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06/18/2000 4:59 PM

(ooc well her goes Part III)

*the elf flies off into the woods in a rage. He searches for his brothers murderer within the Qualinesti woods. His mind scans every part of it as he flies through it.*

Where are you...

05/27/2000 8:49 PM

Standing in the doorway, she turns to the elder elf who brought the news of the death of Pyranthas's twin, "Take me to the Spesker," looks this elf over and sees that he is in royal garb.

He states plainly, "I cannot do that, miss. I am simply a messanger. But other templar have been sent out after Pyranthas. Good Evening," he pushes past her and leaves.

*she grabs her pack, her crossbow, her sword and dagger, then stops, drops these things and settles down at the table and picks at the loaf of bread*

Leans back and closes her eyes, Pyranthas. I am so sorry for your loss.

05/28/2000 5:14 PM

*he can hear Autumn's thoughs transmit to him. He stops in the air and floats. He then flies towards Qualinost and flies into his home.*

Autumn I am back. I want you to come with me on this journey. Yes I know the others are looking for me, but the will realize I am back.

05/28/2000 5:35 PM

Goes to him, "I was worried about you, Quisalas," touches jacket and his shirt, making sure he's ok, "I am so sorry about Maginathas, so sorry," hugs him and leads him to the lounge, "Sit."

She brings him a goblet of wine, sets down a plate of food, and puts on a kettle, "Try to eat something."

Sits next to him, "Of course I will journey with you. Perhaps we can find someone to assist."

05/28/2000 5:42 PM

*he looks at the food and takes a small bite of it and puts his fork down. His eyes are filled in sorrow.*

Maginathas was my twin brother. I was only minutes older him. He was one of the only ones who beleived I did not do that murder. He was the greatest wizard I knew. He was so caring and had such a cool temper. He was so kind. He never refused helping someone in need. I wish you could have actually got to know him. He was such a great elf.

*he starts to cry and he then lays his head on her shoulder.*

I hope we can find someone who can help use.

05/28/2000 5:51 PM

"I wish I had known him, too. Oh, I am so sorry, Py," holds him, "We will find the help we need in venging his death.

*hums softly and sweet elven song and lets him rid himself of his grief*

05/28/2000 5:56 PM

*he hugs her arm and then moves his arms around her and then holds her in his arms.* He looks into her eyes*

Autumn Half-elven, I love you. You have been here for me since the beginning and I thank you.

*he kisses her cheak*

05/28/2000 6:11 PM

*wipes the tears from his face and takes his hand*

"Pyranthas Bronzeblade, you are my Quisalas. You are my rock and you are my light. I will always be by your side," she smiles softly and sighs and lets the evening settle in.

05/28/2000 6:33 PM

Thank you Quisalas.

*he lays his head on her lap*

05/28/2000 11:40 PM

*morning comes. she tickles his ear*

"Wakey wakey," she has a plate of warmed bread, fruit, and smoked venison strips waiting for him, "Your neighbors...Py, they heard of your returning, your vindication, and your loss. They have been bringing gifts all morning, that is where I got the venison."

Sits next to him, "Here," hands him a rolled piece of parchment, "From The Speaker. I am sorry, but I peeked. Look," guides his sleepy hand, "It is a drawing of your brother. The speaker had the tower artist render it during the night for you...as a rememberance."

Looks at him with concern in her eyes, "We shall find help, Py. Eat, get ready, then we travel."

05/29/2000 1:28 PM

*he smiles slightly, and then wonders how he got into his bed. He chews on a venison strip and looks at the parchment of Maginathas. He sighs and then finishing eating his food. He then jumps out of bed and begins doing push ups. After 100 of them He points his hand towards on of the swords on his wall and he summons it to him. It leaps of the wall and he catches it and spins around whorling his blade with deadly skill. He then stops and sets it down. He grabs his jacket and throws it on and then his sword belt and walks to Autumn.*

I am going to the tower. I would like you to come with me. With me you will have no trouble getting inside and I can take you on a tour.

05/29/2000 3:24 PM

*takes the drawing of Maginathas and places it in a drawer*

Grabs her jacket and pulls her hair into a thick braid and smiles, "Oh...I would like that. We go then," takes his hand and walks to the door.

05/29/2000 3:39 PM

*he holds her hand and walks outside and locks the door. Many people stand outside waiting for him to exit, all with gifts and welcoming him back and giving him greivance about his brother.*

Thank you all for the gifts but I must get to the Tower...

Pyranthas, the Speaker said you can have the week off *a tall brown haired man in Templar garb says to him*

Really? well now what shall I do?

There is a celebration in your honor for your return.

