barely managed a smile as the healing potion slide down his throat. It would heal his wounds but not the illness, that was the price he had to pay to be visible for even the briefest of time.

He looked at the two before him and the briefest of smiles once again crossed his lips. With the healing potion working it's wonderful magic he gathered enough strength to grab Imoen's hand and give it a quick sqeeze before letting go. he was so tired and weak. He knew at any minute he could become violently ill again, he would remain like this for days. It was the terrorible price he had to pay.

But how ALIVE he had felt for those few seconds. More Alive then he had felt in a lifetime. The sun seemed so much brighter, the sounds so vibrant. He could hardly remember what it was like, already he was forgettingas his drap grey world was once again taking over his senses. But in that as he examined the grey world around im he came to understand one thing.

Danger was still close by, They hadn't even seem the begining of the evil yet to come.

With the same willpower that had gotten him into the mess that was now his life, he struggled to raise. There was plenty of fighting left to do

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/20/2000 4:14 AM

Grabbing inside his cloak as he sees you stand up,
smiling he reproduces two more bottles. He hands
both of them to you.

'A potion of Fire and Electric resistance,' he
explains 'It will protect you from my powers if
there comes another fight.'

'Imoen's already protected,' he adds.

Imoen nods, reassuring you. She stands up suddenly
and speaks. 'Jordie, I....' she falls silent.

Jordie chuckles warmly.'You're sorry about calling
me and you think you didn't succeed in the mission.'

Imoen stares at him, her eyes wide. 'How d'you...?'

'How long have we known each other Imoen?' he says
walking up to her and laying his hands on her shoulders
, looking her in the eyes 'It may not be that long, but
it seems like a lifetime to me.'

She opens her mouth to speak, but he hushes her by
putting a finger on her lips.

'For starters,' he continued 'You did a good job here,
you killed the Glabrezu. You couldn't know he was different,
that he could call an army on you. Heck, I didn't even
know that. As for calling me here ~he shrugs~ you did well.
I would kill myself if you'd die because you thought
I was to busy to help you. Never will I be to busy to do

She hugs him, he returns the embrace. He turns to
you again.

'I don't know what I can do to thank you, but I will
stay with you until I do.'

He extends his hand towards you.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 3:29 PM

((ooc one thing is this Elric is totally undectectable by any means, any senses, magic or otherwise. hence the true wickedness of his curse))

Elric grabs the vials and and the sight curns his stomache and he trns and vomits once again. He forces himself to drink the fluids. His stomache churns as he looks around waiting. Thinking that perhaps soday he will finally die and at least not care that he is cursed any more.

Elric takes the man's hand and shakes it. Something inside of him had changed, he suddenly realized. It mattered if theses people survived. He knew beyond a doubt he could slip away unnoticed past the most watchful of sentries. For once he had a reason to stay. but what was it? These two weren't friends, he didn't even know them, knew nothing about them. So what? had the woman stirred desire in him? He looked at her for a while wondering if that was it, finally shaking his head. No that wasn't it. Perhaps he was just lonely. That was the best answer he could come up with. For now it would do.

He let go of th man's grip and slipped away from them, with a thought calling Elteris to him. He felt something, something powerful.

Had they come for me? Was I detected?

His first instinct was to run, ndeed he took a few strides starting to do just that. He stopped knowing he couldn't leave them all alone. He stopped and leapt into a tree, pulling himself up. The movement of branches giving his movents away, but most would have mistaken it for the wind blowing the branch. He slowly climbed the tree as high as he could to study the area.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/20/2000 3:52 PM

A surprised look crossed Jordie's face.

'What is it?' Imoen asks him.

'I think he's gone,' he explains 'Before I could guess
his location by looking for dents in the grass, things
like that. But now there's nothing, he's just gone.'

Imoen crosses her arms, thinking.
'I could have guessed it,' she says, finally 'It's
hard to be around people when ye've been alone for
so long and not being able to converse in any way
makes it even more difficult. At least, for as far
as I can guess.'

After standing in contemplation for a while longer,
they decide to go. Just as start they to walk, Jordie feels
a strong presence surrounding them.

'We are not alone,' he utters, one hand pulling out
a blade, his other holding Imoen close to him. He looks
around, waiting for this presence to show itself.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/20/2000 4:37 PM

Elric sat in the tree his bow in hand and smiled as he saw the man pull the woman close. They were a very close couple. It was when he was looking at the two that he saw it. They likely din't see it, but in his bleak grey world it stood out like a sore thumb, One of the largest fiend he had ever seen. He wasn't sure what the name of this fiend was but it was massive and to Elric's dismay it was also invisible, coming up on the pair from behind. It could unlease any number of attacks on them from where it stood. He closed his eyes and looked around, scanning the area. His jaw dropped as he saw the sheer number of fiends in the area. mostly the minor, weaker fiends they had already encountered. in the distantance he thought he saw a human among the creatures but something was off.

Elric nearly dropped his bow as he realized the "human" he saw had 6 arms and a snake-like lower body. He swallowed hard and clenched his jaw, knowing his fate set today. He pulled an arrow from his pack, ignoring his quiver and carefully took aim. His attention now turned to the fiend behind his allies. The shot was perfect, the arrow digging into the ground inbetween it's feet. A brillant explosion of colors erruppted around the arrow's impact point. He hopped it would warn his allies, if not blind the creature. Turning in his seat in the tree he began to unlease death to all the fiends in flight. Each arrow finding a wing, an eye, or a wing muscle, sending the creatures in an all to quick desent to the hard ground.

Elric had never been so glad that in his past he had been an archer, although not as good as those he learned with, his full elven realtives, he was still a master. If only he could still cast magic as he once could. But he had a feeling the man below would cover that part, hopefully the woman could defend him..

He chuckled realizing the woman had been hunting the Glabrezu but now he had a feeling they were all being hunted by something none of them wanted hunting them. With a sigh of relief he knew that whatever happened he hadn't brought it upon these 2. With that knowledge he thought once again of slipping away from the battle. He decided he would when danger threatened to greatly, but for now he would rainn death upon the fiends

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/21/2000 4:00 AM

Immedeately as the arrow struck between his feet, the
Balor attacked, his sword coming down upon the couple.
As their leader attacked, all of the fiends became visible

Jordie noticed it first. 'No!' he cried, pushing
Imoen aside and out of the way of the Fiend's sword.
This left him to little time to parry the blade. He
managed to get back a few inches, preventing the sword
from cutting him in half. It still cut a deep gash across
his torso. He fell to his back, his lifeblood gushing
on the grass by the gallons.

Imoen rushed in between Jordie and the Balor. The
titanic Fiend laughed in her face and slapped her
aside with a mighty backhand. Growling all the way
Jordie picked up his falchion and aimed its tip at
the Balor. At his word, it shot a ray of fire so intense,
that it seared the Fiend's flesh and forced him to step
back a few feet.

Jordie crawled to his feet, one hand holding his huge
wound. At any other time, he would have noticed some
of the smaller fiends dropping down, but now his attention
was elsewhere.

'Imoen, Run!' he yelled, though his voice was weak 'I'll
hold them back.'

Imoen knew this was crap, even he wasn't able to hold back
such a force of tanar'ri by himself, especially not while
he was so wounded.

'No,' she told him, her tone final 'I'm not going anywhere.
I'll fight with ye 'till the last.' As to prove her point,
she took up her bow and shot one of the wretches who came
too close.

Jordie sighed, he knew this argument was one he could not

'Spicy little whore you got there, Jordie,' the Balor
spoke in its deep, throathy voice 'Yes. After I kill you,
I think I'm gonna take her for myself.' The fiend's following
laughter drowned out all other sounds.

Of all the things the Balor could have told Jordie
at this time, this was probably the most stupid one.

Instantly forgetting his wound as rage filled his mind,
Jordie pulled out his second sword, a scimitar it was.
Both his swords shining brighter then the stars themselves,
he tore in at the Balor, scoring two nasty hits before the
fiend could block his advance with its huge sword.

The manes and wretches surrounded the two combatants, Imoen
frantically shooting them down. Surprisingly the Balor helped her

'Leave us!' it roared 'This is between him and me!'

The lesser tanar'ri did as they were told, fearing the
Balor above all else.

Imoen shot a few more arrows before the six-armed
Marilith teleported before her. Imoen dropped her
bow and pulled out her short sword and dagger. Again the
Lesser fiends kept a respectful distance.

'Lucky me,' she thought.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/21/2000 3:34 PM

Elric stopped firing seeing a semi break in the battle. If he kept raining death upon the lesser fiend sooner or later they would find him. He looked at the scene below him. How could he best help? Where was he most needed? Plus he was in the tree and several fiends where right below the tree. He didn't dare risk firing arrows into the fierce battles that were under way. There had to be a way. If only he could still cast spells. But No, he had lost that ability with the curse. His mind began to race, what Magic did he have left?

Suddenly it hit him. He quickly dug through hid pack and set it in the tree after removing a ring from it. Slipping the ring on. he leapt from the tree towards into the battle field. The magic in the ring slowed his fall. Indeed he was even able to steer himself slightly, aiming for an open area in the field. He landed, making no sound at all. Quickly he stepped close to the Balor and Jordie. He waited and in a moment when Jordie's blade got close he jammed a short sword into the balor, near jordie's sword. If neither fiend figured out he was there till they were already too weak to do anything about it..

Elric leapt clear of the battle and turned to Imoen and the Marilith. He waited for a chance to stike.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/22/2000 4:43 PM

The Falchion whizzes past the Balor's body, narrowly
missing it. Missing it? Then why is there a wound?
These questions race through the mind of both combatants.
Jordie thought it was the loss of blood that made him see
things, while the fiend thought it had been a trick.

Imoen fell back, there was no way she could attack,
all her moves were defensive now. Parry left, left,
right, left, right, then dodge the last attack. Again
and again.

The speedy scimitar zipped in from the left, parrying
the Balor's counter. An unexpected weapon joins in then.
Jordie hunches over as the fiends fist hits his wound.
Another stomp brings him to the ground. With a roar
the fiend raises his sword above his head, ready to
deliver the killing blow.

'Since we're playing unfair,' Jordie says with a great
effort getting to one knee. 'You won't mind if I do

His swords rise in between the Balor's legs, dipping into his
groin. It shrieks, its voice suddenly a lot higher.

The Marilith turns to regard her master, this gives Imoen
just enough time to let her dagger dip into the lowest
right shoulder of the serpent-woman. The Marilith twists
and squirmed, attacking simultaneously with her five left-over
blades, leaving her defences open.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/22/2000 9:00 PM

Elric grinned as he slid his sword into the the Marilith's side. His sword likely finding many vital oragans. He quickly twirls, his back rolling ont the fiend's and he drives his sword through it's tail, trying to pin it to the ground. He leaves the sword and leaps into a diving roll.

He comes to his feet and throws his sword at the Balor. He cries out as it missed and barely clips Jodie. With a thought Elteris is in his hands. Callng upon the mighty bow he fires a rapid number of arrows at the Balor, movng much faster than even the best of archers. He was sure it would grab the fiends attention away from attacking Jordie.

After the furious volley Elteris vanishes once again and Elric draws his dagger. It looked so small compared to the two fiends. With an unheardbattle cry Elric spun back to help Imoen, hs agger flying at the fiend as he spins around. He quickly dives for his sword, which is in the fiends tail.

Could the Day yet be won?

He knew the answer as he saw yet ANOTHER gate opening.

What now? he thought.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/24/2000 6:54 AM

Jordie tugged fiercely at his blades, trying to get
them out of the fiend's groin. Just as the great Demon
brought his sword down, it was hit by a barrage of arrows.
Hurt from both the arrows and the great wounds in his
family jewels, the Balor teleported.

'Kill him!' he told the lesser fiends from his new
position, thirty yards away from the fight.

All the pieces fell together for Jordie as he looked
at the arrows hit.

'Excellent shooting, Half-elf!' he yelled, hoping Elric
would hear him 'Thank you!'

Her arms hurt like hell from the parries, but still she
went on. Imoen couldn't help but smile as she saw wounds
appear from nothing on the Marilith. The demon swayed, her
tail stuck to the ground. Seeing her moment, Imoen dashed
forward. Her dagger and short sword digging into eye and chest.
The Fiend's form dissipated, spitting promises of eternal
torment at her.

Jordie waited until the wretches and manes were all
standing close to him, then exploded into action.
He threw one of his hands into the air, then waved
it around.

'Burn!' he cried and the fiends did.

From the inside of the fiends fire erupted. They
stood still, shocked by the pain. With a second
command, all of them exploded into several large chunks.
Jordie smiled, though this spell was nothing to one
powerful enemy, it was hell for an army of lesser

His smile faded as he noted the portal and especially
as he saw what came out of it. Even the Balor stood
in awe at the knight-like being that walked out of the
portal, carrying a double-bladed sword-staff.((OOC: looks
something like this: >>>> , two swords put
together at the hilts.)) This was no knight, though.

'What the hell is the Tek-Boras doing here!?' Jordie
spoke to the balor.

'Well, either he's here for you or he's here for me...'
the Great demon answered.

'Silence!' the Tek'boras spoke with a voice so scary, it
makes an involuntary shiver run down the spine of anyone
who hears it 'I have come for all of you, enemies of Hell!'

'All three of us?' Jordie asks.
He keeps the presence of Elric secret for now, thinking that
he might be a most valuable player in the coming fight.

Imoen runs up next to him.

'What do we do?' she asks him, fear in her words.

'Either we fight together,' he says, more to the Balor
then to Imoen 'Or we die together...'

((OOC: this really is lots of hunting, isn't it. first the
bad guys get hunted by the good guys, then the other way
around. now they both get hunted....))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/24/2000 9:33 AM

((oc Yup! lots of hunting. twists and turns all around))

Elric stood looking at the Being that came through the protal. He stood motionless and called upon on of the rings powers. His feet left the ground, leaving no evidence of his presence.

Indeed, Elric was pleased to hear Jordie's response in leaving him out of it. Quickly raising into the Air, levitating to a tree branch, Elric waited untill the Knight-thing shouted, before settling on the branch

Once again Elric was torn about joining the fight. Surely joining the fight against such a being would draw attention to him. But, No, none of those who cursed him were related to the hells.. at least he didn't thik so.

Once again calling the mighty Elteris to his hand, Elric nocked an arrow. He Took perfect aim at Tek-Boras's head. Focusing both his physical and metal eyes on Tek's left eye. All he needed to do was release he arrow. Even the most powerful of being can be downed wth such a shot. It might kill them.. but the others would have the advantage.

Suddenly Elric shifted his Gaze to look at the others. Imeon seemed almost out of place next to jordie and the Balor.

Jordie is what holds the three of them together against a common foe. With a brief nod Elric switched his aim to the back of Jordie's neck.

His aim turned to the Balor next. He could see how wounded it was. One shot to the groin could kill it now. pumping it's life blood out.

He shiftd his aim back to This Tek-Boras again and finally lowered his bow. Which would be the more powerful ally in times to come? Could he trust any of them? What if they learned the truth? Surely neither the Balor or ths Tek'Boras would care. But what of this Jodie and of Imeon, would they?

With a sigh Elric slipped closer to the tree trunk and sat back. He wouldn't join the fight, just yet. He had to choose carefully, what side he fought on. For he suddenly realized his destiny was on the line today. This Very Battle would decide it.

With a quick sigh he pulled a gem from one of his pockets. He knew that reguardless what he choice he made he would need the power in the gem.

He turned to watch the scene below him

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/24/2000 10:13 AM

A Low Baritone voice singing an ancient tounged song can now be heard without the chaotic din of battle. A dwarf bursts out of the gate behind the (what is Tek a pit Feind?). He is almost as wide with muscle as he is tall. His eyes are bloodshot and his eyelids red and bleeding slightly. His hair is rimmed in frost and his whole body pale white as if he is nearly frozen to death. All these things however pale in strangeness when compared to the twisted rage and bloodlust that is now molding the Dwarf's face into something almost alien. Above all that rage however stands out a maniacal smile showing half the dwarve's teeth missing/
"Yarrrrrggh!" the dwarf cries as his charge's momentum caries him straight up onto the back of the feind. He brings his axe Crushing through the "Knight's" helmet and into it's skull. The beast roars and throws back it's head in agony "yermother was a-" the dwarf manages before slamming into the tree at thirty miles an hour. He looks up at the dying feind an the maniacal smile turns to the three oter "victims"

06/24/2000 2:46 PM

((OOC: well actually, the Tek'boras is a warlord
of Hell, practically a Lord in his own right and much
more powerful then any Pit-fiend. That is the reason
why everyone has to join up to even stand a chance
against it. I made him myself, to make my travels

'Fool!' the Balor scoffed at the maniacal dwarf 'You
think he will be brought down by one hit?'

