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06/06/2001 1:10 AM

I know most campaigns start off with a minor introduction of characters, but there are quite a few nebies recently who have missed out on these intros. For their benifit, COULD EVERYONE TELL WHO THEIR CHARACTER(s) IS/ARE, and give a bit of background on them. Feel free to ask questions too.

06/06/2001 1:18 AM

(OOC: The previous post was entirely OOC bty, forgot to add that)

Hi, my name is J'mes. I am a dragonrider from the planet Pern. I ride the brown dragon Sarumth. I'm here on an exploratory mission, and am trying to find out as much about this planet as I can. I'm from the city of Fort Hold. I'm not that helpfull in most fights, as most of my training has been for fighting Thread in the air. (At that, a small blue flying lizard, about 2 feet long, streaks through the room). Oh, and that's Enndy. He's with me too.

(OOC: For info on how J'mes came to Krynn, look at Thistledown's post from about a week ago. And yes, I'm thistledown, I'm just going to use this account for this character and that one for him.

06/06/2001 2:41 AM

OK. I have currently three on the go.

Telgar Vrinn
Human. Small and wiry. Wears expensive clothing over hard leather armour. Fights with a long sword and small mace. Carries a crossbow. And several daggers
Captain of the pirate ship 'Squall' and a thief. Speaks politely and can be passed of as an educated man.
currently in the thread Treasure hunt

Bergrum Coppervien
Dwarf. Captain of the town guards
Wears heavy armour and carries a wooden shield and axe.
currently ni the tread a new breed

Ulthan Oakenthorn
Kagonesti Elf. Fights with two long swords. Tattoos on his face in the shape of an oak leaf. Belongs to the Oaken Thorn tribe.
Wears leather armour and animal hides.
Also carries a longbow.
currntly in the thread Eleven legacy

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06/06/2001 6:51 AM

My character is the Dean, who lives at the Deans office. He is mysterious to all, and not many know of his wish to take over as CEO of the Pepsi Corporation.
The Dean has many friends and allies, but his most trusted confidant is the mysterious and shadowy "Snapple Lady."
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- Delita to Ramza - Final Fantasy Tactics

06/06/2001 7:44 AM

Ummmm....I have a whole bunch, and the rest I make up as I go along.But mainly I use my screen name. Renegade wizard, chaotic evil, destructive ambition, you get the idea. Gur i faron im gar in angwedh.

06/06/2001 1:28 PM

J'mas,thistle,howevere you wanna be called.Just so you know,its rather a no-no to have two acounts.I ain't gonna tell Chung or anything,but i'd suggest not mentioning it to anyone in managment.
As for chars...
Ghostbuster Lillpad: My oldest char,went through so many changes...ah the nostalgia.He was originaly a kender mage,if I remember correctly.Anway: Kender cleric of Fizban. Rather old in the ways of the world, (is 40 or something) but wanderlust is still strong. Besides that,many of his wandering are on missions from Fizban, though not many believe it of a kender. Ghostbuster knows four god-given spells: levitation,light, small illusions and invisiblty.
Joe (no last name known): a rouge, thief and con-man. Given to entering quests on false prentenses for personal gain,sometimes under a false name and in disguise. (the false names are always obviously varations of his name). Always has a plot for his gain in motion,and those are always carefully planned and known in advance. Is extremly charming and witty when he tries to be,but likes almost no-one. Despite all his cons, he has a strict code of honour, and will always repay his debts and will never,ever kill without cause,or if it can be stopped.(Side note: He is so like me)
Bodk: there's an intruduction to him at the 'battle of fates' thread,which is his only place.
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oh my....
dreadfully undone...."- khirsah,in a moment of surging hormones.

06/06/2001 3:00 PM

Ok, here's my characters................

Mirror: Kagonesti elf female. Is a mage and belongs to the order of silver robes (was a white robe previous to that). Has some skill in the use of the bow and arrow, which she carries with her, and also some skill with a short sword. She has tatto's: one of a dove on her left cheek, a dragon going from shoulder to elbow on her left arm and a half sun/half moon design on her right shoulder blade. She has reflective eyes which show a person's true colours so to speak.

Gaia: Cleric of Mishkail, only just recently become a qualified cleric. Has a large soft spot for kender and is good friend with Mirror.

Tempest: Barbarian female, 19 yrs old. belongs to the Tek'keh'ru tribe. See thread Duel of fates for more info.

And there you have it!!!!! :D :D :D :D :DYou are the Weakest Link......Goodbye! :D

06/06/2001 3:25 PM

(OOC: Ok, Sorry Joe, I didn't know. I guess I'll just stay with this one account, since it has more posts to it. Thistledown will be my main character anyways. Thanks for letting me know.)

Hi, I'm Thistledown Kendergnome. I'm actually a kender, but I was born and raised in Mt. Nevermind. It's a great place. Something is always happening and there's always neat stuff lying around. I've just starting wanderlust recently, so I haven't really collected much else yet. Oh, I'm an excelent weapon maker too.(When the parts don't keep falling into my pouches) But sometimes I don't have the patience to finish my inventions. I could show you some of the things I've made if you want! Let's see, there's the Hoopak Mark II, the double grapple, this weird shield... Oh, I've got a pouch of flasks too! You just put some coins in it, think of a drink, and a flask of the correct size will appear in the pouch. (And the money is transfered to a vault near the bar that sells these pouches) Have any of you ever tried Gnumash?

(OOC: Thistledown is 4' tall, has brown eyes and brown hair. He has more gnomish parefinelia hanging about him and carries a great deal of strange devices on his belt. Because of his upbringing, he feels guilty about taking things which he can't use to build things. He has a more technical nature than most kender, but still retains most of their basic traits.)
A kender born and raised in Mt. Nevermind? And it didn't blow up the mountain?!?

06/06/2001 3:38 PM

I have many charas, but three which are active as of now;

Cai'de; Human female, she is my internet incarnate except for the fact that I have short brown hair and brown eyes, she has long black hair and blue eyes (5'9"). She's inventive, rather shy when she's not in her element, and has recently adopted powers from Black Claw (see 'For Blood and Honor'). In a couple threads I gave her a pet fox, Swifter, just because I felt like it.

Tolkanin Faznin; Kender!!!!! 24, 4'6" Long black hair in two long topknots, blue eyes, likes shiny things.

Kirtau Moonhammer; Kender!!!!!!! 16, 4'1" Long blond hair in one long topknot, bright blue eyes (lighter than Tolk's). Has an enchanted silver Shiskabob.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn't think he's you."

06/06/2001 5:19 PM

(OOC) I've created my own race for my character, and below is the existance and origin of the race as well as my character.