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn.*

05/29/2000 3:45 PM

*smiles at him and shrugs*

Turns to the templar bringing this news, "Thank you, kind sir," looks at each person gathered around in turn, "The kindness you have shown Pyranthas Brozenblade pays tribute to this fine city," thinks about Py's thirst for revenge and wonders if they care spare the time for such an event.

Py, I haven't anything to wear to such a celebration

*looks down at her brown leather garb*

05/29/2000 4:03 PM

I shall be there then later tonight. I have to go to the market place today and get some stuff. I shall be there in a few hours my friends.
Walks through the elves pulling Autumn with him.

05/29/2000 5:03 PM

*goes along with Pyranthas, happy to leave the crowd outside his house*

"Oh Py, this will be a tiring day for you, I hope you are feeling up to it," gazes up at him, "Are we really going to the market? I thought we were going to the tower?"

*they walk down the road*

05/29/2000 5:55 PM

Well we have a party in my name to go to and you said you needed clothes so I will by you a beautiful dress

05/29/2000 6:36 PM

Smiles up at him and blushes, "Ok Py."

*they enter the marketplace and she immediately spies a shop with elven men conversing outside, and elven women streaming in*

"Be right back," hugs Pyranthas and hurries into the shop.

*about an hour later, Autumn appears in the doorway. she is carrying a silken bag with her regular clothes inside. she sees Pyranthas and goes to him*

"Hi!" she smiles at him.

*she is wearing a floor-length velvet and silk gown of the deepest mauve. the neck swoops low revealing her tanned skin...golden thread is woven throughout...and there is golden glitter sparkling along the nape of her neck. her hair is twisted up into a soft roll, and long silky black strands grace her face and neck. her lips are painted berry-red*

"You like?"

05/29/2000 6:57 PM

*he stares at her*

Oh my. You look wonderful Autumn. I do not beleive I have ever seen look as beautiful as you do now. I guess I had better get some new cloths too. I'll be back.

*he rushes into a store and with in 10 minutes he comes out with his clothes in his back. He is wearing a black pants. A white shirt with an emerald green shirt. His platium medallion is hidden benieth his shirt. His sword hangs at his side.*

How do I look?

05/29/2000 7:21 PM

She looks him over and smiles, "Very striking. Shall we?" holds out her arm.

05/29/2000 7:28 PM

*He weaves his arm with hers and then walks t the town square where the part is being half. There is the smell of sweet elven wine and roasted venison. The Speaker of the Sun and his family is also there.*

05/29/2000 7:37 PM

Enters the square and watches as all eyes turn to Pyranthas I'm nervous. Is that the Speaker and his wife?

*smiles and nods to well wishers and condolance givers as they approach the Speaker's table*

05/29/2000 7:52 PM

*he smiles*

Greeting Speaker.

*he bows before him and his wife. He can feel the Speaker's daughter's eyes on him.*

Thank you very much for the portait of my brother. He was very dear to me.

*he tries to avoid looking at the Speakers daughter. His daughter is obsessed with me.*

05/29/2000 9:33 PM

*curtsies before the Speaker, his wife, and the princess. a servent guides them to their seats close to the royal family*

I feel faint

*smiles at Pyranthas and takes a sip of wine and studies the princess*

Realizes foggily that someone is speaking to her, "Hmmmmm?" she looks across the table at an elven warrior, a templar, "Pardon? Oh yes...this is my first time in Qualinost. You have a very lovely city," she responds, hoping that this is the correct answer to whatever it was he asked her.

*servants bring in the first course of the feast...turtle soup*

05/30/2000 4:50 AM

The food is wonderful Speaker. I must thank you again my lord.

Everything will be ok Autumn

Your welcome Pyranthas. I only want my best warrior to feel welcome back and to know that we feel bad about your lost.

*The speakers Daughter stares at him. Pyranthas looks down.*

05/30/2000 5:06 AM

*gleams at the Speaker's praise of Pyranthas*

*second and third courses are served, a fruity salad with pinenuts, and honey-sweetened bread*

The Speaker's daughter continues to stare at Pyranthas and says, "What is your trade, Autumn Half-Elven ?"

Autumn sits a little straigher and glances at Pyranthas then looks at the maiden, "I am a hunter by trade, Speaker's Daughter," she says plainly and smiles.

05/30/2000 5:29 AM

Have more respect for our guests Triscesse.

Sorry father but she is a...

I will not stand for it. She is our guest and we must treat her with respect.

Yes father.

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn.*

Triscesse is a little on the cold side when it comes to half elves.

*Triscesse looks at Pyranthas once again.*

Pyranthas, would you please accompany to the park.

*he looks at Autumn again.*

Yes m'lady.

*he stands up and walks with her to the park near by.*
I shall be back shortly Autumn

What is it M'lady?

*she flings her arms around around his neck and kisses him. Pyranthas prys her off him and turns away from her.*

Please m'lady. I am taken.

You mean by that Half elf?