He was right, the Tek'boras was already standing up,
his helmet simply pulled itself together, leaving only
a superficial scar in a matter of seconds.

'So,' Jordie said 'We fight together?'

'Do I have a choice?' the Demon asked him.

'Nope.' Jordie and Imoen simultaneously answered.

'Fine, then what's the Battle-plan?'

'We'll fight the Tek'boras....' Jordie said pointing
to himself, then to the Balor.

'And I'll get the dwarf.' Imoen stated.

'Yeah, just distract him,' Jordie added 'We don't know
how powerful he is.'

The three of them nodded, though the glares between
the couple and the Demon were less then friendly.
Jordie and the Balor walked over to the Tek'boras,
who was waiting for them. Its glare settled on Jordie,
though not even half as big as the Mighty Balor, he
was considered the more dangerous one.

'So Jordie, still mad about what my masters did to you?'
it mocked him 'What they made you do....'

Jordie glanced over to Imoen, to make sure she didn't
hear that. 'Shut up!' he told Tek. The devil laughed at

'Make me....' it said.

Meanwhile Imoen considered the dwarf.

'Ye're a crazy little bastard, aren't ye?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/24/2000 3:05 PM

Elric saw the crazy Dwarf appear and attak Tek-Boras. He smiled as he watched the dwarf get thrown.

Then when Tek' boras got back up and the Balor made the challage of bringing Tek down in one hit, Elric acted.

In truth,even though he wouldn't admit it. He lked Jordie and Imoen. And there HAD been something that drove him to help her in the first place. His mid made up in that istant, he struck out.

With Elteris in hand he knelt up and took aim. His body completely motionless as he held the string back. With a thought Elteris empowered the arrow with it's greatest of powers, a desinagration spell. Calmly he released the arrow, it heading straight for Tek's eye.

He quickly turned towards the dwarf and took aim, as i was still close to a tree. He fired the arrow rippig into the dwarf's close and pinning him to the tree

His destiny awaited..

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/24/2000 4:38 PM

The arrow went through Tek's eye and out the other side,
leaving a large hole in its wake. It screamed in agony
and stammered back a few steps. Jordie and the Balor
were upon him then, three swords expertly cutting in from
every possible angle. Tek'boras tried to counter, his
staff-sword swinging from side to side. But it had been
hit at its weakest point, its eye. Jordie and the Demon
easily dodged the half-hearted swings. Even Tek's
amazing regeneration could not stand up against the hits
he was recieving.

'You're not as strong as you are told to be, devil,'
the demon laughed.

The Tek'boras growled, it was defeated, but it wouldn't
be long before it would return. It fell back and its
shoulder pads opened up, revealing some kind of weapon.

'Oh no, not that again,' Jordie gasped.

The weapons shot a huge beam of energy, enveloping
the two allies in its hot force. As the beam dissipated
the Tek'boras disintegrated, its energy now fully used up.

'I'll be back for you yet, Jordie,' it cried.'The pits of hell
won't keep me from you...'

Imoen felt the force running past her. She looked behind
her, seeing only energy. As the energy dwindled, Imoen
searched hurridly for Jordie. She saw him, still standing,
his hands in front of him. With a grunt he fell to the
ground. The balor was gone, fully consumed by the blast.
Imoen checked if the dwarf was still pinned, he was, then
she sat down next to Jordie. He looked dead, his clothes were
burnt and tattered. She checked his breath.
He was still breathing, barely. Hugging him close to her
chest, a tear running down her face. She didn't care what
evil would sneak up to her now.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/24/2000 4:57 PM

Elric watched as the beam enveloped Jordie and the fiend. He didn't care what hapened to the fiend. But Did he care about Jordie?

He was running the question through his mind as Imoen craddled jordie.

"Natasha.." he whispered.

It was a name he hadn't spoken in nearly the entire 700 years of his curse. For he had seen her do the same over a fallen lover and then be cut down by an evil Centaur.

He had watched his daughter die.

In an instant of passion Elric used up the last of his magic. The last source of power he had. The gem flashed and was destroyed by it's own power.

Elric Now stood over Imoen. No force in the multiverse would touch her, untill he was dead. How e wanted to comfort her, but there was a danger at hand.

Taking aim, he cfired arrow after arrow at the Dwarf. Each arrow pinning it further to the tree. He didnt want to kill the dwarf but he would if it didn't calm down.

Inbetween shoots he glanced at Jordie and Imoen. Thoughts came to him of both Natasha and Alex. His Daughter and soon to be son-in-law. It had beenhis falt they had died. He had brought it upon them by his actions.

The centaur hadn't been evil.

It was the first time he'd ever admitted that even to himself. The thought was a profound one, that set him to reviewing his entire life. Up untill the point where he had been cursed.

"Natasha I'm sorry" He whispered.

In a silent Prayer he admitted to Mystra. Tempest, and mask that he had been wrong and foolish. That he wasn't their equal, let alone their betters as he had once thought.

"forgive me" His words where heard as he slowly returned to the world around him. As he Became visible once more.

As his curse was lifted.

((ooc WOW! pefect! LOL I never thought anything would case him to admitt that! But it is almost exactly like what happened! Exept the monsters are different but, Cool!))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/25/2000 4:28 AM

((OOC: lol, 'tis strange how things can work out,
isn't it?))

Jordie felt himself getting lifted upward. It wasn't
a forcing pull, more like the gentle lift of a father's
arm. He opened his eyes and he saw the sky. Somehow
he felt removed. He looked down and saw....

'Myself? And Imoen?'

What are they doing there? Suddenly he realized it...

'I'm dead?'

He looked upward again.

'Then why am I going up?'

He would soon know the answer, as he was pulled into
what seemed to be a portal.

Imoen felt his breath against her chest, but none followed.
She looked at him, eyes wide.

'No,' she said, then louder 'NO!'

She checked his pulse...nothing, his breath...nothing.
Hugging his limp form even closer, she wept, tears now
soaking her face and his hair. She didn't notice the
now visible form standing behind her.

Jordie came out in a beautiful area, like clouds bathing
in the light of the sun. This was heaven, Mount Celestia..

'You doubt your coming here, Jordie?' he heard a soft, gentle
yet powerful voice say.

He looked at the direction it came from. A tall angelic
being stood there. An old friend..

'Yes I do, Tyrael....' he answered him 'I don't belong

'Where then, in Hell? Don't be so foolish, Jordie. You
have long ago been forgiven for your deeds. Deeds that were
not even your fault, though you blaim yourself for it...'

'Those innocents didn't deserve to die, yet I killed them.'
Jordie said, anger swelling in his voice..

'You were controlled by the Baatezu when you killed them,
you weren't even conscious. It was only your body that
killed them, an empty shell controlled by someone else.
Your mind was trapped elsewhere....'

Jordie stood there contemplating, not knowing what to

Tyrael continued 'And don't blaim yourself for giving
up to them. Sixty years of consistent torment can
break any man's soul. Look at what you are now, Jordie.
You have destroyed more evil, have saved more lives then
even I can remember. You are every bit as good as any
of this Mount's inhabitants.'

Jordie smiled, even laughed out loud. Something he
hadn't done since his torment. He opened his mouth
to say 'thank you', but he was stopped by an upraised
hand of Tyrael.

'Now go,' he said.

Jordie frowned at that.

'You mean I can go back?'

The angel nodded. 'You are not finished yet, you still
have a lot to do. Like telling Imoen...'
Before Jordie could do or say anything
he was back, back in his body. He opened his eyes and saw
only blackness.

'Huh?' he asked, his voice was muffled.

Imoen could not believe what she heard, she was silent
for a second, then pulled his head from her chest and
looked into his open eyes. With a stiffled cry she threw
her arms around him, Jordie gladly returned the embrace.
He looked at Elric, he knew it was the Half-elf that had
helped them and he smiled.

((OOC: I wanted to add
the part where he told her everything about his past, but
I thought Elric would have something to say first, so
it will have to wait. Besides, it already was a really long
post, lol))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/25/2000 9:33 AM

After much struggling the dwarf freed himself.... "that was me favorite cloak ye bastards!" He dwarfs eyes darted to each scene searching. "Now which one of ye had me trapped in there?" Noticing Jordie and Imoen's embrace the dwarf decides. With amazing speed and strength the dwarf scrambled up the tree and luanched his powerfull body at them... hitting them full force and latching on around their legs cusing a mass tumble of flailing limbs. "Now where do ye think ye'll be getting of to?" Suddenly the twisted expression on the dwarf's face recedes and he stands up holding his throbbing head..."sorry lad and lass I don't know what got into me..." The dwarf starts cleaning grime off his axe as if nothing had happened....

06/25/2000 11:23 AM

As Jordie smiled at him,Elric also smiled, but not at Jordie. He was in his mind smiling at Alex, his soon to be son-in-law. He was so happy that the death had just been a nightmare, a long nightmare, but a nightmare none the less.

For a moment Elric was happy, happier then he'd ever been. Then the dwarf came tumbling in and rage crossed his face. He clenched Elteris in his hand and called upon it's power. Soon the dwarf would die.

The arrow resting in Elteris bega to glow with a red energy.

He sat there clenching the bow trying to control his actions.

He looked once again t Natasha and Alex, this time seeing them as Imoen and Jordie once again. A weak smile crossed his lips before he dropped to his knees in tears.

"I'm so sorry" he wept."so very sorry" Then his tears consumed him and he sobbed heavily.

He was indeed apologizing to Jordie and Imoen, for his actions in the battles. For he knew if it hadn't been for the Balor's words he would have sat back untill the fight was over. He would have watched them die.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/25/2000 12:49 PM

Painfully sent into a tumble by the dwarf, Jordie
felt his already torn body getting bruised even

He stood up with a lot of help from Imoen. Grabbing
his leg, he went down to one knee. Both looked toward
the dwarf, now polishing his axe. Behind they heard
Elric's apology.

'Go see to him,' Jordie bade Imoen.

'What about your leg?' she asked him.

'It'll be okay...' he assured her with a smile.

As soon as she turned away, the smile turned in a
scowl. It was not okay, he could feel a bone in his
lower leg had punched through some muscles and was
now sticking out the side of his knee. He looked
again at the dwarf. How confused this one seemed to

'Explain yourself, dwarf,' he growled 'Or your next
action will be your last.'

To accentuate his point his eyes lit up with lightning
and electricity started to dance freely about his body.
Though weaker then usual, his powers were still strong
enough to make the dwarf's beard stand up with static
energy. Though physically he now was not able to put
up much of a fight, he was far from defenseless.

Crouching next to Elric, Imoen put her hand on his shoulder.

'What are ye sorry about?' she asked him 'Ye helped us out and
yer curse seems to be lifted.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/25/2000 2:23 PM

Elric cringed at Imoen's touch but quickly fell back towards her. For the first time in ages needing human contact.

"I was going to.." he gasped. "leave."

Sobbs wracked his body again "Like I did.. with Natasha.." He turned and looked at Imoen then and the slightest of smiles appeared on his face.

"My Natasha. She was so lovely. So kind, so loving, So unlike her father." a hurt look crossed his face. "I was so vain, so arrogant"

He reached out and scooped up Elteris, holding it close, like a security blanket, almost. slowl he stood and looked at Imoen.

"I will right my wrongs"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/25/2000 2:36 PM

The dwarf's voice bellowed "Harr... Harrr.. Har..., ye must be kidding lad" The electricity was not all that was cusing his beard to bristle. I've been through the 9 hells and went back just becuase I was bored, yer little magic doesn't scare me as long as I have me Honors Face with me" The bragging about Battor was obviously exaggerated, but the axe did shine menacingly. The dwarf noticed Jordie's reflection in the axe, and seemed to make a decision. "Ye must be all right lad" he bellowed "the axe, she doesn't lie" The dwarf strode over to where Jordie was hunched. "If I might?" He asked his voice throaty. He began singing again in the same tone as before, yet this song was different more mellow. The song praised the entire dwarven pantheon and asked for it's blessing. Slowly and painfully the compund fracture that was Jordie's knee healed. The dwarf broke into a sweat but did not stop until he had praised all the great kings of the rift and Jordie's knee was healed. Upon the end of the song which ended rather sadly yet with hope... the Dwarf collapsed into a snoring heap.

06/25/2000 2:43 PM

Jordie faintly heard what Elric had to say, he was
not unlike himself. He now finally was convinced that he
had righted his wrongs. Still he had to tell Imoen
about them, Jordie hoped she wouldn't blaim him, in
his heart he knew she would not, but how could he be
sure until he told her. He growled again at the dwarf,
this one was keeping him from telling her.

'What's it gonna be, dwarf?'

She didn't know who natasha was, or what had happened
to her, but she guessed he was talking about his late
daughter. Imoen smiled a warm smile.

'You're already on your way to right them,... Hey, you
haven't even told your name yet.'

Jordie looked as the dwarf walked over to him, he almost
would have shocked him, but then the dwarf seemed to heal

'Well, actually, I too have been through the Nine hells.
As well as the other lower planes.' He smirked.

Jordie tried out his fully healed leg as the dwarf dropped
down. Resonantly he pulled the dwarf on his shoulder. He
walked to Imoen and Elric.

'He fell asleep,' he told them, though they could have
guessed it by his loud snoring.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/25/2000 7:45 PM

The dwarf's snoring wasn't the only thing making him an annoyance... for one wearing only what seemed to be a cloak and padded furs, he was unreasonably heavy, eaven for one of his..hmmm... heroic girth. Jordie quickly lost hold on the heavy dwarf and the dwarf hit the ground with a loud "thump!" Groaning the dwarf sat up, revealing under the furs a bit of shimmering metal. "Oi..." the dwarf spurted "Me heads a throbbin" He looked to Jordie's knee and smiled weakly, "Don't be execting one of those anytime soon again, lad" Using his huge axe for support the dwarf steadied himself. He looked up at Jordie "I believe ye asked me name while I was a sleeping" he said with a bit of humor hidden behind his strerness... He stuck out...or actually up his hand to Jordie. "Me name's Kytax, Kytax Sharpstone, fourth of the line of honorable vindicators, our familie's roots go back to the Redanvils passing through the line of the great warrior..." The dwarf continued oblivious to the looks on the surronding's faces...

06/25/2000 7:49 PM

((OOC sorry about the constant switches from past to present tense...I'm writing in other forums that all use seperate styles))

06/25/2000 8:43 PM

Elric looked at Natas.. no Imoen. He couldn't get the image of when he mistook Imoen and Jordie for Natasha and Alex. He Smiled at her.

"I am Elric Falorn. I am honored to meet you."

Elric Turned towards the aproaching Jordie and his smile faded as he took on a grim expression.

"Can you walk well enough Lad?" Not waitng for an answer he went on."You have lots to teac me son, lots. Teach me all you can of these fiends. Especially this Tek'boras. and tell me quickly. Do all follow me."

With that Elric started walking briskly. Heading deeper into the woods he had "haunted" for most of his cursed existence. Never slowly r looking back to see if the others follw he continues his convsation

"We have little time to prepare and once we each the cave time will be shorter still. tell me what defeats fiends the easiest. I've had very little dealings with them, dispite my magcal skills. I avoided them like the plague as I as instructed to do by my master.So You, Jordie will teach me and teach me now and quickly."

Elric's tone left little in the way for argment and he spoke as one who was used to giving orders and having them followed

He stoped briefly in front of a large oak tree at least 7 feet across and stepped into it. Down e desended ito a dark passageway.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/26/2000 5:17 AM

In healthier times, he could have lifted the dwarf
with one arm, now he was so weakened, he could not
even hold him up with both.
He took the dwarf's hand.

'Well met, I am Jordie, master of fire and lightning,'
he made a low bow 'But, just call me Jordie.'

He turned to Elric, letting Kytax finish his speech to himself
'Yes I can,' he told him 'And if I must, I can always do this...'

He floated off the ground and started flying instead
of walking.

Imoen also introduced herself to both Elric and Kytax.
'Me name's Imoen,' she said 'Though ye might
have heard him ~motions to Jordie~ cry it out a few

Jordie shook his head as he started floating after
Elric. 'I don't exactly know what the Tek'boras is,
only that it is extremely powerful. It has the same
weaknesses as all baatezu. It takes
damage from lightning, acid and magic missiles.
Cold and gas do less damage. It can only be hit by the
most powerful magical weapons. Its only weak spots are
its eyes, it can only be defeated if you completely destroy
those. If you so not, it will just return to its home
plane and come back once its healed, which shouldn't take
very long in any case.'