In the islands of Conejaria, far to the east of Ansalon, dwelt the race dubbed by humans as the Fuzzlebutts. The importance of community was the basis of life on Conejaria, where if you were to eat and share in the productions of the community, you must be a productive member, doing your share of work. These small creatures became skilled at their divisions of labor – hunting, farming, tailoring – and passed their skills down from generation to generation. Their incredible strength allowed them to do tasks that most humans deemed impossible, such as the carrying a large fallen tree between two Fuzzlebutts. They also have some inherent magical ability. They interacted with the world mainly through trading with nearby territories, transporting goods by flying with powerful wings, but many traveled around to learn more about the world. These travelers learned skills such as sword fighting, weapon and armor construction, archery, thievery, and other arts and skills. A few Fuzzlebutts became apprentices to masters of these skills to become extremely proficient warriors, archers, mages, and thieves.
Recently, new trade items from nearby islands became available to the Fuzzlebutts. Some Fuzzlebutts began to learn about the creation of timesaving machines from gnomes in the nearby territories. While the final products that the gnomes created while teaching the Fuzzlebutts usually fell apart, the Fuzzlebutts took their newfound skills home and used the goods they traded for to construct their own creations. Famous Fuzzlebutts such as Pierre Furlittle created agricultural miracle machines, which did the same amount of work as thirty Fuzzlebutts in half the time. With the coming of these miracle machines, many Fuzzlebutts had no task that they were needed to perform, leaving them without a way to contribute to the community. Since the community did not tolerate these “drifters” who could not do their share of the work, they were refused to be supported by the community and were forced to leave Conejaria to pursue new lives. These “drifters” usually traveled from city to city, taking up small jobs where they could find them. Every once in a while, though, an exciting adventure presented itself to them.
One of these “drifters” was Magnus Strongtail, a powerful warrior and dabbler in magic. While being the short creature a Fuzzlebutt tends to be, he carried a large sword, a bit longer than his height. Many laugh as he passes by because his scabbard drags behind him on the ground as he walks. Magnus is quick to anger, but has a heart of gold, feeling it his duty to help the wronged and combat the oppressors. He enjoys a hearty adventure, and is even heard saying he will “fight one of the dragons of Krynn for a hearty glass of rum.” His incredible strength and studies of the martial arts allows him to wield his sword and defeat his enemies with ease. From his natural ability with magic, he has learned the ability to heal small battle wounds and also to modify his sword to add elemental power to it, such as fire, ice, and lightning, as well as many other modifications. Magnus rarely uses a shield, feeling it is a “useless piece of metal” and prefers to defend with his sword and quick movement. Magnus Strongtail is a great warrior and team member, and if an adventure is calling to him, he will answer and prevail.

06/06/2001 8:02 PM

Ha ha ha, I am Mertonius, the all high...ah uhh. Sorry about that.

Marcus - Lvl 20 Chronomancer. Age: ?
Is currently involved in the New Surroundings storyline. He comes from an alternate future and has a bunch of really powerful spells. If you think his level is too low, think again. A mage can only become a chronomancer when he becomes level 50+ and not lower.

Marcus- Lvl 12 Chronomancer. Age: 10
He is running around in various adventures but mostly sticking near his "Uncle Joe". He is the younger version of Marcus, who has attained the "Cross the Barrier of Time and Space" spells but not the far more powerful "Bend Alternate Bands of Reality" spells.

Mertonius Khelyrn (aka "The Mad One" ) Lvl: (beyond 100+?)
Once was known as the Renegade, he became enamored with the powers of Chaos and has become the Avatar of the Father of All and Nothing. Powerful as he is, he has no control over the pressage of time and space. He envies Marcus for this ability and they are the worst of enemies.And darkness took his soul and made it it's own, forever trapped in the endless nothingness that is the heart of dearkness...
-Prophecy of the Mad One

06/06/2001 11:45 PM

LoL...Hi every one My name Is Heather, and I live in Ohio, and Currently I have two characters. although both are kinda like two characters in one.

1) Kalia Majere, Human, well sort of...riased by the famous Majere family. Kalia is really the Crystal Dragon Crystalamira, the Dragons of Light turned her to a Human baby to save her from forces that would use her as a child of chaos. as a dragon she is large, with shimmering crystal scales that wil reflect any light source. she has five pairs of pearly horns crowning her head. Her wings are what set her apart from the rest of the Dragon race, for they are not membraned, but feathered like a birds. As a human Kalia wears the robes of the order of Silver, being able to draw upon all three moon. she has long silver hair and bright golden eyes, making her look alot like her great-uncle Raistlin.

2) Kista StarBlade...Silvanesti elf, raised by the Pathfinder clan of the Kagonesti. she is the foster cousin of Mirror. She is a decent fighter and has a good knowledge of the "Earth" magic, or Wilder Magics. She has a special pendant one that she calls the "Pendant of souls" the pendant has a protective ability and Healing to those who would wear it. She is tall, with platinum blond hair and Striking Lavender eyes. she has a pet, or mind pet so to speak, Warrl a large Grass cat, (Built like a cheetah, with stripes of black, and fur of a deep gold. Warrl is owes Kista a life debt, and will never leave her. He helps when he can, and will act as an extention of her eyes and ears.
for any more Information on Kista, refer to the Thread "ELVEN LEGACY"With love and free will to all....
Blessed Be! ;)

06/07/2001 9:20 PM

Okay, let's begin:

The Thorn, head of the silver robes. You'll see him pop in here and there.

Kalan, the minotaur merc. Not used much but I tool around with him now and then.

Brom, the gnomish inventor cursed because his inventions work. Don't you just hate that.

Grog, the one handed ogre. Friend of Ghostbuster and generally nice guy.

Garn, a dwarf. Like the others, his history is in the Duel of the Fates thread.

Kron, the fallen elf. Is hunting the one known as Hooded for the murder of his wife. It is slowly taking over his life.

That's the short version of all of them (I think). If you want more, dig through the old posts and read their histories."Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?"
"You don't need any help from me, sir."
"That's right." - Clue

06/09/2001 8:23 PM

I have a few chars some more developed than others

Katyr Uth Caleb: 19, Most of you would've met her by now, daughter of a Solamnic Knight Tristan Uth Caleb. kicked out of home for disgracing her father. Travelled as a mercenary for awhile and at the moment she is a Master swordsman having received training from the Grandmaster Pyranthas Bronzeblade. Her history in more detail in 'Search for a lost father'.

Brighstar: 30, Ive only used her twice. she's a barbarian of the Que Shu tribe but I don't know why she doesn't live with them. She's kind of boring at the moment because she has no real history yet.

Marquita D'Angelo:28, Human female, Owner of a trading company using her Ship the Amistaad which she captains. More detail in 'Knights of Dark Armor'

Tash: 17, female theif and fighter, More detail in 'Duel of Fates'.

06/10/2001 8:15 AM

Aight, here are mine.