Yes, I am in love with Autumn. I must be going back to the party. So, if you will excuse me, I will be going back now.

*he walks back to the party and sits next to Autumn.*

She will be back soon I think.

05/30/2000 6:45 AM

*the princess comes back and takes her seat and looks at Autumn and then looks back at Pyranthas staring at him.*

Sorry father I took so long. I had to get something at the tower.

*she stares at Pyranthas and he looks down and away.*

Your majesty I must be leaving now. There is somethings I wanted to show Autumn here in the city.

05/30/2000 7:09 AM

Places her napkin on her plate and smiles around the table, then addresses the Speaker and his wife, "Thank you for your hospitality your majesty, ma'dam. It has been truly enjoyable," stands with Pyranthas.


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05/30/2000 7:13 AM

*he walks back to his home with Autumn.*

The Princess does not like it when she can't have her way. She has been a thorn in my side ever since I have met her. I am sorry you had to go through with that and meeting her.

05/30/2000 7:27 AM

"Not to worry, Py. We have all had to deal with that kind of rudeness and prejudice," she laughs shakily, "I just wish it hadn't happened at the table!"

Smiles up at him, "The Speaker seems to be a very noble man, from what I could sense," looks at him more closely, "How are you holding up, Quisalas? You have been through much in the past day."

*they reach his house and the door is ajar*

05/30/2000 7:30 AM

*he darts in and scans the the house with his mind.*

Who goes there. I know you are here.

*he draws his sword.*

05/30/2000 10:49 AM

What are you doing here? I am a Grandmaster swordsman. If you wish to live, show yourself or I will find you.

05/30/2000 11:02 AM

"Don't hurt me," a small voice mutters.

*a girl creeps out from a back room, palace servant by the looks of her*

Autumn comes into the house and goes to the girl, "Do you always enter other's dwellings without being invited?" she asks sternly, "Speak the truth, why did you enter Pyranthas Brozenblade's home?"

The girl is frightened, "No, no...I am on an errand for Maiden Triscesse. Here!" she shoves a scroll into Autumn's hand and runs out of the house.

Hands Pyranthas the scroll. It reads My darling Pyranthas, you shun me. Your heart cannot possibly lie with a mutt. Please rethink and come see me. You know where to find me. I will wait for you for all of eternity if necessity. Triscesse

(ooc--sorry took me so long, phoneline down while it being fixed)

05/30/2000 4:46 PM

Thank you. Please, next time do not enter even if the Princess sends you. This s my home and not hers.

05/30/2000 5:09 PM

Sits down on the lounge and sighs, "So, tell me, how are you feeling, Py? About everything," undoes her hair and lets it fall.

*watches him and worries for him*

05/30/2000 5:27 PM

I am doing ok my love. I would do better if that "Royal" pain would leave me alone. She has wanted as her own ever I first met her. She is such a pain and thorn in my side.

*he plops down on his sofa and give Autumn a kiss. He throws his feet up on the oak coffee table infront of it.*

05/30/2000 5:52 PM

*pats his leg and stands to put a kettle on, then sits back down next to him*

"What are your plans for the morrow, Py?" tosses scroll from the princess in the fire.

05/30/2000 6:01 PM

*he smiles at she burns the note*

Well I am hoping to take you on a tour of the tower tomorrow.

05/30/2000 7:44 PM

"I would like that, Py," gets up and pours him some tea and takes off his boots and tosses them aside then sits back down.

*lays her head on his shoulder and falls asleep*

05/31/2000 4:26 AM

*he lifts her up and carries her to his bed. He then sits down in a large lounge chair and watches her sleep, siping his tea.*

05/31/2000 7:31 AM

*she stirs and opens her eyes and sees Pyranthas*

"You weren't up all nite, were you?" she smiles at him sleepily, yawns and stretches and walks over to him and sits down on the floor by his feet.

Realizes she's still wearing the gown from last night, "I never thanked you for getting me this beautiful dress. Thank you," glances up at him, "I think I can wear my regular clothes to the tower today, don't you think so, Quisalas?" is waking up very slowly.

05/31/2000 8:43 AM

*he is sitting in his normal Templar garb and smiles at her.*

I was up all night thinking about you love, watching you sleep. I think your normal clothes shall be fine.

*He pulls her up to his lap.*

05/31/2000 9:07 AM

Puts and arm around him, "Good. I will feel more comfortable," grins at him.

05/31/2000 9:21 AM

*he puts his arms around her waist and kisses her.*

We will take my slamori and end up in my office. Then I shall take it from there.

05/31/2000 10:34 AM

Gives him a hug, "Sounds good," leaves and washes up and dresses in her soft brown leather trousers and tunic, "Ready!"