He sighs. 'Well, you saw its weapons.' Jordie rubs his still
torn skin and clothes.

'As for the tanar'ri, I don't think we'll see a powerful
one any time soon. You saw what I can do to the lesser
ones, so don't worry about those...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/26/2000 2:54 PM

Elric lead them down a narrow passageway. He stopped, seemingly randomly and moved a rock here, pushed in a section of wall there and many other strange things, obviously disaming many traps.

He nodded and smiles. "lightning and acid.. and cold to a degree.. okay. That is good. Hurry we have little time if what you say is true."

He stops and speaks a single word and trches ingnite around the room. "You all can spend the night here. In the morning we shall leave. Do Not follow me."

He turned towards another passageway. "In the morning we shall leave and take the fight to this Tek'boras's fronnt door. No matter how fast he heals he will still be realling from his utter defeat here. He will not expect us to follow him."

He stops suddenly and point to a section of wall. "There is another room, one with locks if anyone wants.. privacy" He looks at Imoen and Jordie, smiling.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/26/2000 5:34 PM

Jordie and Imoen look at eachother, smiling. They
chuckled as they walked into the room and closed the

'Don't ye mind him taking the lead?' Imoen asked him
after they sat down on the side of the small bed.

'Mind? Why would I mind?' Jordie smirked 'I don't
mind taking orders from a older and wiser person, as
long as the orders make sense.'

He laid back, suddenly taking a serious visage.
'Imoen,' he spoke 'I have to tell you something....
something about my past.'

He told her about his capture, what they did to him
and what they made him do. Imoen did not seem shocked,
not even surprised. She even comforted him through several
emotional parts.

'Aren't you surpised?' he asked as he finished.

She smiled warmly into his stern visage, softening
it up. 'Do ye think I care about yer past, Jordie?'
she shook her head 'I don't. I'm not in love with yer
past, I'm in love with yerself, who ye are now. The
past is finished, ye can't do it over. What matters
is the present and the future,...our future, together.'
Grasping his hand and pulling it to her cheek, she stares
deeply into his eyes.

Jordie didn't know what to say. What a great weight
had been lifted off of his shoulders ((OOC: I'm not talking
about the dwarf here..LOL)). He felt happy, truly happy.
He still didn't know what to say, not that he could find
his breath to speak. He gently moved closer to Imoen and
kissed her. After the kiss ended he let out a loud roar,
throwing off all his frustration. Yes, the Tek'Boras
would be hard pressed to beat him now.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of life, the
worse by far.'

06/26/2000 5:59 PM

Elric reached his small private chamber, disarming and resetting several traps as he went. The room was cluttered with many objects. Ignoring the weapons and armor lieing around, all so old and powerful that any nearing them knew they were magical.

These wee the trasures he had collected so long ago. He had followed the leads to an anciet elven legend and tracked down a site of a battle from the long ago Elfwars. There he found magic all around him. That is where he found Elteris.

But even Elteris paled next to what he now sought. From a chest Elric pulled a silk lined package. Unwrapping it to reveal a book with a golden cover and pages made of pure silver. The vlue of the metal was beyond measure for it held over a thousand pages almost a foot square each. yet the book was nearly weightless. Engraved in each page were ancient words of power. Some of the most powerful spells evermade. Each letter filled with a platinum so pure, only magic could have made it so.

Elric slowly searched the pages, finding the spells he needed and after so long he felt the magic as he memorized the ancient words. When he was done he wrapped the book of Te'sara'ek with great care and pulled out a smaller book, finely made of paper. it was a spell book many mages would kill for, but after hoding the ancient book, it felt worthless

When he finished with thespells he figured he wold need, he smiled remebering the battle he had had to fight to gain the treasures around him.

He gathered the few items he would need in the days to come and prepared a few other for later.

He got what little rest he could.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/26/2000 6:42 PM

The dwarf had watched all quietly and now collapsed just outside the tree to pray... Silently he voed to himself that he WOULD help these people destroy Tak' Borran or whatever his name was, and he WOULD make them work together regardless of their chaotic internal politics... "they're all crazier than a bunch a dwarves..." he chuckled to himself and began making mental notes on how he could best play these folks off each other to make them work with each other... "the old one has ought to let Jordie take over he's the only one that knows anythin' bout' Borrack" he thought a bit on this... "and if they're goin to Baator I'm their dwarf..." He sighed "ah well I've got im' thinkin' I'm a crazy darf" he smiled "and as always I shall prove them wrong" with this thought the dwarf laid down to sleep...

06/27/2000 6:04 AM

They were up early. Jordie was still wearing his torn
clothes, except for his cloak which wasn't torn, its
magic knitting every tear together by itself. His
wounds had healed, though there were still some scratches
here and there. They walked into the hall.

'My regeneration would have worked faster,' he told
Imoen with a smile 'Would I have gotten some rest..'

'Perhaps it would have,' she retorted 'But then ye
wouldn't be wearin' that smile.'

Jordie chuckled as he pulled out his curved blades.
Imoen followed his example.

'Shall we?' she coyly asked him

'Only flat sides.' he told her.


They dueled for a while, making sure not to hurt eachother.
It ended with Jordie standing over her, blades crossed over
her neck, but also with the tip of her dagger resting against
his chest.

'Well done,' he congratulated her 'A draw...'

'First time that ever happened,' she spoke proudly.

He helped her to her feet. They looked around, waiting
for the others.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/27/2000 4:03 PM

Elric smiled as he watched the two duel. at the end he He nooded and cleared his throat.

"Good morning you two. I trust you had a... Good lie in?"

He stood there. Dressed in a flowing red cloak, tight tan leather pants and his chest was covered in a chainmail so fine it's intinally mistaken for a silver silk shirt. On either hip rest a short sword, encrusted with several jewels and the hilts made of silver. Across his chest a red sash runs from left shoulder to right hip. On his belt rest many pouches. Slung over his shoulder is a quiver, full of arrows all with 2 red fletchings and one silver.

"We have a hunt to begin, if you two are ready?" He looked them both over and shook his head. "Jordie in the room there is a closet, get some clothes. I believe there should still be something.. even something to fit you."

Elric quickly moved into the hall and pushed another section of wall opem. inside lay a table and many cabinits. "Imoen, there is food inside while Jordie dresses, Join me for Breakfast"

He smiled softly at both of them as he turned into the kitchen and began to gather some dried meats and cheeses.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/27/2000 4:37 PM

'Lie in what?' Jordie grins as he turns to the room
with the closet.

Imoen follows Elric into the kitchen and takes a seat.
She takes some of the food and slowly eats it, taking
small bites.
She looks up at Elric.
'Thank you for helping me out there,' she declares.
Waiting for him to responds, she almost chokes on
a piece of food as she sees Jordie walking in.

He's wearing a full black leather armor, showing off
his muscular frame more then with the loose clothes
he normally wears. The shirt is a little to short,
showing a tight six-pack stomach. He has his cloak
wrapped around his neck, covering his head below the
eyes. Crossed on his back are his blades and daggers
are strapped on the sides of his heavy leather boots.
Around his hands are fingerless gloves.

'Wow!' Imoen gasps.

'You like it?' Jordie asks her.

'Ye should wear those more often!' she comments.

'I sure will,' he promises 'It needs a personal
touch, though.'

Closing his eyes and concentrating, little flames
and streaks of lightning start dancing around him.
They settle into a permanent patron, taking place on
the armor.

'Hypnotizing, isn't it?' he says as he takes a seat
next to Imoen 'Now where's our dwarven friend, Kytax?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/27/2000 5:13 PM

He smiles at Imoen. "I just couldn't help myself" with a grin he sees Jordie and turns about going into a small walk in closet giving them a moment. He comes back out and hands them both a small roll of bread to have with their meat and cheese.

"It appears our dwarven "friend" is outside." Something in his voice tells he he isn't so sure the dwarf is a friend.

Elric nibbles on a loaf of bread he brought out foe himself. and watches over both of them, almost Fatherly.

"Eat eat up. Both of you eat plenty. You'll need your strengths. So tell me how you two met? We have a little time."

Elric excuses himself and leave out a back door and comes back in with a pitcher of water for them.

"I have some wine.. I think. If you'd like to water some down. I could get some mushroom or maybe some vegetables if you like."

Elric's eye is constantly glancing back toward Imoen. His expression is hard to read.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/27/2000 5:41 PM

'Hehe, it's a funny story...' Jordie chuckles as
he takes a bite of the bread. He nudges Imoen in
the shoulder with his elbow.

'Yeah,' she stammers a little shameful 'I tried to
pick his pockets. He caught me, and instead of
chopping me arms off like they usually would have
done, he offered me a place to stay and some new
clothes, things like that...'
She laid her head on his shoulder.

'She thought I was crazy, that I was fooling her,'
((OOC: so did the DM, lol;-))
Jordie added 'Or that I wanted something from her.
We had some adventures together and this is where
we are now.'

Both smile at Elric's fatherly behavior.

'Some wine, please...' Imoen says.

'And a few vegetables would do nicely,' Jordie
states 'I could warm them up for you, or even fry
them a little.'

His fingertips flare up in fire.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/27/2000 6:52 PM

"Sure I can gather a few things. Just give me a minute. In the mean time eat your food."

With a grin he heads back out the back door. "No funny stuff.. I expect your food gone when I get back."

Elric searches the back room for some veggies. and realizes he has mostly fruit, He shrugs and gathers what her can in a small basket.

He comes back a few minutes later with some apples, carrots, 2 oranges, a head of lettuce, a few tomatoes, a cucumber and a few others are in the basket along with several eggs.

He takes a look around to see something. ((ooc the meat, cheese and bread all had a powerfull drug in them to knock anyone out but I'll let you decide how it effects them ))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/28/2000 5:37 AM

Limply, Imoen drops off her chair. Jordie leans over

'Hey, it wasn't that long,' he said as he patted her
cheek, trying to get her to wake.

After calling her name a few times, he decides something
is wrong. He starts feeling really strange then,
sweating heavily he pushes the feeling back. He
grabs a loaf of bread and sniffs it. Before he wouldn't
have noticed it, but now he was looking for it....

'A sleeping drug?' he scowled.

As you enter the room, the air is uncomfortably warm,
you can see the cheese is starting to melt.

'You have some explaining to do..' Jordie speaks at
you calmly, holding Imoen's form in his arms.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 3:05 PM

Elric looks at Jordie with new respect, for Dragon's dream would knock a Dragon out in a matter of minutes. He nodded and looked at Imoen.

"She will be fine" He said calmly "And do turn the heat down young man"

He set the basket of food down on the counter and then slid ontop of it, sitting down. He held his hands out in a gesture of peace.

"Sit Jordie. I really don't have time to explain. I saved Imoen's life. And come to mention it yours. The Balor would have turned on you in the Battle had I not shot Tek'boras. I doubt you could have stood up to them both. Let my drug take affect Jordie, trust me."

With a sigh he looked towards the door, then back at Jordie. "the Dwarf likely can't be trusted either, Isn't it obvious that he isn't entirely sane?"

"Jordie you don't know me. I believe you have litte trust in you, but you must trust me. and there is little time. eat more and sleep."

Elric's voice holds much love in it and it seems diffecult not to believe his words.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/28/2000 4:33 PM

Shaking his head and sighing, Jordie lets his power

'I'm sorry,' he says, his voice is pained 'I just
have a habit of not trusting people. I'm forced to..'

Laying Imoen down, gently he takes a seat. Letting her
head rest in his hands.

'I don't trust the dwarf either,' he speaks 'But
we'll need all the help we can get in the coming

He brushes his hands through Imoen's hair, a soft
and gentle expression gracing his face.

'I truly am sorry,' he whispers 'But I can't risk
trusting anyone, not with her at my side. I can't
lose her, I just can't...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 4:57 PM

"Jordie" Elric moved closer and knelt beside him. "I can understand that."

With a smile he looks at Imoen "Jordie, I have her best intrest in mind. I have from the moment saw her and your appearance only made that stronger. I can't explain why, I'm not sure myself.. not completely. But the two of you remind me of two I loved dearly. Jordie.."

Elric sighs and looks through Jordie far into the past. "I once caused the death of those two.. Now let me save both of yours"

Closing his eyes he bows his head before standing. "I only want to keep you at her side.."

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/28/2000 5:25 PM

Looking into his own past, Jordie initially scowls
, but his scowl is replaced by a smile as he thinks
about the more recent developments.

'We are much the same, you and I,' he says breaking
the silence 'We fight for similar reasons, and goals.'

His mind is fast cooking up a plan, a meeting between
Elric and his Archon Friend Tyrael. Maybe Tyrael could...
yes, he could!

'I have come to redeem my past actions,' he says laying
a comforting hand on Elric's shoulder 'Perhaps it's
time for you to redeem yours.'

Jordie reaches out to Imoen with his free hand and
with a flash the three of them just fade and reappear
in a light, cloudy setting.

'Stay here,' Jordie says as he lays Imoen down and walks
off into the clouds. A few agonizingly long minutes pass
and you are glad to see him return. He is not alone, beside
him walks a tall angelic being and far behind him are
two figures, a male and female one. They're true appearance
returns as they come before you. And suddenly you are standing
face to face with...Natasha and Alex.

((OOC: I hope you like this. If you don't, just tell me
and I'll change it...))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 5:58 PM

Elric is startled by the change of settings. He looks around and watches Jordie leave not trusting any of it.

First seeing the Angelic being, Elric scowls. Then seeing Natasha and alex.. He shakes his head

"NO!" He screams.

Suddenly Elteris is in his hand and he draws an arrow. As the arrow touches the bow, it glows a brillant blue. He aims the bow at the Angelic being.

"Put them back at rest. Leave their souls alone." His eyes never leaving the being he talks to Jordie.

"You should have gone to sleep. I could have protected you. Saved you and let you have a good life with Imoen. You both would have been safer than you know."

He relaxes his grip on the bow. "Angel you know me. You know who I am. I who would have challenged three gods at once. I realize now I would have lost.. but barely. You should have known better. Remove this from their memories ~nodding towards Natasha and Alex~ They didn't need to see me again. You almost earned Jordie a deadly enemy."

Never looking at either Alex of Natasha he vanishes without a word, returning home.

((ooc not a good move but I'll play along.))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/28/2000 6:18 PM

((OOC: okay, so I guess you didn't like it, eh?
Tyrael is a neutral figure, he works for himself.
But what the heck...I think you pissed Jordie off
by acting that way...))

Jordie appears in front of you before you can vanish.
'The only enemy YOU have to fear, is yourself,'
Jordie scowls.

'They came out of their own will,' Tyrael speaks
at your vanishing form 'I do not know you, or of
your struggles. Either way it doesn't concern me.
You torture them by not speaking with them, don't you
see that? They cannot be at rest until you do.'

He looks at the spectral forms, they seem at rest,
but there is a faint sparkle inside their forms.
A chapter in their book has not yet been finished.

'Your demons will not be burried if you leave now,'
Jordie speaks, his voice suddenly full of compassion
'And the ones you love will be in torment. Is that what
you want, Elric?'

Even through the threatening stare you are giving him now,
Jordie does not flinch, he will not back down.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/28/2000 6:58 PM

((ooc well.. Not that I didn't like. Elric didn't. And you're way off base on how Natasha and Alex would feel. as it was their dying words that brought the curse on him. They'd likely try to kill him. This may kill the thread :-( (well my part in it)as Elric is likely about to Vanish))

With a snarl he speaks just as he vanishes "Neither of you know anything"

and he is gone

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/29/2000 3:26 AM

((OOC: maybe they have forgiven Elric. A daughter
loves her father, at least, that's what I think,
but they're your characters so I do not decide what
they feel...))

'He went home,' Jordie speaks to Tyrael 'I will see
him. It's not your fault, Tyrael. I thought I was doing
right, but I was wrong.'

Tyrael steps forward, as the two spectral forms slowly
dwindle back....

'I sense much pain in him,' he looks back to the
spectres 'Perhaps they did not tell us everything.'

Jordie holds Imoen in his arms and they teleport to
the cave again. Sensing that Elric is close-by, Jordie
starts searching, he finds him in the main doorway.

'Next time, I will think twice before trying to help you,
Elric,' he speaks, his voice harsh 'Though you may not
have seen it that way, it was a gesture of friendship.'
Turning away, he looks at you with sad eyes...