Autumn Skie Silverbow: About 54 in elf years. She is a Kagonesti dark elf, has healing magic, and is a ranger, expert in bow and sword. Her sword is called Dragon's Bane because she was fighting Skie once, in which she got her middle name, and the only way she got away was for the sword kinda sent the dragon into a trance. Autumn hasn't figured out how that has happened.

Justin Swyftsword: About 49 in elf years. Expert swordsman and mage of the silver robes, Silvanesti Elf. Autumn and him consider each other cousins. He hasn't get much of a past except going on adventures with Autumn and Wynter.

Erinz Frostbringer: Red-robed mage. Human, around 25. His background will come in with the thread 'Magic's Bane'.

that's about it. maybe some more later on.Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/11/2001 8:10 PM

Ok, these are mine:

Katie...a sexy 14 year old...wait, that's not a character. It's Me!!!


Wynter Firecaster, Silvanesti elf, mage of the silver robes, around 59. She is Dalamar's daughter but has only met him once. She has gone on a lot of adventures with Autumn and Justin.

Kyron, silver dragon, Solamnic knight, around 268 in dragon years, but appears to be 21 in human form. Her background has yet to be made.

Rune Star, theif and con-man, human about 18. He doesn't have much of a history yet because I just made him up but he will soon so. This time I'ma let it all come out. This time I'ma stand up and shout. I'ma do thing my way, it's my way, my way or the highway.

Limp Bizkit - My Way

06/13/2001 12:31 AM

(taking a quick break from studying, so this one will have to be brief.)

Greetings. My name is Javert Roguesbane. I am recognized in Solmnia and Abasania as a Marshal of the Law. I was raised in Solomnia where I trained with many of the knights. Although I was not able to become a knight due to my parentage, I retain many ties to the knighthood. I search for the man who betrayed my family, that I may at last bring him to justice. Some may call me a bounty hunter, but this is false. I care nothing for bounty. I serve only one thing. Law.

(OOC: Javert is 6', has dark eyes, and dark hair greying a little. He is a human in his mid 40's. He is very skilled in tracking and the use of a sword. He is often seen in leather armor and a heavy coat, which hides numerous weapons. His sword "Justice" has a fine blade, and was a gift from the knighthood for his service. And yes, I did steal the first name from Les Miserables)
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06/13/2001 8:16 AM

I have just started a new character so I guess I'll tell you all about him...


Gnoll, he used to work as a slave for a rich merchant. Entertaining the local nobles. He has recently escaped his confinement but so far lacks the skill's necessary to survive on his own. it is his goal to find his old pack, from which he was taken as a cub / pup or what ever a young Gnoll is called.
He has a large scar running from his left eye down across his face and wears a mixture of old robes and strips of cloth, which he uses to hide his form. He is naturally very nervous and timid around people.
So far he carries no weapons except his teeth and claws.

06/14/2001 11:38 PM

Uh oh, new character alert!!!!!!

Requiem Maru: Plains woman, shunned by her tribe for some reason that I haven't quite figured out yet!!!!!!!! :) She looks a lot like me, except for the part about the finely muscled body etc etc!!!!! But my face is her face!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) (for more info, see treasure for the soul!)If people could have it all, there would be no need for a Jerry springer Show...................................:D

06/16/2001 6:32 AM


Zyrthax the Theiwar Mage in a quest mentioned above (guess that one died Eh Tel?

Kilborne-Greatest herbalist of the Red Robes, and a mage to a lesser degree

Offhand the Inkeeper- Has a soft spot for gnomes and kender and young priests. Is alot smarter than his modesty will allow him to admit.

Jaque- A Lupine from Mystara setting, he's here on a mission to... well I don't want to spoil it!

And trust me... many more to come... I rarely use the same character twice... I just have too many fun ideas!

06/16/2001 8:33 AM

*does the new character dance* NEW CHARACTER!!!!

Celebdraug(anybody ever wonder where these names come from?)- 'Silver Wolf' as some call him. Human, around 21 A normal mage, White Robes. You can find out more about him in 'A strange new adventure'...he'll break your heart, ladies!Hold your head high cause you never know what you are gonna hit if you don't.

06/21/2001 7:02 PM


Heres the characters

InsanoA older gnome, in his middle years. He's about 4 foot dead on. His current life quest is to build a new and improved Gnome Flinger, but every time he gets around to making new blue prints for one, some sort of adventuring comes up. He often adventures with his friends Taylor and Mirror. Insano, however seems to have more patience with people than others of his kind. He is a veteran of many skirmishes with mages, who for some reason dont get along with the tiny gnome very much.


Sir Devon MalcomeA Solmanic Knight, physical atributes about him are posted in Knights of Dark Armour Basicly, hes a young knight who just won his spurs. I intend on developing more of a past for him, but right now I gotta see what direction I push him in first. Hopefully he wont be too much like Sturm.

I have also played around with a few smaller characters (like some old muddled mage) But Insano is my main character (and my personal fav) and Malcome is my backup, he'll be alot of fun to play around with after I get a bit more feeling for him.True honour is bowing to the person whom has bested you.

06/27/2001 12:49 PM

Hello everyone!

Well here is my characters...

Tiver Neehigh: He is a short Kender who loves to adventure to anywhere he get into trouble. He has short hair (Only because his topknot was cut of by a Ogre) with bright eyes. He carries a long sword strapped to his back that he found when helping everyone kill alot of Ogres. The longsword is a magical sword that can really hurt evil dragons. Other than that Tiver just thinks it looks nice to have. Tiver also have a to strings of different colored pouches that cross on his back and front. He also carries a hoopak that forms into a bow, and he always has arrows on his that either give off light spells or farie fire spells. Tiver really likes to think of himself as a ranger of some talent.

Whisper (Xander): Whisper is the protector of Tiver, and has been with him ever since Tiver went into his wanderlust. With the help of his brother Whisper took the form of what his brother called mist wolves. At this moment Whisper has shown his true form to most of his friends as a elven cleric of Fizban (well his true form and name). When in his elven form Xander wears silver armor with silver dragons on the breast plate, and he carries a broadsword that is magical. Other than that nothing more of Xander is known right now.