(ooc -- Oh boy, Py...do i ever have something to tell you)

05/31/2000 10:42 AM

(ooc - it will have to be when I get home from work at 10:00pm - 10:15pm)

*he stands up and heads to the fireplace and opens the secret door.*

Lets go.

*he walks down the path and ends up into the weapons room. He opens a different door this time and walks in.*

Come on.

05/31/2000 10:49 AM

*follows him through the door and looks around*

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05/31/2000 7:22 PM

*he exits into a room and waits for Autumn. There are swords everywhere.*

Welcome to my office.

05/31/2000 9:43 PM

*her eyes are bright as she glides slowly around the room...looking at everything, touching nothing. the room smells strongly of metal and leather and wood*

"My, my," she teases and glances back at him, "Such a collection!" she seats herself in a swivel chair by a large table and spins around.

"Impressive," stops spinning, "This room suits you, Pyranthas."

06/01/2000 4:36 AM

*he shuts the door*

I'll show you around the other rooms now.

*He takes her through the whole tower. Getting ready to leave, he opens the door to his office and he sees the Princess sitting in his chair.*

One of my servants told me you were here with...
*looks at Autumn in disgust.*

I must be going my lady. I came here to show Autumn around the tower. I have other places to go today. The Speaker gave me the week off. Now if you will please, I must be going.

*She stares at Autumn.*

Oh... where are you going?

None of your business. Now we must be going. Come on Autumn.

*he heads down the hall to the main enterance and walks outside.*

*up in his office, the princess watches him leave.*

Oh... I shall have you Pyranthas. You shall be mine even if it is the last thing I do.

06/01/2000 5:15 AM

*smiles and nods at the princess, trying hard to ignore and be polite. the royal maiden is so different from herself.*

After they leave the office, "The princess... she's a persistant one, Py," shivers.

Walks with him, "Thank you for showing me around the tower. It's like something out of a dream. I will remember it always."

06/01/2000 5:50 AM

You are welcome love. I am glad you enjoyed the tour. I am sorry she ended up in my office. I fear she will not stop bothing me while I am here. I am going to tell the speaker that I am going to go on a mission to find my brother's murderers and see to it that they get a very... very sweet death. Will you accompany me Autumn?

*he holds her hand as they walk down the streets, and then an elf is running by with a ring in his hand*

HAHA! I stole the princess's ring!

*Pyranthas then flicks his wrist and the elf trips. The ring then floats to his hand. He walks to the elf and grabs his arm. The elf tries to fight back, but Pyranthas then drives his fist into the man's face and he goes limp. He then walks to the guards and hands the body over to them along with a ring.*

Give this to the Princess.

*he then takes Autumn's hand and he walks towards the market place.*

06/01/2000 6:22 AM

Sees the determination in his eyes, "Of course I will accompany you, Py," someone is running their way.

*giggles when the thief trips and falls, then beams up at Pyranthas when he finishes up with the guard*

"That was something else! You never cease to amaze me," she smiles.

Takes a look around, "hmmmmm....looks like we're headed to the marketplace?" proud that she is becoming familiar with this city.

06/01/2000 7:00 AM

There is some toys I want to get at the weaponshop that would be great to have on hand gor this journey. Also I wanted to get a few supplies at a special store that only the templar can get into.

06/01/2000 7:12 AM

*he walks to the weaponstore and grabs a small pouch of Caltrops, a bolo, and a few other things. He then walks out and walks to another building that says no entrance on it. He knocks twice and then says something quietly and then knocks again. The door opens.*

You have to wait out here love. I shall be back in a few.

*he enters and then grabs a ten small glowing green orb. He then draws both of his swords and sets them down. He places one orb on each and then touches the two blades together, combinding them into one. The new blade takes the form of the master sword he got in solace but has the powers of the vorpal sword and the other blade. The blade changes to a very highly polished sliver. He next combines the two scabbards and places them on his belt and then puts his sword in it. He takes the remaining 6 orbs and places them on a suit of enchanted elvish plate and then puts his jacket over it. The suit is merged with his jacket. He grabs the jacket and throws it on. He then hands the man in the "shop" a bag of gems. He grabs one last thing and then heads out.*

Ok now lets go. We can stop back at my house and get what we need then we shall go after the killers. I am going to get a pair of griffons and we shall take to the air and then hunt for them.

*he then heads off towards his house.*

06/01/2000 7:48 AM

"Griffons," she looks up at the sky a little anxiously and wonders what it will be like to fly.

Pyranthas is an imposing figure and she studies him as they walk, "You look real nice," is all she can think to say.

*they reach his house and she immediately begins gathering some quith pa and filling waterskins*

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06/01/2000 9:17 AM

Wait here and I shall get the griffons.

*he walks out his back door and then grabs the harnesses for his griffons and gets them ready to go. He sits on one of them and the other one he grabs hold of the reins and pulls it along with him and he goes around the front.*

Autumn, let's go.