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/29/2000 3:40 AM

"If you truely love Imoen,You would do well not to interfere with things you do not understand. It can be dangerous." There is nothing friendly in Elric's voice now. "you may stay till she awakes."

With that Elric walks down the corridoor, his posture stiff.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/29/2000 4:02 AM

He shakes his head at your threat, he is not in
the mood for fighting.

'You are a sad and bitter man,' Jordie tells you
'An empty shell, holding no emotion but hatred for
himself. I will leave now and will not bother you

Calmly he walks to where he left Imoen and picks
her up. Without another word he leaves, walking into
the forest. He stops where he finds Kytax praying.

'I think its the three of us now, dwarf.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/29/2000 4:16 AM

Elric walked into the main hall and sighed. Things hadn't worked as planned. But he had seen a way to still make it work. He'd been alone so long, he could deal with it.

"It's the only way Jordie." He sighed. "Forgive me Imoen"

He knew Jordie would stay here at Imoen's side untill she woke up. That would still be several hours yet. Dragon's dream was powerful when used against humans. A smile crossed his lips at that thought. It had barely affectd Jordie. He was a strong one.

He nodded to himself. He was doing what needed to be done. With a few words of power a section of wall vanished, replaced by a doorway of swirling Colors. He steped up to it and spoke in a cool, steady voice, one full of power.

"Take me to Tek'boras." THe portal shifted the color patterns changing. Perhaps he could hold them here a bit longer..

He spoke another long string of mystical words activating an ancient magic.

He stepped through the portal and seconds later the entrance passage way collapsed. A cloud of dust and rock flew out the tree entrance. The sound audible from miles away. Magicaly enhanced to make it sound like the entire cave had collapsed and a final sound added one Elric had added not long before he was cursed.

"HELP!" Elric's voice screamed, painfully from within the pile of rock.

Elric exited the Portal. The magic had never failed him. Tek Boras should be within extreme bow range now. Of course he could be in a building, cave or anything could be blocking Elric's shot. Elric scanned the area.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/29/2000 5:17 AM

'What the...' Jordie gasped as he heard the rumble
of the cave. His sensitive ears caught the call for

Without a second thought he put Imoen down.
'Please look after her, dwarf,' he said, almost

Within seconds he stood in front of the cave. He
started to pound the rock with strenght beyond any human
could have. His fists were broken and bleeding, but
he went on. The rock cracked and with a final, painfull
blow he made a hole large enough to see the inside of
the cave. Surprised, he walked through it.
He would have sworn the whole cavern had collapsed.

'Elric!' he yelled 'Are you alright!?'
Did he care? Thinking about it he decided he did...
He then noticed a large amount of magic.

'What's that? A portal?' He spoke to himself.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/29/2000 2:42 PM

Elric turned to see the portal close behind just as Jordie broke thru. He cursed quietly having hoped it would have bought him more time.

"Still he won't leave Imoen." He nodded knowing the words to be true. "Besides He wouldn't have any idea where I came. Or how to activate the portal."

Elric winced suddenly remember he was no longer cursed and that his words could be heard. He quickly moved off into the nearest cover. He had to find Tek'boras and quickly.

(ooc Since I know nothing about Tek'boras or where he lives I don't want to say what I find. So I'll need your help there.))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 3:20 AM

Above a swirling pit of lava, a dark figure floats.
Disturbed by the noise, it lifts up its head. Its
eyes glowing brighter then the molten rock beneath it
, the Tek'Boras looks at you.

'Accursed one...' it speaks knowingly 'How dare you
come here, in my own home? You think you can destroy
me? Here of all places?'

Loud laughter echoes off the endless lava flows
and pillars of bone, it seems as if this whole
place is mocking you.

Meanwhile Jordie runs up to the portal.

'Son of a bitch!' he yells at no-one in particular
as he sees he's to late.

'He went to the Tek'boras,' Jordie knew.

How was he going to get there? He pulled a bowl
out of his cloak, at least he was going to know where
it was. Setting the bowl aflame with a thought, he
started chanting.

'Show me where Elric and the Tek'Boras are.'

Even the most powerful diviners would have trouble
with this. Even a skilled priest would have found the
request absurd. But Jordie is no wizard, nor is he
a priest, Jordie IS the flame.

A picture appears inside the flame, showing both Elric
and the Tek'Boras.

'Now how can I get there?' he asked it.

The picture showed him the lava.

'Lava? What can I do with lava?'

To answer his question, a bubble of lava exploded,
showing a large burst of fire.

'Fire?' Jordie smiled 'I can work with that...'

Starting a second chant, the flames started to roar higher.
High enough to step through.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 4:07 AM

Elric smiled and lowered his bow.

"And who said I came here to destroy you?" elric asked.

He slowly approached Tek'boras. He spoke a quick word of power and Elteris vanished "I showed you how valuable of an ally I can be. did I not?" Elric smiled. "How easy it would have been for me to fire another arrow and destroy your other eye. I could have shoot both at once and still done it. And now I have my magic back. You ask yourself why I'd join you? Simple, power. Jordie will become a thorn in my side. But NO harm is to come to his woman. Understand?"

It was clear to Tek'boras that despite his steady calm voice Elric was nervous, knowing the danger Tek'boras presented, for Elric was fidgiting and talking with his hands.

The ancient and powerful elven bow Elteris reappeared far away, behid the Tek'boras. It lay on the ground still for a moment, before a ghostly figure appears beside it and lifts it. To anyone looking at the figure it appeared to be many things at once. Many different people of various races all at once. Both men and women at the same time. For Elteris claimed the soul of any who died holding it. and they were always the best archers. Now one being they held the mighty bow once more. Many of them were sickened by Elric's actions here. Slowly an arrow appeared nocked and then another. Both got drawn back and the being known simple as Elteris took aim.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 4:55 AM

Tek'Boras laughed again.

'You don't know much about the Baatezu, do you?
I can not be destroyed away from my home!
You could have killed me, perhaps. But you could
not have destroyed me. Not there, on that filthy
prime world!'

The fiend made a waving movement with its arms.
'You think I need your assistance? I control legions
of baatezu! And these!'

The pillars of bone seemed to come alive, you recognize
many forms in them. Dragons, titans and other great

'All of these have fallen to my powers. They came here,
like you. And they fell, like you will!'

In its hands, the mighty sword-spear appears. With a
mighty hurl, Tek throws it at you. Like a boomerang
it spins around in an angle. The aim is perfect.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 2:29 PM

Elric had been ready for this. With a quick phrase and a wave of his hand the sword-Spear dropped from it's flight. It's very momentum stolen. Almost instantly after he finished his first spell a sphere of changing colors surrounded him.

"Now I did not take you to be stupid. Was I mistaken?" Elric shook his head. "Do you Really think any of your fiends or even your bony dragons are a match for me? are any twenty of them?"

Slowly elric walked to hisright, not even glancing at the Tek'Boras. "Must I prove myself? Do not make me waste my time or energy."

now turning towards the Tek'boras he spoke his voice calmer and ice cold. "Had I come to kill you, you never would have known I was here. Now get beyond this stupidity and think. Soon Jordie's woman will awaken and they will come here. We can either face each other now. Or face them together later. It is your choice."

Elric began casting another spell, the words so ancient they hadn't been spoken in countless ages. With the completion of his spell the lava under the Tek'boras began to turn into rock. Turning the lava pit into a jagged rock floor.

"I will survive this day and at it's end I will have an ally. Will it be you? I hope so. If not then it will be Jordie and I will deal with him later"

Meanwhile, the being that is Elteris sat listening to the many voices of it's soul. They were sickened by Elric's actions and wanted him dead here and now. The prismatic sphere caused a problem for Elteris. It decided to wait.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 2:54 PM

Tek'Boras was indeed impressed, though only a little.
Did the Half-Elf not know, that in this lair, he was supreme?
Tek sensed the bow far behind him as clearly as if it had
been before him. Also it sensed someone was watching, someone
he recognized.

'Well then,' the Fiend said as the sword-spear
came back in his hands 'Tell me your plans, so
I might consider my possible place in them...'

With a thought the skeletal figures took back
their old positions, back into the pillars.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 3:19 PM

Elric stood looking at the Tek'boras.

"The plan is rather simple. We make it look like we've been battling and when the others come to join in. I turn on them. A sword in the back. A negitive enrgy spell. Or even an acid shower could stop them quickly. especially comming from their own ranks. they'd be unprepared. Perhaps you could beat them on your own. But wouldn't my help insure that? Or at the least make it easier."

Elric once again began walking. The Tek'boras sensed small metal filings on the ground wherever elric stopped for any length of time. He also seemed to leaving a trail of salt, a very minor one, behind him as he walked.

"I understand you will the more valuable ally when I once again make my claim for power Tek'boras. But do not misunderstand me, I still hold enough power to at the least leave here very much alive. If I do so one day you will die, by my hand. Of course you could stay safe if you never leave your lair.. Maybe you'd be safe from Jordie then too.."

Elric stopped and parted his hands. "But we could both rid ourselves of that problem very soon. If you wish to end our relationship after the battle then that as well can work. But Jordie must be gotten rid of." Elric chuckles darkly. "The dwarf I think will make a good play toy for your fiends. The woman I want. I shall enjoy her for a time before I torture and kill the wench."

Still walking around the Tek'boras he contiuned. "Now I help you rid yourself of an enemy and give you an ally. In exchange I ask for a mere woman. Is that too much? Indeed when I once again get the power I deserve I will remember those that helped me. Thnk quickly Tek'boras, time is short."

The voices of Elteris's soul where getting angry that it hadn't taken action yet. But it saw no shot. No chance to stop this. It had sat patiently for a long time before Elric foud it. It would wait and play it's hand when it was best.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 3:35 PM

'I serve only Asmodeus,' the Fiend explained 'I will
aid you in the destruction of Jordie, but that is where
our relationship will end.'

Tek'Boras loved a little intrigue and this particular
development held a lot of that. The fiend snickered
at the thought that the one they were now planning to
kill had been following this dialogue from its start.

Jordie's thoughts were torn, one part of him thought
it was all a ruse planned by Elric, the other part saw
it all literally, that Elric had indeed betrayed them.
When Imoen were to awaken, they would go to find out.
He would be prepared for anything...

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 3:48 PM

Elric smiled. "That is of course acceptible. However I am sure you wouldn't be against a small gift when I do gain my power back?"

Elric kept walking stoping to talk to the Tek'boras. "So how do we do this?"

he started walking again only to stop and look at the Tek'boras. "Do we throw a few real blows at each other?"

Again he walked and stopped to look at Tek'boras "Or do we simply scar the land up and I make myself a bit worse for wear?"

Again Elric began walking, he was still leaving behind a trail of salt and metal filings.

"Tell me Tek'boras." Elric stepped inside the now completed ring "What is Jordie's greatest weakness. physically?"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 4:10 PM

((OOC: Salt and metal fillings? OOH, you're making a
trap, eh?'))

'Do what you wish,' the Fiend answered at the first
question 'As for his weaknesses, If I knew those he
would not be alive now. He is as strong as anything
I've seen before and more agile then any of your
ancestors. His weakness lies not in his body, but in
his mind. He cares to much for his friends and even
complete strangers are not beyond his protection.
What a fool he is!'

Tek noticed the ring that had been formed around it,
but did not see the significance of it.

'What are you trying to pull, half-elf?' it pouted.

Jordie could not stand to wait longer. Why would he wait
for Imoen? This was his fight, not hers. He would not
endanger her like this. In his hand a symbol of fire appeared.
Sending it towards Imoen's direction, he knew this would
make her see he was gone for a while. He stepped into
the flames, vanishing inside of them.

In the lair a crack appeared in the rock-turned lava.
With a loud bang it opened up, spouting its hot rock
outward. A large burst of flames followed and when it
died out Jordie was standing there, blades in hands and
a sore expression on his face.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 4:40 PM

((ooc Maybe.. but if it is.. for who?))

"it is a.."

Elric saw the explosion and dived to the ground.. Out came a wand then Firing off a lightning bolt at Tek'boras.

"late for tricks Fool. I have you now" Elric unleashed another lightning bolt at Tek'boras.

Unkown to anyone else. Elric tried to call Elteris to hand, but for the first time since he found the bow, it didn't come. Elric however could do without the bow, this time.

He quickly stuffed the wand in his belt and began another spell, still hidden within his prismatic sphere.

The being that was Elteris had to little time left to decide what it was going to do, now that The Man showed up, the battle would begin. It heard Elric's call and ignored it. Still it waited.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 5:00 PM

The first bolt was negated by its magic resistance,
the other was not, but still it did only minor damage.
Tek'boras stood forward, chanting a spell of its own.
As the last word left its mouth, the prismatic sphere
shimmered, then faded away completely.

'Remarkable what a bit of disjunction can do.'
it joked. 'I have you now, fool.'

Tek lifted its
spear into the air, its edges were heavily enchanted
((OOC: +5 vorpal weapons :) )) and ready to slice
through anything. Before it could strike it felt a
great bolt of energy slam into its side. Such raw elemental
energy could only come from a master, a true master of
that element. Without looking it knew that Jordie
was standing there and he was. Already new energy was
building around Jordie, a new blast, more powerful
even then the last, would soon follow. A portal appeared
behind Tek and he seemingly stepped through it, as he
did, the portal vanished leaving emptiness in its wake.
Jordie knew what would follow, but he could not speak
out loud, he was to far into the gathering of energy.
He scowled as he saw the fiend used the illusion of the
shadow door to stepp behind Elric. He fired the bolt
of electricity straigth at Elric, silently hoping for
him to understand its purpose.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 5:27 PM

Elric too understood the danger of the fiend vanishing. Again Elric was prepared. He spoke a single word and he too was gone.

He reappeared beside Jordie. With a nod he began another chant long and full of soft gracefull words. Elric saw the Tek'boras crackle with Jordie's energy and thrust his hands forward a cone of green fluids shot out against Tek'boras, the acid would likely wound the fiend greatly.

"You shouldn't be here Jordie" He said quickly before begining yet another spell.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

06/30/2000 5:45 PM

The sword-spear spun around as a shield, protecting
Tek from a part of the spray. Most of it came through
and bit deeply into the Fiends heavy armor.

'You would rather not have me here,' Jordie asks Elric
'blasting him with electricity as he's about to slice you
in half?'

With a roar the skeletons come alive again, ready
to protect their master. Hundreds of them line the side
of the lava-pit, most of them humanoids, but some
fearsome creatures are also in their ranks.

'I'll take care of them,' Jordie states as he sheaths
his lightning scimitar and makes a fire-ball in his now
free right hand 'Skeletons don't like fire...'

He walks off, his fire Falchion hanging at his side.
Searing fire surrounds him, protecting him from
attacks from the front as well as those from behind.

((OOC: never can be to cautious ;) ))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


06/30/2000 6:05 PM

Elric nodded as Jordie went off to take care of the skeletons. Come now. Tek'Boras and do die."

With one quick word Elric released another prepared attack. This time the cone that shot from his outstretched hands was bitter cold, however This cone was abnormal as it pacted a powerfull physical blow as well, not a damage causing blow, instead the force seemed to wrapp around the target and push it back.

Elric began to sweat feircely despite the cold of the cone. Then all watching cold would notice, the cone did not end like it should. The force attempted to hold Tek'boras in place as the cone pounded damage at him.

((ooc no you can't be! BTW the cone of cold spell has an improved Bigby's forcefull hand added to it. The cone of cold is also a higher level dealing 1d6/lvl damage instead of 1d4+1/lvl))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 6:32 AM

((OOC: Tek weighs between 500 and 2000 pounds..))

Tek braced itself against the force of the cone, taking
the damage stoically. It nodded its head at Elric and
a wall of fire appeared around him.

Easily he walked through the horde, any skeleton that
came to close was set aflame. Jordie stood atop a pile
of melting bones, all had felt his power. Some skeletons
tried to crawl up the pile and were greeted by the Fire Falchion.
He dashed left and right, keeping the skeletons from
coming up the mound. A great hand clasped around his torso,
then pulled him off the ground. Howling in glee, the other
skeletons walked around the titan. But the giant skeleton
had never tried to hold one of Jordie's strenght before,
it would pay for its mistake with death. Pushing his
arms outward, Jordie broke the hold. He made a full
circle with his blade as he landed, taking out the skeletons
around him. Immedeatly Jordie ran for the titan's legs.
Surprised as its legs were cut out from under it, the Titan
fell. Jordie run out beneath it, lobbing a fireball into the
titan's skull as he went. The skull exploded, sending shards of
bone into the nearest skeletons.