Aldra Windwalker: Well this old, young looking elf, is Xander's brother who once wore the robes of black, but now wears the robes of red. He now wears a cloth over his blind eyes that at times gives him sight of either the past, present, or future whether or not he knows what vision is what is what he decides to say. He often likes to play jokes on others since now he gets a second chance to be young again. Though, much like his brother Xander, Aldra loves a good fight and tries to find one anywhere he appears to be. (Both Aldra and Xander look to be in their late hundreds)

Kristaz: Well theres not much on this young man, but I have a feeling he'll be around here pretty soon. "We are the makers of music, the dreamers of dreams." -Willy Wonka

08/05/2001 11:58 AM

Ok, I've never played RPG before, so go easy on me if I screw up here...
My character's name is Selena Arrowbaum. She is a 17 year old human who's mother died during childbirth while visiting a very good friend in Kendermore. She never heard about her father. So she was taken in by the Arrowbaum's in Kendermore and raised much like the kender were. However, due to her height and the kenders' reknowned abilities at taunting (no matter how friendly they try to be), she's decided that being raised in Kendermore entitles her to Wanderlust and she leaves. For some reason, she seems to be ashamed of being raised amongst and having connections with kender and tries to hide these things from people she meets. For the most part people see her as an average missionary. She carries a sword, wears light armor only when she feels it's neccessary,and(hidden in her pack) is a whippik and some small arrows, which she learned how to use while living in Kendermore and is quite efficient with. People can't fail to notice that she will usually stand up for a kender if she feels it is being mistreated, turning to her sword skills if neccessary. She also always carries around a few pouches. Ironically, however, if there's one thing she can't do well, it's read a map.
Let's see, I guess she's about 5'9, with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. She always ties her long hair near the top of her head, a habit from her homeland she just couldn't bear to break. At first glance, one might expect her to have about as much strength as a nobleman's daughter (her beautiful features sure make her look like one), but that can definitely catch them off gaurd because underneath her average figure will be found buldging muscles that will match most any man's.
Selena is always looking for adventure and (like kender) never stays in one place for very long if she can help it, though unlike kender she is pretty shy sometimes. She has no predjudice agaist any people that treat her well and is usually friendly, like she was raised to be.

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08/05/2001 2:55 PM

OK! Heres mine,

Jerhynthalas (Jerhyn): Half Elf, He makes his money by being a travelling merchant of magical potions and items. Age: 30, Has faced down the most fearsome of oppents, like a group of kender and a fully armed ogre. Is deathly afraid of dragons. His weapon of choice is a spear and a bow. Quote: If it is not worth steel than it is worthless.

Glruth: An arourak draconian. Is magically bonded to Jerhyn since they were in the radius of a spell blast. They deathly despise each other. Prefers a large battle axe to any other weapon. Since many races despise draconians, Glruth uses a spell which makes him look like a human. Quote: They only good battle is the one where I win.

08/06/2001 5:26 PM

Hey, here's my character...only one at the moment!

Khalara Moonshaél: Khalara is a very young kagonesti, only a 2 centuries old. Her body is decorated with swirling tattoos, and her left eye is encircled with a dewdrop. A picture of a red feather is on the right hand side of her neck along her jaw bone, it resembles the tribe she's from; Red Feather. She has long bronze hair, which is always decorated with eagle feathers. She has dark silver eyes, specks of dark blue outline her pupil, like most elves she is beautifull.
Her mother died during an orge raid, her father paid Khalara no heed and focused on her two older brothers Shivae and Fayrin. Khalara recently got her tattoos swirled, and she carries an elven sword which she got from a Silvanesti noble that had fallen in love with her. Khalara insisted that she wouldn't follow the Silvanesti noble back to Silvanost, so he left her in the wilderness with her people. She also has a long bow, which is named Nightstar, the wood of her bow is dyed black..hence giving it it's name. She also carries a dagger in her soft deer skin boot, she mostly wears deerskin trousers which fit snugly as if it was a second skin and a short tunic.

...that's about all I have on my character...I hope it's enough! "Twinkle gashed against the fiend's calf, while Drizzt launched his other blade higher, aiming for Errut's groin. The scimitar's pointy tip dug in, and how Errtu howled!"- Passage to Dawn

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08/08/2001 10:57 AM

Hello everyone! Here's my fav. character;
THUNDER WHITERAVEN, the long version. The short version is that she is a half-elven kender.
Description (Viewable by Players)

Thunder appears to be half-elven, but there is something in her height and character that
suggests otherwise. She is very secretive about her past and hates being locked up in cities, she
prefers being in the forest. Is a 7th level druid....

History/Notes (Viewable by Referee)

....and a 2nd level theif! Her real name is Elmariusthula Silverleaf, but is called Thunder
Whiteraven for reasons she never discloses. Her past is very painful to her but she grew up in a
middle-class family, raised by two 'elderly' elves which were her mother's parents. Her mother
had left her homeland 10 years before she was born with an unusual sense of adventure and
curiosity and returned pregnant, professing it was not adultery but a marriage ending in her being
a widow. When the half-elven daughter was born, the child's shameful
parantage was obvious . They say her mother died of disgrace and shame a month after
Thunder's birth, but Thunder never believed that. The two very different races form a
strange labyrinth of feelings in Thunder, she is more torn than a shunned half human elf, but does
not show it because her kender nature dismisses the problem. She grew up in with the elves,
learning their ways but not being able to rid herself of her kender habits and longings. The young
elven chilren scorned her mixed heritage and even the other half-elves spat on her when she
came near. Thunder left the small elven village when she was very young because she felt
shunned and alone (also because the villagers, rightfully, accused her whenever anything turned
up missing) Wandering blindly in the forests, she found her true calling and lived alone with the
animals for years. Her animal friends led her to a group of druids who accepted her because of
her and marked her as one of their own.She lived many years
hidden in darkness with the Oak Druids. They taught her many years and introduced her to her
god. This is when her name was changed so she could start a new life and forsake the old
scorned Elmariusthula. They named her Thunder for her fiery nature and Whiteraven, for she
was not as she seemed. However, these happy times were short. Her kender nature was still
prevelant and the usually tolerant druids cast her out when they realized she was a half-blood of
the theiving race. One night, they approached her with torches, intending to burn their sacred
mark off her wrist. However, the mark would not burn off though it pained the young girl.
Angry, the druids decided that her death was the only way to protect themselves from the prying
eyes of the world. But their god favored the young Thunder and she escaped them.

08/13/2001 1:41 PM

New Chara for me;

Reh'to, 18, is a human barmaid whose parents died a couple years ago. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother cooked at a saloon. Their house caught fire of an unknown cause. The only reason Reh'to survived was because she had snuck out for some midnight swimming with a 'male friend' who never showed up. When she arriced at her house, it was smoldering. The barkeeper took her in because he needed more help. She is not exceedingly beautiful, though not guly, and can be rather self-concious at times. She has short brown hair and warm brown eyes that, when angered, can turn incredibly cold. She loves adventure, just doing things. She's tone deaf and don't know it, but hand her any sort of stringed instrument and she can figure it out beautifully in short order. Her mount is a donkey she won in a card game that the barkeep only let her keep if she tended to him, which she did. The Donkey's name is Baker because she won him from the town's baker. "I think our definitions of yelling are different, because when you said I yelled at you , I hadn't thought that I did."

"No, you were yelling."

08/13/2001 3:01 PM

well to all who have never known me, I now have 3 one that I have just indtroduced.

