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06/15/2000 10:09 PM

The door to the tavern flew open. The sounds of falling rain could be heard pattering the soft earth outside. A large figure in drenched brown robes, a glowing white quarter staff in his right hand, entered the tavern, shutting the door behind him. The figure stood at his full height, taking in his surroundings. The face was hidden in shadow, the hood drawn low over the figure's face. The figure helped himself to a table near the back of the tavern, the head darting around to each and every person. It was apparent the figure wanted to attract as little attention as possible, even going so far as to silently shoo the barmaid away as she approached. The tavern's guests, who kept one eye on the newcomer and his brilliant staff, were startled to see that the hand that was raised was the same color as the quarter staff, pure white, though with a lesser aura to it. The figure noticed the stares, and sliding his hands inside the sleeves of his robe, shuffled around nervously. After a moment, the figure stood, and there was a clank of steel. This figure was armed with more than a humble, however intriguing, quarter staff. A guard, who had been watching the figure suspiciously, walked over to him.
"I'm sorry, sir, we don't allow our customers to carry their weapons with them into our tavern. It's our policy. Hand me your weapons, or I'll have to ask you to leave."

The figure shuffled nervously. As he did so, a portion of the hood uplifted, and two glowing eyes flashed in the shadows of the hood. These eyes held no emotion but for a cold stare. There was no pupils, no irises, only a white light. The guard paled, and brought a lantern up to the figure's face. What he saw startled him. The face was that of a male human, though it held the same, glowing white aura as that of the hands. It was hairless, not even eyebrows graced the handsome face. The figure quickly dipped his head, and the hood fell back over the eyes.

"Uh..." The guard paled once again, but could not find his voice to say anything more. The figure left the guard to himself,and walked away. Heading for the door,the figure's hand reached for the door handle.He paused, as if thinking. Bringing his robes about him, the figure sat back down.

(This is my first roleplay on this board. It isn't the best, but I hope I'll get better. I plan to become a writer, and this is just a test for one of my characters. This character will not be in the world of Krynn, but this is just a test to see how he fares in a role playing board. Feel free to reply to this with your own character, but my character will only reveal what I reveal.)

05/28/2000 8:42 PM

Mischiem snorts derisively at the whoring barmaid who rubs flirtatiously against him. Then,he smiles infectiously at the Powder Guy In the Drenched Brown Robes,and- What the hell, he thinks to himself, and swaggers over to where Powder sits.
"Do you mind if i join you?" He asks, holding a pitcher of ale for Powder to see.
(uh, i don't wanna go on calling you Powder so maybe, you could supply me with a name? )

05/28/2000 9:35 PM

The brown figure gave the man a cold, suspicious glance, as if studying him.

"Go ahead," he murmurs in a soft, almost whispering voice. The figure again eyed the man suspiciously, as the man sat down.
In a stronger, deeper voice, the figure slowly blurted, "What is it that draws a man such as yourself, to this table? Could it be the fact that I interest you? Or maybe you've heard about that incident in the East?" At the man's expression, the figure sighed.
"No, that was in a land far removed from here. Forgive my outburst."
The figure drew back his hood a little, relaxing.
"The name's Kaidryl. Strange isn't it? Yes, it was given to me by my master. I'm not sure what it means. He was murdered by a tribe of ogres before he could tell me."
Kaidryl shook his head."Yeah, beaten to death he was. I was forced to watch it. Horrible, it was. I've never been the same since.
"My master did not deserve the death he received. That was many years ago, however."

Kaidryl's eyes narrowed, and he stared at the man, his face emotionless.
"Mischiem is it? So, what is it, truly, that brings you here in the company of a total stranger such as myself?"

05/29/2000 5:51 AM

"Stranger? Hell, i know your life story- you master was beaten to death by ogres in the East, you cared about him, you did something irrational and that is why you have your distinct coloring? And you're either veyr nervous or very lonely, because you talk entirely too much- a sign that you're young and inexperienced. Mischiem it is.