06/01/2000 9:36 AM

*gathers her things, including the crossbow and her sword and goes out front*

*gasps at the site of the griffins*

"Oh boy," carefully approaches the beast, "Here goes," climbs into the saddle fairly easily.

*struggles with the belt a little, then fastens herself in real tight*

Sits up tall and gazes at Pyranthas, "All set."

06/01/2000 12:20 PM

*he says a word in elvish and the griffons take to the air.*

The harnesses are magicaly enchanted so if the griffon sees a horse it wont go nuts and it also allows us to have better control over it. Northeast, Ash.

*he griffon turns towards the Northeast.*

06/01/2000 12:32 PM

*sits back and holds on as her griffin follows suits*

*peers down and sees that they are high above the treetops, then closes her eyes and feels the wind rushing into her face*

I could get used to this

06/01/2000 1:09 PM

*his long honey blonde hair flies in the wind and his jacket flies wide open as he sits on the griffon, searching the area below for his brothers killers. The cold air pounds him in the chest, yet he doesn't shiver. He senses something following them*

We are being followed.

06/01/2000 1:47 PM

*opens her eyes and searches below them*

Where? Can you tell how close?

06/01/2000 1:56 PM

*he turns slowly and he sees nothing. He looks below them and also nothing. He closes his eyes and then opens them and looks up, and there up in the clouds he can see a griffon. He eyes it an then says a few words to himself and the griffon dives down and the rider on the back lets out a scream... a female scream... *

Triscesse! I should have know she would try and follow us! Damn her!. I told her griffon to land and it is doing that now.

06/01/2000 2:04 PM

*They continue to fly north and then land near the Solace. He scans the area and he notices that they had come through here and they headed to the east.*

To the East my love.
*his griffon backs toward the East.*

06/01/2000 2:21 PM

*the fly on the griffons and soon see some smoke.*

Down there!

*the griffons dive to investigate the area. There is nobody there. There is a small camp left.*

They headed that way. Judging by the embers, they left about four hours ago. We should head east for a little while longer, then we shall rest for the night.

*the griffons leap into the air and continue on the route to the east, as they get closer, he can see forest.*

A forest... where are they headed... Silvanesti... They are headed to Silvanesti for some reason.

06/01/2000 2:34 PM

Silvanesti...they are not real keen on visitors, Py. I wonder what your brother's killers are up to. Can you sense anything?

*looks to the horizon*

06/01/2000 2:44 PM

Yes... I know they are not. I can not tell, but they are headed towards Silvanesti that is for sure. They are certainy up to something. I home you got that invisblity ring still. You may just need it, or, we may be able to fly over the land and land in Silvanost. I have been to Silvanost before. I would like to see the Speaker of the Stars.

06/01/2000 4:03 PM

Yes...I have it with me, but they could still see me my aura, Py

*waits for him to pick a course of action*

I'm with you

06/01/2000 4:08 PM

Really? The Qualinesti couldn't see it. The Silvanesti aren't that great.

*he flies with in ten miles away from the forest and then lands and sets up camp for the night*

06/01/2000 4:22 PM

*stretches and sits and starts a fire*

"Here", Hands him some rations and pats the ground next to her.

06/01/2000 4:35 PM

*he takes a few and nibbles o them as he sits next to Autumn. He gives her a little kiss on the cheek*

We better get some rest.

06/01/2000 5:37 PM

*lays out the bed rolls*

Will the griffins keep watch?

*sighs and lays down, stoking the fire a little, then closes her eyes as night comes and listens to Pyranthas's movements, feeling safe*

06/01/2000 5:48 PM

*he lays close to her and closs his eyes and sleeps*

06/02/2000 6:54 AM

*she wakes to the sound of a twig snapping. she opens an eye and slowly looks in the direction of the sound*

*smiles and quietly rolls on her side to watch the griffins*


*gets up and stretches, then warms her hands over the still hot embers*

06/02/2000 8:42 AM

*he wakes up.*

Oh boy I haven't gotten a real nights rest in a while.
*he sences something.*

Some ones here. Quick get on the griffons. It's time to head off anyways.

*he jumps up and vaults himself onto his griffon an then points to the bedrolls and they float into the air and then rool up and they eah go onto the back of a griffon.*

Hurry, we have not a moment to loose.

*his griffon leaps into the air and then waits for the other one.*

06/02/2000 10:23 AM

*quickly kicks dirt over the embers and climbs upon the griffon who immediately catches up with the other*

"What is it, Py?" scans below her.

06/02/2000 10:47 AM

Dunno... something is coming... and I dont like the feeling of it. Something evil... very evil. We got to reach Silvaninesti quickly.