'Who's next!?' Jordie roared.

He knew the answer as he felt the rumble of the floor.
Turning around to see two dragon skeletons standing there,
an involuntary shiver went down his back.

Tek had freed himself from the spell, icecrystals were
hanging on his body. With a wave of his hand, four fireballs
appeared, one on all sides of the ring of fire Elric was standing in.
Another wave sent them into the ring heading straight for Elric.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 7:16 AM

Elric laughed in glee as the wall appeared around him. He cut the cone off quickly. He drew both his swords and crossed there blades.

The crossed blades seemed to explode with a blue light. The light covered Elric just as the fireballs exploded. Elric's body was tossed about by the force of the explosions and he dropped to one knee. He looked charred, his cloak blazing with a white flame. He plunged both swords into the ground. His hands moved and he quickly fell deep into his spell. He suddenly turned towards Jordie and unleashed the Acid storm.

Suddenly thick gelainous drops of fluid fell upon Jordie. The drops burnt the very Rock below Jordie's feet. Even the skeletons bones sizzled as the acid ate into them.

Elric studied the scene checking to see who was within the circle he had earlier made. He was just outside of it.

Taking a ragged breath he reached into one of his pouches.

Elteris watched Elric betray Jordie and began to think. The voices of his souls screamed to kill Elric now that his shileds were down. But where they? Elric was always prepared. In the time Elteris had known Elric he had rarely seen him be not ready for a situation.

Would Elric be expecting Elteris to attack him? He knew Elteris wasn't coming to his call.

Still Elteris waited.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 9:56 AM

As the first drops hit him and bit his flesh, a
shield of electricity enveloped him. He too was
prepared for any situation. The acid splashed off
the shield like rain off a raincoat.

The first dragon, being the ancient skeleton of a
blue dragon, fired its breath weapon, a bolt of
lightning at Jordie.

'Aww, a present,' he coyed 'You shouldn't have.'

The bolt hit his shield and with a gesture Jordie
rebounded it to the other dragon, taking out a chunk
of its already decaying form. The blue dragon used its
second attack, a snap of its tail sent Jordie flying.
Not hurt in the least, Jordie made a mid-air U-turn and
flew straigth back at the dragon. A few cuts of his
trusty falchion disconnected the dragon's neck from
its body. The rest of its bones were consumed by the acid.
Jordie, still high up in the air started to concentrate.
Large chunks of flaming rock started to form in front
of his hands.

'Let's see what a little meteor swarm can do to you,
traitor,' he growled as he directed one of the meteors
towards you, holding the others back.

Meanwhile Tek'Boras was thoroughly enjoying all of
this from its perch on the highest of the bone-pillars.
It wasn't sure what it would do now, perhaps it would
let them fight it out for themselves, perhaps it would
interfere. It didn't know yet, but at least it would have

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 10:29 AM

Elric barely noticed the meteor bounce of the invisible sphere surrounding him. With a sigh he he drew both his swords from the ground. He once again crossed the blades. This they vanished with a flash of light. With another flash they reappeared behind Jordie. And slashed at him. The two blades twirling faster than any hands could ever move them. Elric was already casting another spell.

Suddenly Elteris understood for it had been wirh Elric when he prepared. It fired. It fired an arrow behind Jordie just at his feet. The arrow disintegratedd the ground at Jordie's feet. and then another arrow and another. Eight arrows in a span of a heartbeat hit the ground at Jordie's feet attempting to move him back closer to the Tek'boras. Elric finished his spell but nothing seemingly happened. Elric closed his eyes and hoped Jordie moved back into the circle he couldn't know was there.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 11:01 AM

((OOC: I thought Jordie was flying high up in the
air ~shrugs~))

Jordie smiled as the metal swords bounced off his shield
and the arrows disintigrated the ground beneath his feet.
Far beneath his feet, that is, for he was still flying
high up in the air.

'Metal will not break through my shield,' he smirked
to the swords.

He motions the meteors to crash into the closest
skeletons and starts to gather even more electric
energy to direct into another spell.

At your feet you see tiny sparkles of lightning
crackle. They grow in size, into a vortex of power
which sticks to you like glue. You feel it shock you
and you almost lose control of your muscles.

((OOC: this is the electric follower spell I've
created. It sticks on you even if you teleport.
It does only 1 point per level of the caster
damage per round, but it will also stay for one round per
level of the caster and each round you have to
make a saving throw vs par or be paralyzed for the
remainder of the round.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 11:23 AM

((ooc oops! yup he was))

Elric grimmaced the pain almost unbearable. He could just bearly say the words to the enchantment he'd prepared for attacks like this. As he finishes the spell the sparks vanish and reappear around Tek'boras. ((ooc aswome spell my DM came up with Spell transfere. Transferes spell effects from the caster to another target!))

Elteris saw it's error and adjusted it's aim and tactics. Suddenly the arrows slammed into Jordie's shiled and exploded with cuncusive force. Pushing him Back towards Tek'boras. At least the first few arrows catching him by surprize.

Elric begins casting yet another spell. His sword thrust forcefully into Jordie's shield. Applying even more force to push him back.

"Jordie, Fall back" a voice called inside Jordie's mind. "trust Elric this time." ((ooc it's Elteris but There'd be no way for him to know that, as not even Elric knows the bow can do that))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 11:38 AM

Tek felt the vortex surround him, its powerful enrgies
forced it to stand still. It howled in pain and teleported.
The vortex followed it. The fiend teleported again,
back to its old position. Its muscles twitched once,
then stopped moving completely.

'Huh, who said that?' Jordie asked. Already he was
advancing forward, his own sword pushing against Elric's.
He hesitated for a second and fell back, letting himself
get pushed into the circle.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 11:55 AM

((ooc Notice I start all the pages lately? funny how that woeks huh?))

The second Jordie crossed the salt line, Elric spoke a single powerfull word, abandoning the spell he was casting. As Elric spoke the secret word a glimmering yellow sphere appeared forming aroun the salt line and encasing both Jordie and the Tek'boras. They both felt something powerfull eating away at their magic resistance. Then suddenly from every inch of the sphere great hail stone fly out slamming into everything in the sphere. The ice pounded releantlessly.

For a moment Elteris thought it had mistaken Elric's plans and lead Jordie into a trap. For it knew that yellow sphere. There was no escape from it. No magic could get through it or destroy it. It was the ultimate trap for anything. Anyspell cast inside it would just rebound around the sphere. Elteris shifted it's aim towards Elric.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 12:13 PM

((OOC: it's funny, in a way. But my character's in
trouble here, so I'm not going to laugh ;) ))

Channeling all his electric power into a powerful shield,
Jordie was happy that it was raw elemental power, not
just magic. Flames surrounded him, melting the hailstones
before they could hit him. He could not keep this up
forever, but at least until he found a way out of here.

Tek was in no position to defend itself, still paralyzed
by the electric vortex. The hail-stones did little harm
to his armor, but gradually, some of them were hitting his
eyes. That was one, then again, his eyes started to show
little cracks.

Grogilly Imoen woke up from her slumber, she felt weak.

'Jordie?' was the first thing she said.

She noticed the small symbol of fire floating above

'He's gone?' she asked it.

It moved up and down, as if it was nodding.

'Take me to him,' she told it.

The symbol led her to the brazier Jordie had used
to teleport to the Tek'Boras' lair. It was still standing.
Imoen, recognizing it, checked if she had all her stuff
with her and jumped through.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 12:29 PM

Elric nodded, the hail slowly stopping. So far he'd judged things right. Now from 6 different spots on the sphere chain lighting shot out bouncing off the globe werever it hit. The attack was surely devestating to the Tek'boras. However Elric hoped he judged Jordie's imunities rigth. Next 30 magic missles shot down from the top of the sphere pounding everything below. once again someting was eating away at their magic resistance.

Elric dropped to his knees. The spell was draining him badly. But still he had more to do..

He reached into his pouch and pulled out wand. He stayed on his knees, holding bothe his sphere of force. and the deadly Tersler's globe in place. Tersler's globe hadn't been cast since the elfwars as far as he knew. and it was likely none still knew it's one weakness.

With a painfull shudder he awaited the next phase of attack.

Elteris saw the lighnting and understood it hadn't missjudged Elric at all. It waited.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 12:55 PM

The chain-lightning did nothing to Jordie, some of
it was even absorbed, added to his power. For Tek, it
was hell, the vortex was still pounding it and now this.
The magic missiles added to the pain, but not much.
Jordie managed a half-grin as the the missiles hit his
electric shield and mingled in it. Now the shield was
glowing purple.

Imoen rolled as she came out the other side of the
portal. Her jaw dropped as she saw all that was going
on. Looking at the yellow sphere, she knew this was not
Jordie's power, nor was it Tek'Boras. Slowly she put
her bow in line with Elric's head.

'I don't care if ye saved me life or not,' she
scowled 'If ye don't tell me what's goin' on here,
I'll shoot yer head off!'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 1:16 PM

Elric didn't have the energy to reply. Indeed his body began to shake violently as yet 6 more lightning bolts shot from the sphere before the others even completely faded. Then once again ate ate what was left of any Magic resistance. Elric began to twitch as 27 black rubbery tentacles burst from the ground. Each one ten feet long, they began to flail and latch on to any and everything they touched. With a violent jerk blood shot from Elric's nose. The powerfull combination of spells was draining his life force. That was the major draw back to the most powerfull he found in the ancient elven tome, The spell merger drew on the caster to hold the spells together. As they were unleashed it racked the caster heavily. The more spells and the more powerfull the spell the more dangerous it was.

Elteris saw the woman appear and saw her threatening posture towards Elric. With little thought it took aim.

The shoot was an amazing one even though it missed. The arrow flew inbetween Imoen's bor and her hand drawing back the arrow (of energy i believe).

Elric held on with all he had. One more sequence of spells.. He dropped the wand, he wouldn't have the strength to use it anyways. He mentally called out to Elteris, not calling it to him, but insead giving it instructions. Soon the fun would begin.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 1:41 PM

((OOC: 27 black tentacles? That means that Elric is
23-26 level, right? ))

Imoen saw the arrow whizz past her, she looked toward

The vortex was actually protecting Tek here, its electricity
held the tentacles back a little. Jordie slashed wildly at
them, but everytime he cut one down, two came in its
place. Jordie winced as all the tentacles wrapped around him.
In one move he bursted out all his fire-power, burning
down the tentacles. His regeneration was already healing
him. He noticed Imoen standing there.

'Imoen!' he yelled 'Get out of here, while you still can!'

His shield was expanding, slowly pushing out. It collided
with the yellow globe, but was not directed back. Jordie
directed more power into it.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 2:13 PM

(( no actually he's 30th level but he need to cut back to be able to include the spell))

Elric shook his head. Jordie would kill himself. The sphere couldn't be penatrated. But more importantly Jordie would kill him. Already he felt the sphere drain more out of him as another Volley of lightning exploded from the sphere.

"Jordie" Elric cried weakly. Fly up.. you have room"

With his last bit of strength Elric whispered the words of power that transfered gis sphere of force to Jordie.

Suddenly the top of the globe shot out a massive spray of a thick green fluid. The acid sizzled the ground and anything it touched, including the sphere that now surrounded Jordie, the one that wasn't his. More bolts of lightning shoot out then, so quickly they were impossible to count. Finally a strong blast of icy cold wind infussed the globe. The heat of Jordie's fire mixed with the bitter wind caused it to start to rain with in the globe. The final three attacks where meant to play on the Tek'boras three prime weaknesses.

And then maybe Jordie understood the purpose of the sphere around him, for the bone pillar, the rock ground and even the lava just suddenly vanished a disintegration field was with in the globe. While collasping the Sphere of force protected Jordie.

Elric dropped to the ground only fiantly aware of what would come next

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 2:52 PM

The acid struck Tek, biting its way into the armor.
Helpless to counter-act because of the vortex's
paralyzing shocks, it watched as the cold winds blew
chunks of its body away. Still it's eyes were more
or less intact. Jordie soon changed that, all the energy
of the vortex gathered around its head, with a command
from Jordie it exploded into loud thunder. The Tek'boras
howled as its damaged skull was shattered by the force.
It's headless body collapsed, it was destroyed, this time
for good. Jordie floated off the ground just as the
disintigration took effect. He felt the sphere protecting him.
Jordie flew over to Elric, landing beside him.

'We need to go, quickly,' he spoke to Imoen 'Tek's
master will soon be here.'

He was right, already an unimaginably evil presence
was felt in the room.

'Don't worry,' he added 'He will not know we did it,
as long as we're gone when he comes.'

He picked Elric up roughly, but without hurting him.
Still a little mad and confused. Beckoning for the
bow, Jordie made a doorway of fire. After they stepped through
it, it closed. Just in time, as the lair turned darker
then night. The presence that came in could not be described
, it was just pure evil.

When they came back into the room, Jordie laid Elric
down on one of the beds.

'Don't ye have any more of those potions?' she asked

Jordie shook his head 'Nope, but maybe you can get that

Imoen walked off as Jordie kept at the bed's side.
Once more his emotions were torn. Yes, Elric did help
with Tek's destruction. But why did he fire that acid
rain at him and why did he close him up in that globe?
Jordie waited patiently, he'd get his answers soon enough.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 3:13 PM

Elteris did indeed come to Jordie's call.

Elric's eyes fluttered open. He took in his surroundings. He knew they had won or else he'd be dead. He knew he'd have to explian his actions and soon.

Not wasting time he spoke, very weakly. "Jordie?"

Elric coughed. his body all but limp. "My bow?"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 3:24 PM

((OOC: hope raist doesn't mind me using his character.))

As Jordie reluctantly handed Elteris over to Elric,
Imoen and Kytax stumbled in. Kytax cast a minor healing
spell on Elric, fixing him up enough to speak well,
before dropping into a deep sleep.

'Well?' Jordie asked Elric, a sparkle of lightning,
followed by a blaze of fire went over his eyes, a
stern expression on his face. Imoen was also watching,
a sad expression on her pretty face, which was made for

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 3:47 PM

Elric sighed. "I went to fight Tek'boras on my own. I messed up.. badly. I spoke.. after so long I forgot I could be seen and heard again. I had to think quick. So I tried to make Tek'boras think I was coming to join him."

Elric shook his head and looked at Jordie and Imoen. "I wanted you two safe. BOTH of you" Elric looked directly at Jordie as he said that. "but I had to change plans and lore Tek'boras into believing me untill the time was right. Your little spark spell was the perfect chance to turn back on him."

Elric closed his eyes know the next question would be much harder to explian completely. "Jordie somebody had to be inside Terslar's globe to Kill Tek'boras. I had planned on doing it myself.. but as most of the attacks were lightning based and Tek'boras was already immobilized. I thought you'd be able to take care of the rest.. Was I wrong?" Elric looked concerened for a moment.

He held Elteris in one hand wondering alot about the bow. Why hadn't it come to him?

There was something about the way he spoke, was he just tired from the spellcasting? or was it something deeper. He sounded tired.

Suddenly his eyes widened. "Get out of here. Get as far away from me as you can" He struggled to sit up. "If things went the wrong way i would have turned on you and helped defeat you" he did his best to snarl. "now GET Away from me!"

Elric tried but he couldn't keep his gaze from falling on his empty sheaths.


--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 4:19 PM

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thought that when I started this thread. This is btw
my first ever RP-thread... :) ))

Both listened to his story, they believed Elric.
Both looked at him with wide eyes as he snarled at
them. Imoen was out before Elric even finished the sentence.
Jordie however, wasn't moving. For a moment rage
crossed his face, but it was replaced by the same stern

'You could have asked.' he told you 'You didn't have
to yell at her.'

For a second he hesitated. He wanted to comfort Imoen,
but that would have to wait.

'You would have turned on me?' he started 'Perhaps.
I too have made mistakes, many mistakes.'

He walks to the door and leans against it.

'It is never to late to change.'

Turning around, he waits for a possible response,
if none comes, he decides, he will leave...

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 4:37 PM

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Elric simply watched them leave. If onlt Jordie understood. If only it didn't have to be this way.

His swords which had gotten left behind where linked to him. It would be far too easy for Tek'boras's master to follow the swords to Elric. Elric quickly pulled a scroll and a quil from his pouches. He started to pen out a short note. Finishing he took some string and tied it to Elteris.

He sent the bow to it's home with very special instructions.

Elric sat back down. He was bone weary tired. Grabbing his necklace he activated it's power, returning him to his treasure cave. Finally finishing the spells that had been laid on many of the treasures he sighed as they vanished. If he somehow survived he'd retrieve them. It would take some work to find them but he'd do it.