KyniaStarr A Kirioyal (a character that I am creating from the other side of Krynn...) She and her Twin sister KrystalRose are the last remaining members of the royal house of their land. they have come to Ansalon looking for people to help them free what remains of their people from the evil that enslaved their entire race.

Both Girls resemble elves slightly, Tall, ears slightly pointed, with almond shaped eyes. Both have Dark hair, but Krystal's is shorter and thus more curly. Kynia's is long and wavy. Both have sapphire blue eyes, and both have very strong mental powers (common amung the Kirioyal IE- Mindspeech, Telekinesis, Healing, and Vauge ESP.)

while Kynia excells in Healing, Krystal is the warrior, though both have the same talents. Kynia and Krystal have Companions both Horses, one white one black. Kyel is Kynia's Kyel is a White stallion, about 18 hands high. silver-white mane and tail, with striking blue eyes. the companions have the intelligence of humans, with a little more common sense.

The companions can communicate Via Mindspeech with their Chosen or any that they choose. Kynia refuses to use a bridal with a bit or even a saddle. she rides him bareback or with a thick blanket. the silver chain bridle has no bit, and she rarely uses it.
Everybody dies, but only a precious few truely LIVE....

Goddess Bless! ;)

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08/13/2001 11:07 PM

Hi everyone.

My character is named Steelin, a combination of both Steel and Palin. He is trained as a musician, but also can fight with his sword and bow and arrows. The magic he has is the power of invisibility, but that does not mean he cannot see himself. He is also a human.

09/25/2001 6:26 PM

(OOC: I actually started this character a while ago, but the thread died. Maybe I can use him more in the future.)

"Greetings, I am Timesplit. Tempramage and electrition. I'm sorry I'm a little late, but time travel is a tricky business. Basically, I'm from the future of Krynn, where I do electrical work to pay the bills. My magic specializes in time and space, and I use the Temprastaff in combat."

(OOC: Gregory Emmett Brown, aka Timesplit, wears what appears to be leather armor (it's not) and a blue Northface jacket. He also wears a blue camoflauge hat, just because it looks good on him. He is normally found carrying devices from numerous time periods and is a pretty normal guy.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

09/28/2001 10:36 AM

Dylar is a high level Feline mage. ((Feline is a specialty class!)) He has a tendecy to cast meteor swarm constantly."The light at the end of the tunnel may only lead to darkness, but also at the end of that tunnel there will be...ME!"


09/28/2001 7:41 PM

YAY!!!! Its Gandhi (the person who posted why did tanis kill sturm topic on dragonlance setting)
Well i have two characters
Firegold:He was a young gold dragon but he died in a flying insident

Douglas Madfoot: He's a kender who just started out on wanderlust and is currently traveling to Palanthus. I hope he gets a flying chair like in my D&D campaign.(ME) What do you like to do?
(ME) Like bunnies?
(BILL) No friends!

09/29/2001 4:07 AM

:) ;) I have recently come to a decision about Kynia and her sister...their race the Kirioyal are an old race, between the Elves of their land, and the Irdra. thus explains their affinity for Mental "Magic" and their slight elven looks. :) :) :) :)may all those lost in the tragedy of 9-11-01 forever remiain in our hearts...

Goddess Bless! ;)

09/29/2001 11:56 PM

Right, I have a few new characters, but I'm not putting much detail up about them because I've only just started using them and they don't really have a background yet!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Clarance: a kender-nuff said!!!

Epiphany-Silvanesti elf. Her hair is long and black and her eyes are the same colour, the colour of a black hole in space. (my metaphors suck at this time of the morning!!!! :) :) :) :))

Aalandra: female silver dragon, still an adolecesent (sp?)Ray: It looks like a giant Jello mould!!
Winston: I hate Jello!
Venkman: Ah c'mon guys, there's always room for Jello!!!!!!
:P :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :P

10/16/2001 3:23 PM


Name: Jury Mistato
Age: 16
Hair: reddish-brown(chestnut)
Eyes: dark green with amber flecks
Height: 5'5"
weight: 115
Profession: theif

Has untrained psychosomatic powers...(mainly used in getting her self into and out of trouble.) Jury is an orphan, she has no Idea who her parents are. all she has left of them is a gold and platinum necklace/pendant, with odd words inscribed on it. but to this day , no one has been able to translate it for her. Jury has a dignified(if slightly bratty)personality. her weapon of choice are two 12 inch daggers each sporting a pair of ornately carved ivory angel wings for the hilt. Also carries an array of throwing knives.

QUOTE: "I am not a thief...I am a treasure hunter...Its not my fault that people don't guard their money as well as they should""If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

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10/19/2001 3:55 AM

Ok...Two more!!

Ayeka DayStar


Touga Drache

To start, Ayeka is a half-vampire. She comes from the most powerful of all the noble houses. but her hatred for her kind stemms from the one who killed her human mother. She doesn't know who did it, but she has vowed to destroy as many of her Kind as possible...hoping that she would find that single killer. though there is only two vampires in the world that she would never try to kill...her father...and her half brother she has long dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes.

Touga Drache is her half brother...he is a full vampire. He loves his half sister, though he would never tell anyone that...but he is angered over her refusal to come to terms with her mothers death. he is also confused as to why she refuses to face her true self. He is tall and self sufficiant. He too has long hair, only his is a deep red, and his eyes a a lighter shade of blue.
though he loves Ayeka, he wouldn't hesitate to kill her if she where to go too far.

They both use rapier style swords."If you come here...you'll find me...I promise"

10/19/2001 7:35 PM

Finally!! I swear this damn thread was hiding from me... Okay pay attention people cuz this is going to be looong...

Name: Ku Y'leh Starlite (Koo E'leh)
Race: Half-elf

Physical: Ku Y'leh is the daughter of an elven mother and human father. She has shoulder length obsidian hair and liquid silver eyes. She is tall and graceful, as are all elves, but she has the strength of humans, even if it doesn't show. Her eyes are filled with a layered intelligence and see all, as she has suffered and lost her innocence.

Brief History: Ku Y'leh is the last of the ancient and secret Order of Centuri. This Order was dedicated to the balance and welcomed all races. It taught magic and the use of weapons as an artform, donning blue robes or armor. The Order gets its magic from the Phoenix Star and from inside themselves. They are highly adaptable and attuned to magic, often learning new spells simply by being near someone who specializes in that type of spell. The Order was destroyed in a moment of weakness and political intrique. (For more info, see the Phoenix Star)

Other: Ku's greatest companion and best friend is a white tiger named L'Nakia. She summons the magical beast from a forgotten plane through the use of her nondescript ring. She can also communicate telepathically with L'Nakia and sometimes other people.

Name: Melethka (Mel leth ka...easy enough :))
Race: Elven

Physical: Melethka possesses the grace of all elves, though she has a rather forceful personality which shows in her expression and movements. Her hair is a deep auburn and her eyes, a bright blue.