06/02/2000 10:59 AM

*she shivers and looks behind her*

I'm frightened, Py urges her griffon on faster.

06/02/2000 11:03 AM

I get a very strange feeling about this one. Ok now dive towards those trees!

*his griffon dives towards the trees and then land on the out skirts of the forest.*

Stay close to me.

06/02/2000 11:14 AM

Yes, Py.

*runs her hands along her griffon's neck, calming him and herself*

06/02/2000 11:18 AM

*he takes something out and touches it to the griffons and each of them change to a medallion He grabs them and hands one to Autumn.*

Put this on and follow me.

*they enter the woods of Silvanesti.*

06/02/2000 11:25 AM

*tucks the medallion into her shirt*

*still feeling uneasy, and an odd sense of urgency, she calms a little now that they are in her element...the cover of the woods*

Silvenesti. What is going on here?

*hurries along with Pyranthas, neither of them making a sound*

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06/02/2000 11:28 AM

*he walks along quickly and silently.*

06/02/2000 10:45 PM

*hears rushing water in the distance. slips bracelet on and blends in with the surroundings*

We are close, Quisalas. What now?

06/02/2000 10:49 PM

We need to cross on a ferry. There are giant turtles up ahead. Follow me.

*he sees one of them and climbs aboard. He feels around to make sure Autumn is still there. The big turtle goes into the water and crosses to the the ilse in the middle... Silvanost*

06/03/2000 12:11 AM

*holds his hand as they cross, then once they stop and land, she finds the ground and looks around*

*looks around for guards and sees some forms moving about*

To the tower?

06/03/2000 9:05 AM

Yes to the tower.

*he walks down the streets towards the Tower of the Stars. He walks past the guards, which he puts to sleep and then opens the Speakers chambers up.*

Speaker of the Stars, I have come from Qualinesti looking for two dark elves. It looks as if they headed this way towards your homeland.

*the speaker turns around and looks at the elf.*

Pyranthas Bronzeblade is it? I thought you yourself were considered a dark elf?

I was proven innocent because those dark elves I am after. On their way out of Qualinesti, they happened to murder my brother and the rest of the guards and then headed this way.

I will have the dungeons check right away and have the streets combed for them. What do they look like?

*he send the images of them through his mind.*

Thank you. Please stay in the guest room here in the tower.

Thank you Speaker.

06/03/2000 9:40 AM

*waits for him in the hall, trying hard to look like she belongs there*

*hears in her head Pyranthas's talk with the Speaker and nods her head in satisfaction*

06/03/2000 8:23 PM

*he walks out*

Follow me

*they walk to a room and he then shuts the door and locks it.*

It is safe now, you may show yourself my love.

06/03/2000 8:40 PM

*removes her bracelet and places it in a pouch*

Smiles at him, "Soon, Quisalas, you will meet your brother's murderers," goes to him and hugs him, then finds a bottle on wine and pours them each a glass.

"Sit with me, Py," pats a lounge on which she is sitting.

06/05/2000 4:25 AM

*he sits with her and places his arms around her.*

Justice shall be served Quisalas.

06/05/2000 4:58 AM

*he closes his eyes and he sences something. He slowly lest go of Autumn and stands.*

I sence something in city. Something is going on. They are searching for the murderers. They are combing the city very heavy and they are not here... they headed else where. Damnit! They never came to the city. They went around the edge of the forest and headed towards the north. DAMN!

*he grabs his stuff.*

Come one we are waisting time.

*he bolts for the door and then runs down the stairs and pulls his amulet out and throws it up and it changes into it's true form and he leaps onto it and starts to fly off.*

06/05/2000 5:04 AM

*follows swiftly and takes to the air on the griffon, buckling herself as they go*

I'm with you, Py.

*sits back and makes certain she has all of her things*

06/05/2000 5:11 AM

*his mind is scaning everywhere, scanning the area for the murderers. I shall get them. I can't beleive they eluded me!*

06/05/2000 5:24 AM

*urges her griffon on, pulling nearer to Pyranthas so that he can see her face. what he sees there in her eyes and in the set of her mouth is unyeilding determination and pride...for him. she nods her head and smiles*

you shall

06/05/2000 5:27 AM

*he smiles and closes his eyes. He then leans over to kiss her, but he then falls off the griffon. The griffon dives for him, but he stays stationary in the air floating and then flies over to the back of his beast.*

06/05/2000 7:00 AM

"AHHHHHHHHH!" screams as she sees Pyranthas fall off his griffon, her heart leaping into her throat, her hand instinctively reaching for him.

Oh, thank E'li!

*sees that he'll be ok, then gives him a stern look and shakes her head, chuckling nervously*

"Talk about falling for someone," she shouts over the wind, "Sheesh!" takes a drink from her waterskin, momentary fright having made her mouth terribly dry.

