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05/10/2000 4:01 PM

~You look up to the summit of one of the Lords of Doom. You see many colored shapes. Some are large others smaller yet still large. At the base of the mountain on a ridge overlooking Nereka are thousands of men armored in the plate of their vanished goddess Takhisis. Along side them are many draconians,ogres and other creatures of evil. On a large flat piece of land stands three great shapes. One is as white as snow, one as green as the forests, the other; black as night. They stand atop waiting for their "companions" the Storm over krynn and fiery death~

"Where are those two?"

"I care not for Khellendros but I am looking for Malys to ask why she waged war on my lands then suddenly stopped."


~A Dark Robed figure appears standing between the 3 great dragons~

"What is it you want human? And how dare you stand before us."

~Thew dark figure pulls back his hood to reveal the head of a bull~

"I am Aryxmarki. I was General in the forces of Khellendros when we overthrough Malys. Khellendros has disappeared from this plane of existence and Malys is dead. The commander has resigned and I am ruler over two of the five dragon kingdoms. I ask of you know to join me and my forces or you will be but mear casulties in the war that is about to rage across Ansalon."

05/10/2000 4:01 PM

The mighty silver overhears the words of the bull-headed figure and returns to his cave where the rest of his clan are.

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