Brief History: Melethka was born in Qualinesti, though she is not actually a Qualinesti elf. She is the Master of Shadows (Melethka means shadow), the last of her kind. Though she dons red robes and is dedicated to balance, she has a responcibility as Master to keep the knowledge gained by her people. The Order of Shadows is an ancient sect that was intense in its study of magic. They amassed so much knowledge that the gods themselves stepped in and asked that they disolve the Order before the power that comes with knowledge fell into the wrong hands. The Order decided to assign one family to keep the memory and knowledge they had collected alive. Melethka is the last of this family.

Other: Though extremely well-versed in magic and with the ability to command Shadow Warriors, Melethka prefers her twin scimitars in battle.


Name: Kiri-Koli (Kir ee Ko lee)
Race: Human

Physical: Kiri-Koli has jet black hair and piercing green eyes. She is tall and lithe, her expression can been beautiful or severe.

Brief History: Kiri-Koli is an orphan. She was found after her parents died by an elf named Majie, who brought the child to the Valley of Vanished Moons. Kiri grew up in the shelter of the protective magic stone that hid the valley. She learned magic from Majie, whom she calls Shlafie, mispronouncing it because it always made Majie mad. However, Kiri thinks of Majie as the mother she never had. The Valley of Vanished Moons is a strange place. No one quite knows how it got its name but all who are drawn into it feed off a magic that comes not from any current God or Goddess. They don the silver robes. The Dark Queen, jealous of the peace in the Valley, gave a dark mage the means to destroy the protective stone. Kiri watched Majie die before escaping with her griffon friend T'Pania. Kiri was seperated from T'Pania during the ensueing battle. She is trying to make a living in the outside world and is suspcious and bitter towards almost everyone.


Name: Dianolanta (Di anne o lan te)
Race: Irda

Physical: Dianolanta has molten silver eyes and long golden hair. Her skin has a blue tinge to it.

Brief History: Dianolanta is a survivor of the destruction of the Isle of the Irda.

Other: She went deaf from hearing the screams of her dying people, though she has minor telepathic abilities.


Name: Akhsunamun (Ak soon a moon)
Race: Unknown

Physical: Akhsunamun is extremely tall and extremely graceful. She is the picture of seductive beauty. Every movement is carefully calculated. It is said that the Dark Queen herself is jealous of Akhsunamun's beauty. Her eyes are green and glow with unholy light. Her pupils are those of a cat, her features almost feline. Her hair is flame red, matching her blood red wings. Her expression is often filled with the joy of evil, conniving, though if she wants to she can be perfectly innocent.

Brief History: Akhsunamun's history is shrouded in mystery. It is said even the Gods don't know where this demoness came from. She was just always there. Her strengths are in magic and manipulation and she often considers herself to be a rival to the Dark Queen. However, she has no desire to rule as a Goddess and maintains that that is the only reason she has not overthrown Takhisis.


Name: Starynanthalenos (Star in an thal en os)
Common name: Drache Starfall
Race: Flame dragon

Physical: Drache is a large blue dragon whose scales look as if they have been licked by blue flames. In her most common guise (that of a half-elf), her hair is blue flame. She has violet eyes.

Brief History: Drache Starfall is the twin of Drache Blueflame. Her (and his) egg was found by a good mage who, when he found them to be blue dragons, tried to destroy the eggs with the Flames of Avvanom. This failed, though it took away the twins ability to use lightning, it gave them a strong sense of magic. After the eggs hatched, her twin devored the kind mage, an act that scarred Starfall for life and destroyed her natural instinct towards evil. She fled her brother, though they maintain an involuntary telepathic link. She lives as a half-elf, symbolizing how she is torn between two worlds.


Name: Starynlanosentas (Star in lan os ent as)
Common name: Drache Blueflame

Physical: Drache Blueflame is slightly bigger than his sister but with identical flame blue scales and violet eyes.

Brief History: He is the twin of Drache Starfall. See above. He is as evil as any blue dragon, maybe more so. He dispises his sister and all she stands for. He refuses to even think her name. She returns this feeling, though in less intensity, and they refer to each other as their Other Half.


Name: Stacey
Race: Human

Physical: Tall, thin, sometimes graceful...chocolate brown eyes, shoulder length black hair.

Other: This char isn't really a char because it is, basically, me. Everything she thinks, feels, does, is something I base on what I would do in that situation.

Well that's it :) Finally. In fact, I doubt you even got this far as this is probably my longest post ever...Helllloooooo????? Annnyyonne actually read this far? :) WAKE UP! :)
Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

12/07/2001 11:10 AM

Here's some more intro's for you.Free the flame and sear the grasses,
Till the dawning Red Star passes.

12/07/2001 7:48 PM

Thanks 'J'mes' ;).

OK, I only have one character, although I have the idea for another if I need it.

Name: Taylor Magetaunter
Formerly Taylor Merryweather

Race: Kender (EDIT: Although he doesn't handle as much as the typical kender, for a reason, which I have let to explain (note that I do have an explanation, but it's going to be part of my next short story))

Occupation: Magic Collector

History: See the short story The Beginning of Innocence (http://www.dragonlance.com/fan/writing/display.cfm?id=369" target="_blank) for some of it. To sum it up, parents killed by evil mage while visiting their friend, a white robe. Taylor taunts mage, white robe take black robe out (although he does escape). Taylor raised by the white robe.

Background: Taylor's first adventure (on RPGC at least. Got to leave room for more short stories...;)) was when he and his friend Insano the gnome angered two mages, Galan and Uziel. They fought (well, survived) an epic battle with mainly Galan, managing to surive mostly unscaved, with some help from Uziel.

Shortly there after, Taylor got in a fight with a half-elf (aka 'giant kender'). It turned into a barroom brawl, in which Tantric and Insano participated in, and Galan observed. After the 'giant kender' lost consiousness, Galan magically grabbed Taylor by the neck and slammed him back and forth against the walls, until Taylor died. Galan then left.

Insano cursed Galan, ran out, and came back with a cleric of Miskcal (sp). After Taylor was raised from the dead, the cleric was introduced as Gaia.

Then Insano, Taylor, Gaia, and Mr. Offhand (owner of the inn Galan basically destroyed) left on a gold dragon on the way to Mt. Nevermind. We got off part of the way there, and walked. Gaia then had a dream about someone needing our help, and so we ended up joining a group of adventures going to take out some new, evil gods.

After a big fight in Flotsam, Taylor gets turned into a cat for a brief while, and then rejoins the rest of the group. The group is currently trying to take out the last of the new gods, under orders (demands) of the 'evil' Tantric.

Theads appeared in (In timeline order): Tay, Insano, BRING IT!!!, Tay, BRING IT!!!, Journey to Mt. Nevermind, Annoying, Still Annoyed, Yet Another Annoyed, Magic Store (re-visited), Kendermore *rpg*, and The Calling....(stillbirth thread). Also a MIA thread on another board in which Taylor swamped some stories.