05/29/2000 8:01 AM

"No, my blunt friend. I see you think that I should be more cautious with strangers. Well, you came over here for a reason, and I guess I might as well spill the beans. Young and inexperienced I am not.
My coloring is the result of my transformation. When I was rescued from slavery, my master was white, like I am now. I began as his human apprentice, and when I passed my trials on our many adventures together, I became what I am now, which is what he was. I was destined to become this, and he only helped me unearth it.
What is this, you say? Well, I have been given powers of Light and of Good. With these powers comes 'benefits' if you will. My body becomes far more advanced than that of any creature living now. I am given the gift of eternal life, as my body is immune to aging and it is near immune to being slain. I can control light and all of its components. I can shape it. It becomes as soft as a blanket and as hard as steel if I wish it to do so. Yes, light is not considered an object that can be manipulated, but my powers allow me to do just that.
"As to protect my past identity, these powers physically erase it. As you see, I have no hair or facial features. The light has consumed that."

Kaidryl studied Mischiem again. "I see you portray yourself as the man who figures everything out right away. What I have told you, friend, is but a speck of my life. There is still the whole that you have yet to uncover.
"Many mysteries are hidden in my emotionless eyes, and you won't figure everything out in a single first impression. What I protray MYSELF as to you is what I wish to portray myself as. I could be a totally different person telling you one big lie, and you are entitled to your opinion.
What I am not is an inexperienced child waiting for folk like you to come along and tell me how it is. I am not the victim in this situation, friend. I have told you what I have because I choose to. Not because I am a naive brat playing the role of an immortal being... If I chose to tell you nothing, that would be okay."
Kaidryl smiled, again studying the man's face.
"I was quite the enigma, wasn't I? Coming in here and hiding in my robes like some kind of criminal. But you see, word gets around fast, and I would rather not have to fight my way through the rest of my 'life'."Kaidryl had a wide grin across his face."In the land I was from, I angered an archmage who tried to claim it. I escaped his wrath, and now there is a bounty on my head. Though I could easily turn away each and every bounty hunter, why the hassle? Staying hidden is much easier. I don't enjoy taking lives away from people who want me dead." Kaidryl glared at Mischiem dangerously."You don't know anything about a specifically high paying bounty, do you?"

05/31/2000 1:58 PM

Kaidryl smiled again, then, patting Michiem on the shoulder, stood, and walked out into the drenching rain once more.

06/11/2000 11:53 PM

A young woman who sat entranced as he entered rushes out to stop him.

'Come with me I will give you food and a place to rest. I am not a bounty hunter and I don't go out blabbing about anything. So please come and stay where it is warm and there is food.'

06/12/2000 10:36 AM

mischiem smiles at both of them and drapes an arm around each of their shoulders.
"She's right, Kaidryl. She's no bounty hunter- hell, i doubt she could find her ass with both hands. But she's got a heart of gold and is pretty as a pea- and you'll love her bar. Oh yeah, i'm glad we got that whole thing straightened out; i took you for one of those _i like to be dramatic/and my life story is enthralling/and i once loved a beautiful woman with golden hair but then she fell out of a window and i was too late to save her and that is why my body is pink with these gorgeous alien, supernatural spots_ ya know what i mean? so , hehe, ya know, you're alright, Kaid!"
Mischiem grins and leads the way to Nadja's bar.

06/12/2000 8:10 PM

*Looks at mischiem.*


*reaches behind her and grabs her ass*

'See it is right here.'

*She then turns to mischiem and grabs his.*

'Found yours to.'

06/15/2000 10:00 PM

"ooh not now, baby, you're gonna make everybody jealous of me," he steals a kiss as he waves her hand away.
(i KNOW it's tantalizing but please, keep your eyes off, because.......because.....
well, come to think of it, everyone look at it)

06/15/2000 10:03 PM

unless you are a gay male. or come to think of it, any male. and come to think of it, no ugly women or my mother or my grandmother, my cousin, my sister, my second cousin, my aunt, my second aunt, my great aunt, my aunt once removed, or my uncle Richie, who i think might be an aunt, or not.

06/15/2000 10:09 PM

"And...here we are!" as they approach Nadja's bar, Mischiem nudjes Kaidryl...,"Hey, take a look...it's Relocated,"....
then he pushes them both inside and asks Nadja if she wants to talk to Kaidryl or if it would be easier if he just took care of the Kaidmeister, formerly known as the Mysterious Figure.

06/15/2000 10:09 PM


'Well I won't grab your ass anymore. Unless you ask! :)'

*Leaves and goes to her bar.*

'I need business. FREE DRINKS AT MY PLACE!!!!!! Go ahead and drink all you like I will put him in a good noiseless room.'

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