06/05/2000 7:08 AM

Sorry bout that. That was totally unplanned.

**he also take a quick swig of his water skin and then repositions himself on his griffon.*

06/05/2000 7:19 AM

*he looks below and searches for the two dark elves.*

Where are they headed...

*they start to fly near mountains. Pyranthas frowns.*

Ogre country...

06/05/2000 7:33 AM

"Ogres!" frowns.

I'm ready for anything

06/05/2000 9:35 AM

*where are they going he thinks.*

NERAKA!!! They are going to Neraka!

06/05/2000 11:04 AM

*looks quickly at Pyranthas. she has heard stories about Neraka. shivers*

Heart racing she shouts, "Then that is where we go. No?"

*keeps her eyes on him, biting her lip*

06/05/2000 12:01 PM

Unfortunately yes. I have been to that place before and it is a dark and evil place. I hate going there because of all of the ogre and goblins and other evil things there. Either those dark elves are headed there or they are headed to Sanction.

06/05/2000 2:15 PM

*leans back again in the saddle and closes her eyes. feels her crossbow press into her back and concentrates on it's shape. begins picturing herself using that weapon, and her shortsword. gets comfortable with the idea. when the time comes, if there is to be fighting she wants to enter it calmly, like the hunt*

I centainly am seeing a lot of the world with you, Py

*she smiles to herself and continues her meditation*

06/05/2000 2:21 PM

Those damn Dark elves could be anywhere. They got too muchof a head start on us.

*he scans the area*

06/06/2000 4:38 AM

*opens her eyes and feels stronger and calmer*

"Pyranthas," she says over the wind, "No. They are here. I don't know how I know, but I feel it. We are very close," looks at him with much concern, "Keep searching."

06/06/2000 5:09 AM

(ooc no I didnt get on icq this morning I was late to school by 10 minutes so I didnt have time.)

*he sits on the griffon in deep meditaion. His mind is not near him. It is in Neraka, searching for his enemies. He finds them... they are in a temple... a temple of evil... of a temple of a dark godess... the godess Takhisis. His eyes snap open and his face a little more white than normal.*

Takhisis... E'li give me the power to defeat this foe.

06/06/2000 5:15 AM

"Takhisis..." her bloods runs cold.

06/06/2000 5:20 AM

There is something big going on in Neraka. Something that really big. Some type of gathering.

*he feels a chill and shakes his head to clear his thoughts.*

06/06/2000 7:30 AM

*her mind swims*

"Yes," nods her head as she remembers," Py, over the last few months or so, many travelers have come thru Solace speaking of strange things happening in the north. Fearful things."

Looks at him wide-eyed, "Do we continue on?" is immediately ashamed of this question, "I'm sorry. I'm frightened, that is all. Of course we continue."

(OOC-- your leaving all my threads. why you not want to play anymore?)

06/06/2000 7:55 AM

Yes we shall continue on.

06/06/2000 7:32 PM

We are going to need to go on foot. We better land the griffon down there.

*he points near a rock outcropping. The griffons dive down and he changes his into an amulet again.*

06/07/2000 12:03 AM

*puts the griffon amulet in her jacket*

"What are you waiting for, Quisalas, lets go," is several paces ahead of him, turns and waits for him.

06/07/2000 11:56 AM

I'm coming love.

*he walks up to her and then freezes.*

We are being watched...

*He scans the area and then draws his sword and smells the air.*


06/08/2000 12:26 AM

*climbs the closest and tallest tree as quickly and as quietly as a squirrel, and peers over the landscape*

You're right...ogres. A large patrol maybe. Heavily armed. Couple dozen. Northeast about 200 yards. Looks like they are settling in for a respite

Swings down the tree and goes to Pyranthas, "There are many campfires further ahead. A LOT more."

*takes and squeezes his hand*

06/08/2000 11:02 AM

*he closes his hands and then hangs his head.*

Damn! There must be an army forming my love. A dark army that worships the godess Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness.

*he draws his sword*

Well how do you think we can do against those ogres. The odds arent too good, they are 12 to one in their favor, but I have seen worse. Think we can do it?

06/08/2000 4:34 PM

"We've come this far. If it is vengence for your dear brother's death you seek, we do not have to fight an entire army," cracks a smile at him, "Unless you want to."

Paces, "If you are certain that those dark elves are at Neraka, then we must get there. I say we can take that patrol. Then, perhaps you can wear one of their uniforms and take me in as prisoner, or I can use my bracelet. You will need to blend in eventually, Quisalas. You cannot fight as a mouse once we do find Maginathas's murderers, and you cannot look as an elven templar, that's for certain."

*removes her crossbow and readies it for battle, looks at him and shrugs*

06/08/2000 5:48 PM

I wont need your braclet. I can change my form anyways. Ok this is how we are going to take out those ogres. You stand on the hill, and I shall fight them by sword. I will need you to watch my back ok?