Combat: For distances, Taylor uses his two folding crossbows. He had a hoopak, although he lost that in Flotsam (acually, I just never bother to include Taylor using it since then).

His greatest strength, though, is his magic item collection. His favorite (and almost trademark) item is his Ring of Negative Elemenatal Mastery, which grants him a very small amount of control (more like good will from) undead, some protection from them, and the ability to summon Negative Energy Elementals.

His other items include:

Staff of Random Plane Shifting: Not originally from Kyrnn. Given to Taylor by a female mage (she called herself a 'wild mage') from this item's place of origin. Taylor has been unable to use it, but it represents his friendship with the mage. (A cookie to whoever can guess who that mage is :P)

Braclet of Invisibility, Ring of Regeneration, Amulet of Undead Protection: Self-explanitory items.

Vest of Holding Pockets: Vest with variation of bags of holding in them. He keep the Staff of Random Plane Shifting in an inside pocket of this vest (kinda Mary Poppins like).

Taylor also has an item that allows him to teleport, and to send items from one place to another, but what he uses for this is unknown.

Taylor also has the unique gift or two. If one of his pouchs or items is 'handled' by a fellow kender, or stolen by someone else, it automatically returns to Taylor.

Taylor is always prepared for trouble, including the fact he has beads from a Necklace of Missles as buttons on his vest, as well as other places.

EDIT: Some items I forgot:

Feline's Bracelet: When Taylor and Mirror were going to find one of the New Gods in the Tower of Wyreth, Mirror turned Taylor into a cat with a soft silver coat, and mirrored eyes. Taylor then got out a bracelet, which got pressed into service as a collar. It allowed Taylor and Mirror to share familar-like bond, and for Taylor to communicate his thoughts to others.
After being exposed to some of Mirror's spells, and being pulled into the New Magic God's maze, it now allows Taylor the ability to change into that silver cat whenever he wants to, by donning the bracelet. While the bracelet is on, he can change back and forth whenever he wants, although he usually only has it on when he wants to change into a cat.
(I'm trying to use this more, since I like it)

Long isn't it? :DTaylor Magetaunter
Kender Magic Collector
Brass Dragon for the Dragon Nest (http://thedragonsden.hypermart.net/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl " target="_blank)
Tharchion for Redwizards.com
Kender Proverb:
"Every Path is the Right Path, Except When It's The Left Fork"

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02/02/2002 4:00 PM

I've got some new characters. I doubt anyone actually reads this, but I thought I'd post 'em anyway just for the record.

Name: Anya Ali
Race: Human

Physical: Tall and skinny, olive eyes and black hair.

History: Stacey Ali's sister, Anya was left behind in the "real" world. She misses her sister, her home (they moved to escape memories of Stacey) and her best friends. In Penn. she meets a new friend (descendent of Kalia Majere) and creates a conduit for magic through the bond she and her sister share.


Name: Zelanyadorin
Race: Human, sort of

Physical: Her appearance varies depending on how good she's feeling. When she looks most human she has normal skin tone, auburn hair, and blue eyes. She is about 5'6" and skinny. As she "fades" into the other side of the spectrum (see history), her skin goes deathly white and seems to glow. Her hair also turns pure white and her eyes (white part, pupils, all of it) turns the color of the sun on a winter day if you look right at it. (not many people do, but I enjoy it. ) Her figure seems to stretch and shimmer, she gets to heights of 6'4".

History: Zelanya was born in Palathanas where she studied under a white robe. She was very interested in magic, but particularly magic concerning illusions and the mind. Her teacher was openminded and figured his student would one day be a red robe. Zelanya did just that, taking the Test and being awarded the a place in the service of Luni. She delved into her studies. The Conclave watched with growing interest and concern as the mage grew more and more powerful in techniques involving mind control--and more curious in her chosen field. They finally decided that she had delved too deep and warned her off her current course.

But Zelanya couldn't stop. She felt she was so close to some great discovery, mixing photons with the electical signals from the brain. She was right and the gods knew it. They decided to test her. Nuitari came before her with a proposition, something to speed up her work. She could tell that there was something weird about it but she was so curious that she forgot about the Balance she was to serve adn accepted the deal. The gods of magic decided to punish her. She had made the discovery (despite their attempts to keep her from it) but they forbade her to tell anyone and took away the physical form she had been born with. She could now control her discovery but had to relearn how to be human as she had once learned magic. (hence, the spectrum thing.)


Name: Fáinalothalas (Faye n al o thal as) Kenobi
Race: Qualinesti Elf

Physical: She tall and lithe as all elves. She has gray eyes and orange hair (dyed).

Talents: Extremely fast reflexes, agile, a great marksman and pilot.

History: Born in Qualinesti, when she was about 20 Fáin was involved in an incident involving smugglers. Her parents were killed before the Jedi Knights came and stopped the slaughter and a Jedi named Lona Kenobi took Fáin off the planet for reasons that the elf continues to deny. They relocated to a remote planet, where the elfchild grew up watching Lona mediate and become one with the Force.

Twenty years after she left with Lona, the jedi was killed in another smuggling incident. In an ironic twist of fate, the only job the young elf could get was preforming a dangerous run for "seedy" dealers. This has left her bitter and distrusting. She hates smugglers and jedi alike. The only person she really talks to is Brian.

Name: Brian LaValle
Race: Human, born on Corscant

Physical: Tall and extremely skinny (could blow over in a breeze), Brian has blonde hair and blue eyes flecked with gold. He's pale and wears glasses because he can't stand the thought of contacts or surgery.

Talents: Working with computers.

History: Learning to work with computers from his parents, Brian left home when he turned 20 because his parents couldn't afford to pay for 3 people. He hooked up with Fáin by chance and began working with her as a pilot/hacker team.

Note: These Histories will change if I decide I like these chars enought o use in a thread that isn't about Star Wars.


Name: Lyra Starsoul
Race: Human

Element/Talent: Working with Dust (Dust is a particle that bonds people to their daemons, a daemon being the embodiment of a soul. It is seen only through certain ways and mostly around children, them being the most innocent. It travels as photons, circling people in golden motes when seen, and can transend dimensions. The reason it is not as strong as the 4 elements is because it is spread out between an infinate number of parallel universes.)

Abilities: When infused in weapons and objects, it awards them power over the weak minded (depending on the object) and makes them as strong as the one who weilds it. (a sword infused with Dust will not break unless its owner breaks first) It can also, in certain weapons, give them the ability to cut through to parallel universes, though any person's daemon (soul) cannot live outside their own universe for too long.