He sat his own spellbook in his lap he spoke to the cave about him "Hide their auras. cleanse yourself of all traces of them. We fight our last fight I think my friend."

The cave heard him and began to do as Elric asked. Elric sighed and opened the book and began to prepare himself.

((ooc I think a new hunt is about to begin))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 5:15 PM

((OOC: this proves again that I'm not english. I thought
you were talking about sheets, not sheats. You know
bed-sheets. Aaaah, how stupid! ~bangs his head into a wall
a few times~))

'Empty sheaths?' Jordie thought out loud as he walked
besides Imoen 'Of course, how foolish of me!'

'Empty shea...aaahhhh!' Imoen screamed as Jordie pulled
her along. After a few painful seconds she started
running as well 'Jordie, what are ye doin'?'

'Swords...left behind...Asmodeus!' Jordie stammered,
running so fast Imoen simply could not keep up. He lifted
her and ran even faster, easily twice the speed of a
normal man.

Right before Elric a shadow appeared out of nothing.
Gradually it took shape, into the form Elric feared most...

((OOC: need to fill that in yourself. Asmodeus will not
personally come to your cave, if he did that all the goodly
gods of the realms would come down to stop him and the greatest
war ever would probably break out...Instead he sends one of
his assasins.))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/01/2000 5:35 PM

((ooc oops! hehehe sorry. Hey BTW great first post!))

Elric had been ready for this. He watched the shadow take shape of his daughter. Dispite knowing it was coming it still shocked him

"Natasha" He whispered.

He steeled himself and lauched into action. A solid ring od soud wave lashed out around him, dispersing the shadow yet not harming it. He felt the cave humming and he yelled. "Finish first!" He screamed.

Elric leaped straight through the stone wall. Elric knew the cave inside and out. He could hide from this assassin for a long while. A few hours at least. Elric ran, crawled, or dove through the various portals and hidden passageways. He headed slowly deeper into the cave.

The cave had finished washing Jordie and Imoen's trails from itself. Now it concentrated on hiding Elric From this assassin.

"Be safe" Elric whispered as he sprinted across a small room.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 5:48 PM

The assasin pulled itself together and walked slowly,
ever slowly after Elric. Everywhere he turned, the assasin
was there. Every shadow reached out for him, brushing his
side, clamping to his foot.

'Noooowhhheerrreeee....tooooo....hiiidddee...' a
voice speaks from all sides at once, it sounds more
like the moaning of the wind then anything else.

Every shadow, all the darkness, it was there. It starts
getting colder and colder around you.

The assasin appears before you, this time looking alive
and exactly like Natasha.

'Father,' it coys you 'How did I die..?'

((OOC: evil, isn't it?))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/01/2000 5:58 PM

Elric winced and dove into the next wall. He was buying time. He kept telling himself it wasn't really Natasha. But he doubted he could strike against her. He needed to buy more time.

A cave wall he'd forgotten entirely about opened. Seeing it open Elric remembered what was inside. With a laugh he swirved into the cave. Seconds later Elric ran out the other exit of the cave.

Seeing Natasha before him he fell to his knees.. "No.. no.. no... " He cried looking at her.

He whimpered softly. "Forgive me"

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--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 6:06 PM

The assasin laughs in your face.

'Forgive you?' it speaks 'Yes, I'll forgive you, if
you join me into the afterlife.'

Its hand reaches out for you....a sweet (but FAKE!)
expression on her face.

'Join me, father..' it purrs.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/01/2000 6:16 PM

Tears streamed down his face as he reached towards her hand.

"Natasha.." He fell against the assassin swearing "fuck you, You'll not take me"

With that he exploded in a ball of white fire. The cave itself began to humm and water dripped from the walls, It looked as if the cave was crying. A powerful, ancient hard voice came from every inch of stone. "GET OUT"
The cave roared.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/01/2000 6:34 PM

((OOC: ~snickers~ I knew you'd say that! ))

The shadow wailed, a screech so loud it drowned out
all other sounds in the area, matching even the
cave's roar.

Then it started to laugh at your apparent defeat.
Its laughter stocked as the drops of water lit up
with lightning, bathing the area in soft light.

'No, it can't be...' the assasin gasped.

'But it is...,' Jordie said as he walked in, illuminating
the area with fire as bright as the sun, forcing the
assasin back.

((OOC: ack! have to go to sleep now, the birds are chirpin'
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your [possible] reply tomorrow...Later!))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/01/2000 7:47 PM

((ooc I think you misunderstood. My fault, I didn't explian it well. sorry I was on the phone while typing the reply. Elric exploded. He didn't cast a fireball, he explodes. His very body exploding into pieces which then were fried by the fire. with that being the case, you may want to reconsider your last post. Or not. up to you.))

The small pieces that were Elric sizzled and dissolved themselves somehow covered in acid.

((ooc can't say much till I know exactly what happens. LOL Have to attend a party? what a horrible fate!))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

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07/02/2000 12:20 PM

The cave made a sound much like weeping as it's very walls, v=ceiling, and floor began to glow with a soft light. It understood that Jordie had ruined things. The plan was ruined. If it had been more attentive it would have stopped Jordie. But it had most of it's attention elsewhere.

It wasn't sure if it should change the plan or not. It's choice would make a hug difference. It did nothing but enhance Jordie's light.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/02/2000 12:22 PM

'What have you done to him?' Jordie angrily asked
the assasin 'Tell me!'

'He's dead..' the assasin laughed 'His soul is probably
on its way to Asmodeus now!'

Jordie started to glow even brighter after that,
making the assasin appear as no more then a weak outline
of a humanoid form.

'Tell old As I'll come to visit him, very soon,' Jordie
growled at the assasin 'And it will not be pleasurable...'

With that the area around the assasin exploded into
a mixture of fire and lightning.

'You defeated it so easily, how could it have killed
Elric?' Imoen questioned.

'That is the way of the assasin,' he explained 'Though
mentally strong and very dangerous, it's weak when you get
it out of the protective darkness.'

Imoen clamped on to his side and Jordie wrapped his arms
around her. They silently stood there, contemplating these
last events....

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
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07/02/2000 12:37 PM

Slowly a section of rock seemed to receed, leaving a small alcove. Within the Alcove stood a statue. The Statue looked exactly like Elric. It began to shake and chips of stone fell away, revealing cloth and flesh beneathh the thin layer of rock.

Elric sivered and the last of the stone fell from him. He looked at Jordie and Imoen. For he had been one with the cave while he was inside it's rock walls. He'd seen everything.

"Jordie you've got to learn to let things alone. I can handle myself." Elric smiles. "This is my lair. It would take Asmodeus himself to defeat me here. Unless of course I wanted to be defeated."

Elric shook his head. "once again My attempts to keep you both safe have failed."

With a sigh he put his hand on wall beside him and caressed it.

"Come on, you two lets get some food. And I promise no sleeping potions this time." Elric chuckled and headed back towards the kitchen.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/02/2000 1:17 PM

Their eyes light up, once more seeing Elric had
escaped death.

'Keep us safe?' Jordie asks you a little perturbed,
then he snickers 'You're kidding me, right? Asmodeus
is always after us. He considers me a traitor to him and
his legions....'

Both follow you into the kitchen.

'Which I'm not,' he continues 'I was never even part
of his crappy legions. Obviously he can't see the
difference between escape and treason...'

You see the memories pain him deeply.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/02/2000 2:04 PM

Elric smiled warmly at Jordie. "But no reason to make him desire your death more is there?"

Elric set out pulling various foods fom the cabinets. He set out plates on the counter for them to pick and choose what they want. He kept loooking over his shoulder at both of them.

"I think you both need a nice rest." He closed his eyes for a second and the room brightened slightly. "No more assassins for a while"

Elric nodded and whispered something.

"Jordie you're powerful. I doubt I'd want to face you in combat." With a smile. "Nor would I want to deal with Imoen after I killed you." Elric winked at them both. "But You can't keep this up. Not for ever. Nor can you take the battle to Asmodeus. Lets face it. Despite your bold threat.. it would mean death."

Elric looked grim for a moment. "Or worse. Now You have another Ally at least. I will help you how I can."

He sat acros from them. "If you desire my help. But understand something before you decide. Siding with me could well turn a few gods against you." With a sigh he coninued. "A long time ago I made a play for power in doing so I challaged three gods. I even stole more than a few of their followers. While my curse is lifted.. I'm not sure what that means. I may still be viewed as an enemy."

He took a sip of a deep red wine. "My power base is strong. I can offer you a safe place for as long as you like. Already I call in old favors still not forgotten in hopes for allies to join us ((ooc an opening for anyone new to join))."

((ooc hope you don't mind me trying to open the thread to others, just figured the basically the 2 of us have brought it this far imagine what would happen with a few more people!))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/02/2000 2:22 PM

((OOC: no problem there. I appreciate it :) ...))

'It was a bold threat, wasn't it?' Jordie grinned.

He takes a bit of meat, leaving all the vegetables and
fruit for Imoen.

'Soon though,' he spoke turning to her 'It's time for
Imoen to make her bid for power. She'll become as powerful
as me then. Well,~he winked~....almost. Then we'll
be able to do more damage to Asmodeus.'

Imoen nodded eagerly.

'Don't worry,' Jordie starts to your next statement
'I pray to no god, nor do I fear them....'

'Neither do I,' Imoen adds.

Jordie sits back, juggling fireballs in his hands.

'Hey Elric,' he looks at you and his hands just keep going
'You have any good fire spells?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/02/2000 2:48 PM

Elric chuckles as he watches Jordie. "Nothing to special." he grins slyly.

"Hey, I've got to keep some secrets" He winks and picks on some cheese. "but my specality is more in the line of acid and protection."

he looks at Imoen and studies her. "So a power play huh?"

Elric wonders what powers Imoen will gain.

He looks at one of the walls and shakes his head "Excuse me a minute won't you"

With that he walks through the wall

((ooc anyone wanting to join answering Elric's call and wants to speak to me first email me at Dark_Beserker@hotmail.com or view my profile and get ahold of me by ICQ))

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/02/2000 3:40 PM

'I think you'll get Ice and Water, Imoen,' Jordie
told her 'Judging by your weapons. Not to mention
your icy glare and watery movements, or is it the
other way around....'
(i.e. watery glare and icy movements ;) )

Jordie laughed hard. Imoen on the other hand, hooked
her foot behind the chair and kicked. Jordie fell flat
to his back, bumping his head.

'Ouch!' he protested as he pulled her chair, sending
her face first into the bowl of fruit in front of her.

'Ye're gonna pay for that!' Imoen stated, whiping and spitting
off the fruit.

Within seconds they were rolling on the floor, laughing.
Though Jordie was far too strong for her to wrestle down,
Imoen's tickling-tactics kept him busy.....

((OOC: a little bit of comic relief there :) ))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/02/2000 3:52 PM

Elric smiled hearing their laughter and he turned off his ears to that room. He slowly walked through the stone walls and came out in a small chamber with no entrances. He spoke a single word and studied the area around the cave. With a sigh he sent giant balls and cones and acids at the fiend outside. The woodlands became a battlefields. Destroying the lovely forest. But the fiends where gone. for now.

He headed back to the main hall speaking softly to the walls around him. he laughed softly as the walls spoke back in a slight vibration. "Now stop it! leave them alone for a bit"

Elric entered the main hall and sat chanting the song of stone.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/03/2000 4:25 AM

Imoen sat victorious on top of Jordie, who had thrown in
the towel. Their gazes met and their heads started to move
towards each other. Imoen blinked her sky-blue eyes, when
she opened them, they were pupiless white, with a small
tinge of blue.

'Imoen!' Jordie smiled 'You finally got the...'

His next words came out muffled, as Imoen pulled him
off the ground and threw him into the nearest wall.
Jordie wasn't really surprised, he also had gone out of
control when he first got his powers. He spun around to
find her kick coming at him.

'Sorry Imoen,' he spoke softly as he caught her foot in
both hands and twisted it 'I don't want to hurt you, but
I'll have to keep you from destroying anything.'

Still holding her foot, he rushed forward, bowling her over.
She landed on her back, immedeately putting both her feet in
his path. Jordie was held back long enough for her to regain
her footing. They squared off. Imoen went for her weapons, which were
on her belt. In a triple move which seemed as one, Jordie kicked
both her hands, followed by a kick to the stomach.
He had to keep her from using her weapons, or things
would get really nasty....

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/03/2000 3:22 PM

Elric sat singing as he heard the sounds from the next room. He smiled at first thinking they where really going at it. Then the sound changed to those of battle. With a deep breath he changed the chant and the cave responded.

Within the kitchen strong stone hands reached up grabbing both Jordie and Imoen's feet, for the cave didn't understand what was happening. Then as suddenly as the hands grabbed their feet they were pulled into the stone easily knee deep. The stone allowed for movement downwards, but it was impossible to even start moving any other direction.

"And what exactly is going on here?" Elric asked as he came to the doorway.

Around Elric was an ever so slight shimmering, revealing some kind of shield at the very least infront of him. He stood in the doorway looking at them both wondering.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

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07/03/2000 4:46 PM

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Jordie didn't struggle as the hands pulled him down,
but Imoen did. As Elric walked in, a cone of cold shot
from her hands at him. With a gesture, Jordie makes a
fire-shield appear around Elric, protecting him from the

'She lost control,' Jordie quickly explains 'It's only

Hands touching the stone around his feet, it melts into
lava, then into fire. Jordie steps out of the hole, which
then slowly turns back into rock. A spray of water from
her hands turns the rock around Imoen's feet into mud, to similar
effect. She takes a battle-stance, an aura of cold starts to move
outward, with her as its center. The aura starts to freeze anything
it touches, but suddenly it stops growing and it vanishes as quickly
as it had come. Standing straight, she looks around the room.

'What happened here?' Imoen says raising an eyebrow 'Did winter
come early?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/03/2000 6:19 PM

AS Jordie melts the stone a loud wailing comes from every inch of the cave. It is a cry if pain. For a split second Rage crosses Elric's face

((ooc since when can water turn rock into mud??))

Elric quickly steadies himself. He puts a hand on a wall and begins to speak soothing words. Much like one speaks to an injuried child.

As the cries stop, Elric looks at both of them. "Never again. Understand? Never harm this cave again." His words are cool and level, emotionless. Yet both can sense a rage inside of him.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/03/2000 11:24 PM

((OOC: It's a modified transmute rock to mud spell...))

'Imoen was out of control,' Jordie says again 'She couldn't
help it.'

Looking at herself, then back at Jordie.

'I was what?' she asks.

'And about me..' Jordie starts 'Getting grabbed by the
rock was kinda like...~his eyes flash in anger and a hint
of anguish for a second~...never mind, I just couldn't
stand it.'

He walks over to Imoen, keeping a little bit of a paranoid
eye on the floor.

'Imoen,' he explains 'You are now the Mistress of Ice and
Water, it seems.'

'I don't feel the Ice and Water.' she states.

'That will come, in time...'

((OOC: Jordie has a sort of fobia for big things grabbing
or holding him, especially walls and floors, its to much
like when the Baatezu tortured him for so long. It's a coincidence,
but it's just like what they did, they also had the very rooms
grabbing and holding him while they beat him to a bloody mess...))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/04/2000 6:14 AM

Elric keeps stroking the wall lovingly. As he nods. "Sorry Jordie but Saria didn't understand what was going on. So she trapped both of you."

He took his hand off the wall and walks towards you both. "I think it's time you both met your host. Meet Saria the very cave around you. As far as I can gather she's somekind of Earth elemental or spirit. But she's been inhabiting the Cave since before it was carved. She is our host and yes protector for now."

He smiled at you both "Saria meet Jordie and Imoen. Allies and I believe soon to be good friends"

The cave hummed softed. Perhaps hummed is the wrong word, it was more a vibration of the stone.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/04/2000 3:37 PM

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--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/05/2000 10:12 AM

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07/05/2000 2:52 PM

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"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/06/2000 9:58 AM

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He had to keep himself from jumping as he felt the
vibration of the stone.

'I don't blaim you, Saria,' Jordie says sincerely 'As
long as you don't do it again.'

Imoen, on the other hand, felt easier around the living

'Heya, Saria,' she greets as she walks over to the wall
and brushes it with her hand. She quickly pulls it back as
the areas she touches start to freeze over.
'Oops,' she apoligizes 'sorry 'bout that.'

'Don't worry,' Jordie tells her 'You'll learn to control

'I hope so,' Imoen says 'I don't want to be freezin' everthing
I touch.~she looks up, thinking about something~ Jordie, did you burn
or shock people you touched?'