*the walks up to the top of the hill and looks down at the ogres. He pulls out his sword and murmers a prayer to Paladine, and then gets ready to charge down this hill.*

06/09/2000 8:27 AM

"I understand. Be careful," touches his arm then takes her spot on the hill, already picking out those who will fall to her arrow first.

06/11/2000 12:59 PM

*the elf closes his eyes and meditates for a moment and then opens then and rushes down the hill at such a fast speed it is hard to keep track of him and takes one ogre by surprise and slices off his head.*

06/13/2000 4:43 PM

(ooc music in the background. think of when they yell GO! in freak on a leash. Heehe)

*Pyranthas attacks the ogres like a madman, yet with much grace and swiftness.*

06/14/2000 4:41 PM

*picks off several orges with her crossbow. as she reloads she finds a knife at her throat*

"Drop your weapon, half-elf, and remove the others and cast them before you," a voice says in elven, "Or Pyranthas Brozenblade, brother of Maginathas, dies," the belt Pyranthas gave her is ripped from her waist.

*she does as told*

*she tries to speak to Pyranthas with her thoughts but her mind goes dark and she can't form the words. confusion and fear take over*

06/14/2000 5:44 PM

*All of the ogres now dead, Pyranthas looks up to see one of the dark elves with a knife to Autumns throat.* Let her go! I'm the one you want not her! What do you want with me!

*Pyranthas sences the other elf runing at him, and he quickly spins around and severes his body in half at its waist.*
One down... *he mumbles*

Let her go!

*the dark elf smiles and throws her to the ground. He takes a few steps forward.*

Now! Bronzeblade, put your sword away and pick up Aquanias's sword. I will not fight you if you have that vorpal blade. Otherwise the girl dies.

*Two ogres come and watch her back.*

Now! The Queen of Darkness would rather have you brought to her and seduced to the darkside, but I think I'll just kill you.

*Pyranthas picks up the sword and spins it with expertise.*

Looks like your friend should have used the long sword cause that is my specialty.

*Pyranthas grins and then runs towards his opponet and the two of them go into a very speedy battle of swordfighting. Pyranthas always out manuvering the dark elf with his superior skill, speed, and strenght. The dark elf snarls at Pyranthas and then spins around and kicks the elf in the sid of the head. Pyranthas drops down and rolls across the ground, but then vaults to his feet and goes into a barrage of attacks with the sword, and then finally disarms the dark elf and holds the blade at his throat. He then backs up and lowers it.*

I wont kill you yet. I want to make you suffer for what you did to my brother. Now get your sword.

*the elf walks over and picks up his sword and then stares at Pyranthas. Suddenly four ogres come and pound on Pyranthas's back. They get him down, but he doesnt go down all the way. Pyranthas's rage burns like wild fire now. It burns hotter and hotter. Little sparks start to come off from him. The ogres start to back away. Pyranthas's eyes get brighter and brighter, and then his hair turns white and then light flares aeound him and causes the Ogres to shield their eyes. Even the ones behind Autumn back away. Sparks start coming off from him and then Pyranthas levitates off the ground some. He then releases his energy and all of the ogres are struck several times each by lightning bolts. Autumn now free can get her stuff.*

There even battle.

*he then retuns to the ground and then stummbles to the ground. The dark elf walks over to him with his sword raised, ready to kill him...*

06/15/2000 7:43 AM

*lunges forward and grabs her crossbow*

"Nooooooo!" fires and hits the dark elf squarely in the stomach.

*the dark elf stumbles back and looks down at his dreadful wound and smiles grimly. Autumn charges down and clobbers him over the head with her crossbow, sending him to the ground*

Goes to Pyranthas, "Py! Oh! Are you hurt?" sobs and kneels by him, "Can you get up, Quisalas?" kisses his forehead and looks him over and prays to E'li for him to recover.

06/15/2000 8:27 AM

*Pyranthas touches the ground with his hands and pulls a little energy from it, then he sits up.*

I am ok Quisalas.

*he tries to stand thand then looks down at the dark elves dead bodies.*

They mentioned soething about Takhisis trying to get hold of me... I wonder what it is.. she must want me to join her side. I shall do what I can to fight the dark queen. Quisalas, lets go home.

*he gathers her things and gives them to her. He then removes his amulet and it become the griffon once again. He climbs on and then pulls Autumn on behind him. He looks at the bodies once again.*

Maginathas, your noble soul has been revenged.

*with that the griffon takes off and heads home.*

06/18/2000 4:59 PM

*they get home and he walks in his house and sits down. He holds Autumn close to her and kisses her.*

We've been gone for a few day love. Lets go to bed.

*he then stands up and then walks towards his bedroom.*

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