Lyra herself has been studying Dust all her life. She looks as a child because of this and creates objects she needs, ever-experimenting with new amounts of Dust. She has limited control over pure Dust itself, but it isn't very practical. She has a physical daemon that can be seen as the small shapeshifting animal that is always by her side. (Most people's daemon's are purely mental or spiritual, meaning they can't be seen. Lyra's can and if he is hurt, she feels it.)

Physical: Golden hair, blue eyes. Looks as a child of about 10.

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/05/2002 2:39 PM

I will post mine tommorrow and man oh man is it gonna be a long one. So I hope someone will at least read it.
Oh yeah Starlite I didn't even fall asleep once:)99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

02/06/2002 1:22 PM

Well here goes nothing.

Name:Reuven Drafe.
Age: 18
History: Reuven was born during the chaos wars in Palanthas.
While a young boy he met a unique wizard, dressed in robes of green fine cloth.
He followed the mage around for awhile and eventually was noticed. The wizard asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, being magicly inclined Reuven answered " a mage".
The strange man told Reuven of his order and what powers he himself could claim. Reuven was over whelmed with ideas of grandure and pleaded for the mage to be his shalafi.
Seeing the boys determination the wizard agreed, taking him with him on his journeys.

As time passed Reuven learned all the wizard had to teach, he couldn't stop there so saying farewell to his shalafi he began his own studys.
Now he is renowned as one of the greatest of his order and travels the world seeking more knowledge.

Abilitys/powers: High level summoner. He doesn't have any special powers, but he is an extremly charming person

Next character

Name:Jenovan Dumont.
Race: Human/if I told you it wouldn't be a secret.
Age: 21
History: Jenovan is a red mage currently studying at the high clerists tower in Wayreth.
He dreams of one day being the head of the red robes and maybe even the head of the conclave.
His heart is a gift rarely given since all of his loves have turned sour. He longs for safety and peace of mind but his strange gift/curse seems to have other plans.

Abilitys/powers: Powerful Red robe. Specializes in fire and some dark magic. He has the ability to regenerate after spells very quickly.
When the moon is full his powers will be revealed. ( can I get any closer to giving the secret away?)

Main character. ( This character represents me)

Name: Furanthas
Race:Human/Dragon ;)
History: At the begining of his life sorrow and blood shed rained supreme. He whatched his father die infront of him , and could only listen as his mother was raped then murdered.
He was only a child when they were taken by the Dark queens army, sent to a draconian slave camp only to suffer. His father was from a great line of wizards and passed much of his knowledge to his son before his death.
The night they took his mother triggered a secret part of him, it consumed his entire being replacing the helpless child with a fearsome Dragoboy.
The cage that had held the boy shattered for the beast, his rage grew and he began his revenge. That night the slave camp was filled with screams of terror, the prisoners could only wonder what could cause such panic.
Only a few minutes after escaping the camp went silent, no one dared to call out for rescue, not knowing what had slaughtered a small army. Furanthas standing only 6 feet tall silver wings spread open catching the light of the many fires stood before his mothers body.
He knelt by her side his silver scaled skin glinting in the night, tears rolled unchecked down his some what human face.
His silver and gold eyes raised towards the stars, the tears fell to the ground like the stars above had fallen for him.

Robbed of his innocence Furanthas spent the hole night knelt before his mothers peaceful form.
When the suns first light reflected off the golden tips of his wings, he rose and looked defiantly towards the burning globe.
Without noticing, his form returned to the human boy from the night before. Only now this boy was no longer helpless, never to be held safe against his mothers chest, never to see his fathers pride in him again.
This he knew and couldn't change, he can only wish and dream of the days before.

Since that day Furanthas has travelled far and wide, meeting new friends and silencing those that discovered his secret.
He spent 20 years in the far east learning the martial arts and the way of the Assassin.
His hands have been stained with blood ever since, Killing at his masters wim.
Eventually he grew tired of the killing and a yearning began to grow inside of him, the yearning to find a companion, a mate, a love.
Knowing he could never defeat this foe he started his search for love, although many times his love was in vain he has learned that life is precious and worth fighting for.
Now he quests for good pledging his powers to protect the innocence that was taken from him.

Wow it was longer in my head.

Abilitys/powers: He wears a mix of silver armour and silver robes. When in human form he may use magic and fight with a sword, being a Dragoman he can study any of the magic arts. Presently he wears silver robes (with armour) and there for can call upon all the moons. He has mastered Cryomancing (ice magic) and is very gifted in Chronomancing (Time magic).
His father passed a special magical skill to him before his passing, this gift allows him to harness pure energy into a physical form and use it how he would. Fury is telepathic and very intuned with his sixth sense, his use of time magic usually appears when fighting with weapons. Thus he can move at an incredible speed ( I can MATRIX style fight) taking his opponents by suprise.

Thats pretty much it all except for some small details but those can be cleared up while in quests.

If you actually read this all I would like to say thank you, and I hope you understand my characters a bit more :) 99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

02/06/2002 1:41 PM

*applauds* Nice, Fury. :):P:) I was wondering...did you have an intro thread for Furanthas? I'd be very interested in reading it. I never knew all that about him...you...him...:P"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/06/2002 1:49 PM

*Bows repaetedly* :) thank you :) No but now that you brought it up! I'm gonna do it. How I don't know but I'm gonna do it.
As for the relation to the character and me, my parents didn't die but when I was five a whatched my mother stabbed in the throat by my step dad. My dad wasn't really there, and I was abused for about 7-8 years of my life. But anyways I think you can see the relation. ;)99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

02/06/2002 2:11 PM

Wow...that's terrible. *gives Fury a hug and then blushes*

I'd be honored to be in an intro thread for Furanthas. Let me know if you need any specific characters or types. *smiles softly and bows with a small flourish*"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/07/2002 12:22 PM

* Taking Star's hand he gently kiss's the smooth surface behind the knuckles.* The honor would be mine.
*Furanthas Bows with noble grace.* I'm thinking you could play a fellow prisoner,friend or maybe my mother. I will leave the choice to you.
99 bottles of beer on the wall.
99 bottles of beer.
You take one down and pass it around.
98 bottles of beer on the wall.

02/07/2002 3:13 PM

*blushes and gives a delighted smile* After much thought, I have decided that I am not equal to the task of playing your mother. Such a thing is very personal and sacred...and I would not wish to risk slighting such a person with my clumsy words.

Instead I have decided to play the part of two best friends, two eventual fellow prisoners and one potential love. I do hope they will meet the requisites of such a resplendent thread. *bows deeply and slips her arm into Fury's, gently guiding him towards the future that lies in waiting for Fire&Ice*"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and
I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Bilbo Baggins

Good becomes ignorant.
Evil turns on itself.
The Balance must be maintained.

02/11/2002 3:26 PM

Starlitte I must say you have a lovely way with words. I can't wait to see what freinds and loves we can find, Gods be willing we will find them together.
:) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :) :)Tis better to have loved and lost.
Then to have never loved at all.

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