'No,' he answers lowering his eyes 'No people....'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/06/2000 2:47 PM

Elric smiled at them both. Although he didn't know Jordie's story, he understood.

"Imoen, Don't worry the cold won't hurt Saria. Indeed she says it brings back memories. I don't understand what she means. She speaks in riddles sometimes."

Elric's smile suddenly got a lot larger. "You know what? this is the first Break we've really had since My curse was lifted. IT FEELS GREAT!"

He let out a great sigh of relief and relaxed almost completely

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/06/2000 3:41 PM

Jordie and Imoen grinned widely as well.

'That is true!' Jordie laughed. He had come to terms with
his past and had told Imoen about it, how free of burden
he felt. For the first time since, well..ever. At least, as
long as he could remember.

Suddenly he grasped Imoen's hand. A sincere look of horror
crossed her face as his hand started to freeze.

'What are ye doin' !?' she cries, but Jordie only smiled.

'Nothing can keep me from holding on to you,' he states.

She knew he could fight back the frost with his fire, but
he didn't. The softest look imaginable crossed her face
as she understood what he was doing. The ice stopped, with
some effort she managed to turn the flow. Jordie shook
off the last remains of the ice. He had been almost completely
frozen over, but it had worked.

'You see?' Jordie smiles 'You will master it.'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
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07/06/2000 4:37 PM

Elric smiled and nodded to Jordie in approval. He stepped back to lean against a wall. He hummed briefly.

Saria stopped her vibrations suddenly. The room seemed oddly quiet.

Elric chuckled softly. "Do I need to leave you two alone again?"

With a wink He headed for the door.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/06/2000 4:49 PM

'No need,' Jordie declares as he holds Imoen close
'There is a time and place for that.'

Both laugh.

'Now,' Imoen smiles 'It's time for fun!'

With a gesture of Jordie's hand, a fire appears in the
middle of the room. As youy examine it closer, you see
it floats above the ground, not touching it in any way.

'I'll not make the same mistake twice,' he winks.

They sit down and gesture for Elric to do the same.

'Who'll go first?' Imoen asks 'Ye have to tell a tale.
It doesn't need to be true. It can be of yer own encounters
or of some-one else's. As long as it's good.'

'I'll do the special effects,' Jordie declares and as he speaks
the fire moves with him, changing color and shape randomly.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/06/2000 4:57 PM

Elric smiled. "Normal fire is okay Jordie."

Elric headed towards the fire. "I thought what I was leaving you two to do WAS fun"

Elric Grinned. "Hmm a tale..." He looks like he's thinking and then he looked up "Saria would like to tell a story."

An odd smile cosses his face and looks a bit confused.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/06/2000 5:22 PM

'Oh, it's fun alright,' Jordie chuckles 'But it gets
old really fast.'

Imoen smacks him on the back of his head.

'Ow, I was just kidding!' he yells.

She looks at him through slitted eyes.

'Saria has a story to tell?' she suddenly smiles
turning to the walls 'Well, don't keep us waiting..'

Jordie eyes both Imoen and the walls suspiciously.

'Women are so unpredictable,' he sighs.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/06/2000 6:47 PM

Elric chuckles. "Just wait Jordie.. You have no Idea"

Elric cocks his head and listens and smiles. "Saria has choosen to tell us the story of her first encounter with a fleshy as she calls us."

Elric started to relay the story.

"When the stone was still young a small Felshy, A dwarf I think she means, came in the hollow opening of a tree. There he found the earth was alive. He talked to the earth and slowly started to remove small pieces taking great care to not hurt the Earth. Even at that point Saria had forgotten her name, even forgotten if she ever had one. So over time it seemed so short to her but I believe it was most of the dwarf's life."

Elric paused and looked at both Imoen and Jordie. "Sorry but some of what she says makes little sense if you aren't used to dealing with her. She doesn't see things like we do. So forgive me"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/08/2000 11:45 AM

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now so sometimes I'm gone for a day or so or I'm having
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'Nice story, Saria.' Imoen compliments.

Jordie nods.

'My turn now,' he says. Waiting for a second to make
sure he has everyone's attention he begins.
'I'm going to tell you the story of elements.'

The fire moves with his words, enheightening the experience.

'In a time long forgotten, there was only emptiness. A void.
It was then that the siblings were born. No-one knows where they
came from, only that they existed. They were the four sisters of
elements and the two brothers of energy. Each of them created a
realm of their own in the void. There was Din with fire, Farore
with air, Neyru with water and Huma with Earth. The brothers were
Polar with positive energy and Kyrom with negative energy. Their
realms were connected as they were, but they were in conflict.
For as we know, water and fire can not co-exist peacefully.
~he throws a few drops of water into the fire, they sizzle and
steam can be seen~ Neither can air and earth. So the para-elemental
planes came to be. Where water and fire met, steam was created. Where
air and earth met, there was dust and so it went for all the combinaions.
The elemental planes were also connected to the energy planes, to
similar effect. Air and positive energy made lightning. Water and
negative made Ice. As beautiful as this all may seem, it was not.
For who was to rule over the new planes? Soon the once so loving siblings
fell into petty squabling, followed by open war. The last battle was a
cataclismic one, in which all of them are said to have died. It ended in a
mighty explosion which created the rest of the universe. The primes as well
as the outer planes came to being. Of course there are many who say it
happened in another way, but this is how I know it did. For the essence of the
siblings was scattered over the planes, waiting for someone to take them.
Myself and Imoen possess pieces of their essence, it is those which grant us
our powers. One day there will again be a bid for the rulership of the planes.
Each plane will have its champions. Me and Imoen have a great chance of becoming
one of those. We can't refuse the calling. The one who wins will rule
of all the inner planes. There can be only one ruler...'

Both look a bit sad after his final sentence.

'We'll find a way around that,' Imoen states grasping his hand.

((OOC: Nice story, eh? Made it up myself. The last part sounds a
bit like Highlander, maybe. But I can tell you it is far different
from it....))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/08/2000 2:37 PM

((ooc no worries about the delays. Great story))

Elric nodded and studied both Imoen and Jordie. He was about to speak when Saria caused the entire cave to vibrate enough to shake them about.

"Easy Jordie.. she means no harm..To us at least." Elric grinned wickedly.

"You see since I first left you in the kitchen, we've been under attack. Saria has been.. dealing with the fiends. No worries."

The cave stopped shaking and Elric smiled looking directly at Jordie. "Saria says she likes you story very much. Very much indeed. I think you won her over choosing an elements stroy Jordie. Imoen you better be carefull.. Saria might try and steal your man."

He chuckled and sat thinking. "Jordie? How exatly does one gain these powers? I mean as far as I can tell they what just came? to Imoen. Is it something you're born with? A hidden ability much like magic can be? Or is there something more?" A look of hunger was deep in Elric's eyes. "I'd be lying to you if I said the power.. isn't appealing. But I ask more out of curiousity then looking for a way to gain them. I..." he paused for a second. "Have my own gifts."

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/08/2000 2:59 PM

Jordie was indeed a bit perturbed as the cave started
to shake, but he quickly shook out of it.

'There's a lot more where that came from, Saria.' Jordie

Imoen stands with a casual look on her face.
'I'm not fer thinkin' that she's gonna steal him from
me,' she grins putting her hands on her hips 'You see,
I have a few advantages on her...'

Jordie sits through it all shaking his head.

'Well,' Jordie starts 'As far as I can tell, people
already have the potential to gain the powers when they
are born. It's
kinda like having potential for magic, but instead
of magic you have potential for a particular element.
The time it decides to show itself is totally random.
If it shows itself at all, that is. It is also extremely
rare. About one in a 100,000 people have the potential
and then I'm not even talking about the scale of power.
Not to be cocky or anything, but the powers I possess
are truly one of a kind. I am a true master of not one,
, but two elements. I've never met or even heard of anyone
with equal strength in one element. I'm sure they're out
there, though.....'

'Yer forgettin' me!' Imoen pouts, defiantly crossing her
arms in front of her.

'Ha!' Jordie laughs 'You're only a beginner! You DO
have a lot of potential, but it will take you years
to become a true master. Like it did with me...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/08/2000 3:17 PM

Elric smiled.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that Imoen." He chuckles and looks a a pair of stone hands coming out of the floor near Jordie. "Saria.." He says Fatherly and the hands slowly slide back into the earth.

He listens to Jordie carefully. "So, Jordie, could one have the gift for both the elements and for magic? Such a person would be dangerous indeed. Even with a minor control of an element. Does the same hold true for the energy planes? Is there a master of the positive energy plane out there?"

He sits back as a stone slab raises behind him, for him to rest on.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

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07/08/2000 3:27 PM

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Jordie shrugs.

'I honestly don't know. There should be.'

His lips curve up into a smile.

'Why? Are you interested?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/08/2000 6:33 PM

Elric grins. "In the positive energy plane?"

Elric began to wonder. He had always been full of energy. He was indeed all but tireless. Like earlier her knew from what he read the casting of Tersler's globe should have put him in bed totally drained of energy for weeks. He had been up and running in no time. His life had always been like that. He'd run for hours, sit for ten minutes and be able to run for hours again.

Was he already linked? But there was his ability to speak to spirits of stone as he did Saria. Was Earth his link if he had any? Perhaps it was time to talk to Jordie..

"Jordie have you noticed how I talk to Saria? It's not an ability you gain over time. I've always been able to do it. But I'm tireless as well. I've cast spell combinations that would kill most mages. I've faced undead and they've.. feared me.. It was a gift, I always assumed it was just that.. but now?"

Elric looked thoughtful until he chuckled.

"Saria!" Elric looked towards the cave entrance chuckling.. "She just jabbed a stone into a fiends butt"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/10/2000 2:32 AM

'I don't sense the essence of Huma or Polar in you,'
he says after a moment of concentration.
'But I'm not sure. The main reason I feel Neyru in Imoen
is because fire and water are opposites. It could be
that you have the powers and I can't sense it....'

He smiles as he hears what Saria has done.

'Until now I've only met two other masters, including Imoen.
She was an Air mistress and I didn't sense it until she
showed me. It could be the same with you.
You can talk to the earth, but can you control it?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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07/10/2000 4:02 AM

Elric smiled. "In and of itself no I can't control earth. But..." He looked around him at the walls ans ceiling. "The spirits of earth listen to me. You understand?" It was clear by the tone that he was impling more but didn't want to say it.

Once again he looks around him a bit more carefully. "Could there be a link but not a mastery? Or perhaps my gifts are compeletly unrelated to your own." He grinned. "You know.. The thought of Fire and lightning working with water and Ice should scare your enemies to no end."

"Hmm.." Elric gets a thoughtful look on his face one that any that had once known him would have feared, the he gets when he's planning something big.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/10/2000 12:42 PM

'Maybe ye're just a Pech((OOC: If you didn't know:
a creature that speaks with the stone.)) in disguise.'
Imoen snickered.

'I too can control the spirits of fire and lightning.'
Jordie states
'You should have seen the look on the face of that priest,
when I turned his lightning elemental against him. He
was shocked, literally.'

Both were struck with recognition as they saw the look
on Elric's face. For Frealis, their Mage friend and often
traveling companion, always had a similar look on his
face when he was cooking up one of his 'grand' plans.
Which usually involved women, lots and lots of preferably
naked women.

'I don't like that look...' Imoen whispered to Jordie.

((OOC: Frealis was and is a mage with lycantrophy. In
his human form he was a very shy and silent person, but
when he turned into his hybrid form he became a loud,
insulting and extremely perverted beast :) ))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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your balls all over your pants!'


07/10/2000 4:44 PM

((ooc LOL! nice mage there!))

Elric smiled at Imoen. "Maybe I am"

Elric's expression changed quickly and he grinned at them both. "There can only be one ruler right? So I have the answer to that for you. have a child, Each of you give up your powers to him or her and your child will undoubtly become that ruler. He or she will of course have to have someone at their side. I can help there, a protector and friend. Yes.. you two had better start making the child, now"

His eyes sparkled playfully, his half serious humor meant to hide what he had been planning.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/11/2000 5:27 AM

'I wish we could,' Imoen sighs.

'We can't have children,' Jordie explains 'Not with
each other at least. Even if we could, we could not
give it our powers. Giving up our powers would mean our
deaths. When we die our powers will return to their
respective planes, lost until another random person
claims it. Besides all of that, I doubt someone can hold
both my and Imoen's powers. Even if someone could, he
or she would be living in pain for all of their life.
A fate we do not wish for our child.'

'Don't think we haven't tried,' Imoen smiles through
all the seriousness 'And Jordie almost died trying to give
a piece of his powers to me. Later we found out I already
had a potential for the elemental powers of Ice and Water.'

'If we are to win the fight for rulership,' Jordie
says, determination in his eyes 'We will convince the
elements that there will be two rulers, or no ruler at

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/11/2000 3:13 PM

Elric smiled at them. "Of course. Then perhaps it is good I do not possess powers like yours Jordie or your Imoen for that would mean we'd have to do battle some day."

He chuckled darkly. "Of course we'll all have to survive that long. The attacks have stopped but I fear what that means."

He stroked the ground softly. "it's okay" He whispered.

"Jordie Saria is concerned. She says a battle among the elements is not a good thing. She thinks they should all work together.. in harmony." Elric looked confused surely an earth elemental spirit would want earth to rule.

"Maybe I'm wrong" he said to himself.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/11/2000 6:16 PM

'Yes, they should be in harmony,' Jordie agrees 'But
they never are.'

He grabs into his cloak and pulls out a quill, a bottle
of ink and a piece of paper. With a thoughtful look on
his face he starts scribling. Closer inspectation of
the paper reveals that all kinds of arcane symbols and
equasions are on it.

'Elric,' he says 'I have been working on a new ability
which will certainly make our 'friends' think over
their little siege.'

Looking over the paper again, he frowns.

'Do you have a place somewhere here in the cave, where
I can watch upon the stars?'

Imoen only shrugs.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/11/2000 7:55 PM

"I do.. but...You'll have to trust me."

Elric pulled off his sash and tossed it to Jordie. "You'll need to blindfold yourself."

"I'm sorry but.." he shrugs.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/12/2000 1:35 AM

Grabs the blindfold and puts it around his head.

'Sure, all I need is a few minutes to observe them,'
he says.

With the equipment in his hands he stands up, ready
to follow.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 3:44 AM

Elric takes Jordies Elbow and guides him forward. "we'll be right back Imoen."

He guided them right thru a wall. They took many turns, steps up or down as traveled sometimes thro solid stone, other times air could be felt on the skin. You finally stop and he lets you go.

"Okay Jordie, you can take it off"

As you remove the blindfold you see a perfectly round room with no entrances only walls. AS your Gaze shifts you notice above you is an open sky, the stars shining brighter then seems normal.

"It's a magical view of what's above us exact in every detail, indeed it is enhanced beyond normal vision. I hope this will do. How long do you need? do you wish me to leave?"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/12/2000 11:29 AM

'This will only take a minute,' Jordie tells you
'You can stay if you wish. Just keep a distance,
in case something goes wrong.'

He sits down on the ground, legs crossed. Taking the
paper and laying it down in front of him, he starts to
chant softly. With closed eyes he grasps upwards. Though
he can't reach the ceiling, one of his hands seemingly
closes around a star and it disappears from vision.
The hand glows for a second, then the light crawls up his arm
and all the way up to his fore-head, where it fades away.

'Yes,' he states as he stands up 'I think I know how
to use it now.'

Jordie stretches one arm in front of him. Concentrating
heavily, sweat running down his face. At first, nothing
happens, but then miniscule lights start forming in his
palm. They gather into a globe, a red burning globe. It starts
growing larger and larger. You recognize it as a miniature
version of a red giant(star).

'Success!' Jordie cheers 'Watch this...'

The star stops growing and changes shape. It breaks into two
parts, then each part starts growing again. Jordie stretches his
other arm and it too starts producing a star. Soon there
are a dozen stars floating around him. The air around him
starts warping from the heat, but he doesn't seem to notice.
He puts his hands together and the stars merge into one
giant star more then six feet in diameter. He quickly lets it
dissipate, though, not wanting to hurt Saria again.

'Well, that went better as I expected it to do,' Jordie grins,
whiping the sweat of his brows as the air returns to its normal
'Even a fiend born in the hottest pits of hell could be hurt by

An idea pops in his head, then.

'Hey Elric,' he asks 'Have you ever heard of a Super-nova?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

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your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 2:54 PM

"Super nova? No.. but if she's as fierce as the Nova I knew.. " He shudders in what looks to be both pleasure and fear.

His face calm, although he too is sweating from the heat. "Well then shall we?"

He waits for Jordie to put on the blindfold and then he'll lead Jordie back.

Meanwhile Saria vibrates the room around Imoen ever so gentely, It's a very peacefull feeling.

Suddenly in Imoen's hand appears an Ash wood bow which has several metal strands running down it's length. She will likely recognize it as Elric's bow.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/12/2000 3:31 PM

'A super nova is an explosion,' Jordie says putting the
blindfold on 'Or actually an implosion, of a star. I think
I could emulate it.'

Imoen lays back against the wall with closed eyes.
The vibration of the rock makes her sleepy. Just as
she opens her mouth to let out a yawn, the bow appears
in her hands.

'What the...' the yawn comes out anyway 'That's Elric's
bow. What do ye want?'

At that moment Elric and Jordie come walking into the

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 4:22 PM

Elric relased Jordie. "we're here"

He smiled when he saw Imoen holding Elteris. "Ah I see the old bow does listen once in a while."

He chuckled and saw the look on their faces. "When I knew the Assassin would come I couldn't risk Elteris falling into the wrong hands, So I told it to come to you, Imoen after a while."

He smiled as he always does then and hummed quickly but softly.

"Yes Saria, I understand."

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/12/2000 4:42 PM

'I was gonna keep it too,' Imoen jokes as she turns
Elteris over to Elric.

'What's wrong?' Jordie inquires, though he senses something
is already going on 'We have visitors. Lots of them...'

'Let's get this over with,' Imoen sighs 'A girl needs
her beauty rest.'

'You were knocked out for hours, earlier.' Jordie
reminds her.

'Not long enough.' she retorts.

'Indeed.' he smirks.

Ignoring the sarcastic comment, Imoen walks for the door,
calling her bow as she goes.

'Now, are ye coming or not?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/12/2000 8:17 PM

Elric smiles at Imoen. "Thank you."

with a sigh he looks at them both. "You two go. I'm going to handle things another way."

He leaps off towards the back of the cave and shouts out behind him "Watch out for acid balls!"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/13/2000 3:39 PM

'We'll be sure to watch out, Elric.' Jordie says
before running after Imoen.

He didn't bother pulling out his swords, first he
wanted to try out his new powers. So did Imoen, of
course. They walked out of the cave entrance and were
immedeately beset by a large host of blob-like creatures.

'Nupperibos and Lemures?' Jordie laughed out loud 'Oh please.'

Imoen fired an Ice-arrow in their midst, which exploded
on contact, taking out a dozen of the beasts at once.
A few more arrows struck and the first row of fiends
was downed. Jordie was just about to join in on the
fun when he felt a lightning bolt approaching. Imoen
did not and it struck her in the shoulder, sending her
spinning to the ground. Another one followed, this one
going for Jordie who merely brought his hand in the bolt's
way. As the bolt touched his palm it stopped. He moved his
arm into the direction of the next row of baatezu and fired
it. The contact with Jordie had doubled the bolt's power
and it took out the whole host of fiends in one go.

'Who did that?' Imoen asked as she stood up from the

Her question was answered as half a dozen of 9' tall
baatezu walked in, lead by two 12' figures, one was blue
and insectiod in appearance, the other was just as you
would expect from a devil. Big and red.

'A Pit Fiend, with a Gelugon as right hand,' Jordie summed up
'Followed by a host of Gelugon bodyguards. As always.'

Imoen took up her bow and fired for the Pit Fiend, but
the Gelugon jumped in the way and took the arrow in the chest.
It just stood there, laughing. The arrow hadn't hurt it in
the least.

'Attack!' the Pit-Fiend howled.

From out of every direction, Baatezu started pouring in.
At least a hundred more of the Blobs rolled forward.
The other groups were more orderly and walked in strict
formations. A large flock of Abishai flew in darkening
the skies.

'They brought a whole freakin' war party!' Imoen gasped
'What is this, the Blood War?'

'It will be when we're done with them,' Jordie replied
'I think it's time to use our new powers...'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 4:09 PM

Elric smiled deep with in his cave. He saw and heard everything above. It was time to teach these fiends what it was to mess with him.

"Saria, Attack plan astin.. 7."

He quickly fell into the casting of a spell. Even as he did he knew Saria was acting on her own now.

At that very moment Jordie and Imoen felt a slight vibration under their feet. They somehow understood that allies where to come.

Then Suddenly out of the Earth around them 4 masses of stone shot from the ground. They grew to over 12 feet before vibrating large chucks off themselves. Now on either side of Jordie and Imoen, 2 ten foot tall stone statues stood. Each had glowing gemstone eyes and carried a crystal shield and a sword made of uncut metal. The statues moved, one on each side forward a step and one off a step, in a protective posistion.

High in the Sky a small green sphere appeared and then exploded outward in every direction. the acid stinging every Abishai it touched. The acid drops then fell and rained upon those below.

"Now the games begin" Elric said to himself.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/13/2000 4:42 PM

The acid rain dug into the ranks of fiends like a
shovel into soft soil. Except for the Pit Fiend and
it's followers, who were heavily protected now. This
was a good thing, for they would not enter the battle,
yet. Imoen shot rays of frost from her hands, getting
more proficient with the minute. The arrival of the
new giant allies brought a smile upon Jordie's face.
He fell back and looked upward. The Abishai were trying
to avoid the acid rain. Searching for the spot with
the largest concentration of the fiends, he prepared his
powers. As he found an appropiate spot to target, a
red star appeared in his hand. He fired it and it stopped
in their midst. The Abishai flocked around the red
globe curiously, it wasn't doing anything besides
floating still. The star started to get smaller and the Abishai
laughed, calling their comrades to come closer.
The grin upon Jordie's face almost took in his ears
as he saw the foolery of the fiends.

'Nova!' he screams and the star did just that.

The explosion was huge, the light was so bright it
seemed as if it was the middle of the day. Even the
mindless Lemures were distracted and all looked upward.
The Abishai closest to the blast were obliterated, nothing
was left to remind of their former presence. Those farther
away were smashed to pieces. Besides acid, it now rained
Abishai body-parts and blood.

Jordie himself was astonished 'Did I do that?' he asked
in his best impression of Steve Urkel.

((OOC: of course he doesn't know who that is, but still ;) ))

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 4:51 PM

The stone giants smashed aside any fiend getting in close. They took the clod, the heat, and the aside along with any physical blows, never slowing.

Out by the Pit fiend the ground began to split apart and shake viloently in a tremendous Earthquake. Yet At Jordie and Imoen's feet the ground was stable and not a single tremor was felt. Hands of stone came from all over the fields then reaching out and tripping any off blanace fiends.

Elric's voice can be heard in a nearly deafening volume "Leave my home and live"

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/13/2000 5:31 PM

The Pit Fiend and his Cornugons spread their wings and took
off. The Gelugon, on the other hand, could not and was consumed
by the earth.

'First we take out those Giants, then the others,'
the Pit Fiend growled to his more then willing Body

They flew off. Taking up his mighty vorpal blade, the
Pit Fiend slashed at the first giant. The stone man
brought up its shield to block, but the fiend's sword
cut through stone as easy as through butter. The
lower arm and shield fell to the ground, squashing
a handful of fiends. The Cornugons swarmed around the
Giants together with the few remaining Abishai, trying
to avoid the blows while they tried to land theirs.
The Abishai were doing little more then scratching the
Giants, but the Cornugons did some damage, though minor.
A spell cast by the Pit-Fiend could change that, for
it was a spell which would turn the rock into flesh.
It managed to get off the spell, but could not see its
results. He was hit by a ball of lightning from the

'I'll have your skull hanging above my fireplace soon,'
Jordie promised the Fiend as he walked up to it, another
ball of lightning ready in his hand.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 5:48 PM

The earth expolded and Elric rose on a pillar of stone. He raised both hands and from each a cone of Acid shot out at the pit fiend. His face twitched and his body shook with energy.

Thin pillars of stone about a foot around shot from the ground and slammed into fiend after fiend. The pillars dropped back into the ground as quickly as they shot out.

Slowly all can notice the Giants are actually growing and that their wounds are closing. The lost arm starting to regrow. The other three were growing additional arms to swat at the fiends.

A single giant easily twice the size of the others seemed to push it's way from the ground. The New Giant was female and unbelievably beautiful. She sang softly and the scorched and burnt trees up-rooted and marched towards the fiends. The winds picked up becoming fierce and difficult to fly in.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

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07/13/2000 6:29 PM

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The Abishai were either swatted out of the sky by the
giants or by the winds. The stronger of the Cornugons
kept to the air, though they were slowed and soon they
had to retreat or get squished like flies.

Quickly dodging the acid rays, the Pit fiend still got
one wing and a piece of his shoulder scorched off.
It turned around slashing the pillar Elric was standing
on in two. In return it got hit by a barrage of lightning
from Jordie. Laughing like a maniac it turned around and
suddenly vanished. It's next position was revealed by
the falling of one of the stone giants, both legs cut
down from under it. Then the Fiend vanished again, this
time gone from the battle-field taking its body-guards
with it.

'Damnit!' Jordie pouted 'I hate it when they flee!'

Letting out his frustration, he called down lightning
upon the closest group of Nupperibo.

Imoen was tired, channeling as much energy as this was
completely new for her. She was surprised when a score of
Amnizu stormed out of the bushes next to her. With a
screech she instinctively used her powers and a wall of
Ice came into being in front of the onrushing Fiends,
who were too late to stop and crashed into the wall
with a thud, then bounced right off.

'Nice,' Imoen thought out loud 'Now if I could just...'

Beams of water shot from her hands, pushing against the
wall, which tipped over by the pressure. Now it was the
Fiends turn to screech, frantically trying to run out from
under the wall. The 'Splat' sound was heard all over the
field and brought a chuckle from Jordie.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/13/2000 7:45 PM

Elric stood unmoving even as the pillar fell away from under him. The strong winds holding him up briefly before the female giant puts her hand under him holding him high. He saw the fiends vanish and understood Jordie and Imoen could handle the few that where left. Slowly the female giant sank deep into the ground, her hand becoming the ground Elric now stands on. Each of the other Giants even the fallen ones, sunk into the ground. The trees rerooted and the winds died. Elric took in a deep breath and slowly released it.

You can almost feel everything around you shudder as he does. He blinks rapidly and it's then you notice the golden streaks fading from his eyes. As the streaks fade the air around him and you crackle with energy.

"Thank you Saria." He says softly.

"Well done both of you." He smiled again at the powerfull couple.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/14/2000 6:11 PM

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--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

07/14/2000 6:26 PM

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Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

'If you so much as touch kitty's ass, I'll put firecrackers in your nutsack and blow
your balls all over your pants!'


07/31/2000 2:36 PM

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--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/05/2000 11:42 AM

Suddenly Elric Stumbled back as if hit by a physical blow. He dropped to one knee, his face full of pain.

Just then Everyone could feel the presence of a Powerful being. With it came the presence of many others must likely Greater Baatezu. They were close yet nowhere to be seen.

The ground, air, the water, the ice, the flames, the trees, the grass, the very earth all seemed to cry out in pain. The sound was deafening and it came from everything. Through it all Elric's anguished cry could be heard.

"S A R I A!" his voice full of pain and anger.

The Earth shot up and enveloped Elric. It fell away and he seemed to be made of stone. Then Jordie and Imoens could neither see, hear, feel, taste, nor smell anything for a second. They could sense the a nature itself all around them, rushing by them before their senses once again returned.

Their they couls see Elric laying on the ground unmoving. All around them there was nothing. The grass, trees, and rocks were all gone. The soil itself was a lifeless ash, the air seemed stale, barely beathable. The fires that were left burning from the battle were gone, the waters left from Imoen's attack was also gone. Even the dead bodies were gone. Far in the distance trees could barely be seen. The three of them were in the center of a barren, lifeless plain, for indeed even the rolling hills near-by were even gone.

The presence of the powerfull being they'd felt just before the cries was still their for a second before it vanished, a laughter left in it's wake.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/05/2000 12:40 PM

OOC: Hey, I just got back from my vacation today.

'Asmodeus...,' Jordie whispers 'I felt him.'

Too many memories flooding into his mind, Jordie falls
to his knees screaming. Again he feels the crude baatezu
instruments ripping into his flesh. The same laughter mocking
him, making him feel insignificant. He sees the faces of
the ones he had slaughtered, hears their death-cries.

'No!' he cries 'It wasn't my fault!'

Imoen walks up to him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking
him around a bit. Jordie looks up to her and growls,
seeing her as one of his torturers. Rage carrying him,
he spins around, kicking. In barely a second Imoen is lying
on her back, hit three seperate times in what seemed to be one

'Jordie!' she cries in frustration 'What are ye doing?
It's me Imoen!'

Jordie stands still for a moment, then a confused look
crosses his face. He looks at Imoen, at the boot-prints that
are on her body and, most notably, her face.

'I hit you?'

Imoen shakes her head...

'No, it wasn't yer...'

'I hit you!' he interrupts her, then softer 'I hit you....'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/05/2000 2:45 PM

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Elric lays motionless, his body no longer seeming his own. He tries to breath once he realizes he isn't breathing. Taking a deep breath he holds it for a second and lets it out quickly.

There is so much pain He tought.

He doesn't even feel as if he could get up if he wanted to.

A strong wind starts to blow and the ash-like soil begins to blow around on the breeze.

Elric is only somewhat aware that Jordie and Imoen are nearby. He is mostly lost inside himself trying to figure out what's going on inside his body.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/07/2000 2:12 PM

((OOC: Of course I had fun :) ! How was your vacation BTW?))

Why did this always happen? Every time he had found a
piece of happiness, Asmodeus would show up and ruin everything.

As he shook his head at the futility of his existence,
Jordie noticed Elric lying there. Slowly he started walking
over to him. Imoen followed suit.

'Jordie, don't walk away,' she plead 'We have to talk

He turned at her, his cold stare stopping her in midsentence.

'There is nothing to be said.' he turned away before she could
even begin to reply.

Never had she seen him like this. So cold and devoid of
emotion. She just stood there, staring at him with wide,
unbelieving eyes.

'He's still alive,' Jordie said after a moment of silence
'I don't have anymore healing potions, so this will have to do.'

His right hand started to glow. Waves of comforting warmth swept
through Elric as he put his hand down on him.

'Maybe you should give him some water,' Jordie told Imoen
without looking at her.

Imoen moved to do as he said, still staring at Jordie, who kept
avoiding her piercing gaze.

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/07/2000 6:38 PM

((ooc vacation was ASWOME!, thanks))

Elric's eyes fluttered open when Jordie touched him. The white of his eyes are now golden. His emerald iris's are now streaked with the same golden color. His pupils seem to glow with a silver light. He looks straight at Jordie and in a pained whisper he says,


Elric starts to sob, his heart filled with almost unbearable grief.

"For centuries.. she was the only one who knew I exsisted... Now.."

Tears now freely flow from his eyes.

"I've gotten her killed... what have I done?"

He looks back and forth between Jordie and Imoen, hoping for an answer, knowing none would be good enough. He closes his eyes, trying to shut the world out.

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

08/10/2000 10:41 AM

"I know what you've done." A kender walks up. "You've gotten her killed.You just said that. Boy, are you dumb."

08/20/2000 8:01 AM

With an absent gesture of his hand Jordie fires a web
of lighting at the kender, which promptly pins him to
the ground.

'I'll give you a bit of advice, little one,' Jordie
tells the kender 'Never insult someone when powerful
friends are standing next to him. Now, move an inch and

(This is the lightning web spell, when you move a strand
of the web breaks, doing 1d6 points of damage. The web holds
an amount of strands per square yard equal to the caster's
level, which is A LOT in this case.)

Jordie turns back to Elric, who Imoen is trying to comfort
a bit.

'You said Saria was a kind of Earth Elemental, right?'
Jordie says 'Don't creatures of her kind return to their
homeplane after they are destroyed on this one?'

Jordie, Master of Fire and Lightning

Paperweight of discord and bodyguard of The Man for Chaos Inc.

08/20/2000 3:08 PM

"I'd thought she was.." he sobssoftly. "But no.. she was more..but of this plane."

He loks about the barren field, seeing the signs of Saria's death all around him.

"This," he gestures to the field with his hand. "all was Saria.. and she it.. I can't explain it.."

He looked at Jordie and Ioen and almost smiled.

"He will join her now."

--The Dark Beserker

"With the Rage comes insanity"

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